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Full text of "Collections for an history of Sandwich in Kent: With notices of the other Cinque Ports and members, and of Richborough"

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K E N T. 











By WILLIAM B T S, Efq. R A. S 

* L 

■ I 

' * 







t r 





1 1 '1 h 


/ ? 

' i 


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1 * 


- 9 

S T 




4^\ * 



EV. William Abbot, M, A. Ramfgate. 
Mr. Jafper Allen, Barham. 
Alexander Aubert, Efq, F. R. S. and S. A, 
Highbury houfe, Middlefex, 1* p. 

Mr, Nathaniel Auften, Ramfgate.- 


The right honorable the Earl of Buchan, F.R.S. 
Dry burgh Abbey. 


* Sir Brook Bridges Baronet, Goodneftone. 
Sir Jofeph Banks Baronet, P. R.-S. London, 
The Truftees of the Britifh Mufeum. 

* Rev. William Backhoufe D. D. Archdeacon 
of Canterbury. 

John Baker Efq. Deal. 
Mr. Thomas Baker, Sandwich. 
Mr. Samuel Balderftone, Canterbury, 
R. H. Barham Efq. Canterbury. 

Edward Barlow Efq. London. 1. p. 

Thomas Barret Efq. Lee, Kent. 

John Bax Efq. Prefton Houfe, Faveifham. 

* Peter Berry Efq. Canterbury, 

Capt. John Bazeley of the Royal Navy, Dover. 

* Rev. Ofmund Beauvoir, D. D. F.R. S. and 

S. A. 


Stamps, Somerfet Place. 1. p. 


Robert Bland, M. D. London. 

* Richard Botcler Efq. Eythorn. 

William Botelcr Efq. F. S.A. Eaftry. %. 

Mr, John Boys, Betfhangcr. 

Lieut. Pearfon Boys of the Royal Navy, Sand- 




Lieut. Thomas Boys of the Royal Navy, Sand- 

William Wyb 

Sandwich, a. 

Henry Kelley Bradford Efq. Sandwich. 
Rev. Philip Brandon, LL'.B. Deal. 


F. S. A. 

Charles Brett Efq. Greenwich, 6. one l.p 


Mr. Edward Broderip, Surgeon, Dover. 

Samuel Egerton Brydges Efq. Middle Temple, 

Rev. E. Buckworth, D. D. Prebendary of Can- 
terbury. I. p. 

Rev. Wheler Bunce, M. A. Sandwich. 

Cyprian R. Bunce Efq. Canterbury. 

* Mr. Thomas Bundock, Sandwich.^ 

Mr. Thomas Bundock, jun. Sandwich. 
Mr. Peter Burgefs, Ramfgate. 

Mr. John Burnby, Attorney at law, Canter- 
Mr. John Burton, Chatham, 1. p. 

• Rev. Wm Dejovas Byrch, M. A. Canterbury. 

His Grace the Archbifhop of Canterbury. 
Mrs. Elizabeth Carter, Deal. 
John Carter Efq. Deal. I. p. 

William Caftle Efq. Sandwich. 

Mr. Chilly, Brompton. 

Thomas Chriftie, Efq. F. S A. Edin. London. 

Mr. Samuel Church, Sandwich.' 
' Mr. James Claris, Bookfeller, Canterbury. 
Odiarne Coates Efq. New Romney. 
Robert Cobb Efq. Lydd. 
Mr. Francis Cocking, Sandwich. 
Charles Combe, M. D. F. R. S. and S. A. 

Rev. John Conant, M. A. Sandwich. 2 one 
I. p. 

Nathaniel Conant Efq. London. 

Culpepper Conant Efq. London 








__ # ^^ 

Lieut, colonel George Kien Hayward CoufT- 

maker of the ift reg. of foot guards* 
Mr. Thomas Clowes, Surgeon, Canterbury. 

* Mr. William Cronk, Chilham. 
Mr. John Cumming, Attorney at law, Canter- 

Mr. Bunce Curling, Surgeon of the 2d Reg. of 
Dragoon Guards. 


The Rev. the Dean and Chapter of Canterbury 
Mrs. Dare, Felderland, near Sandwich. 
William Deeds Efq. St. Stephen's, near Canter- 
Mr c Benjamin Denn, Sandwich, 
Mr. John Devefon, Sandwich, 
James Dick Efq. Rochefter. 
John Dilnot Efq. Sandwich. 2. 
Book Society at Dover. 

Mr. John Durban, Deal. 


Richard Emmerfon Efq. Sandwich, 


John Fagg, Attorney at law, Ramfgate. 
Thomas Farley Efq. Folkftone. 

Richard Farmer, D. D. F. R. S. and S. A. one 

of the Canons residentiary of St Paul's. 
Mr. Solomon Ferrier, Deal. 
Henry Godfrey Fauflet Efq. Heppington. 
Peter Feftor Efq. Dover. 
John Minet Fcdor Efq. Upton in Eaftry. 
* Charles Foreman Efq. London. 
MefTrs. Flackton and Marrable, Bookfellcrs, 

Canterbury. 3. I. p. 
Edmund Fowle Efq. Sandwich. 
William Friend Efq. Afh. 



Mr. George Garner, Margate. 
Wiliiam Garret Efq. Ratnfgatc. 
Mr. Richard Garret, Sandwich. 
Mr. Edward George. Eaftty. 

George Gipps Efq. M. P. for Canterbury. 
Rev. John Goodwin, Lydd. 
Rev. J. Allen Gorffe, Afliford. 

Mrs, Hefter Goftling, Canterbury. 

William Goftling Efq. Greenwich. 

Richard Gray Efq. F. S.. A. Somerfet Place. I. p. 

MefTrs. James and Edward Greey, Sandwich. 

James Gunman Efq. Dover. 

Lady Hales, Dean near Wingham. 
Mr. Jofeph Hall, Bookfeller, Margate. 

* James Hammond Efq. Dover, 
George Tickner Hardy Efq. London. I. p. 

* Mr. William Harrifon, Sandwich. 
Mr. Thomas Harrifon. 

Richard Harvey Efq. Barfrefton. 

Rev. Richard Hartfey, M. A. St. Lawrence, in 

Thanet. 2, 
Capt. Henry Harvey' of the Royal Navy, Wal- 

Capt. John Harvey of the Royal Navy, Sand- 


John Springett Harvey Efq. Middle Temple, 

Samuel Harvey Efq. Sandwich. 1. p. 
Edward Hafted Efq. F. R. S. and S. A. i 9 

one 1. p. 

* Mrs, Hatton, Dane Court, Tilmanftone, 3* 
John Hayward Efq. Canterbury. 1. p. 

Rev. John Herring, M. A. Mongeham. 

* _ 

Rev. Thomas Hey, D. D. Prebendary of Ro- 

William Hey Efq. a Commiflioner of the Cuftoms 
Mr. John Hodges, Attorney at Law, Canter* 

bury. J. p. 

William Hooper Efq. Ramfgate. 



Capt. Edward Igguldcn of the Royal Navy, Deal. 

J. . 

* William Jackfon Efq. Canterbury. 

* Edward Jacob Efq. F. S. A. Favcrfhatn. t> 9 

one 1. p. 

Mr, John Jager, Canterbury. 



1 *- 


Rev. Alexander James, M. A. Dover. ' 

Henry Jeffard Efq. Statenborough, in Eaftry. * Mr. George Maxwell, London. 1. p. 

Mr. Jofeph Johnfon, Bookfeller, London, j John May Efq. Deal. 

- _ & ate. _ ■ -ate. I ^ft Mm ^ m \\m m * — ^ 



Thomas Jull Efq. Molland, in Afh. 


— i 

Mr. Chriftopher Mayhew, Surgeon, Ramfgate. 
Lieut. Gen. Robert Melville, F. R. S. and 
S. A. London, 

Rev. James Milnes, M. A. Sandwich. 


Rev. Sir Richard Kaye, Bart. Dean of Lincoln, John Monins Efq. Canterbury. 

L L. D. F. R. S. and S. A. • 

Mr. Thomas Kebble, Eaftry. 

Rev. John Kenrick, M. A. Ripple. 

Admiral Robert Keeler of the Royal Navy, 

Mr. Robert Kidd, Margate. 

Edward King Efq. F. R. S. and S. A. London. 

* John Kite Efq. Sandwich. 2, 

Mrs. Kittoe, Deal. 

John Lade Efq. Canterbury. ' 

William Lafcelles Efq. F. S. A. 

Lieut. Jofeph Lambrecht of the Marines, Portf- 

Rev. Charles Moore, M. A. Boughton Blean. 
Mr. Thomas Moulden, Rochefter. 1. p. 

Mr. Edward Nairne, F.R.S. London. 
Mr. Edward Nairne, Attorney at law, Sandwich/ 
* John Nelfon Efq. Sandwich. 
Rev. Nehemiah Nifbett, M. A. Afh. 

Capt. Jofeph Norwood of the Royal Navy, Can- 

Mr. John Nichols, F. S. A. Edin. London, 


mouth* • 


near Dover, 


Mr. John Latham, Surgeon, F. R. S. Dartford, 
Mr. George Ledger, Bookfeller, Dover. 
Robert Le Grand Efq, Afli. 
Mr. George Leith jun. Walmer. 
John Coakley Lettfom,' M. D. F. R. S. and 
S. A. London. 


Rev. John Lottie, B. A. Canterbury. 
William Lottie Efq. Canterbury. 1. p. 
Mr. Richard Long, Bookfeller, Deal. 

* Rev. Michael Lort, D. D. F. R, S. and S. A. 


* lev. George. Lynch, M. A. Ripple. 
Rev. John Lyon, Dover. 

Mr. Thomcs Mantel], Surgeon, Dover. 

John Marfh Efq. Chicheftcr. 

Lieut. Henry Mardi of the Royal Navv 

John Matfon Efq. Sandwich. 

John Matfon Efq. Chief Jufticc of Dominica. 

Henry Matfon Efq. Sandwich. . _„, , wltI1 

Mr. Charles Matfdn, Worth, near Sandwich. I Mr. John Reader, Canterbury. 


Chriftopher Packe, M. B. Canterbury. 1. p. 
* Thomas Peck Efq. Deal. 
Capt. William Pemble. 

Thomas Pennant Efq. F. R. S. Downing, Flint- 

ftiire. 2, one J. p. 

Rev. Thomas Pennington, D. D. Eaftry. 
Rev. Thomas Pennington, M. A. 
Rev. Montague Pennington, M. A. Eaftry. ' 
Mr. William Pettman, Bookfeller, Sandwich. 
Mr. William Philpott, .Attorney at law, Sand- 

Thomas Abrce Pickering Efq. 
one 1. p. 

William Pitt Efq. London. 
Mr. William Porter, Portfmouth. 
Mr. Charles Porter, Sandwich. 
Mr. William Pott, Sandwich. 
Rev. Jofeph Price, B. D. Canterbury. 
Richard Prince Efq. Sandwich. 
Robert Pyott Efq. Canterbury. 


Daniel Rainier Efq. Sandwich. 3. 

London. 2, 




Mr, Richard Reader, Sandwich, 

Mr. William Reynolds, Attorney at law, Folke- 

Matthew Robin fon Morris Efq. Mount Morris, 



Charles Robinfon Efq, recorder of Sandwich, 

* John Rolfe Efq. New Romncy. 
Charles Rufh Efq. 

* Ifaac Riittpn, M. B, Afhford, 


Sir Richard Sutton Baronet, Norwood Park, 

-. Nottinghamshire, 
Mr, John Sampfon, Attorney at law, Deal, 
Mr, Stephen Saunders, Sandwich. 

* George Sayer Efq. Sandwich. 
Valentine Sayer Efq, Sandwich. 2. 
Thomas Sayer Efq; Eythorn. 

Benjamin Sayer Efq. Collector of the Cuftoms, 

Terry Sayer Efq. Sandwich. 
Henry Sayer Efq. Sandwich. 
Samuel Foart Simmons, M. D. F. R. S. and 

S. A. London. 2, one 1, p. 
Mr. John Simmons^ Attorney at law and one of 
the Coroners for the County of Kent, Chat- 
ham, 2, one I. p. 


Mr. Richard Simmons, Surgeon, London. 
Meffrs. Simmons and Kirkby, Bookfelleis, Can* 

terbury, 3. 
James Six Efq. F. R. S. Canterbury, 

Markham Eeles Shewill Efq. Madekin, in 


Mr. Ifaac Slaughter, Sandwich. 

William Slaughter Efq. Sandwich. 

Mr. William Slaughter, Sandwich, 

Mr. John Slaughter, Sandwich. 

Rev. John Smith. M. A. Woodncfborough. 

Auguftin Smlthers Efq. Sandwich, 

* Richard Solly Efq. Sandwich. 
Richard Heaton Solly Efq. St. Margaret's, near 

Jofeph Solly Efq, Sandwich/ 


The Rev. Mr. Southgate, Re£tor of Warfop, 

Notts; Britifh Mufeum. 
Flint Stacey Efq. Maidftone. 
Philip Stephens Efq. F. R. S. and S. A. fecre* 

tary of the admiralty, and M. P. for Sand- 



Stephen Stephens Efq. 

* Jofeph Stewart Efq. Sandwich. 

John Stewart Efq.Brookftreet near Sandwich. 

* Mr. John Scone, Sandwich. 
Hardinge Stracy Efq. Denhili. 
Pheneas Stringer Efq. Dover, 
Thomas Strong Efq. F. S. A. London, 
George Stubbs Efq. London, 1. p. 


Rev. William Thomas, A, B. Goodneftone, 

Mr. Richard Tomfon, Ramfgate, 

John Topham Efq. F. R. S. and S. A. London. 

Mr, Tracy, Brompton. 

Rev. John Tucker, M. A, Shinglcwell. 


Mr. John Walker, Bbokfeller, London, 2, 
one 1. p. 

Capt. Jacob Waller of the Royal Navy, Sand- 

Mr. Charles Warman, Sandwich. 

Robert Weflfield Efq. Dover, 

John Wells Efq. Symonds Inn* London. 

Mr. William Woodcock, Sandwich. 

Mr. John Woodruff, Sandwich. 

Wright Efq, Barnes,, Surry.!, p. 

James Wyborn Efq. Hull 

The afteriiks denote thofe who have died fmcc the commencement of the fubfeription 

rr 1 



V V 




* j 






£tATE of st Bartholomew's Hofpital 
Chapel of s fc Bartholomew's 
Seals of s* of Bartholomew's - 

N. View of s l Bartholomew's ~ ; 

Map of lands belonging to st Bartholomew's 112 





Map of the Hofpital 
Silver plate at the bottom of a difh belong- 
ing to s* John's Hofpital ~ 
Seal of s l John's Hofpital 


The arms 

fkctched on the plate near the pafiage 
to the Meeting-houfe are carved on a 
board in the front of a houfe there 
Map of Denncourt Farm - 

Seal of the Friary of Carmelites - - 
The Freefchool - 4 - 

The Governour's feal - •* 

Pedigree of Manwood *~ . - 

Handwriting of Sir Roger Manwood 
Sir Roger Manwood's Monument - 
Pedigree of Rutton - - 

Pedigree of Conant - - 

Map of the Freefchool Eftates . . ~ 
Sandown Gate — - 

St Clement's Church - ~ 

Pian of s f Clement's - ~ . 

Capitals, Arches and Ornaments in st 
Clement's •*' { < ~ 

The Fifli Market 

St Peter's Church . - *- 

Plan of s t Peters Church - 

Tomb of Sir John Grove *~ 


Woodncfborow Gate •*- — 

S l Mary's Church **■ : 
Plan of sMVJary's r- * 

Canterbury Gate »- ~ 

Pedigrees of 1 hurbarne and Mcnnes 
To;nb and Figures in sf Peter's Church 
The Common Seal of Sandwich 










2 75 







Seals of Kaftings, Rye and Winchclfca ' 782 




Sandwich BridgA SKVj *-» 
N. W. View of Sandwich 

PAGE. 5 





View of Sandwich from st Bartholomew's 784 
Mifcellaneous Plate, No. r. The princi- 
pal filver Mace.—- 2. The Mayor's fiaff 
of office. — 3. The Crier's fiafF. — 4. 
The brazen Horn.— 5. The -Beadles 
ftaff. — a. The Cuckingftool.-— b. The 
body armour of the Trained Bands, 
- c. The Mortar - *• 

The Town Hall 

Plan of Sandwich ■•* «• 

Seals of Dover - — 

Seals of Romney, Fordwich, Lydd and 

Romney Marfh - - ' 

Seals of Hythe, Folkeftone, Deal, Romney 
and Pevenfea •*...■- 

*■ m J 

Seals' of SeaforJ and Tenterden «■>. ' 

The Mayoralty Seal of Sandwich ~ 

Sandwich Tern «*» ■ ** ■ 

Pigmy Curlew ~ ** 

Plan of Richborough Caftle, &c. 

Antiquities found at Afh 1771. No. 1. A 
rich ornament of a belt. — 2. Beads of 
baked earth and amber. — 3, 4. 5. 6. #. 

■•Fibulae and buckles.— 7. 9. xi. jj« 
Amcthyftine ornaments. — 10, Ivory.' 
12. 14. 15.. Copper, gilt.-— 16. Bugles 

Mifcellaneous plate of Antiquities found 
at places, in the neighbourhood of Sand- 
wich. No, 1. A bronze figure of a 
Bagpiper. See Penant's Tour in Scot- 
land, part 2d;. Additions* p. 33, — 2. 
3. 4, 5. 8. 15. CoDper.-— -6. A ; fnooii 



85 x 




of filver, gilt.— 7. Silver, gilt, — 9. io. 
Parts of fibuhe; filver, gilr, and fet with 



11. Gold,— 13, Silver.-^. j 4 


Antiquities found in a grave at Afh,, and 
pLuvof a Roman building at Word 










Lift of Plates. 



+ # 

Of st Bartholomew's Hofpital 




Of the Carmelite Friars 

k * 

T* -I! 

Of the Free. Grammar School - - 

Of the Parifhes and Churches in Sandwich - . 

Lift of the Barons or Burgefles of Parliament, the Barons or 

* w 

Burgefles to fupport the Royal Canopies, the Mayors, the 
Stewards of the Court and Town's Counfel, the King's Bailiffs 

a i 

• and the Townclerks 






Of the Chantries and other Religious niuiowraents 111 sandwich 181 

w » 

.. - - 197 





The Cuftomal of Sandwich 

The Charters of Sandwich and Deal 

Annals of Sandwich 

Page 493 



collectively, and of fome of them in particular : with Extracts 





Words explained 

7 6; 

p r 

P - 4 


+ *+ -/ I 

* J 


... fy.***? 

O £- 


j i 


* * 

PI 4 

► * 

O M E friends, who faw my collections relative to Sandwich in 
manufcript, fuggefting to me the value of hiftoricai facts taken 
from old and authentic records, and the little probability of pre- 

r 9 

ferving them for any length of time in a fingle copy, and advifing me 
to print them j ' I mentioned^ as m y tm y ^Mef objections, the : locality 


of the fubjeflv and the charges of printing. The firft they obviated 
by arguing that no good general hiftory of perfons could be formed 
without the aid of private memoirs/ or of places without genuine 

F P 

accounts of detached diftrifts j and they removed the other by a moffc * 

■* i * 

liberal agreement to fli are with me in the expences. 'I therefore en- 


gaged in the bufinefs with cheerfulriefs ; and, after abundantly more 

■ # 

trouble and interruption than Iexpefted, I have at length brought it 
to a conclufion* V ,:..-.•,.. .„■ -■ . : 

I V 

I erred greatly in the eftimate I'made of the price and fize of the 
whole book, as ftated on the cover of the firft part. I might perhaps 
exculpate myfelf from blame by detailing the c ire urn fiances that mined 
my judgment in that particular j but it will be better to' own my fault, 
and aflc pardon of" thole who have' taken offence at my miflake j and 
as fuch perfons may think an error in judgment defervingof punifh- 


A 2 



' 'i 






with the information, that, in fixing the price of the book, I have 
voluntarily fubmitted to a fine, moft likely, beyond what their utmoft 
feverity could have .induced them to impofe upon me. 

I was defired, and I thought it it right, to tranflate as much as I 
could of the low latin and old french ; but it would be hard to expedl 
of me, that in rendering^the law jargon into englifh I fhould exprefs 


inyfelf in pure technical language ; it will be well if I have now and 
then hit upon the original meaning. On fuch rough and unfrequented 


ground the traveller, with bad guides, mud be expected fometimes to 
ftumble or go aftray. 

To particularize all the favours I have received from my friends in 
the courfe of my labours would be tedious and offenfive. I acknow- 
ledge them generally, with gratitude j and it is a pleafing reflection to 
me, that I have in no inftance applied to any gentleman for in forma- 
tion, who has not furnifhed me with it ^ or in the moft obliging 
manner convinced me that it was not in his power to do fo* 

Before I conclude, I muft beg permiflion to fay a few words refpeft- 
ing the Cuftomal of Sandwich, which I look upon to be the moft 
curious part of thefe collections, as it tends to throw new and confi- 
derable light on the hiftory and conftitution of the Cinque Ports. It 

m * 

appears from thence, that they were not more diftinguifhedfrom the 
reft of the kingdom by their particular privileges, than by their par- 
ticular laws, cuftoms, and punifhments. The trial, by compurgation 
feems to have continued in the Ports till a late period, to the exclufion 
of the common jury of twelve men* Infra libertatem quinque portuum 
non debit fieri aliqua inquificio per vicinos, prout alibi. (Pages 452 

" * v . 

and 465.) The portimen had courts of law and equity of their own, 

■ 4 




and acknowledged obedience only to their lord warden, and the king 
and his council, fcarcely admitting themfelves to be bound by the 
ftatute laws; for the praftice of withernam againft foreigners con- 
tinued in the Ports to the 17th century, though it was in direft vio- 
lation of the ftatute of the ftaple made in the 27th year of Edward III, 
by which it was enabled that no merchant ftranger be impeached for 
any others, tfelpals, or for any others debt, whereof he is not debtor, 

pledge or jnainpernour. 

The Cuftomal of Sandwich is a fmall quarto volume, written on 
vellum, and bound literally in boards. Part of it was copied from a more 
ancient manufcript, written by Adam Champneys in the year 1301 ; 
and was tranfcribed in. the beginning of Edward the fourth's reign, by 
John Series townclerk of Sandwich, who has.interwoven with the older 
work many obfervations and cuftoms of his own time, and introduced 
charters and letters patent of dates fubfequent to the year 1301. 


■ \ 

much as was written by rar Series is in a fair text hand with very fre- 

quentmiftakes^but many entries have been made finpe his time by 
different townclerks. 

> • * - 

, Every port had its diftincl: Cuftomal j which was in faft a cuftomal 


of the whole ports, one differing very little from another, except in 
fome local cuftoms refpefting the choice of officers or the exercife of a 
few particular franchifes. Some cuftomals however had an advantage 
over others in point of accuracy, antiquity, prefervation, or in fome 
other way; as we. find in our records, that Romney in 1628, though 
it had, a cuftomal of its own, folicited the loan of ours, to be produced 


in evidence in a fuit at Weftminfter between fir John Smyth and the 
corporations of Romney and Lydd ; and obtained it, upon giving fe- 
curity of a thoufand pounds for its fafety. 




1 I 


1 * 

Attempts were formerly made to reduce thefe varieties of local 
cuftorns to uniformity throughout the ports. In the 19th of Henry 
VII, by direction of fir Edward Poyning the lord warden, a new 


cuftomal was compiled, for the government of the whole Ports, by 


their learned counfel fir John Hales, John Roper, Chriftopher Hales 


and John Weftcliff, affifted by divers mayors, bailiffs, ancient jurats 
and townclerks of the ports : which not anfwering the purpofe, the 


fame was, in 1507, at the requifition of fir Edward Guildford lord 
warden, revifed and corrected by fir Thomas Moore knight, baron 

- i p % 

__ 4 f 

Hales, Chriflopber Hales, Walter Hendley and Nicholas Tufton; and 
was afterwards examined and approved by lord Fitz James chief juftice 
of the king's bench, in confutation with other judges, fergeants and 
counfellors of the Ports, in Sergeants Inn. Very little attention however 
was paid to thefe new regulations - y for in 1550 and 15 31, frefh decrees 

1 1 

were made at the aflemblies of the Ports, that particular cuftomals fhould 
be of no effeft, ancl that a new cuftomal fhould be in force throughout 

■ ■ 

the ports in general. But no authority could get the better of the 
portfmen's prejudices in favour of their oH ufages ; and ele&ions and 
other matters regulated by cuftom are conducted at prefent in Sand- 

*■ i 

At 1 fc 

wich, and, I believe, in every other port, as they were before thefe 
alterations were attempted/ 

The Cuftomal of Sandwich has fometimes been called its domefday- 
book ; and there was formerly a manufcript volume, under that title, 


preferved at Dover caftle in the cuftody of the lord warden, containing 

< * 

the laws, cuftorns and privileges of the Cinque Ports and their mem- 
bers. Perhaps the principal record of every community, containing its 
by-laws and cuftorns, was formerly called its domefday-book ; and 

1 » 

' took 

* _ 


* M 



VI 1 

took that name from the Saxon word domboc, from dbflfcw confuetudines, 
cuftoms and ^ liber, a book 5 of which word liber cuftumalis in low 
latin feems to be a very apt and precife translation. In confirmation 
of this, the domefday- book of the county of Durham, kept in the 
auditor's office at Durham, has its title in the infide, " Eoldon-Book. 
" Inquifitio de confitetudinibus et redditibus totius epifcopatus Dunel- 
" menfis, fa6ta per Hugonem epifcopum, anno 1 183 ;" and fir Walter 
Ralegh in his tract of ancient tenures, in Colleffcanea Curiofa, vol. i, 
p. 54, calls the book of domefday in the exchequer, Liber ritualis, or 

book of cuftoms. 

It is fomewhat remarkable, that, throughout the cuftomal, there is 
no mention of any obligation to fend barons to parliament, though, 
we know for certain, the corporation had been called upon to perform 
that fervice long before the date of the cuftomal. Perhaps what is now 

deemed a raoft defirable privilege, in thofe early times, when the con- 


ftituents paid their reprefentatives a daily fum for their attendance 

•upon parliament, might be looked upon as a grievous burden : and 
Sandwich, when the cuftomal was drawn up, might have contrived 
to get excufed from the fervice, as many other boroughs did or endea- 
voured to do, when Edward the firft multiplied his fum monies through- 
out the kingdom. At leaft, it is more reafonable to fuppofe, that the 
practice was, on fome account or other, under a temporary difcon- 
tinuance when the cuftomal was in hand, than that fuch a circum- 
flance, if it then exifted, fhould be altogether omitted in a work pro- 


aftion of the fort. 







In the dates, I have made the year to begin on the firft of January, 

I do not fay that I have done this univerfally, but with as much uni- 
formity as the nature of the work would permit. In the annals of 

Sandwich however, 


refer the tranfadtions to the year of the mayoralty, beginning on the 
fir ft monday after the feaft of st Andrew in the year mentioned, 















■l-f'.i'i ■ 

It is requefted of the fubfcribers, that they will not bind this 
firft part, as there will be a fecond, of nearly the fame fize and 
price, which will complete the volume and the work. 

The fecond part will begin with the churches and pariiries, and 
the other fubjeds will be arranged nearly as they ftand in the'pro- 
pofals. There will be, befides, a general title, a preface, an index, 
and a Hit of fubfcribers. Mr. Boys hopes it will be readv for de- 
livery in the conrfe of the year. In the mean time, he gives the 

following lift of fubfcribers 



and will be gjad to be 

informed if any names are omitted or inaccurately written 

r « 

■;-"V*V ■»'*■/> 

>*.*V tW **.»*■ 


w * 


Mr. Thomas Baker, Sandwich, 


EV. William Abbot, M« A. Ramfgate. 
Mr. Jafper Allen, Barhain. 
Mr, Nathaniel Aufteii, Ramfgate. 

The right honorable the car! of Buchan, F. R S, 

and prefident of the fociety of antiquaries, 
Scotland. . » 

Sir Brook Bridges baronet, Goodncftone. 
Sir Jofcph Banks baronet, P. R, S, London* 
The truitees of the Britifh Mufeum. - 
Rev, William Bmkhoute D. D, archdeacon of 

John Baker efq. Deal. 

Mr. Samuel Balderfton, Canterbury, 
R. H. Barham efq. Canterbury, 
Edward Barlow c%. London* 1. p. 
Thomas Barret efq. Lee, 
Peter Berry efq. Canterbury, 
Captain John Beazeley of the royal navy, Dover, 
Rev. Ofmund Beauvoir, D. D. F, R. S. and 
S. A, London, 

Sir William BiJhop, knight, Maidflone. 
Robert Bland, M. D. London. 
Mr. Richard Boeder, furgeon, Eythoriw 
William Botcler diq, F. S. A., Jkftry, ?,. 




Lieut. Pearfon Boys of the royal navy, Sandwich. D. 

Lieut.ThomasBoys of the royal navy, Sandwich. Mrs. Dare, Felderland. 

Lieutenant and adjutant William Henry Boys of 

the marines, Portfmouth. 
William Wyborn Bradley efq. Sandwich, 2; 
Mr. Henry Kelley Bradford, Sandwich, 
Rev. Philip Brandon, L L. B. Deal. 

William Bray efq. F. S. A. 
Charles Brett efq. one of the lords comrniflloners 
of the admiralty, and M. P. for Sandwich. 6» 
Mr, William Brice, Sandwich. 
Edward Broderip, furgeon, Dover. 
Egerton Samuel Bridges efq. Canterbury. 
Rev. Wheler Bunce, M.A. Sandwich. 
Mr. Cyprian R. Bunce, attorney, Canterbury, 
Mr. Thomas Bundock; Sandwich, 
Mr. Peter Burgefs, Ramfgate, 
Mr. John Burnby, attorney, Canterbury. 
Mr. John Burton, Rochefter. 1. p. 

Rev, Wm Dejovas Byrche, M. A. Canterbury. 


His -grace the archbifhop of Canterbury. 

Mrs, Elizabeth Carter, Deal. 

John Carter efq, Deal. 1. p. 

Mr. William Caftle, Sandwich. 

Mr. Thomas Chriftie, F. A. S. Edin. London. 

Mr. Samuel Church, Sandwich. 

Mr, James Claris, bookfeller, Canterbury. 

Odiarne Coates efq. New Romncy. 

Robert Cobb efq, Lydd, 

Mr. Francis Cocking, Sandwich. 

Charles Combe, M. D. F. R. S. and S. A. 

Rev. John Con&nt, M. A. Sandwich. 
Nathaniel Conant efq. London, 
Culpepper Conant, M. A. 
Capt. George Couflmalccr of the ift rcg. of foot 

guards, London. 
Mr. Thomas Clowes, furgeon, Wingham. 
Mr. William Cronk, Chilhain. 
Mr. John Cumming, attorney, Canterbury, 
Mr. Bunce Curling, furgeon, Sandwich. 

William Deeds efq. St. Stephen's, 
Mr. Benjamin Denn, Sandwich, 
Mr. John Devefon, Sandwich. 
Mr. James Dick, Rochefter. 

John Dilnot efq. Sandwich. 2. 
Dover book-fociety. -, 
Mr. John Durban, Deal. 


Mr. Richard Emmerfon, Sandwich. 


Mr. John Fagg, attorney, Ramfgate# 
Thomas Farley e{^ Folkestone. 
Richard Farmer, D, D. F. S. A. • 
Mr. Solomon Ferrier, Deal. . 
Henry Godfrey Fauflet efq. Heppington. 
Peter Feftor efq. Dover. 
Mr. John Minet Fector, Upton, 
Mr. Charles Foreman, London. 

Mefirs. Flackton and Marrable, bookfellers* 
Canterbury. 3. 

Mr. Edmund Fowle, Sandwich. 




Mr, George Garret, Sandwich. 
Mr. Edward George, Walderfharc, 
George Gipps efq, M. P. for Canterbury* 
Rev. J, Goodwin, Lydd. 
Rev, J. Allen Gorflc, Afhford. 
Mrs. Hefter Goftling, Canterbury. 
William Goftling efq. Canterbury, 
James Gunman efq. Dover, 

Lady Hales, Wingham. 

Mr. Jofeph Hall, bookfeller, Margate; 

James Hammond efq. Dover. 

William Hammond efq. St. Albans. 

Mr. G. Tickncr Hardy, attorney, London. 1. p. 

Mr. William Harrifon, Sandwich, 

Mr. Thomas Harrifon. 



3- 1 

Mr... Richard Har.vey, v Barfreftori." J - . ' '. * 
Rev. Richard Harvey, M. A. St. Lawrence'. 2. 
Cap t- Henry Harvey of the; royal navy, Walmer. 
Capt. John Harvey of the royal navy. Sandwich. 
Mr. Samuel Hajrytyy Sjandwich. •; - ./ 
John Springetr. Harvey efq. London, ,* 

Edward Hailed, F. R. S."aruLS>A> .Canterbury. 
2, one I. p. ■; ,. r 

Mrs. Hatton, Dane Court. 3. 

Mr. John Hayward,, Canterbury. .- '<: • ■' 

Rev. John Herring, M.. A. -Mongham. : ' . . 


t i 



Mr. John Hodges, attorney; Canterbury. 


i i 


Capt. Edward Iggulden of the royal navy, Deal. 



Ed. Jacob efq. F, S. A. Faverfliam. 2, one I. p. 

Mr. John Jaggar, Canterbury. 

Rev. Alexander James, M. A. Dover* 

Henry Jeffard efq. Statenborough. 

Mr. Jofeph Johnfon, bookfellcr, London. 

William Jordan efq. Sandwich. 

Mr. Thomas Jul], Afh. 


Rev. Richard Kaye, dean of Lincoln, LL. D. 

F.R.S. and S. A. 
Mr. Thomas Kebblc, Eaflry. 
Rev. John Kcnrick, M. A. Ripple. 
Capt. Robt Kcelcr of the royal navy, Faverfliam. 
Mr. Robert Kidd, Margate. 
Id .ward King efq. F.R.S. and S. A. London. 

John Kite efq. Sandwich. 2. 
Mrs, Kittoe, Deal. 


John Lade efq. Canterbury. 


Lieutenant Jofeph Lambrecht of the" marines,; 


Mr. George Ledger, bookfeller, Dover, 

Mr. Robert Legrand,. Aft-. 

Mr. George Leith jun. Walmer. • • ' • ; -v ■ : 

JohnCbakleyLettfom, M. B. F. R, S. and S. A, 

■ London: ... * ■ H . 

Rev. John Loftie, B. A. Canterbury. 

Mr. William Loftie,'fu.-gedn, Canterbury. 

|Mr. Richard Long, bookfellery Deal. : " ■■ ■ 
jRev. Michael Lore, D.D. F. R; S. and>S, A; 

; London. .... >, . • •' 

Rev. George Lynch, M. A. Ripple. 
i Rev. John Lyon, Dover. 

i . m. 

\ Mr. Thomas Mantell, furgeon, Dover. 

John Marfh efq. Chichefter. 

► * 

Lieut. Henry Marih of the royal navy, Sandwich, 

•Mr. John Matfon, Sandwich. - 
John Matfonefq. Bahamas. 

Hen ry Matfon efq, Sandwich. • 



Mr. George Maxwell, Lbndon. ■ 

Mr. John May, Deal. 

Mr. Chriftopher Mayhew, furgeon, Ramfgate, 

Rev. James Milnes, M. A. Sandwich. 

John Monins efq. Canterbury. 

Rev. Charles Moore, M. A. Bough ton Blcan. 

Mr. Thomas Moulden, Rocheftcr. 1. p. 

Mr. Edward Naimc, F. R. S. London. 
Mr. Edward Nairnc, attorney, Sandwich. 
Mr. John Nelfon, Sandwich. 
Rev. Neheuiiah Nifbett, M. A; Afh* 
Captain Jofeph Norwood of the royal navy, 

Mr. John Nichols, F. S. A. Edin. London. 




Chriftopher Packe, M. B. Cantab 

u ry 



Mr. Thomas Peck; Airport, Deal; . 

T. Pennant efq. F.R. S. Downing. 2, one L-p. 
Rev. Thomas Pennington, D.D. Eaflry. . 
Rev. Thomas Penniqgton, M.A. Eaflry. 
Rev. Montague P^iiington, M.A. Eaftry. . 
Mr. 'Willie Phrlpott, attorney, Sandwich. 
Mr. Thomas Abree Pickering, attorney,- Lon- 
don. 2, one*], p. 

Willjam Pitt cfq. Weftminfter. 
Mr. William Porter, Portfrnouth. 
Mr. Charles Pprter, Sandwich. 
Mr. William Pott, Sandwich. 
Rev. Jofeph Price, £. D. Canterbury. 
Mr. Richard Prince, Sandwich. 
Robert Pyott efq. Canterbury, 


Daniel Rainier efq. Sandwich. 3. 

Mr. .'John "Reader, Canterhmy* 
Mr. Richard Reader,! Sandwich. 





Matthew Robinfon Morris efq. Mount Morris. 
Charles Robinfon .efq. recorder of Sandwich, 
M. P. for Canterbury. 

John Rolfe efq. New Romney. ' . •: 
Charles Rufh efq. Fordwich. 

Ifaac Rutton, M. B. Afhford. 


Sir Richard Sutton baronet, Norwood Park, 
M. P. for Boroughbridge, and formerly for 

Mr. John Sampfon, attorney, Deal, 

Mr. Stephen Saunders, Sandwich. 

Mr. George Sayer, Sandwich. 

Valentine Saver efq, Sandwich. 2. 

Mr. Thomas Sayer> Eythorn.. 
Benjamin Sayer clq« Deal* 

Mr. Terry Sayer, Sandwich. 

Mr. Henry Saycr, Sandwich. 

Mr. Richard Simmons, furgeon, London. 

"don. 2, one I. p. ' 

Mr. John Simmons, attorney, GUIingham.' 2, 
one 1. p. . 

Meflrs. Simmons and-Kirkby, bookfellers r Can- 
terbury, g. ; 

Mr.James Six, - Canterbury < 

Mr. Markham Eeles Sherwill, Maidekin. 

Mr. Ifaac Slaughter, Sandwich. ' 

William Slaughter efq. Sandwich. 

Mr. William Slaughter, Canterbury. 

Mr. John Slaughter, Sandwich. 

Rev. John Smith, M.A. Woodnefborough, 

Mr. Auguftin Smithers, Sandwich. 

Richard Solly efq. Sandwich. 

Richard Heaton Solly efq. St, Margaret's. 

Jofeph Solly efq. Sandwich. 

Philip Stephens efq.. Secretary of the admiralty^ 

and M. P. for Sandwich. 
Oliver Stephens efq.< Woodnefborough. 
Jofeph Stewart efq. Sandwich. 
Mr. John Stewart, Sandwich,' . " 

Mr. John Stone, Sandwich. 
Hardinge Straceyefq.'Denhill. 
Phineas Stringer efq. Dover*; 

# m 

Thomas Strong efq. F. S.A. London. 


Rev. William Thomas, A. B...Goodneftonc, . 


Mr. Richard Tomfon, Ramfgate. 
JohnTopham efq. F. R. S. and S. A. London, 




Capt. John. Waller of the voyal navy, Sandwich 
Mr. Charles Warman, Sandwich. : 

Mr. William. Woodcock, Sandwich.. 

Mr. Tohn Woodruff. SandwiHr. 




V * 






l .: 

/ f 

r * 



.- i. 

*' * 


P. 858. I. 29. for 0w/« r, Pileus. Linn, |. N» 
cura Gmelin. p. 3152, n. 14.. — Syft. Nat. ed. 12. 
vol. 2. p. 1325. n. 2. Volvox bicaudatus, o&agonus, 
tentaculis duobus elongatis.— -B after, opufc* fubs* gi 

p. 124. tt J4i ft 6« 7 •—Del* the note. 






Mr 8 Richard Barton, Word, Kent 

Mr. Richard Berington* 

Mr. William Broadhurft, London/ 

Mr. Caleb Burton, Sandwich, 

Chambers, efq. Woodftock Hall,. Kent* 

Mr, John Dilnot, Patnxborn, Kent, 
# Francis Grofe,. efq, 

# Mr. William Jordan, Purfer in the Navy, Sandwich* 
George Whitmore, efq,. 




V* &+ 


1 t ™*** 


« i 

I 4 

*% ^ * 


Vim of the Gat c of ST BARITTOI^OME^^ 


'./*■ '&«**</ :/ti*/*e/ rtJ$m 




ea>* S an dwicli 

SlllSU ^;l^^ 


-'> * "i>y* / *fr/rf f m 4**? - 

m 4 


i - 


O N S. 

IE Hofpital of St Bartholomew, near the town of Sandwich, 
is a .very- ancient foundation j but it is impoffible, at this 
time, to fay when, or by whom, the 


begun. It would feem from a * bull of Pope Innocent the fourth, 
dated at Lyons, in the fecond year of his pontificate, that the Hofpital 


about the year 1244. ; but it is 

clear from the " evidences of the Hofpital, that the mftitution com- 
menced many years before that time. Tradition and fome raanuferip.ts 
give the merit of the firit foundation to Thomas Crawthorne and 
Maud his wife, in the year 1 190, and fay, that their bodies were de- 
cently interred in the monaftery of Carmelites, in Sandwich : which 
latter circumftance is improbable, as that houfe was not founded 
earlier than the year 1272, if fo foon 5 and fuch capital eleernofmary efta- 
blifhments were feldom made by perfons in the early jftages of life. 
In the Cuftomal of Sandwich, which is an authentic record, there is 
mention of three priefts, employed by the brothers and fillers to 
officiate in their chapel, and to pray for the fouls of Bertinc de Crau- 

Bowchard and Sir Henry .Sandwich, Knight: and 
e benefactors to the Hofpital, probably, in the order 


as to time, in which their names occur. The firft grant to the Hofpi- 
tal, that appears in the book of evidences, is by William Bncharde, 
and it is witnefled by Sir Henry Sandwich and Sir Simon his fon. It 
is without date ; but Sir Henry Sandwich, we know, was living about 


The benefaftion is of five marks to the brothers and fillet 


for the maintenance of a chaplain to officiate daily at the Hofpital. 

* Appendix A. + Sec Lewis's Thanct, Appendix, p. 67, 







* J J 

^ *1 

* M 
















, i] 


E I 

J. 1 

P I - 

1 ■ 





Another grant of money to the brothers and fitters is dated 1227; 
From which it appears, that the eftablifhment fox* fixed inhabitants 
was made, at lead, early in the thirteenth century. But there is a great 
probability, that it was begun at a much earlier period, and was de- 
figned originally for the accommodation of pilgrims and travellers, 
where they might be furnifhed with lodgings, provifions and oher 
nccefTaries, on their journey. The Hofpital was built in one of the 
angles formed by the interferon of two high roads ; and there has 
always been, till very lately, within its walls, a building appropriated 
to the ufe of vagrants, wherein they were fupplied with ftraw, and fup- 
ported in illnefs, by the brothers and lifters. In early times, the Bifhop* 
was burdened with the care and charge of all the poor in his diocefe :: 
afterwards, when the churches acquired fixed revenues, a fourth part 
thereof was allotted to the relief of the poor 3 and houfes of charity 
were built by the religious and others for their accommodation. To- 
thefe eftablifhments donations were made by perfons, from motives of 
piety and charity 5 and not only the poor of the diftrict were relieved 
in thefe places, but the benefaction was extended to all travellers indis- 
criminately. On account of fome abufe of thefe inftitutions by the 
religious, who converted them into a fort of benefices for their own 
life, it was decreed by the councils of Vienna and Trent, that no* 
hofpitals, in future, fhould be given to fecular priefts, in the way of 
benefices 3 but that the adminiftration thereof fhould be afiigned to- 
iufficient and refponfible laymen, who fhould take an oath for the* 
faithful dilcharge of their duty, and be accountable to the ordinaries* 


Such laymen were generally men of wealth, and were led by education- 
to think, that their benefa&ions to thefe inftitutions would operate to 
the repofe, not only of their own fouls, but the fouls of their anceftors 
and pofterity. They were liberal therefore in their donations, and 
acquired the titles of firft, fecond, third &c. founder, in the order in 
which they made additions to the charity. It was in this manner, pro- 
bably. Sir Henry Sandwich obtained the reputation of being a founder 





and others of bis defendants, fucceffively. Sir Nicholas Sandwich is 

: firft afligned the patronage of the Hofpital to the Mayor 



governours of the Hofpital from the time of its firft endowment. The 
patronage and government of the Hofpital were certainly in the whole 
corporate body, about the middle of the fourteenth century ; and in 
the earlieft records of the corporation it appears, that the vacancies 
were filled up at the common aflemblies : but many inconveniences 
arifing from this practice, the Commonalty agreed to leave the ap- 
pointments to the Mayor and Jurats. This forbearance of the Commons 
appears to have been purchafed, at the expence of the perfon prefented 
to the vacancy, who pays a groat to every freeman of Sandwich, that 
attends the ceremony of induction, and thinks proper to demand it. 
The fame inconveniences, in a lefs degree, attended the nomination, 
when in the hands of the Mayor and Jurats j for remedy of which, 
they agreed among themfelves to fuffer the Mayor, for the time being, 
to fill up all the vacancies happening in his mayoralty. But thefe regu- 
lations were not uniformly adhered to : the original compact was for- 
gotten on all fides : oppofition was made, and each party at times pre- 
vailed againft the other, till about the middle of the laft century ; fmce 
which time, the Mayors have regularly filled up the vacancies. Inftances 
of thefe difputes from the corporation records will be given in the ap- 
pendix* ; fome of which will be evidences likewife of abufe in the go- 
vernment of the Hofpital. No public cenfures, however, of the patrons 
conduft occur, before the year 1684; when complaints were exhibited 
by the people of the Hofpital before the Commiflioncrs for charitable 
ufes j but they were either frivolous, or not well fupported, as no dc- 


* Appendix B. 

B 2 



fame matters of mifgovernment of former patrons, and mifbehaviour 

of the brethren -, but this feems to have been a party affair, and nothing 
came of it. 

It does not appear that this Hofpita! was aftually incorporated by 
royal patent, and made thereby capable of gifts and grants in fuc- 
ceflion, till Henry the eighth confirmed the difpenfation* of Archbifhop 
Cranmer, in 1536 3 though it had been virtually fo, by Edward the 
third's grant <f of the profits of the ferry at Sandwich, and an exem- 
plification $ thereof by Henry the eighth. The only public inftrument 
of foundation is the bull above-mentioned of Pope Innocent the fourth, 
which was folicited by Sir Henry Sandwich, in confequence of the confti- 
tution§ of theBifhop of Salifbury, in 1217, which was adopted by the 
council of Durham, about 1220, under Richard, Bifliop of that fee,, 
and made a provincial conftitution by Edmund, Archbifhop of Canter- 
bury, about the year 1236. The. difpenfation of Archbifhop Cranmer 
was applied for, and obtained, by the Hofpitai, in purfuance of the acl 
of the 25th of Hen. VIII. for exoneration of exafrions to the fee of 
Rome, &c. which enafts, that no perfons thenceforth fhall apply to the 
Pope for licences, difpenfations, &c. but only to the Archbifhop of 
Canterbury, for the time being ; and empowers the Archbifhop to 
iffue fuch inftruments ; to be confirmed, if required, under the great 
feal, and enrolled in the court of chancery. The difpenfation * autho- 
rizes the mailer, brethren and their fuccefTors, to hold the Hofpitai, 
with all their prefent poffeffions, rights, privileges, and future acqui- 
sitions, in as free and ample manner, as their predeceffors had- enjoyed 
their eftates and privileges before ; referving to the Mayor of Sandwich 
all his right and intereft in the premifes. 

The original evidences of this Hofpitai are moftly loft. A fair copy 


T wn 


Appendix C. No. 78. i Ditto No. 43. ;|: Ditto No. 77. 

§ Quoniam religionum nimia diver.fitns grave m in ccclcfia confufioncm inckicJt 5 pmeci* 
jpinius, quod qui volunt domum hofpitalcm fund arc, feu xonodochium, de novo, rcguknfe 
ct uilUtutioucHi a nobis accipiaut, iecumlum»quain rcgularitcr vivant et religiose. 



Town Clerk of Sandwich, about the middle of the fifteenth century/ 
and afterwards a brother of the Hofpital. A tradition is current as 



St Omers ; but Doclor Butler, the Librarian there, before the fup- 
preftion of the order, made diligent fearch for it in that library, and in 
fome neighbouring repofitories of manufcripts, without effect. A tranf- 
cript* of Mr Searle's manufcript, and copies of the original deeds that 
remain, will be given in the appendix. 

If the founders left any rules for the government of the Hofpital* 
they are loft. Some manufcripts fet forth, that, in prefenting to the 


Mayors, J 

or Commoners of Sandwich, old and decayed perfons, not under the 
age of fifty years. Leland fays, upon unknown authority, " there is. an 
•« hofpital, without the town, fyrft ordeined for manners defefyd and 

ct hurt." In 1602, information f was given to the Lord Warden, that 
great fums of money had been taken by fome Mayors, for placing of 
brothers and fitters in the Hofpital, that were not proper obje&s of the 
charity ; upon, which his Lordfhip propofed the following regulations,, 
to which the Mayor and Jurats aflented, and they are enrolled in the 
corporation records-, as an ad of ailembly. « That for placing of any 




brother or fifter hereafter within the faid Hofpital, no Mayor fhall 
take for his good will, either direaiy or indirectly, above the fum of 
forty fhillings, as anciently hath been taken, upon the pain of for- 
feiting double fo much as fhall be taken by any fuch Mayor; which, 
M forfeiture fhall be and remain to the ufe of the corporation of Sand- 
" wich : and every perfon fo placed fhall be of the age of forty years,: 
or thereabouts} except always decayed Jurats and their wives, or any 
lame, blind or impotent perfon 5 and they fhall be inhabitants of 
Sandwich i excepting where the conveniency and neceffity of the 

" Hof~ 





? -Appendix C, |; Corporation book marked A and B, 


cc Hofpital may require one or two men for hufbandry, being of honeffi 
** conversation, and aged as aforefaid.":}: 

The total number of brothers and iifters feems to have been always 
fixteen; though in the Cuftomal it is laid, that they may be increafed 
beyond that number, if the Mayor and Jurats think proper. Formerly 
there was a limited number of each fex, namely, twelve men and four 
women 3 which might be a neceflary regulation, while the fraternity 
kept the lands under their own management ; but, at this time, men 
and women are prefented indifferently to the vacancies* 

The fite of the Hofpital is on the weft fide of the highway, leading 
from Sandwich to Dover, in an angle formed by that road and another 
iffuing out of it towards Woodnefborough. The fence inclofes the farm- 
houfe, barns, ftablcs, &c, a chapel, and fifteen fmall, but commodious, 
hotifes with gardens for the brothers and filters. The other tenement 
was converted into a farm-houfe for the refidence of the tenant, when 
the lands were firft hired $ and the perfon who is prefented to that va-< 
Cancy, • 'when it happens, is permitted to refide in Sandwich, with an 
allowance from the Hofpital of thirty-two {hillings a year for rent. 
The whole enclofure is extraparochiaL 

The Cuftomal* gives a pretty full account of this Hofpital, as it ex* 
ifted at the beginning of the fourteenth century ; and we may form 
from thence a good idea of the domeftic economy of the fraternity, at 
that time. It appears that, though .they had feparate rooms or cham- 
bers, they had not then diftinft houfes, as now. The whole was one 
connected building, with a public hall, bakehoufe and kitchen ; the 
foundations of which may be traced at this day. The chapel was at a 
little diftance from the houfe. It is a large and handfome edifice, and 
has in it, an altar monument, covered with a flab of Suflex marble; on 
which is carved the figure of a man, completely cafed in chain-mail, 


:|; Tanner, in his Notitia, page 218, noted, mentions " Orders and rules for the go- 
•« c vernment of St Bartholomew's Hofpital, 1 ' among the papers of ArchhUhop Bancroft. 

* ■ ¥ 

There was only one regulation made that year, which is given in the Appendix B. 
f Appendix D, * 


•*%-sr*'* r > 


1 * 


with. a fniooth^Breaft: pkce over the ftauberk; . There is a triarrgtfla"r 

It is 

body, and a broad fword lies, along, the'ltft thigh; 
undoubtedly meant for the effigies of Sir Henry Sandwich > 

Knight ; and the whole is a cenotaph, defigned to commemorate him 
as the chief benefa&or of the. Hofpital. ; Ah infcription on a rail ovetf 
the figure points out this fpot, as the burial place of Sir Henry Sana.* 
wich and Sir Nicholas his fon j but upon a ftri£t examination of the 
fuppofed tomb, a few years ago, when under, repair, and of the ground 
beneath, there was neither coffin nor any other mark of fepulture to be 
feen. It does not appear that any regular pfovifion has been made, fined 
the reformation, for the maintenance of a minifter in this Hofpitalw 

In i 



be abfent, without reafonable excufe, under forfeiture of two pence, 



j6i6, the- 

corporation of Sandwich allowed ten pounds to a minifter, for expound- 
ing the fcriptures in the chapel of St Bartholomew, every Sunday, hi 


630, one of the brothers' is directed to fay prayers every morning, bury 
the dead, and church the women, according to former uielnd cuftom ; 
and it is ordered, at the fame time, that the houfe do provide a minifter 
to preach three or four times throughout the year/ and administer the 
facraments, according to ancient form, ufage and cuft'om. In 1636, 
pcrfon in orders was admitted a brother, and it was agreed, that lie' 
fhould perform all minifterial duty belonging' to the Hofpital, during 
his life time. For many years fince, there was fervicp in this chapel only 
once a year, on St Bartholomew's day ; but now a monthly fevmon is 
preached there by one of the minifters of Sandwich, upon the mod 
liberal terms. 

In the parliament of the 37th year of King Henry the eighth, it was' 
cnaftcd, that the King, at his will and pleafure, during his life, may' 

empower his commiffioners to enter into, and ieize to the King's u(c y . 


1 * 


among other things, any hofpital, and the lands, &c. thereunto belong- 
ing; and that, after fuch entry made, by the faid commiffioners or any 
two of them, into any lands fpecified in their commiffion, the fame 
fhall be veiled in actual poifeflion of the King, his heirs and fucceffbrs, 
for ever : that fuch hofpital and lands fhall be in the order and furvey 
of the Court of Augmentations, to be granted and let to farm by the 
Chancellor and officers of the faid court j in which court all fuits for 
the faid lands fhall beheardand determined, A commiffion* accordingly 
was awarded into the county of Kent, dire&ed to the Archbifhop of 
Canterbury, and others ; which commiffioners did enter, and feize 
into the King's hands, the Hofpital of St Bartholomew near Sandwich : 
and the Hofpital, with all the lands belonging to it, was certified and. 
delivered over to the government of the faid court. But there was no 
fuppreffion, diffolution or grant, of this Hofpital during that reign. 
In i$6x, Archbifhop Parker commiffioned Stephen Nevinfon, L. L. D. 
CommifTary of the diocefe, and others, to vifit the three hofpitals in 
Sandwich ; and the next year, at the requifition of the Queen, he 
gave into the Exchequer a certificate of all the fchools and hofpitals in 
his diocefe. The return for this hofpital ran thus. "It is of the firft 
foundation of one Sir John Sandwich, Knight, and now of the 


cc foundation of the Maior and Commonalty of the town of Sandwich. 
<c And by the faid Mayor there be placed, from time to time, the 
tc number of twelve brothers and four fifters ; who are relieved only 
" of the revenues of the faid hofpital, amounting to the yearly value, 
<c by eftimation, of forty pounds. The faid hofpital is charitably ufed 
•> to God's glory $ and the fame furveyed from time to time by the 
K< Maior of Sandwich, and kept in good order. It is not taxed to the 
cc perpetual tenth/' After this the Hofpital remained quiet till 1619; 
when there iffued a note, as the record -f- exprefTcs it, from the Aug- 
mentation Office, to inquire why this Hofpital fhould be concealed 
fovm the crown, and what right the Mayor, Jurats and Commonalty 


* Appendix £. No* 1. f Mew Black Book* 


$ aneiwich, have to it. And K. h 

37th of Hen 



fee farm, to be held in free foccage, as of the manor of Eaft Green- 

Majefty twenty-fix fhilli 


pence. But * the corporation, being well advifed, controverted the 
matter - y and, upon a hearing, the Hofpital was found to be a lay- 
foundation, and therefore not within either of the flatutes above- 
mentioned ; whereupon the patentees let fall their fait. In 1636^ a 
venire facias and fubpoena were ferved on the Mayor and Jurats, re- 
quiring their appearance, at the parfonage houfe at Deal, before the 
commiffioners on the ftatute for charitable ufes, to fhew their right to 
govern the hofpitals in Sandwich, and what rules they obferved in 

governing the fame* The records of the corporation do not furnifh us 
with the refult of this enquiry ; but the Hofpital of St Thomas in 
Sandwich has not fince that time been within the government of the 
Mayor and Jurats, if it ever was fo s while the other hofpitals of 
St Bartholomew and St John have continued under their fuperin- 
tendence, to this day. 

The bufinefs of the Hofpital feems to have been regulated formerly, 
for the moll part, in the Court-hall of Sandwich ; and the orders of 
the governours were regiftered in the books of the corporation, till 
about the year 171 o : fince which time, the Hofpital lias been regu- 
larly vifited, twice a year, by the Mayor and Jurats, who are fliled 
patrons, governours and vifitors of the Hofpital ; and the entries are 
now made, at the place, in books provided for the purpofe. One of 
thefe vifitations is held on St Bartholomew's day ~, when the gover- 
nours and fraternity afiemble in the chapel, and, after divine fervice, 


* Appendix E. number 2. | New Black Bool; 



proceed to the ele&ion of a mafter, for the enfuing year; who is f* 

fworn. The governours then view the buildings, and direft the ne~ 
ceflary repairs. The other meeting is on the Thurfday preceding 
the annual choice of Mayor, when the governours affemble at the 
Hofpital, to audit the matter's account for the paft year 3 and to fee 
that the orders and directions, refpefting repairs and other matters, 
given on St Bartholomew's day, have been properly attended to by the 

ni after and brethren. At both thefe meetings, a frugal dinner*- is pro- 
vided for the governours, miuilter, townclerk, and tenant, at one of 
the houfes of the Hofpital 5 and for the brothers and filters,, at another. 
After which, inquiry is made into the conduct of the people of the 
Hofpital 5 and fitch as do not conform to the eftablifhed rules and tem- 
porary orders, or othcrwife mifbehave themfeives,. are reprimanded 

or fLied, as the cafe may require. 

When the Mayor is inclined to fill up a vacancy in the Hofpital, he 
fummons the Jurats to attend, him, and they proceed to the chapel, 
where the fraternity is ordered to affemble. The perfon to be indudted 
pays, into the matter's hands, fix pounds thirteen (hillings and four 
pence to the common profit of the houfe, and twelve fhillings more 
to be divided among the brothers and lifters. The larger film was for- 
merly kept for exigencies 3 but now both films are fhared at once 
among them ; the new brother or lifter taking a part. The j[ fees 
to the Mayor, Jurats, Townclerk, Officers, Crier and Bridge-man, 
amounting to the furn of two pounds and eight pence, are next paid 
into the hands of the Common-wardfman : then the party takes § the 


f The matter's oath. I, A. B. fliall be, as I ought to be, true and faithful unto this 
Hofpital, and all things /hall do, to the beft of my power, for the mod weal, profit and 
commodity, of the fame Hofpital : and, at the end of this year, a true and juft account 
fliall make of all things, wherewith I fliall have lo do, belonging to this Hofpital, for this 

year following. 

* Appendix F. No. r. % Ditto, No. 2. || Ditto, No, 3, 

§ The oath of a brother, or fitter, of St Bartholomew's Hofpital. I, A. B. fliall be, 

as I ought to be, good and true, from this day forward, and all the days of my life, to 




which the perfon takes pofleflion by entering and turning the key. 
During this ceremony, the freemen of Sandwich, who attend and claim 
the fee, are admitted all together into the chapel 3 and then let out 
three at a time, for the convenience of giving them a milling,; that is 
a groat apiece. 

The donations to this Hofpital have been numerous and ample. 
The farm, under leafe to a fingle tenant, confifts of about two hundred 
and eighty-five acres of arable and pafture land 3 and there are feveral 
other particulars that, with the demifed eftate, render the terrier truly 
refpeftable. Thefe all feem to have been the benefactions of private 
perfons 3 but the Hofpital has moreover experienced the munificence 
of Royalty, in a grant, from King Edward the third, of the profits of 
the ferry between Sandwich and Stonar, in 1349,3. an exemplification 
of which was obtained by the: Hofpital from Henry the eighth -in 
1525. This paffage over the haven, in a ferry boat, being at all times 
inconvenient to the public, an aft of parliament was obtained in 
755> for building a bridge between Sandwich and Stonar 3 in which 
there is a claufe, that fecures to the Hofpital of St Bartholomew, from 
the revenue of the bridge, the annual fum of fixty-two pounds, ' being 
the lait and greateft rent that had been made of the ferry 3 to be paid 
quarterly, without any deduction or abatement whatfoever. This an- 
nuity is not to be fubjecT: to any rates, .affeflments or public taxes, and 
with the fums neceffary for the current yearly expences of managing 
the toll, is to be taken out of the tolls, before the poors rates on the 



this houfc of St Bartholomew, as a brother, or Jjfltr, up-rifing and <Wn-lyin», and i„ 
all manner of things, that hereafter I may do, to the bell profit and commodity of the 
fame houfc. Harm {hall I none do ; neither yet of others fufFer to be done • but the 
fame final! let to my power • cither clfc, to the Mayor, our patron, or to his fellows, or to 
the mailer of the fame houfc, anon give warning ; ant! alfo to all laudable cufloms of this 
lame houfc I mail fubmit myfclf and be obedient. So help me God nnd the holy c 
tcms 0! this book. 

y eon- 



revenue of the bridge are demanded or collected. If the quarterly- 
payments fhall be in arrear to the mafter 8 brothers and fillers, by the 
fpace of thirty days, they may bring an aftion at law againft the 
Mayor, Jurats and Commonalty, for the recovery thereof; or otherwife* 
enter upon and take pofleflion of the bridge and paflage over the haven* 
and receive the tolls and profits, until all arrears and charges fhall be 

fatisfied : and, until fatisfaflioh of fuch arrears and charges, the matter* 
brothers and fitters fhall have all powers, authorities, profits and advan- 
tages whatfoever, concerning the faid bridge, tolls and paffage,. which 

Mayor, Jurats and Commonalty. If the 

fhould not fuffice 

Mayor and Jurats 

the Mayor being one, are empowered, by writing under their hands 
and feals to encreafe the tolls, till they become fufficient for thefe pur- 
pofes. If any furplus fhall remain, after payment of the annuity to 
the matter, brothers and fitters, and defraying the expence of collect- 
ing the tolls, maintaining the bridge, and difcharging all other neceffary 
expences of putting the aft in execution, and after eftablifhing a per- 
petual fund or capital of four hundred pounds, for rebuilding or 
repairing the bridge j then the furplus of the tolls fhall be referved, 
and, from time to time, vetted in truft upon government or other fecu- 
rities, at the difcretion of the Mayor and Jurats, till a fum fhall be 
raifed fufficient to purchafe lands, to be fettled on St Bartholomew's 
Hofpital, in lieu of, and as a full compenfation for, the faid annuity 
of fixty-two pounds per annum. In conformity to thefe directions* 
the Mayor and Jurats have purchafed, and fettled on the Hofpital, 




to be paid quarterly ; and the Mayor and Jurats are read 

plcte this bufmefs, whenever an eligible purchafe fhall offer. 


f Appendix C, numbers ioo, ioii 


Till the year 1684, the brethren kept moft of the lands, near the 

homeftall, in their own hands, and did the hufbandry bufinefs them- 
felves, under the direction of the matter : but being in general old 
people, and incapable of doing the work in a proper manner, it was 
thought advifable to hire all the arable and pafture land to a fingle 
tenant ; and, accordingly, in September 2684, a leafe of the farm was 
granted to Edward Hogben, for a term of feven years* at the yearly 
rent of 220I. and a fine of 81. the tenant to repair, and pay all cefles 
and taxes. To him fucceeded Mr Richard Harvey, in 1 69 j ; who gave 
1 681, a year, and a fine of 81. for a term of fcvtn years ; at the end of 
which he renewed his leafe for nine years, at 1 681. per annum for 
the two firft years, and at 220I. a year for the feven lad ; paying the 
fame fine as before. The next tenant was Mr Burch, who in 1707^ 
obtained a leafe for eleven years, at the fame rent 5 but the fine was 
raifed to 12I. After two years he gave up his leafe, and the farm was 
hired to Mr Foart for nine years, at 22 ol. a year, and a fine of 14K 
Mr Foart and his reprefentatives occupied the farm till Michaelmas 
1739 5 and during a part of the term, he had an abatement of 20I. a 
year, in compenfation for a wall of earth,, which he raifed along the 
haven, at a great expence, to defend the falts from inundation, to 
which they were before fubjefr, upon extraordinary fpring tides. In 
Oftober 1739, Mr Richard Mocket took the farm, and held it till 
Michaelmas 1747. To him fucceeded Mr Henry Sayer, who had a 
leafe for 14 years, at 220I. a year : at the end of which term, the farm 
was let by public auftion to the higheft bidder Mr Thomas Webb, for 
21 years, from Michaelmas 176 1, at 27 2I. a year : but he died irtfbl- 
vent very loon, and it was again hired by au&ion to Mr John Tipper, 
for 21 years, from Michaelmas 1761, at 241I. a year. In all thefe 
cafes, the tenant was bound to pay his rent quarterly ; to repair the 
buildings and fences, the Hofpital finding rough timber ; to pay all 
cedes, tithes, fcots, lots, quitrents and lords rents ; to carry 21 lacks 
of coals, and one cart load of land, every year to each brother and 

filler ; 



double {heaves -, and to bring to tlie Hofpital, for their ufe, the tops, 



heirs in 178 1 furrendered the leafe j and the farm was hired, by auc- 
tion, to Mr William Filcher, for 21 years from Michaelmas that year, 
at 287I. a year $ the Hofpital taking upon itfelf the repairs. An ab- 
ftraft of the leafe will be given in the appendix.* 

The lands of the Hofpital were never cefTed to the church or poor of 
the parifhes, in which they lie, while they continued in the occupation 
of the brethren. It had been attempted *j- feveral times s but by the 
interpofition of the Archbifhops Cranmer, Whitgift, and Abbot, fuc- 
ceflively, the ceffcs were avoided, till the lands were hired to a tenant, 
in 1684 ; and then they were put upon a footing with other tenanted 
lands, and paid all the common parochial taxes. The brothers and 
filters, however, aware that thefe taxes, though nominally belonging 
to the tenant, are in reality deductions from the landlord's income, 
made one more attempt to evade the payment of them, by foliciting 
the interference of Archbifliop Sancroft : but it does not appear, that 
the Archbifhop took any fteps in their favor ; and if he did, it cer- 
tainly was without effect. This charity is not fubjeft to the land tax, 
and the tenant covenants to pay all other cedes and taxes whatfoever -, 
£0 that the rent is paid without any deduction. 

The revenue of the Hofpital confifts of the bridge money, the rent 
of the farm, the rents of feveral houfes and parcels of ground in Sand- 
wich, and fome quitrents. The. annual payments are quitrents to dif- 
ferent manors, the corporation of Sandwich, and St John's hofpital ; 
ftipends to the niinlfter and clerk j the matter's falary j aflurance from 
fire 5 the expences of the two periodical feafts ; and the charges of 
repair. The following is a .more particular account of thefe matters. 


* Appendix C, No, 104. i Appendix E 3 No. p 



Rent of a barn la Moatfole, -150 

— of ground in the Butchery, 150 
.-— of ditto near the Salutation, 100 
»— of ditto near the Three Colts, 3 o o 
— * of ditto in the garden of the 

parfonagehoufeof StPeter's, o 4 o 

— of a ftorehoufe by Pillory gate, O 4 o 
Annuity from the bridge, 

- 62 
'Beat of the farm, - - - - 287 

Qui treat out of St Clement's 

o o 



2 6 


— from St Thomas's hofpital, 5 o 
~~~ for a garden in New ftreet, 
~— for a houfe in New ftreet, 
—- for an orchard by Woodnef- 

borough gate, - - - 

~— for a houfe in Luckfboat- 





— - for a houfe next adjoining, o 010 

*■'— for a houfe oppofite, - - 008 

-— for a barn near Newgate, o 1 o 

— for a houfe in Strand ftreet, o 10 o 

- for a paflage there to the 


- for a pa/Tuge through a 


houfcatSt Bartholomew's, o 4 

•— for a houfe there, - - - 00 
— - for a -cove to a houfe there, o 3 
*r* for a cove to another houfe 


there, --«-«_ 

o O 4 

^ 357 n 6 



/ j. <£ 

bourn, - - * - - q 

- - 1 



Ditto to ditto of Eaftry, 

Ditto to ditto of Adifham, - - I 

Ditto to ditto of Sandown, - o 13 

Ditto todittoofWoodnefborough,o 4 

Ditto to ditto of Dane court, o 
Ditto to ditto of North court, 

Ditto to ditto of South court, o 

Ditto to Sandwich corporation, o 

o o 








Ditto to St John's hofpita], - 4 6 
To the chaplain 


To the clerk, - * - _ m 
The matter's falary, 

12 O 


A flu ranee from fire 

- ~ - 3 

Expences on St Bartholomew's 

5 3 

day, about ---,«_- 
Expences on account feaft day, 

5 16 6 



Balance - - 


£ 22 3 6 
-335 8 o 

£357 3I 6 

The annuity from the bridge, and the rent of the farm, arc paid to 
the mafter quarterly; the other rents annually. The brothers and. 
Mcrs receive their pen/Ions punctually every quarter. The above ba- 
Jance of 335I. 8s, od. would yield a dividend to each of them of nearly 


1 6 

twenty-one pounds a year ; but the repairs are very heavy atprefent, and 
will not admit of a larger annual payment than 17I. 2s. 6d. that is 
4I. 5s, 7fd. a quarter. In a few years, they will probably receive about 
19I. a piece, every year: to which add the value of the houfe and 
garden (allowing for repairs), the carriage of coals and fapd, wood and 
ftubble from the farm, and the exemption from all cefles and taxes ; 
and the whole benefit from the Hofpital may be fairly eftimated at 
four or five and twenty pounds a year. A moft comfortable provifion 
furely for perfons in an humble ftation ! affording them, in feparate 
and luitable dwellings, a pleafant and healthy retreat from the bufy 
fcenes of life -, where they may contemplate, with reverence, the piety 
and munificence of the founders of this noble chancy ; and, with gra- 
titude, the obligations which each owes to his immediate benefactor. 







yage 6, note :|, line ?., after Hofpital, read A. D. 1435. 



From the Customal of Sandwich'. 


THE Hofpital of St Bartholomew is under the government of the 
Mayor and Commonalty, who regulate the affairs of the Hofpital 
in the following manner. Every year, on the feaft of St Bartholomew, 
they vifit the Hofpital, in folemn proceflion 5 the laity of Sandwich 
leading the way j fome with inffruments of mufic ; others, to the 
number of feven fcore or more, bearing wax lights, provided for the 
occafion by the corporation : which lights are to be left in the chapel 
of the Hofpital, as an offering, for the ufe of the fame throughout the 
year. After thefe follow the clergy of Sandwich, in their proper habits, 
chanting hymns and carrying tapers. The Rector of St Peter's, or 
fome other clergyman appointed by the Mayor, celebrates high mafs 
with folemnity and decorum. Some of the better fort of the Common- 
alty, as Sir Nicholas Sandwich and others, provide their own tapers 
and offer them there. There is ufually a great refort of people at this 
place, at the fair held on the eve of St Luke 3 and the Mayor com* 
monly attends. 

The fervice of that day and the following days to the octave being 
over, the Mayor or his Deputy, with the Jurats, repairs to the Hofpi- 
tal, and depofits the remainder of the tapers in a box provided for the 
purpofe 5 leaving out about eight of them, for the ufe'of the officiating 
priefts. The key of the box is then delivered to one of the Jurats, who 
is from time to time to give out more, as they arc wanted ; prcferving 
the fragments : and if there be any tapers remaining at the next eve 

of St Bartholomew's day, they are to be carried to the Mayor's and 
made up anew. 




When the Mayor and Jurats think proper, the matter of the Hof- 
pital is to render an account before them, either in writing or by 
tallies, of every thing belonging to the Hofpital committed to his 
care, from time to time, by them : namely, of corn, cattle, rents,, 
fines on admiffion of brothers and fifters, and other iftues of the Hof- 
pital : and likewife of what funis he has expended in the fervice of the 
Hofpital, and in what manner. Upon his refufal to account, if he be 
a brother, he fhall lofe all the advantages of his fituation, till he ac- 

knowledges his fault, and produces his account. But if he be one ap- 
pointed by the Mayor from the Commonalty, and will not account,, 
he is to be removed from his office, and dillrained of his goods,. 


wherefoever they be found. When the accounts ate parted, and it 
known from thence what is the number of cattle, the quantity of 
corn, and the ftock in general, the Mayor and Jurats then proceed to 
the choice of a new mafter, to whom the whole is to be delivered in: 
charge, by tallies, or written inventory, one part, or a copy, of which 
is to remain with the Mayor and Jurats,, till the next account-day 3, 
and if the m after be a brother, he is to be found in flioes, and to be 
allowed his expenfes, while in the office > but if he be one of the 
commonalty, he is to have the allowance of a brother. 

The number of brothers and fifters is fixteen y and the vacancies, 
when they happen, are filled up by the Mayor and Jurats, who may 
increafe the number, if they think proper. 

The advantages refulting to each brother and fifter are thefe. Every 
one has a room within the houfe, which is to be roofed and kept m 
repair, at the common expenee. Every fortnight the fifters go to m oven,, 
and make the bread for the Hofpital. The allowance is kvtn loaves to 
each pcrfon, for fourteen days,. The bread is made from the whole 
produce of the grain, as it comes from the mouth of the fack ; and 
every loaf, at a midling price of corn, fliould be of the value of one 

penny 5, 

* A phrafc in common ufc in this part of KLent, and a literal vcr/ion of the Lati% 
cunt ad fur nun h 

l 9 


ferve a fingle 

perfon two days j becaufe the weight is never altered, let the price of 

corn be what it will. 

Every brother and fitter is allowed two pence a week for beer ; and 
once a year, towards Chriflmas, each perfon is to have a hog, with 
the inward and all its parts, out of the common flock : and if one 
hog be better than another, a good flitch fhould be coupled with an 
inferior one, and thus the fhares be made equal. 

In fummer, they make cheefe, butter and the like. The apples and 
other fruit are not fold, but divided equally among them. 

Every day there is prepared, in the kitchen, for common life, a 
quantity of porridge of beans, peas or other vegetables ; and every 
perfon may put- his or her meat into the common pot ; and the cook 



no one fliali be permitted to make ufe of a feparate pot, on the com- 
mon fire, becaufe the Hofpital is not bound to provide a fire but for 

the common boiler* 

Every Sunday, after dinner, the brothers and fillers affemble toge- 
ther in the hall, and receive from the mailer a penny apiece 5 of which 
each contributes a farthing for a jug of ale, which they drink together* 
to promote brotherly affection : and the mailer obliges every one to 
attend this meeting. At their departure, and every day at the fame 
hour, they fhould pray for the founders and benefactors of the Hofpital, 
and for all the faithful living and dead. Every perfon is allowed a 
penny, four times a year, for the offertory. 

The brothers and lifters, every year, have public dinners in the hall, 
on Chriftmas day, Candlemas day, Eafter day, Whitfunday, St Bar- 
tholomew's day, All Saints day, and other feftivals in the year, if their 
finances will admit of it. 

All legacies of money, bread or the like, and the altar offerings on 
fefiival days, are divided equally among the brothers and fifters ; unlcfs 

there be a call for the money for repairs or other public work. In 

D % 





i * 


I 1 

1 « 






confideration of which allowance, every one, at his admiffion, pays ten 
marks or twelve marks, or ten pounds fterling: with fome allowance, 
however, to fuch as have good characters, and are free of the corpo- 
ration by birth. 

When any brother or fitter is to be admitted into the Hofpital, the 
Mayor attends there with his brethren ; and the party is publicly 
fworn, by the Mayor, to be good and true, from that clay forward to 
the end of life, to the Hofpital of St Bartholomew, to promote the 
welfare of the fame in all that he may, and to prevent, as much as 
poffible, all injury thereto, &c. When thus fworn, the perfon is 
introduced, by the Mayor, as a brother or a fitter, to the reft of the 
fraternity, and is faluted by them all. The perfon then gives to each, 
by way of fine, and treats them, or pays them a certain 

film in lieu of an entertainment } and then is put in pofleffion of the 
apartment, in which he or fhe is to refide-. 

The brothers and filters are to render to the Hofpital all the fervices 
in their power, according to their abilities, under the direftion of the 
mailer ; namely, in preparing bread for the oven, in planting bean 

and vegetables, as well within the walls of the Hofpital as in the ad- 
joining fields ; in * and working in harveft y in thrashing - 7 m 
fuits of courts, and the like. If any one refufes to do his beft in thefe 
matters, his allowance from the Hofpital is to be (topped, till he repairs- 
his fault to the fatisfadion of the Mayor and Jurats. This mode of 
punifhinent fhould be always adopted, when the people in the Hof- 
pital mifbehave themfelves.; and in order to examine into their con- 
diiit, the Mayor, with the Jurats, vifits the Hofpital four times in the 
year, when he punifhes thofe who are faulty. 

No one is permitted to difpofe of his eftedts within the Hofpital 
by will, but to the ufe of the fraternity : becaufe the cuftom has been 
from all antiquity, and the words of the oath imply., that every thin?* 



% Ad csnfpicandum. I fiifpc£l- this word is meant to exprefs the binding of fluavet^ that* 
i\, colktiUig the cars of com iagdlnr $ Dam con and fjdcu > but I have no autlvuiity to give 
it that iiiLiipi'ctaiiuji. 





belonging to the brothers and lifters becomes the joint property of 

the community. 

There fhould be three priefts to officiate conftantly in the chapel, 
with a ftipend of five marks of filver apiece ; which fhould be paid to 
them quarterly by the matter, or any other perfon colle&ing their 
rents from certain houfes in Sandwich. One of thefe priefts is to pray 
for the fou-ls of Bertine de Crauthorne, his anceftors and pofterity ; as 
appears by a deed of feoffment : another for the fouls of William 
Boweharde, his anceftors and fucceflbrs 3 and the third for the fouls 
of Sir Henry Sandwich and others^ 

Mayor, with the J 

*~f the 


brothers and lifters in what manner they conduct thernfelves • dif- 
placing fuch as mifbehave, v/ithout the interference of any ordinary. 
They are chofen, inftituted and fworn by the Mayor and Jurats ; who 
infpe6l the veftments, books, veffels, and every thing elfe belonging 
to the chapel, and deliver the whole, with an inventory, to the 
Capellan for the time being ; who is to take care of, and be accountable 
for, the fame. The other two priefts are like wife to be attentive to the 
prefervation of the church furniture. The CapelJan confefles the bro- 
thers, fifters, and fervants of the Hofpital, and adminifters the facra- 
ments > for which he receives all the offerings made by the faid bro- 
thers and fifters. 

It fhould be obferved, that the brothers and fifters cannot, of thern- 
felves, purchafe any eftate, or difpofe of their preient poffefiions, or 
exchange them, or do any thing contrary to the foregoing regula- 
tions, without the concurrence of the Mavor and Turats of Sandwich- 

a r 





NNOCENCIUS epifcopus, fervus fervorum dei, venerabili fratri archiepifcopo Can- 

L tuarienfi, falutem et apoftolicam benediccionem. Henricus, miles, nobis humiliter 
fupplicavit, quod ipfc quandam domum, iuxta Sandewicum, tue diocefis, in honore 
Sanfli Bartholomei, ad fuftentacionem debilium et infirmorum, fundare ceperit ; ac pro* 
ponat et ipfam de bonis propriis, pro benefactorum largicione, dotare; quod fratres et 
forores, qui ibidem pro tempore fuerint, vivant fub alicuius ordinis difciplina ; et refici- 
antur ibidem in menfa; et geftant habitum informem, ordinari per difcretos aliquos face- 
remus : volentes igitur tibi, qui loci diocefanus exiftis, in hac parte deferre, fraternrtati 
tue per apoftolica fcripta mandamus, quatinus tuis Uteris provideas, prout videris expc- 
dire ; contradict ores per cenfuram ecclefiafticam, appellacione poftpofita, compofcendo, 
Datum Lugdini, iij° kalendas Fcbruarii, pontificatus noftri anno fecundo. 

Renovetur nomine Johannis de Sandewico, militis. 

7"feis .copy of Pooe Innocent's bull is evidently incorrect. The tower has been fearched for the ori- 
ginal;, but it could not be found there. 


N I435j the Mayor and Jurats promife the next vacancy to a perfon, in confideration 

of a round fum of money, to be paid for the ufe of the Hofpital, in their great necef- 
iity ; pro quadam fumma pecunic notabili, ad ufum, refugium et fuftentacionem domus, 
in fua magna neccfiitate et incdia, perfolvcnda. The fame year, a decree was made that 
no Mayor of the town, in future, do give or fell to any one any corrody in the Hofpital, 
except fuch corrodies as do fall in the time of his mayoralty ; under penalty of lofing his 
Mary of twenty marks. In 1480, it was decreed, at a common aflembly, that there be in 
the Hofpital two corrodies for priefts ; eight brethren and hvc fjftcrn ; and that all joint 
corrodies for hufband and wife be void. About the fame time, a pcrfon was admitted into 
the Hofpital by Jetieis patent from the King, upon paying ten marks : and, in 1483, one 
of the corrodies was granted, at a common aflembly, towards the conduit in Sandwich. 
Jn 15380 it was decreed at a common aflembly, that the corrodies and rooms be given, 
according to the foundation, at common affcmblics, to decayed inhabitants only 3 and 



that no brother or fifter fliall fell, alienate or change their corrody ; and that any Mayor, 
ailing contrary to this decree, fball forfek ten pounds. In 1546, the commonalty grant a 
corrody to a jierfon, at the recommendation of the Mayor, In 1554, it was ena&ed, at a 
common afTembly, that the corrodies be granted, in future, by the Mayor and Jurats, 
without the concurrence of the commonalty : and that they be not fold, under penal- 
ty. At the fame aflembly, the next corrody is promifed by the Mayor and Jurats to a 
perfon, at the humble req.u eft of the commonalty. In 1569, it was refolved, that the 
founder's will, in the common cheft, be fearched, in order to learn whether the right of 
prefentation to vacancies be in the Mayor and Jurats, or in the Mayor, Jurats and 
Commonalty ^ and what perfons are to be admitted ; whether decayed inhabitants of 
Sandwich only, or Grangers in the country, that will give moft money. In 1630, the 
Mayor is permitted by the Jurats to prefent his fifter, an inhabitant of Sarr, upon con- 
dition, that he fufFer the Jurats to nominate to the other vacancy ; there being two. In 
1643, the Mayor and Jurats prefented to a vacancy ; but from that time, the Mayors only 
have filled up the vacancies. 




clerici, falutem in Domino. Noveritis me in poteftate mea legitima dedifie, 
ccflifle, et prefenti carta mea confirrnaiTe, pro falute anime mce r Sawine, et Suaniide 
uxoris eius, et omnium anteceflbrum meorum et fucccflbrum, in puram et perpetuam ele~ 
mofinam, Deo et beate Marie, et fratxibus et fororibus hofpitalis Szn&i Bartholomei de 
Sandwicoi, ad fuftentacionem unius Capellani ibidem Deo et beate Marie miniftrantis, 
pro cunftis diebus, pro fidelibus celebrando 5 ita quod de me, et de predidis Sauwine et 
Suanilda, in prediai hofpitalis collect, fpecialis et cotidiana in miffarum celebratione 
habeatur memoriaj et eciam, quod fimus omnium bonorum participes, que pro tempore 
fiunt et fieiit in prediclo hofpitali, quinque marcas fterlingorurn annui redditus, fciliecr, 
decern folidos de quodam kaye, exeunte inter kayum Johannis le packer, quod eft vcrfiis 
wefte, ct kayum Thome Palmer, quod eft verfus eafte, in parochia Sandi Petri de Sand- 
wichc, quam Walkeiing Craft de me tenuit : quadraginta denarios, que eft propin- 
quior terra Ade iunioris verfus northe, in parochia Sanfli Clemcntis : de terra quam 
hercdes Simonis, filii Volmar, de me tenuerunt, decern folidos ; que eft inter tcr- 
ram fuper quam Godarde de Fordewiche man/it, verfus northe, ct tenement am hofpitalis 
San&i Bartholomei verfus fouthc, in parochia San&i Petri: de terra, quam Lucas de 
Walt-ham de me tenuit, viginti ct ofto denarios ; que eft inter tcrram Henrici Adryan 
verfus northe, et tcrram, quam hciedes Ricardi Randulf tenent, verfus fouthc, in paro- 
chia Sandti Clemcntis : dc Thoma, filjy Abfolon,, aflodmm denarios : de Si!vdl,e 





Croy duodccim denarios : de Roberto de Colceftre duodecirn denarios : de heredibus de' dc Fcnrclliam oftodccim denarios : de Thoma, filio Edmundi, decern denarios: in 
paroehia Sancti Clcmentis, de prato, quod hercdes Petri de Kyngcfton de me tenuerumt., 
ocTodccim denarios ; de una acra et dimidia et una virgata, quas heredes Jacobi de Greve- 
lywg de me tcnucrunt, dc tenemento dc Crawethorn, octodecim denarios : et quatuor 
acras et dimidiam prati, cum pertinenciis, iacentes in longitudine not the et fouthc, infra 

bertates de Sandwyche, inter pratum Willielmi Edward/ etpraturn heredum Jacobi de 
GrevcJyng, ex utraque parte, et duas acras terre, cum pertinenciis, de tenemento de 
Oawethorne, iacentes in longitudine fouthe et northe, inter terram predi£ti hofpitalis 
vcrAis wefte, et terrain Johannis Juvenis yerfus eafte : et duas acras terre, cum pertinen- 
ciis, de tenemento de Crawethorne, iacentes inter longum fuper iter regium, quod ducit 
de predieto hofpitali ufque Wornefbergh ; tenendum et habendum didtis fratribus et foro» 
rib us, libcre, quiete, bene et in pace, imperpetuum •, fine omni imped i men to, mole ilia, et 
gravainine mei et heredum meorum. Et ego Willielmus Bucharde et heredes mei defen- 
demus totum prcdicium redditum et totam diclam terram, cum pertinenciis, verfus derm* 
nos capitales, in omnibus ; et warrantizabimus diclis fratribus et fororibus, et eorum 
fucceflbribus, contra omnes homines et feminas, imperpetuum. Et ut hec mea donacio, 
conceffio, warrantizatio, et prefentis carte mee confirmatio, rata et ftabilis et inconculu 
permaneat, in eternum duratura, banc prefentem cartam figilli mei munimine roboravu 
Hiis teilibus, Domino Henrico de Sandwich* Domino Simone, filio fuo 3 Helyade Kyngc- 
fton • Thoma Wybert ; Radulpho de Faverfham ; Thoma Abfolon ; Roberto de Col- 
cheftre ; Laurencio Clerico ; Henrico Adryan ; Rogero Vamiter; Jacobo Saycr • Jo- 
hanne le Packer ; Bartholomco Capellano*. Ricardo Clerico, ct multis aliis. 

William Bucharde by this deed gives to God, the blefled Virgin, and the Matter, 
Brothers and Sifters of St Bartholomew's Hofpital at Sandwich, in pure and perpetual 
alms, an annual rent of five marks, from certain lands ; and alfo eight acres and a half 
of land. Witnefles Sir Henry Sandwich, Sir Simon his fon, and others.* 

2. Carta Laurcncii, filii Laurcncii Juvenis, dc colle molcndini. 

Sciant prefentes ct iuturi, quod ego Laurcncius, filius Laurcncii Juvenis, pro falute 
amine mee, antcceflbrum et fucceflbrum meorum, dedi, conccfli ct prefenti carta mea 
confirmavi, in puram et perpetuam elemofmam, fratribus et fororibus hofpitalis Sandli 
Bartholomei dc Sandwich, ilium collem molcndini, qui dicitur Cunche Mylne, cum 
fofiato ad didlum collem pertinente, qui eft, ex oriental i parte (Irate, que tendit a fra- 
tribus de Boxlc ad Huntcrcfgate 5 habendum ct tenendum prediilis fratribus et fororibus 
jet fuccellbribus eorum, 1 i be 1 e et quicte, in perpctuum. Et ego Laurcncius et hercucs mei 
warrantizabimus prcdicium collem prcdidtis fratribus et fororibus, et eoium fucccflonbus, 
contra omncs homines et feminas, imperpetuum. Et, ut hec mea donacio, &c% Hiis tctti- 


* Mr SciulcV* copy of \hU dw\ k 1 01*11 and ill'-^iljlc. I have ban obliged tlivicibic t.y make \ifc <A another 
fvanjeript, which is evidently vi-y w'MitZh 


- % 




fton tunc maiore ; Henrico Adryan; Clemen te filio fuo ; Hugone Calcatore ; Roberto 

p ar . Radulpho clerico; et multis aliis. 

Lawrence, the fon of Lawrence Young, by this deed grants, in pure and perpetual 
alms to the brothers and fitters of St Bartholomew's, the mill hill, called Cunche Milne, 
with the ditch thereto belonging, on the eaft fide of the road, leading from the friar*#cf 
Boxle to Hunterefgate. Witnelles, Sir Henry Sandwich; William Edward, bailiff"; Belya 

de Kingefton. mayor ; and others. 

7. Sciant prefeutes et fiiturl, quod ego Joceus, fUius Willielmi de Worthe, pro falutc 
anime nice et animarum anteceflbrum ct fucceflbrum meorum, dedi, conceffi, et prefenti 
carta mea confirmavi, in puram et perpetuam elemofmam, fratribus et fororibus hofpitalis 
S. Bartholomei de Sandwich vnam acram terre, que iacet apud Stapinbcrgh, in te'nura de 
Dane inter terras hereduin Simonis de Stapinbergh et terranvmeam ; et capitat ad terram 


dum Mathei de Bucland : habendam et, tenendum dictis fratribus et fororibus et fuccef- 
foribus eorum libere et quiete, bene et in^ace, abfque omni fcculari fcrvicio, irnperpe- 
tuum. Et ego Joceus et heredes mei defendemus predi<5Lim terram de omnimodis ferviciis ; 
et warrantizabimus ilJam predict is fratribus et fororibus ct fuccciToribus eorum contra 
omnes homines et feminas imperpetuum, Kt ut hec mea donacio, conce/fio, defenfio, 
warrantizatio et confirmatio, rata et ftabilis imperpetuum permaneat, cartam figilli mei 
munimine roboravi. Hiis teftibus, Domino Henrico de Sandewych ; Willielmo Edward - y 
Hclya de Kingefton -, Thorn a Wybcrt ■ Adam piftore ; Adam Wybert j Stephano Yoc - 
Bertino de Marifco ; Ricardo de Boclarid ; Roberto coco ; Reginaldo Coclis ; Benardo 
et Roberto filiis Mathei de Bocland ; Ricardo clerico • ct multis aliis. 

Joceus, fon of William of Worth, gives, in pure alms, to the brothers and fillers 
of St Bartholomew's Hofpital, an acre of land at Stapinbcrgh, in the tenure of Dane, be- 
tween his own land and the lands of the heirs of Simon of Stapinbergh, abutting at one 
end to the land of William the baker, and at the other to a pafture and the lands of Mat- 
thew deBucland's heirs. Witncfles, Sir Henry Sandewych, and others. 

4. Sciant prefentes et futuii, quod ego Adam Wylcct, filius Orncth Wykct, de Dodo- 
mirton, divine ear i tat is intuitu, et pio filute anime nice et nicorum anteceffoi inn et fuc- 
ceflbrum ilmli, conccfli, ct hue prefenti carta mea confirmavi, in puram, libeiam et perpe- 
tuam elemofmam, fratnbus et fororibus hofpitalis Sanili Uariiiolojiu-i de Sanclwico, trcs 
f>lidos fieri inirorum liberi redd it us, quos Gervafius de la Forde reddere conftievit, a J 
ttflurn Mieharlr-, in domo niea, apiid DoJomerton • fcilicet, de quauior ncris in paiochia do 
il. doiiiiiii Can tua lien (is Archiepifeopi ; tenendos ct habendos dlclh frauibus ct foro- 
ribus et coHim fuccciforibus libere et quiete, bene ct in pace, imperpetuum : et eciam 
dictum reddiuun diet is fratribus et fororibus recipiendum, de t< rniino pK'di/Jo, fine 0111111 

ixntr.idiu'ione. Xa ego Adam predict us ct heredes inci warrant! zubi in us, ice, contra 




omnes homines et feminas imperpetuum. Et ut hec mea donacio, he. firma, &c. 
permaneat, huic prefenti carte figillum meum appofui. Hiis teftibus, Stephano filio 
Holketon; Willielmo Edward, de Sandwico ; Helya de Kyngefton j Henrico Adryan ; 
Ricardo carnifice ; Bartholomeo capellano ; et aliis. 

Adam Wyket, of Dodomerton, gives, in pure, free and perpetual alms, to the brothers 
and fitters of St Bartholomew's Hofpital, a fixed annual rent of three {hillings, from four 
acres of land in the parifli of H— , &c. Witneffes Stephen Fitzholketon ; William Ed- 

ward, of Sandwich ; and others. 

5. Sciant prefentes et futuri, quod ego Williehnus de Ruberghe teneor fratribus et 
fororibus hofpital is Sanfti Bartholomei de Sandewico in fex denariis fterlingorum liberi 
redditus, de vna acra terre, cum pertinenciis, que iacet inter terrain Normanni de Feld- 
wareland verfus eft, et terram Jacobi Prat verfus weft ; capitando ad ftratam que tendit a 
Sandewico ad Dovorr ; quos ego Willielmus et heredes mei reddere debemus, fingulis an- 
nis imperpetuum, predicts fratribus et fororibus et fuccefforibus eorum, ad feftum omnium 
fiinflorurn, in difto hofpitali, fine eon trad icci one, et omni dilacione poftpofita etoccafioneo 
In cuius rei testimonium, prefentem cartam figillo meo confirmavi. Hiis teftibus, Domino 
Henrico de Sandewico; Roberto filio fuo ; Willielmo Edward ; Helia de Kyngefton 
Roberto, fratre fuo; Laurencio clerico 5 Rogero uinitario ; Henrico Adrian ; Adam 
piftore; Ricardo filio Tyece ; Samuele de Worthe 3 Bertino de Marifco ; Willielmo 


; Ricardo clerico ; et multis aliis. 


£t Bartholomew's Hofpital a fixed yearly rent of fix pence, from an acre of land, lying 
between the lands of Norman de Feldwareland eaft, and of James Prat weft, and heading 
up to the road leading from Sandwich to Dovor. Witnefles, Sir Henry Sandwich, and 
Robert his fon ; William Edward; and others. 

6. Sciant prefentcs et futuri, quod ego Petrus de Bocland, pro falute anirne mee, ante- 
cciTorum ct fucccfiorum meorum, (led i, conceffi, et hac prefenti caiti rru a confirmavi, in 
puiam et pcrpctuam elcmofinam, fratribus et fororibus hofpital is Sanfli Bartholomei de 
Sandewico duos denarios fterlingorum annul redditus, quos Hclias de Kingciron michi 
annuatim reddere folebat, de forgabulo, ad feftum San<5H Michael is, de duabus acris tcrrc, 
que iacent per partes in tenura de Ledcs ; vna acra iacet inter le linche de Stapenbergh 
ct terrain A tie piftoris ; et vna acra iacet inter terram Ade Suthafon ct terra rn hcredum 
jMathei de liocland : h abend os et tcnendos prediiftis fratribus et fororibus, ct eorum 
fuccefloribus libere et quictc, integro iure, imperpetuum. Et ego Petrus et heredes mei 
vvarantixabimus predifrtjm redd it u in in teg re p red litis fratribus et fororibus et fuccefloribus 
cor urn, contra omnes homines et feminas imperpetuum. Et ut hec, &c. Hiis teftibus, 
Domino Henrico de SanJcwyeh ; Willielmo Edward ; Helia de Kingcfton ; Roberto cle 
Kingefton ; Laurencio clerico ; Rogero vinitario ; Henrico Adrian j Adam pi (lore * 

Roberto de Teneth 5 Stcj)hano Yoc ; Hugone cafiatore 3 Nicholas allutario ; Ricardo- 
carnifice; Ricardo clerico - 3 ct niuHib aliis, 

P c t e r 


Peter de Bocland gives, in pure alms, to the brothers and fitters of St Bartholomew's 
Hofpital an annual rent of two pence, from two acres of land in the tenure of Ledes, of 
which one acre lies between Stapenbergh linch and the land of Adam the baker 5 and the 
other acre lies between the land of Adam Suthafon and the land of the heirs of Matthew 
de Bocland, &c. WitnefTes, Sir Henry Sandwich ; William Edward ; Roger the vintner 5 
Hugh the chcefemonger ; Nicholas the tanner ; Richard the butcher, and others. 

7. Sciant prefentes et futuri, quod ego Johanna, filia Nicholai, clerici, de Sandewico,, 
dedi, concefli, et hac prefenti carta mea confirmavi fratribus et fororibus hofpitulis Sanell 
Bartholomei iuxta Sandewicum, in puram et perpetuam elemofinam, fexdecim folidos 
annualis redditus mei, ex quibus Galfridus de la Teghe annuatim michi ferre confucvit 
decern folidos ad quatuor anni terminos, videlicet, ad feftum Sanfti Michaelis duos fo- 
lidos et fex denarios, ad natale Domini duos folidos et fex dcnarios ad pafcha.duos lo~ 
lidos et fex denarios, et ad feftum nativitatis San£ti Johannis Baptifle duos folidos et fex 
denarios 5 et Thomas fciffor fex folidos ad eofdem terminos prenotatos, viz. ad feftum 
&c. de quodam mefuagio, quod iacet in villa de Sandewico, in parochia beati Petri, late- 
rans verfus fouth ad terram Ade le Erie carnificis, et vcrfus north ad terram johannis 
Condy ; et capitans verfus eft ad terram Lawrencii le Jeuene, et verfus weft ad repam 
ftratam : et mefuagium, de quo predicti decern folidi redditus oriuntur, iacet in villa de 
Sandewico, lateralis verfus fouth ad terram communitatis ville de Sandewico, et verfus 
north ad terram Rogeri de la Teghe ; et capitat verfus eaft ad terram heredum Vinccnfii 
leFlamynge, et verfus weft ad regiam ftratam : habendum et percipiendum di&um _ 
nualem redditum, cum profeau et efchaeta, diftis fratribus et fororibus ac eorum luccef. 
foribus, feu eorcm affignatis, vel cuicunque illud dare, vendcre, feu alienare voluerint, 
libere, quiete, bene, in pace, iure hereditario, imperpetuurn, abfque ulla moieftia feu recla- 
mations aliqua mci ant heredum meorum, facicndo quicquid inde fieri debetur fecundum 
ufus et confuctudmcs libertatis ville de Sandewico. Et ego predifta Johanna et heredcs 
me! diflum redditum, cum omni profcdu et efchaeta, et omni iure meo, warrantizabimus 
diftis fratribus ct fororibus et eorum fucceftoribus, vel affignatis eorum, contra omnes 
gcntcs mortales imperpetuurn. Et ut hcc donaclo, &c. Aflum mcnfe (eptembris, anna 
Domini vicefimo vij°. Hiis teftibus, Petro ditto Piftore, tune maiorc de Sande- 
wico j Domino Willielmo, pcrpetuo vicaiio ecclcfie bcate Marie de Sandewico ; Henrico 
de Werr'j Mexandro de Crauthorne ; Salamonc Stephana 5 Thoma de Fcuermlm • Ro- 
berto Feny ; Michaclc Sue! ; Roberto cierico • ct multis aliis. 

Joan, the daughter of Nicholas cleric, of Sandwich, gives to the brothers and fitters of 
St Bartholomew's Hofpital near Sandwich, in pure alms, an annua! rent of fixteen 
millings ; fix of which iflue from a mcm.age, in the paiim of St Peter in Sandwich abut 
ting to the common Iheet weft; and the other ten (billing* arc payable from a m'flua^ 
m Sandwich, abutting to land of the corporation fouth and to the ftrcct weft D itcd 
&c P ttmteri M7 . Wimcflb, Peter the baker, mayor; Sir William, perpetual vicar of 
at Mary s Sandwich ; Alexander Crauihorn ; and othcis. 


K 2 

8. H 



8, Hoc fciant omnes, tarn prefentes quam futiiri, quod ego Rogeras Haket dedi, con™ 
ceffi in firmis hofpitali Sanfli Bartholomei iuxta Sandewicum, omnes decimas de terra 
rnea de Ho> in b'adis ct in pafeais, pro Dei amore, et pro me et pro meis, et pro anima- 
bus anteccfibium mco*um, perhennuer habendas. Et ipfi recipient annuatim dechnas de 
pafcuis, in die Saniti johannis Baptiftc, et decimas de bladis in Augufto. Hoc eonceftl et 
lrac rnea carta confirm.* vL tins tellibus, Rzdulf us Elemofinariaj- ; Jofep Sacerdos - } Willi- 
t'Amus Saccrdo • Abloion ; Edwaidwj; Benedict - y Elfganw ; Ricardtf;, &c. 

Roger Hakcl gnvs to St Bartholomew's Hofpital the tithes of his iaad in Ho ; the 
tithe of his com to b/ paid in Auguft, and of his marfh land at Midfummer. Witncfles 
Ralph Almoner, and o hers. 

Omnibus Chniti ikkijbus prefentes litcras infpefluris, R. # permifiione divina, Cantua- 
rienfis ccclefi ;mini;icr iiunlilis, rooms Anglie primas, falutem in Domino- Novcrit uni- 
verfitas veftra nos inipvxille cartam Rogeri Haket, in qua continebatur, quod idem Ro- 
gerus, quantum in ipfo fuit 9 contulit hofpitali Saniti Bartholomei iuxta Sandewicum 
omnes decimas de tcrris fuis in Ho. Nos autcm collacionem ipfam, ficut iufte et rationa* 
bilitcr facia eft, prcfenti fcripto, et figilli noftri munimine, confirmavimus. Actum anno 
Domini m, cc. tticefimo, menfe februarii. 

A confirmation of Roger Hacket's grant of tithes in Ho 3 by the Archbifhop of Canter- 
bury, flbruary 1230. 

10. Sciant prefentes et futuri, quod ego Ricardus Belle, de Taneth, dedi, concetti, et 
hac prcfenti carta mca con firm avi pauperibus fratribus et fororibus hofpi talis Sandli Bar- 
tholomei iuxta Sandewicum viginti ct feptem denarios annui redditus, proucnientes de 
tribus acris terre et dimidia virgata, cum pertinenciis, iaccntis in tenura de Men ft re ; late- 
mnii's verfus fimlli ad tcrrarn D ion i fie de North ich, ct verfus north ad terram Robert! de 
lUethckrc ; c ap i tan tis verfus call ad ftratani que ducit de Weftgate ad Wodeciiirchc, ct 
verfus wear, ad terram bJenrici ie Klouleter : habendos ct tcnendos diclos viginti leptem 
ccnurioo annui redd it us, cum omnibus pertinenciis et accidenciis, imperpctuam et puram 
tduiiuiiiunij rncm oralis pauperibus fratribus et fororibus hofpi talis prcdieli, pro falutc 
zn'invcc incc et anteccfioruni meorum feu (uccellorum meoium, imperpctuum ; quos here- 
Ct% Jacob i le IYucdcIueies, et heiedes M anion is fratris eiiis annuatim miclii ndderc confue- 
nenmt deprcdieia una prius bundata, iingulis aivnif, in tcrmino Sancti Michaclis, libcri 
n ad it us, cum on rail) us profcJlibus et e( eh act is pofhdendis, imperpctuum, fine oualibet 
t ..ntiadicuom- ruti vcl hcrcdum meorum. Et ei;o memoiatus Ricardus et hercdes mei pre- 
d.cluin redd i turn, cum omnibus pertinenciis ct efclvactis, waranii/aihimus pivdicus fratribus 
ct furoiibus ducli hoi pit a! is impel pet u urn, liberc et quicie, a dicL.t ten a piouciiitntcrn. Et: 
t.: Hoc fir.uiim fit et Habile, banc pjefuntein cartam menm figilli mei impreiiioni* lvboraui. 
liiis uilihus, Domino Juhannc do S.indewio<>, uiilite ; Domino Simoue, f rat re fuo • Ro» 
tk , :.j vie. j- LauH iieio ih • riuiniU «le ; IV illiclnu) 15 ue hard -, Simone, fiat re fuo; Ad.iG \ fors ; 
.Si iiUite W ybeil, tunc nniiua de Sande waco ; ileni ico Weieys ■ Thonu Jul ward •> Wjllielmo 


* Ric laird WtiwulLul. -| Fiub.tbly viv-ai h, tlie vieat,, 



Afta menfe oclobris, anno Domini m°, cc°. lx° nono. 

A donation, in Frankalmoign, by Richard Belle, of Thanet, to the poor brothers and 
fillers of St Bartholomew's, of a yearly rent of twenty-feven pence, iffuing from three 
acres and half a rood of land, in the tenure of Minftre, abutting eaftward to the road 
leading f rom Weftgate to Woodchurch. WitnelTes, Sir John Sandwich, knight; Sir 

Simon his brother; Robert ; Laurence de Plumftede ; William Buchard ; Simon, his 

brother; Adam Gyfors ; Simon Wybert, mayor of Sandwich ; Henry Wereys ; Thomas 
Edward 5 William de Faverfliam : Thomas Falconer, then warden ; William Giffrcy, 
clerk ; and many others. October 1269. 

Sciant pr e fen tes et futuri, quod cum contenciones mote client inter Stephanum priorcm 
de Ledys et eiusdem loci conuentum, ex parte una, et magiftium et fratres hofpi talis 
Sancli Bartholomei iuxta Sandewicum, ex altera; de hoc, quod dicti prior et conuentus 
exipbant, quod predi&i magifter et fratres foluerent releuium pod quemlibet magiftrum, 
et quod raccrent feci am ad curiam ipfias prioris de Wodenefbcrgh, pro duabus acris terre, 
cum pertinenciis, iacentibus apud Filindenne in Woden cfbergh, quas tenent de feodo ip- 
fius prioris, et quam fectam iidem magifter et fratres dedicere non poterant ; eo quod pre- 
deceflbres prefati Prioris inde ex titer ant in recta pofTefiione ; tamen, pacis federe interue- 
niente, contenciones inde mote fub hac forma conquieuerunt : fcilicet, quod prefati Prior 
et conuentus, pro fe et fucceflbribus fuis, remiferunt et quietum clamaucrunt predictis 
niadilro ct fratribus, et eorum fucceflbribus, omnimodam feci am curie fue predicte de 
Wodenefber^h, imperpetuum, fitnul cum icleuio predifto. Et pro hac remiflione et quieta 
clamancia predicli magifter et fratres, pro feet fucceflbribus fui?, augrnentaucrent annuum 
redditum pro pieJiclo tenemento de fex denariis. Ita quod, ubi prius fo lucre folebant pie- 
fatis Priori et conuentui per annum pro cod cm tenemento quatuor folidos tres denarioi, 
ad term i nos inde flatutos, mode (blucnt, de cetera, videlicet, ad feftuni SantSti Thome 
Apofloli, duos folidos quatuor denarios et obolum ; et ad fcftum Sancti Michael is, duos 
folidos quatuor denarios ct obolum ; pro omnibus fecularibus demand is dicti s Piiori ct 
conuentut inde pertinentibus et debitis. Et ut bee omnia prefcripta firm a et flabil/j p^r- 
nianeaiit, figilla paicium In is cams fuographatis alternatini [tint appenfa. Datum apud 
Ledys, die iune proximo pod fcilum annuncnicionis beate .Marie, anno Domini millefimo, 
ijuecntcfnno, fcpliu&ifinjoffccundu. I Ji is tellihus, Salamene Stcphan, tunc maiore ; Adain 
]e 1 1 yak, gcrenle vices ballivi tie SaiuLwieo; Simone Wybcjd * Henrico Wcrrcys * 
Johanne Auiifahro ■ Willielmo de jvriornUi ; Thonia le Faukener ; Johanne l\ny ; Ro- 
bcito Petty ; Adam de Flete ; Kcginaldo Nokkkyn > Willielmo Griffin ; ct aliis. 

Upon a contr overly Leiwccn Stephen, prior of Ledys, ami tne convent there, and the 
matter ai d brcthjen oi St Bartholomew %, concerning a demand, made by the laid prior 
and run vent, of a relief aLtr the ;pjoml ncnt oi'rvejy m.nhr, an 1 of attendance at the 
j/:ioi's court at Wndntfljei r h, lot two airis uf lam!, at \- iliiuk line in Wodfc'niflKT^b ? 
which they hold of the fee of the Trior, and which Jail if ceuit ihey cannot deny to be 



due; it is agreed, that the faid prior and convent, for themfelves and their fucceflbrs, (hall 
releafe and quit-claim to the faid matter and brethren, and their fucceflbrs, the faid fuit of 
court for ever, together with the relief aforefaid -, and that in return, the matter and bre- 
thren, for themfel/cs and their fucceflbrs, fhall increafe their annual rent for the pre- 
mifes from four [hillings and three pence to four Shillings and nine pence. Dated at 
Ledys 1272. WitnefTes, Salomon Stephan, mayor; Adam le Hyok, deputy bailif of 
Sandwich ; and others. 

12. Stephanus Codele concedit et carta fua confirmat fratribus et fororibus Sanfli 
Bartholomei mefuagium fuum, cum domibus et edificiis defuper exiftentibus, quod iacet 
in villa de Sandev/ico in parochia beate Marie, lateralis verfus S. ad quoddam commune 
fofTatum, et verfus E. ad regiam ftratam, Sec. imperpetuum , faciendo inde feruicium re- 
gale, et quicquid inde fieri debet fecund urn ufuset confuetudines libertatis ville Sandewici, 
&c. Pro qua conceffione, &c. difti fratres, &c. dederunt, &c. quinque marcas argenti 
fter lingo rum, in *gerfumam. Aftum menfe oftobris, anno Domini fexto. 
Teftibus Henrico Werreys, tunc maiorc ; Johanne Denys ; Salamone Stephan ; Petro 
ditto Piftore; Reginaldo Noldekyn; Michaele Suel ; Adam Yock -> Johanne de Ho ; 
Johanne Peny ; Thoma et Hugone fratribus fuis ; et aliis. 

Stephen Codele of Sandwich grants to the brothers and fitters of St Bartholomew's 
Hofpital his meffuage with the buildings and appurtenances, in St Mary's parifh in Sand- 
wich, abutting to the common fewer fouth, and to the flreet weft: fubjecT; to royal fer- 
vice, and to whatever the ufage and cuftom of the liberty of Sandwich may require, &c. 
For which grant the brothers and fitters have paid five marks of filver ftcrling. Executed 
October 1276. WitnefTes, Henry "Werreys, mayor, and others. 

13. Notum fit omnibus hominibus, tarn prefentibus quam futuris, quod conuenit inter 
Williclmum, filium Edwardi de Fauerfham, ex parte vna, et fratres et fororcs hofpitalis 
Sancli Bartholomei iuxta Sandewicurn, ex parte altera; videlicet, quod de omnimodis 
cxaccionibus et demandis, quas dicSli fratres et forores diili hofpitalis habuerunt, vfque ad 
confeccioncm prefentis, verfus dictum Willielmum, racione quorundam reddituum, in 
qtiibus diftus Willielmus tenebatur, diclus Willielmus et heredes fui vel aftignati foluent 
annuatim diftis fratribus ct fororibus, feu corem fuccefloribus vel afiignatis, imperpetuum 
oflo folidos fterlingorum annualis, liberi et quieti redditus, ad quatuor anni terminos, 
viz. ad feftum Sancli Michaelis duos folidos, ad natalem Domini duos folidos, ad pafcha 
duos folidos, ad natiuitatem Sancli Johannis baptifte duos folidos, de quadam tcna, cum 
domibus defuper exiftentibus ct pertinenciis fuis omnibus, que iacet in villa de Sandewico, 
in parochia bcate Marie, lateralis verfus fouth ad regiam ftratam, ct verfus north ad tcr- 
ram Hugonis Dandererc ; ct capitat verfus eft ad regiam ftratam, cl verfus weft ad viam 
que dncit inter eandem terrain ct ibflatum quod \ocatur le Fliet. Et cum ad quemcunquc 


* Ofrsuma. Compcnfacio X'\u\v ikus, A valuable confulcration, Somncri ditt ; Saxon: fub vocibur! 

&%%*$VH*% ft LFAH, 


terminum di<£lus Willielmus, feu heredcs fur, fiue affignatf, in folucione di&i redditus de- 
fecerint faciendadictis fratribus et fororibus, ac eorum fuccefforibus vel aflignatis, licitum 
fit di&is fratribus et fororibus vel aflignatis eorum, fucceflbribus vcl aflignatis, didtarn ter- 
rain cum domibus etedificiis defuper exiftentibus, et bonis omnibus fuper eandem terram 
inuentis, diftringere, et diftriccionem paciflce detinere, quociefcunque nccefle fuerit 
factam donee eifdem fratribus et fororibus, fuper folucione dicti redditus, feu eorundem 
fucceflbribus aut aflignatis., plenarie fuerit fatisfa&um ; et hoc per warantizacionem ditfri 
Willielmi, heredumque fuorum vel affignatorum, imperpctuum. Et ad hoc firmum fit 
et (labile, partem fen'pti cirographati penes dittos fratres et forores refidentem didus Wil- 
lielmus figilli fui impreflione roborauit. Actum menfe julii, anno Domini millefimo, 
cc. Ixx icptimo. Hiis teftibus, Henrico Werrays, tunc maiore de Sandewico 5 Johanne 
Denys > Petro di£lo Piftore ; Simone Wybert 5 .Reginaldo Noldckyn 3 Michaele Suel ; 
Thoma Peny j Roberto clerico; et aliis. 

An agreement between William the fon of Edward de Faverfham and the brothers and 
fillers of St Bartholomew's Hofpital, that, in lieu of certain rents, the (aid William fliall 
pay to them an annual rent of eight {hillings, out of fome land with buildings thereon, in 
St Mary's parifb in Sandwich, abutting to the ftreet fouth and eaft, and to a paiTage be- 
tween the faid land and the trench called the Fleet weft. July 1277. Witnefles, Henry 
Werrays, mayor, and others. 

14. Geruafius Belle in perpetuum quietum clamat fratribus et fororibus de hofpitali 
SancSi Bartholomei de Sandewico totum ius fuum in viginti feptem denariis, de redditu, 
quos Jacobus de Petdeluere et Hamo frater ejus folebant porta re Richardo quondam 
patri ejufdem Gcruafii, proucnientibus de tribus virgatis et dimidia terre apud Metckc- 
ftiete, capitantihus fuper viam verfus eaft, &c. Fro qua conceflione fratres ct forores dieli 
fibi dederunt dimidiam marcarn argenti. Anno regis Edwardi undecirno. 

Gervafe Belle releafes to the brothers and filters of St Bartholomew's Hofpital all his 
right in twenty feven pence, heretofore payable to his father Richard Belle by Jacob Pet- 
del vers, out of three roods and a half of land at Metekeftrcet, heading up to the joad eaft, 
&e. In confideration of which the brothers and fifters iiave paid him half a filver mark. 
Dated the nth of Edward. (About 1283.) 

15. Laurcncius piftor carta fua confirmat hofpitali tat i bt.iti Bartholomei de Sandewico 
vnam virgatam et quatuor pedes terre, iacentes in tenuia Pi ions de Lcdis, laterando ad 
terram diclc domus verfus fouth, et terram Hi card i Pany verfus north ; capitando ad ter- 
ram heredum Johannis le ferrur verfus eaft, et terram heredum Robert i Fcllis verfus weft ; 
reddendo indc annuatim eidem Laurencio et hcrcdibus fuis ties dcnarlos argenti liber i red- 
ditus, &c. Saluo feruicio domini regis. Anno Domini oclogefirno quarto. Teftibus, 
Roberto Montlckin, tunc maiore ; Johanne Pany j Thoma Pany ■ Ada Wyberd • Henrico 

Werrays 5 Ada Champeiuiys j Johanne Toys - y Stephano Teys ; Johanne Koic $ Rogeio 
ckiico $ et ahia. 



Laurence the Baker gives to the Hofpital of St Bartholomew one rood and four feet of 
ground, in the tenure of the Prior of Leeds, abutting to other land of the faid hofpital 
ibuth, at a yearly rent of three filver pennies ; with general acquittance and warranty ; 
faving the fervice of the king, 1284. WitncfTcs, Robert Mondekyn and others. * 

16. Robertus, filius Thome le cuteller, de Sandewico s d. c. et c. f. co, domino Luce, 
capellano H. S. H. de Sandcv/ico, fex denarratas annui rcdditus, quas f. & s. predict! 
H. annuatim flbi fcrre confueuerunt, de tribus virgatis terre iacentibus in parochia de 
Worth et in tenura de Eaftry. Pro qua donacione, &c. dcdit flbi predidtus Lucas quatuor 
folidos et fex denarios fieri ingorum, in geriumam. Anno Ed ward i filii regis Hcnrici vice- 
fimo fecundo. T. Willielmo Norreys \ Willielmo le tanner \ Adam Wybcrt ; Salomone 
Champeneys ; Willielmo le tcgheler 5 Roberto Holewey ; et aliis multis. 

Robert, fon of Thomas the cutler, grants to Sir Luke, capcllan of St Bartholomew's 
Hofpital, an annual rent of fix pence, payable to the faid Robert by the brothers and 
fitters of the faid Hofpital out of three roods of land in the parifh of Worth and in the 
tenure of Eaftry. In confideration of which, the faid Luke has paid to him four {hillings 
and fix pence. Dated the 22d of Edward the fir ft- (About 1294..) 

J7. Robertus, filius Thome le Cuteler, de Sandcwico, d. c. et c. s. co. domino Luce, 
capellano et fratri H, bcati B. inxla Sandewicum, viginti duos denarios et obolum annui 
redditus, qttos fibi folucre folebant Johannes de Suetton, et Laurencius Ead', et Willicl- 
mus filius Stephani Martin de Worth, de quatuor acris terre iacentibus in parochia de 
Worth et in tenura de Eaftry, inter terrain Helic Choufe verfus north, et terram Johan- 
nis de Suetton verfus fouth, et capitando ad regiam flratam veil us weft, et terram Hugo 11 is 
Pyket verfus caft. Pro qua conceflione, &c. dcdit fibi ditShis dorninus Lucas quindecim 
folidos bonoium flerlingorum, in gcrfumam. Anno regis Edwardi vicefimo quinto. T. 
Johannc Scyr * Willielmo Stacckyn ; Hclia Choufe ; Radulfo Gad; Willielmo de 
Kingefton ; Willielmo Blanche j Ricardo de Aula 3 Cuftancio de Marifco ; Johannc 
clerico \ et multis aliis. 

, Robert, fon of Thomas the cutler, grants in fee to Sir Luke, a capcllan and brother of 
St Bartholomew's Hofpital, an annual rent of twenty-two pence halfpenny, ifluing out of 
four acres of land in the p.nifh of Worth and manor of t'aflry \ in confideration of fifteen 
ihillings of good lleiling money. Dated the 25th of Edward, i.e. Edward the firfl; 

about 1297. 

18. Lucas, capellanus II. beati mailyris B. iuxta Sandtwicum, et fiater II. ciirfiJem 

loci, d. c. et, in puram et perpctuam elemofinam, co. altaiibus, videlicet, appofloloi urn 

'* The evidences are jo nunien/O'., tint I think it rxpnlirnt to abbreviate, tlit* jy eater p:nt of ; pre fui T . irj 1 ; 
n t each the iv.*ijtls of the paitiev, ami v. !> ileV'T in iv leivi- to point out live ijltiation of pUay, ;nul the ijiiiiliiy of 
tlu: lhin< r ilefc libit! in the i!eu|. I (hall HUtAtli' \-i'~ Un\U ctVTlt i ;ivtitii v*. ( < > i woiib,, i'tiJ ;He continually uoam ine, ; 
filch as, ca. no r. <i. (. co. 1. r* 1. i]-e. I *«- ' * H. S. H. 1 . S.i. for uu (•1, nn'i, 1 u :< , 1i.1t, coiieeelu, < oiifii m.*;, 
reiTiitfit, icl \%aU quatvnn, tratiihus et Woiilm»*j liofpiiali. Sane) 1 W.w iholmivei, tt-itibils, Saiielmi o, with 
ijjiir rivflexicjii.., refpeiliwlv . Moll ol lie. 1 nor:, 11101 .1k.;,i ,»p!»v and ;/i aniinar exill in I be mantifeiipl of Mi Scatk?, 
X am aiU ; ,\e:a!>le howcvei fy; w\y ni'tl/.k* •, lint may . v :\i in i!i>. ^iveii tu lik \voi\1d. 


Philippi et Jacobi, ef. fancle Margarete, fex denarios annui redditus fui, quos emit a Ro- 
berto filio Thome le cuteler, et quos f. et s. dicTd H. eidem Roberto foluere confueue- 
runt, de tribus virgatis, &c. (ut fupra.) A&urn die mercurii prime ebdomade quadra- 
gefime, anno regis Edwardi vicefimo quarto. (1^96) T. Domino Reginald©, capellano ; 
Domino Henrico Gyfors, capellano ; Domino Johanne Kempe, capellano ; Sileberto 
Cuteler 5 Willielmo Blonch 5 Willielrno de Kyngefton ; Laurencio clerico ; ct multis 


Luke, a capellan and brother of St Bartholomew's Hofpital, grants, in pure and perpe- 
tual alms, to the altars of the apoftlcs Philip and James, and of St Margaret, an annual 
lent of fix pence, pur chafed by him of Robert fon of Thomas Cutler. Dated the wed- 
nefday in the fir ft week of lent, the twenty- fourth of Edward, (1296.) 

19. Ricardus Fykeys de Sandewico et Johanna uxor ejus d. c. et ca. s. co. f, et s. domus 
S. B. de Sandewico duos folidos fterlingorum annualis, liber i et quieti redditus, ouos he- 
redes Johannis Neldyn fibi annuatim ferre tencntur, &c. de quodam orrco, quod iacet in 
villa de Sandewico in parochia beati Petri, laterando verfus weft ad regis m ftratam, &c. 
Habendos et tenendos, &c. Fa£ta menfe decembris, anno regis Edwardi, iilii reris Ed- 
wardi, quarto, Pro qua conceffione dederunt fibi dicti f, et s. decern folidos fterlin^orum 
pre manibus, in gerfumam. T. Adam StefFan, tunc maiore de Sandewico ; Willielmo 
Charles ) Stephano Crowe ; Stephano Browne ; Willielmo Mot ; Thoma Edward- Gal - 
frido de Arundel 5 Michaele Joeuene ; Adam Wybert ; Roberto de Staple ; Stephano 
Eaukcner ; Laurencio Wybert ; Willielmo Condy ; Thoma clerico ; et multis aliis. 

Richard Fykeys of Sandwich and Joan his wife, in confideration of ten ftiillings in 
hand paid, grant to the brothers and lifters of St Bartholomew's Hofpital an annual rent 
of two {hilling?, payable to the faid Richard and Joan by John Neldyn out of a barn in 
the parifli of 'St Peter in Sandwich, abutting to the ftreet weft. Dated dccenibcr, 13*0, 
Witirefles Adam Steftan, mayor, and others. 

20. Dorninus Thomas didtus Nayller, capellanus, d. c. et co. f. et s. H. S. B. ad vntnn 
corpus Chrifti cotidie periiciciiduin, odto denarios libcri redditus fui, quos predi£ti fratrcs 
et fororcs fibi folebant ferre fingulis annis, &c. imperpctuum. Pro qua conceffione dede- 
runt fibi di&i f. et s. quatuor folidos fterlingoruni, in gerfumam. Menfe flbruarii, anno 
regis Ed wardi, lilii regis Ed wardi, quarto. T. Adam StefTan, tunc maiore ; Willielmo 
Charles- Thoma Edward 5 Stephano Eaukener 5 Michaele le Jenfiic • Roberto de Staple r 
Willielmo Condy. Martino Cokfckc ; Thoma Afpelun 3 Salomone Large; Roberto 
Coteler • et multis aliis. 

Sir Thomas Nayller, capellan, in confideration of four (hillings, grants to the brothers 
and lifters of St Bartholomew's Hofpital, for the daily renewal of the hoft, an annual rent 
of tight pence. February, ijn. Witncflcs, Adam Steffan, mayor, and others. 
21. Thomas diclus Nayller, cnpcllanus, de Sandewico, d. c. ctea. s. co. caiiutis intuitu 

pro Dei an.oie ct pro falute amine Are, f-atris fui et malris ct omnium paientum fuorum 




viiiorum ac defundlorum, capelle H. S. B. de Sandewico duas folidatas redditus fui, ad 
fuftincndum et diftribucndurn uinum fingulis dicbus miflas cebebrantibus in eadem, prout 
fe extendcre pofiint debito modo ; que quidem refultant de mefuagio, m parochia Sanely 
Marie in Sandewico, verfus eaft ad regiarn ftratam. Datum menfe julii, anno regni regis 
Ed. filii regis E, quinto. T. Adam Stephan, tunc maiore j. Waltero Draper; Galfrido 
Darondel ; Ricardo Wybcrt ; Michael le Jefne, he, 

Thomas Nayllcr, cape] Ian, of Sandwich, grants to the chapel of St Bartholomew's Hof- 
pital a rent of two fhillings, out cf a meffuage in St Mary's Sandwich abutting to the- 
ftreet eaft, to be expended in wine for thofe who celebrate daily mafs in the faid chapel. 
Dated ju!y, 1311. Witneflcs, Adam Stephan, mayor, and others. 

22. Univerfis Chriftt fidclibus pateat per prefentes, quod in oelabis tranflacionis Sanfti 
Thome martyris, anno domini millefimo, ccc. feptimo decimo, regni vero regis E. filii 
regis E. vndecimo, ita conuenit inter priorem et conuentum ecclefte Chrifti Cantuarienfis, 
ex parte vim, et f. et s. H. S. B. de Sa. de confenfu et aflenfu maioris et communitatis de 
Sa. ex altero, videlicet, quod idem prior etconuentus c. et dimiferunt, in efcambium, pre- 
dial Is f. et s. vnam peciam prati apud Langemede, que capitat ad regiam ftratam, qua itur 
de Sa. apud Hamme, verfus northweft, et ad terrain Stephani Veyrhemed et terram f, et s. 
dicTti H. verfus futhweft ; et laterat ad terram heredum domini Nicholai de Sa. militis, et 
terram f. et s. diiii H. ac terram Stephani Pauconer, verfus futhweft*, et ad terram here- 
dum Jacobi Petty, et terram Johannis Atte Berne, ac terram Nicholai le Ifmonger, verfus 
north-eaii, libere, quiete, bene et in pace, imp^rpetuum. Pro qua concemone predifti f. ct 
s. de confenfu et aflenfu maioris et communitatis de Sa. c. et dimifeiunt, in cfcambium 5 
prcdiclis prior i et conucntui et eorum fucccflbribus, vnam peciam marifci in Lyden, que 
iacet inter terram dictorum priori s et conucntus verfus eaft, et laterat ad terram Thome 
Edwarde de Sa. verfus fouth, et extendit fc vfque ad terram prediclorum prions et con- 
ucntus, que eft inter marifcum precliiStum et curfum aquequc vocatur Gcftlynge, verfus 
weft, libere, he, imperpctuum. Et quia p red i c~t i f, et s. aliquando diftri&i ct gravati fue- 
runt per miniflros diftorum P. et conuentus, pro duobus folidis annui redditus et arrera- 
giis eorum, de quibus Johannes de Sandewico miles ct heredes fui folebant, vt dicitur, prc- 
diclos f. ct s. acquietarc, predi£li P. et conuentus ad inftanciam et requjficioncm maioris ct 
comrnunicatis de Sa. r. et re. cifdern f. et s. et eorum fucceffoiihus omnes acciones ct de-- 
rnandas, quas habuciunt vc! habere potcrunt verfus eofd em occafione prcdidlorum duoium 
folidorum vel aneragiorum eorundem. P^t vt huius eicambiuni et remiflio ct relaxacio firnia 
fint et f I ab ilia in futuruin, fn ilium commune piediclariim P. et conuentus, et ikHIIuiti 
communitatis de Sandewico, viia cum iigillo com muni dieU II. lvuic fciipto ( lographato 
altematim fuiit appeiifi. Aela fimt luc die et anno fuperaclivilis, 

A reciprocal exchan-e of land, in fee fnnple, between the prior and convent of Ch rift- 

church Canterbury, and the brothers and iiilcrs of St Bartholomew's Ilofpital, with the 

» b;c. 



content of the mayor and commonalty of Sandwich ; the former granting to the latter a 

piece of pafture at Langmede, abutting to the highway leading from Sandwich to Ham 
north weft, and to land of the Hofpital fouthweft, and to land of the heirs of Sir Nicholas 
Sandwich and land of the Hofpital and other land foutheaft ; in lieu of a piece of marfli 
land lying between land of the faid prior and convent eaft, and other land fouth, and ex- 
tending weftward to the land of the faid prior and convent* which is between the faid marfh 
and the Geftling ; and the faid prior and convent, at the recjueft of the faid mayor and 
commonalty, releafe to the faid brothers and fitters all demands of an annual rent of two 
{hillings, and arrears, &c. Sealed with the common feals of the prior and convent, of the 
corporation of Sandwich, and of the Hofpital. Executed July, 1317. 

23. Robcrtus Syxe et Maria vxor ejus d. c, et imperpetuum q c. f. et s. H. S. B> 
quiddam mefuagium, cum cdificiis et pertinenciis, in parochia beate Marie in Sa, capitans 
ad regiam ftratam verfus weft, et terrain Thome Monyn et Galfridi Arundel verfus eair, 
et laterans ad terram Petri Moper verfus north, et terram Gilbert! Bailli veifus fouth, im- 
perpetuum. Pro qua donacione, &c. fibi dederunt dic~ti f. et s. fexaginta folidos fterlin^o- 
rum pre manibus. Menfe januarii, anno E. filii E. duodecimo. T. Hugone Champeneys, 
tunc maiore; Petro Bard, balliuo ; Willielmo Cundy ; Thoma Efpelon ; Stephano 
Faukoner ; Ricardo Wyberd ; Galfrido Arundel ; Johanne le Vod' ; Roberto Browne ^ 

Adam Charles 5 Adam Cundy ; Petro Moper $ Thoma Blake ; Johanne Whyte, clerico^ 
et aliis. 

Robert Syxe and Mary his wife grant, in fee, to the brothers and fifters of St Bartho- 
lomew's Hofpital a meffuage with the buildings and appurtenances, in St Mary's parifh in 
Sandwich, abutting to the fireet weft, &c. in confideration of fixty (billings. January, 
1319. Witnefles, Hugh Champeneys, mayor; Peter Bard, bailiff; and others. 

24. Symcm Wymark de Sandwico d. c. et ca. s. co. maiori, f. et s. H. S. B. quinquc 
virgatas terre, iacentcs in parochia fanfti Clementis inter terram hercdum Henrici Boldc 
verfus eaft, et terrain Petri Bardc verfus weft, capitando ad foflatum vocatum le Water- 
dclfe verfus fouth, et regiam ftratam verfus north, imperpetuum. Pro quaconceffione, &c. 
fibi dederunt prcdifii maior, f, ets. decern marcas ftcrlingorum pre manibus, in gerfumam. 
Menfe aprilis, anno Domini m. ccc. xxvij. T. Johanne, filio Williclmi Condy, dc 
Sa. tunc maiore ; Petro Bard, balliuo ■ Thoma Efpelon ; Nicholao Champneys } Wil- 
lielmo Yve • Petro Condy ■ htephano Yok • Simone Godard ; Willielmo A etc Welle • 
Ricardo Wybert. Ricardo Wygood • Galfrido Whyte- Johanne Yok; Michacle 
Yongc • Petro cleiico; ct aliis. 

Simon Wymark of Sandwich, in confideration of ten marks in hand paid, grants to 
the mayor, and the brothers and fitter of St Bartholomew's Hofpital, five roods of land in 
St Clement's parifh, between the land of Henry Bolde caff, and the land of Peter lhxrd 
weO 5 heading up to the Delf fouth, and to the highway north. April, 1327. Witness, 

John Condy, mayor ; Peter Bard, bailiff; and others. 

* % 7<\* ITeiv-- 


25- Henricus Pettepole dc Sa. et Margarera vxor fua d. c. et Ca. s. co. Ded, ct f. et &, 
H. S. B. vnam acram ct vnam rodam terre, cum cropa et omnibus fuis pcrtinenciis, ia- 
centcs in vna pecia infra libertatcm ville predicte ct in parochia fancTJ Clemcntis, late* 
rando inter terras predi&orum f. et s. veifuseaftet weft, et capitandoad communem aquam 
que vocatur 1c Waterdelf verfus fouth, et regiam ftratam verfus north, imperpetuum, 
Mcnfe julii, anno Domini millefimo, ccc, vicefimo feptimo. T. Johanne Pykerynge, 
tunc rnaiore ; Hugone Champneys j Henrico Seygode ; Thoma Efpelon ; Stephano 
Faukoncr ; Johanne Loueryk ; Willielmo Motun j Galfiido de A rondel $ Willielmo 
Charles ; Adam Stephan ; Johanne Edward ; Waltero clerico ; et aliis. 

Henry Pettepole of Sandwich and Margaret his wife grant to God, and to the bro- 
thers and fitters of St Bartholomew's Ho-fpital, an acre and a rood of land, with the crop- 
and appurtenances, in one piece, lying within the liberty of Sandwich and \n the parifta 
of St Clement, between the lands of the faid Hofpital eaft arid weft,, and heading up to 
the Delf fouth, and to the highway north. July, J 327. Witneffes, John Pykerynge,, 

mayor, and others. 

26. Johannes de A rondel r. c. et in liberam et perpetuam elemofinam q-c. f. et s. H,. 
S. B. de Sa. et eorem fuccefToiibus octo denarios fterlingorum liberi ct perpetui redditusj 
quos predicti f. et s. annuatim portare confucucrunt, &c. de quadarn pecia prati iaccnte 
iuxta Stonbreggc ex parte occidental^ &c. Aftum ij° die novembris, anno Domini mille- 
jimo, ccc. vicefimo nono. T. Hugone Champeneys, maiore ; Petro Barde ; Henrico Wy- 
guod ; Ricardo Wybert 5 Stephano Faukener * Thoma Efpelon; Johanne Edward; 
Nicolao Champeneys ; Salomone Yok •> Petro Condy - 9 Johanne Condy ; Adam Stephan-j 
Willielmo clerico ; ct multis aliis. 

John de A rondel reieafes, in frankalmoigne, to the brothers and fillers of St Bartholo- 
mew's Hofpital and their fucceflbrs, a quitrcnt of eight pence which they ufed to pay to f 
him for a meadow near Stone bridge to the well. November 2, 1329. Witnefies,. Hugh? 
Champeneys, mayor, and others » 

27. Ilec indcntura teftatur, quod nos major et jurati de Sandewico, nomine et loco fV 
ct s. II. S. B. et fuflragio eiufdem domus, tradidiinus et dimifimus Thome Pococlc, de 
villa preclicTta, quoddam mefuagium noflrum, iacens in parochia bcatc Marie, capitando ad 
regiam ftratam vet fus weft, et mefuagium Johanuis Criftemeflc verfus call, hiteranclo ad- 
mefuagium Petri Mopir verfus north, ct mefuagium di£ti Petri verfus fouth : habendum, &c. 
imperpetuum ; reddendo inde annuatim prcdiclis f. et-s. ct eorem fucccflbribus vigioti fo* 
lidos ileriingorm, Iiheii et quieti rcdiiitus, ad quatuor an ni terminus principales, &c. 
Menlc niarcii, anno Domini in. ccc. xxxjx° ; anno vcro regis Ed ivardi tercii poll: con- 
(jiieflum terciodecimo, et tempore Joh.mnis, filii Willielmo Condy, maioris. 

'J 'lie mayor and jurats oi S mdwich, in Lite nainr and with the confent of the brothers 
and fillers of St Bartholomew's Hofpital, demiie in fee to Thomas Pocoek, of Sandwich, 

a nulluage in St M \xf$ parilh, feeling np to the llreet well 5 referving to the laid bro- 


fixers and fifters ant annual rent therefrom of twenty fhillings, to be paid qu arterly. March 

I 339- J' )hn Condy, mayor. 

8. HVc indcntura teftatur, quod nos rnaior, jurati et tota communitas ville de Sa, no- 

mine et loco f. et s. H. S. B. et fuffragio eiufdem domus, tradidimus et dimifirnus Roberto 
Rollynge, carnifici, de villa predifta, quandam placeam noftram vacuam, iacentem in pa- 
rochia Sanfli Petri, capitando ad commune fofTatum verfus wed, et ad rcgiam ftrat?.m 
verfus cafl ; Jaterando ad terram Johannis Boton verfus north, et ad terram Thome Tan- 
ncrc verfus fouth : habendum, &c. predi&o Roberto heredibus et affignatis, libere, quiete, 
bene et in pace, iure hereditario, impcrpetuum ; faciendo inde quicquid fi:ri dc-betur, 
fecundurn vfus et confuetudines libertatis ville predicate ; et reddendo inde annuatim pre- 
dicts f. ct s. et eorem fucceflbribus tres folidos fterlingorum, liberi et quieti redditus, ad 
quatuor anni terminus, &c. cum warantizatione, imperpetuurrr. In cuius rei teflimonium 
iigillum commune communitatis, cum figillo f. et s, et figillum predi&i Roberti indenturis 
alternatim funt appenfa. Menfe februarii, anno regis E. tercii pod conqueftum fextode- 
decimo. T. Michaele Yong. tunc maiore ; Johanne Condy, balliuo; Thoma Efpelon ; 
Nicholao Champeneys ; Petro Condy; Willielino Yve • Simone Godard ; Stephano 
Yok ; ct aliis. 

The mayor, jurats and commonalty of Sandwich, in the name and with the approba- 
tion of the brothers and fifters of St Bartholomew's Hofpital, demife in fee to Robert Rol- 
lynge, butcher, of Sandwich, a void piece of ground in the parifli of St Peter, adjoining 
to the Delf weft, and to the ftreet call, and abutting to the lands of private perfons north 
and fouth ; yielding for the fame to the brothers and fifters and their fucccilbrs a quitrent 
of three Shillings a year, to be paid quarterly • with warranty. Sealed with the common 
fell of the corporation, and the fcal of the brothers and fitters, and with the leal of the fa i d 
Robert. February, 1342. WiinefTcs, Michael Yong, mayor, and others. 

29. Nicholaus Eghethornc, de parochia San&i Clementisin Sa. d. ct ca, s. co. Jo-< 
hanniCooerlandmagiifroH. S. II. vnani virgatam terrc, cum pertinenciis, in parochia pre- 
djOa ct 111 loco vocato Sandowne, inter terram heiedum Ade Furneval verfus call, et ter- 
ram Margarete Mottcs verfus wcfl ; capitantem fuper regiain firatam verfus north, et 
turam Juliane Atte Merfshe verfus fouth, libere, &c. imperpcluumv AJenfc maii, anno 
"gni regis Ed. tcieii poll- conqueftum viecfimo prime, rcgni vcro fui Fraiicieo£lau0. T. 
Kicardo Hucham; Johanne Compyam ; Ricardo Dygonn ; Johanne Logger: Thoma 
Uiyldc ; Johanne Tboimder ■■ Johanne clcrieo 5 ct mullis aliis* 

Nicholas Eght-lhonv, of St Clement's in Sandwich, grants in fee to John Copcrlnnd, 
nutUrvt St HortlwlmKw's Hofpital, one rood of land in St Clement's at Sandown, lyin" 
*« the Inghwity north and w the lands of private perfons fouth, mil and vvefL Ma; ,' 1 y_? 

:io. Adam Condy de Sa. d. c. et ca. s. co. Johanne, fliie Johannis Aunedl de'Sa.'tres 
w„s terre nrabihs ct (lirmdiani acram et vnam vireatam terrc, cum pen inenci.s i 1- 
<"»U<s m parochia et in temm de Eafiry j quarum vna aera iacct inter terram her W»,n 


Johannis de Heye verfus weft, et terram Ricardi Seluifton verfus eaft, efc terram Johannis 

de Wellis verfus north, et gardinum Ricardi de Seluifton verfus fouth; et tria* virgata 
terre iacent in eadem parochia et in eadem tenura, inter terram Johannis Baylie verfus 
fouth, et terram heredum Johannis Monketon verfus north, et terram heredum Willielmi 
Brewer verfus weft, et inter pafturam domini prioris verfus eaft ; et dimidia acfa iacet in 
campo qui vocatur Newlancl, in eadem parochia et in eadem tenura, inter terram domini 
prioris verfus weft, et terrain heredum Johannis de Bregge verfus eaft et fouth, et inter 
regiam ftratarn verfus north ; et tria * virgata iacent in eadem parochia et in eadem tenura, 
inter terram Thome Whytuelde verfus weft, et terram Johannis Yornton verfus eaft, et 
terram predicti Thome Whytuelde verfus north et fouth ; et tria* virgata terre iacent in 
eadem parochia et in eadem tenura, inter terram Johannis de Yornton verfus eaft, et ter- 
ram Thome Whytuelde verfus weft and fouth, et inter terram heredum Johannis Sand- 
herft verfus north : habendum, &c. predicte Johanne et heredibus de corpore fuo legitime 
procreatis, bene et in pace, irnperpetuum, per feruicia domino illius feodi inde debita et de 

iure confueta : et ft contingat di£tam Johannam fine liberis de corpore fuo legitime 
procreatis decedere ; extunc vult et concedit quod predlcla terra cum pertinenciis fuccedat 
f. et s. H. S. B. in puram elemofinam, per fpacium centum annorurn, &c. Die veneris 
proxime poft feftum Sancli Johannis (ante) portam latinam, anno regni E. &c. vicefimo 
tercio. T. Willielmo Yvc, maiore ; Thoma Condy, balliuo ; Stephano Yoke ; Galfrido 
Whytej Simone Godard ; Willielmo Atte Welle ; Johanne Clerk ; et aliis. 

Adam Condy, of Sandwich, grants in tail to Joan the daughter of John Auncell three 
acres and a half and one rood of land, in the parifh and manor of Eaftry 9 with remainder, 
in failure of iftue, to the brothers and lifters of St Bartholomew's Hofpital, for a hundred 
years. May, 1349. Witncflcs, William Yve, mayor * Thomas Condy, bailiff j and others; 
31. Hcc indentura tcftatur, quod 1103 maior, j 11 rati et tota communitas villc de Sa. no-* 
mine et loco f. et s. H. S. B. et fuftVagio eiufdem domus, tradidimuset dimifimus Galfrido 
Taylor, de villa predidla. quoddam mefuagium iacens in parochia beate Marie, inter mc- 
fuagium heredum Stcphani Atte Cherche verfus north, et redditum* Willielmi Condy 
verfus futh ; capitando ad regiam ftratarn verfus eaft, et mefuagium heredum Hamonis de 
Bocland verfus weft, irnperpetuum j reddendo inde annuatim prcdiclis f. ct s. et eorem 
fucceftbribus decern folidos ilerlingoium libcri et quieti redditus, &c. Dat, apud Sa. 
decimo die march, anno E. tcrcii vicefimo qui n to. 

The mayor, jurats and commonalty of Sandwich, with the confent of the brothers and 
lifters of St Bartholomew's Hofpital, demife in fee to Jeflery Taylor a mcfuage lying in 
the parifh of St Mary to the ftreet eaft j yielding to the laid brotheis and fillers an annual 
qiiitrent often fliillinfs. March the 10th, 1351. 

3?,. Nicholaus de Sandwich, clericus, r. re. et irnperpetuum q-c. f. fa s. H. S. B. ct 
eo rum fucceflbribus tot urn ius fuum ct clamcum in quadraginta fex folidatis et oclo dena- 
jiis libcii et pcrpetui redditus annualis, qius iidem f. fas* ferre folebant : videlicet, de 
quodain campo vocato le Meiidelde, iaccnic infra libcrutem villc Sa. tjuadra^inta folidos ; 

* Sic* 


terra VOC ata Semerfhe, iacente infra eandem libertatem, fex folidos et o£to denarios« 
Datum quartodecimo die noucmbris, anno E. tercii tricefimo. T. Johanne Loueryk, 

maiore; Johanne Gybon, balliuo ; Stephano Efpeion; Nicholao Efpeion; Willielmo 
Cundy; Willielmo Louerylc ; Thoma Elys; Ricardo Axftede ; Roberto Flemynge ; 
Tohanne Golderede ; Arnoldo Browne; Willielmo Couenant ; Willielmo clerico ; et aliis. 

Nicholas Sandwich, clerk, relcafes to the brothers and fitters of St Bartholomew's Hof- 
pital all his right and claim in forty fix {hillings and eight pence of annual rent, payable 
to him by the faid brothers and fitters ; namely, forty {hillings for Millfield, and fix fliii- 
liners and eight pence for Sea-marfh. Dated november 14th, 1356. WitnefTes, John 
Loveryk, mayor; John Gybon, bailiff; and others. 

-2-2, Nicholaus Coperland, de Eaftry, c. et q-c. f. et s. H. S. B, &c. totum ius fiiurn 
et clameum in vna virgata terre in parcchia San£ti Clementis de Sa. in Sandowne. Datum 
tercio die augufti, anno E. tercii tricefimo tercio. T. Nicholao Efpeion, maiore ; Wil- 
lielmo Cundy ; Johanne Gybon ; Thoma Elys ; Arnoldo Browne ; Roberto Flemynge ; 
Ricardo Axftede ; Johanne clerico 3 et aliis. 

Nicholas Coperland, of Eaftry, releafes to the brothers and fitters of St Bartholomew's 
Hofpital all his right and claim in one rood of land at Sandown, in the parifh of St Cle- 
ment Sandwich. 

74. Johannes Cardon et Ifabclla vxor ejus d. et co. Ade Botoun et Johanni Atte Halle 
de Sandwico omnia terras, tenementa, &c, que habuerunt, de dato carte hiijus, infra liber- 
tatem ville Sandewici, Sic, Datum decimo die Aprilis, anno regis Ed, tercii Anglie qua- 
dra^efirno o£tauo, &c.- T. Stephano Yok, maiore ; Thoma Elys ; Thoma Lou cry k ; 
Arnoldo Browne; Ricardo Yve ; H if gone Atte Welle; Willielmo Louerylc ; Thoma 
Yve ; Johanne Inn ; Johanne Wynter ; Johanne Weftclyvc ; et aliis. 

o'z Willielmus Caufton de Romene et Alicia vxor ejus c. Johanni Cardoun de S:i. 
to tarn propartem fuam vnius marifci, cum pertinenciif, ia cent is infra libertatem dicle 
ville inter marifcum quondam Johanni s Inne verfus eafi, et commimem murum verfus 
fouih, et marifcum donius Saniti B. verfus weft, et le Newdyche verfus north, &e. Datuni 
decimo fexto oclobiH, anno H. quarti fexto. T. Johanne Godard, maiore; Johanne 
Atte Nefshe ; Johanne Gybon ; Ricardo Bcngc ; Henrico Loucryk ; Johanne II uric ; 

Jacobo Scryvcn, clerico ; et aliis. 

Lecla et recognita in plena curia ville Sandewici coram Johanne Godard, tunc maiore 
dicle ville, ct aliis juratis ibidem prefentihus, die ct anno vt infra, et intrautr in magno 
icpiflro inemorandorum de hoc anno. 

36. Ego Coiiflanria que fiii vxor J'thamm Cardon, in pura ct Icgitima viduetate mea, 
d.c. &c. Willielmo Chapman de Sa. allutario, ilLiin peciam pailure cum pertinenciis 
com inen tern trcs acras terre, five m;:ius five minus habcatur, que nuprr fuit dicli J. ina- 
j'iti mci, in parochia Saiiwii I'uii ville prcdicle iuxta le Turncpykc, inter tcrram f. et s 
domus S. 13, verfus call, fundi ct well, ct foil at urn ojutmumUik ville prcdicle vtriu^ 

tun L li -, 


north, &c. Datum fexto decimo die o&obris, anno H, fexti fecundo. T. Willielmo 
Gayller, maiore; Johannc Bolle * Roberto Hope; Johanne Rolfej Roberto Clerk; ctaliis. 
37. Conftancia que fuit vxor Johannis Cardon, in fua pura viduetate, attornavit per 
prefentes et locc a'uo pofuit Willielmutn Atte Fei fuum verum attornatum, ad liberan- 
dum, nomine fuo, Willielmo Chapman plenam f\ r inam in tribus acris terre, iacentibus 
in parochia Sancli Petri iuxta le Turnpyke. Datum fexto decimo die odtobris, anno H. 

fexti fecundo, 

?8. Simon Ruddock et Johannes Lacy, de Sa. r. re. et q-c, Willielmo Chapman totum 

ius fuum, &c. in tribus acris terre iuxta le Turnpyke, Datum decimo die augufti, anno 
Hen. fexti quinto decimo. T. Roberto Whyte, maiore ; Johanne Shclle ; ThomaMoland ; 
Willielmo Fenell : Johanne Palmer ; Ricardo Parys ; Roberto Clerk 3 et aliis, 

•20. Willielmus Chapman, de Sa. allutarius d. c. et co. Thome Parker magiftro domus 
S. B. iuxta Sa. et.ciufdem domus f, et s. totam illam peciam marifci continentem ties 
acras terre, fiue maius fiue minus habeatur, quam nuper habuit ex dono et feofamento 
Conftancie, que fuit vxor Johannis Cardoun, iacentem iuxta le Turnpike in parochia 
Sancli Petri, inter marifeum et terrain f. et s. verfus fouth, eaft et weft, et quandam i'o- 
veamcommunitatis Sa, vocatam le New-dych verfus north. Datum quarto decimo die 
au<mfti, anno H. fexti quinto decimo. T. Roberto Whyte, maiore ; Johanne Shelle ; 
Johanne Grene ; ThomaMoland; Willielmo Symnet ; Willielmo Pieres ; Roberto 

Clerk ; et aliis* 

John Cardon and Ifabella his wife convey to Ads n Botoun and John Atte Halle all 
their eftates within the liberty of Sandwich. April the ioth, 1374. 

William Caufton, of Romney, and Alice his wife convey to John Cardon of Sand- 
wich their property in a marm lying within the liberty of Sandwich, between another 
marfheaft, and the common wall fouth, a marm belonging to the Hofpital of St Bartholo- 
mew weft, and the new ditch north. October x6th, 1404. Read in full court at Sand- 
wich, and entered in the records of that year. 

Conftance, widow of John Cardon, conveys to William Chapman of Sandwich, tan- 
ner a piece of pafture containing three acres, more or lefs, in St Peter's parifli near the 
Turnpike, between land of St Bartholomew's Hofpital eaff, fouth and well, and the town-* 
dike north. October the 1 6th, 1423. And on the fame day flic executes a letter of attorney 
to William Attefield, to give poflcifion of the faid land to William Chapman, 

Simon Puddock and John Lacy, of Sandwich, relcafe in fee, for thcmfelvcs and their 
heirs, to William Chapman of Sandwich, tanner, his heirs and affigns, all their right 
in the three acres of land before defcribed. Auguft the 10th, 1437. 

William Chapman, of Sandwich, tanner, conveys the premifes to Thomas Parker, 
matter of St Bartholomew's Hofpital, and the brothers and fitters there, in fee, Auguft the 
14th, 1437. Witncfles, Robert Whyte, mayor, and others, 

40. Johannes 


4.0. Tohannes Wynter et Johannes Atte Nefshe de Sandwico c. et co. Margerie re- 
lieve Johannis Joyn de eadem villa quemdam marifcum iacentem in parochia fan£ti Petri, 
ruxta ie Turnepyk, inter regiam ftratam verfus eaft, et marifcum Johannis Cardonn et Jo- 
hannis Poleham verfus Weft, et communem fo flat um ville verfus north, et murum comrrur- 
nitatiseiufdem ville verfus fouth ; quem quidem marifcum habueruntex dono et feoffamento 
difti Johannis Inn: habendum prefate Margerie, per totum teiminum vite fue, iure et in 
pace, Sec, et poft deceffum eiufdem Margerie volunt et deflinant, quod p red ictus marifeus 
intcorc revcrtatur et remaneat magiftro, fratribus et fororibus H. S. B. qui pro tempore 
fuerint, et fucceflbribus eorum, iniperpetuum, &c. Datum quarto die menfis maii, anno 
Ricardi fecund i quinto decimo. T. Stephano Rayner, maiorc j Johanne GodarJ ; WiU 
lie] mo Jordan ; Hugone Atte Welle ; Johanne Bcrham ; Johanne Weiiclyve ; Johanne 
Edward ; ct aliis. 

John Wyntcr and John Atte Nefshe of Sandwich convey to Margery, widow of John 
Joyn, for her life, a certain marfh lying in the parifh of St Peter near the turnpike, be- 
tween the highway eaft, and a marfh of John Cardon and John Poleham weft, the town- 
dike north, and the wall of the corporation fouth ; with remainder in fee to the brothers 
and fitters of St Bartholomew's Hofpital. May the 4th, 1492. Stephen Rayner, mayor. 

41. Alexander Aleyn et Willielmus Yookc de Sa. c. et co. Johanni Inn de eadem 
villa duas acras terre, iacentes diuifim in parochia de Worth ; vna acra iacct inter terrain 
Ricardi Strartton verfus eaft, et terram Henrici Litlebornc verfus weft, capitando ad ter- 
rain Willielmi Yve verfus fouth, et regiam ftratam verfus north ; et tres rode iacent inter 
terram Thome Elys verfus eaft, et terram Willielmi Yve verfus weft, et regiam ftratam 
veifus north ; et vna iacet iuxta Rugheberghe inter terrain Nicholai Beneyt verfus weft, 
et terrain dicXi Johannis Inn verfus eaft ; capitando ad terras Johannis Godarcl verfus 
north, et regiam ftratam verfus fouth ; impcrpetuum. Datum quarto die menfis julii, anno 
Ed. tercii quadrageftmo nono. T. Johanne Dreye; Willielmo Felyte ; Johanne Prentvsj 
Willielnvo Pyeot ■ Theobardo Carpent'ier ; Johanne Eluard - Roberto Trophiim ; Willi- 
elmo Charlys ; et aliis. 


Alexander Aleyn and William Yookc of Sandwich convey, in fee, to John Inn two 
acres of land in Worth $ one acre of which lies between the lands of private perfons eaft, 
weft and fouth, and the highway north 5 and three roods lie between lands of private per- 
fons eaft and weft, and the highway north • the other rood lies near Rubcrgh to the high- 
way fouth. July 4th, 1375. 

42. Alexander Aleyn r-t Willielmus Yok c. ct co. Joh.inni Inn quatuor acras t/rrc ia- 
rentes diuifim in paiochia cle Woiahc ■ vude vna et tits rode iacent apud Fcldworl.uvl 
inter terram Nicholai Kfpelon verfus fouth, ct terram Willielmi Vve vn(m north, capi- 
tando ftipcr mancrium*diai Willielmi Vvc verfus uxft et weft ; ct tres 'rod,* iacent ibid' m 
inter terram Johannis Godard verfus north, a tenam Willielmi Yve yril^ f-nit!), cupi- 
tando ftipcr regiam ftratam verfus wvft, ct terram dicli Jnhnm\U Inn verfus eaft 5 ct v 

O - "'£> 

1 Maniuuum. IIal>it;uio. Fcmli demus punijnia. Fc-uli umiiius. A <lwJ!in r> !, ( > u jl, Amimih 
*U niMioi iui.h', PulVdnc rjoft,. (J 



ouiJ. Of 



acra et dimfdia acra terrc predi£ie iacent ibidem inter terram Willielmi Yve eaft et weft ;. 
capitando fuper terram prions ccclefie Chrifti Cantuarienfis verfus fouth, et terram dl&l 
Johannis Inn verfus north ; imperpetuum. Datum apud Feldworland die fancld Georgii 
martyris, anno Ed. tercii quinquagefimo, T. Johanne Eluard ; Roberto Tropham ; 
Chriftiano Atte xVterflic ; Thoma Charlys -, Willielmo Charlys j Johanne Kempe ; ct aliis. 

Alexander Aleyn and William Yok grant, in fee, to John Inn four acres of land in the 
pari ft of Worth, of which one acre and three roods lie at Feldworland between the lands 
of. private per Cam fouth and north, and head up to the mAnor of William Yvc eaft and- 
weft 5 and three roods of the faid land abut to the highway weft ; and an acre and a half 
of the fidd land adjoin to the land of the prior of Chrift Church Canterbury ibucln 
April 23d, 1376. 

43. Eduardus, Dei gracia, rex Anglie et Fraixcie, et dominus Hibcrnic, omnibus, ad quos 
prefentes litere peruenerint, falutcm. Sciatis, quod degiacia noflra fpeciali, et ad iequiil- 
cioncm Johannis Gybon de Sandewico, dedimus et conccilimus, pro nobis et heredibus 
noftris, dilcctis nobis in Chrifto fratribus domus faniti Bartholomci de Sandewico, omnia 
proficua de paiTagio vltra aquam inter Sandewlcum et Scon ore proucniencia : habenda et 
tenenda ftbi et lucccfTbribas i u is, in auxijium fuftentacionis clcmofinarum domus fue pre- 
dicate, imperpetuum. Ita fern per, quod proficua predieta, tarn per vifum et auifamentum 
maioris noftri prcdiclc ville de Sandewico quam magiftri domus predicte, qui pro tempore 
fuerint, recipiantur, et in elemofinis predicts expendantur -> ftatuto de terris et tcnementis- 
ad manum mortuam non ponendis edito non obftante, In cuius rei teftimonium has liter as 
noftras fieri fecimus patentes. Telle me ipfo apud Claryndon, no no die julii, anno rc<;ni 
noftri Anglie viecfimo tcrcio 3 regni vero noftri Francie decimo. Bur Hall. Per bicve de pii- 
uato ildlio. 

Edward, by the grace of God, king of England and France, and lord of Ireland, to all 
to whom thefe prefent letter? fliall come, greeting. Know ye, that of our fpcciai "race., 
and at the requcft of John Gybon of Sandwich, we have given and granted, f**r us and 
our heirs, to our beloved in Chrift the brethren of the Hofpiul of St Bartholomew at 
Sandwich, all the profits ariiing from the ferry over the haven between Sandwich and 
Stonor : to have and to hold to them and their fucceffors, in fupport of the alms of the 
faid Hofpital, for ever : l'o that the laid profits be collected an 1 expended under the direc- 
tion and by the advice, as well of -our mayor of Sandwich as of the mulls r of the faid 
Hofpital for the time being j the fhtutc againft putting lands or tenements to moit- 
main notwithstanding. Wi fuels inyfclf at Clarijidon, the nintii of July, in the year 
of our-reign of England the L vveniy- third, but of our reign of France the tenth. By writ 
of privy leal, (ly/j.) 

44, Thomas Candy de Sa. d. et co. Johanni Londeneys de S.i. viiam a cram et vnani 
rodam lure, iacenus i.'fnt libcitatcrn ville predielc et in parochia hcate Marie inter teri;i:n 
Wilik'lmi de Welle verl'us wed, et tenam hereduni Nicholai Kfpelon junioris veifus cad 1 , 
et terrain Johannis Godardc U'ffu** north, et cominunem ftralatn veifiih fjuth ; impcrpe- 

tuuni. Datum die i an *. Li EdiiHindi regis, anno liic. iecundi fee undo. F. Willielmo 



Ive, maiore; Thoma Elys; Johanne Godard j Milone Denyas; Johanne Tayllour; 

Johanne Ricard; et alii*. 

Thomas Candy grants, in fee, to John Londeneys an acre and one rood of land lying 
within the liberty of Sandwich and in the parifh of St Maiy to the highway fouth. No- 
vember the 20th, 1378. Witneffes, William Ive, mayor, &c. 

4_c. Johannes Londeneys de Sa. d. et co. Thome Tropham de eadcm vnam acrarn terre, 
iacentcm in parochia bcate Marie iaxta hofpitalem fancli Bartholomei inter terram Willi- 
clmi de Welles verfus weft, et terram Johannis Godard verfus eaft, et ten am Johannis 
filii Simonis Godard verfus north, et regiam ftratam verfus fouth ; imperpetuum. Vicefimo 
die noucmbris, anno Ric. fecundi quarto. T. Johanne Godard, maiore ; Thoma Elys ; 
Williclmo Yue ; Laurcncio Cundy ; Johanne Inn ; Johanne Gelderode ; Hugone Atte 
Welle; Wiliielmo Jurdan ; etaliis. 

John Londeneys grants, in fee, to Thomas Tropham an acre of land in St Mary's pa- 
rifh near St Bartholomew's Iiofpital, abutting to the highway fouth. November 20th, 
1380. Witnelfes, John Godard, mayor, &c. 

46. Thomas Tropham, frater dornus S. B. de Sa. d. et co. in puram ct perpituarn ele- 
mofinam, f. et s. et fucceflbribus Ms di£lc domus, duas acras et vnam rodam terre iacentes 
diuifim infra libertatem Sa. in parochia beate Marie 5 vnde quinque rode iacent inter ter- 
ram heredum Johannis Gylderode verfus eaft, et terram heredum Ricardi Wybert verfus 
weft, et terram Johannis Godarde verfus north, et communem ftratam regis verfus fouth ; 
•ct vna acra terre iacet inter terram prefati Johannis Godarde verfus north et eaft, et terram 
prcfatorum f. ct s. vtrfus fouth, et regiam ftratam verfus weft; imperpetuum : reddendo 
inde annuatim, ad feftuni cmnium functor um, pre fa to Thome ad tcrminum vitc fue, vnum 
quarterium ordci palmalis precii mclioris, c:<ceptis duobus denariis flerlingorum in predicto 
quarter 10. Datum quinto die mcnfis marcii, anno Ric. fecundi duodecimo. T. Williclmo 
Jourdan, maiore ; Thoma Elys; Johanne Godard; Hugone Atte Welle; Stcphano 
Rcyncr ; Johanne Berham ; Johanne Gylderode ; Johanne Wcftclyue ; Johanne Wyn- 
ter ; Stcphano Fayntour ; et aliis. 

Thomas Tropham, a brother of St Bai tholomew's Hofpitnl, grants, in pure and perpe- 
tual alms, to the brothers and fifters of the faid Hofpiial and their fuccefibrs two acres and 
a rood of land, lying within the liberty of Sandwich and in the paiifh of St Mary ; five 
roods of which lie to the highway foulh ; and the other acre abuts to land', of (he Hofpi- 
tal fouth, and to the highway weft ; rendering to the faid Thomas, evevy year during his 
life, a learn of bailey, in value, two pence p-r quarter under the heft price. March 
the 5th, 1389. William Jourdan, mayor. 

47. Thomas Elys de Sa. d. et co. f. ct s. IT, S. IT. de Sa. (res acras, vnam rodam et. 
vres perticatas terre arahilis, diuifim iacentes in parochia Hindi Clcmcnlis tic Sa. et in ju- 
rochia dc K.tfljy • videlicet, vna acra et vna joda iacent in parochia fancli Clement is in- 
ter terrain di£ti hofpitalis verfus ealt et well, et aquam voeatam Watudclfc verfus fouth 
et communem viam verfus north ; et dimidia acra iacet apud Lon-mcdc in parochia de 

G 2 Kafir v 


Eaftry Inter terram diili hofpitalis verfus weft, north et fouth ; ettres rode et (res- perl!- 
catc iaccnt apud Horfacre in eadem parochia inter terram dicti hofpitalis verfus fouth et 
north, et communem viarn verfus eafl ; et tres rode iacent iuxta Rewbergh in eadem pa* 
rochia inter terram Johannis Godard verfus eafl ct weft, et communem viam verfus north-; 
imperpetuum. Quinto die maii, anno Rie. fecundi quinto. T. Johanne Panes, maiore j 
Willieimo Yve ; Laurencio Cundy ; Hugone Atte Welle $ Willielnio Jordan ; Johanne 

Bcreham ; et aliis. ** 

Thomas Elys of Sandwich grants, in fee, to the brothers and filter* of St Bartholo- 
mew's Hofpital three acres, one rood and three perches of arable land, lying feparately In 
the parifhes of St Clement in Sandwich, and of Eafby * one acre and a rood of which in 
the parifli of St Clement adjoin to lands of the faid Hofpital eaft and weft, to the 
Waterdelf fouth, and to the road north ; and half an acre lies at Longrnead in the parilh 
of Eaftry between lands of the faid Hofpital well, north and fouth ; and three ioods and 
th ice perches are at Horfacre in the fame parifh adjoining to lands of the faid Hofpiirvl 
fouth and north, and the road eaft ; and three roods lie near Rewbergh in the fame parifii 
between lands of John Godard caft and weft, and the road north. May the 5th, 1382, 

John Panes, mayor. 

48. Omnibus, ad quos prefentes litere indentate pcruenerint, maior et jurati ville SanrL- 
wici falutem in Domino. Cum Ricardus Pyneham, magifter H. S. B. dicle ville, tarn de 
aflenfu noftro quam de confenfu omnium f. et s. dicti H. paffagium portus dicxe ville, ad 
dicium hofpitalem de dono domini regis pertinens, nuper cuidam Roberto Grymyfby ad 
firm am dimifcrit : habendum et tenendum predictum paffagium, cum omnibus fuis iuribus 
et pcrtinenciis, prcdic'to Roberto et affignatis fuis, a decinio die menfis januarii proximo 
futuro poll datam prekneium, ufquc ad finem ieptcm annorum a di£io decimo die januarii 
proximo fubfequencium et plenark completorum ; reddendo inde annuatim predict us Ra- 
bertzis et afiigna// fur, durante to to term i no predicto, viginti m areas fterlingorum annual is 
in roe, per equates porciones, ad qu.ituor anni tcrminos pi incipalcs perfoluendas ; ct fie 
cle anno in annum ct tcrmino in terminum, durante toto term i no predi riorum feptem an» 
no rum : Et cum ad nofirum per li neat officii! m pro {tutu et negocio didli hofpitalis quod 
fiierit onortunum que re re, et prout vberrime poilimm profit ere de cius propiiis ct comma- 
dins niouiderej Nos vtique Ivuius dimiflioncm predifbis f. et s. vtilein fore concerncntes, 
candem dimiinoncm pre fa to Roberto a a/iigiiMtis /wis in fa mil prenotata, quantum in no- 
bis eft, ratificamus confbnter : omnibus tamen piiuilegiis et libcrtatibus nof- 
iiis, in paffigio et portu prudi/lis ante Ivv timjvora habitis et vfitatis, nobis ct fucceffori- 
bus noilris, et quibufcunquc dielo ville hnronibus, tani pro tempore pivfuui quam pro tcrn- 
poribus futuris, (ernper faiiiis. Et fi continual, quod pmlUlu^ Robe, cus prediclum pafla- 
jrium, ftib forma it conurneione pivdiilk, viteiius vltra terminum prt'twinium voluerit 
tencre, i^tunc tarn maiorem et juiatos prefcripros, quam preduflum Ricanlum iiragillriini 
tl'dli hofpitalis, per raeionabllem picmunieioiuni vnius quai tei ii vltiini anni predalonim 
irotcni annorum, inde prenumieL Simili niodo, ii prcdiotus Ricardus, roagiibr dic'ti ho/pi- 

1 ■ 



talis tam de afTenfu prcdic"rorum maioris et jurarorum ville Sandwici prediclre,- quam de- 
fenfu .omnium fratrum et fororuro di£ri hofpitalis, termino prefati Roberti fupradidto 


plenari- fin i to, dictum paiTagium alicui alteri dirniferit, dictum Robert urn inde premuniet 
modo antedifto. In cuius rei teftimonium, tam fig ilium commune predi&orum fratrum et 
fat'iV'Wn vp.i parti quam figillum didti Roberti alteri parti prcfencium iunt appenfav 
Datum apud Sandwicum in craftino lancli Andree apoftoli, anno Domini miJlefimo, trei- 
cenufirno, o£k»gefimo tercio. 
Autographum penes G. B-. 

Ly this deed the mayor and jurats oPSandvvich ratify a leafe, which had been granted by- 
the in after of St Bartholomew's Hofpital to Robert Grymyfby, of the ferry over the haven r 
fur a term of feven years,. at the yearly rent of twenty marks fterling, to be paid quarterly ;• 
the (aid mayor and jurats refeiving to themfelves and their fucceffors, and to the barons of 
Sandwich, at pre fen t and in future, all their privileges and liberties in the faid ferry and 
haven heretofore by them ufed and enjoyed. " And if the laid Robert fhall be defirous to 
prolong his term,- he fhall give a quarter's notice to the mafter 5, and if the faid matter,. 
with the affent of the mayoi and jurats and the confent of the brothers and fitters, fhall 
at the end of the term be inclined to hire the ferry to another perf/Ji, he fhall in like man- 
ner give a quarter's notice to the tenant." December the ift, 1383. 

49. Johannes Herdeman,- magifter H> S. B. tam ex alTenfu et concenfu f. et s, eiufdem 
H. quam eciam ex affenfu et concenfu maioris et communitatis di£te ville, concedit, tradit 
et ad firmam dimittit Willielmo Joye, de Stonore, totiim proficuum cuiufdani paiTagii,. 
vocati la Vcrie de Sandwico, vna cum duobus batellis precii fex marcarum, fumptibus ip~ 
fais Will iel mi medio tempore reparand is et ftiftentandis : habendum et tenendum, &c. in 
finem quinque annorum ; reddendo inde, quolibet anno, prefato magi ft ro aut fuccefibribus 
fuis viginti et vnam inarcas, &c. Et concord at um eft inter partes pi cdiclas, quod prcdic- 
tus Williclmus et affignati fur, in fine termini predifti, predi&os duos batellos in adeo bono 
flatu ficut illos recepit in valorc, vcl fex marcas un^enti pro prccio batellorum predictor u m>. 
ad vol urn atom predi&i magi ft ri aut fuccciTorum ftiorunv, fuifum red dot ct rchberubit, 
-Datum in craftino fancii illarli, anno H. quarti tercio. 
Autographum penes G. B. 

The mafter of St Bartholomew''; Hofpital grants to William Joye, of Stonor, a Icafe of 
th'.- profits of the ferry, for a term of five years, at the yearly lent of twenty-one marks-, 
together with two boats, of the value of fix marks, to be repaired by the tenant, and to lie 
rettored in good condition at the end of the term ; or to be paid for, at the option of the 
mafter for the time being. January the 14th, 1402. 

50. Magifter, f. ct s H. S, H. de Sa. de concenfu maim is ct iuratorum, c. ti admit et co. 

Jrdiamri Tekwcbbc quandam placeam terre vacur, iaeenrem iuxt.i GaIiottcfbie,M'e in paio- 

cliia Han£ti Petri inter eolagium Wiliielmi ulii Ricardi Yve veifus f. et cofaginm dumini. 

VViJlitlmi Tttlynbery verfus n. et piatum eiufdem Wiliielmi vcifusw. ct ic^ia.n ftratam 

veifu* e. imperpeiuum ; reddendo inde anno quolibet viginu denario, libeii redditus. TVr- 


4 6 

cio die decembris, anno Ricardi fecundi fcptimo. T. Thoma Elys, maiore ; Johanne Go- 
dard ; Willielmo Yve ; Johanne Gylderode ; Johanne Berham; Johanne Curton •> Jo- 
hanne Haukyn; Johanne Burgrove ; et aliis. 

The mafter, brothers and fillers of St Bartholomew's Hofpital, with the confent of the 
mayor and jurats, grant to John Teltwebb a void piece of ground at Galliotfbridge in the 
parlfh of St Peter, adjoining to a meadow weft, aiid the ftrect eaft, at a yearly rent of 
twenty pence. December the 3d, 1383. Witneffes, Thomas Ely?, mayor, and others. 

51. Johannes Wcfrclyve de Sa. d. c, et co. Thome Tropham de eadem vnam acranx 
terre, iacentcm in parochia beate Marie de Sa. a pud Puttakkedoune inter tcrram ho fpi talis 
verfus f. ct terrain Johannis Godard verfus ru imperpetuum. Datum die veneris proximo 
ante fefium purificacionis beatc Marie virginis, anno Ricardi fecundi feptimo. T. Johanne 
Godardc, maiore ; Thoma Elys ; Willielmo Yve j Willielmo Jordan ; Johanne Joyn ; 
Johanne Berham ; Johanne Fitz Robert, clerico ; et aliis. 

John Wcftclyve of Sandwich grants, in fee., to Thomas Tropham of Sandwich an acre 
of land in the pariah of St Mary at Puttocks-down, abutting to land of the Hofpital fouth. 
January or february, 1384. 

52. Noverint uniuerfi prefens fcriptum vifuri vel audituri, quod, cum inter religiofos 
viros priorem ct conventum de Ledes ex parte vna, et magiftrum et fratres H. beati B. 
jiixta Sa. ex altera parte, fuper quibufdam decimis infrafcriptis, provenientibus de qiiibuf* 
dam particulis terrarum confiftencium infra parochiam ecclefie parochial is de Wodnefbo- 
rough, Cantuaric diocefis, quam ecclefiam de Woodnefborough predicli prior et conventus 

in proprios ufus canonicc funt adepti, contencio mota fuifletj videlicet, fuper decimis vi-« 
ginti et duarum acrarum tcrre, quas fratres domus Dei dc Hofpringe tenent in quodam 
loco, qui vocatur la Newlande ; item fuper decimis vndecim acrarum, quas Walterus tie 
Schirmpling tenet in quodam loco, qui vocatur la Newlande at Brooke ; item fuper deci- 
■nis quindecim acrarum, quas dominus Radulphus Haket tenet in quodam loco, qui circum- 
datur foffis, et vocatur la Ho -, item fuper decimis viginti et vnius acrarum quas idem do- 
minus Radulphus Placket tenet in quodam loco, qui vocatur la Brooke ; item fuper decimis 
vnius acre, quam hercdes Elicde Kingeftoun tenent in quodam loco, qui vocatur Bucklef- 
well ; item fuper decimis duarum acrarum, quas heredes Ham on is de Pol tune tenent in 
quodam loco, qui vocatur la Brooke : tandem diiSla contencio inter partes memoratas ami- 
cab il iter conquicvit fub hac forma ; fci licet, quod dicti magi (re r ct fratres H. fu pr ad icli, 
pio fe ct fucceilbribus fuis, prtfitas decimas, et jus, fi quod habucrunt, vt procurant, in 
deciinis antediclis, memoratis priori ct conventui de Lcdcs ct eorum fucccflbribus I i be re, 
quictect pacifice, de retro, et imperpetuum percipiendas, rcfignarunt et quietas clamarunt. 
Prefati vcro prior ct con vent us de Ledes, et coram fucccflbrcs, fupradi6cis magiftro et f. 
prefati IT. el: coram fucceflbribus, pro bono pacis, folvcnt fingulis annis vnani fummam 
ordei palmalis, apud Woodju fborow, per mauus fei vienlis eorum de Woodneibrowc, infia 
oclabas omnium fanctorum. Et ft in fulucione diile fumme ah fit defeccrint, voluntet con- 
ccdunt die c li prior et conventus, quod aichidiaconus Cantuaric, vt eius* oilic. qui pro 


'" Qh* A ill (in; (Jlllr-iali;, .' 




tempore fuerit, po&t ipfos compellere ad folucionem difle furnme per fuam excominica- 
cionis* Cine ftrepitu juft'ciali. Et vt hec omnia proprium robur firmitatis obtineant, huic 
fcripto in modum firographi confe&o figilla vtriufque partis, vnacum figillo venerabilis 
viri mae-iftri de Mortuo Mari, arch idiaconi Cantuarie, ad inftanciumf procurationes parcium 
predidtarum, funt appenfa. Datum anno gratie rnillefimo, ducentefimo, feptuagefimo primo, 

mcnfe augufti. 

Apographon penes G. B. 

A difpute having arlfen between the prior and convent of Lcdes and the mafter and bre- 
thren of St Bartholomew's Hofpital, concerning fome tithes of land in the parifh of Wod- 
nefborou^h, the church of which belongs to the faid prior and convent f namely, concerning 
the tithes of twenty-two acres of land, which the friars of the maifon dieu ofO fpringe hold 
in a certain place called Newland ; and the tithes of eleven acres, which Walter de Schirm 
pling holds in Newland at Brook ; and of fifteen acres, which fir Ralph Haket holds in a 
certain place inclofed with ditches called Ho ; and of twenty-one acres, which he holds 
likewife in the Brook 3 and of one acre, which the heirs of Elia? de Kingfton hold in 
Bucklefwell ; and of two acres held in the Brook by the heirs of Harao de Poltune : at 
length, the difpute is amicably fettled in. this manner; namely, the mafter and brethren of 
the faid Hofpital, for themfelves and their fuccefTors, agree to give up and releaie forever 
to the faid prior and convent all the aforefaid tithes, and their right in the fame ; and, on 
the other hand, the faid prior and convent engage for themfelves and their fuccefTors, for 
the fake of peace, to pay to the faid mafter and brethren every year, a fcam of good barley, 
to be delivered by their fergeant at Wodnefborough, within the octave of all faints : and if 
they fliall fail in the payment of the faid barley, they con fen t that the archdeacon of Can- 
terbury, or his official, for the time being, may compel them thereto by excommunication 
without any procefs. Sealed with the feals of the parties and of the reverend mailer Mor- 
timer, archdeacon of Canterbury. Auguft, 1271. 

53. Williclmus Dcghar de Sa. et Thomas Tcghlarc de P<,frJynge concedunt f. et s. 
domus S B. de Sa. dimidiam acram tcrrc apttd San do wire in parochia timet 1 Cicmci.ti:-, 
inter terrain predictorum f. et s. verfus n. et w. et tenant Thome Pefenot vcrfti, c. et re- 
giam frratam verfus f. quain niipcr habucrunt ex duno Waller i Ilcyton ; impcrpctuum. 
Datum viceii mo octavo die niarcii, anno Hie. fecund i quarto dcclm/i. T. Stephano Rev- 
iter, mai ore ; Johanne Godard -, Willielnio Jordan ; 1 1 u gone Auev/clle; johanne Bat ham - 9 
Johanne Wynter ; Stephano Payntor; et multis aliie. 

William Dcghar of Sandwich and Thumas Tcghlarc of Pciflling grant, in fee, fothc 
brothers and fillers of St Bartholomew's Hofpital h.:If an acre of land at Sandown in ilie 
parifh of St Clement, adjoining to lands of the faid hufpiul n. anil w. ami to rlie hiphw.iy 
ii/titlj* March 28, 1 39 1 . Witneilcs, Stephen Raync r, mayor, and oiliei:,. 

5.-}. Johannes Tonge de Sa, concedit nugiltro^ f. et s. dj*nu% S. [>. ville Sa. nw hvi'/i uffl i 

quod nuper habuit ex dono Johannis le, in paiocivia lancti dementis vnu\ c\.ndov/nt:, 


* Qe* Bcnttiitiaiii ? f Qo. Ad inlhttitum j'-uiu aUmmi pui.nn 


inter terrain Johannis Hardy verfus e. ct terrain Johannis Gyllynge verfus f» et w. et re- 
giaiTt ftratam verfus n. imperpetuum. Datum duodecimo die menfis januarii, anno Hen. 
quart! tercio. T. Stcphano Rcyner, maiore ; Johanne Godard; Johanne Atteuefshe - p 
Johanne Gyllynge ; Johanne Hardy ; Nichoko Cofyn ; Jacobo Scriven ; et aliis. 

John Tong grants to the brothers and filters cf St Bartholomew's Hofpital, in fee, a 
mefluage at Sandown in the p„»nfh of St Clement adjoining to the highway north. Ja- 
nuary the 12th, 1402. 

55, Stephanas Rcyner et Johannes Cardonn de Sa. concedunt magiftro, f. et s, damns 
H. S. B. vnam acrarn terre iacentcm diuifun in parochiade Worthe et in tenura dcEaftry , 
viide dimidia acra iacet in quodani campo vocato Worthellc inter terrain Johannis Godard 
verfus f. et n. et terram domini Stephani Hugham capellani verfus w. et tcrram Thome 
Browne verfus e. et dimidia acra iacet in quod am campo vocato Hambreggcbroke inter 
terram heredum Stephani Cundy verfus n. et terram Johannis Hawkyn verfus f. quarn ter- 
rain habuerunt ex do no Allele Meryweder : h abend am, &c. imperpetuum. Datum octo- 
decimo die oflobris, anno Ric. fecund i quintodecimo. T. Johanne Harry, feniore ; Wti- 
lielrno Felyce * Johanne Oxtegh ; Willielmo Norman 3 Johanne Bone 3 Johanne Harry 
juniore; Johanne Pynham ; et aliis„ 

Stephen Reyncr and John Cardon of Sandwich grant, in fee, to the matter, brothers 
and {liters of St Bartholomew's Hofpital half an acre of land in Wordhill and half an acic 
in Ilambridgebrook, both in the parifli of Word and in the manor of Eaftry. October the 
1 8th, 1391. 

56. Johannes Wynter et Johannes Nefshe de Sa. concedunt magiftro, f. et s domus 
6. B. otto acras, dimidiam acram, (Jimidiam rod am ct oftodecim pcrticatas terre iacentes 
diuifim in parochia de Worthe; vi\oq vna acra, dimidia rod a ct oclo perticate iaeent apud 
Feldcworland inter terram heredum Willielmi Yve verfus e. et terram heredum Thome 
Gy Id erode verfus w. capitando fuper mancrium eorundem (heredum) Willielmi Yve ver- 
fus n. ct trcs rode et tres perticate iaeent in quodani campo vocato Rovvbcrgh inter terram 
corundem heredum verfus e. et w, et capitant fuper rcgiam ilratam verfus n. et terrain 
dud urn Johannis Innc verfus f. ct vna acra et vna rod a ac quindecim perticate terre iaeent 
in eodem campo inter terram predictor urn heredum veifus e. et w. et broceum * heredum 
Thome Elys verfus f. et terram predicloium f. ct s. verfus n, ct trcs rode et noueni perti- 
cate iaeent in prediilo campo inter terram heredum Thome Elys verfus e. et terrain here- 
dum Willielmi Yve verfus \v. capitando fuper terrain corundem heredum verfus f. et rc- 
giam ft rat am verfus n. et tres rode et qualuoidecim perticate iaeent apud Coppethorne inter 
terram Johannis Danmdcl! verfus e. ct terram heredum Alkie iMciyweder verfus w. capi- 
tando fuper terram Ron*. Sayer verfus f. ct rcgiam (Ira tarn verfus n. ct vna rod a terre iacet 
in prediclo campo de Rowbergh inter terrain piioris ecclefie Cantuaricnfis verfus e. ct 
-terram heredum Nicholai Bcucyi- verfus vv. cap i tan do fuper terram Johannis (Jot! aid verfus 
jr. et regiam fh'atam verfus f. ct trcs acre et oclo perticate iaeent in eodem campo inter 
■terram prediclorum heiedum Nicholai Jjcneyi verfus c et tcrram heredum Willielmi Yve 

V c 1 I u s 

« Uiouus, Biocclla. Diucia, A IiJinll woo! } called in f .nfl Iwaii a fluv/- or chv.-l 


verfus w. capitando fuper terram heredum Thome Elys verfus n. et regiam ftratam verfus 
f. quas terras habuerunt ex dono Johannis Inne : habendas, &c. imperpetuum. Datum 
viccfimo die novembris, anno Ric. fecundi quintodecimo. T. Johanne Charles j Ricardo 
Tropham; Willielmo Charles 5 Johanne Wyncheftre ; Willielmo Couper; Johanne 

Oxtegh ; et alils. 

John Wynter and John Neffhe of Sandwich grant, in fee, to the matter, brothers and 

fitters of St Bartholomew's Hofpita! eight acres, half an acre, half a rood and eighteen per- 
ches of land in the parifh of Worth 3 of which an acre and an half, half a rood and eight 
perches lie at Felderland adjoining to the manor of the heirs of William Yve f. and three 
roods and three perches lie in a field called Rowbergh to the highway n, and one acre, a rood 
and fifteen perches lie in the fame field adjoining to the fhaveof Thomas Ely's heirs f. and 
•lands of the Hofpital n. and three roods and nine perches lie in the fame field to the highway 
n, and three roods and fourteen perches lie at Copthorn abutting to the highway n. and 
one rood lies in the fame field between land of the prior of the church of Canterbury and the 
highway f. and three acres and eight perches lie in the fame field to the highway f. No- 
vember the 20th, 1391. 

57. Johannes Stylle vi.lle Sa. concedit f. et s. H. S. B. apoftoli dimidiam acram etduas 
deywerkes terre arrabilis, iacentes iuxta diclrum H. et in tenura de Eaftry inter terram didti 
£L verfus e, et w. et regias terras verfus n. et f. imperpetuum. Datum decimo die januarii, 
anno Ric, fecundi decimo o£lauo. T. Roberto Attehalle; Nicholao Tykenherft ; Johanne 
Holkebon ; Thoma Boryner ; Thoma Pyfynge ; et aliis muliis. 

John Stylle of Sandwich grants, in fee, to the brothers and fitters of St Bartholomew's 
Hofpital half an acre and two dayworks of arable land near the Hofpital, in the lordfhip of 
Eaftry, abutting to land of the faid Hofpital e. and w. and (o the highway n. et s. January 

the iOth, 1395. 

58. Magifter, f. et s. H. S. B. Sa. de concenfu et licencia maioris ct juratorum conce- 
dunt Alexandro Byfmcre ville predicle tres rodas terrc arrabilis, iacentes infra libertatem 
portus et ville Sa. inter terram dicli Alexandri verfus c. et s. et communcm foveam verfus 
n. et terram dicli H. verfus w. imperpetuum ; reddendo indc annuatim imperpetuum duSHs 
magjftro f. ct s, ct corem fucccfToribus in fefto omnium fandtorum fex buflellos ordei palma- 
lis optimi prccii, pretcr duos denarios in quartcrio. Datum quinto die nienfis aprilis, anno 
Hen. quarti fcxto. T. Johanne Godard, maiore ; Johanne Atte Nefshe ; Johanne Gybon^ 
Ricardo Bengc ; Johanne Gyllynge ; Roberto H addon ; Henrico Cacherell ; et nvultis aliis. 

The matter, brothers 'and fitters of St Bartholomew's Hofpital grant, in fee, to Alexan- 
der Byfmcre three roods of arable land, lying within the liberty of the town and port of 
Sandwich to the town ditch 11. rendering to them yearly on all faints day fix bufhcls of 
ivarley, in value, twopence per quarter under the beft price. April the 5th, 1405. John 
Godard, mayor. 

59. Ricardus Deluer, magitter H. S. B, ct ciufdemloci f. et s. de communi aflenfu fuo, 

■'•na cum concenfu maioris it juratorum Sa, concedunt Johanni Plyniinouth decadem villa 




quandam parcellam (terre.) noftre in prochia fancti Petri, infra communem portam voca* 
tarn Tiirnepyke, inter regiam ftratam verfus e. et terram keredam Waited Rycher verfus 
iv. et n. et communes viam et muros eiufdem ville verfus f. imperpetuum ; reddendo inde 
prefatis f\ et s« et eorum fucceflbribus duodecim denarios fterlingorum iingulis annis ad 

feftum fanfli Michaelis archangeli imperpetuum, necnon fupportando et perfoluendo omnia 
alia onera pro eadem pcrfoluenda, quandocunque accident*, fecundum confuetudines ville 

predifle, &c. T. Ricardo Ilenge, maiore ; Johanne Godard -> Johanne Atte Nefsbe • Jcw 
hanne Gybon ; Thoma Mayhewe ; Johanne Kyxe ; Roberto Gierke y et aliis. Datum, 
vndecimo die menfis februarii, anno Hen, quarti nono. 

Richard Delver, mailer of St Bartholomew's Hofpital, and the brothers and.fifters there 
of their own common aflent, and with the confent of the mayor and jurats of Sandwich? 
convey, in fee, to John Plymouth a parcel of land in the parifh of St Peter, within the gate 
of the town called the Turnpike, abutting to the fireet e. and to the common path and 
the walls f. yielding a rent of twelve pence to be paid annually on michaelmas day, and 
fubjedl to fuch fer vices as may be impofed on the land by the cuftom of Sandwich. Wit- 
nefles, Richard Bengc, mayor, and others. February the nth, 1408. 

60. Thomas Louer} r k de Sa. co. Willielmo Baker et Roberto Hope de eadem 
quatuordecim acras marifci in parochia de Sholdon, et in tenura domini abbatis Sanfll 

Auguftini Cantuarie, inter marifeum vocatum Cornfelde verfus n. et marifcum Yngram 
Atte Halle et marifcum heredum Johannis Colrede de Dovorr verfus f, et marifcum Jo- 

hannis Hardelyn de Lyde verfus e. et marifcum vocatum Holdefulmede verfus w. imper- 
petuum. Datum apud Northbornc quintodecimo die junii, anno Hen, quarti vndecimOo. 
T. Rogero Pemyl ; Ricardo Noke ; Roberto Louekyn ; Johanne -Frothe ; Thoma Broke $ 

ct aliis multis. 

61. Thomas Loueryk in loco fuo ponit Thomam Mayhewe, fuum attornatum, ad del i - 
te ran darn Willielmo Baker et Roberto Hope fcifinam in pecia marifci in carta precedentL 
defcripta. Datum anno Hen. quarti vndecimo. 

62. Willielmus Baker et Robertus Hope concedunt Stephano Webbe feniori de Sa. illas* 
quatuordecim acras marifci (in carta, numcro 60, defcriptas,) imperpetuum. Datum in. 
vigilia purificacionis beate Marie virginis, anno Hen, quarti duodecimo. T. Johanne l<y~ 
card; Johanne Berton; Johanne Somer ; Johanne Hardelyn ; Rogero Pemel ; et aliis. 

63. Stephan us Webbe fenior de Sa. d. c. et co. magiftro f. ct s. domus S, B. quatuor- 
decim acras marifci in Sholdon, in tenura abbatis ctconucntus Sanfti Auguftini Cantuarie,, 
(ut fupra,) imperpetuum. Datum apud Sholdon in vigilia SaucYi Jacobi apoftoli, anno 
Hen. quinti tercio. T. Johanne Rycard ; Johanne Berton ; Johanne Somer; Johanne 
Hardly 11 j Rogero Pcmel ; ct aliis. 



the fame place fourteen acres of niarili land in the parifh of Shouldon, and in the lordfhip. 
of the abbot and convent of St Auguflin's mo nailery in Canterbury, adjoining to a marfh. 


• Sic. 


tied ComfieW it* a marlh of Ingram atnaii ano- a inarm ot tne neirs or jonn ^oirecJe t. 
d marfh of John Hardline of Lyd £• and a marfh called Oldfowlmead w, June the 

15th, 1410. 

William Baker and Robert Hope convey the premifes, in fee, to Stephen Webb fenior 

of Sandwich. February the ift, 14.1 1. 

Stephen Webb fenior grants the. premifes, in fee, to the matter, brothel sand fitters of 

St Bartholomew's Hofpital. July the 24th, 1415. 

64. Robertas Atte Halle, Henricus Caccherell et Johannes Pylholte, fcoffati Johannis 
Atte Nefshe de Sa. c. et co* Johanni Frenfshe Sherman de eadem Ulas duas aoras terre, 
quas habuerunt ex dono et feoffamento dicli Johannis Atte Nefshe, in vno crofto terns 
claufo fub domo S, B. iacentes inter terrain di6le domus verfus e. et terrain Laurencii 
Cundy verfus w. et regiam ftratam verfus f. et communem viain verfus n. imperpetuum. 
Datum viceftmo die menfis februarii, anno Hen. quarti quatuordccimo. T. Johanne Gyl- 
lynge maiore ; Johanne Gybon ; Henrico Caccherell ; Ricardo Myldenale | Wiilielmo 
•Gayller; Laurencio Cundy ; Quicmanno Sayer % et aliis. 

.65. Rogerus Segar, clericus, et Johannes Marefchall, feoffati Johannis Frenfshe Sher- 
man de Sa. r. re. et q-c. magiftro domus S. B. confratribus et fororibus eiufdem et eprum 
fuccefforibus imperpetuum totum ius fuum, ftatum et clamcum in duabis acris terre, (ut 
fupra.) Odlauo die novembris, anno Hen. quinti fecundo. 

Robert Athall, Henry Cacherel and John Pylholt, feoffees of John Atnefh of Sand- 
wich convey, in fee, to John French Sherman two acres of land, in one enclofure item 
the Hofpital of St Bartholomew, adjoining to land of the faid Hofpital e. to the highway 

f t and the common way n. February the 2Cth, 1413. 

Roo-er Segar, clerk, releafes, in fee, to the matter, brothers and fitters of St Bartholo- 
mew's Hofpital all his right and claim in the premifes, November the 8th, 1414. 

66. Johannes GyMynge, Ricardus Myldenale et Johannes Pylholt, de Sa. fcoffati Ri* 
cardi Benge defuncli, dimittunt magiftro, f, et s. domus S. B. octo.acras marifci, quas habu- 
erunt, ^a cum Johanne Atte Nefsh defundlo, ex feoffamento Ricardi Benge, in parochia 
dc Worth et in tenura de Eaftry, coniuncVim iacentes inter marifcum heredum Wiliielmi 
Yve n. et communem iorrentem vocatum Geffelynge verfus e. et s. et murum communi- 
tatis verfus w. imperpetuum. Datum a pud Worth vicefimo fexto die julii, anno Hen. 

quinti tercio. T. Johanne Drury ; Quicmanno Sayer ; Johanne Harry ; Johanne Charles ; 
Willielmo Oxtcgh ; Roberto Lcvekyn .; Johanne Forte ; et al i is. 

John Gyllyngc, Richard Myldenale and John Pylholt, of Sandwich, feoffees of Richard 
Benge dcccafcd, demifc, in fee, to the matter, brothers and fitters of St Bartholomew's 
Hofpital, eight acres of marfh land in the parifli of Worth and in the lordfliip of Eaftry, 
lying between another marfh n. the Geftling e. and f. and the wall of the commonalty w. 
July the 26th, 1415. 

67. Hemicus Dyerey de Sa. d. c. ct co. magiftro, f. et s. domus S. 1?. duas ncras terrc 
iacentes in parochia bcatc Maiie iuxta Blakegatc inter tcrram Thome Wdtclyve veifus 


w, ei 


w. et terrain domus predi&e verfus n: et e. et regiam ftratam verfus f. rmperpetuum. Datum? 

vicefimo quinto die odtobris, anno Hen. quinti quinto. T. Roberto Heddon, maiore ; Hen- 
rico Cacherell ; Willielmo Gayller ; Ricardo Myldenale ; Alexandro Norman ; et aliJs. 

68. Hec indentura teftatur, quod licet Henricus Dyerey dederit et per ca. s. co. magiftro,, 
f. et s. domus S. B. dc Sa. duas acras, &c. (fecundum tenorern carte predicate, numero 67) 
tamcn condicio inter partes prediclas talis habetur, quod fi prefati magifter, f, et s. et 
eorum fucceiTores foluerint, &c« predicto Henrico et Alicie vxori eius, vel vni eorum diu- 
cius viuenti, aut afiignatis fuis, quinque folidos vfuaiis monete Anglie, ad terrninum vite 
didti Henrici et Alicie, videlicet, ad quatuor anni terminos, fcilicet, &c. quod tunc pre* 
di£ia carta et feifina inde habita et liberata f u urn robur obtineant pariter et effedtum : pro* 
iiiib Temper, quodfi predifti magifter, f. et s. et eorum fucceiTores^ aut aliquis alius eorum 
nomine, defecerint in aliqua folucione, &c. in parte vel in toto per o£k> dies, quod tunc 
predifta carta et feifina fuo rvborc careant et effedlu, per prefentes. Datum vicefimo quinto 
die oftobris, anno Hen. quinti quinto. 

Henry Dyerey of Sandwich grants, in fee, to the matter, brothers and fitters of St 
Bartholomew's Hofpital two acres of land in the parifh of St Mary near Blackgate, ad- 
joining to land of the faid Hofpital n. and e. and to the highway f. October the 25th, 
14.17. Witnefles, Robert Heddon, mayor, and others. Which grant he confirms to them 
the fame day conditionally, that they pay to him and his wife and the longeft liver of them, 
every year during their lives, five (hillings of the current coin of England. 

69. Henricus Dyerey de Sa. d. c. et co. magiftro, f. et s. domus S. B. quatuor acras 
terre arrabilis iacentes diuifim in parochiis beate Marie ville Sandewici et Worthe ; vndc 
due acre iacent in parochia beate Marie apud Puttokkyfdowne inter terram Thome Weft- 
clyve verfus w. ct terram heredum Johannis Dyfsher verfus e. etquemdam heredum 



lielmi verfus n. ct regiam ftratam ducentem de Eaflry verfus w. ct terrain Johannis Drury 
armigeri verfus e. que quidem quatuor acre nupcr fuerunt Johannis Gvbon ; imperpetuum. 
Datum vicefimo quinto die oclobris, anno Hen. quinti quinto. T. Roberto Heddon, 


man no Saver ;. Roberto Lovckyn ; Johanne Bofnam ; ct aliis de Worthe, 

Henry Dyerey of Sandwich grants, in fee, to the matter, brothers and fitters of St 
Bartholomew's Hofpital two acres of arable land lying in the parifh of St Mary in Sand- 
wich at Puttokfdown ; and two other acres of arable land in the parifh of Worth near 
Longmead, between land helonging to the chantry of Thomas Elys late of Sandwich 
i\ and the high road leading from EaAry w. October the 25th, 14:7. 

70. Omnibus Chrifti fidelibus ad quos prefens. fcriptum indematum peruencrit Tho- 
mas Cryhton, magifter domus fiue hofpitalis S. B. ct eiufdem domus f. ct s. falulcm in 
Domino fempiternam. Cum nuper nos et predcccflbres nofrri annuatim pcrcipcre foJcba- 
mus decern folidos redditus, prouenientes de quodam mefuagio noflro fituato in parochia 
healc Marie ville Sa. inter iiuandani veneilam vocatam Serlcilanc verfus w, et terrain 


iam ex 


Robert! Criftemefle verfus e. et terras Willielmi Gayller, Radulphi Archer et Johannis 

Furnur verfus f. et tenementum Edmundi Pender verfus n. quod quidem mefuagium per 
tempusV oluxfum ' ruinofum > cai * urum et vacuum, ob defe&um tenendum et reparacionis 
eiufdem extitit, et in magna parte decafum, obrutum, necnon vacuum in manibus noftris 

iftit, in nullum noftri commodum, immo non modicum dampnum et grauamen j 
quibus vndique profpecTts et confideratis per didurn Willie] mum Gayller tunc maiorcm et 
focios fuos juratos ville predicte, di£tifque maiore et fociis fuis volentibus dictum mefua- 
gium reparari et fuftentari, ne aliquid nobis deterius occafione premifla in pofterum con- 
tinent fed vt aliquod nobis inde commodum in futurumeuenire poterit, nouerit iam veftra 
vniverfitas, nos prefatuin magiftrum domus fiue hofpitalis predicle, et eiufdem loci f. et s» 
noftro vnanimi confenfu, vna cum voluntate pariter et aflenfu diiri maioris et fociorurn 
fuorum, dimiflifle, &c. predi£k> Radulpho Archer mefuagium prediclum imperpetuum 5 
foluendo inde annuatim nobis, &c. tres folidos et quatuor denarios redditus ad quatuor anni 
terminos, &c. Et predicts Radulphus, heredes, &c. totum prediilum mefuagium lump- 
tibus fuis propriis reparabunt et fuftentabunt, abfque eftrepamento vel vafto inde faciendo, 
Sec. Datum vicefimo quarto die nouembris, anno Hen. quinti fexto. T. Willielmo Gayl- 
ler, maiore ; Henrico Cacherell ; Ricardo Myldenale ; Nicholao Dene j Roberto Crifte- 
mefle j Edrnundo Pendere ; Johanne Furnerj et aliis. 

The matter, brothers and fitters of St Bartholomew's Hofpital having been ufed to re- 
ceive ten millings annually for rent of a me flu age in St Mary's parifh, abutting to Series- 
lane w. which for want of repair is now become untenantable, with the approbation of the 
mayor and jurats, convey the fame to Ralph Archer for ever, referving to thcmfelves there- 
from an annual rent of three fhillings and four pence. The faid Ralph to repair and uphold 
the premifes; &c, Dated november the 24th, 14.18. Witneffes, William Gayller, major, 
and others. 

71, Thomas Weftclyfe de Sa, d. c. et co. f. et s. domus flue H. S. B. dimiJiam aerarn, 
vnam virgatam et dimidiam virgatam terre, iacentes in parochia de Worth iuxta Sa. vide- 
licet, iax..a quandam pafturam vocatam Longmedc, inter terra/n predicate domus verfus c. f. 
et w, et terrain pre fat i Thome verfus n. imperpetuum. Datum tercio die augufti, anno Hen. 
quinti fcptimo, T. Quicmanno Sayerj Johanne Harry; Roberto Lovekyn j Johanne 
Frcnf&hc; Johanne Extey ■ et aliis. 

Thomas Weftclif of Sandwich grants, in fee, to the brethren of St Bartholomew's Hof- 
pital half an acre, one rood and a half of land near Sandwich m the parifli of Worth, befide 

a pafture called Longmead, abutting to lands of the faid Hofpital e. f. and w. Auguft the 
3d, 141 9. 

J2, Hamo do Eygh, frater domus S. B. concedit Johanni Hylic vnam virgatam tcrre 
aialjilis, iaccntcm apuJ Sandowne in pamchia fancVi Clemcnlis inter terrain f. ct s. domus 
prcdreie verfus e. ct regiani ftratam verfus f. et terrain Johannis Grcnc verfus w. et walla- 
turam m.uis verfus n. imperpetuum. Datum ijuartodccimo die march', anno Hen. (exude- 
ciinu fcptimo. T. Thorna Maddon, maiore, et aliis. 

Intcievidencias Hofpitalis penes in. et j.* Stgillum deeft. Hamo 

* Ahbitvutium (or nrnjormt et juratos, wlikn will be ulbl in future (or tltcic woub ami limit m\m Inflexion's, 


Harno de Eygh, a brother of St Bartholomew's Hofpital, grants in fee to John Hill a. 
rood of arable land at Sandown in the parifh of St Clement, adjoining to land of the 
Hofpital e. the highway f, and the Tea wail n. March the 14th, 1439. 

73. Johannes Dowle, magifter H. S. B. prope Sa. et eiufdem f. et s. dimittunt Johanru 
Grene dicte ville vnam toftam terre in parochia fandii Clementis apud Sandowne, inter 
terras difli Johannis Grene vcrfus w. C et e. et regiam £ratam verfus n. imperpetuum * 
reddendo inde annuatim prefatis .magiftro, &c. ad feftura fan&i Bartholomei vnum dena- 
rlum, ilno-ulis annis, imperpetuum. Datum vicefimo die februarii, anno Hen. fexti vice- 
fimo tercio. T. Johanne Boteler, maiore; Rieardo Cok j Johanne Drurys Thoma 

Haddon ; Wjllielmo Fencll ; et alik. 

The matter and brethren of St Bartholomew's Hofpital demife, in fee, to John Grene of 


Sandwich a croft of land in the parifh of St Clement at Sandown, abutting to the high- 
way n. referving to themfelves a perpetual annual rent of one penny to be paid on St Bar- 
tholomew's day. February the 20th, 1445. 

74. Johannes Kynge de Sa. fenior, in excambium, d. c. et co. magiftro, f. et s. H. S. B» 
duas acras terre arrabilis, infimul iacentes in parochia de Worthe iuxta Longmede inter 
terram capellanorum cantarie Thome Elys verfus w. et e. terrain predi&orum f. et s. 
vcrfus n. et terram heredum Thome Broke et terram heredum Johannis Grene verfus f, 
imperpetuum. Datum feptimo die nouembris, anno Edwardi quarti quartodecimo. T* 
Wjllielmo Drury ; Johanne Burton ; Johanne Wodecok ; et aliis. 

John King of Sandwich fenior, by way of exchange, grants in fee to the matter and 
brethren of St Bartholomew's Hofpital two acres of arable land, lying together in the pa- 
rifh of Worth near Longmead between land belonging to the capellans of Thomas Ely'u 
chantry w. and e. and land of the Hofpital n. November the 7th, 1474. 

75. Thomas Sole, clericus, Johanne Aldy et Johannes Kynge feoffati ad vfum Matilde 
vxoris Johannis Nyfeham armigeri, confanguinee et heredis Ricardi Veere quondam dc 
Sa. dimittunt c. et deliberant magiftro, f. et s. H. S. B. in excambium, vnum tencmentuni 
fcituatum in parochia CmSti Petri ville Sa. apud Luckefbotc, inter Unementum heredum 
Johannis Froftc vcrfus e. et f. tencmentum nupcr Johanne vxoris Williclmi Kenet vcrfus 
w. et regiam ft ra tarn .vcrfus n. .quod habuerunt nuper ex dimiflionc Ricardi Oxcndcn de 
Wyngham iam ck/imfti : habendum, &.c. imperpetuum. Datum feptimo die nouembris, 
anno Ed. quarti quartodecimo. T. Johanne Cole, maiore ; Wjllielmo Kenet; Johanne 
Swan, juratis- Ricardo Sutton, jurato; Waltcro Payntor, clcrico communi j et aliis. 

Thomas Sole, clerk, John Aldy and John King feoffees in trutt for Matilda the wife 
of John Ny fell am, eiqiiire, icLiticn and heir of Richard Veere foimerlyof Sandwich, 
demife in fee to the matter and brethren of St Baitholomew's Hofpital, in exchange, a te- 
nement in the parifh of St Peter in Sandwich, at Luckfboat, between the tenements of 
private pcrfons e. f. and w. and the ftrect north : which tenement wasdemifed to them by 

Richard Oxcndcn of Wingham deceafed. Noucmber the 7th, 1474 

76. J 



j6. Johannes Nyfebam de Sa. arrniger, et Matilda vxoreius confanguinea et heres Ri- 

cardi Vere de Sa. dum vixit, r. re. et q-c. magiftro, f. et s. H. S. B, imperpetuum totum 
ius fuum, ftatuin, titulum, clameum et demandam in vno tenemento in parochia fandli 
Petri apud Luekeibote, inter tenementum, &c. (ut in carta precedenti). Datum xx° die 
novembris,,anno Edw. quarti quartodecimo. 

JohnNyfeham efquire, and Matilda his wife next akin and heirefs of Richard Vere, late 
of Sandwich,, releafe in fee to the matter and brethren of St Bartholomew's Hofpital all 
their right, &c. in ?l tenement at Luckfboat in the parifli of St Peter, defcribed as in the 
laft deed, number 75. November the 20th, J474. 

77. Henricus, Dei grach, rex Anglie et Francie, et dominus Hibernie, omnibus ad quos 
prefentes litere peruenerint falutem. Infpeximus irrotulame l( tum quarundam literarum pa- 
tencium domini Edwardi tercii quondam regis Anglie, progenitoiis nollri, factum in hec 
verba. Edward us,, Dei gratia, rex Anglie et Francie, et dominus Hibernie, omnibus ad quos 
prefentes litere peruenerint falutem. Sciatis, quod de gracia, &c. (ut in carta numero 47.) 
Nosautem tenorem irrotulamenti predich", ad requificionem nunc fratrmn domus predi&e, 
duximus exemplificandum. In cuius rei teftimonium has literas noftras fieri fecimus pa- 
tentes. Tefte meipfo apud Weftmonaiterium, vicefimo quinto die jarmarii, anno regni 
noftri fextodecimok Warham. 

Examinatum per Willielmum Warham, Thomam Coweley, clericos. 
78. Henricus oftauus, Dei gracia, Anglie et Francie rex, fidei defenfor, dominus Hibernie* 
et in terra fupremum caput Anglicane ecclefie, omibus ad quos prefentes litere peruenerint 
fJutem. Infpeximus quafdam literas difpenfativas fub figillo reuerendiffimi in Chrifto pa- 
tris Thome Cantuarienfis archiepifcopi, auctoritate cuiufdam a<3us in parliaments noftro 
edit! conceffas, in hec verba. Thomas, miferacione diuina, Cantuarienfis archiepifcopus,. 
tocius Anglic pumas et metropolitanus, ad infra fcripta auatoritate parliament! Anglic le- 
gitime fulcitus, dileais nobis in Chrifto magiftro et fratribus hofpitalis fanfli Bartholomci 
de Sandwico, noftre Cantuarienfis diocefis, fahitem, graciam et bencdiccionem. Cum a 
nobis pctitur quod iuri et equitati convenire dinofcitur,>nimo nos decet libenti concedcre, 
et pctencium defuleriis effeaum congruum impartire ; quapropter veftrls iuftis poftula- 
cionibus grato concurrcntes aflenfu, hofpitale preditfum cum omnibus ct fmgulis bonis,, 
terris, pailagiis, libertatibus, priuilegiis, ceterifque iuribug, que nomine diai II. iropre* 
fcntiarum legitime obtinctis aut in futurum (prcftantc Domino) iuftis modis poteritis adi~ 
pifci, ficut ea omnia iufle ct pacifke ac inoffenfe iure regni obtinctis et poflidelis, vobis ct 
per vos ditto H. imperpetuum audtoritatc predida, quantum in nobis eft, confirmamus et 
prefentis fcripti noftri patrocinio communimus. Ita quod vos cf fuccefTorcs vcflri H. bonis, 
terris, paflagiis, libertatibus, priuilegiis et ceteris iuribus antcdidis, ad inibtr prcdece/Torum 
vcflrorum, vti, fiui, potiri et gaudcrc valeatis et valeant, libere ct licite et impune, abfque 
impediment vel gravaminc quorumcunque : volentes nibilominus quod ius feu mtercijc, 
jjuod maior ville de Sa. in prcmiffis habere dinofcitur, ei iirmum et illibatum perpetuo per- 

U Nos mlum has iitcras predidtas, ac omnia et fingula in eifdem contcma, m&oriute 

d icti 


dicli aflus in predicto parliamento noftro editi, ratificamus, approbarnus et confirmatnus 
per prcfentes. Ita quod predicYi magifter et f. omnibus et (ingulis in eifdem Uteris fpecifi- 
can's vti valeant et poflint libcre et quiete, fecundum vim, formam et effect urn earundem, 
abfque impedirncnto quocunque : eo quod expreffa mencio de certitudine premifTorum, aut 
de aliis bonis fiue conccfBonibus per nos eifdem magiftro et f. ante hec tempora ra£Hs, in 
prefentibus minime fact is exiftit, aut aliquo ftatuto, aelu, ordinacione, prouifione fiue re- 
ilriccione inde in contrarium fadtis, editis, ordinatis, fiue prouifis, aut aliqua alia re, caufa 
vcl materia quacunque, in aliquo non obftantibus. In cuius rei teftimomum has literas 
noftras fieri fecimus patentes. Tefte meipfo apud Weftmonafterium, primo die aprilis, anno 
rcgni noftri vicefimo feptimo. 

79. Magifter, f. et s. H. S. E. iuxta Sa. tani ex licencia et voluntate Johannls Cole, 
maioris ville Sa. et iuiatorum, quam ex communi affenfu fuo, in excambium, d. c. et co, 
Johanni Nyfeham de Sa. et Matilde vxori eius Iibcrum et perpetuum annualem redditum 
decern folidorum fterlingorum, refultantem de vno tenemento in parochia beate Marie vir- 
ginis ville predl&e, in quodam venella vocata feynte Mary lane, inter tenement u m capel- 

lani cantarie— Cundy verfus f. tenementum Johannis Adam verfus n. et regias ftratas 

verfus e. et w. habendum, tenendum et recipiendum predidtum redditum prefatis Johanni 
et Matilde, &c. imperpetuum. Datum feptimo die nouembris, anno Edw. quarti quarto- 
decimo. T. Johanne Cole, maiore ; Johanne Sturfton, Ricardo Sutton, Johanne Kyngc. 
iuratis j Waltero Pay n tour, clerico communi $ et aliis. 

From the Old Black Book, folio 219. 
The maftcr, brothers and fitters of St Bartholomew's Hofpital, by leave of the mayor 
and jurats, giant, in fee, to John Cole, mayor of Sandwich, and Matilda his wife, by 
way of exchange, a quitrent of ten (hillings payable from a tenement in St Mary's parifh, 
in St-mary-lane, adjoining to a tenement of the capellan of Cundy's chantry f. and the 
ftreets e. and w. November the 7th, 1474. 

80. Magifter, f. et s. H. S. B. ex licencia, &c. in cxambium,d, c. etco. Johanni Kynge 
de Sa* feniori duas acras terre arrabilis infimul iacentcs in parochia de Worthe et in tenura 


<le Eaftrie inter terras prefati Johannis verfus e. et w, terras capellanorum cantarie Thome 
Elies verfus n. et communcm viam verfus f. habendas et tenendas, &c. in perpetuum. 
Datum feptimo die nouembris, anno Edw, quarti quartodecimo. T. Williclmo Drury ; 
Johanne Wodecok 3 Ricardo Lokyer ; et aliis. 

Old Black Book, folio 219. 

The maftcr, kc. of St Bartholomew's Hofpital, by leave of the mayor and jurats, grant, 
in fee, by way of exchange for other lands, (fee number 74,) two acres of arable land in 
the parifh of Worth and manor or" Eaftry, adjoining to lands of the capellan* of Thomas 
Elies's chantry n. and the road f. November the 7th, 1474. 

81. Carta Johannes Jimtbn capcllani H. S. B. T. Johanne Weftclyve, maiore ; Jo- 
hanne Broke, jurato 5 et aliis. Creten deleta. Circiter 1500. 

Indorfo, '•' .St Bartholin for X s per annum," 



Autog. penes G. B. Sfgillum officii majoratus appended. 

82. Magtfter, f. et s. H. S. B. de afTenfu maioris et iuratorum Sa. concedunt Ricardo 
Skyner de Sandoun quandam vacuam placeam terre in parochia fandti Clemen tis dicie 

ville, inter ten am difti Ricardi verfus w. et terrain communitatis verfuse, et terram W" ** 

et regiam ftratam verfus n. imperpetuum ; reddendo hide fibi, &c. quolibet anno quatuor 
denarios ftcrlingorum, &c. Datum menfe octobris anno Domini millefimo, trefce ntcfi mo, 
feptuagefimo— — . T.ThomaElys, maiore 5 Roberto Flernyng j Arnaldo Brown j Lauren- 

cio Cundy 5 Thoma Ive ; Autograph, penes G. B. 

The mafter 5 &c. of St Bartholomew's Hofpita! grant, in fee, to Richard SIcyner of San- 
down a void piece of ground in the parifh of St Clement, abutting to land of the com- 
monalty e. and the highway n. at a referved yearly rent of four pence, Thomas Elys 
•rnayor. October 137 . 

83. Johannes Empfon, capellanus H. S. B. tam ex afTenfu magiftri, f. et 5. emfiiem, 
quam ex fpeciali licencia venerabilis Johannis Weftclyve armigeri maioris et iuratoruin 
dicti H. cum communicate Sa. patronorum, d. c. et co. Johanni tfubberd de Sa. quandam 
vacuam placeam terre in parochia ianeli Petri in le S trond ftreate, inter tenement urn pre- m 
fati Johannis Empfon, quondam tcnementum Ricardi Butler, verfus w. portam, quondam 
vocatam FyfTgate et modo Gregorie Ive gate, verfus e. le Strond ftreat verfus f.'et littu? 
maris verfus n. imperpetuum ; reddendo inde annuatim fibi et fuccefforibus fuis duos fo- 
lidos libeii et quieti redditus, &c. Datum 15° die novenibris, anno Hen. feptimi 17°. 
Tcftibiis, venerabili prenomimHo Johanne Weftclive armigero, maiore; Wmielmo Sal- 
man, Thoma Bonier, Williclmo Broke, juratis ; Johanne Worrnc, clerico communi ; et 
al iis. Autograph, penes G. B. 

John Empfon, capellan of St Bartholomew's Hofpita], with the aflent of the mailer <md 
brethren, and v/ith leave of the mayor and jurats, grants, in fee, to John Hubberd of 
Sandwich a void piece of ground in the parifh of St Peter in Strand ft reet, lying between 
another tenement w. and Gregory lyc-gaie formerly called Fifhgate e. and* between 
Strandflreet f. and the quay n. rendering to the faid John Empfon and his fucccflors an 
annual quitrem of two killings. November the 15th, 1501. John Weftclive efijuire, 


84. Willielmus Sole, capellanus H. S. B. iuxta Sa. tam ex afLnfu magiftri, kc. quam 
ex fpeciali licencia venerabilis Johannis Weftclyve armigeri, maioris ville prediftc, et 
ciufdem ville juratorum, ct dicti hofpitalis cum communiutc ville pan on/, d. c. et co. Jo- 
hanu, Hubard de Sa. quoddam tencmentum fcitiiatum \n parochia f.mcli Petii, in le StroiuU 
ihtv.^ inter uncmentum heredum Johannis Naiby verfus w. tcnementum ac vacuam pla- 
™" Urrc P rcfali J' ,L Wfus c. le Srrondfticle verfus f. et iitus maris vvrfus n. imper- 
petuum j icddendo inde annuatim fib, et fucceflbribus fuis frpiem fniidus ikrluvnmim 
hbeii et quieti redditus. Datum vicefimo oflavo die, anno Hen. oclavi puma. 
1 -Johanne Weftclyve, maiore ■ Thoma Ahly, IVuu Coljvl, Wdlielmo [L.vly, iurati. ■ 
Johanne Wunne, clerico communi s ct aliis. Aufograjih, jv/ncs in. ct j. 




William Sole, capellan of the Hofpital, with the alien t of the brethren and the fpecial 
licenfe of the mayor and jurats patrons, with the commonalty, of the f aid hofpital, grants, 
in fee, to John Hubarcl of Sandwich a tenement in the parifh of St Peter, lying in 
Strand ttrcet between another tenement w. a tenement and void piece of ground e« 
Strand ftrect C and the quay n. at a yearly quitrcnt of feven fhillings. November the 28th, 

2509. John Weftclyve, mayor. 

85. This prefent award indented made the xxth day of february, in the 8th year of the 
reigne of our foveraignelorde king Henry of England the eighth, wytneflcthe, that where- 
as divers controverfies and debate of longe time were had, moved and dependyd betwixte 
John Broke late of Sandvviche thelder, whiles he lyvcd, of that one partie, and the matter, 
brcthern and fifterne of the Hofpital of faynte Bartyhnewe there of that other partie, a* 
well of and uppon the right title and clayme of one hillc, called Eftmylle, with iij acres 
and a halfe of land, whether yt be more or leile, lyeng at Sandowne in the parylhe of 
faynte Clements in Sandwyche for fay d, whiche lately the fayd John Broke thel-der helde 
and occupied, and he with John Broke the yonger joyntely had of the gifte of Laurance 
Coppley, as by his dede to them theruppon made playnely may apere, as of and uppon the 
right, title and clayme of all other lands,, wiche the fayd John Broke thelder in his lyf alio 
there had, betwixte the cloffe of John Cocke gent, and the poundefelde of John Langley 
efquyer, the determination wherof after the dethe of the faid John Broke thelder, as- well 
by confente and agreement of the fayd John Broke the yonger and Robert Brooke fonncs 
of the faid John Broke thelder, as by the confente of the fayd matter, bretherne and fifterne, 
was putte unto the forfayd John Langley and John Weftclif cfquyers,. by due and fcyth- 
full promyfes of either of the fayd parties unto them made, by vertue wherof the fayd ar- 
bitrators, takyng upon them the chardge of arbitrement, willing and dcfiering all maters 
of debate betwene the for faid parties of and for the premises utterly to be ceafed, and them 
to cntreate to unite peace and good accorde, callyng before them the fayd parties, hearing 
and underftanding all the maters of their complayntes and the circumftances of the fame, 
by good deliberation, deiier and requefteof all the forfayd parties, in their prefence ordeyne, 
awarde and judge as enfuethe, that the fayd John Broke the yonger and Robert Broke, by 
the feafte of faynte Gregory ncxte coinyng after the date berof, fhall for them and their 
heirs enfeale and delyvcr to the faid matter, bretherne and fiflerne and their fucccflbrs for 
ever a rcleafe, in due, fure and lawful forme to be made, as well of the forfayd myllehili, 
iij acres and a half of land, whether it he more 01 lcfTc, as of all the other lands before re- 
he Tied being betwixte the clufie of the laid John Coke and the faid poundefelde., wiehc 
their faid father had there in his life. In wytnefs wherof, the (aid arbitrators to every pair, 
of thies indentures of their awaide liathe fette their feales, the day and yeare abovefayd ; 
and, for the more t nil he to be knowne of the fayd fy nail ende in the prcmyfes, have re- 
cpiyreil the feale of the ofliee of may o rait e of Sandwiehc forfayd to either parte of thefe 
prefente indentures to be annexed. (15 17.) The e» among the evidences of the 
iiofpilal in the Hofpital chefr. 

86. Jc 


86. Johannes Brolce et Robertas Broke de Sa. ndii et heredes Johannis Broke fenions 
de eadem diim vixit, remittunt et imperpetuum q-c. magiftro, f. et s. H, S. B. et fuccef- 
foribus fuis, imperpetuum, totum ius fuum, clameum, interefie, &c. quehabent, &c. de et 
in quodam hill vocato Eftmyll cum tribus acris et dimidia acra terre apud Sandown, &c» 
Datum primo die maii, anno Hen. octavi nono. 

John Broke and Robert Broke of Sandwich, fons and heirs of John. Broke, releafe in 
fee, to the matter and brethren of St Bartholomew's Hofpital all their right, &c. in the 
hill called Eaftmill with three acres and a half of land, as defcribed in number 85. May 
the firtt, 1517. 

87. A leafe from the matter, brothers and fitters of St Bartholomew's Hofpital, by the 
licenfe, will and confent of Richard Butlar mayor and the jurats, patrons of the faid 
Hofpital, to John Igulden of Sandwich " of one pavyment or voide pece of grounde at 
Lukkefboote, in the parifh of St Clement the martyr, between the king's ftreet towardes 
the north, the tenement of George Gante towardes the e. and f. and the tenement of John 
Igulden towardes the w. the whiche pavyment doth conteyne in length, on either fide, 
from the faid king's ftreet unto the kechin late of the faid George Gant xxxti foote and di! 
and in bredde, on the hedde next the faid kinges ftreat, from the parlor of the faid John 
Igulden unto the tenement late of the faid George Gant, x foote and ix enches ; and on 
the other hedde, in breddyth from the kechyn of the faid I. I. unto the tenement late of 
the faid G. G. viij foote, vij enches and di. for a term of fourefcore and nynetene yeres 
from the fcaft of St Mighell next to come ; yelding therefore yerely to the faid matter, 
&c. eight pen vs. Dated thelattday of auguft, the xxxj yere of Henry the eight." (1539.) 
88. A leafe dated the 12th of January, 1540, between the matter, brothers and fitters of 
St Bartholomew's Hofpital, and Mr Nicholas Peakc, wherein, by the confent of the right 
worfhipful Thomas Patche, gentleman and mayor, and his brethren jurats of the fame, 
patrons of the faid Hofpital with the commonalty of the faid town, is demited to the 
faid N. P. all that void piece of ground at Sandown called a mill hill, whereupon flood a windmill, far a term of eighty nine years, at a yearly rent of four pence. 
80. To alle trewe criftcn people to whom theife prcfente Litres of awarde, decree or 

judgment, mdented fhall com, Henry Crifpe, John Peyton, Richard Tuck, and Th. 

Patche, of the countie of Kent, gentilmen, fende grcting in our Lord God cverlartim- 
Whereas cyvcrs con,, auerfies, ttryves, Cuts and debars were late had, movid an 1 depending 
bctwane John Orgrave clerk, vicair of the parifshc churche of L,fhie In the countie 
afo.faul on the or,.; part, and the .natter, brother,, and fytters of the hnwfe «„ hofpitall of 
lent Bamlmewes of Sandwiche on that other part, for and concernyng the tithe of the 
«nhab,u„„,, of ,he fame howfe by the faid vicair of then demaunded, the pacify in* and 
q^e.yng ol which contraucrfic in fonne above/aid was, at the fute of , he faid nrdler 
b«ll.crna..d fillers by w; ,y of pe.icion, exhibited unto the right honorable and mieluie 
prince Ldwarde, duke of Somerfetl, govemour of the kyng's majetties moott royallVr- 

lone, protector and defendor of all his highncs reaimes, dommynions and fubicfls, com- 


1 2 



rnitted to the charge of us the beforenained H. C. P. 1. T. and T. P. as commiiTi oners, 
to call the faid parties before us, and them of and upon the premiffcs to here and examyn, 
and therein to make fynall order and determynacion, as by the lettres of commiffion from 
the faid duks ^race to us directed more at large appereth ^ by vertue and au&oritie whereof, 
we the faid commiflioncrs have taken upon us the charge and burden of the premiffcs, and 
the faid parties upon the fame dyvers and fundry tymes have called before us, having hard 
their complcnts, titles, interefts, annfweres, replicaeions and rejoynd;rs in that behalf to 
us made, and thereupon for unitie, peax and good accorde betwene the faid vicair and his 
fucceffors and the faid mallei, brethern and fitters and their fucceffors in tyme to come to be 
for evermore contynucd, make this awarde, decree, order and fynall jugrment in that be- 
half in forme followeinge, that is to witt, that the faid vicair nor his fuccefiors, for the tyme 
being vicair of the faid pariiihe churche, ne any of them at any tyme ar tymes hereafter, 
fball afke, chalenge, clayme or demaunde of the faid matter, brethern and fitters their 
fucceffors or affigncs or of any of them any more or fuch like privic tithes out of the faid 
houfe or hofpital ; but that the laid mailer, &c. then* fucceffors and afligncs and every Gf 
them thereof and therefrom forcvennore filial be exoneratid and clerely acquyted and dif- 
charged ayenft the faid vicair and his fucceflbr?, for as muche as the cituacion thereof is 
within the towne and port of Sandwiche, and not in the parifshe of Eattrie, as unto us by 
their feuerall charters and wry tings remaynyng of recorde in the guyldehall of the faid 
towne more euydently fsr proufre thereof appcred, any compoficion, covenant, graunte, 
promife or other agrement betwene the faid parties heretofore had or made to the contrary 
in any wife notwithstanding. Albeit for asmuche as the faid vicair hath byn pofiefied of a 
certen tithe of v s by the year out of the fame howfe or hofpitall, and alfo poffeilcd of iiij s ij d 
for tithe iiluyng out of ceiten mcadowes belongyng to the fame howfe and in the parifshe 
of Eaitrie afoifaid, we the faid commifiioners adiuge and decree, that the faid vicair and his 
fuccefiors {hall have, levie and perceive yercly cut of the faid mcadowes forever more vj s 
viij l! of laafull money of Inglond, whether the fame be fowen or nott. In witnefle whereof 
we the faid Hen? Crifpc, I. Fey ton, Ric (1 Tuck and Th s J > atche to bothe parts of theife 
cur pjefente Icttres of awarde, decree or jugement have putt our fealcs. Yeven the xijth 
day of juyn, in the thyrde ycrc of the reigne of our fburaigne lord Ed ward c the iixt, by 
the grace of God kyng of Iindond, Fraunce and Ireland, defendor of the faithc, and of 
the churches of inglond and alio of Jrelond in crihe the fuprcmc hed. Henry Cryfpe. 
Michaid 'J'okc. John Peyton. TonvaYe Patche. (15+9-) 

In the hofpital chelr, with the feals of Crifp, Peyton and P;\lch. 
go. This indenture of a waul made the xvijih day of december, in the fourth ycre of 
the reign of our foueiyn lord Edward the fixt, &c. wytneflith, that where ther hath ben 
flryfF, vaiyanec and debate moved and had betwen the mailer, brethern and luifein of the 
hofpytall of feynt Uartyimcwc near Sandwich, and fer John Or.nave, vycar of the 
juuyfshe of Eafliy, &c. of and for the payment oi the tithe of v which the feyd vicar clayni- 
ttJti to be due unto hym yenly out of the cyte oi the feyd hofpiuill, and they the feyd mailer, 


Sec. and alfo the feyd fer J. O. by their owen aflent and agreament have indyfferently 
ellecled and chofen us Chriftofer Nevenfon do&our of the cyvyll We, and Thomas Me- 
nefle of the town and porte of Sandwich jurat, to arbytcr, deme, award and judge of and 
uppon all and all manner of debats, &c. betwen the feyd partyes, &c. we doo award, &c. 
that the feyd cyte of the feyd hofpytcll fhall ever be judged, &c. to be of and within the 
libertie of Sandwich, and that the matter, &c. and their fucce flours fhall yerely for ever 
pay or caufe to be payd unto the feyd vycar and to his fucceflburs v s for the tythes of the 
feyd cyte, for that weefteme and judge the fame cyte ever to have ben within the precyn£l 
of the feyd parifshe of Eaftry, and fo we ordeyn, award and judge yt to be for euer : and 
further we award, &c. that the feyd matter, &c, and their fucceflburs fhall pay, &c. before 
the fyrft day of January next comyng unto the feyd fer I. O. hys executours or affio-nes 
xv s of laufull money of fngland, which feyd xv a was due unto hym for hys tythes behynde, 
&c. by the fpace of thre yeres at the feaft of eafter I aft, after v s by the yere ; alfo we doo 
award, &c. that in recompence of all fuche cofts and charges as the feyd vycar hath ben 
att concemyng the fute, &c. that the feyd mailer, &c. fhall pay unto the feyd vycar, &c. 
iij li. of good and lawful 1 money, &c. In wytnes of all which premyfTes we the feyd Chrif- 
tofer Nevenfon and Thomas Mencfle to eyther part of theis our indentures of award our 
feales have fett. Dated the feyd day and yere, &c. Per me ChriPcopherum Nevynfon. Per 
me Thomam Menefle, (1550.) 

In the Hofpital cheft with the feals appendant. 
91. An indenture of leafe whereby the matter, &c. of the Hofpital of St Bartholomew of 
Sandwich, with the licenfe of John Stile mayor and the jurats patrons of the faid Hof- 
pital, demife to Thomas Severn of Sandwich one acre and a half of ground or pafture in 
the parifh of St Clement without the town, within the clofe called Larcop, amongft the 
lands of the heirs of Harbcrt Fynch gent, and of the faid T. S. for a term of fourteen 
years, at the yearly rent of eight (hilling*. Dated the xxij J of may, in the firft and fecund 
years or Philip and Mary. (1555.) 

In the Hofpital cheft, 
0,2. A leafe from the m after, &c. of the Hofpital, with licenfe of the mavor, &c. to Sir- 
plieti Wood mayor of Sandwich, of a void piece of ground in the parifh of St Clement in 
Knyghten ft reel, to the ftrcet w. and n. for 21 years, at io J per annum. Dated the 17th of 
narch, in the 4th of Ellz. (1562.) 

Jndoned, « The peeccof ground Mr Tho. Allen tookc of us, and thereon built a houfc, 
necrc the eaft end oi" St Clement's church. " 

9-j. Johannes M.inwood de Sa. generofus, in coniulrracione quod magiftcr, f. ets. H. 
S. H, tuque fucccflbrcs fui in poflerum vetuhcabunt quondam annualem redditum exeuntcm 
de tcnen.ento an-uiaii in parochia {until Petri, in vico vocato Strondfrretc, iicque aliqumii 
inde denanum, neque aliqua arrera^ia inde, dimittit ct co. Thome Parker maiori viJlo pre- 
oicle, ei Johanni T) liar de ladcm jurato tenementutn fuum in parochia fkneli Petri apud 

Lutkcfboate, ad regiara flratam vcrfus vy. ad prdinum vicarie lancti Petri veiAio n. et c. et 



tenementum Thome Parker de Sa, herebruer, verfus L ad ufurn dicTi magiftri, f. et s< H. S, 
B. predict et eorurn fuccefforibus imperpetuum. Datum iS° die junii, anno Eliz. declmo 


Autogiaph. pones m, et j. qui appeodet figillum J. Manwood. 

John Manwood -of Sandwich gent, enfeoffs to the mayor and one .of the jurats of Sand-, 
wich, in truft for the Hofpital of St Bartholomew, a tenement in St Peter's parifh at Lucks- 
boat, abutting to the ftreet w. the garden of the vicarage of St Peter n. and e. in lieu of a 
certain annual rent claimed by the Hofpital from a corner tenement in St Peter's parifh in 

Strand ftreet. June the 28th, 15; i. 

94. Be yt knowen by thefe prefents indented, that wheare owte of a corner howfe in the 
parryfshe of St Peter of Sandwiche, on the northe parte of the Strondftreete, nexte to a gate 
leadinge downeto the haven from the conduyte in Fyfiie markett, and foe the nexte coiner 
howfe there to feynte Maryes parryfshe, there was claymed to be yfluinge and goinge owte 
to the Hofpytall of St BarthyJmewes a yearelie rente of thyrtene (hillings fowr.e pence, or 
tenn {hillings. In liewe wherof by confent of John Manwood and Roger Manwood, brothers 
of Thomas Manwood late of Sandwyche deceazed, a mefuage fometyme a liable neare unto 
the parfonage howfe of St Peter was to the faide Hofpitall affigned, whyche then was and 
yett is of a more valewe ; to avoyde controverfte, &c. it is agreed between the mayor, ju* 
rates and commonaltie of Sandwyche patrons, and by the rnafter and brethren on the one 
parte, and Roger Manwood one of the quenes juftices of the common plees, the furvyvinge 
brother of the faide T\ M, that the faid R. M. dothe gyve to the (aid rnafter and brethren 

and their fucceffors the faid mefuage in exchaunge for the rente aforefaid, &c. Dated the 

three and twenty the dayeof maye, 1578. 

In the Hofpital cheft. 

95. An indenture whereby the rnafter, &c. of St Bartholomew's Hofpital releafe and con- 
finn, in fee., to Sir Roger Manwood knight, lord chief baron of the exchequer, all their 
rent of two (hillings and other intereft in the wharf, key, houfes, corners, ftorehoufes, lofts, 
&c. at or near Jefus key in Sandwich, and their rent of ten {hillings and other intereft in a 
corner houfe in Strand ftreet, and all their rent of eight {hillings and other intereft in the 
clofe and pafture called Larcopps, near Sandown, without the walls of Sandwich, In 
consideration of which, the faid Sir Roger Manwood releafes and confirms, in fee, to the 
faid mafler, &c. his rent of twenty {hilling* and other intereft in thofe parcels of pafture 
containing by eftimation three or four acres at'Sandown, which fometime belonged to 
Green's chantry founded in St Clement's church ; and his rent of eighteen {hillings and 
other intereft in the tenement fometime a (table with ground adjoining, near to the par- 
fonwc houfe of St Peters in Sandwich, in the (birth caft part. Dated October the 2d, 1579. 

Copia vera et examinata per R. Bonham. 

96. A leafe from the rnafter, brethren and lifters, &c. with the aflent of the mayor and 
jurats patrons, governours and vifitors, &c. to Ralph Goodchild, of a mefluage and gar- 
den (pot. in the parifli of St Peter in Sandwich near Galliot's bridge, for 31 years, at 40s. 

per annum. Dated may the 5th, 1689 

97. Peter 

P 1 


Peter Symon, recTtor of the church of St Qkipeiit, by leafe demifes to the maftfer, 

t; K d filters of St Bartholomew's Hofpital all the tithes, fruits, profits, fee. grow- 

* o- &c yearly in or upon the Hofpital lands within the faid pariQi, appertaining yearly 

to 'h 'ftory of St Clenunt, except all and fmgular the tithe corn and hay renewing-. 
1 on the faid lands, with free liberty to fetch and carry away the fame, and alfo except 
all manner of tithes yearly renewing in or upon a piece of land belonging to the faid Hof * 

tal called Hall en ge in the faid parifh ; and if the fame piece at any time during the demife 
Shall be manured with cattle, that then it fhall be lawful for the faid P. S. &c. to have 
all the tithe there arifing, in fuch manner as he might have done if thefe prefents had not 
been made : to have and to hold to them, &c. for a term of three years, and fo from three 
years to three years continually during the term of 2,1 years, if the faid P. S. folong do 
live, at the yearly rent of five pounds. Dated July the joth, i6cg, 

08. A leafe from the mailer, &c. of the Hofpital to the.provoft and fcholars of Queen's 
eolleo-e . Oxford, foratermof2i years from michaelmas 174.6, at 20s. per annum, of a 
final 1 houfe heretofore a dwelling houfe, butnowufed as a private brew houfe, lying near 
the dwelling-houfe of the faid provoft and fcholars in the parifh of St Clement, and alfo 
part of a barn there, and the ground on which the lodge now ftands, containing together in 
length 81 feet, and in breadth 20 feet, adjoining to a highway there leading to Sandown- 

gate. The tenants to repair. 

00. Grants of land, in which fome of the boundaries belong, to St Bartholomew's 


a. Carta Johannis Arundel, qua concedit Arnoldo Broun de Sa. fex acras terre arabilis 

iacentes in vna pecia deiuxta H. parochia et tenura de Eaflry inter terram Thome 
Elys verfus w. et terram Petri Weneyt verfus e. et terram Henrici Edward, &c. vcrfus f. 
et regiam ftratam vocatam Wemeftrete verfus n. Datum nono die marcii, anno Edw. tcrcii 
tricefimo tercio. T. Thoma. atte Bregge 5 Thoma Pri Idee ; Thorna Ripple 5 Johanne 
Haute; Johannc atte ISfefshe ; Willielmo clerico j et aliis. (1359.) 
In dorfo, " Bazlewood clofc." Autograph, penes m. et j. 

b. Carta Johannis Pynnok et Roger! < Man wood de Sa. qua concedunt RJcardo Colpctt 
de cadem duo tenementa, cum terra adiacentc, fcituata et iacencia in parochiis fan ft i de- 
mentis ct fanfti Petri de Sa. inter le Highftrete vcrfus e. reftoriam ecclefie fanfti Petri 
verfus f. le Luckefbotftretc vcrfus w. tenementum Johannis Pyham, vacuarn phceam terre 
fpeftantem f. et s. H. S. B. et tenementum Thome Godard, verfus N. Datum fecundo 
die aprilifi, anno Hen- oftavi fcxto. T. Johannc Somer, maiore ; Johannes Hubard, Jo- 
hanne Cole, juratis 5 Ricardo Lynman, clerico communi $ et aliis multis. (1515.) 

Autograph, penes in. ct j. 
0. Quictum clamatio Williclmi Stcfday et Elizabethc vxoris ftie, fllic ct heredis Hen- 
rici Herman, quartet re. Johaivni Grene de Sa. (Iftam curie, ct fexdecim folidos redditus, 
ox ccrtis tcrris vocatis Houelvngc iacentibus infra libertatcm ville Sa. inter terras II. S. B. 




Johannis Grene vocatam Worthhill et terras dicYi H. verfus f. et terras di£H Johannis 

Grene ac terras dicYi H. verfus n. ct ad terras heredum Willielmi Drury verfus w. quas 
terras habent et tenent, vt de rnanerio di&orurn Willielmi et Elizabethe de Tylmanfton, per 
redditum predi&um, ac eciam per fectam curie ad manerium predictum de tribus feptima- 
nis in tres feptinianas debitam. Dat. vltimo die aprilis, anno Hen. fexti vicefimo oftavo, 


In dorfo, " Lecla et recognita coram Johanne Drury, tunc maiore ville Sandewici, in 
plena curia ibidem, et aliis fociis fuisjuratis, die et anno infrafcriptis*" 
Manu retention, ** The deed for Hawlinge, 2 acres/' 
Autograph, penes m. et j. 


300. Robert Matfon, John Matfon, Richard Rogers and Mary his wife, and Matilda 
Matfon convey to the mayor and jurats, and the mafter, brothers and fitters of St Bartho- 
lomew's Hofpital, in fee, for the fum of 1715K a mefTuage or tenement and 43 acres of 
frcih marlh land or pafture in Afh. Sealed and figned by the parties that convey, and by the 
mayor and jurats ; and fealed with the common feal of the Hofpital, number 2. Dated the 
5th of auguft, 1775. 

101. A leafe to Thomas White Collard of the lands abovementioned for 21 years from 
michaelmas 1776, at 62L a year to be paid quarterly, 

102. A leafe to John Harvey efquire of a piece of ground in the parifh of St Peter con- 
taining at the eaft end abutting to New-ftreet 19 f. 6 in. at the fouth end 8c feet, at the 
weft end 23 f. 9 in. at the north end 80 feet, for 21 years from michaelmas 1783, at 3I. 
per annum to be paid quarterly. The tenant to repair, and pay all ceffes and taxes, 

103. A leafe to Mr Henry Matfon draper of a piece of ground containing at the weft 
fide 4.5 feet, at the fouth end 19 feet, at the north end 38 feet, abutting to the Butchery, 
for 21 years from michaelmas 1779, at a yearly rent of one pound five (hillings to be paid 
quarterly. The tenant to pay all cefles and taxes, and to build a fubftantial brick wall 

along the weft fide, and fix a ftone in the find wall describing the. boundaries of the pre- 

104. The mafter, brothers and fitters of the Hofpital of. St Bartholomew near and with- 
out the walls of the town and port of Sandwich, in the county of Kent, by and with the 
afient, &c. of the mayor and jurats of Sandwich patrons, governouis and vifitors of the 
faid Hofpital, demife to William PiJchcr of Follcffbnc yeoman all the fixe of the laid 
Hofpital, with the pound and gatc-houfe and one dwelling-houfe whore the prefent tenant 
dwells, with the garden thereto belonging, and all the barns, ftables, podware-boufes, ou> 
houfee, buildings, orchards, yards, feedings, lands and commons, arable, pafturc, falt*- 
niarfh and frefli marfh whatsoever to the faid fite belonging, containing by admeafuremenc 
289 acres % roods 28 perches, in the fevcral parifljcs of St Clement, St Peter and St Mary 
in Sandwich, and in the parifiies of Eaftry, Tilmanfloiie, Woodncfborough, Sholden and 
Worth 5 and alfo all that houfe called the Shepherd's hair (c within the Hofpital, and the 

two gardens belonging to the fame in the common garden ; except and always reierved 


Out of this demife unto the faid mailer, brothers and fillers and their fuccefTors the church 
or chapel within the faid Hofpital, and all their refpecTive tenements or dwelling-houfes, 
with their backfides, gardens and common gardens to the fame belonging, fave only the 
tenement being part of the farm-houfe and occupied therewith, as they now are or were 
ufed, &c. by them refpecYively, fituate within the faid Hofpital, with free liberty of in- 
grefs, egrefs and regrefs into, upon and from the green there called Hazlewood, for laying, 
wafhing, bleaching and drying their cloaths on the fame green and on the hedges thereof 
at their wills and pleafure, and alio except and referved, &c. all manner of farm rents, 
rents of affize, quitrents, annuities and other yearly profits belonging to- the faid Hofpital 
out of feveral mefTuages, lands and tenements in the faid county of Kent, and alfo except, 
&c. all manner of woods, underwoods, trees, timber and timber-like trees, top?:, lops and 
primings of trees, of what nature foever, Handing, &c. or which at any time during this 
demife (hall ftand, &c. upon the premifTes, with free liberty of ingrefs, &c. for them and 
their lucceflbrs, workmen, fervants and afligns at all times, &c. with the affent of the 
mayor and jurats aforefaid, into and upon the iaid premifes as well to fell, cut down, grup 
up, top, lop, hew, fquare, and make out into faggots, and with horfes, carts, &c. to carry 
away the fame, as alfo to new fet, tranfplant, graft and imp any young trees, plants, 
grafts and imps, on any convenient place of the premifes, and to view and furvcy the 
lands, &rc. and to repair and amend the fame : to have and to hold the fane unto the faid 
W. P. his. executors, &c. from michael mas 1781 during the term of 21 years, at the yearly 
rent of 287I. to be paid quarterly, and ten pounds for every acre, and fo in proportion for 
every greater or lefs quantity than an acre, of the marlh lands, meadow lands or pafturc 
lands hereby demifed, which he, &c. fhall during his leafe plough, dig, break up, or convert 
into tillage, or caufe to be ploughed, &c. to be paid like wife quarterly : with a claufe of re- 
entry on failure of payment ; or if the faid W. P. &c. fhall during his leafe affirm over his 
leafe, or the demifed premifes, or any part thereof, except the off pieces in the pariihes of 
Sholden, Eaftry, Tilmanftone and Woodnefborough, to any perfon, &c. for all or any 
part of the tern granted , without the fpecial licenfe of the faid mailer, &c. or the major 
part of them in writing under their hands and feals, and without the approbation and 
confent of the mayor and jurats, &c. or the major part of them in writing firft had and 

The tenant further covenants, 

To maintain and keep in good repair the glafs windows, hedges, ditches, fences and 
enclofuree, as often as need fhall require ; the wall along the haven and timber fences 

To pay all fcflcs and taxes, except taxes impofed by authority of parliament, and quit- 
rents on the landlords part to be paid. 

To imbarn in the barns or other convenient places of the premifes all the corn and 
grain yearly growing on the faid lands, and there thrafh out the fame ; and fodder out to 
the cattle in the yard of the premifes all the llrraw, ofEtl and fodder ; the toff and chill' of 




the laft year's crop only excepted j and to carry out all the dung and fpread it on the 


To fetch and bring with his horfes, &c. from Sandwich 21 lacks of coals for the faid 

matter and each of the brothers and lifters, and deliver the fame at their refpeftive dwell- 
ings gratis, they paying for the faid coals and the porterage ; provided it be not in feed or 
harveft time : and alfo yearly to fetch for each of them a cart load of fand, they paying 
for the faid fand ; and to deliver yearly to each of them at their refpe&ive dwellings half 
a waggon load of bean ftraw ; each half load to contain fifty double flieavcs. 

To provide and lay on the premifes ftraw for thatching. 

To fetch at his own coir, from any place not exceeding four miles in diftance from tho 
faid farm, all materials for repair of the demifed premifes. 

To leave in the laft year of his term 36 acres of the arable lands, ufually fown with 
wheat, podware gratton or fummerland, in good and fit condition for wheat the then next 

en fuing wheat feafon. 

To permit the mafter, brothers and fillers to take into their own hands four acres, or a 
lefs quantity, of the lands called Kite marines, on fix months notice in writing under 
their hands, or the hands of the major part of them, and to quit the fame on the 10th of 
oftober next following, fuch notice; upon their paying to the faid tenant for the fame 
yearly twenty ihillings per acre, and fa in proportion. 

To fuftcr the mafter, &c. their tenants and affigns, in the fummer of the laft year, to 
come and go to and from the place and yards with horfes, fervants and carriages, to carry 
out the dung and lay the fame in fome convenient parts of the hinds ; and after harveft in 
the faid laft year to plough, fpuddle and prepare the lands again ft the en fuing year. 

To fetch and bring to the refpedtivc divelling-houfcs of the faid mafter, &c. all the tops, 
lops and fhreadings of the trees. 

To pay and apply the proportion of every brother's and fitter's parts of the rents, who 
{hall at any time be nonrefident at their refpedlivc dwellinghoufes within the Hofpital, or 
be difobedient to the orders and directions of the patrons, governours and vifitors of lire 
faid Hofpital, in fuch manner, and to fuch pcrfon and perfons, as the mayor and jurats of 
Sandwich, or the major part of them, fliall diredt and appoint. 
The landloids covenant, 

To keep in repair during the term the mc flu age, barns, ftahlcs, buildings, gates, fti!cs 5 
pofis, pales, rails and timber fences, and alio the wall along the haven of Sandwich. 

To abate and allow the tenant in the rent of the farm the yearly (inn of twenty (hillings 
per acre, and Co in proportion for a greater or lefs quantity, for the land they fliall lake 
into their hands in Kite marfhes. 

That it fliall be lawful for the tenant in feafon to cut any thorns, tenet or bufhes, on the 
premifes for the nceellary repair of the hedges and fences; and alfo to dig any earth or 

mould, io as not to injure the trees, hedges, or fences^ and ib as not to take oil" any tiling 


6 7 

from the meadow, pafture or orchard land, and Co as the fame be laid in and upon the de- 

mifed lands and not elfewhere. 

That it fhall be lawful for the tenant to have free liberty of the barns, courts and yards, 
for the imbarning, laying, thrafhing, &c. his corn and grain, and for the foddering, water- 
ing, &c. his cattle^ until the fir ft of may after the end of his term. 

Dated the 6th feptember, 178 r. 

105. A leafe from the mafter, brothers, &c. to Mr John Woodruff, butcher, of a barn and 
yard in the paiifli of St Peter near Moatfole, for feven years from midfummer 1784, at 
the yearly rent of twenty -five fhillings. The tenant to pay all ceiTes, taxes, charges, du- 
ties and impofitions whatfoever, and to repair the faid barn, if he chufes to uphold it. 

106. Rentale domus fandti Bartholomei prope Sandwicum dc novo fa&um et renovatum 
ad feftum fknfti Michaelis archangel i, anno regni tegis Henrici fexti poft conqueftum An- 
glic fexto, de omnibus redditibus eidem domui ab antiquo ad quatuor anni terminos princi- 
paleset vfuales, intra Iibertatem difte ville Sandwici, debitis, tempore Willielmi Galer pro 
tunc maioris, et domus predifte patroni, et Thome Atnefiie eiufdem domus pro tunc magi- 
ftri, ac Johannis Kix et Johannis Lacye di&orum reddituum colledorum, et regiftratum in 
i/tc papiro per manus Johannis Serle, communis clerici dide ville Sandwici, et fratris eiuf- 
dem hofpitalis, vicefimo primo die maii, anno rfgni regis Henrici fexti xxxvij, tempore 
Henrici Grenefoeld, tunc maioris diSe ville Sandwici. 

In parochia fanili Clementis. 
De mancione vicarie ibidem inter regiam flratam verfus e. et orreum Ricardi Redys 
verfus f. et gardinum Willielmi Molland verfus w. et cimiterium ecclefie fa nd i Clementis 
verfus n. per annum iij s , 

Dc tenement© Johannis Scotte in Capelftrcate inter meffuagi urn Kathcrinc reliite Si~ 
monis Hcrringc verfus c. et mefuagium Johannis Prauncis verfus f. et regias ftratas verfus 
w. modo Johannis Beverych .; per annum ij s vj' 1 . 

Dc duobus rotagii« Johannis Symond et Willielmi Symond fcituatis contigue in Kny- 
thenftretc inccr gardinum Johannis Marfliall verfus e. et mcfiuagium Petri Scotte verfus f. 
et cotagium Thome Wcftclyfe verfus n. per annum \'y iiij< ! . 

Dccotagio Stcphani Gerard quondam Johannis Anfell fcitnnto fuper corncrium in T;nc- 
fliefeflrete inter regias ftratas verfus c. et s. et mefluaguim Robert i Atfanne verfus w. et 
me/luagium Robcrti Sclby verfus n. per annum xx' 1 , modo Hugonis Caxtcn. 

Dc duobus cotaoiis Robcrti Atfanne quondam Hugonis JJiirgraue fciuuitis \huhm inter 
mcfluagium Stcphani Gerard verfus c. et regiam flratam verfus f. ct meifua^ nun rju firm 

Robcrti Atfanne verfus w. ct dicti Robcrti Sclby verfus n. per annum xx\ modo Huwiiis 
Caxten. ° 

In parochia fanili Fctii, 
Dc(|uadam vacua placia tcrrc Johannis Pontic quondam Willielmi Hailanc! anml Lukcs- 
bote mixr regain fltatam verfus e. etcommunem curiam acjue voeatam le Walmh-lf vu-fus 
w. et Willielmi Wyder verfus f. ct mdiuagimn Johannis liuilcl veifus n. per 

annum \y viij-'. j^ 9 



De cotagio Nicholai Denne quondam Thome Wadman fcituato juxta Galiottes bredge 
inter rcgiam ftratam verfus e. et mefuagium Henrici Martyn verfus f. et marifcum Roberti 
Richard verfus w. et cotagium Fulfhawe verfus n. per annum xx d . modo Chriftiane Pevr- 

De mefluagio et gardino Roberti Capon quondam Willielmi Rede juxta le Turnpik 
inter regiam ftratam verfus e. et terram communitatis didle ville Sandwici verfus f. et ma- 
rifcum dicSli Roberti Richard verfus w. et n. per annum xij d . 

De giangea Thome Gradeler quondam Thome Gurney fcituato inter regiam ftratam 
verfus e. et grangeam heredum Johannis Bolle verfus f. et gardinum fratrum Carmelitarum 
verfus w. et grangeam cantarie Thome Ellis verfus n. per annum, modo Johannis 

Palmer, iij s . 

De grangea eorundem capellanorum Thome Ellis fcituata ibidem inter regiam ftratam 
verfus e. et grangeam dicti Thome Gradeler verfus f. et dictum gardinum fratrum Carme- 
litarum verfus w- et grangeam heredum Willielmi Rede verfus n. per annum, modo capel^ 

lanorum, iij s . 

De duabus grangeis Johannis Shelle et Willielmi Harlewyn quondam Johannis Berharn 
fcituatis contigue apud Barnes Ende inter marifcum dictorum fratrum Carmelitarum verfus 
e. et -terras communitatis ville predifte verfus f. et regiam ftratam verfus w. et grangeam 
Hugonis Rife verfus n. per annum xviij J , modo Johannis Burton et Ricardi Welihe. 

De grangea Johannis Gurney^ junioris, fcituata ibidem inter dictum marifcum fratrum 
Carmelitarum verfus e. et grangeam Thome Moland verfus f. et regiam ftratam verfus w« 
et grangeam Thome Netherfole verfus n, per annum, modo Johannis Pafton, ij s . 

De grangea Ricardi Divopp quondam Johannis Studham fcituata ibidem inter dictum 
marifcum fratrum Carmelitarum verfus e. et grangeam dicti Hugonis Rife verfus f. et re- 
giam ftratam verfus w. et grangeam Stephani Gerard verfus n. per annum, modo Johannis 
Nyfham, xviij d . 

In parochia beatiiTime Marie virginis. 

De meffuagio Radulphi Archer quondam Agnctis Pcny fcituato in vico vocato Series 
lane inter gardinum Simon is Ruddock verfus e. et aliiid mefTuagium ejufdem Radulphi 
verfus f. et regiam ftratam verfus w. et mefTuagium Edmundi Pender verfus n. per annum, 
modo Johannis Pendre, iij s iiij a . 

De quadam porta cum cotagio Johannis Martyn fcituata in eodem vico inter tenement uni 
Johannis Martyn verfus e. ct cotagium et terras heredum Alexandri Norman verfus f. et 
II. ct rcgiam ftratum verfus w. per annum, modo Johannis Lan^le, ij\ 

De mefluagio Johannis Rede, barboiue, quondam Robeiti Morton, fcituato in 
vico vocato Gaflceync Lane inter regiam ftratam verfus e. et cotagium piopriuni ac <>ardinum 

Johannis Mede verfus f. ct quandam vcjicllani vcifus w. ct gardinum Thome Levcrylc ver- 
fus n. per annum \\j\ 

De tribus cotagiis propriis fcituatis ibidem inter rcgias flratas verfus e. ct s. et dictum 

gaidinum Johannis Mede verfus w. ct nicfliigiuiii Johannis Rede, barbor> verfus n. per 
annum xij% Jj-g 

6 9 

De tenemento Stephani Gerard Criftian fcituato in le Butchery inter (tenementum,) he- 
redum WilJielmi Yve verfus e. et tenementum Simonis Hobbard verfus f. et regiam 
flratarn verfus w. et tenementum Thome Moland verfus n. per annum x s . 

De quodam gardino heredum Willielmi Tanner jacente apud Wales Ende inter paftu- 
ram heredum Henrici Dyrey verfus e. et s. et terras communitatis diite ville verfus w. et 
le Waterdelf verfus n. per annum, modo Thome Clerk, fkynner, xij d . 

De tenemento Johannis Marleburgh pro quodam tenemento vocato le Cheker fcituato in 
vico vocato Payntoures lane inter regiam fhatam verfus e. et cotagium ejufdem Johannis 
Marleburgh verfus f. et gardinum nuper Thome Haddon verfus w. et cotagium Johannis 
Lanolcy verfus n. modo Thome Marleburgh, per annum vj d . 

Annexed to the foregoing rental. 
John de Arundel] dyd by his deede releafe unto the brothers and fyfters of the Hofpitall 
of St Bartholomew viij d by yeare, goinge owt of a pece of meadowe ground lyenge next 
Stone Bredge on the eft part thereof. WitnefTes the mayor and ten more at the left. 

Thomas Elles gave to the faid Hofpitall one acre and one rodd of land lyenge to the 
lands of th? faid brethren and fiftern eaft and weft, the delf fowth and the king's ftreate 
north, Witnefles the mayor and v more named. 

A fearne of barley to be yerly payed owt of the parfonage of Woodnefborough as ap- 
peareth by compofition to the brothers. 

M. S. penes G. B. 

107. The rentes that belonge to fente Bartelme 

Of Mrs Maftcr for a quette owte of herre (houfc) holle ycrre ys vj s . 
Of Mr Parctte for quette rent owte of Jefus kaye ys euery ycre if, 
Of Mr Wode for farme a pefe of growne lyinge in fente Klement 

for the halle farme ys x d . 

Of Farrothe Taylcr for rente of a garden that belongethcto howfe 

for the holle yerrc ys viij d . 

Of Harelefrone for a garden befyde the kobelcres every yere ys iiij d. 

Of Mr Meynees for a barne that he ocapyfe for the holle ycrre ys iij s. 

Of John Chyketon for the holle yenes rent of a garden i j s viijd. 

Of our broder Bcrker for hys bakfyde for the holle ycrre iiij d. 

Of our broder Roggcr for hys balcefydde the holle yerrc ij d. 

Of our broder Kreppcs for the churchc growne iiijd. 

Of our brother Teneger for our omen gardeden for the holle ycre xijd. 

Of our broder Peyman for hys bakefyde the yeres ijd. 

Owte of wyckregc of fente ICIementes the holle yerc iijs. 

Thes mode paye oufe a year at myhcllmas. 
Of Mr Pekc for the melbanke for the holle ycre iiijd. 

Of Mr Tyler for farme of Mr Grovs growne at Wcncibrotlgatc for the holle yerrc 

farme xijd, 



Of goodman Gakobbe for a barne wy thein eeue gait xij d for the nolle yerre xxij s. x d» 

Thes mofte paye every haffe yen 
Of Mr Sevaren for farme of Larkoppe the haffyere iiijs. 
Of fcnte Tomas Howfe for the harFyeres rente ijs. vjcL 
Of goodmaa Hogekene for farmc of our growne the haffe yere ys v s. 

The fum of the haffe ycres rentes xj s. vj d. 
Of our broder Pyman for our grown in the haff yere ys iiij d. 


Thes paye euery quarter 

Of Paramore for farme of our marches in the Rang thequarf ares farme ys xxvs. 

Of goodman Cnlycr for the quarteres farme of our marche ocepeythe ys iij s iiij d. 

For our howfe in the bocheerye euery quarter ys xj s. viijd. 

Of goodman Jakobbe for our barne at Mottefolle the quarter ys Iij s* iiij d. 

Of Chambre the bochere for the quarteres farme of northe lefe ys xiij s. iiij d, 

Of Beman the fmethe for the quartere ys of Bartelme akerre ijs. yjd. 

Of John Fynowlle for the quarteres quetrente of hys howfe ys ij s. vjd. 

Of Mv Sevarne for a quarteres que terente of howfe "xviijd. 

Of Chandler the deker for the quarteres farme of our growne xvjd. 

Of Thomas A lye for the quarters farme of our growne at Downes gatte ys iij s. 

Of the Flcmynge for the quarters farme of our gatte howfe ij s. vj d. 

Of goodman Belt for hes horfe goynge at Sandowne xd. euery quarter. 

The fum ys iijli. xiij s. iiijd. 

The holle fum of rente euery yere ys xvj li. vs. xd. 
Early belongen to fent Bartelme, every ycre to be payde. 
Of Thomas Wytefclde of Eftre xij bochelles. 
Of Mr Godcrd of Eftre iiij bochelles and a tofcttc. 
Of Thomas Hogebonc of Eftre iiij bochelles and a tovette. 
Of SafFre Paramore of Eftre iiij bochelles, 

Our foreman mo ft e have for hys wages xlvjs. viijd. Rewarde xiijs. iiijd. 

Our chepparde wages ys xxvj s, v iij d. 

Our trecher mod hafe xd. for euery feme of whette and vd. for euery feme of 

bar) ye. 

M S. penes G. B, 

ic8. A furveigh of the lands and rents belonging to the Iiofpitall of St Bartholomew's 
near Sandwich, fome of which are now out of their polleilion and therefore are fo declared 
herein. This furveigh was taken by John Tindciby, the then mailer of the faide Hofpiiall, 
and John Parker one of the bicthrcn thereof; which lands are mentioned by their perti- 
culeriuuns and butts or bounderies thereof) taken in theyearc 1675. 



I rimis, One peece or parcel 1 of land containing three quarters- of an acar more or left in 

the parifh of Eaftry in a place called Wenfon butting to the lower fide of Eaftry 

downe e. and toward a hill commonly called Hogfty hill w. and to the lands of one 

Eaton, but formerly one Adams n. and f. 

Item One acar of land commonly called or othenvife known by the name of Horfe acar, 

lyin * about one hundred rodds beyond Eaftry fayre field towards a place commonly 
called Deadrnanfgap : this acar butts from Eaftry flreet to Knowlton down w. the 
the other end to a green lift or foot path leading to the uper fide of Wenfon next 
Knowlton e. and to the lands of Micaill Auften f. and to other lands of Sir George 
Sands n. the which peefe Sir George Sands detaineth from the HofpitalE 
Item, One other parfell of land containing one near in the parifh of Eaftry, neer a place 
commonly known by the name of Bramble-hill or Bromble-banke. This peece lyeth 
C-. to the faide banke, and to the lands of Mr Thomas Friend w. and to other lands 
of Mr Paramor n. and f. 
Item. One peeceor parcdl of land containing one acar more or lefs lying in a field com- 
monly called Heaflewood field, lying in the parifh of Eaftry, butting to Eaftry- court 
land, formerly called Heazlewood, w. and to the common lane e. and to the lands 
of Mr May f. and to other lands belonging to Chrift church of Canterbury n. 
Rem One parcel of land containing one acar more or lefs in the parifh of Worth, alias 
Word, in a field called Hacklinge field lying in length e. and w. and to a green lift n. 
Item. One half acar more or lefs in the parifh of Word lying near the Hog-grecn yard or 
orchard among the lands of Mr Harvey, now in the occupation of Mi William 
Item. Two peeces of paftor land containing twenty one acars more or lefs in the parifh of 
Shouldon, one peece containing {even acars lying at the weft fide of the Gutt com- 
monly called the country Gutt 9 and heads up to Pinnock wall f. The other peece 
containing fourteen acars more or lefs, and lyeth at the eaft fide of the aforefaid 
country Gutt, further in the marfh, necre a place commonly called Partridge Stock, 
and heads up to the north ftream, and lyeth neer to other lands of Mr Mafters, 
Item. Two peeces of marfh land commonly called by the name of Keet marfhes in the 
parifh of St Clement's of Samhvich beyond Down's-bridge, one the right hand of 
the faid bridge, joyning to the lands of Mr Thomas Hatton. One peece lyeth for 
ten acres more or lefs, the other peece for feven acais more or lefs. 
Item, One peece of paftor land lying near Down's- bridg in the parifh of St Clement's of 
Sandwich containing four ac:us more or le/V, butting to the highway leading to 
Deale f. and to other lands of ' the faide IIo.puI w. 
Item. One peece of earable land lying in the fame place containing fix acars more or lefs 
and known by the name of Venicr's cloafe, and butts to the north ftreani i\ and to 


other lands of the faide Hofnitall e. 



Item. One peece of land containing half an acar more or lefs known and called by the 

name of the Heart, lying between the ftreame and Verrier's cloafe. 

Item, Otic peece of land containing five acars more or lefs commonly called by the name 

of the Mather garden. 

Item, One parcell of land allways known by the name of the Sanddowns in the parifh of 

St Clement's in Sandwich. This peece of land contains by eftimation 30 acars mor 
or lefs, and butts to the highway going to Deale f. and to a fmall crick called the 
Gueftling n. and to other lands of the faid Hofpitall w. 

Item. One parcel! of fait marfh land called the common Salts containing by eftimation 

100 acars more or lefs, lying ^along by Sandwich haven down as far as Pepper 


Item. One peece of land lying between the Sanddowns and Sandwich towne wall known 

by the name of Brick-kill-garden, lying for three acars more or lefs. 

Item. A peece of land lying next to the Brick -kill- garden known by the name of Cold- 
harbour, which the town for fome years have claimed the privileds to lay beatch 
upon ; and the yeare this writing was made they have taken liberty to hire it out as 
their own, for the benifit of St Clement's parifh, in which it lyeth. 

Item. One peece of paftor land in the parifh of St Clemens's known by the name of Hol- 

linge containing ten acars more or lefs. It lyeth near Word bridge, leading from 
the faid bridg towards Sandwiche towne and butting to a lane w. 

Item. One parcell of land lying in the parifh of St Clements of Sandwich commonly 

called Mill- field, which contains 30 acars more or lefs, buting to the delf, f. and to 

a peece of land now called the ten acars w. 
Item, One peece of paftor land called Cow lees. This peece containeth or lyeth for ten 

acars more or lefs as it butts up to Sandwich town wall n. and to the highway e. 

and to other lands of the faid Hofpitall f. 
Item. One peccc of land called Black-field containing and lying for 24 acars more or lefs. 

This peece of land butts to a lane called Black-lane fi and to other lands of the faid 

Hofpitall n. 
Item. One peccc of land lying at the backfidc of the faid Hofpitall of St Bartholomew 

and known by the name of Hcazelwood. This peccc of land lyeth for fix acars more 

or lefs, and butts to the lane called Black-lane w. and to Eaftry-lane e. and to the 

land of Mandy f. 

Item. One parcell of land lying in the fhott going up to Wcms containing three acars 

more oi lefs, and butts to the common way w. to the land of Mr Kayfon n. and to 

the lands of Mr Mofs f. 
Item. One peccc of land lying at Wcmms containing two acars more or lefs, butting to 

the way w. and to the lands of Mr Kay fun n. and to the lands of Mr M.iundy f. 
Jtem. One parcell of land containing one acar more or lefs laying at Statenburrough in Id 

along a hedg there n. and heads up to Buckland barnyard or cloafe w. and to lands 

oi' Mr Para in or i\ 





a-field called Valentine's-doake, containing three acars more or left, and o^ii^ -n 
the lane, towards the w. and to the hole or doak itfelf n. and to other lands of Ivir 
Parromer f, and e. 

Item. One peece of land containing four acars more or lefs laying in the field or fhott be- 
tween Wemms and Eaftry lane, and butts up the forefaid lane e. and to the lands of 
Mr Mofs w. and to other lands in the occupation of Mr Philpot n. and f. 

Item. One peece of land containing two acars more or lefs laying in the field going from 
Sandwich to Eaftry, and lyeth from Eaftry lane ciofs the field to the other lane e. 
and w. and between other lands in the occupation of Mr Philpot n. and f. 



faid Hofoitall w. and to other lands of Mr Harvey's f. and to lands of Mr. King e. 
Item. One peece of paftour land called the Hart* clofe containing three acars more or 

lefs, butting to the common way or lane w. and to a lane called Short-lane n. and 

to other lands of the faid Hofpitall c» 
Item. One peece of land containing two acars more or lefs lying one the north fide of 

Short-lane, butting to the faid lane C and to Duck-marfh w. and to other lands of 

Mr Hayward's e. 

Item. One peece of land containing five acars more or lefs, which butts to Duck-marfh w. 

and to the edge of the marfh n. and to a common way f. 
Item. One peece of land lying againft Short-lane called by the name of Duck-marfh, con- 
taining or lying for -~- acars more or lefs. 
By report there hath been much land more belonging to the faid Hofpitall in former dayef, 
but is now in the poffeffion of other perfons that are rich, therefore the poor muft fuffer. 

Rents belonging to the Hofpitall of St Bartholomew. 
Imprimis. The ferry pafTagc from Sandwich into the ifland of Tennat. 

Rents of houfes in the town of Sandwich that doe belong to the Hofpitall of St 

Item. The faith's houfe at Galierd's bridge wherein Ralph Goodchilde now liveth, pet- 
annum i\. os. od. 

Item. In the Butchery two houfes, one of which for want of mony to repairc it ftancfe 
empty ; in the other goodwife Mathews dwelleth, and fliee paycth to the Hofpitall 
per annum 2I. os. od. 

Item. At Pillory gate in Sandwich a houfe Robert Smith hyrcd of the Hofpitall. 
Item. At Moats hole a bain per annum 3I. os. od. 

Item. The houfe called Copp-hall next joining to the vickarcdg houfe of St Potter's, with 
a pecfe of ground to it, which by one Mr How the late minifter of St Peter's was 



* For ILirj 


taken into his garden, which garden alfo by probability doth belong to the Hofpitall - 
which houfe ufeth to goe for per year 2I. OS. od. but the Hofpitall for want of 
money to repair have no tennant in it -, which if it were repayred yet might mifs of a 
tenant by reafon the ground belonging to it is gon, and allfo is annoyed by the vie- 

.karedg neceflary houfe. 



Item. Out of a houfe and garden near St Clement's church yard, now in the occupation 

of Mr Thomas Hatton, one pound per year- 
Item. Out of a' houfe belonging to Mr Edward Elfted jurat, being over againft Lukf- 

boate, John Brothers gardner now tenant, 8d. per annum. 

Item. For a way to a houfe belonging to Mr Elfted aforefaid > lately known by the name of 
_the Sun tavern, 2s, per annum. 

Item. Out of the Kingshead, widow Beale landlady therof, is. 8d. per annum. 

Item. Out of a houfe called Luckfboat 2s. 6d. per annum : which houfe was formerly 

four fmall teniments, each of which paide the Hofpitall 2s* 6d. per year ; but Mr 
Richard Mofs landlord to the faide houfes pulled them downe and rebuilt it into one 
dwelling houfe, fo upon that reafon, without reafon or charity, detains 7s. 6d. yearly 
from the poore Hofpitall'* 

Item. Out of the houfe widdow Shaw dwelleth in,, {landing neer to- New-ftreet, 6d. per 


Item. Out of a barne belonging to St Thomas's hofpitall five /hillings per yeare.. 

Item. Out of a barne, formerly Commins his barn now Daniell Wilfon's, as. 6 d. per year.. 

Item. Out of a houfe belonging to Mr EJited aforefaid and Mr William Mandy ten* (hil- 
lings per year -, but thefe two landlords not agreeing, the houfe (lands empty, and' 
hath don fo this twelv years ; and how long it will be thus the Lord knows, 61, 
now behinde. 

Item. Out of the chery garden neer to Wodne(burrough gate- 2s. 6d. per yeare. 
Item. Out of the vickredg houfe of St Clement's in. Sandwich 3s. per annum.. 
Item. Out of Mr Rigden's barne neer to Newgate is, per yeare. 
Item. Out of the fluice houfe neer Sandwich 2s. per yeare. 

This rental] was written by the hand of Mary Wheeler, a filler in the 7th houfe 0/ this 
Hofpitall, in the year 1677. The Hofpitall of St Bartholomew's having no rentall in their. 
ciiflidy nither of their lands nor houfes for this many yeares,. though there is, one now in 
the town hail cheft, which was writte in king Hencry the eight his days, which is in lat- 
ten, but the Hofpitall canol procure it thens to- have it tranferibed by means of Mr James 
Thurkirn town cleric: in which htm rentall is mentioned much revenniws more then 
the Hofpitall at prcfent doth poflefs, as the mill and mill hill (landing upon the town wall 
neer to St Clement's church yard, which is now in the pofofion of Mr Bartholomew 
Coonis one of the jurats, and a garden joyning to the town wall now in the poflefion of 
Mr Jtikim another jurat ; which the writer hereof undcrftamling wrote this and gave to 
the Hofpitall for fuc feeding iiie. (This 

rf W l 




i This terrier, written in a fair large hand on a long roll of parchment, is in the Hof- 

ioq. Extracts from a manufcript written about 1696 by Francis Hook matter of St 

Bartholomew's Hofpital. 

One piece of land of 5 rods in Hacklinge field found out by great inquiry we now en- 
joy, and we find it recorded in Adfum court. It payeth ol. is. 4J. 

Three rods more in Hacklinge field near the place in which Mr William Stringer lived 

Word. Both pieces by many of our books rented at forty four {hillings a year. 

i6q?, May 9. Paved the way 20 rods long, the length of the wall, by fubfeription of 
the mayor, foine jurats, fome gentlemen and chief of the freemen - 3 the whole charge 

4I. 10s. 2d. 

jrgn, Tn Stephen Streeting's book matter of this houfe we find it thus written. " Paid 

to Edward Field for filling of the fole with water befide Stone-bridge/' It was a pa- 

fture field ; I remember it. 

1550. In the account of John Harnes mafter, he faith " Received for one year's rent 
of Mr Mines four our fmall falts near Sandown gate ol. 16s. od. 

In matter Thomas Parker's account 1549. " Received of brother Pyham for one year's 

nt of our fmall falts near Sandown gate ol. 16s, od." 

It is good to keep this in memory ; complaints may recover. 

The field over the bridge joining to Milfield and to Stonebridge was, in Mr Pekc's time, 
a pafture field, which I and many more can remember with a great tree in the middle of 
the field and many other great trees, which Mr Peke caufed to be felled and carried away. 
Mr Anderfon then matter of v the Hofpital made refinance, and faid both the lands and 
trees were the brothers and fitters. 

1696. A brother was arretted by a warrant from Dover cattle, but he would not obey 

it ; it was void. 

There is a piece in Hacklinge field containing 3 rods near Mrs Neames hedge by the? 

foot way, which goodman Wood aged 60 fais is called Bartholomew's land, and fo fa i s 
Richard Paramor. 

•One piece of fait marfli going up to Pepperncfs and to the Iafi bridge next the (and hill 
near Lower-head, 120 acres. 


j68a. Mr Michell hired our little houfe and ground, 80 feet of ground within the barn 
and 21 feet by the gate of the place up to the houfe, at 20 fhillings by the year. He gave 
-m\ income of 48 fhillings, 3s. a piece. I (aw the ground meafurcd. 

1698. Mr Goodchild a houfe with the fmith's fliop joining to Hog's church yard, at 
2I. per annum* 

Mr John Auttcn a barn nt Moat fole joining to the Star yard il. 12s. od. per annum. 
A piece of land formerly a chamber at Pillory gate. Mr Young fold it to Mr Benjamin 
Kclley, He paid the firft rent of his purchafe 7I, us. od. 

L 2 


7 6 

November 26. 1696. Mr Kelly paid his firft quitrent ol. 4s. od. 

The fluice houfe in Sandowns ol. as. od. per annum, quitrent, 

1694. We were forced to prove our right to the quitrents paid to our Hofpitall, and we 
proved them to have been received above .100 years paft. 

The mafter, brothers and fitters made over to Mr Manwood jurat two acres of marfh 
land at the upper end of Larcop lane near Sandowns, for an old houfe called Cop-hall, 
and two or three fmall rents. The deed in our chelh 

William Gayler was the firft mayor who called himfelf patron of St Bartholomew's 
Hofpital. Before his time every brother's and fitter's place was given away by the mayor, 
jurats and commons, without paying any thing on admiffion. 

1694.. Peter Nowell efquire and feven jurats, our honored patrons, came to the Hofpital 
to fee what every houfe wanted of repaireing. For many yeares before there was not the 
like view taken, to the great lofs of the brothers and lifters. 

1696. Things belonging to St Bartholomew's Hofpital. 


Thirty pounds in money. 

One antient filver cup. 

One filver feal to feal our leafes with, Saint Bartholomew fitting in a chair, the name 
round the rim ; it is oval : coffc %h 7s. od. 
One large filver feal of light vallue. 
One brafs feal coft 12s, 

One green carpet of broad cloth for the pulpit. 
One diaper tablecloth for the table in the chapel. 
One new cheft to put our writings in, cofl: ol. 8s. od. 

M S. penes G.B. 
1 10. Lands lyenge in the lordfliippe of Eaftry appartaynyng to the Hofpitall of St Bar- 
telmews next Sandwyche* 

The matter and bretherne of f hofpitall of St Bartelmewes next Sandwyche dotlxe holde 
wythin the fame lordefhyppe a pece of Iande called Blakefeld, lyenge befyde a place called 
Puttokfdowne, and dothc contayne xxv akers and a half at vd, ob. qr. by the acre, which 
ys called Craythorne rent. 

Item. They do holde of landc lyeng befyde Longemede called A verlande contaynyng jx 
akers and half a rodd at v d. every acre. 

Item. They holde there a croft or clofe contaynyng j aker and a half and half a rodd at 

v d. the acre. 

Item. They holde there more lyenge to the lands of Mr Roger Manwodd, fomtymc one 
Scvans, contaynyng ij akers. 

Alfothcy holde lyenge next to thefaydc Hofpitall a croft called Hafelyngs contayityng 

vj akers iij rods and a half, at vd. for every acre. 

Item, They holde befyde Ives croftc lying to the chawntre lands iiij akers, at vd. 



_ 77 

Item. They holde at Weymes lyeng to the lande fomtyme Raymonde Harflett iij akers 

and half arodd. 

Alfo they holde at Woorde lyenge next to Vpton half an aker. 

Alfo they holde at Hey lyenge to the land fomtyme of Thomas Roger j aker. 

Alfo they holde at Marbledowne lyeng to the land fomtyme John Frenne j aker at iijd. 

Alfo they holde at Upperftone, otherwyfe Wendlyftone, lyeng to the lands of John 

Miller iij rodds. 

The whole number of akers are \v and a half. 

Copyed out of the lord's bok by Robert Grove. M S. penes G. B, 

in. Menfura omnium acraruin terre pertinencium domui fanai Bartholomei prope 
Sandewicum, anno regis Henrici fexti Anglie nono, tempore Robert! Wylclemaioris. 

In primis. In quodam crofto vocato Preftecrofte jx acr. et dim. j virg. et di. irij per* 

Item. In quodam campo vocato Mellefeld xxvij acr. et xvj perticat. 

Item. In quodam crofto vocato Moyfcrofte vij acr. et di. et vij perticat. et di. 

Item! Apud le Morelongmede v acr. et di. et di. virg. et iiij perticat. 

Item. In le leffepece de Longmede iij jp. et di. j virg. 

Item. Apud Longmedegate j acra et dia. 

Item. Apud le Horfacre iij acr. et j perticat. 

Item. Apud le Pyke vj acr. j virgat. et di* virgat. et vij perticat. 

Item. In campo vocato Blakefelde xiij acr. di. j virgat. et di. et xij perticat. 

Item. In crofto vocato Redelefcrofte v acr. et di, j virg. et vj perticat. 

Item. Apud Felderlond j acr. di. et j virg. et di. et xj perticat. et di. 

Item. Apud Wynieftrete ij acr. j virg. et di. 

Item. Apud Puttokkefdowne ij acr. et x perticat. 

Item. Apud le Mellehyll apud Sandowne j acr. ctdi. virg, et xij perticat. et di, perticat. 

Item in vna alia pecia ibidem j virgat. 


Swmma omnium acrarum iiij xij acr. di. di. virg. et xj perticat. et di. 

M S. penes G. B. 
112. Memorandum. The Rue and twentieth day of noucmbcr, in the fowrth yearc the 
rcigne of fouereigne lord king James, it is couenanted and agreed vppon between* the parfon 
of St Peter's in Sandwich and the matter and brethren of St Barthollomcwcs, that the 
(aide m after and brethren dial I ycerly pay vnto the abouefaid parfon of St Peter's the fome 
of tenne (hillings, that is to fay, at euery quarter day ijs. vj <1. for his dutie of certeme 
land called by the name of the Cowe-leafe, and allfo for one howfe in St Peter's parifhc 
called and knowne by the name of the Copte-hallc, for the which they haue accordingly 
lifchargcd for the time paft and for chriftmas quartet ncxtc, fo that the fir ft payment of 
ijs. vjd, to beginiie vpon our lady clay next. And as for all former couenantes made be- 
twecne them j they are by thefe prcfent agreements made voyde and oi' none cflecle. In 



7 8 

wittnes wherof the -faid parfon, m after and brethren- have ioyntly herevnto fubferibed, the 
day and yereabouefaid. (1606.) 

Per me Harimum Whyte reftorein. 
By me Walter Hallfnod mafter. 

By. me E-fay Meriam brother, (and others.) 

113. ,9th november anno Domini 1631. 

Rec. by Mr Thomas Warren, domino of St Peter's in Sandwidge, the Cum of fowre 
fhillings for the quarter's rent of Cowles, beinge in full .payment for the holl yere dwe at 
myhellmas I aft parte. I faye rec, iiijs. Tho. Warren, 

114. At the fefTions for fewers houlden at the lord aichbefhop's .palace Canterbury, the 
XV th day of June in the xxth yeare of his maiefty's raigne of England, France and Ire- 
land, &c. and of Scotland 55. 1622. &c» 

It is ordered and decreed that, whereas the howfe in Sanddowne {landing ner the {luce 
which fewcth out of the north ftreme of Ledden vail ye is bulded one the land belon^m 
to the ofpetall of St Bartholmas, for a man to dwell in for to looke to the faid iluce at the 


tieds, nowe in concederation therof the expendytor of Ledden vallye fhall henceforth 
jeaerly pay vnto the faid ofspitall of St Bartholmas, for rente of .the faid howfe, two fhil- 
lings, the fir ft payment .to .begen at infuing. 

Examined .by me, John Smyth clerk to -the comifiion of fewers. 

115. Extracts from thfe books of account in the Hofpital cheft. 
xxxvth H. VIII, Thomas Parker, mafter, John Mafter, mayor. About 1543. 

Paycl to the carpenter for makyng a bottre inow-r grette aull for met and wachys ■ ijs. id. 
Item. To the preftys and the clarke of St Peterys for mas on Bartyllmew day iijs. 
Item. To fer Wyllyam Gorden for ys q r wachys - - xxvjs. viijd. 

' Item. To the pre ft of Worth, for the vekar of Eftre, for the therte of Lonp;- 


med half % yerc 

ijs. jd. 

Item. The mafter parfon of fen Peter's for ys dute of Cowlefe for a holleyer iijs. iiijd. 

Item. Tho mafter vyker of St detriment's for a thert lam - - xiiijd. 

Item. For treflyng of v femys and di. of fed barly - - xxijd. 

Item. To Ihon owr farvant, when I mad barkyn wyth hyrci - - jijd. 

Item. For iij peyhar of clovys (gloves) for owrfarvantys in harveft v jd. 

Item. For asches (a cheefc) - - - - *, viiid. 

Item. Tho the fo inner for brynghyng of hoylle and creme - iijj t | # 

Item. Paid tho the proclcr of fent Anteme 

i j d . 

Item. For a m" of prykc on Tomas Bekkyt's day - - vijd. 

Item. Paycl tho Ihon Tyler tho the kyng's grafe for the dowlcrs* iij li. viij s. 



* D0WI.EIIS., Dolurs. Tlit flilps fimiifhcd by the cinque porls for the kings fervice were 
foimerly i'o called, probably, frimi tlielan, Sax. tliviclere j live whole number of nffL-h claimed by the crown 

kom the ports being divided among ihtiii in certain proportions. The biiiineis itfelf was culled doling. 


*JEee*'. For owr horfe that the kynkys grafe had - - - xx^vij s. 

' For caryache of jx lode of wode fro Mortgam - - vij s. vj d. 

For pafter of the-kyngys grafe horfyfes - - - vjs. viijd. 

xxxvlij th H. VIII. about 1546. 


to Jarman ofWoord'for the culege* of Hakling - 

to faynt lohns houfe for ferine of land at Sanddowns - - ij s. iij d. 

for blanche rent - - - - - vj d.- 

for half one yeres ferm for the towne grounde at Sandownc gate - ijs. 

to the vycary of Eaftry for tithe of the place - - - vs. 

to fyr Thomas Heyton vppon his quarters wages - - xiijs. iiijd. 

to the vycary of Eaftry for pafturage of Longmede - - ijs. jd. 

for wyne for the preft the fond ay before St Luke - ob. 

on all halows even for fyngyng bred and wyne for the preft - - j. ob. 

for thrafling x femys of fede whete 

for ditto half a feme of baile* 

to W. E. for erneft to rypp whete - 

to the fhepard for a bargyn peny 


* m 

to ryppyng iij acre of whete at ijs 

for a feme of kde whete 

for a payer of plowghe whelys at Mungam fayer - - ijs. iiijd. 

- jd, 

xs. viijd. 



Expcnces on xij th day; 

A boa of bere iij s. iiijd', — Beffe iiij s.— •Gryndyng ij bufshells of whete ijd. — For 
th raffing the fame jd. ob.---jli of prunys jd. ob.---j ov/nce of pepper ij d. — Half an 


ownce of cloves and" mace ijd. ob. — ij li of rcafons ijd. --For faunders and faffron 
jd.ob".— Salt, veniger and inuft'erd jd. obr. — j li. of candell for the hall jd. ob. 
Item, paid at the Pellicah on the twelfth even, when the wether was caricd to my Jord of 

ixiyflrules xvjd. 

Item, paid when- we went to the commylTyoncrs at Canterbury xiiijth fept. 

For brother Terry brekfafr and myne iiij d. For fyr Thomas dynner,. brother Terry 
and myne xj cl. For owr thre fuppcrs xv d. For owr horfemett vij d, 

Item, paid for a gofe x d. 

Item, to the thacchcr for ij dayes woork for hym and his man xijd. For ther mete and 

drynk for ij dayes xvjd. 
Item, to the fumner for j new cryfmetory, and for his labour to bryng yt home when yt 

was halo wed, iiij s. and to him for a boke that ys called' the omclcs and the in- 

jutigccions xx d. 
Item, for ftrykyng of xxiij li. and a quartronof waxc for the churchc agayn eflrc xjd. ob. 

Jtcm 5 . 

* Culcge. Cuilage. Coillage, Quillage, Collection. Ka\\mn% Norman DiEioiiaiy. 



Item, for a pynt of mamefe for houfelyng on maundc thurfday ij i. and for houfclyng bred 

and red wyne for the preft to fyng withal! jd. 
Item, for a new judas for the pafcall iiijd. 

Eec d for j fkyn of a wether kylled for my lord of myffrule* xviij d. 

Item, for half a yeres ferme for j acre befyde the myll borrowhe of Hakkling xxd. and lor 

half an acre befyde Hambrygge xviij d. 
Item, of the vycary of faynt Clements for rent of the vycarage per ann. iijs. 

Item, for Iefus key per ann, ij s. 

Thomas A4akylwyke, mayor. John German, mafter. .4th Ed. VL about 1550. 
Paid when the wretyngef was made between the vicar of Eftre ahd vs j the towne clarke had 

to grots, and we fpent to grots at the Pellycan xvjd, 
Spente apon all faynts evyn, when thebayle ftraynyd owr cattell for blanche rent, xijd. 
Paid for mawing v acre of barle ij s. i 1 ij d.— For thrafshing ij femes of whete vj d. 
Paid for beddyng att fent Clement's fayer for owr fervants vij s. iiijd. and at the fayd 

fayer for iiij cart clowtts xilijd, and for nayle and pryg iij s. and for a dofyn of bells 

for our horffys xd. 

Paid for a new hatchett at the fayer of Eftre xij d. 

Paid for mafter commiffary's dynner and Mr Menys for makyng the end § be twene the vi- 
car of Eftre and vs iiijs. To Mr Comyffary when I and two others went to be ab- 

folued at Canterbury xviij d. 


Paid to my lady's fervant for rent at Sandowne iiij s. vij d. ob. 

Paid at Cantorbcri for the charges of the commifTaris corte and our abfolucions viij s. xd. 

Spent when we ete owr harvyft goofe iij s. vjd. and for the goo fe xd. 

Paid to goodwyfe Whetfton for fhervng xliiij fhepe vd. ob. To I. S. for fhering xljx 

fhepe vj d. To brother P, and bis wyff for flieryng of lxxj fliepe jx d. To his wyft* 

alio for fhcryng x fhepe j d, 

John Germyne, mafter. 5th Ed. 6th. About 1551. 
Paid at fent Clement's fayer for a fan and a payle xxiijd. and for nayle ij s. xd. and for a 

lanterne for owr ftabyll xj d. To Wylmot for the chauntrc land that belonged to fyr 
Hall's chauntre xls. 

Paid for tcnyng and mendyng of gapps xd. 

Rec c! for j pygg iijd. for ditto vjd. 

of Mr Boyes of Dcale caftell for caring of to loads of wood from Sandwych to Deale 

jij s. iiij a. 


* A mock chancier, in the king's palace, and the houfes of the nobility, of the lord mayor and flicrifls of 
London, and perhaps of thu mayor of Sandwich, whofe mummery ibrmtd a part of the general fedivity of our 
ancedors about the dole of the year. His rule commenced on all-hallow eve and continued till candlemas Ity. 
Brand's Popular Antiquities, 

I See number 89. § Sec number 90. 

it h 

— *\ 

8 1 

Robert Kite, mailer. 6th Edw. 6th, About xtzz 


iiij s. 



Paid for the dynar of matter mare and hys bretherne iiijs. jd. 

to mafter Payton's faruant for a rent at Sanddowne iiijs. vijd. ob. 
for ixxxli, of befe -vs. iiij d. For a boge of fait iij d, 

for a bufhel of lyme for the awtar iiijd.-- For achalys ijs.— For a veftment iijs. iiijd. 
For akorperafsxd.—-For ij fyngyngoiFmas ij tymys viijd.-— Forthe apareyll off 
the awbede vjd. 
for repyng whete for a nakar ij s. — For repyng podware ij s. an acre,*— Pefe ditto-— 


For mowyng barley vijd. the acar. 
Rec, of mafter Parate for quyt rent off Jefus kaeye ijs, 

John Jarman, mafter 1557. .The accounts pa/Ted in 1561. 

Paid for orenges for mr mayer ij d. qu.— --For weneger and pepeer whan we fchyfte our* 

wolle ijd. 

Paid for thatching at the fery* houfe jxs. jxd.— For fait to gyve the horfe in ther gr,aynesiij d. 

—For j dofyn of horfefhowis bovght at Eaftre fayer xviijd. 

Paid to our boye for, a chVrte of kanvas xvjd. For kottenge downe of our chere trees in 

Elakefeld vjd. 

Spent when we went to the lawdaye at Wadenefbrough iij d. 

Paid to the preft for his quarters wagis xxs.«- To the vicker of Eaftre for the previe tyetheS 

of the.houfe for this yeare vs. —For our lande at Dyllynggaredoke to the parfon- 
age of Woodenfbrough iiijs. jxd. To the bayle for blanche rent vd. 

Paid to Mr Man wood to bye a challis for the place iij li. ■ 

Rcc. of John a Verre for our ferre iij li.- -Of hym more xls.— Of hym more iijli. 

About 1565, 

Paid to broder Tencger and others for expence to the denne of Rocheefter for our tydre in 

Howe xs. iijd. 
Paid for mylkyng of our ewes at fcheretymc jd. ob.^To theJior. r c!cche for hys wages xijd. 
Rec. of Thomas Hogebone of Eflre for farme of our growne in Eftre paryche, for thq 

hoJlc yeres farme, iiij bochell of barleyc and tofett. 

Receypts Ivj li. iiijs. Payments Ivli. xvij s. 

About 15^3. 1574. 
Paid for a billet for the fyketye xvj d. 

Paid to Mr Juftifs Manwood for rent of land, that we fhulde have by Fillenden docke, as 

his rent gatherer fay the, jxd..— To the parfon of Woodnelborow for our land at 
Fillindcit doke be compoficion iijs. jxd— To Mr Brett of the parfonagc of Wed - 
denefburow, for rent on compoficion betwene the houfe of Rochcfter and ous bye 

The tmy lioull was on the north fide of the haven at Stoimiv 


yea re 


yeare, for a feme of bailey artd for land iiijs. jxd.-Ttf the treaforers for this yeare 

for the faltes, as they faye, iiij s. 

Rec. of brother Pattell for his collode xiijli. vjs. viij d.-Of brother Kennet for his col- 

lede vj li. xiijs. iiij d. 

It. for paftor of the queries fhepe vj d. 

It. of Mr B uttler for rent of the houfe next Pilleregate for this yeare vj s.— Of the eyers 

of Mr John Manwood for haufe yeares rent of Larchoppes iiijs. —Of the wallouns 
for fand for the churche ij s.~ Of brother Fyharn for farme of our falts betwene 
north lefe and the downefgate, for this quarter, iiijs.— For north lefe next the 
bridge nere the downefgate, for this quarter xiijs. iiijd. 

Small rents. 
From myfteris Goddard iiij bufshells barle.-- Of Saffere Parramor iiij bufshels 
barle.— Of Code for our land at Fillinden docke ij feames barle.— Of goodwyfe 
Hogbone vj bufshells barle. 

The vfe arnonge olde auditores in avdits was to take futnma palmalis ordei, a quarter of 

barle, good or full mefure : yours John Twine. 
And the fame was fargent Manwoods faieng allfo. 


R ec. of goodwyfe Felde for a reparacion nobill for hir hufbond vjs, viij d. 

1575- *577- *579- I58 °'.... * 

Paid for cowlege in the lordefhipe of Haclynge, for this year, iiij d. 

Paid to the parfon of Woodenefborow for our lande at Fillinden doke, for this yeare, and 

whc fhulde have a feme of barle yearely, iiij s. jxd. 
Paid to the tovven clarcke for a billet for the difchardge of the fiftene xvj d. 
Paid to the mafter for helpinge to harrow and rowle inthebarly feafon v s. 
Paid to brother Roper, brother Pettett, brother Streattinge, and to Brockewell, forwea- 

dynge of xxjx acres of wheat and a halfe, jx s. iiij d. 
Rcc. of Mr Mynnes for farme of our falts be theflufe next the Geftlyng, for this quarter, 

lij s. injd. 

Rcc. for farme of northlcfe next the bridge nere the downefgate, for this quarter, xiijs. 

iiijd,— For a prcc of the fame northlcfe over agaynfr. it, for this haufe yeare, for 

farme of it iiijd,— For farme of our falts next the downefgate, for this quarter, iiijs. 
J tern, for the houfe next Pillcry gate for this yeare vjs. 
Rcc. of Safety Parramoure the elder for farme of our grounde that he occupicthe, for this 

hole yeare, iiij bufshels and an halfe of harlyc— -For our garden joyningc to the. 

grounde* the Flcminges buried in, for the halfe yeare, xd. 
Rcc, of goodwyfe Sherwood for a reparacion noble vj 9. viij d . — Of her for bcriall of hyr 

hufbande in the churclu vjs. viij d,— —Of Andrewe Swcctmgc for Ellctes goocles, 

for a repratione noble, vjs. viijd. 
Rcc. of Mr Robinfonne for a lambc he killed with his bowe ij s. vj d. It. of 

* Thi'i ;;imui{l liar, lutn j*«m rally ralli'il Uog-cliuiclr, m\ \ ami five aula hofyitum, or (tranftei's hall, within 
the pimn6U tin: caihedrni at Canterbury, was ilrnominaiwl Hnj> hull. The word lion therefore iecms to ilu- 
iujU b'i BAN0EKS in buili vhk placer, thu' I do not iiicei with it in (hut funic in any ^lotlary. 




borowe vij s 

1582. 1586. 1587*. 1596. 

Paid for a bodge of bran iijd —For dykynge at Rye clofe at iiijd. the rodd xviijs. yd. 
to the treafurers for rent of our faltcs this halfe yeare ij s. . 

to our fhepherd for his quarters wages xs. To our foreman ditto xxvs. — To our 
ploughman ditto xvjs. viijd.— -To our boy ditto vijs. 
Rec. for xij wethers' the queen's takear toke in the yere 1581, vli. 

Rec, for farme of our howfeat Luclcfbote, this quarter, ij s. vjd. —Of goodwyfe Iryflie for 

farme of our howfe at Luckfbote, this quarter, Ij s. vjd.-- Of Henry Shall for farme 
of our howfe at Luckfbote, this quarter, ij s. vjd. 
Rec. of goodwyfe Brooke a reparacion noble d we by the deathe of hir hulbands vj s. viiij d. 
Rec. for carryinge of my lord admyrall his fhiffe to Canterbury xs, 

Paid for thrcfshinge wJhete at xd. the feame. —For kyllinge of feuen modes vij d.--To the 
mafter for rearynge of fades, when we caryed our barlye at St Clement's fayre iij d. 
— For kyllinge of iiij hoggs agaynft fhrouetyde, when the fyrft houfes had the off- 
all, xvjd." For kyllinge of iiij fheepe ditto, when the thirde houfes had the hedds, 
viij d.-For kyllinge iiij hoggs againft eafter, when the I aft howfes had the .offal J, xvj d. 
—To Robert Grove of Eaftrye for water fyluer at ijd. the aker xjs. ijd.-~To the 
mouers, in earneft to cut our graffe, iij d,— For twoo bufshells of graynes iiij d.- For 
three bufshells of graynes lacking a bodge* vd.-~ For thrcfshinge barlye at viij d. 

per feame 


this halfe yeare ijs, iij d. — To Mr Joye for his vickarydge tythes that we haue 
agreed uppon for wool and lambe, dwe at Chryftmas, xxvjs. viij d.-- To Mr Styb- 
binge for his vycearydge tythes of Cowleafe, this halfe yeare, ij s.-To Mr Nycholi?, 
vyckar of Eaftrye, for the tythes of the place, Longe Meade and the Harp c, this 
halfe yeare, vs.— To the treafurers of the towne, for this halfe yeare, ij s. 

Paid for mr mayer his dynner vppon Barthelmew dayc xiij s. iiijd,— -For a coopple of 
rabbyts agaynft the counte daye xviijd. For kyllinge a weather and ij lambcs agaynft 
the acompt dayc vjd. -For ij powndes of butter x d.— For ij doofen of white breade 
ij s.-- For iij capons iij 1, ix d.— For iij fchorc and ten powndes of beafc, at iij s. ij d. 
the fchorc, xj s,— -For fake, white and browne, vij d.— For a pottcll of claret wyne 
xvj d.— For fpyce and fruyte iiij s. iij d.-~ For turnynge the fpytte iiij d. 

Hartc lathes xviijd. the hundicthc. Sapp lathe j s. the hundrcthc. 

Wages per quarter, f irft man xvij s. iij d. Second man xviij s. iiij d. The boy vij s. The 

fliephcrd x s. 

* William Richardfon and William Jacobc, jurats, make their marks. 
|- A bodge therefore fccins to be a meafurc of half a buflicl, 

M 2 



Rec. of the butcher for jx barrens, at viij s. vj d. the peece, rijli. xvj s. vjd. — For a load 

of haye xviij s, — For fortye bryckes vd. and ten tyles j d. ob. 
Rec. for farme of our lande at Fyllendendoke, this whole ycare, xxs.— For a fourth 
nyght's pafture for a horfe ijs. viij d.— For farme of our mylbanke in Sandowne, 
for one whole yeare, iiij d. 
Receipts this year lxxxvijli. xjs. iijd. ob. Payments lxxviij li. xvijs, viij d • ob. 

Extracts from a roll of account of uncertain date. 

Paid for threfhyng of xxi bufshels fcrappis xd. ob.— For ditto of xxi bufshels of whete 
fcrappis xd. ob.-— To Stephen our feruante for a wek's wages xd.— To another man 
for his wages ij days iijd. ---For an afkeltree for ovr carte ij d.— For a pynt of wyne 
gyven to mr maycr, when he came from the lath, ijd. ob. 
Paid to the lord Clynton for ferme of land xxvjs. viijd.— Tor iij trees bought of Mr" 
ftyngelee vj s. viij d. — To a man for iij days and di. goyng to the plough viijd. and 
for his bourd the fame tyme xjd.— -To a man for goyng to plough one day jd. ob. 
To the carpenter for xij days werk vj s. vjd,— To our feruante his quarter's wages 
iiijs. vjd. —To another feruante ditto vjs. vd.— To our fhepard ditto vs.~-For the 
tylyng of our kechyn ijs. vjd.— For a thoufand fpryggs viijd, --For threfshyngof xv 
femys fede barley vs. ---For vj li and di. waxe, price the pound jx d. ob. v s. j d.. ob. 
Item for a quarter for Judas light ijd, ob.— -For the ftrykyng of that and the old 
waxejxd. ob.— For the wacchyng of the fepulcure iiijd. 
Geuen to our feiuants vppon efter daye, becaufe they fhould do wele ijd. ob.—To the 
matter for his quarter's wages vj s. viij d. — -For his clerk's wages xij d. — To fer John 
of Worde for tythe xxd. — For ferme of the chauntery land xvijs. vjd. — For rent 
of feynt John's houfle jd.-*-To Mr Cok, cuftumer, for rent of land iij s. iiijd.-.- 
To Francis Gunfales, for the mylle hyll we bought, vs. iiij d. — Spent vppon the 
proccifion of Wourd, the gange munday, viijd. ob.— For makyng clene iiij femys 
whete iiijd. --For our fhepc pafture at feynt Margaretts xij s. vjd.- --To a weder 
for ij days mete, drynk and wages, viij d.— For a ioff bredd and a quarter lamme vj d. 
* —For a hundreth and di. of brykkes for the commcn oven and the workmanfhypp 
of it xvj d.-— For vij ryggyng tyles for the commen kechen xd. ob.— For ryppyng 
xvj acris of whctc, at xxd. the acre, xxvjs. viij d. —Ditto of xxvj acres of whete, at 
xviij d. the acre, xxxix s.---For repyng of podware, at xvj d. and xviij d. the acre, 
and benys at xxd. the acre.— -For mawyng of lvij acres of barley xxviij s. viij d. 
--For byndyng vij acres and di. of barley iiij s. iij d.— For ferme of the chauntery 
groundc of feynt Clements ji ij s. — For otemelc for makyng of podyngs j d.— ~ 
Spent, when the fycr was with us, vppon matter mayor and his bretlicryn ijd.-..- 
For feynt Jamys taper viijd.— Foi the founders taper a pounde of new wcxe xd.— 
For the flrykyng of hym iij d.— For iij bufshells of fede whete ij s. 
Ivec, of brother Swyffc at his comyng ine iiij li.— Of biother Adam, in paitie payment of 
bis conodye, viij li. xiij s. iiij d.— Of brother, Buklicrfl, for his corodye, iiij ii.—For 


■r*i * 


w * 


the wyntef'yng of a cowe "ij s— For carieng of hepoo: dayes -/vj loocfes- iij ^---Of 

brother Andrew, in partie payment of xjx li. xiij s. iiijd. jxli; xiij s. iiijd. for his 

oTodye.— Of brother Adam, in full payment of his corrody xli.— For a loode of 

hey iiij s.— and for a roufe of hey iij s, — Of brother Buckherft, for his corrody, 

xxxiijs. iiijd. 

Fees at the admiffion of a brother. 

T the town clerk x s. Brothers and fitters penys xijs. vj d. To the hogmace and the 

Summa total 

verymaneach viijd. To iij ferieaunts each xijd. To the mayer xl s. 
talis recepcionis liiij li. iiij s. ij d. Summa totalis refolucionis xlviij li. xvij s. 




Paid Mr Warren for our chymne which ftandeth vppon his vickeridgh land, for this hole 
yere, iiij d— • For fliaringe cclxij ould fhepc at xij d. per fkore, and xlv lambs atditto, 

xv s. iiijd. ob. 

Paid for thrafliinge iij feame of beanes vj bowfhells and a tovitt ij- s. vj d. ob.— To cut- 
ting wheat at vs. per acker j tears at iij s. and iiij s. iiij d.--Peafe at iiij s. --Beans 
at iiij s. iiijd. --Barley at xxj d. 

Paid the mafter of St Jones houfe for the rente of our barne at Motshole and fertaine lande 

in Sandowne, for this half yere, ijs. iij d. — To Mr Blaflcnden for ij yeres rent of 
our land at Vallenden doke, beinge the lordes rent, jxs. vjd.--To the trefurer for 
the wafte lande without Sandowne gate, for this yere, iiij s.~ For the deane and' 
chapter, called Crathorne rente, for this hole year, jli. vs. iiijd. Suite of corte iiijd. 
— -For the fkotte of ljx ackers of lande in Liddea valle xjx s. viijd. Mr Foderbyes 
tythes by the yeie jv li. 

Paid for fheringe cclxij ould fhepe and xlv lambes, at xijd. per fkore, xvs. iiij d. ob. 

Aug. xx. For 74. li. be ft xiijs. viijd.— For a quarter of motion and a loyne of veale 
v s. ij d.— For a legge of motton and a quarter of lambe iij s. iiij d.— For a couple 
of capons ijs. iij d,— ~ For adofen of pydghons j s. ij d.— For peares, plums, butter, 
falte and fpyfes ij s. ij d.— For a pottle of clarret wyne j s.— For a quarte of facke 
j £,_For a facke of coles j s. iij d. 

Oct. x. 70 li. beffe at iij s. vj d. per fkore.-- Bread of veale ijs. A quarter of motton and' 
a legge. of motton vs A dofen of pidghons j s. ij d. Two capons ijs. iiijd. Fruite 
fpiccs, butter and other provifion ijs. iiijd. A potle of clarret wine j s. Col 


j s. iijd. To the helpers ijs, vj cl. 

Rec. For iiij wethers, at xvj s. iij li. iiij s. For a load of haye jli. ij s. Of Mr Tyllden, 
for the lordes rent of our lande of Rye clofe, lor this hole yere, ijs. Of John Paira- 

e yere, 


more, expenditer, for the lande that the flufe houfe ftandeth 011, for this ho] 
ij s. --Of the maftcr of St Thomas houfe for the rentes of thcr barne and d 
houfe, for this halfj yere, ij s. vj d. 


Rec. of S. M. for his collody, when he was putt in a brother, 7I. ios„ od. For atyounrr 
iiiare colic 7I. 15s, od. whereof fowre pounds was divided in the place to the bro- 


thers and fiftas,. and there, remaines in the mailers hand to account far 3I. 15s. <od. 
For two feames and fix bufhells of barley, being a cefls for ftocke for the mafter to 
difburfe at 23s, the feame 3I. 4s. od, Of the place, by way of ceffe, at xos. every 
brother and fitter, 81. 

Paid for 7 ells of canvas of the fervants bed, at 14.6, the ell, 8s. 2d. 



ling mare colt. One horfe colt. Two young mare colts. 

One three year- 

Gave to our feruants to make them the mere plyant in their work, which I have found, is. 

1665. 1666. 
Began ourharveft 23d July, and ended 17th auguft having all our fheafe corne in the barne. 

Began to fowe our wheate in Millefeilde 2d odkober. 
Rec. of A. R. for his corrodye 61. 13s. od. Of Thomas Huffam gent, for his corrody 7], 

. Weathers 
lywares 28. 


Stocke. Sheepe and lambs 224. Horfes, mares and geldings 7, Bores 3 fows, hoggs and 

flieates 33. 


Wages by the year. Seedfman 9I. Wagoner 5I. 10s. Mate 3I. 3s, Looker 4!. 

■ Mailer's falary 4I. 

Stock. Mares, geldings and .colts 9. Sows, hogs, liuers or fheates, and weaning pigs 42. 

Sheep 169. Lambs 30. 


Rec; of St Thomas's hofpital for our barn in their yard 5s. For plowing 10 akers of 
ground at 6s. per aker 3I. 

Paid the treafurer for the little falls without Sandown gate 4s. To the matter of St John's 

for our little falts half a year 2s. 3d. 

Stock 1680. Horfcs, &c. 10. Weathers 45. Rams 5. Ewes 115, Hogs 25. &c. 

Receipts 133I. 8s". od. Payments 131I. us. 8|d. 

118. Extracts from the records of the corporation of Sandwich. 

1467. Decreed, that no brother of St Bartholmcw's Hofpital mall come to any election or 
common afTembly under penalty. 

1482. Decreed, that no brother of any of the hofpitals fliall hold any office in the corpo- 

1526. Commitment of a brother for making frivolous complaints to the commiflary of his 

1550. Decreed, that no brother of any hofpital fliall vote for mayor or other officers. 
1642. " The m after and brethren, having cut down foine timber belonging to the Hofpi- 
tal without the content and privity of the mayor and jurats, by rigor of law hav c 




forfeited their eftates and ;terms of life therein; but, in confideration of their poverty, 
are only fined ten pounds apiece, and the money is to be levied by a warrant." 

The rnafter and fome of the brethren appoint a bailiff to manage their hufbandry bufi- 

nefs, who is difplaced by the mayor and jurats as unneceflary. 

1655. A perfon's corrody fiopt for repairs. 

1690. Upon a petition of John Michell efqnire to the houfe of commons, it was refolved 
in a committee, that the freemen inhabiting within the faid port of Sandwich, al- 
though they receive alms, have a right to vote for barons; but, upon the queftion to 

the whole houfe, it was negatived 


Ex libro cuftumali villa Sandwici.* 

De hofpitali fan£ti Bartholomei. 

HABENT eciam ipfi maior et cornmunitas quoddam hofpitale fan&i Bartholomei 
quod ipfi regere debent et folent in hunc modurn. Solent omni anno in die fan£U 
Bartholomei maior et cornmunitas, cum folempni proceffione tarn omnium prefoiterorum 


et clericorum ville predi&e quam laicorum, locum ilium vifitare ; ita, videlicet, quod 
prefbiteri in fuo ordine et cereis, in capis et ceteris veftimentis, eua cantantes ; quos pre- 
ceda'nt laici fuo ordine, cum tubis et bmni melodia, quorum quilibet vfque ad numerum. 


vij et arnplius fen?at cereum in manu fua, qui prouideri debent per predidtum maiorem 
fumptibus ipiius communitatis ; qui quidem cerei oiferri debent in ecclelia dicli hofpitalis, 
et locari fupcr candelabra et alias trabes ad hoc aflignatas, ad feruiendum in didla ecclefia 
per totum annum fequentem. Quo fa&o, ibit rector ecclefic beati Petri, vel alius per mai- 
orem prouifus vir vencrabilis, et dicet altam mi flam folempniter et feftive. 

Solent eciam aliqui boni viri di£te communitatis, ut dominus Nicholaus dc Sandwico et 
alii, habere proprios ccreos fuos, et offerre ibi eos : folent eciam (maior,) nundin<? vigiiie 
Lucce, et magna congrcgacio populi efle ibidem, &c. 

Complcto fervicio diei illius, et ufque ad oftabas durato, folet maior venire illuc cum 
fociis fuis juratis, vcl mandare attoinatum fuum, fi ipie ad hoc vacarc non poflit, et de- 
poncre ccreos illos de locis ubi funt, ct mittcre eos in fciftam, que ad hoc eft facia j ita 
quod non rennneant ardentes in ecclefia, nifi o£lo cerci vcl totidem ad feruiendum prefbt- 
teris eclcbrantibus : et claues fcifte folent liberari alicui juralo, qui fan per, cum cerei illi 
vafluti fuerint,, veniat illuc et faciat alios eis liberari, reponendo reiiJuum in fciftam : et 
fi quid didis cereis fuperdurauerit ufque ad vigiliam (aniti Bartholomei anno (Iqucntc, 
folet rcinandari ad domum maioris, et fabi icari ad nouos ccreos, ut pretlicluin eft, faciendos. 

Similiter, quociens viderit maiori et juratis opportunum, folet magiftcr iiStl hofpitalis 
coram niaiore ct juratis reddere compolum fuum, per fcriptum vcl per tallias fuflicicnlcs ct 
bene tcflificatas, de omnibus que reciperat a ciidiis maiorc et juratis di&i hofpitalis de 
tempore in tempus, tarn de blade, beftiis, redditibus, denariis in groflb ab aliquo fratre V cl 

# Sec Page 17. 

for ore 


forore interim recepta vel recepto, quam de omnibus aliis bonis dicti hofpitalis prouenien- 

tibus ; et qualiterbona ilia exfpenderat ad opus ipfius hofpitalis bono et legitimo modo: 

• quod fi non fecerit, fi fuerit frateripfius hofpitalis, amittat porcionem, quoufque debitutn 

fuum emendauerit et compotum fuum reddiderit iuxta difcrecionern maioris et juratorurru 

Si vero fuerit homo prcdidte communitatis, et fuerit ordinatus rnagifter, et compotum 

fuum non reddiderit, diftringatur per omnia que de fuis inveniri pofllnt, quoufqe hoc de- 

bito modo fecerit, et deftituatur ab officio fuo. Audito vero compoto illo, et vifo fuper 

.hoc ftatu dlcli hofpitalis, quot foluta fuerint animal ia omnis generis, quot blada, quot 

ftaura in omnibus, eligetur per maiorem et juratos nouus rnagifter, vel ipfe qui prius fue- 

rat, fi foluerit et bene fecerit ; cui tradantur omnia per tallias, ut predi&um eft, vel ia 

fcripto ; cuius fcripti vel tallie una pars mancat penes maiorem et juratos ufque ad diem 

compotus proxime fequentem ; et, fi fuerit cuftos ille fiater difii hofpitalis, recipiat fotu- 

Mares * de communi et expenfas fuas cum fuerit in communi feruicio. Si vero fuerit alius 

quam frater, habebit porcionem unius fratris. 

Solent eciam maior et jurati videre quot funt fratres et forores ; quia fi non fit numerus 
pleiius, videlicit, fexdecim, poffunt ipfi recipere nouos, ufque ad complementum nurneri 
illius vel maioris, fecundum confideracionem et voluntatem maioris et juratorum. 

Et porcio cuiuslibet fratris et fororis fe extendit in hunc modum, prout folet, videlicet, 
quod quilibet frater (et) quelibet foror habeat cameram fuam in didta ddmo liberam, que co- 
operiri debet et fuftentari de communi. Ita quod femper in quatuordecim dies eant forores 
ad furnum fuum ad faciendum panem ; et ib? recipero de qualibet perfona, tarn fratre quam 
forore, feptem panes pro quatuordecim diebus fequentibus, videlicet, de f rumen to integro 
et puro ficut prouenit de ore facci : et folet panis ille valere, in tempore medii 'preen, j d. 
Ita quod fatis folet fufficere ad fuftentacionem unius perfone per duos dies ; quia pro ca- 
riftia, vel bono foro, non folet alienari, neque augeri, pondus illius panis. 

Item pro qualibet feptimana habeat quelibet perfona per manum magiflri, de redditibus 
fuis vel aliis rebus, duos denarios ad fereuiciam. Item omni anno, erga natale Domini, 
habeat quelibet perfona unum porcum, videlicet, duos pernas, anglice fligghes, cum vif- 
ceribus et omnibus pertinenciis fuis, de ftauro fuo, talem vidcant porcum qualem habent 

in ftauro fuo : et fi unus pore us prcualcat alii?, dividantur per pernas; ita quod debilis et 
melior copulentur, et fit quelibet porcio equivalents. 

Item, in tempore eftiuali, folet fieri de ftauro fuocafcus, butiruin et huiusmodi. Poma 


atquc fructus vendi non folent, fed diuidi inter fe pro equali porcione. 

Item folent omni die habere legumina dc communi, videlicet, potagium, aliquando 
fabas, aliquando pifas, aliquando olera ; que fieri folent in coquina fua; ct quelibet perfona 
ponet infra caldarium ill Lid carnes fuas, fi voluerit j et cum fuerint cocte refumat eas una 
cum difco plena potagii, per manus communis coci fui , Sed fi a] iqua perfona voluerit ha- 
bere oil am fuam cum carnihus et potagiis fuis, non licet \ quia non debctur inueniri ignis 
dc communi uifi ad commune caldarium fuum. 


« S0TULARU3. SuilTALAlUSi Calcci. SllOCS. Dll FicfilC, 

8 9 

Item omni die domirtica poft prjandium, folent conuenire fratres et forores in aularrf 
d'i&i hofpitalis; et magifter dabit eis j. d. et quelibet perform dabit j. q. et habebunt 
unatn ollam plenam ferincie^ et fie bibent pariter ad nutriendam amorem inter fe ; et hoc 
facient coa&i per magiftrum, fi adeffenoluerint. Poft deceffum fuum dicent orationes fuas 
pro fandatoribus, et adiutotibu9, et benefa&oribus ipfiiis. domus 9 et pro omnibus fidelibus 
viuis ac defun&is, et prout folent et debent omni die ad horam illam. Item omnisperfona 
folet habere de communi quater in anno j. d. ad offerendum. 

Item folent omni anno commedere pariter in aula omnes fratres et forores de communi, 
videlicet, die natali Domini ; die purificacionis beate Marie ; die Pafche ; die Pentecoftes ; 
die fancYi Bartholomei ; et die omnium fancTiorumj et alias in anno, fi fubftancia fua ad 

hoc velit fufficere. 

Item fi aliquis bonus vir legaverit aliquid certum di£to hofpitali, ut monetam vel panem 

, vel huiusmodi, et eciam oblaciones prouenientes ad altaria, ut in die fanc~ti Bar- 
tholomew et in die paflionis Domini, et in aliis diebus, folet dividi inter feproequali por- 
cione; nifi ita fit, quod aliqua domus in predi£to hofpitali difcooperiatur vel corruerit, vel 
aliquid aliud fit de communi faciendum, ad quod oporteat illud de neceflario referuari. Et 
propter huiusmodi porcionem folet quicunque adueniens efle frater dare decern marcas, 
vel duodecim marcas, vel decern libras fterlingorum. Gracia tamen folet fieri viris et mu- 
lieribus bone conuerfacionis, et de natalibus anteceflbribus communi tat is vi'lle predi&e. 

Cum autemaliquis vel aliqua* in fraternitatem illam, ibit maior de Sandwico illuc cum 
fociis fuis, et in prefencia fratrum etfororum iurabit frater ille vel foror ilia, ficut maior ip- 
fos onerabit ; fcilicet, quod ipfe efle debet a die prefenti ufque ad terminum vitefue bonus 
et fidelis hofpitali fanfti Bartholomei, et commodum commune facere, ubi commode po- 
tent 5 et dampnum fuum impedire pro pofle fuo, ficut fe adiuvent fan&a fan&orum ct 
fandla euangelia, &c. 

Quo peraclio, maior tradet eum vel earn cun&is fratribus et fororibus in fratrem vel fo- 
rorem, quern vel quamobfculabuntur 5 et ipfe vel ipfa dabit cuilibet fratri vel fororirveluti 

, et faciet de fratribus et fororibus fuis conuiuium, vel dabit cuilibet fratri vel fo- 
rori pro conuiuio — ; et liberabitur ei tunc ibi camera fua in qua habitare debeat. 

Solent eciam omnes fratres et forores adiuuare di£tam domum in omnibus quibus pote- 
riiit, unufquifque iuxta fenfum, vel fortitudinem, et fanitatem corporis fibi, prertitam, 
prout magifter ipfos conftituet, ut in fa&ura panis ad furnum, ut in plantacione fiibarum 
ctolerum, tarn infra muros eiufdem domus quam iuxta in campis acliacentibus ; ut in tem- 
pore autumpnali in campis ad confpicandum ct adiuuandum, prout debent : quod fi quis 
facere noluerit hec et talia, tarn in horreo quam eciam in feftis curie, et huiusmodi, dete- 
ncatur porcio fua quoufque caftigauerit fe, et debitum fuum cmandaucrit iuxta conlldera- 
cionem maioris et juratorum. Et ipfa cafligacio fieri debet in omnibus ddiclis que fieri 
condngunt infra hofpitalcm prodi&um : ct fuper hoc folet maior, quater in anno, ire illuc 
cum fociis fuis ad vintandum, et ad inquirendum inter cos qualitei fc geflkint vubo ct 
opetcj iuxta id quod inucnit, punic. 


* Sit afcifceiKlus. 



Cum autem aliqua pcrfona, moribunda iacens, tefUmentum fuum facere voluerit, et res 
Aias, que in domo ilia funt, extra ilJam dare, vel aJiquo modo.affignare, non perrnittetur 
ci ; quia ab antiquo ufitatum eft, quod quantumcunque fuerit, maneat in dic~ta domo j 
quia inter fe, ex quofecerunt facramenturn, ut predi&um eft, omnia funt communia. 

Debent eciam ip/i fratres et forores habere tres prefbiteros in ecclefia fua imperpetuum 
celebrantcs, fumptibus fuis ; quorum quilibet recipere debet quinque marcas argenti de 
rcdditibus fuis in Sandwico, quolibet anno, ad quatuor terminos, equali porcione, per 
man us iliius magiftri ; nifi ita fit quod aliquis ipforum, vel quilibet forte fit affignatus ad 
colligendum redditum fuum proprium dc certis tenements In Sandwico. Quorum unus 
celebrare debet pro animabus Btrtini dc Crauthorne, et anteceflbrum fuorum, et fucceffo- 
rum eius j p rout in fcripto feoff 'amend inde confe&o pi en i us continetur e Alius vero pro 
animabus Willielmi Bowcharde, et antcceilbrum fuorum, et fucceiTorum eius, ut fupra. 
Tercius autcm pro animabus domini Henricide Sandwico militis, et aliorum. 

Solet eciam maior cum fociis fuis vifitare ipfos, et inquirere modum ip forum per fratres 
et forores dicti hofpitalis, et remouereindignos, fi qui invent! fuerint, fine aliquo ordinario, 
ut prediclurn eft. Et debet ille maior et jurati tarn eligere, et inftituere, et facramento one- 
rare prefbiteros illos, quam alios, ut fupra. Et folet videre veftimenta, libros, calices, et 
omnia que ad ecclefiam illam in omnibus pertinent ; et facere inde quandam cedulam ciro- 
graphatam, inter ipfum maiorem et capellanum magis ydoneum, qui pro tempore fuerit * 
et ipfe eafaluo cuftodiat, vel cuftodiri faciat, et inde in die fui compotus refpondeat : que 
tamen cuftodia fiat per vifum duorum fuorum fociorum prelbiteror'um. Et ipfe prefbiter fo- 
Jet audireconfeffiones fratrum et fororum, et feruiencium dicli hofpitalis, et omnia facra- 
menta ecclefie (adminiflrare,) et habere omnes obheiones que proueniunt de eifdem fratri- 
bus et fororibus. 

Et fciendum err, quod fratres et forores dicli hofpitalis non poffunt adquirere redditus, 
neque terras, nee tenementa ulla, neque mucare fua, neque aliud facere ultra articulos pre- 
fcriptos, nifi per maiorem etjuratos dc Sandwico. 


i TTVOMUS* five hofpitalis fancTi Bartholoinei apoftoli juxta villain Sand wici, in paro- 
-^" cluis dc Kftry et W or the, 

Scltus cum terra dominicali dicli hofpitalis. 
Valet in fcitu dicli hofpitalis ac omnium domorum, edilieiorum, horreorum, ftabulorum* 
gardinoium, ct pomcriorum infra cundein fcitum, in propriis tenura et occupacionc ma- 


* This forma to be n copy of the return made into chancery by certain commiffi oners, appointed in febmary, 
t 546, under the ail of the 371I1 of Henry VIII. for giving all hofuhals, &c. to the king. The preamble is very 
much torn, but the followm/? names in Latin arc legible. Thomas, archbifliop of Canterbury. Henry, bi/liopof 
Roche Her. Baker. Tliomaa Moyle. Richard Long. John Guldeforcl. Anthony Aucher Skllry. 

Paul %dnor. Thymus Grciie, eli\u\m» John O (borne. Thonias Watton, 



elftri confratum et confororum di£ti hofpitalis, in ufum communcm hofpitalitatis fue, 
niodoextento ultra fuftentacionem reparacionum per annum ad xxvjs. viij d. 
' Indiuerfis terris arabilibus in occ upaci one dictor urn- con fratrum et confororum, ad eo- 
xundem vfum communem hofpitalitatis, videlicet, in parochia beate Marie Sandwici, 

clawa//z terre vocata//z Blackfelde continentem xxiij acras, extentas per annum ad ij s. 
iiijd. le acre : vxwm clawa//* terre in parochia Eftrye vocata/w Hafylwood continentem vj 
acras ad ij s. iiijd. le acre : ac etiam vna/ra clawa/// in parochia fanclri Clementis vocata//z 
Myllcfelde continentem xxviij acras, ad ij s. iiij -d. le acre : ac vna//z clawawz in eadem paro- 
chia vocata/w Howlinge continent -n viij acras, ad ij s. le acre ; et vna//z clawa/// ibidem vo- 
cata/// Kytemerflie continent xviij acras, ad ij s. le acre : necnon vna/// clawa??/ ibidem iux- 
ta Sandedowne continent//// vij acras„ ad xx d. le acre : acetiam duns peciaj terre ieparatim 
iacentes in campo vocato Worthefelde, in parochiis de Eftry et* Worthe, continentes vij 
acras ad xxd. le acre 5 ac vttiffl parcel!* terre ibidem iacent/y iuxta crucem continent/* 
j acrarn, iij rodas, ad xxd. le acre ; et vnius peci/ terre ibidem iuxta Eftry way conti- 
nent iiij acras, ad ij s. le acre ; necnon vnius parcel)/ terre ibidem iacentu iuxta 
Wymmes continent/; ij acras, ad ijs. le acre -> ac etiam vnius parcel!/ terre ibidem iacen- 
tis iuxta terrain Cocke, Sandwici, continent iij acras, ad ij s, le acre; ac vnius parcel!/ 
terre ibidem apud Wenftane continent/; iij rodas ; ac dimidia/77 acra/w terre in le Horfefayre 
apud Eftry, ad xxd. le acre ; et vna/// acra/// terre ibidem iuxta Roger's lande, ad xxd, per 
acram } necnon vnam acra?/z terre iuxta terram Studbury ; ac etiam vna/// pecia/zz terre 
ibidem continent///* iij acras iuxta Follendenpett, ad xxd. le acre ; ac vna/// acra/// terre 
verfus Hacklyng ; et dimidia/// acra/// terre ibidem iuxta terram Netherfole, iuxta 

ratam xxd. le acre. In toto extent, per annum ad xij li. ijs. ijd, 


In diuerfis terris pafture in occupacione dictorum con fratrum et confororum, in fuurn 
communem vfum hofpitalitatis predicte, videlicet, vifa/// clawa//; terre, in parochia fancli 
Petri Sandwici, vocatam Cowles continentem x acras, extentas per annum ad iij s. Ie acre j 
ac vnaz/z pecfam terre in claufo vocato Larcoppes, in parochia fancli Clementis Sandwici, 
continentem iij acras, ad iijs. le acre ; acetiam vna?// clawa/// terre ibidem iuxta Downef- 
gate continent//// vij acras, ad ijs. le acre ; ac tres acraj terre ibidem circa molcndinum 
ventrkricum apud Sandedowne, ad xij d. le acre; et diverfax terra/ marifci falfi ibidem 
continents per eftimacionem Ix acras, ad iiijd. le acre 5 necnon tr/a claufa terre mor. 
vocata Langemede in parochia de Eftry contineruia jx acras, ad ijs. le acre j ac eciani 
vna/// clawa/// terre ibidem vocata/// le Harpe continent//// iij acras, ad iijs. Ie acre ; ac 
vna/// clawa///, apud Pynnock's wall in parochia de Worth, continentem vij acras, ad 
iijs. iiijd. le acre; et vna/// clawa/// terre in parochia de Shuldon continentem xiiij acras, 
ad iijs. iiijd. le acre. In toto extent, per annum ad viijii. xiij s. 

Redd it us et fir ma in villa Sandwici. 

Valent in redditibus aflifc fine redditibus quietis cxeuntibus de terris et tencmentis fiifo* 
icriptis, videlicet, pro redditu exeunte de liorrco et terra -n~ Alday ij s. pro confimili red- 



9 2 

dltu exeunte de pecia terre iuxta dc-mum Johannis Eglefton viij d. pro redditu exeunte de 

meiluagio heredum. ~- Dodd ij s. viij d. pro redditu exeunte de horreo et terris heredum 
Simonis Quilter iij s. pro quieto redditu exeunte de hofpitali Elys Sandwici vs. pro red- 
ditu exeunte de terra apud John's* keye, in tenura Thome Patche, ijs. pro redditu confi- 
mili exeunte de meffuagio Johannis Maifter, per viij annos elapfos detento, xs. pro quieto 

redditu exeunte de tenemento et ij acris terre Petymanxs. pro redditu confimili 

exeunte de vicaria fan£H Clementis iij s. et pro redditu exeunte de gardino Hennci Cham- 
ber viij d. in toto per annum xxxjxs. 

In firmadiuerfarum terrarum et tenementorum in tenura diuerfarum perfonarum fub- 
fcriptarum, videlicet, vnius horrei apud Motefole, in tenura Edwardi Parker, x s. vnius 
gardini ibidem iuxta Ferrers f wall, in tenura Willielmi Toyfon, ij s. vnius tenement! m 
le Bocherye, nuper in tenura. Mordock, x s. edificii et terre cuiusdam le keye, in tenura 
Thome Sevyn, xvjs. cuiusdam gardiai iuxta cemiteriurn ecclefie fanclri Clementis, in 
tenura Laurencii Gardiner, xviij d. et fcitus molendini ventritici, in parochia fanclri CI e- 


mentis, dirriifli Nicholao Pecke per indeaturam per terminum iiij xjx annorum, iiijd. in 
toto per annum xxxjxs. vjd. 

Firm a paflagii vocati le ferrye. 
Vakt in firma vnius domus vocate le ferryhowfe, in parochia de Stonor, ac paflagii 
aque in villa Sandwici vfque Stonor, ac ij cimbarum eidem pafiagio pertinentium valoris 
c s. fie dimifforum Johanni Tayler per indenturamdatarn xxjx n0 die junii, anno xxxvto 
regis predicli pro termino vij annorum, per annum xvj li. 


Valent in redditibus refolutis exeuntibus de terris didli hofpitalis, in parochia de Eftrye 
et Worth, mancrio de Eaftry, per annum xxvj s. 

In redditu confimili exeunte de vij acris terre apud Pynnockwall, foluto Thome Cocks, 
armigero, per annum iijs. iiijd. 

In redditu confimili foluto manerio de Northbornc, exeunte de xiiij acris apud Pynnok, 
per annum ijs. viijd. 

In redditibus refolutis mancrio de Sanddowne, exeuntibus de terris vocatis Kytemerfhe,. 
Larcoppes, et vij acris terre apud Downfgate, per annum jxs. iijd. 

In toto xljs. iij d. 

Et valet clare vltra reprifas prcdi£tas per annum xxxjx li. xjx s. jd. 

M S, penes G.B. 
The houfe or hofpital of St Bartholomew theapoftle near Sandwich, in the. parifhes of 

Iuftry and Worth. 

The fite of the faid Hofpital with its demefn land. 

The fitc and all the houfes, buildings, barns, Arables, gardens and orchards there, in 
the tenure and occupation of the maftcr, brothers and fifters 3 valued cxclufive of repairs at 
il. 6s. 8d. a year. 

Divers arable lands in their occupation, namely, 

* For Jcfus key. '[ The friars wall. 


1 J 


Reference tQ 









ix. ■ 




















Land. • - 
Land . 


t - 

' • 


St Mary, Sandwich, 

Eaftry. '."' 

St Clement,* 'SaridwV 

near Sandown. 


in Worth field, 

near the crofs* 
by Ealrry way. 

at Wemmes. 
near Cock's land. 


at Wenfran. 
in the horfefajr. 
near Roger's land. - 

near Studbury. .. 

near Follendenpit. 
towards- Hacklinge. 
near Netherfole's land . 

' t 


v J 

Eaftry and Worth. 

Contents ; 

A. R, P. 





w t 










* p 





1 * 

-0 ' 






K I i 

2. O O 
1 . » 1 • 1.1 


1 it:.' 

,1. o o 

o o 


o o 

o z o 

per acre, 

L. S. D. 

o fc 4. ' 


o a o 
o a o 
1 8 




Z O 


1 8 

1 8 

J. 8 

1 8 

1 8 

1 8 


L. S. D. 

z-, IS 8 



Diver$ paftures jn their occupation, namely," 

St Peter, Sandwich. 
St Clement, ditto 



The {alts- 
j Three clofes 
1 calledLongmcad 

The Harp, 


near Downfgate. 

about the windmill i 
at Sandown. 5 

10 o o 

at Pinnock wall. 


60 o o 


3 o 


o 4 

Worth, , 


3 o o 


14 o o 

z o 


3 4 
3 4 

Total annual rent of the paftures 

14 o 




11 8 

11 8 

2, 11 

8 o 








O 30 

Total annual rent of the arable lands 12 22 





o 9 

"t 3 

a 6 

8 13 




For a barn and ground belonging to— Alday - 

For ground near the houfe of John Eglefton 

For a mcfluage belonging to the heirs of Dodd 

For St Thomas's hoipital in Sandwich 









o 13 4 


Brought over 

£ s- d. 
° *3 4 

O 2 o 

For land at John's* key - - - 

For a meffuage of John Matter, eight years in arrear - - - o io o 

For a tenement and two acres of land of — • Petyman - - - o io o 

For the vicarage of St Clement 


For a garden of Henry Chamber 


o 8 

Total quitrents 1 19 

Farm rents of fundry lands and tenements, namely, 
A barn at Moatfole in the occupation of Edward Parker - ' - 10 


Wm Toy fon - o 

A tenement in the butchery late in the occupation of Mordock - 0100 

The building and ground of a certain key in the occupation of Thomas Sevyn 016 

A garden near St Clement's church-yard in the occupation of Laurence Gardiner 012 
The fite of a wind mill in the parifh of St Clement, let to Nicholas Pecke by 

leafe for a term of 99 years 


Total farm rents 119 6 

Rent of the ferry. 

The rent of the ferry houfe, in the parifh of Stonar, and of the ferry, and of two boats 
thereto belonging of the value of five pounds, demifed to John Taylor by leafe dated 

29 June, 1543, for feven years, at 16I. per annum. 

Annual payments. 
A quitrent for lands in Eaflry and Worth to the manor of Eaftry - 160 

Ditto for feven acres of land at Pynnok wall to Thomas Cocks, efquire, 034 

Ditto for fourteen acres at Pynnok wall to the manor of Northborn - 028 

Ditto for Kiremarfh, Larcops, and 7 acres of land at Downfgate to the manor of 



9 3 

£ J. d. 

Annual receipts for arable land 12 2 2 

for paftuics 813 o 

by quitrents 1 19 o 

by farm rents 119 6 

for the ferry 16 00 

Value of the fite, &cj 1 6 8 

42 4 
Annual payments - - 21 


The clear yearly revenue 39 1 9 1 

* Jcfus key, 

2. The 


r. The cafe which Sir John'Townefend fent to the Hofpitall of St Bartholomewes. 

The hofpitall or fraternitye of St Bartholomewes nere the towne of Sandwich, 
and the mannors, lands, tenements and hereditaments thereunto belonginge, were given 
unto K. Edward the 6th by ftatute of the firft yeare of his raighe, and veiled in theac- - 
tuall pofTeffion and feifin of the faid kinge. For by divers recordes it appeares the fame : 
was a fraternitie, which is within the direft words of the faid ftatute. Alfoe a certificate 
of the po/Teifions belonginge unto the fame is extant in the augmentation office. 

The faid Hofpitall and all the. poiTeffions at any tyme belonginge unto the fame are ' 
graunted unto certaine patentees, in fee farme, by his majeftie att the fuite of the right 
hon. James Lord Vifcount Doncafter, to bee held in free focage as of the mannor of Eaft 
. Greenwich, rendringe to his majeftie 26s. 8d, per ann. 

The houfe and demeafnes of the faid hofpitall fhalbee fould unto the pretented matter and 
brothers and fitters, if there bee any, att reafonable rates : 


And the feuerall farmes, lands, or tenements to the pretended leafsees thereof, who are 
immediate tennants to the faid fraternity, if they come unto Sir John Townefend, at his 
houfcin Drury-lane, before the fecond daie of february next ; otherwife hee will fell them 
to any other that will purchafe the fame, - 

Queftion. Whether this Hofpitall of St Bartholomew's nowe beinge, and tyme out of 
myndehavinge bin, imployed to the mainteynance of poore people, and not to any fuper- 
ftitious ufe, bee given to the kinge by the generall words, " fraternities, brotherhoods 
and guilds ?" 

It hathe bene ajudged that hofpitals, which by their foundacion were not appointed to 

the maintenance of fuperftycious ufes, are not geven to the king by the ftatute'of lit E. 
6th, and this, as ys alledged, ys of that nature. 


Queftions to counfel. 

Whether thc'Hofpital of St Bartholomew being certified and upon record can be con- 
cealed from the crown ? 

And, whether the king be not actually feized of the fame by vertue of the faid aft, and 
may grauni a good eftate thereof in fee ? 

Admitting it be fupcrftitioufly founded, or withing thefe general words " fraternities, 
44 brotherhoods and guilds," then, whether if be not ayded by the laft provifoe of the fta- 
tute iftE. 6th, c. 14; the Hofpital hauinge a confirmacion from the archbifhop of Can- 
terbury, which is confirmed by the letters patents of kinge H. 8th, in the 27th yere of his 

I'ej g n c 


The certificate was 37th H. 8th, and it may be their was an intention to have donnc 
onuhing. but the king during his life did nothing in it, neither was their any fuppreffion 
>r diflolution hereof in his tyme, and foe not touched by the ftatute of 37th {-J. g £ j,, And 
or the iiatute of ill Ed. 6th of chauntryes, this lay Hofpitall confiding of a mailer and 



poore people, and noe fuperftition in it, it is» clcere out of the faid ftatute, and included 

within no?ie of the branches of thatlawe; neither was their ever any inquifk'on found 
theirof, that appeeres, nor other evidence to indure any fuperftition; and foe both out of 
the preamble, body and title of the ftatute, and continued to the good ufe of the poore, and 
noe wife within the reache and cpmpas of the ftatute. 

The archbifhop's confirmation adds no ftrength to the pofleffiohs in poynt of tytle, but 
inureth as a difpenfation, and to maynteyn the priviledges, as grounded upon the ftatute 
of 25th H. 8th, being above 4I. in the ----- - and the king's patent is but in nature of 

a confirmation of this difpenfation, and not a patent of the I awe, nor inureth as a confir- 
mation of the lawe, and out of the intent and compafle of the provifo in the ftatute of ii\ 
E. 6th, as I take it. 



H. 8th, are within the laft provifoe of the ftatute of ift E. 6th, ca. 14. and foe made good } 
admitting it were given to fuperftitious ufes. But for this poynt he gave his opinion fud- 
denly ; but he took tyme to confider of the firft poynt or queftion. 

3. MSS. Tanneri 123 folio 143. Oxford. 

To the moft reverend father in God William, by divine providence, lord archbifhop of 
Canterbury, primate of all England and metropolitan, and of his majefty's moft honour- 
able privy council!, the humble petition of the mafter, brethren and fitters of the hofpital 
of St Baitholomew's near the town and port of Sandwich in the county of Kent. In 
moft humble manner (hewing unto your grace, that whereas the lands belonging to the 
faid hofpital, being in the occupation of your grace's poor and humble fuppliants, were 
never known within the memory of any man to be taxed or ceffed either to the reparations 
of the church or relief of the poor, in what parifh foever they lay, yet, notwithftanding, 
the church wardens of the parifh of Worth near Sandwich have rated and taxed all the 
lands belonging to the faid hofpital lying within that parifh, and now in your grace's fup- 
pliants occupation, both to the relief of their poor and reparation of their church, and have 
taken two fevcral diftraints of two of their beft horfes, and have fold them both for half 
their worth and paid themfclves, and threaten us daily to do the like again ; alfo they have 
commenced fuit againft your grace's poor fuppliants in thecommiflaries court at Canter- 
bury, for refufing to pay the church cefs, which hath been a great damage and charge to 
us your grace's petitioners, wherein if they prevail, it wilKbe a prefident to all others in 
whofe pariflics your grace's fuppliants lands lie, to ufe the like rigour; the which divers 
times hath been attempted, but ftill hitherto hath been fruftrated by the favours of your 
grace's prcdece flours, as by his grace the lord bifhop Cranmcr, and by his grace the lord 
bifhop Whitcgift, and by his grace the lord bifhop Abbot ; (as we find in that book your 
grace was pleafcd to lend to efquire Man oncof the commiffioners, to do us good by :) wc 
therefore your grace's poor fuppliants hope we (hall find the like favour from your grace's 

clemency, to whom w<? arc forced in this diftrefs to fly for fuccour* May it therefore 



pleafe your grace of your accuftomed clemency and commiferation, both in regard of the 
poverty age and decrepitnefs of your humble petitioners, and that they have a church of 
their own within themfelves to maintain at their own charge, and the evil prefident it 
hath already proved to St Clement's, churchwardens, who have cefTed us alfo for their 
poor to be plcafed in your graces wifdom to take order, that their fuit may abate and 
their ceffes be prevented - 9 and that Worth parifli may make reftitution, which othcrwife 
•will turn to the great hurt and prejudice both of your humble petitioners and their fuc- 
ceflors in the faid hofpital ; for which gracious favour your poor fuppliants fhall ever be 
bound daily to pray for the continuance of your graces health, honour, and profperity. 
MSS. Tann. fblv 14.T- 
The hofpital of St Bartholomews hath been under this oppreffion by Worth parifli 
above a year and an half, and they do verily believe that they might have had relief long 
before this, had they but known to whom to have made their addrefs ; but they had no 
writings that they could poffibly find to give them any inflrudtion, neither fhould we have 
known to this d^y, had not this lord bifhop's grace lent, for our benefit with the com- 
mi/Jioners for pious ufes, a book, which we fuppofe his grace might have from his grace's 
piedecefTor, which was written by a brother of the fame hofpital in 1637 ; which book the 
faid hofpital knew nothing of, had not his grace of his own good will handed it out for 
us, in which book we find a copy of a petition exhibited to George lord archbifhop of Can- 
terbury in 1621 ; which petition then his grace fent down t > the faid hofpital with thefe 
words by his grace underwritt ; cc I hold this to be an innovation and a great boldnefs in 
iC the churchwardens to adventure a thing of this nature, and therefore I pray fir James 
" Hufley to be careful that no way be given to this attempt. G. Cant. 5 ' (June 9th, 1621.) 
Which petition, with his grace's fubfeription, is at this prefent inrolled in the court of 
Canterbury. In which book alfo we find a copy of the archbifhop of Canterbury's letter 
to the mayor and jurats of Sandwich, when the churchwardens of St Clement's parifli 
would have cefTed the lands of St Bartholomew's hofpital for their poor 5 and what is here 
underwritt is the true copy. 

" After my hearty commendations. I have received the inclofcd petition which here* 
" I have thought to fend unto you j and becaufe it feemeth unto me a matter ftrangr and 
" unufual that, an hofpital, which of itfelf is but an endowment for the poor, fhould be 

put unto aflefl'ment for the poor, concerning the fite of the hofpital and lands always in 

their own pofleffion, I 'do hereby pray you to give fignification unto me how the Mate 
*' of this buiinefs truly frandeth, and what might be the ground and foundation of this 

taxation and afleffment, and in the mean time to make ftay of all other proceeding 







* s 

againft them, that they receive no prejudice, until dcmonflration may be made what 
will in equity be the iffuc of this bufinefs. This 1 could do no left than intimate unto 
you, in regard they have made tneir recourfe and refuge unto me, who by my place 
ought to be a patron and father unto tliofe that of themfelves are fuccourlefs and dif- 

O « tailed ; 

*' trefTed ; {o, not doubting of your care and charitable confideration hereof, I leave you 
cc to almighty (God), and reft your very loving friend, G. Cant. Lambeth, 12th febni- 

*' ary, 161 2." 

Which o-iacious. letter prevented then all oppreffions for that time $ and fuch another 

from this lord bifhop will do the like. 

From Mr Paramor's MS. 

Sandwich fl* Jofhua Pordage efquire. mayor of the town and port of Sandwich in the 
county of Kent, and the jurats of the fame, to the right worfhipful fir James Hufley 
knight, doctor of the lawe, commiffary general of the dioces of Canterbury, in humble 
manner doe certifie, that wee cannot learne nor underftand that the lands of the Hofpi- 


tall of St Bartholomew neare Sandwich aforefaid, being in their occupation, did era- 
pay to the maintainance or releefe either of the church or poore 5 wee haue alfo for our 
better knowledge ferched records if any thing weare there touching the fame, and haue 
founde a petition of the mafter, brethren and fitters of the fame Hofpitall to the right 
reuerend father in God the now lord archbifhop of Canterbury, humbly therein com- 
plaining, how their lands laying within the parifh of St Clement's, and then in theirc 
owne occupation, weare affeffed to the poore ; befeeching his grace of releefe therein ; 
who out of his gratious comiferation was pleafed to direct his letter on their behalfe, 
dated at Lambeth 12 february 1612, to the then maior and juratts of Sandwich, to make 
ftay of the cefTe and all other proceedings againft them for the fame ; for that it feemed 
to his grace a matter ftrange and unufuall, that a Hofpitall, which of itfelf is but an in- 
dowment for the poore, fhould be putt unto a ceiTement for the poore : and, as wee take 
it, they are exempted from payment of fefles to the church, becaufe they have a church 
of their owne within their faid Hofpitall, which they are tied to repare of themfelues 
without the help or ayde of any other, which (under correction) wee hold is a fufficient 
imunity for them from fuch fefles. Befides, they haue lands both in the parifh of St 
Mary and St Peter in Sandwich aforefaid, and in other parishes out of (he towne, which 
being in their owne occupation were neuer, that wee can learne of, affeffed either to the 
church or poore. In teftimony of the truth whereof, wee the iaid maior and juratts haue 
caufed the fcale of office of maioralty of Sandwich aforefaid rothefe prefents to be afixed. 
Dated the fecond day of June, anno Domini 162 1. In the nineteenth year of the reigne 
of our foucraign lord James, by the grace of God, of England, France and Ireland kingc, 
defendor of the faith, and of Scottland the fower and fiuetieth. 


I. Expcjuces of the dinner on St Bartholomew's day, 1785. / s / 

To half a barrel of ftrong and a firkin of fmall beer - - o 19 io| 

03 10 

- 1 3 3 

I o a leg of mutton, jojlb. 
To 62lb. beef 

6 11 


To a gallon of wine * 

To 64 three-penny loaves* - 

To one dozen of rolls, and baking tarts 

£ s, d. 
Brought forward - 2 6 11 

o 16 o 


To 2 gallons of white bread, and if gallon of flour - - - o 3 yf 

To 2 couple of fowls - - - - - - 046 

To fruit for tarts and to eat after dinner « - - « 

To 41b. of butter ---«--.- 




£ S 9 

Expences of the dinner on the thurfday before the mayor's choice, 1784. 

To 591b. beef, 241b. pork, 131b. mutton 
To a firkin of ftrong beer 
To a gallon of wine 

To two gallons of bread 2s. and rolls 6d„ 

To two pounds of butter 

To pipes and tobacco 

To fugar, fpice, muftard and oatmeal 

To vrgetables ---.-«. 

To fruit is. fait a gallon and half, a pound of candles - 

To 2jlb. cheefe - - m m 

To the brothers breakfaft when they bought the meat 
To dreffing dinner and for linen - m m 

To pipes and tobacco ---.-.•• 

To vegetables ---••■„ 

To 61b. cheefe at 5|d. and iolb. at 4fd. and one pint of vinegar - o 6 o x 

To 31b. fugar at 5fd. |lb. ditto at 4§d. § gallon of fait, fib, of candles o 2 n\ 

To the brothers breakfaft when they bought the meat - - - 016 

To the fillers breakfaft when they cleaned the church - - 026 

To looking after the boys - 

To dreffing the dinner and wafhing the linen - - « „ ^ 



£ s - J- 

1 14 6$ 



* 5 
o 1 

O 2 

O I J| 

o 1 6 

7 o 

£ 3 9 « 

2. Ex~ 

* Formerly alms were given (o the poor on St Bartholomew's day at the Ilofpitalj and a fliadow of the 
cttflam is diiccrmblc, at F rclbnt, in the diflnbuiionof bread, chcefc and beer to boys and girls on this fcltival. 



2. Extracts from the regiftcr of-the Hofpita!. 

\ **%> Yt is ordavrfd, agrcyd by all the bretheren and fyftern, that what brother or jyfler 
hciisfurthe revyled other with vicius langage, or brawlythe, or opynly chydethe with un- 
Todly callynge on that other, and that vicius langage or callyng can duly be proved bv ij 
or mo. fuffycyente brethern or fyftern, that then, for every fuche defaute proued, he that 
is fo found fawtye fhall pay iiij lb. wax to the lyghte of the churcheof faynte Bartholo- 
inewe, and the value of the fame he arered of the corodye of hym fawtye tociens quociens. 

1479. Yt is ordyned by Wyllyajm Salmon then mayor and patron of feynte Bartholo- 
mews, and by affente and confente of all the bretheren and fuftern, that the fayd a£ie be- 
fore wryten {land In effecie : and alfo, if any brother or fufter ones found fawtye be found 
after that tyrne in iyke defawte, that then he runne in doble the payne beforefaid ; and if 
he or fhe be found fawty the thyrd tyrne, that then his corody or haires fo fawtie be feafed 

into the mayors hands as forfet, 

364 r. Ordained^ that every brother or filler, that fhall brawl or chide one with another, 
or curie or (wear at or with one another, on proof by two witneiTes, fhall forfeit to the 
ufe of the hofpitai 2 s, 6d. 

The maftcr fined 10s. for not giving a true and perfect account every month according 

to order. 

1647. A perfon fined for abfence 3s. 4d. Another for fcandal and threatenings 10s. 

3648. One fined for public afperfions 3s. 

1650. A fine for abfence 5s. 

1668. Half the corrody of a brother flopped for abfence from the Hofpitai. 

1685. A brother expelled from the Hofpitai, by the mayor and jurats, for difobedience to 
the laws of the realme and to the rules, cuftoms and ordinances of the Hofpitai. Another 
then fufpended for rude and opprobrious language, and abufe of the mayor and jurats con- 
trary to his oath. 

1767. Perfons fined 3s. 4c! » apiece for abfence, when a fifler was admitted, 

1768. Perfons fined 3s. 4d. a piece for abfence, when a new mailer waschofen. 
3772. A fine of 3I. us. 7d. for nonrefidence tobeapplicd to the repair of the chapel. 

Another fine, to the fame amount, for nonrefidence, drunlcenefs and other fcandalous 
behaviour, applied as above. 

The defaulters admonifhed, and informed that it is the intention of the patrons, &c. 
upon a repetition of their faults, todifplace them. 

1 776. Money ftopt to repair one of the brothers houfes. 

1780. A part of the income of a brother ftopt to repair his houfe, and the remainder af- 
figncd to the parifh officers of St Peter's in Sandwich, for the maintenance of the faid bro- 
ther and his family. 

1782. A fine of 3I. for nonrefidence applied to the repair of the buildings belonging to 
the Hofpitai. 

1775. The 


1*7*. The patrons agree, 'that all* houfes covered with thatch fhall, upon die prefcnta- 
tlonof any future brother or filler, be forthwith covered with plain tiles. 

1776. Ordered, that divine fervice be performed in the chapel of this Hofpital once every 
month that a facrament be adminiftred four times in a year, and that the minifter be paid 
the fum of five pounds per annum by the Hofpital for his trouble 3 and that the Further 
fum of twelve fhillings per annum be paid to the clerk. 

1777, An agreement between two of the fillers to change their dwelling houfes approved 
bv the patrons, and the parties are placed in their new dwellings in due form. 

178-3. A brother and a fifter admitted into the Hofpital, who refpedively fign an agree- 
ment that, after the receipt of fifteen pounds for the expences of adrniiTion, their yearly 
incomes fhall be ftopt, till a fufiicient fum be raifed to rebuild their houfes. 

1786. Ordered, that all the brothers and fitters do attend divine fervice in the chapel 
whenever itfhall be performed, and that they do attend at the Hofpital at every meeting of 
the patrons, after being fummoned, under forfeiture of two fhiilings for every default to 
the common profit of the Hofpital. 


Fees paid at the admiflion of a brother or fifter. 

To the common profit of the Hofpital - 
To each brother and filler gd. called their 

pence, - 
To the mayor - —_ - - 

To each jurat is 

To the town clerk - 









8 17 4- 

To the common wardman 

To the two fergeants at mace, zod. 

To the crier - 

To the ferryman - 

3 4 

a piece, 3 






8 17 


9 6 

To every freeman of Sandwich, that attends and claims it, a groat. 
The frecmens groats amount to about three pounds. 

The fee of twenty nobles to the common profit of the Hofpital has been regular for 
about a century paft. Before, it varied from ten nobles to thirty-fix, in a very irregular 


The entry of admiflion in the rcgifler of the Hofpital* 

Be it remembered, that on 


day of 

in the 

over Great Britain and fo forth, and in the year of our Lord 

year of the reign of king 

A. B. efquire, 

mayor of the town and port of Sandwich in the county of Kent, C. D. E, F. &c, 
gentlemen, jurats, patrons, govcrnours and vifitors of the Hofpital of St Bartholomew 
near and without the walls of Sandwich aforefaid, aflcmblcd themfclvcs together at the 
laid Hofpital for the admittance of a brother (or filler) in the room and place of G. H. 



late one of the brothers (or fitters) of the (aid Hofpital. At which time and place I, K. f 
Sandwich was admitted to the faid room and place by the faid patrons, governours and vlfi, 
tors of the faid Hofpital: to have, hold, and enjoy the faid room and place, and corrody 
thereunto belonging, with all profits and commodities thereof, unto the faid I. K. for and 
during the term of his natural life ; for which he hath paid to the common profit of the 
faid Hofpital the fum of fix pounds, thirteen {hillings and four pence, and likewife the bro- 
thers and fifters pence, and is (worn. Which faid fum of fix pounds, thirteen fhillings and 
four pence is paid into the hands of L. M. the prefent mafter, who is to render an account 
thereof to the faid patrons, governours and vifitors when required. 



Of the family of SANDWICH. 

ISLED by the catalogue of Britifli manufcripts I hoped to meet 
with a full and authentic pedigree of this family, in the Bodleian 
library, drawn up by the celebrated antiquary Mr Roger Dodfworth, 
whofe mother is there faid to have been a daughter of Ralph Sandwich, 
efquire -, but upon inquiry the name is Sandwkh, and not Sandwidi : 
nor am I able, after much refearch, to produce any connected fchemg 
of relationfhip between the different perfons who bear this name. In- 
deed, at this diftance of time, it is not much to be expefted to fucceed 
in inquiries of this fort, as the mode of afluming furnames by our an- 
ceftors neceflarily involved all genealogical matters ill great obfcurity. 
Names were derived from fituation, office, occupation and other 
fources, and varied fometijnes with every individual of the family. 
Even where a name had become patronymic, if any one of the family 
entered into the church and became profefTed, he changed his family 
name for that of the place of his birth or laft refidence, to (hew that he 


quitted all connexion with relations and the world, beyond the pale of 
the fociety of which he became a member. Nor did the afTumption of 
a local name by one family preclude another from adopting the fame. 
We are not therefore to conclude that all the following perfons were 
relations, tho', I believe, the moft of them were. 


Henricus cle Sandwich. Henry Sandwich. 

Gives an annual rent of ios. to St Radigund's abbey for the repofe 
of his own foul and the foul of Lucy his wife. A datelefs deed number 
1015 belonging to Thomas Aftle efquire. 

Wildland and St Pauls. Elefted bifliop of London 

13th nov; 1262. 




of Winchefter 27th may 1263. Sufpended for taking part with, the re- 
bellious barons by one of the pope's legates 1265. Excommunicated by 
another legate the year following. Went to Rome, and after alrrioft fix 
years flay there got his abfolution and returned to England 1273. Died 
in auguft or feptember following ; was buried in his own cathedral 
church, and had a monument crefted to his memory which was after- 
wards deftroyed. He was one of the commiffioners appointed (1264) to 
go to the king of France and the pope's legate to reform and fettle the 
kingdom after the viftory over thq king at Lewes. Newcourt's reper- 
torium, vol. J ft, p. 15. Dngdale's hiftory of St Pauls, 2d ed. p; 48, 
and appendix p. 71. Stowe's London p. 531. Diigdale's Warwickfhire, 
vol. 2, p. 801. Beatfon's political index. 

Prior of Bilfington in Kent, 1293. Tanner's not. rnon. 


Dominus Henricus de S. Sir Henry 8. 


A witnefs to datelefs deeds. Appendix C, numbers 2, 3, 5, 6. The 
father of Sir Simon and Robert, Ditto numbers i, 6. The brother of 
William. Regiftrum Bertho'na, in archiv. Cantuar. 

Dominus Henricus de S. miles. Sir Henry S. knight. 


Ralph de S. A licenfe granted to him by Robert abbot of St Auftin's 
to build an oratory there 1230. Lewis's Thanet, p. 152. 


* 2 45 

Append. A; 

Sir Henry Sandwich, in a manufcript belonging to me, is faid to have 
been lord warden of the cinque ports, conftable of Dover caftle and the 
kings lieutenant of Kent 3 to have increafed thealmfmen in St Bartho- 
lomew's Hofpital to 12 men and 4 women; to have built leparate 
houfes for them, and to have been buried in the chapel there. Harris 
places him as lord warden and conftable of Dover caflle next to fir 
Simon de Sandwich, who, he fays, was lord warden forne time in king 
Henry thefecond's reign. Page 484. 


io<r ] 

Dorninus. Simon de S. 

Sir Simon S. 

Son of fir Henry. Appendix C. number i . Brother of fir John, knight, 
1269.* Number 10. 

Dorninus Simon de S. miles. Sir Simon S. knight. 

Stephanus Haringand miles dat Deo et fan6to Auguftino Cant, et 
rnonachis ibidem homagium Symonis de Sandwyco militis et heredum 
fuorum de uno feodo militis in Dene et quarta parte feodi unius militis 

in Affetone. 

Willielmus Haringand, filius et lieres Stephani militis, confirmat do- 
num et dimiffionem homagii Symonis de Preftoneet heredum fuorum 


de manerio de Dene in Taneto. A6ium anno regis Henrici quadrage- 
fimo fecundo, die epiphanie Domini, apud Cantuariam. (1258.) 

Symon. de Sandwyco miles reddit et in manibus domini R. abbatis 
fanfli Auguftini Cant, refignat homagium, fidelitatem et totum ferui- 
cium quod eidem abbati debuit de Dene, Affetune et Mergate! in Taneto : 
volens et concedens quod Radulfus filius ejus et heredes fui habeant et 
teneant omnia predi&a dedicto domino abbate, Dat. apud Preftonedie 
martis, in craftino fancti Hilarii, anno regis Henrici filii regis Johannis 

quinquagefimo quarto. (1270.) 

Remiffio homagii et feruicii vnius paris calcaridrum deauratorum 
quod percipi folebat de domino Symonede Sandwyco apud AfTetone in 
tenura abbatis fanfti Auguftini Cant, habendum domino abbati et con- 
uentui, &c. 




tini Cant, now in the pofTefiion of the dean and chapter of Canterbury. 

.Sir Simon de Preftone, knight, and Sir Henry de Sandwich, knight, 
witneffes to a datelefs grant to St Radigund's abbey, number 1016, in 
thepofleflion of Thomas Aftle, efquire. 

Sir Simon Sandwich, lord warden tempore Edw. II, MS. penes G. B. 

tempore Henr. II. And buried at Sandwich in St Peter's church. 
Harris page 485. p r 


In a manufcript $t Surrehden thearrris of fir Simon Sandwich : 
Party per feffe indented azure and or $ in the dexter corner in cljiief an 

etoile of fix points argent. 

Radutphus de S. Ralph Sandwich. 

Son of fir Simon de S; 1260. . Reg\ftr. mon : fanfli Atiguftini. Cuf- 
tos of London 1285. ,1286.; 1287,; 1388, 1289* 1291, 1292; 1293. 
1294, .1295... Cuftos of the tower 13th, 17th, and 34th Ed, L Confla- 
hie and treafurer of the fame 14th Ed. I. Summoned 8th feb, 1273 t0 
the coronation of king Edward the firft and his queen. His inhibition 


1276. Keeper of ; the wardrobe .1264. .Cuftos dominicorum regis 6th 
Ed. I, A puifne judge of the king's bench 1289." Prefent in parlia- 
ment at the homage done by Alexander king of Scotland 6th Ed w, 

.ting nth Ed. L Other matters con- 
cerning him 31ft and 33d E.dw. Ift. Held the manor of Soranks in Stan- 
fled tempore. H. III. Summoned. with his con,fort to attend the coro- 
nation of Edw. 2d. Stow's furyey. Rymer's fcedera. Madox. Harris. 

Halted.: Beatfon's political index. Maitland.. 

Arm's in Stow:" A flower delis j a chief indented. 

I. . Wr 

Sir Ralph Sandwich,' knight. 

Cuftos of London 1295. Buried in the body of the church of the 
grey friars in London. Stow's furvey. 

PofTeffedof Dene in Thanet before it came to fir Henry S. Lewis. 

' Nicholas de S. Nicholas Sandwich. 

20th Edw. 3d. The 20th prior of chrifi church, ejefled ift noveni- 
ber 1244. Refigned 1258. Precentor 1262. . A proprietor of land in 
the hundreds of Cornylo and Eaftry 17th Edw. ift. Died 1289. His 
epitaph in Canterbury cathedral from Somner. 

Refpice care, mere rogo defuncli miferere 
Sandewiccnfis, viveas frafcr, memor en fis. 





: i 


Qui none in limo -.; • .,«.". e ftrifte;jacet yiiio. 
Die pater hin.c et ave 5 Deus hunc et protegat a ve 
Omni, ne .barafn "pen as fibi fe'ntiat atri. 
'Set cell "folio req.uiefcat in agmine pio^ 
'Om'nis o'rarts italetetur perpete vita. Amen, 

* V 

• 4 ... .J" A 


I * - _ - ^ . * " I \ ' t 

Dugdale on imbanlcing. 



r ^ * 

Newcourt's repert. Rector of Otham and lord of that manor. 20th Edw. 

WeeverVfun. mon. Mentioned 

356, appendix C 3 and in the cuftomal, appendix D, page 87; * 



ti per Nicholaum de Saildwico.- 

J J ► *■'->■ 

+ * si - * - ■ _'#**!**, I ■ i > * J J ' -* 1 * * 

Magifter Nicholausde S. - ; Matter Nicholas S. 


Manerium de Nethercourt de magiftro Nicholao de S. pro uno feodo 
quod dominus Ricardus de Sandwich tenet in parochia ,fan6li Laurentii 
in Thanett de abbate fanfti Auguftini Cant, raodode dprajno rege ut 

de nuper abbate. "Lewis's Thanet. ■ ■ "" ' i;> ' ' ! ""' 

F • ■ "* 

Paid aid at making the black prince a knight, 20th Edw. 3d. Hailed. 

Dominus Nicholaus S. miles. • Sir Nicholas S. knight. 
A witnefs to a deed 21ft Edw. ift. Hafted ,j 

Ann daughter oi iir Nicholas S. was married to fir William Septvans 
and had ifliie John Septvans, who married Conftance daughter and heir 
of Thomas Ellis of Sandwich. Gibfon's Camden. 

Son of fir Simon S. Lord warden temp. Ric. II. Endowed the Hof- 
pital of faint Bartholomew at Sandwich with larger pofleffions and li- 
berties i affigning the patronage to the mayor, jurats and commonalty. 
Luned in the chapel of the Mofpital. MS. penes G. 13. 

Arms of fir Nicholas S. Arms of the cinque ports impaling a lion 
rampant guardant. MS. Deri ng. Or, on a chief dancctte azure a mul- 
let argent, for differeiice. " Haffcd. ' O2 j | nn 


Johannes de S. John Sandwich. 

John de S« and Margaret daughter 



John and Margare 

body; remainder to William her brother an« 
John his brother and his ; remainder to John 

remainder to 




Edw. I. Rymer's feed. 


Epitaphium rnagiftri Johannis S. hujus conventus prions perquam 



De Sandwich di&us, huiufce priorque domus. 


Quindecimam Junii fumito, tempus habes. 
Quo fors fuperna rapuit de corpore vitam 

Fundito quefo preces, ut fit ei requies. Weever's fun. m< 
Subprior of faint Auguftin's monaftery at the furrender. Will 
mitred abbeys. 

Dominus Johannes de S. miles. Sir John S. knight. 

Brother of fir Simon S. Appendix C. number io. 

A witnefs to deeds 1266. 1268. Thorpe's regiftr. Roff. 

Claims the lordfhip of Folkeftone. 1278. Harris's Kent, 

Renovetur nomine Johannis de S. militis. 1245. Innocent's bull. 

Appendix A, 

Sir John dc S. 


cldeft daughter of fir Hamon de Crevequer lord and baron of Folke- 




John, who was baron of Folkftone and had a daughter, Julian, that was 
married to Hi* John de Segrave, lord and baron of Folkestone in right of 

his wife. 

The following defcent was made ufe of in the evidence of the claim of 
fir Thomas Fane knight to the barony of Bergavenny, in right of Mary 
his wife, daughter and fole heir of Henry late baron of it : and likewife 
on the claim of the barony of Lumley. Collins on female baronies. 

Sir Hamon de Crevequer, tempore H. III. 

i „.,,,,,., T X\ . T ~ i i 

I -i , Agnes—Sir John de Sandwich, 2. IfoldarrNicholas 3, Helena=:Bertrajn 4. Jfabeb=Hemy 

Sir John de S.r: 


deLenham. deCriol. de Gaunt. 

Jalian=Sir John de Segrave. 

Conftable of the tower 3 1 ft Edw. 3d. about 1557. Stow's London 

by Strype. 

Robertus de S. Robert Sandwich* 

of Joh 



Redor of Pancrafs Soperlane ; prefented thereto by the prior and 


Thomas de S. Thomas S. 

A witnefs 1268. Thorpe's reg. Rof. 

Sheriff of Hertford/hire 1274. Chauncey's Hertf. Knight of the 
mire for Kent 4 th 5th 6th and i 5 th Edw. If. Hafted. 

_ Dugdale on 


Margaret the king's daughter 7th Edw. I. Wi 




to Thomas de S. to condufl: certain cardinals into England loth 

Edw. II. Letters of protection to Thomas de S. then attending the 

prince of Wales on the king's feryice in Gafcony, 30th Edw. III. 

Rymer's fcedera. 
Thomas fon of Thomas, about 13 13. Robinfon's gavelkind. 

Providitor to the Drince of Wales, temp. Ed. III. Morant's 1 

*+ * 


Thomas de S. miles. Sir Thomas S.. knight. 
Senefcallus Pontini,. 9th Edw. I. Rot. in turf, 

Willielmus de S. William S. 

Brother of Henry. Regiftr. Berthona in archiv. Cant. 

A Benedictine monk. Canon of Chrift church Cant. Warden of 
Canterbury college, Oxford. Died 1545. Battely's Somner, part 2d. 

Brother of Idonea and John. Son of John. Thoroton's Notting- 
ham fhire. 

Sir Richard de S. 

Held Nethercourt. Lewis. 

Mentioned in the cuftomal. of Sandwich. Appendix D. 

' Stephen de S. 

Witnefs to deeds 1250. 1251. Archdeacon of E flex 1252. Preben- 
dary of Mapefbury and Wildland. An agreement to celebrate for Ills 
foul in the church of Heybergh 1 275, Newcourt's repertory. 

His name occurs in Madox, 1264. 


Elias de S. 
Elefted prior of St Gregory's near Canterbury 1294, Battely's Somner. 

Hamon de S, 

Prebendary of Moreton in the church of Hereford, 1311, and of 

Putfton Major in that church 1318. Willis's cathecl. 







•« V 


Walter Sandwich, 
Prebendary of Lincoln 1542. Willis's cathed. 

Thomas Crompthorn, efquire, and Elizabeth his wife, founders of St 


Tanner's not. monaft. 


of the worfhipful familie of the Sandwiches firft founded the Hofpi- 

tal of St Bartholomew. MS, penes G. B. 

A ta- 

* f 



A table of the contents and titles of the lands belonging to St Bartho- 

R (ferencet 

lomew's Hofpital, with references to the map; 





L . 















The Salts 

within the wall, 
without the wall. 
the fourteen acres 

The Brick Kiln \ ^ den ' 

t pair u re. 

f pafture. 
The Sand-downs s arable. 

The Madder garden. 
Cow leas. 
The Wall piece. 
The Heart. 
The Harp. 
The Horfe paftures. 
The Three-acres") 
The Two-acres Mil Word field. 
The Five- acres J 
The Two-acres between the roads. 
The Elm tree. 

f pafture. 
The land by Pinnock wall < pafture. 


The Hofpital farm and grove. 
The Hog green* 

The Haw birth. 
Verrier's clofe. 
Kite marfhes. 

fin Haclclinge field. 

in Hazel field. 

at Bramble bank. 

in Wcnfon bottom; 

in Statenborow great field. 
Valentine pit. 



St Clement 



a. p. 









St Peter. 
St Clement 





\ Extra* 

J parochial. 

St Mary. 
a » [St Clement, 



Number of acres - 

n. arable. p. pafture. 

.. Black-lane. I Road to Ham. 

*.. Wcmmes-way. w Road to Word. 

...» Road to Eaftry. I - /% Pinnock wall. 

x Fir ft lane. 
xx Laft lane. 

xxx Road to Deal. 



A. R. p, 

60 O 16 
14. o 20 

15 I lb 

3 38 

1 o 32 

6 3 29 

TO 2 

5 3 

4 2 

10 o 

9 * 

2 3 

o 1 

2 1 

3 * 








5 * 


6 1 

2 i 














3 7 


2 29 

' 4 

2 23 

2 22 







1 ]0 

a 2 3 
2B9 2 28 

R E- 

urn c ii 


i 1 1 r "T- 

S anchv 1 ch in Ken t . 



S'nvcved In* W™ Crank \?<6G + 

//>////// /// 


/>/'/o//<ji//<j f r > 



i. r. 

References to the plan of the Hofpital, &c 

The farm houfe and its garden. 


2. 2.-J 

3- 3- I 

4' 4° 

6. 6. 6. 

7- 7- 7- 


10. 30- 


12. 12. 

13 r 3- 
14. 14. 14. 


Houfes and gardens belonging to the brothers and fillers 

16. 16. J 

a. a. The chapel and burial ground, 
c. The fhepherd's houfe. 

d. The pound. 

e. A ftable. 

f. Hazel wood. 

k. The gate houfe. 

m. The lodge* 





rj C 

p. Fodder houfe. 

q. The barn. 

r. A lodge • 

s. Fodder houfe. 

t. The finall barn. 

u. The hog pound. 

v. The farm yard. 

w» The hog green* 

x. The pond. 

y. The grove. 

z. The common garden. 

A. Land hired tn vhc nm 


B. Land hired to the re&or of St Peter's, Sandwich. * 

C»C. Land under leafe to John Harvey cfquire 
D-D. Land under leafe to Mr Henry Matfon. 

J^« IV, A hnril tttifl vnrd itnAr*v Ir**i/#* *-s\ IV/T^ T«U. 


* Length horn Luck (boat iltcct towards the Chain twenty five feci, Ureadih fourteen feet 

Ff ^ 



There are two filver feals belonging to St Bartholomew's Hofpital, 
one of which, of vile workmanfhip and fcuipture, is in the Hofpital 
cheft, and was made in the laft century, when the brothers and fillers 
had refolved to grant leafes of their eftates without the concurrence of 
the mayor and jurats, and were otherwife in a ftate of oppofition to the 
j)atrons ■, but the rebellion of this little community was foon fuppref- 
i'ed, and I do not find that the feal was ever applied to any inftrument. 
It coft 2I. 7s. od. See page 76. 

The other filver feal is kept in the corporation cheft. It is elegantly 
engraved and well preferved. The infcription is sanytabartholme 
Intended probably for French, Saynt Bartholme. See page 16, num- 
ber 2. 

There was a much older feal 3 a very perfecT impreffion of which 
is in the archives of the cathedral church of Canterbury affixed to 
a deed dated 1225, and numbered 1 L 228. The infcription is s' ospi- 
tal' s'ci barthi de sjnwico. The feal of faint Bartholomew's Hof- 
pital at Sandwich. The engraving at page 16, number 1, is from a 
more imperfect impreffion of later date. The matrix of this feal is lull. 
The peevifh complaints of Mary Wheeler, and Francis Hook, at 
pages 71, 72, 73, 74, 75 and 76, fcarcely merit notice, further than to 
obferve how difficult it muft be, at this time, to afcertain precifely the 
fituation of all the pieces of land defcribed in the evidences, or to fay 
what is become of fome of them, that feem to have belonged for- 
merly to the Hofpital. Such as are miffing were moil likely fold with 
a rent referved, or exchanged for others, though the evidences of the 
tranfaaions may now be loft. At any rate, it were both more liberal, 
and more reafonable, to fuppofe this to have been the cafe, than that 
any man, or body of men, fhould have been allowed by the patrons to 
take away parts of the Hofpital eftate, without being obliged to make 
a full compenfation, of fome kind or other, to the poor people. 

Before I clofe my account of St Bartholomew's Hofpital, it is in- 
cumbent upon me to take notice of the laudable manner in which its 
affairs are now conduced by the mayor and jurats. Due attention is 

paid to the intercils of the whole fraternity, and to the convenience 



and comfort of every- individual. The buildings are putting into fubftan- 
tial repair, and the Hofpital is rapidly verging to the higheft ftate of 
profperity of which it is capable. The people, for the moft part, are in 
themfelves decent and refpe&able ; and much praife is due to the rev. 


rals. Indeed the good effedts of the eftablifhment of a minifter there are 


Hofpital is in point of revenue among the foremoft charities of the 

kind in this kingdom; and in the excellency of its government cannot* 
be exceeded. 



'I 5, p T mC ' P -»9,>. 3 T,for pro xi BM r. proximo. P. ,o, note, fo, 

fc cifum a, genurna. P. 5 6, 1. a 3l for >/;„ C,/„ mayor, r. John Nyfcham. P. 82, 

note, J. a . for prccinas u prcdnas of< Dkto L for ^ ^ ^^ 



O F 






T^HERE is no account of the firft foundation of this Hofpital. The 
oldeft" grant to it that I have met with is dated in the fixteenth 
year of Edward the fon of Henry, that is, Edward the firft, (12873) 
and it is then called Dooms Dei et fan&i Johannis de Sandwico, the 
Houfe or Hofpital of God and Saint John in Sandwich. Since the year 
293 it has been defcribed in the evidences by the name of domus, and 
fometimes hofpitale, fan<5ti, or beati, Johannis, or Johannis baptifte, 
and it is now called St John's Houfe, or Hofpital. It is fituated on the 
north weft fide of the corn market, and confifts of one large old build- 
ing, containing a hall and feveral rooms above ftairs and below for 
the brothers and fifters. Behind this principal building is a range of 
fingle rooms called the Harbinge, in which travellers were formerly 
lodged and entertained. This Hofpital was very early under the go- 
vernment of the mayor and jurats, as appears by an inftrument dated 
3385, in which the brothers and fifters, demife one of their tenements 
Cf with the permiffion and confent of the mayor and barons," that is, 
the jurats : and all their leafes fince that time have run in the name of 
the mafter, brothers and fifters, with the confent of the mayor and ju- 
rats, patrons and governours. The patronage is undoubtedly in the 
mayor and jurats jointly, but, for the fake of harmony, the mayor for 
the time being fills up all the vacancies that happen in his mayoralty. 
This Hofpital was returned by the commiflioners* under the a 61 of 
the 37th H. 8. to be of the clear yearly value of 5I. is. 3d. Archbifhop 
Parker in 1562 certified it to the privy council under the name of *f St 

* Appendix A. number 50. 

t Hofpitale D. Johannis, vocal. St John's houfe of Sandwich. 
This houfe ir> charitably founded, maintained and provided by the maior and jurats; 

and they have no poilcflions, ;md 12 poor people are relieved there, Strypc. 





John's Houfe of Sandwich, as having no poffeffions belonging to it* 
and he gives the mayor and jurats the credit of founding and maintain- 

ing the fame, and of providing for twelve poor people there. His grace 
and the cornmiffioners under him mult have been ftrangely and de- 
signedly misinformed about this matter, as the Hofpital at that time 
had an eftate, confiding indeed then, as now, of old houfes and a few 
quitrents : and though the fraternity from the beginning had depen- 
dence upon the benevolence of the mayor and jurats, in common with 
other charitable perfons of the town and neighbourhood, yet thefe ma- 
giftrates were never officially, in any fenfe, either the founders or fup- 
porters of the Hofpital. Neither Leland nor Lambard mentions this 
Hofpital. Kilburne fays it was founded by one Ellis, but he is miftaken; 
for though Thomas Ellis was a liberal benefactor to all the charities in 
oandwich, he was the founder only of St Thomas's Hofpital, and of a 
chantry that went by his name. 

This Hofpital, like in oft others of early foundation, .was intended 
for the accommodation of travellers and ftrangers, as well as for the 
fupport of fixed refidents.. The Harbinge confided of feparate rooms 
for men and women, in which they were refrefhed with diet, and provi- 
ded with comfortable lodging : and two perfons, a brother and a filter, 
were appointed by the mayor and jurats, under the title of Harbingers, 
to take c^re of the apartments and furniture, and officiated as a 
modern chamberlain and chambermaid of an inn. Rerbcrgare, in low 
Latin, fignifies to harbour or entertain, and is derived from the Saxon 
word hereberg y a houfe of entertainment. There is no mention of this 
office in the account of faint John's houfe in the cuftomal, though it 
appears from thence that the Hofpital, when that was written, was a 
place of oc.c.afiona! entertainment for ftrangers. It. ihould icem, that 
then the matter had the management of the Harbingeas well as of the 
other concerns of the, Hofpital 

The bufmefs of the Hofpital is regiftered in a fmall quarto volume, 

in good preiervation, beginning in 1392. It i* thus -entitled, " Hie 

lt quatcrnus 






wico pertinet, fuper dertis negociis/'i, e. This book, containing fun- 
dry matters, belongs to the houfe and hofpital of St John the baptift 
in Sandwich. The firft lift in this regifter confifts of nine brothers 
nd fix fifters, but the number afterwards appears to have been regu- 



and jurats found it expedient to apply the corrodies of fuch places as 
became vacant to the difcharge of the debts and the repair of the eftate, 
till the number of brothers and fifters was reduced to fix % and an order 
was made to limit the fraternity in future to that number, and that two 
at the ieaft fhould be men and as many at the leaft women $ which rule 
however has not been flriftly obferved, the prefent fix: being all fe- 

The revenue of this Hofpital was always fmall. It received however 
a valuable addition in a benefaction of 200I. bequeathed by the will of 
John Dekewer efquire of Hackney, a native of Sandwich, and a defen- 
dant of one of the original Dutch fettlers, in Sandwich, who emigrated 
from their own country to avoid the troubles there under the admini- 
stration of the duke D'Alva. He inherited from his anceftors a very 
arge fortune, and in his will was liberally mindful not only of this 

1 - — *"% m a A a -A *4 m --_ 




:hers and fifters j and the money has been inverted in the public funds 
ind yields a yearly dividend of 61. 10s. 2d. which with the rents of the 
loufes and fome quitrents makes the annual income of each brother 
ind filter about fix guineas j but the buildings are very old and want a 
;rcat deal of repair. 

Annual receipts. 

Rent of a houfe in the Fifli-markct « 8 

£. s. d. 

o o 

of Cop-hall in the Chain 
of a houfe next adjoining 

1 10 o 
112 o 

R. 112 



. Brought forward 1 1 2 

Rent of the Crib houfe in King's ftreet - 140 

of a houfe in Bowling-alley - - 2 10 o 

of a houfe in the Corn-market, by the green bank, 2 15 o 

of a houfe there near adjoining - * 2 5 o 

of a lower room next adjoining - - 1 i o o 

of a chamber over the fame - -16 

of another chamber there 

1 6 

church yard 



of the Mermaid, next the Hofpital - 400 

of a houfe in the Corn-market, next the bridge, 25a 

of a lower room next adjoining - 160 

of a chamber over the fame - - 160 

of a houfe next adjoining - - 160 

of a houfe next adjoining - - 2 5 o 


of a houfe next adjoining - - 250 

of a garden within the Hofpital - 010 

Quitrent for a houfe next adjoining, called Lucksboat o 1 8 

for a houfe next adjoining, round the corner 034 

for the green-port's in King's-ftreet o 3 4 
for two houfes in the Fifli- market, near the 

for a houfe by the watering place - 08 

for a houfe at the N. E. corner of Love-lane 068 

for a houfe next the Crib in King's-ftreet o 1 8 

for a garden at Moatfole - - 010 
for a piece of ground adjoining to St Mary's 




Dividend on Mr Dekewer's legacy - - 6 10 2 

47 j 2 JO 



Brought up - " V. 

° ■ Annual payments 

To the matter, for colleaing the rents 
and keeping the accounts 

To average of annual repairs 

47 12 jo 

J lO o 

8 o o 

9 io o 

Balance 38 2 10 

The hofpital of St Bartholomew pays a quitrent of 2s. lod. to this 


of ground ; of which four (hillings is paid by the matter to the trea- 
furcr of the corporation of Sandwich, and the remaining ftxpence is 
divided among the brothers and fitters. 

This Hofpital was involved with St Bartholomew's in all the trou- 
bles occaiioned by the ftatutes of the 37th of Hen. VIII. and the xft of 
Edw. VL of which mention has been made at pages 8 and 9, and was 
preferved from deftruftion like that by the fpirited conduct of the 


The manner of induction into this Hofpital and the ceremony at 

giving pofleflion of the apartments are the fame as at St Bartholo- 
mew's. The fees payable on admiflion are thefe. r Sa j m 
To the mafter - - . - - 020 
To every brother and lifter is. 6d. - - 076 

To the town clerk 
To the fergeants 


o i o 

£ o II 6 

The matter's oath. 

I (hall be, as I ought to be, good, true and faithful unto this Hof- 
pital for the benefit and maintaining thereof, and the office of matter 
there (hall faithfully and honeftly execute and difcharge, and all good 
orders there ufed and accuftomed ihall to my power maintain, and true 
reckoning and account fiiall make, when I (hall be thereunto required 





by the mayor and jurats of this town for the time being, patrons of this 
place, as well of all fuch rents, revenues and fums of money, and other 
duties, which I (hall any ways receive appertaining to this Hofpital, as 
alfo of all fuch payments as I (hall difburfe or lay out for the fame. So 

help me God. 

The oath of a brother or fitter. 

I (hall be, as I ought to be, good and true unto this Hofpital, and 
obedient unto the m after of the fame for the time being in all honeft and 
good order to the ancient ways and cuftoms there j not doing anything 
to the difcommodity or difquiet of this place ; but (hall fubmit myfelf 
to all quiet and good orders, and fliall frequent the church on the Sab- 
bath days and all other days of nfual common prayer there. So help 
me God. 

At the bottom of a wooden difli, which was ufed formerly either to 

collect alms for the Hofpital or oblations for the dead, is a filver plate 

* r 

gilt, on which is engraved the figure of a woman with a purfe in one 
hand and a ftaffin the other, with this infcription round her : <( Pro 
anima Criftine Pikefyfch," for the foul of Chriftine Pikefifti -, who 
was admitted a filler of this Hofpital, 6th Hen. V. and probably gave 
the difh and plate* 




hx libro custumali vill^e Sandwici. 

Sequttur de Bomo Sancti Johannis 

ABENT ipii maior et jurati quandam domum hofpitalem que vo* 

4 m 

catur Domus Sanfti Johannis, in qua font fratres et forores nee- 
non pauperes et debiles porcionem habentes, Solent ipfi fratres et ib- 
lores vi£tum habere i ( n hunc modum : m prirnis, quolibet die de com- 
muni unum difcuiirplenum de potagio ; item quolibet die ixtxum panem 

™ i 

de valore unius quadrantis 5 item quolibet die unmiquadranj ad fere- 
vifiam, fi redditus fuus ad hoc fuffecerit ; item cameram fuam ineadera 
donio fumptibiis ipfius domus coopertam et fuftentatam. 

Ida et non plura;po(lunt ipfi fratres [et forores] habere de certo, ita 
quod domus fue riotiliabeant necefTe reparari j quia fi reparari debent, 
ferevifiam [amitte^t^rquia^redditus fuus non fufficit ad utrumque. 

Solent eciam ipfi #atres et forores; habere aliqua bona inter eos di- 
vifa, cum legata fibi fuerint aliquihus viris rnortuis, vel a navibus ci 


venerint ab aliqup viagio, fi aliquid miferint -, nifi fint Lefti, tapeta, 
lintheamina, vel hujusmodi panni, qui folent refervari ad pauperum 

Item folent omnes fratres et forores habere omni die dominica in 
ecclefiis de Sandwico' fratres euhtes cum quodam difco ftagneoad men- 
dicandum argentum, quod folet invenire ipfis carnes in ilia die domi- 
nica prout fufficit. 

Item folent habere unum fratrem cum batello euntem in portu acl 
mendicandum pifces falfas vel recentes tempore allecis vel aliorum 
pifcium, qui qiiidem pifces divldi debent inter fe, prout voluerint, vol 

cuilibet ad cameram fuam vel proporcionaliter ad menfam communtni. 


From the Customal of Sandwich. A trdnflation. 

Of St John's Hofpital. 

npHE mayor and jurats have the government of a certain hofpital 



other poor and infirm perfons receiving alms. The daily allowance of 
every brother and filter is a mefs of porridge, a farthing-loaf, and a 
farthing for beer if the income will admit of it. And there is allotted 
to each of them a room in the faid Houfe, which is kept in repair at 
the common colt, The brothers and lifters can have no dated allow- 
ance beyond what is here fet down j and when the buildings need repair 

they mull lofe the beer-money, as their income will not fuffice for 


The brothers and lifters fometimes receive benefactions in leo-acies 
and in prefents from mariners at their return from fea, which are di- 
vided among them ; unlefs the benefactions confift of beds, hangings, 
meets, or other clothes, which are referved tor the ufe of the poor re- 
ceived into the houfe. 

Some of the brothers attend the churches in Sandwich every fimday 
with a pewter difli, foliciting money to buy meat for dinner on that clay! 
In the herring-fealon and at other times they fend one of the brothers 
in a boat to beg from the veffels in the haven filh frefh and fait, which is 

divided among them for private ufe, or boiled for the common tabic 


1 \ o> 


Item folent habere quemdam fratrem euntem cum afino cum litera 
communi, per omnes partes Kancie et quo voluerint, ad mendicandum 
ad opusipforum, qui quidem frater folet valere eis ultra expenfas fuas 
aliquando unam marcnm, aliquando decern folidos, per unum annum. 

Item folent habere omnes forisfafturas pifcium et carnium contra or- 
dinaciones ville de Sandwico venditorum, ac eciam porcos euntes per 
vicos, et occifos, et omnes aves inventas in communi aqua balneantes. 

Item folent habere unum fratrem euntem cum care&a tempore au- 
tumpnali ad mendicandum blada et hujusmodi, de quibus fuo tempore 
folet fieri panis et dividi inter fe pro equali porcione. 

Item folent habere unum fratrem euntem tempore natalis Domini' 
cum facco ad ofpicia proborum virorum tarn infra villam quam extra 
pro pane mendicando, qui dividi folet inter feut fupra. 

Item major inveniet eis unum buffellum de ftandardo domini regis, 
unde extranei ad domum venientes fideliter valeant menfurare. 

Et omnis frater et foror dabit ad ingreflum fuum cuilibet fratri et 
forori domus illius — Kt ad ifta exequenda et adimplencia folet major 
et focii fui ordinare aliquem fratrem di6te domus in magiftrum, qui 
tamen nullum falarium habebit, vel forte aliquem bonum virum difte 
communitatis qui domum illam caritatis intuitu velit cuftodire: etipfe 
colligere debet communem redditum fuum, et fupervidere omnia que 
priusfunt nominata cum veneris et dividit ea bene et legaliter inter eos 

prout folet. 

Ipfe eciam magifter vel cuftos domus illius per aflenfum majoris 

faciet cooperiri domos -> facietque forores di6le domus lavare et fuere 
et honefte parare pannos communes, qui ferviuntdifte hofpitalitati ejuf- 
dcm domus, et eciam vafa communia fint niunda et abfquc alienacione ct 
deterioracione cuftodita, et omnia alia facere que difte domus tangunt 
communem utilitatem tarn in locatione domorum quam in aliis. 

Solent eciam in dicta domo ofpitari paupcres et dcbiles venientes ad 
diftam domum ; cooperiri et tcgi debent pannis dtite domus : et ft quis 
mortuus ibi fuerit, ipfi fratres difte domus facient corpus fepeliri in 

meterio fan&i Petri et facient pulfare claflicum ejus et foveam fieri et 

mi flam 



as they clioofe. There is another brother deputed to go through the 

county. of Kent, or wherever the brothers and fitters fhall direclr, with 
an afs and a public letter, foliciting charity on behalf of the hofpital ; 
and he collects fometimes ten Shillings a year, fometimes a mark, above 



town of Sandwich, hogs running about the ftreets, or killed there, and 
poultry fwimming in the Delf, are given to this hofpital. 

One of the Brothers goes about, in harveft, with a cart collecting 
wheat and other corn, which is made into bread and divided among 
them. And, at chriftmas, they fend a brother with a fack to the 
houfes of the better fort of people in the town and its neighbourhood . 
to beg bread, which is like wife divided equally among them. 

The mayor furnifhes the brothers and fillers with a ftandard bufliel, 
to which Grangers may have recourfe to afcertain the goodnefs of their 


Every brother and lifter upon admiffion into the hofpital, pays a cer- 
tain fain of money to be divided among the fraternity. 

That all thcfe matters may be properly attended to, the mayor and 
jurats appoint .one of the brothers to be mafter of the Hofpital, without 
any Mary, or d(c fome reputable townfrnan, who is willing to under- • 
take the office out of charity. The mafter, or he that officiates as luch, 
fhould colledt all the revenue of the Houfe, and fuperintend the whole 
bufinefs of the fame, making a fair and juft diftribution of all among 
tlie brothers and lifters. He fhould take care that the buildings be kept 
in repair, under the direction of the mayor ; and fhould employ the 
fitters in wafhing, mending and properly getting up the linen ufed in 
the laid Hofpital. He fhould fee that the common utenfils be kept clean, 
and that they be not loft or injured ; and fhould be attentive to the in- 
terefts of the Houfe on all occafions, as in hiring the tenements, &c. 

Poor and infirm perfons, applying to the Houfe, arc to be taken in 
and fupplicd with raiment; and if any one of them fhould happen to 

S die, 



miffam ibidem celebrari et corpus in veteribus lintheaminibus tegi difte 

domus lumptibus Aiis fi non habeatur de fuo. 

Solent major et jurati, quotiens fibi viderit expedire, vifitare di&am 
domum et videre ftatum di£le domus, videlicet, quot funt le6ti pUi. 
males, quot funt tapeta et lintheamina j quot tranf qnotque om- 

jiimodi paiinicionef, et quot oik communes enee ; quot patelJe et omnia 
ntenfilia : et inde folet fieri inter magi ft rum et majorem quedam ciro- 
grapbata ; et ipfe inde majori refpondebit tempore vifitacionis iliac 

Videre debet eciam major diftus ibi, fi dicta Domus fit in aliquode- 
bito cum piftorevelbraciatrice; et fi hoc inveniat, ordinabit, quod dif- 
ferat partem porcionis fue quoufque debitum iJlud perfolvatur. Videbit 

m « 

eciam quod domus, in qua pauperes debent ofpitari, et le&i fint nrundi 
bene, et pallia munde cuftodita. 

Videbit eciam qualiter fratres et forores fe geflerint, a tempore vifi- 
tacionis noviffime vel ultra, abique maledifto et rnalefa&o 3 et fi quos 
reos inveniat, puniat per fuas porciones. 

Et folet frater vel foror ad iiigreffum fuum dare pro ifta porcione 
habenda duas marcas vel aliquando quadraginta folidos : fed tamen 
gracia folet effe viris bone converfacionis et impotentibus bone conver- 
facionis, ut predi£lum eft. 

Et debet ad ingreffum fuum facere facramentum, prout onerabitur a 
majore, quod effe debet bonus et fidelis ad opus ipfius domus pro poffe 
fuo, &c. 


I 3 I 

die in the Houfe, the body is to be covered with old fheeting belonging 
to the Houfe, and buried St Peter's church yard. The bell fhould toll, 
and the burial fervice be performed, all at the expence of the Houfe, 
if there are no effects of the deceafed to pay the charge. 

The mayor and jurats, whenever they think proper, vifit this Houfe 
and examine into the ftate of the fame, particularly, as to the condi- 
tion and number of the feather beds, blankets, flieets, holders, and 
cloths of all kind. They likewife take an account of the number of 
pots, difhes, and other utenfilsj and caufe an inventory of every thing 
to be delivered to the matter, who is anfwerable to the mayor for the 
fame, at the next vifitation. 

The mayor is to enquire if the Houfe be in debt to the baker or brewer ; 
and, in cafe of arrears of that kind, he is to flop a part of the common 
Uowance till the whole be paid. He is likewife to fee that the houfe 
appropriated to the entertainment of paupers, and the beds and bed- 
.clothes there be kept very clean. He is to examine into the conven- 
tion and behaviour of the brothers and fitters fince the laft vifitation - 
and, if there is occafion to punifh, he fhould ftop a part or the whole 
defaulter's allowance. 

Every brother or fitter, at his or her ad million, in confideration of 
the corrody to be received, pays two marks, and fometimes forty {hil- 
lings. Favor is however {hewn to perfons of good eharaderin diftrefied 

The brothers and fitters, at their admiflion, are to be fworn by the 
mayor to be true and faithful to the intereft of the {aid Houfe, Sec. 






Evidences of St John's Hofpital in Sandwich: 

i. npHOMAS de SHELVINGE of Sandwich releafes, in frankalmoign,. to the 

«*• brothers and fitters of the Houfe of God and faint John in Sandwich, an an- 
nua] rent of two fhillings and ten pence, payable by them ro him for a barn, in theparifh 
of St Peter in Sandwich, abutting to the highway fouth, to provide them and the poor re- 
forting thither with frnw*. 1287 or 1288. John de Ho, mayor. 

2. John de Ho of Sandwich grants, in frankalmoign, to the Houfe of God and faint 

John in Sandwich an annual rent of three pence, f payable out of a mefTuage, In St Mary's 
parifh in S. abutting to the ftreet f. and to land belonging to the vicarage of St Mary's 
ji. 1293 or 1294. Adam Stephan, mayor. 

3. John Long of S. grants, in frankalmoign, to the poor brothers and fitters of the 

Hofpital of St John in S. a quitrent of two marks, payable out of a mefTuage, in St Peter's 

parifh in S. lying to the ftreet e. to provide them with greens § and pot-herbs. September 
3296. James Peny, mayor. 

4. John Pykering of S. releafes, in frankalmoign, to the brothers and fitters of the 
Hofpital of St John the baptitt, a free rent of feven pence, payable to him out of the prin- 
cipal mefTuage of the faid Hofpital. 12th march, 131 1. Adam Steffan, mayor. His feal, 
three demy lions impaling three demy fhi ps, inferibed with his name. 

5. Reginald Coldc of S. grants to the b. and f. of the Houfe of St John the baptitt in 
5* the rcverfion, expectant on the death of Margaret his fitter, of a free and perpetual an- 
nual icnt of fix fhillings, || payable out of a mclTuage in St Clement's parifh in S. abutting 
to Tarfsheucftrctc** eafl, for a term of one hundred years from the death of the faid Mar- 
garet. April, 1347. Stephen Yok, mayor. Thomas, fori of William Condy, vice-bail iff. 

6, Stephen, 

* It is doubifiil whether the word lie ft inline or flraniinc, yarn or flraw. f Trcs denarrata*;. 

I Oleia it CLicra j^iagia. || Six. folitlatoium. '* Now Fi fliers fhctt. 


Stephen, fon of John Rayner, of 8. grants, in frankalmoign, to the b. and f. of the 
H of St John the baptift in S. aquitrentof two {hillings, payable out of a meffuage in St 

m ° '« oarifh in S. abutting to a pafture e. the wall of the town w. and the delf n. June, 
JVlary s p _ ,__ i -r:ir 


IV Q. William Ive, mayor, jonn wuuujc, "«— 

Robert Warde and Joan his wife grant, in fee, to St John's H« in S. a houfe and 
1 A adjoining, in St Peter's parifh in S. abutting to land of the Hofpital w. and the 
delphn. 12 July, 1354* John Gibonn, mayor. William Cundy, bailiff. 

8 Thomas Arundel of S. grants, in fee, to St John's H. in S. an annual rent of two 
(hillings and fixpence, payable out of a tenement, at Luckefbote, abutting to the delf w. 
nd the ftreet e. 20th february, 1366. Nicholas Efpelon, mayor* 

q. Thomas Elys draper of S. grants, in fee, to the H. of St John in S. an annual rent 
of nine pence out of his (hop in the vifhmarkatte in St Peter's parifh. 29 march, 1366, 
Nicholas Efpelon, mayor. 

10. John Baker, m after of the Hofpital, and the b. and f, grant, by indenture, to Ste- 
phen Kempe and his wife for their lives, a piece of ground, in St Peter's parifh, contain- 
ing in length fourteen feet and in breadth four feet, at the annual rent of a red rofe to be 
paid on the feaft of St John the baptift. jo april, 1371. Thomas Elys, mayor. 

11. John Webb of S. fenior, grants, in fee, to the in. b t and f. of St John's Houfe, a 
mefluage in St Peter's parifh in S. abutting to the delf w. 16 april, 1384. John Godard, 


12. Roger Carte of S, grants, in fee, to the in. b. ai d f. of St John's Houfe in 

S. a workshop in the fi (schema iket, in the parifh of" St Peter, abutting to the fheel e. 

7th may 1384.. John Godarde, mayor. 

13* The brothers and fitters, with the con fen t of the mayor and barons*, grant for ever, 
by indenture, to Waiter Taylour of S. baker, a tenement in the FyAiiarket abutting to 
the royal market f c. at a yearly rent of twenty-lix fhillings and eight pence, itt decern* 
bcr 1385. John Godard, mayor. 

14. Bennet Gardiner of S, grants, in fee, tothem.b, and f. of St John's Houfe in S. 
a cottage in Lovelane, in St Peter's parilh, abutting to a tavern there called the Blake t;i- 
vcrne w. and the ftreet e. Cy t h may, 14.03. John Atte Nefkh, mayor. 

15. The brothers and fillers of St John's Hofpital, with the content of the mayor and 
barons, by indenture, grant for ever to Walter Waller of S. a. mefluage, in St Peter's pa* 
riflv, abutting to the delf f. at a yearly rent of four {hillings* 14 may, 1403. John Atte 
Ncfsh, mayor. 

16. The brothers and fitters, with the confent &<:. by indenture, grant for r ver to John 
Forncr, a tenement, in St Clement's parifh, abutting to the ftreet w. at a yearly rent of 
i'^van {hillings. 9th may, 1404. John Godard, maycir. 

17. The brothers and fitters grant for ever the above tenement to John Norman baker, 

at a referved rent of four {hillings. 31 January, 1406, John GudaiJ, mayor. 

ill. John 

**' Juiiit'.:, |- Formn regale. 


i8. John Gybon of 5. a feoffee of Henry Loveryk, under the will of the (kid Henry, 
grants, in fee, to the b. and s, of St John's H. in S. a tenement, in St Clement's parifh' 
abutting to a tenement of the Hofpital s. and to the ftreet w. 12 march, 1407. j oIl J 

Godard, mayor. 

19. The m. fa, and s. with the confent of the mayor and jurats of S, grant for ever to 
Thomas Lucus a meffuage in Lovelane in St Peter's parifli, lying to the ftreet e. at a 
yearly rent of three {hillings. 20th feptember, 141 0, Thomas Loveryk, mayor. 

?.o. The b. and s. with the confent of the mayor and barons of S. by indenture, grant 
for ever to Robert Giles and Cicely his wife a tenement, in the parifli of St Clement in 
S. abutting to the ftreet w. at a yearly rent of four fhillings. February, 1414. J h n 

Gylling, mayor. 

21. The b. and s. of St John's H. in S, with the confent of the mayor, patron of the 
H. by indenture of leafe, demife to Peter Colyn carpenter a tenement, in St Clement's 
parifli in Hyeftrete, lying to the ftreet w, and another tenement of the H. s, for ever, at a 
yearly rent of two fhillings and four pence. 10th June, T444. John Boteler, mayor. 

22. Robert Mayhewe, dier, and Simon Leycefter, of S. grant, by indenture, for ever, 
to the mafter and brethren of St John's H. in S. and their fuccelTors for ever, an annual 
rent of twelve pence, payable out of a garden, in St Mary's parifh, abutting to another 
garden of the faid H. e. and the fewer running from Mottefhole s. containing in breadth 
towards the north forty feet ten inches, and in length towards the weft fifty feet. 31ft 
January, 1451. William Fenell, mayor. 

23. John Stokysof S. derniies, in fee, to the in. b. and s. of St John's H. in S. a rood 
of land lying in the parifli of St Clement, at Sandown, between the highway s, the road 
to the mill n. land of John Grene w. and land belonging to St Bartholomew's Hofpital c. 
20th January, 1455. Richard Cole, mayor. 

24. The b. and s. of St John's H, in S. with the confent of the mayor and barons of S. 
grant, by indenture, to John Monketon of Staple a void piece of ground, in Sr Clement's 
parifli, lying to the ftreet w. upon condition to build a houfe thereon within two years at 
his own expence, and to pay to the H. a perpetual yearly rent of two ilii] lings and eight 
pence. February, 1466. Richard Cheldefworth, mayor. 

25. A leafe from the m.b. and s. of St John's H. to Henry Chambers, of a fhop, in St 
Peter's parifli at Luckcfboote, lying to the king's ftreet againft the cafl, for a term of 
ninety nine years, at the yearly rent of nine pence. 12th march, 1541. Vincent Enge- 
ham, mayor. 

26. Simon Lynchc of S. grants to the m. b. and s. of the alms houfe or Hofpital of Sr 
John, an annual rent of feven (hillings, i fining out of a inefluage and a final 1 adjoinin.i 
garden, in the parifli of St Mary in S. lying along the dclf, abutting to the comen dyitc 
dyers* Couth i and the dclf n. 6th augull*, J 5^0. 

* Query flitch ? 

27. I i 



27. The m. b. and s. of the alms Houfe or H. of St John in S. .with the confent of the 
worfhipful the mayor and jurats, patrons of the faid Houfe, grant for ever to Simnn Lynche, 
gentleman, a pieceof ground, containing in length eaft and weft thirty feet, and in breadth 
north and fouth twenty four feet, lying below the Waterloope* towards the Butts in St 
Mary's pariili, at the yearly rent of twelve pence. 6th auguft, j 566. 

28. A leafe from the Hofpital to John Ferrier of a meiTuage, in the Fifhmarket, lying 
between the PopeVhead w. and the market e. for ninety three years, at the yearly rent of 
three pounds. 20th o&ober, 1576. 

29. A leafe from the Hofpital to Henry Smith of a dwelling houfe in the Corn-market, 
in St Peter's pariflh, for ninety nine years, at twenty /hillings a year. 4th October, 1582. 

3:. A leafe from the Hofpital to George Whi taker of a tenement in the Corn- market 
in it Peter's parlfti, for forty years, at twenty {hillings a year. 25th march, 1600. 

31. A leafe from the Hofpital to Ifaac Gogar, maltman, of a yard or piece of ground, 
containing in breadth fixteen feet, and in length three fcore and eight feet of afiizc in the 
parifhof St Peter, abutting to Delf ftreet s. for a term of forty years, at ten (hillings a year, 
30th november, 1603. 

32. A leafe from the Hofpital to Annanias DufEeld of a mefluage, called by the name 
or fign of the Blue Anchor, with a little yard or backfide adjoining, on the fouth part of 
the Hofpital, in the parifli of St Peter, for twenty fix years, at three pounds a year. 30th 
november, 1604. 

33. A leafe from the Hofpital to Richard Baker, with the confent of the mayor and ju- 
rats, patrons and governours, of a meJTuage in the pariih of St Clement, for five years, at 
twenty four fhillings a year. 23d June, 1611. 

34 A leafe from the Hofpital to Robert Beaeham, mercer, of a fliop in the Fifhmarkct, 
in the parifh of St Peter, near and againft the conduit there, adjoining to the tavern called 
the Rofe, and under the roof or chamber of the tenement of the faid Robert wherein he 
now dwells, containing eight feet and a half from the Rofe entry to the faid tenement from 
fill to fill, and alfo twelve feet inward from fill to fill, and Ccvm feet and four inches in 
height, for forty years, at twenty {hillings a year, rfl July, 161 1. 

35. A leafe from the Hofpital to Richard North, grower, of a tenement, in St Peter's 
S. in the Corn- market, between the tenements of the faid Hofpital e. and w the Delf n 
and the markets for forty years, at twenty flii Hi n;>;s a yean 8th January, 1611 

36. A leafe from the Hofpital to Robert Goodimn of a tenement, in St Clement's m 

r.fli, abutting to the king's ftreet w. and to Copthall belonging to the faid Hofpital n for 

iorty years, at ten (hillings a year, ioth may, 1612. 

37. A leafe from the Hofpital to Chriflophcr Clarke of a piece of pafture, containing by 
imation one acre and a half, in Finglcflwm, next to the king's highway «. and e. for°tvn 

ycais, at thirteen (hillings and four pence ayct-r. jft February, 1614, 

, Tl „ . 3 8 ' Edmund 

* The flmcj. 


I3 6 


38. Edmund Parbo of S. gent in confideration of thirty one pounds paid to him by the 
Hofpital, releafes and for ever quit-claims to the faid Hofpital all his right and title in a 
tenement and a piece of ground thereto adjoining, in St Mary's pari/h in S. abutting to a 
tenement belonging to St Mary's church called the Storehoufe e. and to the church yard 
Ji. 28th auguft, 1615. 

3Q. Nicholas Jones, merchant, grants, in fee, to the HWfpital an annuity or yearlyrent 
of forty /hillings, to he ifluing out of four rnefluages or tenements lately built in the pa- 
rifli of St Peter in S. at or near the Corn market, abutting to thefireet s. and e. to a ftable 


and barn- belonging to St Bartholomew's Hofpital w. and to tenements belonging to St 
Join. 's Hofpital n. The m. b. and s. covenant to account yearly to the mayor and jurats 
of S. for the expenditure of the faid annuity, which is for the fole ufe of and behoorof the 
faid m. b, and s. 20th fehruary, J 616. 

40. Nicholas Jones, merchant, grants, in perpetuity, to the m. b. and f. of St John's 
H in S. an annuity or yearly rent of forty /hillings, to be ifluing out of his four rnefluages 
lately built in St Peter's parifh in S. at or near the Corn market, to the king's ftrcet f. 
and e. (as in the preceding grant) to the ufe of the Harbenge of the faid Hofpital, for the 
relief and fuccour of fuch poor diitrefTed weak or fickly perfons, as by the mayor and ju- 
rats of S. for the time being, fhall be fent into the faid Harbenge to be relieved and har- 
boured j with a covenant as in the preceding indenture, ift april, 1616. 

41. A I cafe from the Hofpital to Chri/topher Legget of a me flu age and yard, containing 
by eflimation twenty one feet in length, and twenty feet at the one end and fourteen fe;t 
at the other in bread th, in St Mary's parifh in S. adjoining to the fouth fide of the church- 
yard, for twenty one years, at forty /hillings a year. 14 december, 1620. 

42. A Icafe of the premifes mentioned in number 32, and of another tenement in St Pe- 
ter's parifh in S. adjoining to the Scar in the Corn market, for thirty years, at four pounds 
fix /hillings and eight pence a year. 31ft o&ober, 162 1. 

43 A leafe from the Hofpital to Tobias Ballard of two tenements in the Corn market, 
for the natural lives of the wife and two fons of the faid Tobias or the longeft liver of 
them, at the yearly rent of fifty one (hillings. 15th may, 1629. 

44. A leafe from the Holpital to Gcrvas Shelvey, brewer, of a tenement with a /hop, in 
the Corn market, adjoining to the faid Hofpital, for twenty-one years, at twenty fix /hil- 
lings and eight pence a year. 25th feptember, 1641. 

45. A leafe from the Hofpital to Mr William Wy born Bradly of the Mermaid in the 
Corn market, for twenty one years from midfummcr 1776, at lour pounds a year to he 
paid quarterly. The tenant to repair and pay all cefles and taxes. 

40. A leafe from the Hofpital to Mr Jeremiah Hunt, linen draper, of a mc flu age on the 
weft fide of the Fi/h market, for twenty one years from midfummer 1769, at eight pounds 
a yeai u lie mn\ quarterly. The tenant to repair and pay all cefles and taxes. 

47. A petition from Mary Stewart to the mayor and Jurats to be permitted to furreiulcr 
her place, as a filler in St John's Hofpital, and to be icmovcd ilicreliojxl. Without date. 

48. llvt 


iS Her declaration that flie doth furrender her faid place. Dated 25th January, 1776. 
A deed wherein the mayor and jurats of Sandwich acknowledge to have received 
f Robert Huggett, of Eton in Bucks, clerk, and John Hardy, of St Lawrence in'Thanet, 
ent. executors of the will of John Dekewer efquire, of the parifii of St. John Hackney, 
the fum of two hundred pounds, bequeathed by the will of the faid John Dekewer to the 
faid mayor and jurats, in truft for the brothers and fitters of St John's Hofpital in 'Sand- 
wich * and declaring the fame to be for the ufe of the faid brothers and fitters, and that it 
is their intention to inveft the fame in the public funds, agreeably to the directions of the 
faid will. Dated 6th may, 1763*. 

co. Hofpitale fan&i Johannis in parochia fancT:i Petri ville Sandwich 

Scitus difti Hofpitalis in parochia fancTi Petri predi&a, cum omnibus edificiis (et) gar- 
dinis infra eundem fcitum, in tenura et occupatione magiftri, confratrum et confororum 
difti Hofpitalis, in eorum communern ufum hofpitalitatis, extentus per annum ad xs. 

Redditus aflife five quieti redditus exeuntes de diverfis tenemcntis fubfcriptis, viz. de 
redditu exeunte de uno tenemento fcituato in Fyfhernarket in parochia fanili Petri Sand- 
wici in tenura Johannis Rugley xxs. De redditu exeunte de tenemento, quondam 
Maycheme, modo Nicholai Pecke, in parochia fandle Marie Sandwici, vijs. et de redditu 
exeunte de horreo et terris Hofpitalis fancli Bartholomei ibidem apud Mottefole ijs. xd. 
in toto per annum xxjxs. xd. 

Firma certorum tenementorum etcotagiorum diverfis perfonis ad voluntatein dimiflbrum, 
viz. unius tenementi iuxta dictum Hofpitale, in tenura Marie Duke, vs. iiijd. alius te- 
jiementi iuxta idem Hofpitale > in tenura Benedidti Darley, vs. iiijd, alterius tenementi, 
ibidem, in tenura Cowper, vjs. viijd. unius alius tenementi ibidem, in tenura Ro- 

berti Alderfon, vs. iiijd. unius alterius tenementi ibidem, in occupatione Juhanne Gyl- 
bert vidue, iijs viijd. unius cotagii ibidem, in occupacionc Willielmi Lawrence, iiijs. 
alterius cotagii ibidem, in tenura Margarete Heyfted, vs. iiijd. alius cotagii ibidem, in 
occupacione Johannis Bruges, iiijs. unius alterius cotagii ibidem, in tenura Thome Pul- 
ler, iiijs. unius alius cotagii ibidem, in occupacione Hugonis Charte, iiijs. alterius 
cotagii ibidem, in tenura Robert! Rofe, vs. iiijd. unius gaidini ibidem, in occupacione 
Agnctis Eglefton, vd. unius cotagii ibidem, in t.nura Agni'tis Hughes vidue, vjs, 
viijd. ac unius pecie terre ibidem, in tenura magiftriet confratrum Hofpitalis ikncli Bar- 
tholomei, xxd. In toto per annum Ixj s jxd. 

Rep rife. 

Redditus rcfolutus exeuns de pecia tcrre in parochia (m&\ Clementis, folutus numeric* 
de Sanded owne, per annum iiij d. 

Jit valet clare ultra reprifas predictas per annum cjs. iijd. 

M, S, penes G. B. 
The hofpital of faint John in the paiifh of faint Peter in Sandwich. 
The fitcof the Hofpiuil, with all the buildings and gardens within the faid file, in the 
tenure and occupation of the mafici, brothers and filters of the faid Hofpital, valued at 10s. 

a year 

f» ^ 




* This money has been fince inverted in the fiinda for lIvv uie of the Ilofpiial, 


Rents of affile or quitrents payable for the following tenements, viz. for a tenement in 

the Fifhmarket in the pariah of- faint Peter jb os. od, for a tenement in faint Mary's 
parifh ol. 7s. od. for a barn and land at Mottefole belonging to faint Bartholomew's 
Hofpital ol. 2S. jod. In the whole if, 9s. rod. a year. 

Rents of certain houfes and cottages let to tenants at will, viz. A tenement near the 
faid Hofpital 5s. 4J. Another tenement near the Hofpital 5s. $d. Another tenement there 
6s, gd. Another tenement there 5s. 4c!. Another tenement there 3$, gd. A cottage there 
4s. od. Another cottage there 5s. qd, Another cottage there 4s. od. Another cottage 
there 4s. od. Another cottage there 4s. od. Another cottage there 5s. ^d, A garden 
os. 5d. A cottage 6s. 8d. A piece of ground in the tenure of the mafter and brethren of 
faint Bartholomew's Hofpital is. 8d. In the whole 3I. is. gd, a year.. 


A rent refolute out of a piece of land in faint Clement's parifh, payable to the manor 
of Sandown, 4c!*. 

The clear yearly value therefore 5I. is. 3d. 


Extra&s from the regifter of the Hofpital. 


IE jovis proximo fequente poft feftum fundi Nicholai, anno regis Ricardi fecundi 

Anglie fextodecimo. (1392.) Johannes Godard tunc maior ville Sandwici, vna cum 
aliquibus juratis dicte ville, intra domum fandti Johannis baptifte eiufdem ville ibidem 
fratres ct fororcs eiufdem domus vifitans. 

Eodem die W, E. ele&us eft magifler eiufdem domus. 

(No vein fratres et fex for ores nominatim.) 

Eodem die ordinatum eft, quoJ decctero omnes pifecs eis date coct* fint de communi, et 
ad menfam inter ipfos quolibet die circa horam nonam participentur 5 prouifo tamen quod 
fi aliquis, vel aliqua, infirmata fit, habeat porcionem fuam per fe. Et ft contingat magna 
forisfadlura pifcium fore, quod non poflunt racionabiliter prand*ri circa horam predi&am, 
quod cxtune de communi falficntur, et in forma fupnidiila equaliter inter fratres et fororcs 
participentur, feu diuidantur per equales porcioncs. 

Ornamcnta ct veftimenta Domus faniti Johannis baptifte. j chalon f cum ij dimidiis 
chalon drbilibus nigri coloris. vij chalon rubri coloris, vnde vnum fractum in medio, j 

hovfc**dc Turkeic. viij vndcrbeddccloth cum j blanket ct j quilte. vj tramifein§, cum xv 

I iniplx iani i n i b u s )| » 


* In (lie court rolls the quiirent is find to be " vd. pro v rotlk tciTC propc chant vy mill in Sandowac, vl 
f Bcdilcuds. § BoliU-rs. [j Shuts. ** Hofo 


Remanentia in cuftodia J. P. vna cum vno cbalon nigri colon's et j pare limphiamiiuim. 

Item iij chalon nigri coloris. 

Item vj chalon nigri coloris, et ] coopertorium* nigri coloris. 

Item iij coopertoria vocata ferges. 

Item v paria limphiarninum in cuftodia magiftru 

Eodem die, J, D. per inquificionem fratrum et fororurn conui&us fuit de eo, quod in-r 
iufte et contra ordinacionem Domus predicate verfus W. E. tunc magiftrum Jitigauit. I* 

xxiiijo die januarii in feftum conuerfaiionis fan&i Pauli, anno regis Ricardi fecundi An* 
o-lie xxij ordinatum eft, quod fi aliquis vel aliqua eiufdem domus fe abftraxerit a precis 
bus vno die, amittet po"rclonem dici proximo fequentis ; et fi fe abftraxerit fecunda vice, 
amiltet bus dominicis proximo fequentibus ; et fi fe abftraxerit tercia vice, amit- 

tet porcionem vnius feptimane, nifi habuerit licenciam a magiftro aut caufam 

Memorandum, quod xij° die menfis februarii, anno regis Henrici quarti Angliefecundo, 
ordinatum eft, quod fi quis vel que eiufdem domus rixauerit eum aliquo vel aliqua, amittet 
porcionem fuam duarum feptimanarum, et fi magjfter didti Hofpitalis rixet cum aliquo vel 
cum aliqua eiufdem domus,. amittet porcionem fuam vnius menfis. 

Memorandum, quod fecundo die maii, anno Henrici quarti fecundo,, magifter inuentus 
eft culpabilrs de vna rixione fa&a inter ipfum et vnam fororem di&i domus, pro qua rix- 

ione foluet vnam libram cere. 

Memorandum, quod xxij die menfis januarii, anno Henrici quarti fexto, Thomas Ry- 
card, communis clericus ville Sandwyci, et Ph. Kyx, communis feruiens eiufdem ville, 
iuerunt ad domum et hofpitalem fan£ti Johannis baptifte pro induccione Thome Coupere 
de Chylton de parochiade Alkham j quo die did us Thomas factus eft frater eiufdem 
domus et jurat us. 

Mem. jx° apriiis, anno Hen. quarti nono- In Ic hoftrie in coopertoriis et tapetis xviij. 
In lynthiaminibiis v. In materafcs + iij. In quyltez viij. In rnappis§ et manutergis§ vij. 
Item iiij pel u y s || • Item vj lecli plumales. Item j pannus de cerico. Item in hcrbegagio viij' 
coopertoria ct iiij paria lynthyaminum. 

Mem. quod xviij die marcii, anno Hen. quarti xiiij Johannes Carpenter ad mi flu s fuit 
ad corrodium domus predicate ex do no maioris ct toe i us** com mini if at is, et iuratus. 

Mem. quod tempore Thome Loueryk maioris, deliberata fuerunt magiftro domus fanfli 
Johannis et fratribus ejufdem domus, ex aflignacionc et legacionc Waltcri Schirbonc de- 
fuinSli, quinque paria linthiaminum, quinque paria blanketts, ct quinque couerlitis. 

Item, tempore Roberti Haddon maioris, deliberata fuerunt per manus Thome Wafer on, 
ex affignacionc et legacionc Ricardi Stacy, clerici, magiftro et fratribus vj paria linthia* 

minum nouoruin de pan no dc Walgia faclorum. 

vij die 

"" Coverlet. \ MattreflTes. § Napkins and towels.. 

|| Pillows. In another place they are called imvI/les. Perhaps pillows were originally skins fluffed, and hence 

their name 

** The only inftauce of the interference of the commonalty in the concerns of iliu Hofpital, and therefore, mod 

probably, a rniftake ol* the towivcleik. 

1 1 ■* 

1 z 


v'ljo c i; e maii, anno Hen. quinti fexto, Criftjna vxor Johannis Pykefyfch ad mi {fa eft ad 
corrodium domus, ct electa eft in fororem ibidem, et jurata. 

Mem. quid vj t0 die rnenfts.augufti, anno Hen. quinti feptimo, Johannes Horolff, allu. 
tariuf, de S. eleitus eft in fratrem, ct admi/Tus eft habere corrodium fuurn, et foIempnU 
zavit juramentum fuum prout nios et corifuetudo domus exigit et requirit. Maior protunc 
Simon Halle, cum aliis fociis fuis ibidem tunc prefentibus, coniideran/*s di£tum J. H*. per 
tempus fue commoracionis in villa prcdicta fore bone et honefte converfacionis, conccifr- 
rioii eidem ex tribus artieulis domui predicle pertinentibus, durante vita fua, preferuari 
viz. a purgacione fororum de Cornrnarkett et Fyfsh market ; fimiliter et a portacione cam- 
pane, rogando pro defun£tis$ et eciam a portacione communis difci in ecclefia vel alibi. 
Ex omnibus tamen aliis artieulis domui predicate pertincntibus, facere obligatus, prout ct 
alii o nines fratres et forores domus predicle. 

Anno Hen. quinti oclauo, ordinatum fuit, quod fiquis fratrum et fororum defecerit tem- 
pore diccionis Jes bedys, ft non fuerit aut fuerint occupati circa vfum domus, quod ex tunc 
carebunt proparte eorum corrodii per fcptimanam. 

Anno Hen. fexti fecundo, maior ct jurat i fuperuifum habuerunt de ornamentis et vefti- 
mentis domui attingentibus. 

In primis, o£to lecti cum apparatibus, viz* vj paiitf linthiaminum in hofpicio, vj pari/? 
de bJanketts. 

iiij materas et vj coopertoria in hofpicio prohominibus elemofinariis 5 que predicta po« 
fita fuerunt in cuftodia D. M. et faiStus eft hofpes. 

Item, vij paria linthiaminum cum j linthiamine fraie ; vna cum oclodecim quelteset 
chalowns ; que pofita fuerunt in cuftodia J. H. protunc magiftro. 

Item, in hofpicio pro mulieribus elemofinariis ordinariis, viz, ij paria linthiaminum, ij 
coopertoria, cum ij blanketts debilibus, in cuftodia dieYi D. M. 

Ornamenta et vtenfilia. Imprimis, quatuor o\hs eneaj. Item, j ketyll, ij patella/ 
magna; et iij patella; paruaj. item, iij fpitts ferrea* magna*, ct j paruum fpytc. Item, 
vnum ciphum de ma/la, cum liganiiae argentco. in cuftodia magifrri. 

Anno Hen. fexti quarto, W. C. pura et fpontanca fua voluntatc, ac fide fua media pre- 
jtita in manu Wjllielmi Gayler maioris, prefentibus tunc J. P. et aliis, promifit, omni anno 
ct fingulis annis durante vite fua, ad dandum fratribus et fororibus ij bufshellos fariiie 
auenorum, ac iij bufshellos pifarum vocatarum graypeefys, in fuftcntacioncm coccionis 
olie communis^ in releuacione corrodii fratrum et foroium ; quod corrodimn coccionis 
ollc communis, pre paupertatc, per nvultos annos. pre antca nondum fuerit vifitnta* 

In an inventory of moveables in the chamber oi a deccafed brother are " j fhirte and 
* c j brccchc." xxviij Hen. fexti. 

Mem. that the xvjth day of juyll, anno regis Ed, iiij 1 ' xjx° hit is ordayned be William 
Salmon maiic and patron of the howfc of St John, lu content and ailcnt of the* brothers 
and fuftrcn, that what brother or firftor revylcd other with ungoodcly langagc, or fyrthid 
or brawled, and fkoJdctc, he or Hie fuwty iljall life to the place ij lb. waxe the Jirfl 



and i I j lb. wax the fecond tyrne, and the third tyme his corody lhall be feafid into 

the mayres hand. 

Vifitacio fratrum et fororumH. fan£ii Johannis baptifte fa£ta ibidem xxviij die marcii, 

no r. Henrici feptimi Anglic quinto, coram Johanne Nafeby maiore ac patrono, J. I. 

E. B. juratis, et aliis- 

An inventorye of all the godes of the place. 
Furft in the ahambrc of harber for ftrange wemen iiij couerlits, ij blanketts and j payr 

Item, in the gentilmen chambre ij federbedds with ij bolfters, ij payre blankets, ij payre 

fliers, and ij couerlits. 

Item, in the long harbur chamber \ furft a fetherbedde, in the bedde next the dore, j 
bolder, j payre fliets, and j couerlyte. Item, in the fide bedde next that bedde a fetherbed, 
j bolfter, j pair blanketts, j pair diets and ij couerlits. Item, j other fedyrbed with a 
bolfter, j paire blanketts, j pai re fliets, and ij couerlits. Item, vpon a nother bedde j dagge 
fwavne, j paire of fymple blanketts with ij couerlits, and j bolfter. Item, vpon a nother 
bedds, ij fymple couerlits, j bolfter and j blanket. Item, vpon the bedde next the walle, 
ij couerJits with j bolfter. Item, in the 1 1 til I bedde afore the prevy dore, j blanket, j bol- 
fter, and j couerlite. 

Item, in the boterie, in the ale chambre, in the hall ; furft iij longe fpitts, v brafle 
potts, wherof ij grete and iij fmale, j fliete to lay upon corfes that here dye, with j couer- 
lite, ij little pannys, iij platers of pewter, and j fawfer, ij candilfticks, the chynke bell, 
and j tabell cloth. 

Item, in the halle, ij tabyls, j foldyng tabell, and the grete brafle potte, with ij fourmes. 

Item, in the jewel! chambre aboue, ij grete pannes, j fetherbed, and j couerlit of tap - 
ftry werkc, and x ; iij couerlits,, not ocupied. 

Item, in the jcwell chefte, j mafle bolec of redecouering, j litill other rede boke j vehe- 
ment of grcne complete, j pax of brafle, j f u per al tare, iij olde mafours, iij dyaper towels,' 
dyucrs boxes, a chalys of filver, j crucifix of brafle; j litill crofle of fylucr and giltc, with 

criftall in the fote and iiij litill flones. Item a relike of filuer and gilte firondyng in a cafe 
oflcdckr, ij crewctts of tynne, j lytill facryng belle of bras, faint Johnis bufshell, and j' 
trynde of wax. 

Two brothers tlifp laced, xxivth Hen. viijth. 

A brother refigns his place in the Hofpita], " by rcafon of his great debilitie and fick- 
* c nefic of body, and not doon for no manor of hatred, nor other condicion of the brothers 
u and fiflers." 31ft march, 16th Hen. vijth. 

Vifitacio fratrum et fororum xxj° die januarii, anno Hen. vij Anglic xvij per maiorcm 
t:t juratos. 

The inventory of fuch goods as belongilli to the Mofpitall. 
Firft, iij mafic boks and another bokc. 

Item, a clialcs and a pax. 




Item, "a complete veftement and a fuper altare. 

Item, a white dowble autre clothe. 

Item, ij playn table clothis. 

Item, iij tables. , 

Item, iij crofles of filuer, and a pi&oureof the crofle of coper and gilte* , 

Item, iij mafers, ij gilte and oon white. 

Item, iiij candelftikks and ij crewetts. 

Item, a great pot of brafTe. ; 

Item, a middel pott and iij other potts of braffe. 

Item, a depe ketell, iij fpittis and ij pannys. 

Item, xxx pair of facts- 

Item, xl couirletts. 

Item, a cotierlet for a corfe, and a fhete for the fame, and iij fmall pillowis* 

• Item, xxiiij blanketts. 
Item, v rogetts* to ferve the churche. 

xxjxth may, xvijth Hen. viiijth R, F. is elect and chofen u man herbenger for this 
* c yere folowyng, and J3. G. woman herbenger." 

Mem. xxjxth day of feptember, anno Eliz. decimo kxto. <c Where, by the laft will and 
*< teftament of Thomas Manwo.od difceafed, v II. is given to this Houfe, which is layed 
" out in repares." 

A benefaction to the Hofpital. of 20L by William Brun, brewer,. 1596. 
September the 5th, 1600. The matter of the Hofpital, having got his maid with child, 
is difmiffed from his place, which is, however,, given to his wife. 

The mailer fined and difplaced for joining with others in the Hofpital in granting a 

Icafe of a houfe belonging to the Hofpital, without the confent of the patrons, 8 July, 1608., 

Nov, 9th,, 161 1. D-ecrecd> that no brother or fifler fhall hire or let out any room or 

garden, belonging to and being within the Hofpital, to any perfon or perfons except to a 

brother or fifter, upon pain of forfeiting his or her room and corody. 

1614, Mr Arthur Ruck, mayor. <c The bar benges in the Hofpital 1 of faynt Jhons in 
Sandwich was refeyved fully and wholly, with all that bclongeth to them, into the towncs 
hands and charges to repayer and mayntayne : and, that yeare, 20s. yearly was giuen to 
the women for lending and loking to fuch poor people that are fent there to be lodged and 

Whereas fevcra! of the mefTuages belonging to the Hofpital of faint John, in the town- 
and port of Sandwich in the county of Kent, together with the dwell inghou (is of the bro- 
thers and fiftersof the raid Hofpital within the feite of the fame, are very much decayed 
and become ruinous, notwithstanding great funis of money have of late years been. laid out 

and expended for the fupport oi the fame, fo that the debts of the laid Hofpital 
are thereby become very large, an J the revenues, being confidcrably leflencd by the 


* Rochets or fjrj)lko3». 

falling of rents, will fcarce at prefent defray the neceflary expences of repair ; wherefore," 

e t ^ e mayor and jurats of Sandwich aforefaid, patrons, governors and vifitors of the faid 
Hofpital, taking into our confi deration the poor ftate and condition of the fame ; and to 
the end the debts already contracted may be difcharged, and the eftate belonging to the 
faid Hofpital may be put in good repair, and that the faid Hofpital may become a benefitt 
to the pofleffors thereof, it is mutually agreed between us the faid patrons, governors and 
vifitors of the faid Hofpital, as well on behalf of ourfelves as of our fuccefTors, as follow- 

eth, that is to fay, 

1. Firft, that whereas the number of perfons ufually placed in the faid Hofpital hath 

beeen accuftomed to be twelve, it is on the confideration aforefaid agreed, chat they fhal 
be reduced to fix and no more ; two of which at leaft to be men. and two at lead to be 


2. Alio, that as two places are at prefent vacant, the benefitt of thofe places and of all 

fucceeding places that fhal become vacant, till the number of brothers fhal be reduced to 
fix, fhal be applyed towards the difcharging the debts of the faid Hofpital, and putting the 
eftate belonging thereto in good repair. 

3. Alfo, that neither we nor our fuccefTors will put in any brother or fitter in the faid 
Hofpital til) the number fhal be Iefs than fix ; and that we will not at any time hereafter 
increafe that number, but that, whenever the debts of the faid Hofpital fhal be difcharged,, 
and the number of brothers and fitters fhal be reduced to fix as aforefaid, the whole revenues; 




Wyborn. John Jckcn. John Nelfon. 

Oflob-jr 6th, 174.8. A fitter difrniffed from her p ! ace for nonrefidence, and another 
perfon admitted a fitter in her room. 

Nov. 7, 1 7 5 1 . It is agreed between John Bradlyefq. mayor and the jurats his brethren, 
patrons, governors and vifitors of the Hofpital of St John in Sandwich, of the one part, 
and Mathew Warman of Sandwich, malftcr, of the other part, as followeth. Whereas the 
garden of the faid Mathew Warman adjoyning to the ground of the faid Hofpital is now- 
fenced off from the fame with a pale fence, extending from the corner of his fumerhoufc to 
and againft the houfe of Rowland Knight, a brother of the faid Hofpital, and (lands next 
the faid houfe two feet within the corner of the fame ; fourteen feet of which fence next the 
faid houfe has been ufually repaired by the faid Hofpital, and the other part thereof by the: 

. w 



crty unto him, at his own cxpcncc, to build and feu up a brick or (tone wall from the 
fold corner of his fumerhoufc in a dirccT: line to the corner of the houfe of the faid Rowland 
Miight, in l,cu of the faid pale fence. la confideration whereof, and that the faid wall will 
ltand on the Hofpital ground, and is fctjt there foi the benefit of the faid Mathew War- 

mn\ % 


man, he 'the (aid Mathew Warman doth hereby undertake and agree for him and his heirs 
and afligns, at all times for ever hereafter, to repair, maintain and uphold the faid wall 
and every part thereof* at his and their own proper cofts and charges, and to pay to the 

hid Hofpital yearly for the fame the Aim of 

pence, commencing from michaelmas 

Iaft, Witnefs their hands. Signed, John Bradly, mayor, 

A filter difmiiTed from her place in the Hofpital for non-refidence. i ft December, 1757 



From the records of the corporation of Sandwich, 

HITE BOOK, folio- 326. Ordered, that no perfons do harbour beggars, who are 
to refort to St John's Hofpital. About 1524. 
New Black Book, folio 47. The toll of corn granted to St John's Hofpital ; half to 
the brethren, and half to the Harbinge $ for which the people of the Hofpital art to fweep 
and clean the corn market. 16 r 5. 

The feal of this Hofpital is of lead, and is kept in the corporation 
cheft It bears the figure of a flower de luce, with this infeription iii 
letters of an ancient form, s' coe hospital' s'ci iohVis in 

sandwico, for Sigillum commune Hofpitalis fancti Johannis in 
Sandwico. The common feal of St John's Hofpital in Sandwich, 



* ■ m 


ALuUiitpHowse Gardm 


27u 9 D rfse/itinq 
Jf&r/tm? J louse 








• • 

' / ' 

' f/ 

• • s * 




'&0' / 'tZM'M, 



' <,' 

■■*■ "■■'■<■" 


Corn 'Majicel 

a /*</<>/ //f<- /w/<////y.> a tt</ a y<>u/u/.t Manama 

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References to the plan of the Hofpital, &c. 

i. u r. i*l 

2* 2» 2. 

3* 3* 3* x, Houfes and gardens belonging to the fitters* 

4. 4- 4» 

5- 5- j 

7 . The hall. 
8. 8. The common gardens. 

a. a. 

c. c. 

A houfe and yard in hire to Joel Noakes. 


Ditto, ditto, ditto to John Palmer. 

d. d. Ditto, ditto, ditto to Henry Lednor. 

e. e. Ditto, ditto, ditto to Thomas Frain. 
f. A fhop in hire to Stephen Forwood. 

g, g, A houfe and garden under leafe to Mr Jeremiah Hunt, 

h. h. A houfe and garden in hire to John Langley. 

Small cottages in hire to poor people. 

m. A houfe and yard. 

n. A houfe and yard in hire to Thomas Knight. 

0. o. Stairs leading to chambers in hire to poor people. 

p. The Mermaid, an alehoufe, under leafe to Mr W. W\ Bradley 

q. A piece of ground in the occupation of Mr Solomon Ferrier, 








THE Hofpital of St Thomas in Sandwich, was founded in honor of 
St Thomas the martyr, about the year 1392, by Thomas Ellis, 
a draper in that town ; who enfeoffed a meffuage and a hundred and 


William Swan, clerk, Joh 

and thefe 

perfons were licenfed to affign the fame to twelve poor perfons in the 
Hofpital, for their maintenance, by letters patent * of Richard the fe- 
cond, dated the 27th of June, in the fixteenth year of his reign : which li- 
cenfe of mortmain remains among the evidences of the Hofpital in good 
prefervation, with its green feal appendant and perfeft. An addition <f 
was afterwards made to this endowment by Henry Greenfhield of 
Sandwich 5 fo that the whole eftate in Woodnefborow, under the title 
of Demi Court, confifts now of 154 acres 1 rood 17 perches. It ap- 
pears from the licenfe of mortmain, that the lands given by Thomas 
Ellis were holden of Ann, the queen confort, as of the honor of Ledes, 
by the fervice of a quarter part of a knight's fee ; and it is for thefe 
lands that a quitrent of one {hilling and fixpence is paid to the manor 


A quitrent is likewife paid to the manor 

of Hamwold, probabiy for the lands given by Henry Greenfhield, who 
was lord of that manor. 

The building, in which the fraternity refides, is in a retired fituation 
between New ftreet and the Corn market. A paflage through the mid- 
dle of the houfe divides it into two parts. On the fouth fide is the hall, 
open to the roof ; beyond which are the women's apartments, two 
above flairs and two below. The men's rooms are on the north fide, 
four above and four below. 


,Jr Appendix A. No, 4. | Eilii. Kmc. 21 Etiw. IV. 




this Hofpital, by the name of Elys Hofpital, to be of the clear yearly 
value of 12L os. 4fd. clear of all reprifes : and archbifhop Parker, in. 
the year 1562, certified f it to the privy council, by the fame name, to 
be of the yearly value of 12I. to confift of twelve brothers and four 
lifters, and to be in the patronage of the mayor and jurats. Certainly 
the mayor and jurats were never governours of this Hofpital, un- 
lefs by ufurpation, or by a renewal of the feoffment to them as private 
perfons. Whatever concern they might have in the management of 
this charity before the inquifition £ taken at Deal in 1636, it is clear 
they have had nothing to do with it, as mayor and jurats, fince. The 
feoffees are generally of the town and adjoining country, who, when 


number to nine, 
Michel efquire ar 

ablifhed by John 
by which regula- 

tions § the Hofpital has been ever fince governed. When vacancies 
happen they are fupplied by the feoffees in rotation. The qualifica- 
tion for adnriffion is fet forth in the appendix, ** and poffeffion is 
given with the fame ceremony as at the other Hofpitals* 

The. income of this Hofpital is confiderable, as will appear from the 

following account. 

Annual receipts. 

Rent of Denn Court farm 

140 00 

of a barn at Hogs corner in Sandwich - 200 

£ 142 o 

* Appendix A. No. 16. 
•]• Hofpitalc infra villain Sandwich vocatum Ellys Hofpital, 

Jt was founded by one I'homas Ellys, and it is now of the foundation and patronage o( 
the niaior and jurats of the fame. There be placed for term of life 8 brothers and 4 
iiftcis; and they are relieved by alms, and the revenue of the (aid Hofpital amounting to 
12 pounds by year. The Hofpital is very charitably ordered and furveyed by the niaior. 
It is not taxed to the tenths. 

t See page g. § Appendix B. ** Ibidem, 

!5* . 

Annual receipts brought up - - - 14.2 o o 

Rent of another barn there - 

of ground in Fifher's flreet, on which were formerly 
two tenements - - ■ - 


o 10 o 

of a cottage in the Hofpital yard - - 1 jo o 

of another cottage there - 

of a ftorehoufe there - 

of another ftorehoufe there - 

of another ftorehoufe there - 

of a barn there - 

of a garden there, on which a barn formerly flood, o 

of a flable there - 

of a houfe in the Fifh-market 

1 10 o 



I 10 o 

5 o 

I JO o 



O 12 O 

O 12 O 


of a cottage, on the fouth fide of the gap leading into 

St Peter's churchyard, - 

of a cottage next adjoining - 
of a chamber there - 

of a fpot of ground along the Delf in New-ftreet, on 

which was formerly a tenement, 
of land at Felderland, under leafe to Mrs Dare, 

• Quitrents payable to the Hofpital. 
From the corporation of Sandwich - - 
From two meffuages in the Hofpital lane 
From two other meflliages there - 
For a road to a ftable there - „ 

T 1 r -02» 

rrom a houfe near butchery corner - l 

J " O I o 

S o 
3 5o 

I O o 


Annual expences. 

To the minifter and the clerk, their dues, 
To the crier, for crying within the Hofpital, - 

J 62 11 o 

£ s. d, 

on O 


£ ° 15 



'• d * £ h i 

Annual receipts brought forward 162 n 

Annual expences brought forward o 15 o 

Paid for a broom and fweeping the Jane - 084 

Paid foe collecting the fmall rents - 060 

The mailer's falary - - 

Repairs, about - - - 

1 10 o 


Quitrents paid by the Hofpital. 

To the corporation of Sandwich * - o 10 o 

To the Hofpital of St Bartholomew - .050 

To the manor of Hamwold, in Woodnefborongh,o 8 8 
To the manor of Queen Court in Ofpringe o , J 6 

To the manor of Eaftry, for land at Felderlandi o 010 
To St Peter's parifhin Sandwich, for a mefTuage 

in King's ftreet adjoining to the church- 
yard, - - - - 


6 7_4 
Balance J56 3 8 

The fees payable on admiffion are thirty-two fhillings, that is, half 
a crown to each of the brothers and fillers, and two fhillings to be fpent 
among them. Befides this, every newly admitted brother and lifter pays 
out of the firft quarterly receipts fourteen fhillings and eight pence, 
and fix - fhillings and eight pence out of the receipts of each of the 
three next fucceeding quarters ; which fums, at each payment, are 
equally divided among the brothers and fillers, the perfon who makes 
the payment taking a fliare. 

The matter's oath, 
I fliall be, as I ought to be, true and faithfull unto this Hofpital, 
and the office of mafter there {hall faithfully and honeftly execute and 


* For two Ivoufes adjoining to St Peter's churchyard nine fhillings ; and for a hanging 
way there one fliillijig. So defcribed in an old (juitrcnt book of the corporation. 



difcharge, and all good orders there ufed and accuftomed fhall to my 
D ower maintain, and obedient fhall be unto the govern ours and feof- 
fees of the faid Hofpital, and true reckoning and account fhall make 
unto them, the faid governours and feoffees or the major part of them, 
when I fhall be thereunto required, as well of all fuch rents, revenues 
and Aims of money, as I fhall receive or be intruded with appertain- 
ing to this Hofpital; as alfo of all fuch payments and difburfements as 
I fhall make, difburfe and lay out for the fame, and fhall pay the 
overplus, remaining- in my hands upon fuch accpunt, unto fuch per- 
fons as the faid governours and feoffees fhall appoint. So help me God. 

The oath of a brother or lifter. 
I fhall be, as I ought to be, good and true unto this Hofpital, and 
obedient unto the m after, of the fame for the rime being in all honeft and 
good order, according to .the elder ufage and cuftom there; not doing 
any thing to the difcommodity or difquiet of this place ; but fhall fub- 
mit myfelf to all quiet and good orders, and fhall frequent the church 
both on the Sabbath days and other ufual days of common prayer 


there. So help me God. 

It does not appear that this Hofpital ever had a feah 





r. JOHN PRETTIZ of Hawking and Dionifia his wife convey to Robert Lefton 

J of Feldwerlond and Alice his wife a meffuage and half an acre of land, in the 
parifh of Worthe and in the tenure of Eaftry, abutting to the common path of Ferther- 
Jond f. and to the highway n. Dated the monday in whitfun week, 36th of .Edward the 
third. (1362.) 

2. Nicholas Vaberiggecourt, knight, and Elizabeth his wife by letter of attorney ap- 
point a perfon to give pofleflion of the manor of ' with all its appurtenances to 
Thomas Elys and Thomas Rollyng capellan, in confequence of a feoffment made of the 
fame to them by the faid Nicholas. Dated on the feafl: of St Luke in the 13th year of 
Richard the fecond. 

3. Thomas Elys of Sandwich, having jointly with fir Thomas Rollyng vicar of faint 
Mary's purchafed of fir Nicholas Vabrufhcourt, knight, the manor of in the 
parifh of Wodnefbergh in Kent, by thefe prefents releafes in fee to the faid fir Thomas 
Rollyng, all his claim and intereft in the fame. Dated in the 14th year of Richard the 

4. Carta regis Ricardi fecundi de tern's &c. amortizandis in ufum Hofpitalis fariuti 

Thome de Sandwico. 
Ricardus, Dei gracia rex Anglie et Francie et dominus Htbernie, omnibus ad quos pre- 
fentes littcre* perucnerint, falutem. Licet dc comma ni confiho regni noftri Anglie ftatu- 
tuin fit, quod non Iiceat viris religiofis feu aliis ingredi feodum alicuius, ita quod, ad ma- 
il urn mortuam deueniat, fine licencia noftra et capita I is domini de quo res ilia immediate 
tenetur ; de gracia tamen noftra fpeciali, et pro viginti et quinque marcis quas Thomas 
Rollyng clcricus, Willielmus Swan clericus, Johannes Godard ct Ricardus Uenge nobis 
foluerunt in hanapcrio, conceflimus et licenciam dedimus, pro nobis et hcredibus 
nofliis quantum in nobis eft, eifdem Thome, YVilliclmo, Johanni et Ricardo, quod ipfi 
vnum mefua to ium et centum et tnginta et duas acras terrc cum pertinenciis in Wodentf- 
bugh, que ttnentur dc Anna legina Anglic, confoitc noftra cariflima, vr de honorc dc 
Ledes, per (liuicium quarte parti.s vnius feodi militis, dare poflint et aflignare duodecim 
puuperibus in quodam hofpitali per ipfos Tliomam, Williclmum, Johannem ct RJcarduia 

1 t 




, honore beat! Thome* martiris apud Sandewicum, juxta ordinacionem prediftorum 
Thome Willielmi, Johannis et Ricardi in hac parte faciendam, fundando moraturis ; 
h bendum et tenendum eifdem duodecim pauperibus et fucceflbribus fuis in didto hofpi- 
tali moraturis, in auxilium fuftentacionis fue, imperpetuurn ; et eifdem duodecim pauperi- 
bus quod ipfi predicta mefuagium et terrarn cum pertinenciisaprefatis Thoma,WiIlieImo, 
Tohanne et Ricardo recipere poffint et tenere fibi et fuccefloribus fuis predictis imperpe- 
tuurn ficut predictum eft, tenore prefencium fimiliter licenciam dedimus fpecialem : ftatuto 
prediclo, feu eo quod predicta mefuagium et terra de prefata regina tenentur, non obftante : 
nolentes quod predicYi Thomas, Willielrrius, Johannes et Ricardus vel heredes fui, auc 
nrefati duodecim pauperes feu fucceffores fui, racione ftatuti predicT feu aliorum premif- 
forum per nos vel heredes noftros, jufticiarios, efcaetores, vicecomites aut alios balliuos 
feu miniftros noftros vel heredum noftrorum quofcumque, inde occafionentur, moleftentur 
in aliquo, feu grauentur : faluis capitalibus dominis feodi feruiciis inde debitis et confue- 
tis. In cuius rei (eftimonium has litteras noftras fieri fecimus patentes. Teftemeipfo apud 
Notyngham vicefimo feptimo die junii, annoregni noftri fextodecimo. Scarle. 

5. William Swan clerk and Richard Benge, of Sandwich, demife in perpetuity to 
Ralph Lynch of the faid town and his afligns a certain tenement with a quay and other 
appurtenances, in the parifti of faint Mary, abutting to the ftreet i, and to the haven f n. 
at an annual, free and perpetual rent of twenty fhillings. Dated the 4th of July, 19th of 
Richard the fecond. (1395.) John Swan, mayor. 

6. Richard Clyderhowe§ efquire, lord of the manor of Golfton, grants to John Ponde 
fenior of Sandwich a garden in faint Clement's in Sandwich, in ftreet, abutting 
to the ftreet e. July 27th in the 13th of Henry the fourth. (1412.) Thomas Loveryk, 


7. William Swan of Sandwich, clerk, conveys in fee to Thomas Taylour, a brother of 
the Houfs of faint Thomas the martyr, and the reft of the brothers and fifters of the faid 
Houfc, all his lands and tenements, pafturcs, rents and fervices, which he, jomtly with 
Thomas Rollynge vicar of faint Mary's in Sandwich, Richard Benge, and John Godard 
deceafed, lately had of the gift and feoffment of Thomas Elys of Sandwich, lying in the 
parifhes of Woodenefberghc and Staple. Dated 6th October, 3d of Henry the fifth. ( 1 4 i 5 ) 

8. Richard Fremfhavie and William Mollond, wardens of the Houfe of faiut Thomas 
the martyr in Sandwich, and the brothers and fifters there, demife in perpetuity to Tho- 
mas Piper of Sandwich a cottage in abutting to the Delfc e. to 

lane w. and to another cottage n. at the annual rent of four . Dated the 26th 

ftptember, 5th of Henry thefixth. (1426) John Shelle, mayor. 

9. An indenture witneiling, that, although Thomas Atte Welle of Ham wold in Wod- 
nefbergh hath enfeoffed and delivered to Henry Grenfhildc of Sandwich a meiiuj<»e with 


A |mu \m been drawn through (hole words, and the word ni-i is wiitfeii over them in a modern hand. 

■| Lilus maris, § On the Teal, Cldhciowe. 

X ?. 

J5 6 

ten acres and half a rood of land lying in feparate pieces at Hamwolde, yet the condition 
of the faid feoffment is, that if thciaid Thomas his heirs or affigns {hall pay or caufe to 
be paid to the faid Henry his heirs or affigns, within four years nextenfuing, onehundied 
fhillings, then the faid conveyance to be void ; other wife to continue in full force. Dated 
the 6th, 31ft of Henry the fixth (1453.) * 

10. Thomas Attewelle of Wodenefbergh conveys to Henry Grenfhelde of Sandwich 
ten acres<pf land lying feparatefy in Hamwold, upon condition that, if the faid Thomas 
ftall pay to the faid Henry in the year 1455 thirteen /hillings and fourpence and the fame 
Aim annually for the fpace ef three years, and at the end of that term fhall pay a further 
fum of five pounds, then the conveyance to be void ; otherwife to continue in full force. 
Dated on the morrow of faint Martin the bifhop, 32d of Henry the fixth. (12 november, 

11. Robert Halke of Wodenefbergh releafes, in fee, to Thomas Atte Welle of the faid 
parifh and his affigns all his right in fourpence and one hen, payable out of three roods of 
land with tne trees thereon, in Hamwold, abutting to the common path n. ande. Dated 
the 3d of december, 35th of Henry the fixth. (1456.) 

12. Kobert Coolyn of Sandwich conveys, in fee, to Peter Frenfshe clerk, John Grene, 
Thomas Norman clerk, John Aldy, Nicholas Burton, and John Swan, all his lands, 
tenements, paftures, rents and farms within the town and liberty of Sandwich, and in the 


parishes of Wodnefbergh and Staple, which he had lately of the feoffment of Peter Frenfshe 
clerk, and John Grene. September, 4th of Edward the fourth. (1464.) 

13. Joan, the wife of Richard Burton late of Sandwich, refigns to Thomas Norman 
and Peter Frenfshe, capellans, John Grene, and the other wardens of faint Thomas's 
Houfe, all her right in a room within the faid Houfe. 7th of may, 8th of Ed ward the 

fourth. (1468.) 

14. Robert Upton and Thomas Awlct, both of Ryngewolde, give bond for the pay- 
ment of twenty pounds fterlingto John Grene, Peter Frenfshe capcllan, Thomas Norman, 
John Aldy, Nicholas Burton and John Swan, upon condition to perform all the cove- 
nants in a Ieafe of the mefluage* of Denne Court with the appurtenances. Dated 26th of 
november, 49th of Henry the fixth. ( 1470.) 

15. Domus, five Hofpitaie, vocata Elys Hofpitall, in parochia fancYi Petri appoftoli 

ville Sandwici. 

Scitus di&i Hofpitalis, cum redditibus exeuntibus de tenemento ibidem. 

Valet in domo vocata Elys Hofpitall in parochia fan£ti Petri Sandwici, ac uno gardmo 

cumedificiis feparalibus infra fcitum di<£ti Hofpitalis, in tenura et occupatione magiJhi 

et co nf rat rum ac confororum di&i Hofpitalis, i'ji eorum ufum commuuem holpitalitatis, 

cxtentis per annum xiijs. iiijd* 

In redditu affile, five quieto redditu, exeunte de porcione tenement! Johannis Sayrc, 

nuper Thome Wyngefcld, per annum xs, 

Firm a 

* Manejium. 


Firma in parochiis de Winnefborough, Worth, et villa Sandwici. ' 
Valet in firma eertarum terrarum et tenementorum in tenura diverfarurn perfonarum 
fubfcriptarum, viz. unius tenementi cum pertinenciis in parochia fan&i Clementis, in vico 
vocato Knyghtflrete, in tenura Wappynge vidue, iiijs. alivs tenementi ibidem, in 

tenura Johannis Blocke, viijs. unius alius tenementi ibidem, in tenura vj s. viijd. 

unius tenementi ibidem in Fyflieftrete, in duas partes dimifli, in tenura Thome Stydde et 
Johanne viijs. unius tenement! ibidem cum pertinenciis in parochia fan&i Petri 

predida, fcituati in le Fyfliemarkett, in tenura Willielmi viijs. unius alius te- 

nementi ibidem in eadem parochia iuxta le Checquer, in tenura Johannis Charles, vjs. unius 
acre et j rode terre iacentis in parochia de Worth iuxta Felderland, que folebat reddere per 
annum ij s. In toto per annum xlijs viijd.. 

Firma totius illius mefluagii vocati Denne Cowrte, ac omnium edificiorum, terrarum 
pratorum, pafcuorum et pafturarum, continentium per eftimacionem clx acras terre ia- 
centes in parochia de Wynnefborough in comitatu Kancie, unacum ftauro valoris vjli, 
xiijs. iiijd. fie dimifforum Johanni Baxxe, per indenturam, fub figillo gardianorum et 
feoffatorum terrarum di&i Hofpitaliscumconfenfu magiftri, confratrum et confororum pre* 
di&orum, datam xij° die decembris, anno xxvij regis predidti * pro termino xv annorum 
per annum xli. 



Redditus refoluti exeuntes de terris predict! Hofpitalis, viz. manerio de Hamwolde, pro 

redditu exeunte de mefluagio et ten is predi&is vocatis Denne Cowrte, viij s. viijd. Vice* 

comiti Kancie, pro redditu confimili vocato blanchrente exeunte de terris predi&is, viijd. 

Eidem vicecomiti, pro redditu confimili vocato leef money exeunte de eisdem terris 

Communitati ville Sandwici, pro redditu exeunte de tenemento ibidem, jxs. Manerio de 

Eft-rye, pro redditu exeunte de terris in parochia de Worthe, xd. ob. Hofpitali fan&i Bar* 

tholomei ibidem, pro redditu exeunte de predictis tenementis, vs. Ecclefie fancti Petri 

Sandwici xijd- In toto per annum xxvs. vijd. ob. 

Et valet dare u!tra reprifas prediclas per annum xijli. iiijd. ob. 

Staurum bonorum inmanibus firmarii de Devencourte vjli.xiijjs. iiijd. 

Ac (laurumdenariorum in communicuftodiadiai Hofpitalis vj II. vj s. \ xt i lu KiXSt "¥• 

The Hofpital called Elys Hofpital, in faint Peter's parifh, Sandwich. 

The fite of the Hofpital and rents. 
The Hofpital, garden and feparate buildings within the fite of the fame in the tenure 
and occupation of the matter, brothers and lifters, valued at 13s. 4d. 
A rent of nflize, or quitrent, for part of a tenement jos. 

Rents, in the parlfhes of Winnefborough and Worth, and in the town of Sandwich, of 
certain lands and tenements, in the tenutv of divers perfons, viz. of a tenement in faint 
Clements in Knyght ilreet 4s ; of another tenement there 8s; of another tenement there 
6s. 8d • of a tenement in Kyflie-ilrete let in two parts 8 s • of a tenement in faint Peters 

» Hen. VIII. 



In the Fyfhemarket 8s* of another tenement in the fameparifh near the Chequer 6s ♦ c 
an acre and a rood of land in Worth near Felderland, heretofore 2S. In the whole %\ t 2 slgA 
The rent of a mefTuage called Denne-court and of the lands &c. there, containing h 
estimation 160 acres, in Wynnefbo rough, with the ftock of the value of 61. 135.4(1. [ e£ 
to John Bax by leafe dated the J2th of december, 1535, from the wardens and feoffees of 
the (aid Hofpital with the confent of the brothers and fillers, for a term of fifteen years 

at ten pounds a year. 



Quitrents to the manor of Hamwolde for Denne-court 8s. 8d. to the fheriff of Kent 
for blanch rent for the fame 8d*j and for leef money 5d ; to the commonalty of Sandwich 
for a tenement there 9s ; to the manor of Eaftry for lands in Worth io|d • to faint Bar- 
tholomew's Hofpital for the aforcfaid tenements 5s ; to the church of St Peter in Sand- 
wich is. In the whole il. 5s. y|d. 

The clear yearly value 12I. os. 4§d. r 

Sundries in the hands of the tenant of Devencourt - - - h l% 1 

Money in hand - - - - - - -660 

12 iq 4 

16. John Maifter, Thoma? Pynnock and Thomas Manefle, of Sandwich, and Job 
Salmon of Canterbury feoffees of Thomas Elys's Hofpital in Sandwich, with the confent 
of the matter, brothers and fitters, demife to John Coperas of Sandwich a tenement and 
garden in Fifherftrete in faint Clement's, for a term of twenty. one years, at the yearly 
rent of four fliillings. The tenant to repair, the Hofpital finding materials *. Dated the 
23d of december, the ift and 2d of Philip and Mary. (1554.) 

j 7. Walter Mayhauc, matter of thofpitall of St Thomas fownded in the towen and 

porte of Sandwich in Kent, and the brethern and fyfteis of the fame Icefe to William 

Stephens of Sandwich, fliomaker, a mefTuage or tenement over agaynft faint Clement's 

church yarde in Knyghtryder f ftreate in the pari fh of faint Clement. Dated the 3d of 

januarye, vijth of Elizabeth. 

18. A leafe from James Thurbarne of Sandwich, gent. Mathew Peke of London gent, 
and Peter Peke of Word gent, furviving truttees and feoffees of faint Thomas's Hofpital 
in Sandwich, to Peter Brooker of Sandwich, merchant, of the manor, manor houfe or 
capital mefluage called Dennc Court in Woodncfborough, the mefTuage called faint Tho- 
mas's Houfe, and all the eftates thereto belonging, for the term of fix months, at the rent 
of one p-'pper corn, in order to enable the faid feoffees to convey the prcmifles. Dated 
26th of march, 1683. Signed only by James Thurbarne and Peter Peke, 

19, The counterpart of an aJljgnmcnt of three fey em 1 mortgages and an extent, by fer- 
gt&nt Thurbarne and the matter, brothers and fitters of the Hofpital, to Samuel Kinpsford 


" Omnia que- vocrinlur Stuff. 

t V\u fticet fimvi Iln^s-cumcr to the* Saluuition .nYlioufe vv;i', formerly ih called. 


in truft for Edward Holneffe, in confideration of 738I. paid to Mr Thurbarne. Dated 

the 25th July, 1701. 

20. A leafe, for fix months, of all the eftates belonging to the Hofpital, from fergeant 
Thurbarne the furviving truftee, to John Probert, to enable him to grant the premiffes to 
Sir Streynfham Matter, knight, John Thurbarne, Mafter of London efquire, 
and Peter Peke fon of Peter Peke of Hogs-corner in Sandwich deceafed a former feoffee. 
25th of augnft, 1702. 

21. A releafe of the premiffes by John Thurbarne fergeant at law. 25 auguft, 1702. 
zl. A leafe for fix: months from John Probert of London gent, to the laft named 

truftees; in purfuance of the truft repofed in him by Mr Thurbarne. 27th of auguft, 1702. 

23. A releafe of the premiffes by the fame. 28th of auguft, 1702. 

24. A copy of a leafe of Denne Court from fir Streynfham Mafter knight, John Thur- 
barne fergeant at law, Streynfham Mafter efquire and Peter Peke gent, to Joan Pordage 
and Robert Pordage of Denne Court for 21 years at 95I. a year. The tenant to repair, 
the Hofpital finding rough timber. 1703. 

25. A leafe of the Hofpital eftates for a year, from fir Streynfham Mafter, Streynfham 
Mafterand Peter Peke, to Scroggs Goad of the Inner Temple efquire. 22c! of february, 1713. 

26. A releafe of the fame. 23d of february, 1713. 

27. A leafe of the fame, for a year, from Mr Goad to fir Streynfham Mafter knight, 
Streynfham Mafter efquire, Peter Peke of London gent. John Mitchell of .Richmond 
efquire, John Lynch of Staples in Kent efquire, William Maundy of Greenwich Hofpi- 
tal dodlor in phyfic, John Hayward of Sandwich gent, and John Rivett alias Thurbarne 
of Chequers in Bucks efquire. 24th of february, 1713. 

28. A releafe of the fame. 25th of february, 1713. 

29. An indenture tripartite, between the laft named truftees of the firft part, the mafter, 
brothers and fifters of the Hofpital of the fecond part, and Joanna Revett widow, daugh* 
ter and heir of fergeant Thurbarne, of the third part ; whereby the faid truftees, in con*, 
federation of 440I. to them paid on account of the faid Hofpital, do releafe and difcharge 
Mrs Revet from all debts, dues and demands on account of the faid Hofpital. 24th of 
June, 17 14. 

30. A declaration of truft from Streynfham Mafter gent, of 400I. South-Sea annuities, 

for the benefit of the Hofpital, transferred to him by John A4ichel efquire. 30 feptcmber/ 

31. A leafe, for a year, of the Hofpital eftates, from John Michel, John Lynch, John 

Hayward and John Revett, to Thomas Brandon gent, to enable him to reconvcy. '14th 
July, j 7 2 5 . 

3?.. A releafe of the fame, 1 5 July, 1725. 

33. A leafe, for a year, of the fame from Mr Brandon to John Michel, John Lynch, 
John Hayward and John Revett alias Thurbarne, Legh Mafter, John Lynch junior, 

John Verricr, Slreyniham Mafter and John Hayward, junior, jbth of July, 1725. 

34. A 





34. A releafe of the fame j to which are annexed certain rules and orders * for the go* 

vernment of the Hofpital. 17 July, l^^$^ 

35. A leafe of Dame Court farm, to Robert Wood, for 21 years from michaelmaa 
1728, at 1 10I. a year payable quarterly, and a fine of 150I. 

36. A bond from John Michel efquire to the feoffees for the fum of 4251. at lawful 
intereft to be paid quarterly. 24th June,. 1730. 

37. -A leafe of Denn Court farm to Thomas Collings, for 21 years from michaelmas 
1757, at riol. a year. The tenant to repair, the Hofpital finding rough timber. The 
tenant likewife to bring to the Hofpital every year thirteen loads of wood, and two good 

loads of timber. 


Streynfham Matter, to. Richard Halford of Canterbury gent, to enable him to convey 

20th march, 1758. 

39. A releafe of the fame. 21 march, 1758. 

40. A leafe, for a year, from Mr Halford^ to John Revett alias Thurbarne efquire, 
John Lynch D. D. Streynfham Mafter, fir John Ruffel baronet, fir George Oxenden ba- 
ronet, Henry Oxenden efquire, William Lynch efquire> John Lynch ftudent of Chrift 


Church Oxford, and Thomas Fuller gent. 15th of may, 1758. 

41. A releafe of the fame* 16th of may, 1758. 

42. A leafe to William Dare efquire of a piece of ground at Felderland in Word, for 

21 years, at 3I. 5$. od. a year to be paid quarterly* The tenant to repair and uphold. 
4th june, 1765. 

* Appendix B 


« ' 

i-6 1 


i * 

- 4 

The orders and rules, for the good government of the Hofpital of. St Thomas Elfys* 9 in 
the parifh of St Peter within the town and port of Sandwich in the county of Kent, and 
for the well-difpofing of the revenue* thereunto belonging. 17th of July, 1725, 

WHEREAS the faid Hofpital is a very ancient foundation, as appears by a licenfe of 
mortmain, under the great feal of England by king Richard the fecond, on the 
27th day of junc in the 16th year of his reign and in the year of our Lord 1393 t* to 
Thomas Rollyng, clerk, William Swan, clerk, John Goddard and Richard Benge, for 
the making, founding and annexing feveral lands to the fame. 

And whereas the prcfent governours and truftees of the faid Hofpital, upon the moll: di- 
ligent fearch and inquiry, have not been able to difcover or come at any ancient written 
orders or rules for the good government thereof, or any books of account of the Regular 
difpofing of the revenues thereunto belonging 5 by reafpn of which defect, it is*pref#med, 
that forne former governours and truftees may have taken upon themfelves a difcretionary 
power of acting by very uncertain methods, in the government of the Hofpital and the 
difpofal of the revenues : for the preventing therefore the like inconveniences, and alfo of 
all abufes, difficulties and differences which may arife in time to come, we, the pre fen t 
, governours and truftees, do, with unanimous confent and approbation, commit to writ- 
this fchedule of orders and rules, for the good government of the Hofpital and the 
well difpofing the revenues thereof ; and we do hereby caufe the fame to be annexed to 
the deed of truft, as a direction or guide to ourfelves and all fucceeding governours and 
truftees, in the election and regulation of the poor, and the impartial distribution of the 



Imprimis ; that, yrhcreas the number of the poor pcrfons for ever to be placed in this 
Hofpital is twelve according to the original conftitution, we do appoint, they fhall be 
tight men and four Angle women, by the name of the brothers and fitters of St Thomas 
Mys* Hofpital • that they fhall be all perfons aged about fifty, and parishioners and in- 
habitants within one of the three relpective panihes of the town and port of Sandwich, viz. 
.St Peters, St Mary's, and St Clement's ; and that they fliall bring no relation or other' 
pcifon to inhabit with them in the Hofpital, except only fuch brothers, as arc now married 
or (hall be married at the time of their nomination, may be permitted to have their wives 
live with them ; and in cafe any brother or litter fliall many after their admi/Hon, they 
ihail be removed oiil of the Hofpital, and another perfon fliall be admitted into their place. 

* 'v **i 2t That 

I norms Ivl r was certainly never canonized. It Humid hr St Thorns' * II. .(j-iiui. f A miriakc fur ,-, 1. 



<l % That the government of this Hofpital, and the management and difpofition of the 
revenues thereof, /hall be under the care and by the direction of the truftees and their fuc- 
ceflbrs, or the major part of them ; who fliall annually at michaelmas nominate and eleft 
one of the moil fitting of the brothers to be mafter for the year enfuing. And the nomi- 
nation to every place (hall be alio in the truftees, alternately and by turns as they ffend 
in the deed of truft : each vacancy to be filled within three months after the death of any 
brother or filter ; and in cafe any of the truftees in his courfe or turn fliall neglcft or fail 
to nominate fome perfon, duly qualified according to thefe orders, within the fpace of three 
months, then his nomination for that time fhall ceafe and be loft, and the next truftee ia 

courfe fliall fill the place. 

3. That no perfon fhall be capable of being nominated or admitted into this Hofpital, 
but fuch as are of the communion of the church of England as by law eftablifhed ; and as 
lono- as they are partakers of this charity, fliall conftantly attend divine fervice and fer~ 
mons at the parifh church upon fundays, and come to the facrament of the Lord's fupper 

three times a year. 

4., That no perfon fhall be placed in the Hofpital, but fuch as are of honeft life and 
converfation, and of a peaceable and inoffenfive behaviour to their neighbours : and after 
they are admitted into this fociety, they fliall promote mutual good agreement among 
themfelves ; and be ready to help and aflift each other in the time of ficknefs, or other 
cafes of neceflity, by daily turns, beginning from the laft admitted to the eldeft. 

5. That none fhall be admitted into this Hofpital, who are any ways offenfive to others, 
or helplefs to themfelves, by reafon of any infirmity or misfortune : or, if any perfon 
after admittance fhall become fo, then the parifh from which they were taken, if required- 
by the governours, fliall receive them again, there to be provided for according to law ; 
neverthelefs the corrody or allowance to the perfon for thefe caufes removed fhall be con- 
tinued during life. 

6. That, for the better and more regular difpofition of the revenues belonging to this 

Hofpital, there fliall be a receiver, nominated and appointed by the majority of the 
truftees, who fliall be always one of the truftees refiding upon the place, if the fame con- 
veniently may be $ who is hereby empowered to receive all the rents, profits and p ercj 11 i - 
htes of the lands, and alfo the intereft money of 400). in South-Sea annuities, transfer red 
by the (aid John Michel to the faid Streynfham Mafter for the life of the poor ; and who 
is heieby required to view and examine the ftatc and condition of the repairs of thcfitc of 
the Hofpital, and the buildings thereunto belonging, in order to make good all neulfi:! 
and neceflary reparations ; and to difburfe the money for the fame out of rhe rents of the 
lands and e flute ; and alfo to view and examine the ftate and condition of the faim-hotife, 
barns, ft allies and outhoufes, in order to give an account to the governours, whether the 
fame are maintained and kept in fufficient repair, according to ft/eh covenants and con- 
ditions as the lands now are or hereafter may be let out by I cafe or other wife ; providul 
uhvays, no receiver fliall lay out or expend above the Ann of forty fhillings, without 



tut and approbation of two or more of the truftees living upon the place, or near- 
h unto or any other of the governours who Ihall'think fit to view the faid Hofpital 

and farm houfe. 

That the refidue of the income arifing out of the lands, the charges of necefTary re- 
airs being firft deducted, fhall be applied, by even and equal portions by way of corrody. 

nfion oralloivance, as the fame fhall come quarterly or half yearly into the hands of the 
eceiver to the ufe of the brothers and lifters, fhaie and lhare alike ; and that the intereffc 
money arifing from the South -Sea annuities fhall alfo be divided in the like manner and 


8. That, for the due obfervation of thefe orders and rules, a large book fhall be pro- 
vided for the receiver; wherein all the receipts and difburfements fhall be entered ; and 
whereunto every governour or truftec may refort to infpetSt the fame. And the receiver is 
hereby required to make up the account for the year preceding between michaelmas and 
chriflmas following \ which account fhall be audited, allowed and figned, annually, by 
the major part of the truftees, or by three at leaft of fuch of them as fhall refide upon the 

place or live neareft thereunto, 

g. That, for the better fecuring the peace and good government of this Hofpital, there 
fhall be a table of penalties annexed to thefe orders j according whereunto the mafter is 
required to take an account of the ncgle&s and mifdemeanors of each brother and ftfter, 
and to deliver the fame to the receiver at the time of his making payment of the penfiort 
or allowance ; according whereunto, upon due proof of each negleft or mifdemeanor, the 
receiver is hereby required to deduct all fuch penalties or forfeitures out of the payment 
due to each brother or fifter, and to place the fame to his receipts for the benefit of the 
Hofpital ; and in cafe any of them fhall lemain obftinate or incorrigible in their offences 
againft the peace and good order of this houfe, the receiver is hereby required to give no- 
tice thereof to the major part of the truftees, that they may be expelled out of the 

10. That the lands, tenements and hereditaments belonging to this Hofpital fhall from, 
time to time be let out and demifed, for years, to honeft and fuflicient perfons, who fhall 
inhabit thereupon, and to the beft advantage and improvement in yearly rent that in good 
conference may be, and with fuch cautions, conditions and covenants as the change of 
times and the difcretion of the governours fhall devife ; as they tender the honour of al- 
mighty God, and relief of the poor, for whofe benefit this charity was originally given 
and appointed. . 

Laftly: wc, the preient govetnours and truftees, do unanimoufly nominate and appoint 
Mr John Hayward junior to be receiver, and paymafter, of this Hofpital, during the plea- 
fine of the tnjftces or the major part of them. 





• The table of penalties, 

1. Any perfon falling to go to divine fervice at the parifli church every funday, bein? 
in health, fliall forfeit fix pence \ and neglecting to come to the facrament three times in 
a year, for each default half a' crown. 

2. Any perfon that fliall fwear or curfe fliall forfeit for each offence twelve pence. 

3. Any pcrhn that fliall ufe railing or uncharitable fpeeches to any of the brothers or 
iifters fhall forfeit for each offence fix pence. 

4. Any perfon who fliall neglect or refufe to attend upon or watch with the fick in 
courfe, being in health, fhall forfeit for each neglecl: or refufal fix pence, 

5. Any perfon who fhall keep diforderly hours, or be found drunk in an aJehoufc or 
elfewliere, fhaJl forfeit for, each offence twelve pence. 

Laftly. In cafe any of thefe negle&s or rnifdemeanors are frequently repeated by any of 
the brothers or fitters, notice fhall be given to the governors, as in the ninth order 3 that 
they may be expelled the Hofpiul. 


J no 


The following are all the particulars I have met with con- 
cerning Thomas Elys and his family, and the firft 
feoffees of this Hofpital. 

■v^# it **,:>..?■>■ 

THOMAS ELYS was a wealthy draper at Sandwich, and is men- 
tioned in Rymer* as having lent forty pounds to king Richard 
the fecond, in the firft year of his reign, to fupply his neceflities. His 
wife's name was Margaret f > and he had a fon, Thomas J ; and a 
daughter, Conftance§, who was married to John Septvans, efquire, fon 
of fir William Septvans, knight, by Ann daughter and heir of fir Ni- 
cholas Sandwich, knight : which Conftance, jj upon the death of her 
hufband, became the wife of John Notbeamef-; by whom fhe had 
Bennet, married to Thomas Aldey of Chequer in Afh \ whofe daugh- 
ter Margaret was married to John Monins, efquire, lieutenant of 
Dover Caftle. In a manufcript, in my poffeffion, Thomas Elys is 
fa i d to have been a worfhipful merchant, and to have been buried, 
, .with his wife, in the north ile of St Peter's church. He reprefentcd 
Sandwich in the 43d parliament of Edw, III. and the ill of Rich. II. 
and vvas mayor there in 1370 and 13B2 **. His name occurs among 
the witnefles to a number of deeds between the yeais 1356 and 13^9. 
He or his fon was a commiflioner of [ewers 3d H. V. as was another 

Thomas Elys 18 Edw. I4*. 


* Foedera, vol.7, P* l 7%- t PhilipoU'g vifitation of Kent, 1619. J Evidences of St 
John's IJojpital numLv.r q, in tin* original. § From a grant of arms to Chriftofu $i- t rt* 

vans alias Haiiletc by Robert Cooke c!aieno;cnx, tla tt*«i 1574, in the lutffnUum <H fv/jr 
Tlumtite Jiill of Molland. #*• ilarris's ivent, and recjds of Hanilwich. -J- Duj/iAh mi 
imbankin^r. || Sec names of other ehildien in n 4 \ 2 of the appendix to the clia me.,. 


William Elys was a committionzr of fewers in the 3d and 17th of 
Rie. IL and the 2d and 8th of H. IV. * 

The arms of Ellis are by Phiiipott faid to be ; Or, on a crofs fable 
five crefcents argent: but the arms on the font at St Clement's, which 
I conje&ure to have been the gift of Thomas Elys, the founder of this 
Hoipital, are five efcallop fhells on a crofs engrailed, with a crefcent 
in the firft quarter, perhaps, for difference. 

Thomas Rollyng was a capellan of fome chantry, and vicar of St 
Mary's in Sandwich, in the 14th of Richard the fecond and at the be- 



evidences of this Hoipital. 
John Godard was may 


r 379> *3h 

of the barons in parliament for Sandwich in the 10th, 18th and 20th 

Richard Benge was mayor in 1407 and 1408,4 and mer 

liament for Sandwich in the 20th of Richard the fecond i. 


* Dugdale on irnbanking. t Evidences of St Thomas's Hofpital and other deeds, 

4 Records of Sandwich. J Harris's Kent. 

A lift 



A lift of the wardens or feoffees of St Thomas's HofpitaL 



William Swan,, clerk. 


Rishard Benge. 
1426. Richard Framlhaw. 

William Molland. 



ig feoffees, who- enfeoffed- to: 
themfelves and the reft. 


John Aldy. 
Nicholas Burton*. 

John Swan.. 

153 1. John Cock. 

Thomas Goddard, 

Thomas Idcn. 

Robert Iden. 

John Salmon. 

1554. John Matter 

Thomas Pynnock } of Sandwich* 
Thomas Meneflb 
John Salmon of Canterbury. 
1637. Sir Edward Matter, knight. 

Matthew Peke, jurat. 

Peter Peke, efquire.. 

Jofhua Jacob, gent. 

¥ 2- 1658 Sir. 


1658. Matthew Peke. 

Peter Peke. 
'James Thurbarne. 
Richard Matter. 
Thomas Wilkes. 
Thomas Wilfon. 
Peter Peke. 

168-3. Tames Thurbarne, "1 r . . c _. 
•> j 1 fuj-vivin? feoffees. 

Peter Peke; f & 

James Mafter, efquire, 
John Thurbarne, efquire. , 
John Jacob, gent. 
Matthew Peke. 
1702. John Thurbarne, efquire, ferge 

Sir Streynfham Matter, knight. 

*7 l Z 


Peter Peke, 


Streynfham Mafter, efquire, f furviving feoffees, 

Peter Peke of London, g^nt. 

John Michel of Richmond, efquire. 

John Lynch of Staple, efquire. 

William Maundy of Greenwich Hofpital, M 

John Hayward of Sandwich, gent. 

John Revett, alias Thurbarne, of Chequers, 

1725. John M 

John Lj 


furviving feoffees. 



John Lynch, rcftor of Alhallows, London. 
John Verrier of Sandwich, efquire. 



i'75% J 


175%' J * 111 R evett > a *' ias Thurbarne, efquire, n 

John Lynch, D* D. Dean of Canterbury, I furviving feoffees, 

Streynfham Mailer, clerk, J 

Sir John RufTel of Great MifTenden, Bucks,, baronet. 

Sir George Oxenden of Dean, baronet. 

Henry Oxenden of Broome, efquire. 

William Lynch, efquire. 
. John Lynch, fludent of Chrift Church Oxford. 

Thomas Fuller of Sandwich, gent, 
J787. The prefent furviving feoffees are Sir Henry Oxenden, baronet, 
and the rev. John Lynch, LL.D. prebendary of Canterbury* 

Z The 


The lnfcription npon the map of the Hofpital lands. 

npHIS compleat map of their eihte is given, for the ufe and benefit 


John M 


mond in the county of Surry, efquire, who has been ele&ed and re- 
turned to five feveral parliaments by that corporation, for about twenty 
years almoft fucceffively : who upon the death of John Thurbarne, 
efquire, fergeant at law, took upon himfelf the care of the money be- 
longing to the Hofpital •> which being fubfcribed into the South Sea 
company, with the confent and approbation of fir Streynfham Matter 
and the other truftees, in that fatal year of public calamity 1720 came 
out again, with a deficiency of near half the principal amounting to 
about 200I. which lofs he voluntarily fuftained, and, by his charitable 
benevolence, made good again to the brothers and fitters. He alfo ufed 
his utmoft care and diligence, together with the other truftees, in renew- 
ing and fettling the prefent trutt of the lands, created in the year 1725 ; 
and in compofing orders and rules for the good government of the 
Hofpital> and for the well difpofing of the revenues thereof 5 and alfo 
provided a large paper book for the receiver, wherein, it is his earned 
defire, that from henceforward all proper entries and accounts may be 
carefully fet down, in a regular method, to all fucceeding times* 

There is belonging to this ettate, more than this map fhews, 

A dwellin<rhoufe in the butter market. 1 a 

* J rv 

A dvvellinghoufe in St Peters. 

Two dwellinghoufes in Fifhers ftreet. 

Two barns at" Hoggs corner. 

A dvvellinghoufe and (tabic near St Thomas's Hofpital. J £ 

In a field called Littlcjoy, by eftimation 1 acre, in Winfborough. 
A houfc and clofe in Worde, by meafurc 1 A, oR. ijP. 





JfrrcAar , 


if** H# 










* 1 3/^4 J^ 





cecourt Farm 

The Site oft SYj Thomas s House- 

Sandwich . 

£///</£* -dJVD S /// /// ??rj-/h 



StThoma.s in SAKDW1CH 

V < 

\ ^ .s 

* "T vv»v 









* * 

k i 

' * ' 4. 

■- > 

• V ' > 


References to the map of Denncourt farm and to the plan of St 

Thomas's Hofpital. 

A, R. p. 

a - 1 Backhill. |° 3 3f 

b,j I 1 3 35 

c. Crowpeck. - ~ * i 3 o 

d. Hammels. --------4 o 31 

e. Three acres. -.-----2 3 9 

f. Tench land. ------- % 2 20 

g. The wood. - - - — - - o 3 o 
h. h. Denncourt field, - - - - 75 2 25 

i. Bufhy clofe.- ----- 14 2 12 

k. Houfe, yard, gardens, &c. 4 1 j8 

I, Berry clofe. --- — --3 I H 

m. The wildcrnefs. -----2 I o 

n. The horfe pafture. - - - - 4 2 24 

4 3 20 

7 o 25 

q. Lubberpetts. ----- — 7 2 24 

r. Spit field. - - ~ 5 2 3r 

s. Spitrnead. --------5 o 35 

t. The four acres. ----- 4 3 29 

* I Winfborough hills. - « - -) 
P'J t 

Number of acres - 154 1 17 

1. The barn. 

2. A florehoufe. 

3. The yard. 

4. Storehoufes. 

5. The garden. 

6. A florehoufe, 

7. The privy. 

8. Two tenements. 
g. The Hofpital. 

10. Storehoufes. 

i.i. Paflage from New llrcct. 

Za O K 

<r . ... 








* * 



. * ■ 


v , 

. I 



k ■ 









* -* *' 

O F 







r/ v 

#' > 


'•< c 





I 1 



1 p ^ 

* ■ 






N the fouth-weft fide of Sandwich, between the rampart of the 
town and New ftrect, flood the houfe belonging to the Carmelites 
or White Friars. By the foundations that are remamh 
ground, the building mud have been of confiderable extent, and the 
houfe, gardens and meadows occupied an area of fomewhat more than 
five acres. According to John Bale, a Carmelite in the reign of 
Henry VIII. who wrote an account of the order, this monaftery was 
founded here by Henry Cowfield a German in the year 1272 :* whereas 
a manufcript in my poffeflion fays it was eftabliihed in the 20th yea 
of Edw. I. at the fole expence of William lord Clinton lord of 




feffions belonging to this houfe, beyond its extenfive fite, fome quit- 
rents, and a few detached parcels of land and buildings of little value. 
Indeed they were mendicants by profeflion, and were to depend upon 
cafual charity for fupport ; and yet their buildings were generally large 
and flately, and their churches in particular were magnificent, and 
efleemed more facred than others, and for that reafon the better fort of 
people much affefred to be buried in them. In the church of the Car- 
melites in Sandwich were buried, befides the members of the fraternity, 
fome of the principal perfons of the town - y particularly, William Pey- 
nell gentleman ; Thomas Crawthorn and Maud his wife, of the fa- 



friars. This 

church had the privilege of fancluary, as appears by the following ori- 

' Anno Domini MCCLXXII fuiulatus crat conucntus Snndwici per Hciiricum CowfclJ 

d« Alemania. See Weevcr's Fun. Mon. p. 62. \ Wanton's Poetry v. 1, p. 293. 

X Sec his epitaph, p. 108. \ For the epitaphs of Thomas Lciratt and the reft, fee ap- 
pendix A. 



anal memorandum in my hands, €f tl day of aprlll, the 

g 1 

feconde yere of the reign of king* Henry the vijthe, one Barnard Manny 
toke the freris chirche and there knoulaged bifore Robert 

Mayhewe efquier, mayer and coroner of Sandwich forfeid, that 
day of feptembre, in the furft yere of the reign of Richard the iijJe i ate 
king of Ingland, in ht in Flamburgh, in the north party of Ing- 
land, felonfly kcllied a man : for the which he afketh the 

forfvvorn the kings lande. And the feid meyer and coroner 
hath affigned hym his paffage at Douorr." 

This monaftery was fuppreiTed by Henry the VIIIth,who granted it,* 
in the 3 2d year of his reign, to Thomas Ardern of Faverfham gent, 
under the title of the fite of the priory of White Friars near Sandwich 
in Kent, with the church, bells and rnefTuages belonging to the fame in 

Sandwich, to be holden of the king in chief, by knights fervice. It then 
yielded to the crown an annual rent of 2I. 14s. yd. f- I meet with no 
account of the. fubfequent pofTeffbrs of this eflate, till the year 161/., 
when it was conveyed by George, Samuel and John Crifp to Nicholas 
Itichardfon ; who, the fame year, fettled it on his daughter Elizabeth, 
upon her marriage with Edmund Parbo. William Richardfon, and 
Edmund Parbo and Elizabeth his wife, in 1617, conveyed the fame to 
Nicholas Swinford, In 1641, it palled from Richard Wilde and Alice 
his wife, and JVTofes Potter, to Samuel Morton the younger, and from 
him and Robert Morton, in 1649, t0 J°hn Gibbon ; who, the fame 
year, conveyed it to Robert Morton, In 1654, it was conveyed by 
John Prettyman junior, efquire, and Margaret his wife, the only daugh- 
ter and heir of fir Mathew Mennes of the honorable order of the bath 
deceafed, and William Long, to Elizabeth Parbo fole daughter and heir 
of Edmund Parbo ; which Elizabeth was married to Captain John 

Boys, and left five fons, John, Edmund, Edward, William and Tho- 
mas y 

* Rex concefllt Thome Ardcrnc clc Fiiucrflvam gen. fcitum prioratus vocati lc White- 
fryers iuxta villain de Sandwyeh in comitate ICancic, ac ecclefiam, campanas, ac omnia 
jueiliiagia in villa de Sandwych picditSla, tenenda de rege in capita per fcrvicium military 
Ivfchcat rolls p II. VllL t Appendix li. No. 1. 

-I 77 


mas ; who made partition of feveral eftates, and the friary was allotted 
to William ; who, in 1684, conveyed it to William Verrier ; and he, 
m 1701, fettled it to pertain u&s, under which it became the property 
of Thomas Alkin efquire and Sufanna his wife of Canterbury ; from 
whom it d^fcQnd^d on his death to their {on the rev. Thomas Verrier 
Alkin \ upon whofe deceafe the inheritance of it became veiled in his 
only fon and heir now an infant. 

This eftate is now, 1787, in the occupation of Jofeph Stewart 
efquire at the yearly rent of 27L 

The Carmelites led at firfl very folitary lives in Afia ; but were drawn 
into companies by John patriarch of Jerufalem, at the beginning of the 
twelfth century; and, coming' into Europe, in the thirteenth they 
were by Honorius the third appointed to a rule and order, by the name 
of the brothers of the order of the blefled virgin Mary of mount Carmel. 
They wore a caflbck, a fcapulary, a patience,* a hood of a brown 
colour, a white plaited cloak,, and a black hat. 

The feal formerly belonging to the Carmelites in Sandwich is kept 
with the corporation feals. It is of copper, of an oval form, with a 
handle at the back. The figure is a patriarchal crofs fable, with a key 
on each fide of the fhaft of the crofs, a crefcent on the dexter fide of 
the field, and a ftar of fix: points on the finifter. In a fegment of a 
circle, at the foot of the crofs, a crofs patee. The infcription is, in 
letters of an ancient form, s' ihoannis pateiaacnp i'hebvsalem ; 
evidently defigned for s' ioi-iannis patriarche iervsalem. Sigillurn 
Johannis patriarche Jerufalem. The feal of John Patriarch of Jerufa- 
lem. The engraving of the keys, till lately, was filled up with pewter. 
Tanner in his Noiitid Monaftica has the following references to do- 
cuments concerning this monaftery. 

Rot. pat. 8 Ed. r. m. 2 vel 3. Pat. 10 Ed. 3. p. 1. m„ 39 vel 40. 
Rymer vol'. 9. p. 385. 


* The flips hanging from the fcapulary before and behind 

A a 

i 7 8 

It appears from the records of Sandwich, that do<5tor Robert Lone, 
or Love, was, in the year 1508, the fuperior of the Carmelites in Eng. 
land, and that John Trapiiam was then prior of the monaftery in 


Benefactions to the Carmelites in" Sandwich. 

E teftamento Johannis Sackett de S. retro in Taneto 1444. 
Item lego ad opus ecclefie fratrum in villa Sandwich decern folidos, 
tit fratres ibidem diccrent unum trentall f pro anima mea et pro cjuU 
bus tencor. 

E tcftamento Johannis Malyn de Monketon 1464. 
Item lego fratribus Carmelorwn de -Sandwich xl J . 

E teflamento Thome Walter de Birchington 14 14. 
Item lego fratribus Carmelitis de Sandwich vj s . viijd. 

Lewis's MSS. in the poffeffion of E. Jacob cfcj, 
vj jule, xxij yer of Eduard the iii} rh . At which day it is agreid, that 
the treforers of this town {hall deliuer and pay to the prior of the 
iVeris in Sandewich v marcs iterling, to ther colts and charges of the 
general! chaptour of that ordre ther to be holdyn before the feft of the 
afiumpcian of our lady next kornyng. 

Old Black Book, folio 273 • 

** Appendix No. 2. f Thirty maffes. 

A I 






From Weever's Funeral Monuments p, 6z< 

CARMELITA Thomas Legatt, qui theologie 
Doctor erat quondam, conditur hoc lapide. 

Epitaphium fratris Thome Hadlow. 
Hie prior ifte Hadlow, nunc hoc fub marmore te&us, 
Turmas celicolas adeat noftra prece vectus. 
M C quater et X fepteno tranfiit anno, 
Huic decirno fexto feptembris lumina nexo* 

Magifter frater Willelmus Becklee* hie fepultus cum hoc epitaphio. 
Nunc me petra tenet, faxoque includor in ifto, 
Et lacerum vermes laniant nunc vmJipue corpus. 
Quid mihi diuicie ? Quid alta palacia profunt ? 
Cum mihi fufficiat paruo quo marmore claudor. 

Quam faftus, quam pompa leuis, quam gloria mundi 
Sit breuis, et fragilis humana potentia quam fit, 
Collige ab exemplo, qui tranfis perlege pofco. 

Obiit anno Domini M. cccc.xxxviu. 

Epitaphium fratris Dionyfii Plumcooper. 
Cufpide lethifera mors que premit irnpia cuncla 

Mole fub hac gelida claufit et ofla viri. 
Qui rogitat nomen, cognomen poflulat ipfumj 

Hoc Dionyfius eft, Plumcooper illud erat, 
Mollibus hie annis CarmeJi dulcis alumnus 

Extitit, et placidc pacis amator erat. 
Ad canos veniens nature iura reliquit, 
Mors dedit ct laflis artubus hie requiem. 
Valedicit mundo xx febr. anno Dom, M, cccc. ixxxi. 

i. Le 

* This ncrfon was a native of Sandwich, and prior of the monaftery there, Leland fay* lie was doctor of di- 
vinity of Cambridge, Jlis v/orks were, Ordinary Queftionij. Of the Fi iai\s tythes. QgpMms* Sermons &c. 

Stevens's Continuation of Du»h laic's Monallkon, vol. ?., u. 171. 

A a a 



i. T E Fryars infra viliam de Sandwych. 

i-/ Computus Thome Patche firmarii ac colle&oris. 

Arreragia. Idem oncratur fuper computum de xlixs. vijd. de arreragiis ultimi compu- 
tus anni proximi. 

Scitus dicli nupcr prioratus cum aliis firmarii ibidem. 

De xfjs. pro firma fcitus dii9i nuper prioratus, cum domibus, ortis, gardinis &c. in 
occupacione predicti Thome ad voluntatem : et de iiij s. viij d. pro firma gardini in paro, 
chia fancli Petri in tenura Thome per indenturam ; et de xs. pro firma unius 



..... ctj ftabuli, et j clawi pafiure ad fcitum ejufdem nuper prioratus annexi, in te- 
nura EL Ingham et .... Gylbert per indenturam : et de vjd. pro pecia terre, in pa- 
rochia fan ft i CJementis in Sandowne (treat, dimifla Jacobo Halle per indenturam : et de 
vs. pro firma j gardini in parochia fanfti Petri dimiffi Johanni Wanton per indenturam, 
et de ijs. pro firma j gardini in parochia fancti Petri dimiffi Agneti Crifpe per indenturam: 
ct de j proficuo five redditu j vacue platille terre in parochia beate Marie vhginis in te- 
nura Johannis Trapham : et de xij d, pro redditu ij gardinorum in parochia ian£li Petri 
in tenura Johannis Goldfton : et de iijs, iiij d. pro firma cuiufdam prati ibidem, extra 
muros di£ti nuper prioratus, dimiffi Joh. Parker ad voluntatem. Summa xxxviij s. vijd, 


Et de xvj s. de redditibus affize ibidem per annum, viz. de Joh. Mailer pro redditu j 
gardini in Harneftret per annum ijs. de Laurencio Burrowe pro redditu j gardini ja« 
centis inter Motcfhol ad portam difti nuper prioratus iij s, pro redditu j tenementi, in Frin- 
ge! fham in parochia de Northbone, per annum vs. de Joh. Watibn clerico pro cantari 
de Jenkin Grcne, per annum iiijs. et de Jeromino Rowe pro redditu j domus in parochu 
iandli Clerncntis ibidem, per annum ij s. * 

2. xx ju)y, xxxij H. viij. Alio the faid day and yere abouefaid, afore the maycr and 
jurats, William Norres of Sandwiche merchaunt requyred a certen dede to be regdtrcd in 
lerordc, as by the tenor of the faid dede hereafter maketh mention* 

Sciatis nos, Robertum Lone (forfan Love) facre thcologie doclorcrn omniumquc fratrum 
Carmelitarum infra regnum Anglic prouincialem, ct fratrem Johanncm Trapham jiriorcni 
domus fratrum Carmeiitarum ville et portus Sandwici, et ciufdem loci con lien turn, vn;i- 
ninvi aflenfu ct confenfu nofhis, dedimus, conceilimus, et hac prefenti carta confirmaui- 
mus Johanni Goldeftone de Sandwico, ct heredibus fuis, iniperpetuum, duo gardina noltra 
jji parochia fiineli Petri ville Sandwici, inter orreum cantaric (ancli Petri et regiani viant 
veifiis c. gardinum pcrtimnteM domui ian£li Bartholomei verius f. et domus ac terras 
e'iujdcm fratrum Carmelitarum vcrfus w, ct n. habendum &c. impcrpefuum - y reddemh) 
nobis et fucccflbribus noftris piioribus, ct ciufdem loci coiuientui, annuatini duodceim 
denarios frerlingorum ihvgulis annis. Data decimo die nouembris, anno millefimo, quirt* 
gunclimo oclauo, ct anno regis I J, oclaui primo, Old Red Hook, folio 125. 

•'* Taken noma parchment roll ol aeemvipt of tin: kivig'fi revenue in 1 ho court of iiiigincntaiion from rnhhudufr* 
.intio 31 Hen. 8th to the mkhftdmais following j which roll formerly helongcd to that cotin, but is mm m i!-' 
Swotfe of Etlwaid llallul of duUcilniry efij. 

n V 



H A N T 



?B 3 

CHANTRIES were eftablifliments, made by pious perfons, in cathe- 
drals and in parifh churches, with a revenue for the maintenance 
of one or more priefts to chant or fing mafs or other fervices every clay 
for the fouls of the founders, their relations and benefaftors, either in 
chapels annexed to the churches or at particular altars within them. 
Each of thefe was dedicated to fome particular faint, and ornamented 
with his image or pifHire. Sometimes the founder's monument ferved 
for the altar. The mirufters were called indifferently capeltani/capel- 
lans, or cantariftae, chantry priefts -, though perhaps, in ftri£l propri- 
ety, none were capellans but thofe who officiated in the capellas or 
chapels. They were inftituted and inducted into their places like parifli 
priefts, and were totally independent of the incumbents. They were 
not efpecially bound to affift the latter in the fervices of the church, 
but they nfed to occafionally, and fometimes they were enjoined * 
by the deed of endowment to attend fome part of the fervice. Thefe fe- 
cular priefts were all fupprefled by H. 8th and Edw. 6 th . 

Brotherhoods were religious focieties, the feveral members of which 
were mutually bound to pray for each other, and alfo for the fouls of 
fitch of the fraternity as vvcie departed this life. Thefe were like wife 

A hermitage was a retired cell; or chapel, in which a fingle perfon 
ftqueftred himfelf from the reft of mankind and devoted himfelf to 
prayer and meditation ; depending chiefly upon the charity of his 
neighbours for fupport. 

The oldefl chantry in Sandwich, of which there are any notices re- 
maining, was founded, about the beginning of the 14th century, in 
St Maiy's church, by John Coundy and William his fon. ] do not 
find the name of the faint to whom it was dedicated. The patronage 


* Appendix, number ?.« 


of It was afligned by the founders to the mayor and commonalty of 
Sandwich; and thecapellan was bound to celebrate a morn-mafs in this 
chantry.* The name of John Condi .is among the witneffes to two deeds 
of St John's llofpital dated 1293 and 12965 and John Cundy was 
mayor in J 327, and bailiff in 1349. . William Condy is a witnefs to 
other deeds dated J3U, 1354. 1366 ; and was bailiff in 1354-f The 
name'likewife of Harraon Cundy. appears in a deed of 1296; as does that 
of Thomas Condy in another of 1347. f There was a tenement be- 
longing to the capellan in or near Saint-mary-lane, 1474 ^ and there 
were lands belonging to the chantry fomewhere by Barnsend, 32 H. 8. 
In a manufcript belonging to me it is faid, 





church near unto the lord Clinton j and that he of his own char 
erefted a chantry, fuperftitioufly ; perfuaded that it. was for his foul's 

health, . . , :, 


Burton's chantry was founded in feme chapel at or near David's gate. 
Mention is made in fome deeds. of a tenement- near Davy's gate belong- 
ins: to the chaplain, and of a garden belonging to the chantry. This 
chantry was fold : by ; virtue of a commiflion under the great feal, dated 
27th april, 2d Ed. 6th, 1549. Brown Willis ** mentions two incum- 
bents of this chantry, John Hall and John Steward, to each of whom 
was paid a penfion of fix pounds in 1553. 

Jenkyn Green founded a chantry in St Clement's church, and en- 
dowed it with lands ; concerning four acres of which, in Sandown, 
there was a difpnte, between the people of St Bartholomew's .Hofpital 
and Thomas Holie the king's tenant in the 4th of Eclw, VI. John 

and Roger Powell the capellans, when the chantry was fold, 
were allowed pennons one of fix and the other five pounds refpeclively. 
Thomas Clerc was a capellan of the chantry of St Clement in 1483. 



Johaunis in ccclcfia bcate Marie di&e villc ; in qua cantaria fi quis capelJanus ciufdciu 
cantarie fuerit mi flam matutinalcm eclcbrabit. , Kx libro cuflumali. 

f Evidences of St John's Hofpilal, numbers 5, 6, 7, in the originals, 
t Evidences of St .Bartholomew's Hofpital, n». 79. ** Mitred Abbics, vol. 2, p. 104. 





try of St Thomas the martyr, founded by Thomas Elys, in St Peter's 
church. This wealthy merchant enfeoffed to Thomas Rollyng vicar of 
St Mary's, William Swan clerk, John Godard and Richard Benge two 
meffuages, and two hundred and fixteen acres of land, and rent to the 
amount of four pounds, in the parifhes of Eaftry, Wodenefbergh, 
Worthe, Henxhelland Wynelefbergh, for the endowment of this chan- 
try ; and in 1392, upon payment of fixty pounds by the feoffees, the 
king*" granted to them a licenfe of mortmain to affign the faid eftates to 
three capellans, to pray every day in St Peter's church for the fouls of 
Thomas Elys, his parents, anceftors and benefactors, and of all the 
faithful departed this life ; and for the faid capellans to receive and 
hold the premiffes to themfelves and their fucceffors for ever : and, on 
the 20th of o£lober in the fame year, the feoffees^by virtue of the power 
granted to them by the above licenfe, conveyed the eftates mentioned 
therein to three chaplains by name : who by- the claufes of the inftru- 
mentf- were to fill up the vacancies within three months after they 
iliould happen j and upon their negleft the patronage was to go to the 
mayor and jurats of Sandwich; and, if they fhould fail to appoint 
within a month, then the abbot of St Auguftin; and, on his failure for 
another month, the archdeacon of Canterbury was to fupply the va- 
cancies. The capellans were to have a houfe for their rcfidence; they 
were to keep the eftates in repair-; they were to hold no other benefice 
beyond fix months after being induced into the chantry, nor exercife 
any office by which their duty in the chantry might be interrupted ; 
they were to be qualified for the office and fober men, not quarrel- 
fome or malicious, nor diflblute in their manners ; they were under 
the jurifdiaion of Canterbury ; and were bound to refulence in their 
chantries, in the fame manner as perpetual vicars were obliged 
to refide upon their cures ; but were not {worn, like them, to 


* Appendix number i. f Appendix number 2. 



ftridt perfonal reiTJence. In cafe of nonrefidence, after notice given, 
they were made liable to be removed from their chantries, like rectors 
within the province of Canterbury in fimilar cafes from their livings, 
On fuadays and feftivals they were to attend divine fervice during the 
chants and finging of the pfalms $ and they were to fay their own rnaf- 
fes at feafonable times,, fo as not to interfere with the duty of the mini- 
iter in the pari ill church : and thefe rnafies were to be celebrated every 
clay for the fouls of Thomas Elys and Margaret his wife; Thomas, 
Cicely, John, Mabel, Richard, Fitzbernard, Richard, Beatrice, John, 
Joan, Margaret, William, Conllance, Thomas, Ifabel, John, Joan, 
Helen, William, Amy, Guftach, Joan, John, their fons and daughters; 
of John Godard and Joan and Cicely his wives, and his anceftors; and 
of the capellans of the chantry j and of all the faithful departed this 
life. They were to have a new fuit of veftrnents every other year at 
lead ; and they were to find five wax tapers of five pounds weight for 
the altar of the blefted virgin Mary in St Peter's church, to be lighted 
only during the chant called Salve regina, and to be renewed every year 
again ft the feaft of the purification. To the performance of all which 
they were bound by oath. 

This foundation was confirmed by a bull of pope Boniface the 9th, 
dated at Rome the 1 2th of march, 1404.* 

The feoffees of this chantry were the fame as were appointed for St 
Thomas's Hofpital •, and both chanties were dedicated to the fame pa- 
tron. It is remarkable that thefe two capital endowments of Thomas 

Elys were made in the courfe of five months. 

A manufcript fays, that one of the priefts of this chantry was bound 

to inftrudt the youth of Sandwich ; that the lad of thefe chaplains was 

a Mr Green, a learned fchoolmafter, and a great beater-down of pa- 

piftry j and that the houfc for the three chaplains was fituate at the eafl 

end of St Peter's church. 

One of the chantry houfes was in Doggerenlane, and another in 

Lovclane oppofite St Peter's churchyard. 



* Appendix, number 3. 


Names of fome of the capellans.* 
^392. f William. Colyer. 

\ John Nelot. 
Roger Segar. 

. Ser Jamys Dowlyng. 

148 1. John Fitzharry, by the mayor and jurats, 
1500. Ser Robert Fuller, by ditto. 
At the fuppreflion, this chantry was valued at 47s. and it was fold the 

2d of Edw. 6th. 

About the year 1480, the corporation granted fix (hillings and eight 
pence to the wardens of the brotherhood of the church of St Clement, 
for the maintenance of the pfoceffion when the figure of the George is 
yearly born about the town, to be paid yearly by the treafurers.-f- 

In a will' dated 1519, mention is made of St George's chancel in that 
church ; and a piece of land without the walls by Newgate, called St 

George's lees, was giveivto the parifh of St Clement for the maintenance 
of a lamp to burn for ever before the image of St George in St Cle- 
ment's church. -f It is probable therefore that St George was the adopted 
patron of this fraternity, and that the twenty flails in the chancel of 

this church were made for the accommodation of its members. 

There was a brotherhood J of St Catharine in the chapel of St Jacob 
in St Mary's parifh; to which belonged an enclofed garden in Dregge- 
renlane § near St Jacob's churchyard, given in free alms for its im- 


John Wyncheife of Sandwich; 

which garden was conveyed by the wardens of the fraternity, in 141 6 


brethren likewife received a perpetual annual rent of 4s. out of another 
meffuage in St Mary's, and 4s. more out of another enclofed garden in 
Dreggerlane.§ It appears from the evidences in the appendix, that 
the fraternity confided of both men and women. In 

* From the records of the corporation. f Old Black Book, fol. 262. 

'J: It is called the fiftcrhood of Kathcrine in a deed regiftcred in the Red Book, folio 79. 
§ Thefe gardens in Drfggcrlanc from the description, fee appendix no. 4, 5,6,7* 

fctun to have formed a part of what is now called Paradife gardm. 


1 8 8 

In a deed, dated 24 march, 3 Eliz. there is mention of a corner te- 
nement called the Cage in the Fifhmarket belonging to Jefus brother- 
hood lately diffolved. 

In St Peter's church were the fraternities of Corpus Chrifti, St John 
of Bredlington, the holy Crofs and St Peter, and the holy Trinity.* 

It appears from a deed^ that there was a chapel or hermitage called 
the chapel of Gafcoign lane : and there was another hermitage at the 
fou th- weft corner of St Jacob's churchyard, the patronage of which 
was in the corporation. f- On this piece of ground are now two te- 
nements with gardens, fituate on the left hand fide of the narrow paf- 
fage leading out of the churchyard into Paradife-row. This eftate 
was fold by a decree of common aflembly, in oftober, 1776, to William 
Legget for fnty pounds. 

Walter le Drapere of Sandwich, in 13 1 1, gave to God and the church 
of St Mary a yearly rent of fix {hillings and eight pence out of a mefluage 
on the weft fide of Yeldhalftrete, for the maintenance of a lamp, to be 
burning early and late before the image of the holy crofs in St Mary's 
church. Which grant was in 1445 confirmed by Gilbert Jackmyn.§ 

Robert Philipp, chaundeler, and John Reede, barbour, of Sandwich, 
in 1427, confirmed to the wardens of St Mary's an annual rent of four 
{hillings out of a tenement, adjoining to the vicarage of St Mary's north 
and to the ftrcet fouth ; which had before been granted for the fame pur- 
pofe by Thomas Rollyng clerk in 1409, for the maintenance of a lamp 
in the middle of the quire of the church, in medio alti cliori. § 

Thomas Marleburgh of Sandwich, in 1463, gave to the wardens ol 
St Mary's an annual rent of twelve pence out of three cottages in Dreg- 
gereflane, for the maintenance of a lamp in the quire, in fummo clvoro, 
of St Mary's church : and, the fame year, John Warre of London, vvol- 
lernan, gave the fame fum out of a meiluage and garden near St Jacob's 
churchyard for t lie like purpofe.§ There 

* Fioin wills of the 15th century in the courts at Canteiburv. 
•| Mahcnt iTiaioi ct communiias liiiuiii herein itagi urn iuxta (ancti jacobi cimitcrium, in 

quofotet c/Ie hciuinita, ct iple capcllanus. C uflunial. 

§ Deeds of St Mary's parifii. 


There is mention, in a deed, of a meflbage near Luckfboat given For 
the fupport of the mafs of St George 


bleffed Virgin.* 


James, St Margaret, and St 

Thomas the martyr.* . 
In St Mary's church were St John's chancel, altar and chapel, St 

Chriftopher's altar, St James's altar and chapel, c< StLawrens' chaun- 

cell and awter," Jefus altar and mafs, and the €c morn mefle" altar. •f 

Befides thefe eftablifliments belonging to the town, there were divers 
lands and tenements in Sandwich, belonging to Boxley abbey, J which 
were fold, 36th H. 8th to John. Matters efquire : and the priory of St 
Sepulchre at Canterbury had pofTeffions heres which were granted by 
the crown to James Hales, 38th H. 8th. 

Some other lands here, in 35th H. 8th, were granted by the king to 
fir Thomas Cheyney knight; 

There was a houfe of lepers in Sandwich called the Maldryy* and a 
fmall piece of land on the north-fide of the caufey leading to Each- 
end is now called the Maldry, and probably was part of the eftate 
belonging to this houfe. 

* From wills of the 15th century in the courts at Canterbury. 
f Church-wardens accounts, and parifh deeds. J Appendix number 8. 


I *9<> 3 

A P P E N D I 

j B JJ ICARDUS, Dei gracia rex Anglie et Francie et dominus Hibernie, omnibus ad 
■*^- quos prefentcs litere peruerenint, falutem. Licet de communi confilio regni noftri 
Anglie ftatutum fir, cjuod non liceat viris religiofis feu aliis ingredi feodum alicuius, iu 
quod ad rnanum mortuam deueniat, fine licencia noftra et capitaiis domini de quo res ille 
immediate tenentur, de gracia tamen noflra fpeciali, pro fexaginta libris quas Thomas 
.Rolling vicarius ecclefie beate Marie de Sandwico, Willieimus Swan dericus, Johannes 
Godard et Ricardus Benge nobis foluerunt in hanape'rio noftro, conceffimus et licenciam 
dedimus, pro nobis et heredibus noflris, quantum in nobis eft, eifdem Thome, Willielmo, 
Johanni et Rieardo, quod ipfi et qui eorem diucius vixerint, duo mefluagia, ducentas et 
fexdecim acras terre, et quatuor libratas redditus, cum pertinenciis, in Eflrry, Wodenef- 
bergh, Worthe, Henxhell et Wynelefbergh, que de nobis non tenentur in capite, dare 

po/ftnt et.aflignare tribus capellanis, diuina, pro anima Thome Elys de Sandewico et ani- 
mabus patris et matris ac anteceflbrum et benefa&orurn fuorum et omnium fidelium de- 
funcStorum, in ecclefia beati Petri de Sandwico, fingulis diebus, celcbraturis : habenda 
et tenenda eifdem capellanis et fuccefforibus fuis, divina in ecclefia predicta pro 
animabus predldtis fingulis diebus celcbraturis, iuxta ordinacionem ipforum. Thome 
Rollyng, WilHelmi, Johannis et Ricardi in hac parte faciendam, imperpetuum • et 
eifdem capellanis, quod ipfi predi&a duo meiTuagia, ducentas et fexdecim acras tcrre, et 
quatuor libratas redditus, cum pertinenciis, a prcfatis Thoma Rollyng, Willielmo, Jo- 
hanne et Rieardo recipcre pofllnt, et tenere fibi et fucceiToribus fuis imperpetuum, ficut 
prcdiclum eft, tcnorc prcfencium fimiliter licenciam dedimus fpecialem ; difto ftatuto, de 
terris et tencmentis ad nianum mortuam non ponendis edito, non obfhnte ; nolentes quod 
prcdidii Thomas Rollyng, Willieimus, Johannes et Ricardus vel hercdes fui, aut prefati 
capcllani feu fucceflbres fui, racionc ftatuti prediili, per nos vel heredes noftros feu minif- 
tros noftros vel heredes noftrorum quofcunquc, occafionentur, moleftentur in aliquo feu 
grauentur. In cuius rei it;linionium has liter as noftras fieri fecimus paten tes. Telle 
meipfo apud Wcftmonafterium, primo die februarii, anno rcgni noftri quintodecimo. 

(1392.) White Boole fol. 166, 167. 

2, Compoficio cantarie Thome Elys. 

Noucrint vnivcrfiper prefentcs, et ad pcrpetuam rei memoriam tranfeat in ftitivrtim, 

quod, cum Ricardus, Dei gracia rex Anglicet Francie et dominus Hibernic, nobis Thome 

Rollyng clerico, Willielmo Swan clcrico, Johanni Godard ct Rieardo JJcnge, de villa 

Samlewiei Cantvarie diocefis, de licencia et gracia fua fpeciali in hac parte fa&a, habiiaet 

obtcnla, dederit nobis prcdiflis, conccilcrit ct carta fua confirmauciit, in puram et j>erpe- 



tuam elemofinarn et in Domini cultus augmentatum ftabiliendam et fundandam, 

vnara cantariam trium capellanorum, in ecclefia fanfti Petri in Sandewico predidto, pro 
animabus Thome Elys et Margarete vxoris fue et anteceiTorum fuorum et omnium fide- 
Jium defundlorum, ac vlten'us pro fuftentacione eorundem tiium capellanorum et fucccflb- 
rum fvoium, nobis predicts Thome, Willielmo, Johanni et Rieardo poteftatem contulit 
dare et ordinare predicts trtbus capellanis, et fuccefloribus impeipetuum, certas terras et 
tenementa cum fuis pertinenciis et iuribus, vt in cartis regiis nobis inde confectis plenius 
continetur: nos, vlterius vokntes omnia et fingula premiffa, indubie efte&antes* pro tem- 
pore perpctuo ex confenfu noftro communi tarn prefcripta quam fubferipta fideliter adim- 
pleri, immobiliter fore obferuanda et deberi obferuari ; quapropter, ne inpofterum aliqua 
premiflbrum aut fubferiptorum haberentur in dubiis, hinc eft quod volumus per prefentes 
vt omnes et finguli patentes agnofcant nos predidos Thomam, Willielmum, Johannern 
et Ricardum dedifle, eonceffiiTe et carta noftra confirmalTe Willielmo Colycr, Jobanni 
Nelot et Rogero Segar capellanis et fuccefloribus fuis, diuina celebrantibus in ecdefiu 
iandi Petri in Sandewico predicro pro animabus Thome Elys, anteceflorum fuorum c*t 
omnium fidelium defunSorum et uivorum, pro eorundem fuftentacione trium capslJano- 
rum et fucceflbrum fuorum fie antedictorum temporibus perpetuo duraturorum, omnia ilia 
erras et tenementa cum omnibus fuis pertinenciis, ut in carta excellcntiffiini regis Anelie 
et Francie et domini Hibernie Ricardi, Dei gracia, fecundi fuperius nominati per predic- 
tam fpecialem graciam ac licenciam fuam regalem, vt antedidfum eft, evidenter apparct in" 
forma fubferipta, ftabiliter cuftodiri. In primis, volumus et ordinamus, quod, vacantibus 
cantariis vel vnacantaria earundem vacante, prefentes vel prefens qui vel quis fupervixcrint 
uel fupervixerit, et eorum fucceffores aut fuccefforum alios capellanos ydoneos feu capel- 
lanum ydoneum, infra tres menfes poftquam vacauerint vel vacauerit, ad eafdem 
cantarias vel cantariam vacantem feu vacantes admktere, et ipfos capellanos feu capcl- 
lanum in corporalem poffemonem canonice imponere tencantur feu teneatur. Et ft di&e 
cantarie vel aliqua earum vacauerint vel vacauerit vltra tres menfes de tempore vacacionis 
ciufdcm aut earundem, cxtunc liceat maiori ville Sandewici cum iuratis ville Sandewici 
infra fpacmin vnius menfis immediate fequentis, de didis cantariis omnibus fie vacantibus 
vel al.qua dlarum fie vacante de capellanis vel dc capcllano ydonco feu ydoncis perpetuus 
feu perpetuo, pro ilia vice vacacionis, turn prouidere : et fi, per menfem poft alios quatuor 

c, 2 Z,T ,♦'* r ntCS ; ^ PCrf ° niS yd ° neiS fCU pC,f0na >' donea ' di£Hs «ntarii. va- 
c u.bus feu alter, .pfirum fie vacant! per diflos maiorem et iuratos non fuerit debite pro- 

ce d,a , „„*„„ vacantibus prouidere de perfonis ydoneis feu pcrfon. ydonea : et a 

P'our/um j cxtunc l.ceat archidiacono Camuarinf. qui pro tempore fuerit, ilia vice diflje 

- iS V a Cantibus canonicc tura proi , di . ic _ Ii( ,; vol ; imus j on] . um > ; r h ' ; 

2 ; • ;,; rum fucctfl ' orcs & in **■ -^ *» >^ «*■*« ^ « 0;,;: 

US '" d,V,n,, » ,n im »* PW .nenfacione co, under, per nos prcfatos Thomam, 


I lu inuy of tliis piifliiy i-, evidently incoricfl.- 


eltnum, Johanncm ct Ricardum dato et conceiTo, fimul continue quadam capella earun- 
ticm cantariarum fuerint, de die et de nofte conuerfari et morari teneantur, nifi fubfit ra , 
cionalis (caufa :) et quod difti tres capellani et eorum fuccefibres reparacionem domorum 
grangearum et aliorum di&e cantarie pertinencium manutenebunt et fuftentabunt. It em 
volumu5 et ordinamus, quod nullus capellanus cantariarum predi&arum alibi fa benefi- 
ciatus pro tempoie quo cantariam huiu? obtinuerit, prefertim vltra fex menfcs poftquam 
pacificam pofTefiionem curat! vel non curati primo fuerit pacifice affecutus ; et quod nul- 
lum obtineat feu aliunde exerceat offirium, per quod impediatur quo minus officium can- 
tarie fue huiufmodi libere valeat adimplere. Item volumus et ordinamus, quod dicli tres 
capellani, et eorum fuccefibres quicunque fuerint, fint ydonei, fobrii, non querclarum vel 
lienis aflumptores, nee incontinences aut notabiliter viciofi - 9 et quod ipforum correclio et 
punicio ad fuperiores iurifdiccionts Cantuarienfis, ( quibus fie incumbit, pertineat • et quod 
in cantariis fuis predidis quilibet eoiundern capelJanorum, et eorum fucceflbrum qui- 
cunque, perfonaliter refidere teneantur et teneatur, ficut ad mod urn quod perpetui vicarii 
rclefiarum parochiarum in fuis benefices refidere tenentur ; hoc tamen faluo, quod no 

lumus eofdem capellanos nee eorum fuccefibres iurari ad perfonalem continue refidenciam, 
prout huiusmodi vicarii iurati teneantur : vol umu"s tamen et ordinamus, quod, fi debitcc 
non refideant, et cum legitime moniti fuerint ad refidendum extunc non refideant iuxta 
formam monicionis eis in hac parte facte, quod folomodo propter eorum huju?modi non 
refidenciam, et eciam propter alia crimina contra eos cooperta et inuenta, deftitui valeant 
vel valeat, amoueri valeant vel valeat, deftituantur vel deftituatur, amoueantur vel arnou. 
eatur a cantariis fuis, prout rectores ecclefiarum parochiarum prouincie Cantuarie in con- 
fjmilibus cafibus poflint de Jure deftitui et a fuis benefices ecclefiafticis amoueri. Item vo- 
lumus, quod dicti tres capellani diebus dominicis et feftiuis, in quibus diuina in dicta cc- 
clefia parochiali cum votis celebrari contigerint, pfallando et cantando teneantur interefle, 
jmpedimento legitimo ccflante : iidem quoque capellani horis competentibus mifTas fuas 
totalitcr celeb rare teneantur, quod, pretextu celebrationis miiTarum fuarum, curato prc- 
dicte parochialis ecclefie preiudicium non generetur. Item volumus et ordinamus, quod 
dicti capellani et eorum fuccefibres, in celcbracionibus miiTarum cotidie, pro animabus 
Thome Elys, Margarete vxoris fue, Thome, Cecilie, Johannis, Mabilie, Ricardi, Fitz- 



filiorum ct filiarum fuorum Johannis Godard, Johanne ct Cicilic vxorum fuarum, nee 
non pro animabus antece/lbrum fuorum, dicte cantarie capellanorum, ct omnium fiddium 
defunctorum, teneantur Deum fpecialiter exorare • et quod iidem capellani ct eorum fuc- 
cefibres altcrnis annis fimul ad minus veftiantur de vna fecta fecundum decenfiam flatus 
fui. Item volumus et ordinamus, quod predict! capellani manutenebunt quinqt 
cere fupcr beate Marie virginis altare dicte ecclefie fancti Petri, ad ardendum tant 
dum antipliona quedicitur Saluc regina cantabitur, pondcrantcs vli. ct renovabujitur an- 
nuatim contra folium purificacionis beate Marie virginis : ctad omnia premiilacuftodienda 

ue cercos 



A'& tres capellani et eorum fuccefibres iurare teneantur. In cuius re! teftimonium figilla 
ft f unt a npenfa. Datum apud Sandewicum vicefimo die oftobris, anno regis Ricardi 
{"cundi poft conqueftum Anglie fextodecimo. Et quia figilla noftra pluribus funt incog- 
nita figillum maioratus ville Sandewici hiis apponi procurauimus. 

Old Black Book, folio 88. 

o. Bonifacius epifcopus, feruus feruorum Dei, d ileitis fill Is capellanis cantarie fandti 
Thome martyris fite in capella beate Marie virginis ecclefie fancti Petri de Sandewico, Can«- 
tuarienfis diocefis, falutem et apoftolicam benediccionem. Juftis petencium defideriis dignum 
eft nos hcelem prebere affenfum, et vota que a racionis tramite non difcordant profequentz 
complere. Cum dlim quidam Thomas Elys de Sandewico, laicus, de bonis fibi a Deo 
collatis quandam cantariam in eadem ecclefia canonice ordinauerit, eamque fufficienter do- 
taverit, ac tres perpetuos capellanos, qui in dicta cantaria, pro fui et eciam parentum et 
benefaftorum fuorum animarum falute, miflas et alia diuina officia perpetuo celebrarent* 
deputaveritj nos vcftris iuftis poftulacionibus in hac parte grate concurrentes affenffu* 
cantariam, dotacionem et deputacionem predictas, ficut iufte et racionabiliter fa£re funt^ 
dummodo in difte ecclefie vel alterius preiudicium non redundent, ratas et gratas habentes 
eas, ficut iufte et pacifice poffidetis vobis et per vos ac fufiefToribus veftris in difta cantaria 
au&oritate apoftolica confirmamus ct prefentis fciipti patrocinio comnnunimus. Nulli 
ergo omnino homini liceat banc paginam noftre confirmacionis .et communicionis infrin- 
eere, vel ci aufu temerario contraire: fi quis autem hoc attemptare prefumpferit, indi^* 

naeionein omnipotentis Dei et beatorum Petri etPauli apoftolorum eius nouerit incurfururm 
Datum Rome apud fanclum Petrum, iiij nonas march, pontificatus noftri anno quinto- 

decimo. (1404.) 

White Book, folio 166. 

4. Carta Willielmi Crawe, Johannis Page et Thome Frengeham, feoffatorum Johannis 
Cardon, qui quidem Johannes Cardon erat unus feoftatorum Johannes Wynchelfe fenioris 
defunfti dudum de Sandwico; per quam dimittunt et confumant Stcphano Gerard et Jo- 
hanni Buke, gardianis fraternitatis bcate Katerine virginis in ecclefia fancli Jacobi apoftoli 
eiusdem ville, totum i'llud gardinum cum claufuris &c. quod didtus Johannes Wynchelfe, 
per ultime voluntatis difpoficionem, port deceflum Matilde uxoris fue, inpuram et pcrpc- 
tuarn elemofinam, ordinavit rcmanerc dicte fraternitati in emendacionem et fuftentacioncm 
ciufdem fraternitatis: quod quidem gardinum diftus Johannes Cardon, una cum aliis fe- 
ofFatis, quondam inter cetera habuit ex dono ct fcofFamento difti Johannis Wynchelfe; tt 
fituatumeft in parochia beate Marie, in vcnclla vocata Dreggerenelane, inter tenementura 
Roberti Hedon e. ct cimitcrium ecclefie fancli Jacobi f. ct gardinum Willielmi Wolpette 
w. et rcgiam ft r atom n. habendum prefatis gardianis, ct fuis fucccfToribus di&um ofHcium 
gardianorum occupantibus, in ufum et proficuum negocii fraternitatis predicte, impcrpe- 
tuum. Data in craft ino purificacionis beate Marie virginis, anno Domini milleiimo, 
ccee'™, fexto decimo fecund urn computacionem ecclefie Romane, ct anno Henrici quinti 
tcrcio. Tcftibiis Thoma Loueryk tunc maiorc, et aliis. (141&,) 

C c ij, Stephanun 





nnes bukkc, gaiuwm **»^*«ji.*m,i» uc*lc xvacerine Virginia 

in ecclefia fan£U Jacobi ville Sandwici, de confenfu et affenfu Thome Coving, 

Skynner cicrici, Roberti Hede, Henrici Derey, Alexandri Norman, ac aliorum omnium 
confratrum eiufdcm fraternitatis, conccdunt, et carta fua indentata conformant, Waltcro 
Daniel de eadem villa, vnum gardinum cum rnuris et claufuris ac omnibus pertincnciis in 
parochia beate Marie iacens, (ut fupra:) habendum &c. imperpetuum; reddendo indc an* 
nuatim duos folidos et o&o denarios ftcrlingorum liberi et perpetui redditus. Data penul- 
timo die marcii, anno Domini millefimo, cccc mo fexto decimo, et anno Henrici qui ' 
quarto. (1416.) 


Williefmus Whytcherchc 



clencus, Thomas Loueryk, Stephanas Gerard et Robertus Cherche, fratres fraternit 
beate Katerinc, in capella fanfti Jacobi in parochia beate Marie in Sandewico ab antiquo 
f up date conccdunt et in perpetuam feodi firmam dimittunt Johanni Foort, de villa pre- 
diila carpentario, totum mefuagium cum pertinenciis in parochia predi&a, inter mefua. 
cium Johannis Rumbold e. et regias ftratas w. et n. et cotagium heredum Johannis Pet- 
-wode f. habendum &c. imperpetuum 3 faciendo reparacionem dicli mefuagii et omnia all?, 
onera fecundum ufum et confuetudines ville prediile; reddendo inde annuatim qu 
folidos fterlingorum libere et perpetue annualis firme. Quod quidem mefuagium Ut* 
ciuondam dominus Thomas Rollyng, vicarius ecclefie beate Marie, per quoddam lcriptum 
fuum indentatum, ad feodi firmam dimifit Roberto Adam et Idome uxori ftie ; reddenco 
inde annuatim dido Thome oclo folidos annualis firme: quos quidem o£to folidos idem do- 
ram us Thomas, in ultima vol untate, caufa fuftentacionis fraternitatis predicle, fpontc et 
pure anVnavit fratribus et fororibus fraternitatis eiufdem, et fucccflbribus fuis 3 libere et 
imnerpetuo reman furos. Et in idem mefuagium, ob defectum folucionis firme predicate n 
rcparacionis, fratres prediili ingreffi funt, prout ius cxigit etrequirit: habendum fibi, et 
fucccflbribus fuis imperpetuum, Datum xjv°. maii, am;o Henrici fcxti quarto. Tcftibus 

Johanne Shelle maiore, et aliis. (1426,) 

7. Carta Johannis Aldy, Johannis Sturfton, Willielmi Salmon, Johannis Archer, 
Williclmi G^lys, Willielmi Hande, Willielmi Gcrarde, Johannis Wylkyn, Johannis 
Whyte, Roberti Mayhew, Thome Aldy, Henrici Upton, Johannis Hobard, iunioris, et 
Tohannis Jofeph dc Sandwico, qua, nomine et loco omnium fratrum et fororum f rate mi* 
tatis (ancle Katcrine, in capella fan&i Jacobi infra parochiam ecclefie bcatc Marie virginis 
ville Sandewici, conccdunt et coniirmant Johanni Gyldard de S. unum gardinum cum 
mum ct claufuris, iacens, in Dreggerlane, inter tcnementum Johannis Gyldard e. tene* 
incntum Johannis Archer w. cimitcrium dicte cape lie f, et regiain flratain n. quod quidem 
<rardinum, inter cetera, habuerunt ex dono et feofFamento Johannis Gerard et Johannis 
Rufbhelyn nuper ville pmlictc: habendum &c. imperpetuum ; reddendo gaidian is et cuf- 
tod i bus diflc friitciiiitativ, qui pro Lenipore fueiint, et eoriim fucccilbribu^ quatuar ibli*- 

dot; lilxii rcdditus annualib. lit dictus Johannes facia cdiikari in diclo gardino nmn% 


*95 ' 

dotnum infra fex annos. Data primo junii, anno Edwardi quart! decimo oftavo. Teftb. 
bus Johanne Tetertham maiore, et aliis. (1478,) 

The preceding four deeds are copied from the originals in the parifh chefh 
8, Memorandum 5 quod f rater Ricardus, minifter* domus de Motynden f> ordinis 
fanSe Trinitatis, in comitatu Kancie, venit coram Johanne Sturfton maiore ville Sand- 
wici, Johannd Adam balliuo, et aliis iuratis, xvj° die menfis feptembris, anno Edw. 
quarti xiij . et monftravit copiam cuiufdam conuencionis, fade inter abbatem domus de 
Boxle J et conuentum eiufdem ex vna parte, et quendam miniftrum et fratres predi&e do- 
mus de Motynden ex parte altera, teftificatam, et figUlatam figillo officii maioratus difte 
-ville, de quodam redditu, eifdem miniftro et fratribus de Motynden debito, de quodam 
marifco extra muros dicle ville, iacente ex parte auftrali a regia via ducente verfus Cantu- 
ariam, et inter Maidenbour et le Poldre ex parte vna, et gurgitam marinam, ex parte al- 
tera, ut mete et bunde dividunt et demonftrant. Tenor cuius convencionis et tcftificaci- 
onis fequitur in hec verba. Univerfis Chrifti fidelibus, ad quorum noticiam prefentes 
littere peruenerint, Johannes Aldy maior Sandewici, et eiufdem ville iurati, Hilutem in 
Domino fempiternam. Cum pium fit et racioni congruum tcftimonium veritati perhibere, 
vniverfitati veftre, tenore prefencium, innotefcimus per prefentes ; quod, die confcccionis 
prefencium, perfonaliter comparuit Ricardus Lamifyng, frater et procurator domus de 
Motynden; qui quidem Ricardus coram nobis monftravit copiam cuiufdam conuencionis, 
fafte inter abbatem et conuentum domus dc Boxle ex parte vna, et miniftrum et fratres de 
Motynden p red i dtp ex parte altera, per mediacionem Ricardi Rokefle militis, filiiethcre- 
dis Roberti Rokefle militis, cuius quidem copie tenor fequitur. Hec eft convencio facia 
inter abbatem et conuentum de Boxle ex parte vna, et miniftrum et fratres de Motynden 
ex parte altera; videlicet, quod, cum di£ti abbas et conuentus confuemfTent annuatim per- 
foluere Roberto de Rokefle, et di&is miniftro et fratribus, fcxaginta folidos ftcrlino-orum 
pro quodam molcndino et quodam marifco apud Sandewicum, ct proccflu temporis mon- 
ftraflent dl&um molendinum non ciTe tanti valoris quanti fuerit a principio, nee idco le 
vellent tantum perfoluere; ita tandem conuenit inter ipfos, quod dicli miniftii ct fratres 
de Motynden, afleniu et voluntatc domini Ricardi de Rokefle, qui fucccllit predifto Ro- 
berto patri fuo in hereditatem, remifcrunt fupradiclis abbati et conventui, et eorum fuc- 
ccfloribus, decern foiidos cenfualcs dc fupradiclis fcxaginta falidis- tali tamen condicione 
quod, fine diminucionc ct contradiccionc, dicli abbas ct conuentus, ct coium fucccfibrcs 

'* The head of the houfc was fo called. Ilaftccl. 


t This fiiary of Trinitarians, founded in 1224 by fir Robert Rokefle at Mottcnden in the paiifh of Hedconi 
in Kent, was the firfi lioufe of that order that was eflablifhed in Kni-laiiJ. Tanner's Mon. 

Muttenden fratris ordinis (•inel.e cruek. "Robert us de Mokeiley miles, origmalis iiindaiur; moderruis, cornea 
deNortlmmbreland. Lelandi coll. v. i. p. Jig. j 774 .. 

] This abbey was founded, ahout lite middle "f the twelfth cenl-ny, for monks of the Ciller tiaii order, by 
William de Ipre, earl of Kent. Camiuktu Irl.nul fiys, Kicaidiu; primus rex primus f mutator. 

The ieals of both thefc prioriei; are ciigraved in the feeond vylunie of Mr. lldlUiW Kent, 


c > 


perfoluent arniuatiin, imperpefcuum, dltSlis miniftro et fratribus, et eorum fuccefforibus 
quinquaginta folidos, in domo de Boxle, nomine prefati Ricardi de Rokefle, ad duos anrti 
terminer fcilicet, medietatem infra quindenam pafche, et aliam medietatem infra quin- 
denam fanc~ti Michaelis: quod fi a di&a folucione aliqua ad dictos terminos eeflaamnt 
licebit di&is miniftro et fratribus, et eorum fucceflbribus, fuper di&um molendinum ct 
marifcum diftringere, donee didos redditus plenarie perfoluerint, et eifdern de dampnis'et 
expenfis, occafione huiufmodi detencionis faclis, per vifum bonorum et legalium virorura 
competeuter fatisfecerint. Iftam conuencionem ex vtraque parte firm iter tenendam, partes 
bona fide et fine malo ingenio compromiferunt, et ad maiorem fecuritatem hiis cirographis 
jigna fua mutuo appofueruntj de quibus, mum remanet penes abbatem et conuentum dc 
Eoxle communi figillo miniftri et fratrum figillatum, et aliud penes miniftrum et fratres 
communi figillo di£rorum abbatis et conuentus fignatum. Hiis teftibus, Johanne Watton, 
Nicholao de Ores, Gilberto de Wulfrinton. Quapropter, premiflis per nos prediftos 
maiorem et iuratos diligenter vifis et examinatis, ad inftanciam predidti Ricardi fratris et 
procuratoris doinus predi<5te, volentes iuflum et congruum remedium in premiiTis apponere, 
vt tenemur, rogamus et requirimus partes infrafcriptas, ad perfoluendum prefatis miniftro 
et fiatribus de Motinden redditum fupranominatum, in loco et forma premiffis, ne caufam 
habeamus, pro defediu huiufmodi, vlterius contra vos et fucceffores veftros procedcrc, fe* 
enndum leges et confuetudines portus predi£ti ab antiquo vfitatas. In cuius teftimonium 
jigillum officii raaioratus ibidem prefentibus eft appenfum. Datum, apud Sandewicum 
predifium, vicefimo tcrcio die menfis oftobris, anno regni regis Edwardi quarti poft con- 

■queftum nono 

Old Black Book, folio 214. 



O F 



I N 






■St,-, jr 

O Z? J\" C O . 1 '.->£ .. 1 * 17, 3X.A. . 



^ '/'.•-/• ^VV/// 


•" ^x. > • *^ '- 




' ^ 

"V^ W..T /7JT„ 

ISal^iilt.W *»A *J»~ -V*-»* ** 

v-^T^. i,--*^ .i^u^ii/-. i^- ***/* *%*r* 


4 J 



. - , „ „. - i urats and principal inhabitants of 

. Sandwich agreed to raife a fum of money, by fubfcription, for the 
purpofe of erecting a building for a freefchool ■, under a promife from 
Mr. Roger Manwood, then abarrifter, to endow the fame with lands, 
of fufficient value to fupport the building and maintain a mafter. 
Accordingly, the fum of 2361. 7s. 2d.* was immediately collected, 
and other meafures were taken to forward the work. It happened for- 
tunately, that Archbifhop Parker was then in the neighbourhood, and, 
approving the 'defign, he became eminently inftrumental in founding 
the fchool. He made application to the dean and chapter of Canter- 
bury, for a grant of fome land, belonging to their church, which was 
judged to be a proper fite for the fchool : and moreover he wrote to his 
friend fecrctary Cecyl, for his intereft with the queen to procure her 
licenfe for the foundation and endowment. The licenfe in mort- 
main f iffued the ill of October 1563, by which Roger Manwood 
of 'Hackington efquire is empowered to erect a free grammar- 
fchool in Sandwich,, by the name of the free grammar- fchool of Roger 
** ' '" "' ' ' ' and the queen grants, that the mayor and 


jurats of Sandwich, and their fucceflbrs, fhall be governours of the 
fchool, and be one body incorporate in deed and name, by the title of 

rs of the f reefcIlool of Roger -Manwood in Sandwich 5 that 
they may fue and implead by that name in all Courts ; may purchafe 
eftates in fee, to the value of forty pounds a year , and have a common 
feal: and (lie further gives fpecial licenfe to thefaid Roger, to give and 
grant to the faid governours the particular eftatcs recited in the fub- 
iequcnt deed of feofment, with other grants ufual in inftrumcnls of 

that fort. 


Mr M 

* Appendix, number 1. |, Appendix, number ?,. 


2 00 

tained from the dean and chapter a grant*, in fee farm, of a piece of 
ground, inclofed with a ftone wall, fometime called St Thomas Houfe, 
in Sandwich, near Canterbury gate, between St Thomas lane, eaft, a 
arden and the mill creek, fouth, a void hill and the highway leading 
out of Canterbury gate, weft, and the fame highway, north j together 
with a piece of falts, overagainft the fame ground, inclofed between 
the falts belonging to the commonalty of Sandwich, eaft and weft, the 
haven, north, and the forefaid highway, fouth ; to the ufe of the (aid 
Roger, his heirs and affigns for ever, at. the yearly rent of twenty 
pence: both which pieces of land, on the 20th of february, 1566^, 
with ninety, acres of meadow, pafture and woodland, in Hackington 
and Northgate, Mr Manwood enfeoffed to the mayor and jurats of 
Sandwich, by the name of the governours of his free grammar- fchool, 
and to their fucceftbrs, for ever, for the perpetual fupport and mainte- 
nance of the faid fchool. And the mayor and jurats obtained pofleffion 
of thefe eftates, by livery of feifin, in march following. 

On the 30th of July, 1568J, Roger Manwood fergeantatlaw, and 
Richard Heywood efq. executors of the will of Joane Trapps, late of 
London, widow, deceafed, in part of accomplifhment of the faid will, 
do bargain, fell &c. to the cuftos, or rector, and icholars of the col- 
lege of Blefled Mary and Ail Saints Lincoln, in the univerfity of 
Oxford, fifty two acres of land, in the parifh of Whitftable in Kent, 
towards the finding of four icholars, for ever, in the faid college; of 
which, two to be placed and nominated by the faid cuftos &c. and 
two by the governours of the free grammar- fchool in Sandwich, out 
of the faid grammar-fchool, alternis vicibus; firft, one by the cuftos &c. 
and after, one other by the faid governours j and fo, by like turn and 
courfe of election and nomination, for ever j which lands, the faid 
Roger covenants, fliall yield to the faid cuftos &c. a clear yearly rent 
of ill. 6s. 8d.j of which fum, the cuftos &c. covenant to pay yearly 

to the laid four fcholars, 10I. 13s. 4c!.; that is to fay, 2I. 13s. 4d, a- 


* Appendix, miinbcr 3. •(• Ibid, number 4. t Ibid, numbers. 


' ce half-yearly, towards the exhibition and charges of finding of 

the faid fcholars ; which four fcholars fliall be called the fcholars of 

Robert Trapps of London, goldfrnith, and of Joane his wife. The 

cuftos &c. to give notice to the fchoolmafter, at the fchool-houfe in 

Sandwich, within twenty Days, of every vacancy; and, upon failure 

of the governours nomination in turn within twenty days after fuch 

notice, the vacancy to be filled up by the cuftos Sec, The remaining 

i is 4-d. to the ufe of the faid cuftos &c. And the. governours of the 

fchool covenant that, after the death of the faid Roger, upon every 

avoidance of the fchoolmafter's place, they will within twenty days 

give notice to the faid cuftos &c. at the college ho ufe $ and if, within 

twenty days. next after fuch notice, the faid cuftos &c. in writing 



the faid college, duly qualified, they the faid governours will make 
choice of one of them within twenty daysj or, in default thereof, the 
nomination of fuch matter to be in the archbifliop of Canterbury, the 
fee being full, and he within the realm j or elfe, the fee being void, or 
he being out of the realm, in the dean of Canterbury for the time 


September 10th, 1570*, fergeant Manwood conveys to the gover- 
nours of his free grammar fchool, the falts oppofite thereto : and the 
mayor and jurats obtain corporal poffeffion of the fame, by livery of 
feifin, in march following. 

Thomas Manwood, by his will dated 2d oftober, 1^70, dircfts his 
brothers Roger and John, or the furvivor, within two years after his 
deceafe, to convey to the governours of his brother Roger's frcd gram- 
mar-fchool in Sandwich, as much of his lands and tenements as fliall 
amount to the clear yearly rent of ten pounds, to and for the better 


* Appendix number 6. 


L* * * 



maintenance and fuftentation of the fame fchool, forever; that is to 
fry, for an ufher, when caufe fliall require ; or for other ncceifery 
matters of maintenance of the faid fchool, in fuch form, as durino- 
the life of the founder fliall be thought meet to him: and, after his 
death, as (hall be thought meet to the governours. Under this will, 
Roger Manwood, the furviving executor, by an inftrument in his own 
hand-writing, dated the 30th of Sept. 1572, conveys to the faid go- 
vernours a corner mefluage, fometime a ftore-houfe, near over-againft 
Giles key and Jems key, in St Mary's Sandwich, of the rent of five 
pounds j and another mefluage, near to the faid comer mefluage, in 
the faid parifh, of the yearly rent of forty fix (hillings and eight pence; 
and a tenement, and certain ground called the Pound garden, at or 
near the water-lock in Sandwich, of the rent of forty {hillings ; and 
a parcel of ground and a yard, at or near the Butchery in Sandwich, 
of the rent of fixteen millings ; the whole together being of the clear 
yearly value of ten pounds, according to the intent and meaning of 

the faid will. 

By indenture tripartite, dated 30th January, 158 1 * between Sir Roger 

it, lord chief baron of the exchequer, the matter or 
cuftos and fellows of the college of Gonvyle and Caius founded in 
honor of the annunciation of the blefled Mary virgin in the univcr- 
fity of Cambridge, and the governours of the free grammar-fchool of 




to the faid mafter or cuftos &c. a mefTuage, or farm houfe, called 
Bodkins, in SwaleclifF, near Whitftable in Kent, together with fifty 
feven acres and three rods of land in the pariflies of SwaleclifF, Whit- 
ftable, and Hackington, in Kent *, and Sir Roger covenants, that the 
premifles are of the clear yearly value of i il. 6s. 8d. In consideration 
of which, the mafter or cuftos, &c. covenant to pay annually to four 
fcholars of their college lol 13s. 4c!. four marks to each. The faid 
fcholars to be nominated by Sir Roger during his life, and afterwards 


* Appendix number 7. 



cuftos, &c. alternately. Notice of avoidance to be given, in writing, 
by the faid mafter or cuftos, &c. to Sir Roger, or the governours, 
within fifteen days ; filch notice to be left with the mailer or uflier 
of powle's*f fchool for the time being ; and upon failure of nomination 
within one month, then the vacancy to be (applied by the faid mafter 
or cuftos &c. The fcholars to be called, the fcholars of Robert Trapps 
of London, goldfmith, and Joane his wife. In default of notice as 
above, then the mafter or cuftos, &c. to forfeit to Sir Roger, or the 



after the faid 

fifteen days, twelve pence. The remaining 15s. &&. to the faid mafter 
or cuftos, &c. to the life and behoof of the faid college. 

Sir Roger, during his life, took the rents of the efcates, which he had 
enfeoffed to the governours of his fchool, paying the matter's falarv 
regularly to his death, which happened in the year 1592. After 
which, Sir Peter Man wood knt, heir and executor of Sir Roger, received 
the rents, and paid the matter's falary, till a few years before he died. 
Sir John Manwood knight, his fon and heir, or others claiming under 
him, took the ifTues of the faid eftates to their own ufc, without mak- 
ing any payment to the mafter ; upon which the governours of the 
fchool, in 1633, fuedout a cornmiffion * upon the ftatute for chari- 
table ufes ; which came out the 14th may, in that year ; and an inquifi- 
tion was taken, and a return made, by Sir Edward Boys, Launcelot 
Lovelace, Edward Hadde, Thomas Denne, William Watincr and Ed- 
mund Parbo, efquiresj who, in march, 1634, decreed and ordered, that 
the governours fhould enter into the feveral eftates, and take the rents, 
and hold and enjoy the fame for ever, according to the purport and 
intent of the deed of feoffment and grant made by Roger Manwood 
efquire to the mayor and jurats ; and that the faid mayor and jurats 
mould pay to the fchoolmaffer all arrears of falary, and forty pounds 
for damages. Upon this followed a writ of execution, dated 6th may, 


i St Paul's. * Appendix number tf. 

D (1 2 



1 634- But Sir John Manwood and Lady Frances Mariwood, widow. 
put exceptions into the court of chancery again ft the decree of the 
conimiffioners $ upon thefe grounds, principally, that Sir Roger Man- 
wood intended to the fchool only twenty pounds a year for the fchool- 
mafler ; and that, before the making of the feoffment to the mayor 
and jurats, he did make a Ieafe of the lands, mentioned therein, for the 
term of 500 years to Edward Peke and William Claybroke ; referring- 
only the yearly rent of twenty pounds, to be paid to the faid mayor 
and jurats and their fucceffors, for the maintenance of the faid matter: 
which Ieafe was afterwards, viz. the 10th January, 1571, lawfully align- 
ed back again to the faid. Roger Manwood, his executors and affignsj 
who by his will difpofed of all his leafes in Kent to his heirs for the 
time being, who fhould have his honfe at St Stephens. In June, 1635, 
the matter was argued before the lord keeper, who confirmed the de- 
cree of the conimiffioners, as to the arrearages of the ftipend,^ and the 
forty pounds damages; and, in favor to Sir John Manwood, directed 
that the fame fhould be paid by Sir John Manwood to the mayor and 
jurats of Sandwich, on behalf of the mafter, by thirty pounds per an- 
num, over and above the faid twenty pounds per annum $ but the other 
part of the commiffloner's decree, refpe£ling the pofleflion of the ninety 
acres in Hackington and Northgate, was reverfed ; and it was decreed, 
that Sir John Manwood fhould hold the lands according to the faid 
Ieafe. The falary of twenty pounds has been paid with tolerable regu- 
larity, ever fince, by the proprietors of the eftate ; which has palled 
from the Manwood's to the Colepepper's, and from thence to the 
Ilales's, and is now in the pofleflion of Sir Edward Hales, baronet, 

of St Stephens. 

Edmund Parbo efquire, by his will dated 26th o6lober 1640,* befidcs 

many other legacies to the parifhes, conduits, St John's hofpital, the 
mayor and jurats &c. in Sandwich, bequeaths to the mayor and jurats 
of Sandwich, governours of the grammar-fchool, an annuity of iol. 
out of his mcfluage or inn, called the Pelican, in Sandwich; of whiclujl- 


■* Rt'gifler book of the fchool. 


to the matter of the fchool, and 5L to the re£tor and fellows and fcho- 
lars of Lincoln college Oxford, in augmentation &c. of the fcholars 
fent from Sandwich. If none fent, the money to remain in the gover- 
nours hands to accumulate for fiich fcholars as fhall be afterwards 
appointed. The remaining twenty fhillings to the mayor and jurats, 
for wine at their ordinaries, when they fhall hold the fame at the Pe- 
lican. In cafe of abufe or mifemployment of this benefaction by the 
mayor, &c, he gives the fame to his daughter Boys and her heirs for 


It does not appear that the fchool was ever benefited by this be- 
qucil, nor how it happened, that it was not fo. There is reafon to 
think, from a loofe paper in my hands, thac a fuit was instituted, after 
the death of Mr Parbo's widow, by the mayor and jurats againft the 
heirs of Mr Parbo, for the recovery of this benefaction, in the court of 
chancery at Dovor ; but I have not been able to get any information 
concerning the proceedings or ifTue. 

There is a deed, bearing date the 5th January, 1685,^ to declare the 
ufes of a fine, levied of a piece of land divided into two backfides, 
whereon are erected two ftables, one kitchen and one cove, fituate in 
St Mary's parifli Sandwich, abutting to a tenement belonging to the 
free gram mar- fchool and Black lane, weft; to Strand frreet, north; 
to the mefTuage and malthoufe of the heirs of John Does, eaft and 
fouth ; purchafed by the mayor and jurats of William Ellwood, late 
of Sandwich gentleman, deceafed, and Phineas Ellwood * of Corpus 
Chrifti college Oxford, doftor in phyfick, to the ufe of the faid mayor 
and jurats, and their fucceffors, for ever ; in truft for the fole ufe 
and benefit of the fchoolmafrer of the faid fchool for the time being : 
And the premifTes were foon after conveyed to the faid mayor and 
jurats by William and Phineas Ellwood, fons, and coheirs in gavelkind, 
of Phineas Ellwood of Sandwich gentleman, by an inftrument dated 
the third of July, 1685. % ' hx 

t The original in the ham's of the mayor and jurats. 

* Mentioned by Anthony Wood in his Dia.y 7 fept. i6«8. Liv«s of eminent antiquaries, 

vol. 2, p. 366. X Appendix, number 9. 


hi 1684, Mr Rich. Calmer, then matter of the freefchool, complained 

to the commiflloners for charitable ufes, that cc the mayor and jurat 
4 < of Sandwich detained from him a piece of land lying over ao;ainft t|u< 
cc fchool-houfe ; and that divers of the ho.ufes belonging to th* 
" fchool are our of repair 3 and that the defendants ou^ht to repair 

" & 

5cc. which they refufe," At the fame time it was alleged to th 
commiffioners, that one Thompfon had bequeathed his two nm 
honks in Thompfon's flreet to the freefchool. But it appeared to the 
commiffioners, that the fchool had never been in pofTefiion 3 that the 
houfes, fuppofed to have been given, were quite down 3 and that there 
was at that time no fuch ftreet as Thompfon's flreet. To this account, 
taken from Tanner's manufcripts, number 126, f. 216, 228, the fol- 
lowing remark is fubjoinedj that, "both in Sandwich, and in Faver- 
cc fhani, they acquaint us, that there have been former commifTions, 
" but without fruit j for that no one dares urge the execution of the 
<c orders, by reafon of their bylaws in the Cinque Ports." From whence 
it appears, that nothing came of the inquiry. 

This Mr Culmer, uftder what pretenfions I know not, made a forci- 
ble entry into the freefchool in 167S 3 and, though confiderablc efforts 
feem to have been made by the corporation * to difpoflefs him, he ne~ 
verthelefs continued mafter of it till his death. From the name and 
turbulence of behaviour, I am induced to think he was the famous 
Blue Dick', who worked ib hard in deftroying the " great idolatrous 
" window" in Canterbury cathedral; and gave a narrative of his pro- 
ceedings there entitled " Cathedrall newes from Canterbury, LoncL 
iC 4to, 16443" in which he ftiles himfelf a minifter of God's word 
and a mafter of arts. 

Sir Roger drew up rules for the government of the fchoo] 3 which, 
with a few other particulars from the regifter book, will be given in 
the appendix, f* 

* Appendix number 10. | Number ir. 


*/■' * v 1 , 





E N D I X 

I. From the records of the corporation* 

2ift niay 5th Elizabeth. 
T was moved by the maior, what a godly ade and worthie of memorye yt fhuld be, to 
make and fowend a free fchoole within the towen, for the godly educacion of children 
in the knowledge and feare of God, and that God therfor wold blefle the towen the better ; 
and required therfore, that euery inhabitante within this towen wold confyder fo good an 
acle and to kn owe what euery man wold willengly give therto ; and that he and his bre- 

* 1 

them as they dyd judge that a very godly worke, fo thei wold lardgely give of their por- 

cions/that the fame might be ftablifshed ; which faid mocion liked well all men. 

with one con fen t they offeryd to giue euery man for the fame worke accordinge to their 

And fo 


billytye, as followythe, viz 


Henry Boteler, maior, 
John Tyfar 
John Manwood 
John Gilbert 
Symon Lynche 





xx li. 

Stephen Wood 

Mat. Menys 
Thomas Manwood - 
Riche Parrott 
Wm Courthonn 

Common counfcll. 

x li. in iij yers. 
x li. 
. li. 

vj li. xiij s. jiij d. 

#1% W • * ■ * * 

vj 11. xi ij s. 11 ij d. 

xij li. vjs. vnj d 


Alex, Cobbe 

Walter Shetterden 

Thomas Scavern 

Chrift. Kempe 

Edward Woodd 

John Iden 

John Abyrryd 

Th. Parke, byerbruer, iiij li. 

Jno Dale 

Jno Alexander 

Jno Chilton 

Th. Gull xs, quarterly to xl s. 

Th. Harlefton » xl s. 

***** * 9I«« 

uj li. vj S. vnjd. 

• 4 # I * * * * * I 

Uj li. vj s. vi ij d, 

* fl f | * * vvtf| 

uj li. vj s. vnj d. 

]*** ■'.■'.■'.* I 

1 ij s. jiij d. 

nj s» j 1 ij d. 

xl s. 

xl s. 

Robt Waftercr 

* * * f » * * * * I 

J1J li. VJ S. VI IJ (I. 

Robt Harryfon, cyther x tunes of tymbrc 

or v !i. 
Th. Parker, draper, 

* -1 * ■ I * • # ■ ■ 

vj h. xiij s. 11 ij d 

Jno Elnor 
Wm Richardfon 
Wm Jacobc 
Franc. Virrall 
Jno Clarke 
Robt Nafbyc 
Rich. Pcrforthc 

Th, Hodgckyn 
Stephen Rue Ice 
Peter Knight 
Rich, Boreman 

xl s. 

v li. 

v li. 

xl s. 

* i * « v * ■ * i ■ 

jij Ji. vj s. vnj d 

xx s. 
xl s. 
xl s. 

XX s. 

x a. 




Martyne Fyeld 
Jno Stren tinge 

Jerome Pyneoke 

Roger Peake 

11) II, 

vj s. viij d. 

iij In 
iiij Ji- 
iij Ji. vj s. viij d. 



II ditto 
8 ditto 
17 ditto 
J4 ditto 
1.8 ditto 







6 ditto 

The other fix wards 
The mayor and jurats 
The common council 



From 20perfons in the 1 ft ward 996 

16 8 

4- 13 o , 

4- 14 


4 9 


3 r 


B 6 


!+ H 


-* 9 


'i 6 


Oliver Frende 
Th. Cripps 
Wm Cripps 

5 1L V J s. viij d. 
ij J '*• vj s. viij 4. 

From 1 2 perfons in the 7th ward 

20 ditto 
II ditto 

21 ditto 
8 ditto 

21 ditto 

8 ditto 

£ S* d< 

2 18 4 

7 16 2 

9 d ^tto 10 16 

10 ditto 4 u jq 

J 1 ditto 

13 f2 

j 2 ditto 8 15 

48 96 


*86 7 

One perfon fubfcribes " work with painting." 

23 July 5 Eliz. Whereas the inhabitants of this towen have frely given dyvers and 
fbndrye fomes of moneye, towards the "buyldinge and ere£tyng of a perpetuall free /koole 
to be founded within this towen of Sondwiche for euer, as followythe. And for thentenc 
that the fame fomes frely given to fo good a purpofe maye be hadd and levied according 


to the good meaninge of the givers, be yt enaflyd and decreed, by virtue of this prefent 
aflembly, that all and eucry the fame fome and fomes, as they are grauntyd,flialbe levyed of 
the lands, tenements, rents, goods and cattayles of every donor, according to the gifte. by 
thes perfpnes vnder wrytten^ beyng wardens appoyntcd, that is to fayc, Mr Maior for the 
tyme beynge, John Man wood, John Gilbert, Symon Lynchc, Th. Man wood, Win 
Courtopp, jurats ; Win Southaike, gent. Edw. Wood, Th. Parker, draper, St. Rucke 
and Tin Thonipfon. 

3 April o, Eliz. Decreed, that a cauley-wey to the feoole fhalbc made and paved ; and 
that within the walles of the fame fchoole, to eclic of the dores of the feoole a caufey-wayc 
Hi all al fo be made, and the premiflbs to be don at the townes chaidge. 

2. Ehzabetha, Dei gracia Anglic, Francic ct Hibernie rcgina, fidei defenfor &c. om- 
nibus a.d quos prefentes litere pcruenerint, falutcm. Cum dilciSlus nobis Rogcrus Man- 
woode, dc Hackingto.n iuxta Cantuariain in comitatu noftro Kancic, armiger, ca intenci- 
onc, quod, infra villain ct portum noftrum dc Sandwichc in comitatu noflro Kancie, que- 
dam libera (cola grarrjaticalis erigcrctur 3 ct imperpetuum permancrctj terras ct tencmenta 




eiufdem Roger! propria, clari annul valoris viginti librarum ad mum?, et in prefcmibus 
fubterius fpecificata, dare et concedere intendit pro perpetua fuftentacione et maiiuten- 
cione eiufdem Hbere fchole gramaticalis infra preduSum villain et portuin nod rum dc 
Sandwiche; cumque eciam decanus et capitulum ecclefie cathedraiis et mctropoliticc 
Chrifti Cantuarienfis quandam parcellam terre fue muro lapidco inclufam, in Sandwiche 
predicto, quondam vocatam feynt Thomas houfe, .cum parcella terre fue marifci falfi ex 
oppofito di&e terre inclufe exiftente, locum idoneum pro educacione et inftruccionedomus 
fcole predi&e, tarn pro difcipulis ibidem inftruendis et docendis quam pro manfione ludi- 
magiftri ibidem, dimittere et concedere intendunt prefato Rogero et heredibus fuis imper- 
petuum, reddendo inde annuatim predicts decano et capitulo et fucceflbribus fuis anti- 
quum redditum, videlicet, viginti denarios per annum, ea intcncione quod domus et (cola 
predict fuper predi£hm parcellam terre muro lapideo inclufam ediricaretur : fciatis, quod 
nos, intime cupientes pium propofitum prediftum promoueri, necnon predi&am liberam 
etperpetuam fcolam gramaticalem, infra villain et portum noftrum de Sandwiche prcdi&o, 
ad perfeflum redigi perpetuo finniter duraturam, de gracia noftra fpeciali ac ex certa fci- 
encia et mero motu noftris, pro nobis, heredibus et fucceflbribus noftris, concedimuset If- 
cenciam damus predidlis decano et capitulo, quod ipfi predi&am parcellam terre muro la- 
pideo inclufam ac predictam parcellam terre falfi marifci in Sandwiche predicto, licet de 
nobis tenentur in capite per feruicium militare feu aliter aut de aliquo alio, prefato Ro- 
gero Manwoode, heredibus et affignatis fuis dimittere et concedere licite valeant et polling 
reddendo eifdem decano et capitulo et fucceflbribus fuis predictum redditum viginti dcna- 
riorum; ac eidem Rogero, quod ipfe eafdem parcellas recipcre et obtinere valeat et licite 
poffit : habendum et tenendum tenementa ilia prefato Rogero Manwoode, heredibus et af- 
fignatis fuis imperpetuum, abfque impeticione aut alia interrupcione per nos, heredes aut 
fucceflbres noftros, feuofficiarios aut miniftros alicuius noftrum. Sciatis iniuper, quod nos, 


conceflimus, ac, pro nobis, heredibus et fucceflbribus noftris, per prcfentes damus et con- 
cediinus prefato Rogero Manwoode licenciam, poteftatcm et audloritatem, quod ipfe licite 
poffit et valeat concedere, erigerc et facere, infra predictum villain et portum noftrum dc 
Sandwiche, quandam liberam ct perpctuam fcolam gramaticalem, ac ordinaciojies et re- 
gulas pro meliori regimincct gubemacione eiufdem liberc fcole gramaticalis, et quod eadem 
fcola perpetuo yocabitur libera fchola gramaticalis Rogeri Manwoode in Sandwiche j et 
quod major et iurati de Sandwiche predicto pro tempore exiftentes imperpetuum flint ct 
erunt gubernatores eiufdem liberc fcole gramaticalis, et imperpetuum vocabuntur gubcr- 
natorca libcre fcole gramaticalis Rogeri Manwoode in Sandwiche > ac Ilcnricum Butler 
armigerum, modernum maiorem dc Sandwiche prcdido, et Johanncm Man wood, Simonein 
Lynchc, Riccum Parrott, Johanncm Tifar, Johanncm Gilbert, Stcphanum Avvoocle, 
Ihomam Manwood, Mathcum Meneflb et VViilielmum Curtoppe, modcrnos iuratos ibi' 
<km, gubernatores libcre fcole gramaticalis Rogeri Manwood in Sandwiche per prefcntc* 
facimus, cicamus, ordinamus, conftitulmus ct incorporauius i ac quod idem imiot ct : juran 

K e ct 


et fucceflbres fui decetero imperpetuum funt et erunt vnutn corpus in fe Incorporafum 
et nomine, per nomen gubernatorum libcre fcole gramaticalis Rogeri Manwoode in Sand- 
wiche ; et quod, per idem nomen gubernatorum libere fcole gramaticalis Rogeri Man- 
wood in Sandwiche, implacitare et implacitari poflint in omnibus et fingulis curiis, ac per 
Jdcm nomen Ifcfte valeant et poffint habere, perquirere, poflidere et obtinere fibi et fuccef- 
foribus fuis, \n feodo et perpetuitate, non folum terras et tenementa in prefentibus fpecifi- 
rata, verurn eciam alia terns ct tenementa que de nobis non tenentur in capite, dummodo 
omnia terre et tenementa eis data feu danda in toto non attingant vltra clarum annuurn 
valorem quadraginta librarum ; et quod predi£ti gubernatores libere fcole predicte et fuc- 
ceflbres fui imperpetuum habeant figillum commune pro gubernacione, difpoficione et re- 
glmine omnium et fingulorum terrarum, tenementorum, pofTeflionum, rerum, caufarum et 
negociorum quorumcurnque, liberam fcolam prediitam tangencium feu quoquo modo con- 
cernencium. Et vlterius, de vberiori gracia noftra fpeciali ac ex certa fciencia et mero 
motu noftris, licenciam damus fpecialem prefato Rogero Manwoode, quod ipfe non folum 
predicla tenementa in Sandwiche, verum eciam nonaginta acras prati, pafture, et bofcl 
vocatas ambrye meade, faynt Gregories meade, kyngs ineade, le ffrethe alias le hurft le 
harpe, fhurte fcyftall, et fhootingcrofTe grounde, in Hackington prope Cantuariam, ct in 
Northgate prope ct infra libertates Cantuarie predicte, licet de nobis tenentur in capite per 
feruicium militare, ad libitum fuum dare et concedere poffit et valeat predidtis gubernato- 
ribus libere fcole predi&e : habendum et tenendum eifdem gubernatoribus et fucceflbribus 
fuis imperpetuum, ad vfum eorundem gubernatorum et fucceflbrum fuorum gubernatorum 
libere fcole gramaticalis Rogeri Manwoode in Sandwiche imperpetuum j et quod iidem 
gubernatores et fucceflbres fui omnia et fingula premifla cum pertlnenciis de eodem Romero 
rccipcre ct obtinere poflint et valeant fibi et fucceflbribus fuis, abfque fine feu feodo pro 
liceucia in hac parte : nolentes quod predi&us Rogerus Manwoode, hcredes vel affignati 
fui, aut predial gubernatores vel Aieceflbres fui, occafioae feu racione premiflbrum vel 
em-urn alicuius, in aliquo moieftentur feu grauentur, nee eorum aliquis niuleftetur feu gra- 
uttur, fed fuper folam demonftracionem harum literarum noftrarum patencium, aut irro- 
mlamcmi earundem, tarn ipfi et eoretn quilibet, quam omnia ct fingula premifla, inde flut 
acquiet.ui et exoncrati per prefentes, ftatuto de tcrris et tenementis ad manum mortuam 
non ponenuis, aut aliquo alio ftatuto, a£tu, ordinacione, prouifione, aut aliqua alia re, 
cauilt feu materia incontrarium inde in aliquo non obftante. Eo quod exprefla mencio dc 
veto valore annuo, aut de certitudinc pmniflbrum, fiuc eorum alicuius, aut dc a!iis doiiis 
fiuc- couct.ffionibus per nos vel aliqueiii progenttorum nofhonim prefato Rogero Manwoode 
ante lice Lcmpoia fait is, in prefentibus rninimc facta exiftit, aliquo ftatuto, aclu, ordina-, prouifione fiiu leftiiccione inde incoiitrarium facto, edito, orcinato, fiuc prouiib, 
aut aliqua alia re, caufa vel materia quacumque in aliquo non obftante. Et vlterius, ex 
vbciioii gracia nulrra fpeciali ac ex certa fciencia et met a motu noitris, vohimus et concc- 
'nnus, quod pudictus liogetus Mnuwoutl habcat has literas noflras patcmes Tub 
gillo Jioilry Atvgi'w ikhllo niudu facias, abfque fine feu feodo magna feu paiuo nobis in 



banapeno noftro feu alibi ad vfum noftrum proinde reddendo, foluendo vel faciendo. h\ 
cuius rei teftimonium has literas noftras fieri fecimus patentes. Tefte meipfo apud Wynd- 
four, primo die o&obris, anno regni noftri quinto. (1563.) 
Per breue de priuato figillo et de data predifta, aucthoritate parliament!, 

Autograph, penes majorem et juratos. Sigillurri appendet. 

3. A graunt, in feefarm, from the dean and chapter of Cantuar. to Roger Manwood 
efquier, of the ground wheron the fchole is builded, and rnerfheis againfte the fame. 

This indenture made the fecond daie of november, in the fifte yere of the reigne of our 
fouereigne ladie Elizabeth, by the grace of God of England, Fraunce and Ireland queene, 
defender of the faith, &c. betweene the deane and chapter of the cathedral 1 church of Can- 
terburie on thone parte, and Roger Manwood of Hackington neare Canterburie aforefaid 
in the county of Kent efquier on thother parte, wytneffeth, that the laid deane and chap- 
ter,* for the confideracion hereafter exprcfied, and according to the queenes maiefties lycenfe 
ynder her highnes greate feale dated the firfte daie of o&ober lafte pafte, haue demifed 
grauntcd, and by theis prefentes Ietten to the (aid Roger Manwood their ground enclofed 
with ftone walles in Sandwich, fomtime cauled faynt Thomas howfe, with their ground 
or fault merfte overagainfte the fame, which the deane and chapter of the faid church, by 
indenture bearing date the xxvth daie of november, in the xxxvijth yere of the reigne of 
our late foueraigne lord kinge Henry theighte, dyd demyfe and lette farm, by the names 
of a certen peece of land or ground enclofed with n ftone wall round aboute, fomtime 
cauled ft Thomas howfe, lienge and being in Sandwich aforefaid befide Canterburie gate 
theare, betwene the lane cauled ft Thomas lane towards the eafte, a garden platt of Wil- 
liam Blithe and the mill creek fouthe, a voyd hill and the highwaie leading owte of the 
faid gate wefte, and the fame highe waie northe, together with a peece of faults to the 
fame pece of ground aperteininge, lieng and beinge ovcrogainfte the fame ground enclofed 
betwene the faulter; aperteining to Sandwich comminaltie eafte and weft, the haven theare 
northe, and the forefaid hyghewaie fouthe, vnto Thomas Patche of Sandwich aforefaid 
gent, for term of threefkore yeres, and for the ycrlie runt of twentie pence , to haue and 
to hould the faid grownds and other the premifles to the faid Roger Manwood, his hcires 
and afllgnes for ever, to thjife of the fame Roger, his brirci and affignes for ever, in i¥m 
farm; ydding and payeinge therforc yerlie for ever to the feid deane and chapter and 
their fucceffors the accuftomed yerlie rent of twentic pence of lawfull money of Enchnd 
at the feafts of ft Mychacll tharchaungell and the ammtiacion of our ladie, or within 
.xxvmj dmm nexte after either of the fame feafts, 3 t Chriftcchurche aforefaid, by even por- 
tions ; and if the faid yerlie rentt of twentie pence fhalj fortune to be behind unpaicd iji 
parte or m all, by the (pace of twentie and eigbte daks after cither of the faid fajfts th it 
then it flialbe lawfull to the faid deane and chapter and their fucceflbrs, not only into the 
laid premifles by theis prefentes Ietten and grauntcd, but alfo into all other the landcs of 
the laid Jvoger within the paryflie of Hackington neare Canterburie to enter and Mmnc 

% e ?. 



and the dyftres to haue awaie and reteine vntill the faid rcntt fa being behind, and three 
flvillings and fower pence in a name of a paine, and the arrerages of either of them to^ethe 
with all cofts and damages in that behalfe to be had or fufteined, fhalbe fully fatisfied and 
paied : provided allwaies that, yf within or vpon the premifles by theis prefentes graunted 
within the fpace of three yeres nexte comynge, an howfe {hall not be theare builded for a 
grammer fchole theare to be tawghte, and alfo yf land, tenementes or rentts, to thecleare 
yerlie valewe of twentie pounds or more, fhall not be conveighed by affuraunce to and for 
the perpetual) maintenaunce and fuftentacion of the faid fchole, or yf the fame fchole 
howfe, after the fame fhalbe fynifhed and fchole theare begonne to be tawghte, fhalbe 
turned or converted from the vfe, Iceping and fuftentacion of the faid fchole to or for any 
other vfe or purpofe, that then yt fhalbe lawfull to and for the faid deane and chapter and 
their fucceffors into the premifles by theis prefents graunted to reenter a and the fame to 
iepofles, as yf this graunte had not ben had nor made. And the faid deane and chapter doe 
ordeine, make and conftitute their welbeloved John Manwood and Rice Perott of Sand- 
wich gent, their attornies, joyntly and feu era] ly, to enter into the premifTes by theis pre- 
fentes graunted, and therof to delyver feifen to the faid Roger Manwood, or to his certert 
attorney, to haue and to hould according to thentente, forme and effefte of this prefente 
ricmyfe and graunte, and under the condicion in theis prefentes exprefled. In v/ytnefs 
wheruf, to theis prefentes aswell the faid deane and chapter their common feale,as the faid 
Roger Manwood hisfeale, interehaungeably haue fett. Dated the daie and yere fyrftc 
above written. 

Subfcribed, Concordat cum regiftro. 

Endorfed, Prefcnt at the ftate deliuerie of theis prefentes by the attornies within named, 
MatheweMcnes, mayor, John TyfTar, Symon Lynche, Henrie Butler, William Curtopp, 
juratts, Adam Aldeye, towne dark, Thomas Parker draper, Criftofer Kempe, Frauncis 
Virrall, Thomas Gull, John Alexander, Peter Knighte, Henrie Duffeild, of the common 
councell, Richard Wild, Gryffen Amorc, John Smythe, ferieaunts at male, John lngc ? 
Chriftofer Hatche, — ***— Pelham, with other. 
Copied from the regifler of the freefchool. 

4. Omnibus Chrifti fidclibus, ad quos hoc prefens fcriptum indentatum pemenerit, Ro~ 
o-erus Manwood, de Hackington iuxta Cantuariam in cornitatu Kancie, armiger, falutem 
in Domino fempiternam. Sciatis, quod cum domina noftra regina Elizabetha, Dei gracia 
Anglic, Frantic 1 ct Hibernic regina, fidci defenfor, &c. per litems fuas patentes, fub magno 
figillo fuo Anglic, gerentes datam primo die oclobris, anno rcgni fui quinto, de gratia fun 
ipeciali ac ex certa fcientia et mcro motu fuis, liccntiam fpecialem dederit michi prcfato 
Ro'Tcio Manwood quandam parccllam tcrrc muro lapidco inclufam, infra villam et portum 
dc Sandwich in clitSto cornitatu Kancie, quondam vocatam faynte Thomas houfe, 
cum parcella tcrrc mariici falfi ex oppofito elide tcrrc inclufc, ac etiam nonaginta acras 
piati, pafturc et hofci, vocatas ambry meade, fain 61 e Gregoryes meade, kynges meade, lo 
frcih alias le hurit, le harpe, flnnte forftall, et fliootingcroflb grounde, in Hackington 



C ntuariam et fa Northgate prope et infra libertates Cantuarie p'rediftc, licet de 

^ r °^ , '♦ •«« tPnentur in capite per feruicium militare, ad libitum meum dare et 

jpfa domma regina tenentui in 1 r » 

j ffm et valeam gubernatonbus libere lcole grammatical^ mei Kogen Manwood 

r0 , . , .. q j;a-a nro neroetua fuftentacione et manutentione eiufdem libere fcole 
in Sandwich piecicto, pw 1 v 

* i*c nrout ner eafdem literas patentes plenms liquet et apparet : nouentis, mo 
oranniri atlcaliS} P ru 1 ... . ,. n 

& f- Rogerum Manwood, in complemento ac virtute hterarum patentium predictarum, 

fiTfaffe tradidiffe, conceffiffe et per hoc prefens fcriptum confirmaffe maiori et juratis de 
Sandwich predicto, gubernatoribus libere fcole grammatical is mei di£tt Rogeri Manwood 
' Sandwich predi£to, prediftam parcellam terre muro lapideo inclufam vocatam faynte 
Thomas houfe in Sandwich prediflo, ac etiam prediftas nonaginta acras prati, paf- 
tare et bofci, vocatas ambry meade, faincl Gregories meade, kynges meade, le freth alias 
le hurft, !e harpe, fhurte forftall et fhootyng crofle grounde, in Hackyngton prope Can- 
tuariam et in northgate prope et infra libertates Cantuarie predi&e, excepta predicta par- 
celia terre marifci falfi ex oppoflto dicSle terre inclufe : habendaet tenenda omnia et fingula 
premiffa cum pertinentiis, excepta preexcepta, prefatis gubernatoribus libere fcole gram- 
matical predicate et fuccefforibus fuis imperpetuum, ad vfum eorundem gubernatorum et 
fuccefforum fuorum imperpetuum, ad et pro perpetua fuftentacione et manutentione libere 
fcole predicle imperpetuum ; tenenda de capitalibus dominis' feodi illius per feruitia i'ndfe 
debita et de jure confueta, Noueritis ihfuper, me prefatum Rogerum Manwood feciffe, or- 
dinance con ftitu tide, locoque meo per prefentes pofuiffe dile&um michi in Chrifto Ada- 
mum Aldey, de Sandwich predidto, generofum,'meum verum et'legittimum at'tornatum ad 
intrandum in omnia et fingula premiffa fuperius fpecificata, pofteaque ad deliberandum 
plenam et pacificam poffeffionem ct feifinam inde pro me et nomine nieo prcdiflis maiori 
et juratis,* gubernatoribus libere fcole grammatical predic/te, fiue eorum attornato vcl at- 
tornatis in hac parte conftittitis j habenda et tenenda eifdem maiori ct juratis, gubernato- 
ribus libere fcole grammatical predicate, et fuccefforibus fuis imperpetuum, fecundum 
vim, formam, tenorem et effedtum prefentium. In cuius rei teftimonium, ego predidus 
Rogerus Manwood vtrique parti huius prefentis fcripti mei figillum meum appofui. Da- 
tum vicefimo die ffebruarii, anno regni domine noftre Eiizabeth, Dei gratia Angli% 

Francie ct Hibernie regme, fidei defenforis, &c, octauo. 

Per mc Rogerum Manwood. 

In dorfo* 

Prefcntibus tempore figillationis et dcliberacionis prefencium Erafmus Fynch. WyU 

lyam Lott clerke. Henricus Seth. Per me Rogerum Peak. Edward us Peke. Johannes 

Lee. Ricardus Forth. 

Prefcntibus tempore dcliberacionis flatus ac feifine prefencium, per Adamum Aldy, infra 
notninatum attornatum, de tcrris ct tencmentis infrafcriptis infra villain ct portum de 
Sandwiclic, viz. Edwardus Wood, Thomas Dawfon. John Inge. William Harwcrd. 
Thomas Linchc, Robert Harry fon. Rychard Porrydgc. Thomas Gull, Charles Aldey. 
John Wood. William Hcrrcs. Roger Manwood junior* 



Prefentibus tempore deliberacionls (fetus et feiline prefencium, per Adamum Aldy, | n f u 
jiominatum attornatum de terris et tenementis infra fcriptis prope et infra liberates Can* 
tuarie; prefentibus tempore deliberacionis ftatus et feiftne prefencium, per Adamum Aldy 
infra nominatum attornatum de terris et tenementis infra fcriptis prope Cantuariam> viz t 

Per me Petrum Lyly. Henricus Seth. Ricardus Forthe. Robert Harifibn ^ 

kynche. Edward Pennell. George Smyth. 
. Autograph, penes maiorem et juratos, cui appendet figilJum Rogeri Manwood. 

5. This is an indenture tripartite indented between the executors of the laft will of 
Joan Trapps of the firft part, the cuftos or re&or and fcholars of the college of blcffed 
Mary and all faints Lincoln in the univerfity of Oxford of the fecond part, and the 
governours of the free grammar-fchool of Roger Manwood in Sandwich of the third part 5 
in which deed the lands bequeathed by the teftatrix are thus defcribed. « Thirtie and 
" five acres of pafture grownde by eftyrnacion, in fondrye cJofes and parcelles, at or 
< c neare Mearedale, and feaventene acres of pafture and grounde, in fondrye clofes g2 
* c parcelles, at or neare Bollyfliall, or called or knowen by the fame name; and all wodde§ 
** and vnderwoods in and vppon the .fame; and the revercion and revercions of the faidc 
" paftures and groundes, and other the premyfles $ together with all d.edes, evidences and 
f* wrytyngps onely towchinge or ( concernynge the premyfles or onely any pane thereof; 
" which premyfles do lye in the parjflhe of Whitftable in the. countie of Kente." 

To this deed is annexed a letter of attorney, from the cuftos or redtor and fcholars, 
empowering William Morres and William Harris, bachelors of art, in their names to ac- 
cept, receive and take aflurance of the lands, arid to execute the indenture. The origi- 
nals remain with the mayor and jurats. 

6. Omnibus Chrifti fideJibus, ad quos prefens fcriptum indentatum peruenerit, teftatur, 
quod ego Rogerus Manwood, ferviens ad legem, pro certis bonis et juftis confideracioni- 
bus me fpecialiter moventibus, dedi et concefli maiori et juratis de Sandwich, gubernato* 
ribus libere fchole grammatical mci didtt Rogeri in Sandwich, totam illam parcellam 
terre marifci falfi, ex oppofito terre muro lapideo inclufe infra villam et portum de Sand- 
wico prcdi<5to quondam vocatarn ft Thomas howfc, vbi nova domus vocata le fchole 
howfc modo conftruitur et cdificatur j que quidem parcella terre marifci falfi, vna cum 
predicta terra muro lapideo inclufa, per decanum ct capitulum ecclcfie Chrifti Cantua- 
rienfis michi et heredibus et affignatis meis data et concefla fuere y habendam ct tenendam 
prcdiflam parcellam terre marifci falfi prediflis gubernatoribus ct fucceflbribus fViis imper- 
petuum, ad vfum eorundem gubernatorum et fucceflbrum fuoruin impcrpetuum, ad ct pro 
perpctua fuftentacionc et manutencione libere fchole prcditSe impcrpctuum- Novcritis, me 
prefatum Roger urn Manwood fecific, ordinaflc, conftituifle, et loco meo pofuiflc dileflum 
mihi in Chrifto Ricardum Forihe, de Sandwich prediilo, gencrofum, mcum veruin et le** 
gittimum attornatum, ad intrarulum in prcdi£tam parcellam terre marifci falfi ct inde dc« 
Jjbenindum fcifmam ; habendam et tenendam fecund urn formam ct cflciium prcfentium. 
In cuius ici teftinvuiiitim, ego predit-tus Rogerus Manwood vtriquc parti liuius prcfentis 




* t mei indendati iigillum meum appofui. Datum decimo die feptembris, anno regni 
A inenoftre Elizabethe, Dei gracia Anglic,- Frauncie et Hibernie regine, .fidei defen- 
foris, &c. duodecimo. Per me Rogerum Manwood. 

c'pied from' the regifter of the freefchool ; in which is entered a letter of attorney 
f m the mayor and jurats of Sandwich to John and Thomas Manwood, to. receive, full 
d quiet pofleflion and feifin of the lands in Hackington and Northgate, and of the 
ground given by the dean and chapter of Canterbury, and another letter of attorney to 
John Manwood and John Gilbert for a fimilar purpofe refpecYtng the falts oppofite the 
fchool • and by the endorfements on each deed it appears, that the governours obtained 
regular and legal pofleflion of thofe eftates. 

7 , " Whereas by one parte of a former indenture trypartyte indented, bearinge date the 
" xxj day of januarye, in the xijth yeare of the reigneof our fouereigne lady Elizabeth, 
" ment to have bene a lawful! deed to the matter or cuftos and fellowes of the colledge of 
" Gonville and Caius, Sir Roger Manwood r then feriant att lawe, one of the executors 
ct of the teftament and !aft will of Johane Trappes, late of London, widowe, deceafed, 
M in parte of accomplifhement of the fame teftament and laft will, for a certen fome of 
tc money did bargen, fell and graunte to the faid mafter or cuftos and fellowes &c« divers 
" mefluages, lands &c. in the p'arifhes of Eleham and Hardres in the<countie of Kent, 
cc lymitted to be of the cleare yearely valewe of eleaven poundes, fixe fhillinges and eight 
" pence, for thintent of the perpetuall maintennance of fower pooie ikollers in the faid 
4< colledge; to which indenture of bargen &c- the fame mafter &c. by the perfwafion and 
** procurement of doctor Caius, a parte founder of the faid colledge, not likinge the fame 
" nor other landes in the faid countie of Kent to him offered, towchinge the perpetewall 
" maintcynaunce of the faid fower fkollers, but obiedtinge his fcruplous doubte of the 
continewance of the yearely valewe of the faid landes in tyme hereafter to come, and 
covctinge to have landes in Dorfettfhire, or there abowt, in the weft countrey, of like 
yearely value of the olde rente; and from tyme to tyme difagreed, and wouldc not aflent 
to enfeale cny one parte of the faid former indenture; nor, by thcire attorney audio riled 
or otherwife, to aceept as any deed in lawe that parte of the faid former indenture, 
which was by the faid Sir Roger Manwood, then feriant at lawe, and Richarde Hey- 
woodc, an other executor of the faid teftament and laft will, and by the governours 
of the free grammer r fkoole of Roger Manwood in Sandwich enfealed, nor eny parte 
theareof ; by rcafon whearcof the faid mefluages, landes &c. in Eleham and Hardies 
be not, or at cny tyme heretofore weare not, afTuied to the faid mafter or cuftos &c, 
and as all the mailers or cuftos and fellowes of the faid colledge, from tyme to tyme 
allwaies to this tyme, have likevvife diflcntcd and difagreed from the faid former in- 
denture, fo the nowc mafter or cuftos &c. doc by thcis prefentcs vttcrly dyfagrce and 
diflent from the (aid former indenture, and from all and every, thingc and thinges what- 
tc focuer in the laid former indenture conteyned or fpecified, to all intents and purpofes 
** as yf the faid former indenture had never bene had or made ; neverthcles, during© all 

" the 















21 6 

" the faid tyme hethertoe, the faid famine of eleavea poundeg, fix {hillings and eight 

Ci pence hath bene euery yearc paied to the faid mafter or cuftos &c. and fower fko]] ers be 

" and have been kept and mainteyned in the faid colledge, accordinge to the intent of the 

" faid laft will; howebeit Jiethertoe noe affu ranee hath bene agreed vppon for the p er pe. 

" tuall mainteynaunce of the faid .fower fkollers. Nowe, to avoid the further protract of 

c « tyme or deley of makinge afluerance for perpetuall mainteynance of the faid fewer 

" fkollers,. the fame dependinge vppon the only lyf of the faid Sir Roger Manwood for 

" that the faid Richard Haywood ys dead, he the faid Sir Roger Manwood, for a certen 

" fome of money of the goodes of the faid Johane Trapps deceafed to him before then- 

" fealinge of theis prefents trewly paied, for the perpetuall mainteynance of the faid 

" fower ikoJJers in the faid colled ge t .accordinge to thin tente of the faid laft will and 

" teftament, doth by theis prefents bargen, fell and graunte to the faid mafter or cuftos 

" &c. a meffuage and farme howfe called Bodkins, with barnes, ftables and appurte* 

" naunces, in the parifh of Swalclyff ncare Whitftable, in the countie of Kent, and fe* 

" uerall clofes of pafture and errable, by eftimacion thirtie fower acres, Jate of Webbes, 

" and two parcells or clofes of pafture and errable, "by eftimacion two acres three roddes, 

" late of Sir Hen rie Crifp knight, and two greate clofes of .-pafture and errable, called 

" Savnder tye, and a knoll, by eftimacion. xxj acres, fett, lienge and beinge in the faid 

iC parilh of Swaklyff and Jn the parilhes of Whitftable and Hackington in the faid 

** countie of Kent, and the revercion and revercions of the faid meffuage or farm howfe, 

ci p aft u res and landes, and all evidences and.writinges concerninge the premifles only; 

« to have and to houlde the faid meffuage, &c. to the faid mafter or cuftos &c. and to 

" their fucceffors for ever, for and to thin tente" ■ mentioned at pages 202, 203. 

■8. This commiffion was fued forth by Mr. William Wilfon and Mr. Richard SelwJ/i, 
folicitors for the fchool ; and the following perfons were named commiftioners, George, 
archbifliop of Canterbury. John, bifliop of Rochefter. Sir George Fane, knight. Si 
Walter Roberts, knight and baronet* Sir John Ryvers, baronet- Sir John Sidley, Sir 
Edward Dering, Sir Hurnfry Stile, knights and baionets. Sir Thomas Stile, baronet. 
Sir William Brooke, Sir Edward Scott, Sir Percyvall Harte, Sir Edward Boys the younger, 
Sir Edward Duke, Sir Hurnfry Tufton, Sir Francis Leigh, Sir John Hey ward, Sir Peter 

Hayman, Sir Thomas Walfmghatn, Sir Edward Gilborne, Sir Henry Snclgrave, Sir 
Henry Palmer, Sir James Oxenden, Sir Henry Bofevile, Sir Robert Filmere, Sir John 
Howell, Sir Henry Grymefton, Sir Philip Landen, knights. Ifaac Bargrave, dean of 
Canterbury. Walter Bellkanquall, dean of Rochefter. The chancellour to the arch- 
bifliop of Canterbury for the time being, Francis Rogers. William Kingfley, doctor 
of divinity, Lancelot Lovelace, Edward Hadd, Thomas Dcnn, Samuel Sliorte, Tho- 
mas Seylyard, Henry Dixon, James Franclclin, Ralph Whitfield, John Porter, Henry 
Clarke, Richard Lee, Richard Parker, William Boys, Richard Champncys, George 
Tucker, Robert Baynham, Edward Bifliop, William James, Thomas Fludd, Peter Pcke, 


rftjuires. Edward Manning, William Watmere and Edmund Parboe, gentlemen 



The writ of execution, 

Carol us Dei gracia, Anglie, Scotie, Francie et Hibernie rex, &c. maiori et jurati's 

•*]Ie Sandwici in comitata Kancie, ac Johanni Man wood militi, Roberto Turner et Jo- 

j-anni Rumfield, refpectivis tenentibus terrarum et tenementorutn inferius fpecificatorum 

aut alicuius partis indej necnon omnibus aliis perfonis quibufcunque quorum intereft aut 

intereffe poterit, et eoriim cuilibet, falutem. Cum, que ex communi confilio regni 

noftri Anglie ad Dei gloriam et populi noftri commodum provifa funt et ordinata, ea 

nos et regia authoritate noftra debite execucioni mandari teneamus; ac nuper, ex certifica- 

cione Edwardi Boys militis, Lanceloti Lovelace, Edwardi Hadde, Thome Denne, armige- 

rorum, Willielmi Watmer et Edmundi Parboe generoforum, commiffionariorum noftrorum 

iuxta formam ftatuti editi in anno quadragefimo tercio Elizabethe de piis vfibus autho- 

rifatorum, nobis in cancellariam noftram mifla et ibidem de recordorefidente, datur nobis 

jntelligi, quod prefati comnaiffionarii inquificionem quandam five prefentacionem, manibus 

et figillis fuis ac manibus et figillis eorum per quos huiufmodi inquificio fa£ta fuit fig- 

natam, fieri mandaverunt, cuius tenor fequitur in hec verba. Whereas our fbveraigne 

lord the kings majefties comiflion vnder the great feale of England, bearinge date at Weft - 

minfter the fowreteenth day of may lafte pafte, in the ninth yeare of his majefties rai°-ne, 

grownded m the ftatute made in the high court of parliament holden the feaven and 

twentieth day of October in the three and fortieth yeare of the raigne of our late foveraio-ne 

lady queene Elizabeth, intituled, An acte to redreffe the miilmployment of lands, "goods, 

and flocks of money heretofore given to charitable vfes, is directed vnto vs, whofe names* 

are fubferibed, and vnto others, as by the fame comifiion herevnto annexed may appeare ; 

and whereas, for the due execucion of the faid comiflion, there was lawfully retorned, 

tryed and fworne by and before vs, att the lord archbifhopps pal lace neare Canterbury in 

the county of Kent, on the tenth day of October lafte paft, Richard Drayton, George 

Terry, William TybbalJ, John Peake, William Foord, Nicholas Hennelcer, Johri 

Netherfole, Thomas Beane, John Denne, Edmond Rowfe, John Hufon, John Knowler* 

William Denne, Thomas Berry and Adam Clcter, lawfull men of the faid county, to 

inquire of and touching the premiflcs ; whoe doe fay and prefent vpon their oathes, that 

our foveraignc lady queene Elizabeth, by her lettres patterns, bearinge date at Windfour 

the firft day of October, in the fiftc yeare of her raigne, reciting (as in page 199, and 

number 2 of the appendix;) which lettres pattents weare inrolled accordingly: And the* 

faid jury vppon their oathes doe fay, that the faid Roger Man wood, in performance of 

the faid agreement and by vertue of the faid lettres pattents, by his deede of ffeofTment, 

bearing date the twentieth day of ffebruary, in the eighth yeare of the raigne of the faid 

queene Elizabeth, did infeofte, grant and confirmc to the maior, &c. the aforefaid nynety 

acres of meadowe, &c. in Hackington and St Mary Northgatc, to have and to hold the 

fame to the afoicfaid governors and their fucccflors for ever, for the pcrpetuaJl fuftcnance 

and maintenance of the faid fchoolc for ever; and that the (aid lands and tenements 

weare then valued at tweutie pounds a yaere yearely; and that twenty pounds a yeare 





2l8 ^ 

fhould be paled and allowed, in refpefl: to the faid lands an df tenements, vnto the f h f 
matter of the faid fchoole for the. time being for ever ; and that Chriftopher Cholf 
and hath beene, fchoole mafter of the faid fchoole by the fpace of twelve yeares n 1 a 
paft and more; and that twenty pownds a yeare hath beene paied to the fchoole 
of the faid fchoole for the time being dureing all the life time of the faid Roeer Man 
whoe dureing all that time tooke the rents, y flues or profitts of the faid lands and t ' 
merits 5 whoe dyed in the yeare of our Lord Jefus Chrift one thoufand five hundred m ' 
and two-, and that mediately after his death Sir Peter Manwood knight, heire and 
cutor of the faid Roger, tooke the rents &c. of the premifes yearely, and payed twe 
poundes a yeare vnto the fchoole mailer of the faid fchoole for the time being- 
cept only fome yeare or yeares before his death; who dyed in the yeare of our Lord Chr'fr 
one thoufand fix hundred twenty and fyve : and that Sir John Manwood knight fonne 
and heire of the faid fir Peter, imediatly from and after his the faid fir Peter's death 
fome others claiminge under him as leflee or leflees for a yearely rente payed vnto him 
have taken the rents, i flues or profits of the faid premiffes j and that there hath not beene 
payed or any waye fatisfyed vnto the faid governors or their fucceiTors or any of them or 
vnto the faid mailer Choi font fchoole mafter of the faid fchoole, the fumme of twenty pounds 
by the yeare yearely, for foe long time as that there is behind and vnpaid the fumme of 
two hundred and eight poundes, which was due and behind at the feaft of St, Michael 
laft paft, befides for the time ever fince; all whiche hath beene chiefely in the defaulte of 
the faid fir Peter and of the faid fir John. And the faid jury doe further fay vppon their 
oathes, and find, vppon fome viewe and confideracion of the matters touching the pre- 
mifies or a great part thereof, and vppon teftymony and depoficion of fome^wittnelTes 
which are yet lyvinge, others beinge dead, that the faid parcells of land called the hurfte 
and the harpe are woodland lyeinge in the faid parifh of Hackington in the faid county of 
Kent, and that the faid land called the hurfte doeth abutte or adioyne vnto certaine wood- 
land called thorneden towardes the northweft, and to certaine land there called hicks lees 
towards the fouth, and that there is a banke or dike at one end of the faid land called the 
hurfte ; and that the faid land called the harpe lyeth to the pafture land in the occupacion 
of Thomas Andrewcs towards the fowth, and to thorneden aforefaid towards the north, 
and that the faid land called the hurfte and the faid land called the harpe conteyne in all 
by cftymacion fix and twenty acres; and that the faid forftall lyeth in Hackington afore, 
faid, and conteyneth by cftymacion fix acres, and that a yard of grownd by eftymacion, 
fince the death of the faid Roger, hath been incroached owt of the faid forftall by the 



rroflb conteyneth by cftymacion twenty acres, and lyeth in the parifhe of Northgate afore- 
faid, wheicof ten acres is now in the occupacion of Robert Turner by the dcroifc of the 
find fir John Manwood, and lyeth betweene the citty of Canterbury and the pariih of 
JtuiTy in the faid county att or necre a place there called (hooting crofle, and necre a Hone 




comonly called mileftone, being betweene the faid citty and Slurry aforefaid; and 
thaTthe other parceil of land called fhootinge crofTe lyeth in the parifh of Northgatc next 

' e to the faid ten acres, and is now in the occupacion of John Runfeild leffee of 

f id fir I« hn Manwood, -whereof one parceil conteynetb by eftimacion five acres lycth 

th re towards the ryver, and the other parceil conteyninge by eftymacion five acres, nowe 

f ]ate fowed with barley, lyeth towards Sturry, and adioyneth to the faid ten acres in the 


: Hackineton towards a mill called fhaffbrds mill fowthe, and conteyneth by eftimacion 
fix acres and lyeth betweene twoe ryvers there, and now is or late was in the occupacion 
of Tames Hudfon, whoe hath claymed vnder the faid Sir John Manwood ; and that kings 
nieade lyeth in HackLngton towards cole harbor bridge there eft, and conteyneth by efty- 
znacion three acres ; and that ambrey meade lyeth betweene the faid ft Gregories meade 
and the faid kings meade towards the north, and conteyneth by eftimacion five acres; and 
that the faid ambrey meade and kings meade lye alfoe betweene the faid ryvers, and are or 
late weare in the occupacion of John Prickett and James Hudfon, who clayme the fame 
vnder the faid fir John Manwood. And the faid jury further fay, vppon their oathes, 
that they cannot finde any more of the premiffes. In wittnes wherof, wee comiffioners 
as aforefaid, and the jury aforefaid, haue herevnto fet our hands and feales. Dated the 
five and twentieth day of march, in the nynth yeare of the raigne of our foveraigne lord 
Charles, by the Grace of God &c. By vertue of a comiffion to vs and others directed 
and herevnto annexed, and vppon and by reafon of a prefentment and finding by a jury 
accordinge to the faid comiffion fett downe in writing vnder the handes and feales of the 
faid jury and of us the faid comiffioners, which prefentment is alfoe vnto the faid comiffion 
annexed, we the faid comiffioners doe order and decree, that the nowe mayor and jurattg 
of Sandwich, mencioned in the faid prefentment, fhall and may ymediatly from hence- 
forth enter into the meadow-land, pafture and woodland, called ambrey meade, &c. men- 
cioned in the faid prefentment, and take and have the rents, iflues and profits therof, and 
hould and enioy the fame, and alfoe mall hould and enioy the faid meadow-land, &c, 
vnto them the faid maior and jurats and their fucceflors forever, accordinge to the purport 
and intent of the deed of feoffment and grant made by Roger Manwood efquire, men- 
cioned in the faid prefentment, for the fuftcntacion and maintenance of the grammer 
fchoole mencioned in the faid prefentment; and that the faid maior and jurats fhall, with 
and out of the profits, rents and iflues of the faid mcadowe land, pafture land, woodland 
and forftall, pay vnto Chriftophcr Cholfont, mencioned in the faid prefentment, fchoole 
mafter of the (aid fchoole, the fumme of twoe hundred and eight powndes mencioned in the 
faid prefentment, and alfoe the fumme of forty pownda for damages in that the faid twoe 
hundred and eight pownds hath not hithcito beene paid. And wee the faid comiffioners 
doe further order and decree for the confidcracion aforefaid, that the faid ir\aior and jurats 
and their fucceflors /hall forever hereafter paye vnto the faid Chriflopher Cholfont, foe 
Jong as hee fhall rcmainc fchoole mafter of the faid fchoole, for the maintenance and Cuf*. 

li e ?, tcntaciopi 


ientacion of the faid fchoole, yeerely and every yeare, the fumme of twenty powndesby 
the yeere of currant money, and foQ likewife to him and them that fhalbe fchoole mafters 
of the faid fchoole from time to time forever the like fumme of twmty pownds by the 
yeare, towards the maintenance and fuftentacion of the faid fchoole, accordinge to the 
purport and intent of the ereccion of the faid fchoole, &c. In wittnes whereof wee the 
comiffioners aforefaid haue herevnto fett our handes and feales. Dated the five and twen- 
tieth day of march in the nynth yeare of the reigne of our foveraigne lord Charles, kc, 
Edward Boys. La. Lovelace. Edw. Hadde. Tho. Denne. William Watmer. Edm. 
Parbo. Prout4fl inquificione et decreto predifto plenius continetur. Vobis igitur prcci- 
pimus, firmiter iniungendo, quod omnia et ilngula in decreco predi£o.contenta ct fpecifi. 
cata, quatenus ad vos feu aliquem veftrum fpecSant vel pertinent, inviolabiliter fac 
pcrimpleatis et exequamini, ac fieri et exequi permittatis,- iuxta tenorem et veram intend- 
onem eiufdem decreti, fine impedimento aliquo vel interrupcione, fub pena quingentarurn 
librarum. Tefte meipfo apud Weftmonafteriurn, fexto die maii, anno regni noftri decimo. 

Cefar Ce, 

Abftra&ed from the original In the hands of the governours. 

An exemplificacion of a decree at the requeft of the mayor and juratts of Sandwich, 
Carolus, Dei gracia &c. Infpeximus irrotulamentum cuiufdam finalis judicii fiue de- 
creti, coram nobis in cancellaria noftra nuper fafti et redditi, ac in rotulis eiufdem can- 
celiarie noftre de recordo remanentis, in hec verba; Whereas &c. (reciting the decree of 
the commiffioners as in the preceding deed.) Unto which faid decree afterward, that is 
to fay, the fixeteenth day of June, in the tenth yeare of our faid foveraigne lord king 
Charles, the faid fir John Manwood knight, and dame Frances Manwood widdow, late 
wife of the faid fir Peter Manwood knight of the honorable order of the bathe, did exhi- 
bite into this moft honorable court diuers excepcions in wiiting; vnto which excepcions 
the faid major and jurats of Sandwich, in maintenance of the faid decree, exhibited into 
this moft honorable court their anfwears in writing; and therevpon a jointe commiiKon, 
for examinacion of witneiTes in the faid caufe, iflued fonh of this honorable court, which 
was afterwards retorned and duly publi/hed according to the rules of the fame court. 
Wherevpon afterward, that is to faie> on tuefday the nincth day of June, in the clcaveatu 
yeare of the raigne of our faid foveraigne lord &c. this caufe came to hearing before the 
light honorable the lord keeper of the great feale of England ; and after debating of the 
matter, in prcfencc of the councell learned on both fides, vpon the. excepcions put in by 
the faid fir John Manwood and dame Frances Manwood againft the fore/aid decree made 
by the forefaid commiilioncrs, his lordfhippe fawe noe caufe, vpon the faid excepcions, to 
alter the faid decree, as touching the two hundred eight pounds, arrearages of the faid 
twenty pounds per annum ifilicing out of the lands m qucflion vnto a fchooltmiircr, 
which were by dcede conveyed by the forefaid Roger Manwood eiejuire, after fir Kogcr 
Manwood, to the maior and jurats of Sandwich, for the fuftentacion and maintenance of a 

fixe grammcj fchoole, nor for the foitie pounds damages likewife decreed vnto Chriftophci 



Chalfont:, the now prefent fchoolemafter, for the forbearance of the (aid nioaie ; but, in fa- 
vour vnto the laid fir John Manwood, it is ordered and decreed by the lord honorable Tho- 
mas lord Coventry, lord keeper of the great feale of England, according vnto the power and 
authority given vnto his lordfhippe by the ftatute of quadragefimo tercio Elizabeth , that the 
faid two hundred and eight pounds arrearages, and the faid fortie pounds damages, fhalbe 
from henceforth paid by the faid fir John Manwood vnto the maior and jurats of Sandwich, 
en the behalfe of the faid fchoolemafter, by thirtie pounds per annum, over and above the 
faid tv/enty pounds per annum, the faid lands being now better worth then fiftie pounds per 
annum; the faid thirtie pounds per annum to be paid halfe yearely vntill the faid arreara- 
ges and damages fhalbe fullie fatisfied; the firft half yearely payment thereof to beginne 
at michaelmas next; and, in cafe the faid Chriftopher Chalfont (hall happen to die before 
2 1i the faid monie flialbe paid, then the fame remayning foe vnpaid at the time of his 
death fhalbe paid vnto his executors. But whereas, by the faid decree foe made by the 
faid commiifioners, the faid maior and jurats are to hould and enioye the faid lands &c. 
to them and their fuccefibrs for euer, according to the deed of feoffment made by the faid 
fir Roger Manwood, forafmuch as it appeared vnto his loidfhippe, that the faid fir Roger 
Manwood, in the eight day of november, in the fifte yeare of the late queene Elizabeth, 
made a Ieafe of the faid lands to one Edward Peake and William Cleybrooke, to hold 
from michaelmas then laft pafte for five hundred yeares, without ympeachment of wafte, 
vnder the faid yearlie rent of twentie pounds ; and about three yeares after made a feoff- 
en t of the freehouW vnto the faid maior and jurats; and afterwards the faid Peake 
and Cleybrooke did by their deed, in tercio decimo Elizabeth, afligne the faid leafe backe 
iigaine vnto the faid ftr Roger Manwood, his executors and aflignes; who by his will dif- 
poled of all his leafes in Kent, whereof the find Ieafe for five hundred yeares was one, 
vnto his heires for the time being who fhould have his houfe at ft Stephens, which is now 
the faid fir John Manwood, who is alfo administrator of the goods vnadminiftered of the 
faid fir Roger, who was his grandfather ; and the heires and affignes of the faid fir Roger 
have ever fince enioyed the faid leafe, and the fame is now in the poffeflion of the faid fir 
John Manwood or his tenants: It is therefore ordered and decreed, that the faid fir 
John Manwoood, notwithstanding the faid decree of the faid commiffioners, fhall 
hold and enioy the faid lands according to the (aid leafe; and leaft the faid leafe, 
being for a greate number of yeares, fhould at any time mifcarric, it is ordered, 
by the aflent of the faid maior and jurats being prefent in court, that the faid 
leafe flialbe enrolled; and lattly, as touching the arrearages of twenty pounds per 
annum incurred fince the faid decree made by the (aid commiffioners, forafmuch as 
it was alleaged that parte thereof was in the tenants hands, itt is ordered, that the faid 
tenants fhall pay unto the faid maior and jurats foe much thereof as is yet in their hands 
vnpaid to rleaie the fame, and the faid fir John Manwood fhall pay the refidue thereof, if 
, that which is in the tenants hands {hall not fulEcc ; and if there be any furplufa"c in the 


tenants hands of the faid arrearages incurred fince the decree, of the faid commiifioners 
more than will fttisfie the faid maior and jurats fince the faid decree of the faid coniniiili-. 



oners, it is ordered, that the fame be paid to the faid fir John Manwood or his 
afligns. Nos autem tenorem irrotulamenti decreti predifti, ad requifi c ; one 
Ricardi Scllwyn armtgeri, maioris di£te ville Sandwici, et Johaimis Phil ipott 
armigeri, ballivi eiufdem ville, necnon juraiorum villc predifte, duximusex- 
cmplificandum per prefcntes; In cuius rei teftimonium has literas noftras fieri 
fecimus patentee. Tefte meipfo apud Weftmonafterium vicefimo oftavo die 
novembris, anno regni noftri vndecirno. 

Cefar Cc 
From the original in the hand of the maior and jurats. 

g. The conveyance is loft, but the leafe for fix months, the better to enable 
the Ellwoods to convey, remains with the mayor and jurats properly executed, 
io. A common aflembly of the mayor, jurats and commonalty, 9 th aprii] 
1674. At the lame time this afiembly, having taken into confideration the 
great irregularity of Richard Culmer, who hath lately en tred the free gram- 
mer fchoole in this towne by force, and continues his polTeffion thereof by 
threats and menaces, as alfo that the faid fchoole and the well government 
thereof is of great concerne to the good and welfaire of this towne, doe make 
it their humble and earned defire to the maior and juratts, that they will vfe 
their vtmoft endeavour to repeale the force comitted as before, and to remove 
the faid Mr Culmer out of his poffeffion of the faid fchoole : and to that endQ 
that they may take advice of councell, or vfe fuch other 1 awful 1 meanes as they 
fhall thincke fitt, declareing the former qualification and deportment of the 
faid Air Culmpr ; whereby the vnfitneffe of the faid Mr Culmer for that place 
may be made knowne, And that the fame may the more effectually be done, 
it is now ordered, that all charges and expences in and about the fame be borne, 
paid and difcharged out of the treafury of the towne: and the treafurers are 
hereby ordered from time to time to pay and difchardge the fame. 

Sandwich records, vol. 8th. 
In Dei no- II. The xxjv lh daie of marche, anno domini J580, and in the xxij yere of 
mine amen- j raiene of our foueraigne ladie qucene Elizabeth, by the grace of God, 

Jtogerus Man- to ° l . 

wood miles, &c. Be yt knowen vuto all chrifteane people by theis prefente wrighting, 

fcTccalTi !lomi- tnat J whearas I Roger Manwood, of Hackington neare Canterburie in the 
ne rcginc E)i-countie of Kent, knight, lord cheife baron, heretofore haue erc&ed a free 
M ^ U gramar fchole in the towne and porte of Sandwich in the faid countieof Kent, 

perpetually to endure and remaine for the bringing vpp of yowth in vcrtewc 
and learnynge, for the better accomplyfhment of the fame I have apointcd cer- 
ten rules, ordynaunccs and ftatutcs to be obferved, as hcarafter doc followcj 

7. In primi?, I ordeinc, that the in after of the faid fchole, at evcrie avoidaunca 

^^m^!r!^ tom timc t0 tinie fringe ™y tyfe* *halbe at my apointcmentej and that, from 



to tvme at everie avoidaunce after my deatlie, the matter of the (aid fchole 

ftalbe from tyme to tyme chofen by the governours of the fchole*, viz. the 

ior and juratts of Sandwich for the tyme beinge, or by the more nomber of 

h m owte of Lyncolne colledge of Gxforde, yf meete perfones be prefented, 

jj n e t0 C erten wrightings in that behalfe; to which f maior and jurattes 

defcreacion I commyt the governaunce of my (aid fchole after my deathe, and 

thev to be therof governours. The fcholemafter to be well reported of, mailer 
of artes in degree yf it maie be convenience; alwaies forfene, that the fchole- 
mafter and vfsher teache the grammer for the time apointed by common awe- 
toritie or fhoiter grammers beinge not prohibited ; and that the fchole-m after 
be firfte allowed by the ordynarie, and by examynacion fownd meete bothe for 
his learnynge and difcreacion of teachinge, as alfo for his honeft converfacioa 
and righte vnderftandinge of Codes trewe religeon nowe fett fourth by publique 
awcthoritie; whervnto he fhall ftur and move his fchollers, and alfo fhall pre- 
fcribe vnto them fuche fentences of holy fcriptures as ibalbe mofte expedient 
to induce them to godlynesj. 

Item, I ordeine, that, after my death § the matter alwaies apointe and elecSte «• 

the vfsher as ofte as the place fhalbe void; whome fo apointed and prefented to f thevfthTr?* 
the governours they to admitt hym, not knowinge fufficient caufe to refufe 
hym; and after he be fo elected and admitted, not to be difplaced withowte 
the confente of the faid governours or the more parte of them||. 

Item I ordeine, that, of my proper landes by me given for maintenaunce of 3, 
the faid fchole, the fcholemafter yerlie for his fallarie or ftipende flaalbe paied Their wageifr 
xx !i .** and, of the lands and tenementes by me conveyed to the faid fchole 
according to the will of my late brother Thomas deceafed ft, the vfsher yerlie 
for his fallarie and ftipend fhalbe paied tenn powndes 5 and yf by any occafion 
the vfshers ftipend cannot fo arrife andbe levied, that the fame be fupplied of the 
rcntts of the landes and tenements given by the teftament of Thomas Thomp- 
fon deceafed: and after thofe twoe fallarics and ftypendes paied, the ouerplus 
of the rentes and profitts of all the faid landes and tenementes to be yerlie as 
an equall divident betwene the fcholemafter and vfsher, after all chardges of 
reparacions and otherwies towching the faid fchole-howfe, lands and tene- 

,J> With confent of mine heir for the time being of full age, Mr, Elfteds copy, 
t Which mayor and jurats I have niadu to be of the lands and pofleflions of my faid fchoo! 
owners and the governors. Ibid. 
t Good lines. Ibid, § When the granver fchollars fhall be above the number of forty, Ibid, 
|| And of mine heir for the time being of full age, Ibid, *** At lea ft. Ibid, 
ft And of the lands ami tenements given by the teftament of Thomas Thompfon deceafed (ho 
uflier for the time luinj; ihall \>c yearly paid ten pounds j and the overplus of the rents and profito 
oi all the lands and Uftwmt'Mb to be to the fchoo 1 111 after, after all charges of reparacions and oth^r* 

w&* touching the ithool-houfe, landu and tenements ncccflurily horn anil allowed, Ibid* 


mcnte* neeeffkrely borne and allowed: of which rcparaclons vewe from tv 
to tyme is to bs taken by the faid governoursj for doinge wherof i n f uc u 
wife that things decayenge male in tyme be repaired and things wantinge ma' 
be fupplicd and all damages forfeene, I ordeine, that twoe of thejuratts ever" 
yere, on the mundaie nexte after the feafte of St Mychadl tharchaunp-el! b 
chofen furveiours, and everie yere to vewe the fame twice for all dccaies and 
reparacions, and thervpon order from tyme to tyme to be taken. 
4- Item, I ordeine. that, of fuch fchollers as in the fame fchole ihalbe fawnU* 

fthoSr ° thofe that be children of the inhabitants of Sandwich to be frelie tawghte 

withowte any thing to be demanded or taken, but of benevolence fh a] be given 
at thend of everie quarter towardes buieng and providinge of fuch dictionaries 
and other bookes as fhalbe for common vfe of the fchollers : and the re fa of 
the forreine fchollers to be tawghte for fuch price and rate, as by the maioror 
his deputie and ij of thejuratts at the leafte and by the matter, from time to 
tyme vpon thadmiflion, fhalbe lymited vnto the matter, having refpefte to the 
childe and habilitie of his parentes : and, for fuch children as alreadie are 


placed in the fchole, the fame order vpon pervfinge is to be obferved. 
5. Item, I ordeine, that the matter and vfsher fhall contynewe and enioye their 

©nhemafte^ " owf " e and ^yP encls w, ^ h the g ar den and orchard adioyninge during theare lives 

not fufficientlie convided to haue neclecSed their office: and if it happen either 

of them to be fo convi&ed at any tyme, yet 1 will not that he beftraightwaies 
removed, but gently warned and admonifhed, by me whiles I live, and after 
my deathe, by the governors aforefaid or the more parte of themj and fo for 


* The fourth rule ftands thus in Mr ElftecTs copy. 

Item, becaufe upon experience found there be not fo many gram merfc hollers as do furnifli the 
fc hool-houfe, I do therefore ordain, that, from time to time when, fuflkient place in the fchool 

ho ufe is more than to fufHce the grammcr fchollers, then one convenient perfon that can write well 
/hall in the faid fchool houfc, about the u fliers end, in time of no ufficr being, teach fchoJers to 
read and write ; which perfon from time to time is to be placed by the mayor and jurats or the more 
part of them iu writing under their hands and feals, and mall during his teaching be paid of tht 
revennues of the faid fchool 4.H. yearly, and fuch gains as by his diligent teaching he can honcflly 
get -j and that, during fuch teaching, no other perfon fhall be permitted within any other place of 
Sandwich town to teach writing of latin or cnglifli, but only and for fuch time as he fliall be li- 
cenied by the mayor and jurats or more part of them in writing under their hands and feaJs. 
f The fifth rule hi Mr Elfted's copy. 

Item, I do ordain, that the matter and u/licr fliall continue during their Jives, iinleis upon one 
quarter's warning given by them they do depart, or unlcfs after warning and admonition for mif- 
•lemcanour or default given by me, whiJft I fliall live, in writing under iny hand and feal, J de- 
nounce him or them not to be meet there to continue j after which denunciation, he, being paid 
one quarter ftipeiid more than he has ferved for, fliall depart at fuch time as by my faid willing he 
iliall be limited \ and after my death, from time to time and for ever, the like order to be obfervee 

by warning and denunciation under the hands and feals of the mayor and jurats, or more part oi 
(hem, and oi' mine heire for the time being of full age. 

rome: a 


the fccond tyme; and then yf after the fecond admonicion he doe not amend, 
and dili*entlie followe his office and chardge in the fchole, I will that he foo 
offendino-e be vtterlie expulfed and amoved, and another to be received in his . 

nd that to be don, after my deathe, with all diligence by the faid 


Item, I ordeine, that the mafter and vfsher fhall neither of them beacomon *• 

gamefter, and haunter of taverns, nor by any extraordinarie or vnneceflarie t0 ] e /X^ S ; n n ^. 
expences in apparell or otherwies become an infamy to the fchool, and an eviJi mafter and the 


example/to the yonge 5 to.whome in all points they owghte to fhewe themfelves 
an example of honeft, contynente and godlie behavior. 

Item, I, defiringe the benefytt of the inhabitants of the faid towne of 7. 
Sandwich in bordinge of fchollers and otherwies, doe ordeine, that the mafter ri B n[ dInge °^ 
cf the faid gramer fchole fhall not take to boerde, dyet or lodge in his howfe 
or romes or otherwies aboue the nomber of twelve fchollers, and the vfsher not 
to take aboue the nomber of fixe fchollers, vnles yt fhall feeme conveniente to 
the faid governors that, vpon fome good occafion and confideracion, the faid 
mafter and vfsher maie have a more nomber at boerd and lodging with them. 

Item, yf it happen the mafter or vfsher to be vifited with a comon difleafe, g. 
as the agewe or any curable ficknes, I ordeine, that he fo vifited be tollerated The ma *"t ? 
for the time, and his ftipend allowed fully, fo that his office be furnifhed bynefs! ** 
his fufficient deputie. But yf, which GTod forbidd, they or any of them fhall 
fall into any infe&ive and incurable dyfeafe, fpecially thorowe their owen evill 
behavior, then I ordeine, that he fo infected be removed and putt awaie, and 
another be chofen in his rome. 

Item, if it happen the mafter or vfsher, after longe tyme fpente in the 9 . 
fchole, to waxe impotente, and throwgh age or other infirmities not liable to T]ltf IT,a(lc ** 

1 .1 . 11 1 1 . ^, _ or vfshers 

s im- 

endure the travell and labor neceflarie in the fchole, I ordeine, he be favor ablie potent 
borne withall, fo that his office be furnifhed by his fufliciente deputie, al- 
thoughe he himfelfe be not hable. 

Item, I ordeine, that the mafter and vfsher be at libertie cither to remainc SOk 
fingle or to marie, or to take priefthoode, fo he trowble not hymfelfe with any Mawfoge or 
benefice of cure or worldly bufinefs, in fuch wies that fhall hinder his office 110 "' 
and dilligcnt attendaunce in the fchole. 

Item, I ordeine, that, yf any contraverfie happen to arrife and growc be- , r . 
twene the mafter and the vfsher at any time, that then yt be referred to me the C0mraW«a 
fowndcr whiles I live, and after to the govcrnours of the faid fchole, and they ESTaS the 

to ftand to their order and dctermynacion vpon paine of depryvafion from thcir vl ' sl,cr# 

Item, I ordeine, that neither the mafter or vfsher withowte licenfe of the 
faid govcrnours abfent themfelves aboue xx* to dales In the ycre from the fchole, Abfaw of 

Q [r them Ijcitlie 

b nor xx tiu cities. 

7 3- . 




nor foe muche but vpon. good and vrgent caufe, and in that vacant tyme tK 
one to fupplie the others office, vpon fome good convenient allowaunr 
they can agree, - (0 as bothe ; at once maie not in any wies be abfente from th 

faid fchole. ' , 

* 1 - 

Item, yf yt happen to be fuche contagious ficknes, as the plague or f h 
like, that by cohfideracion of the" faid governours the teaching of the f 'A 
fchole for the tyme beinge mufte ceafe and not meete to contynewe yet ne 
theles I ordzine, that both the mafter and vfsher haue their ftipendes full 
paied, beinge allwaies in redines to teache fo fone as God ihall make fuch 
contagious ficknes ceafe. 

Death of the * Item > ' if ic ha PP e!l the mafl:er or the vl *sher to die at anytime in their office 
ttiafterorvfsherl ordeine, that their executors or affignes lhall receave fo muche money as f 

his or their fervice is accomptable to be dewe at the bower of his or the* 
deathes after the rate per diem, and in fuche cafe the rome to be fupplied with 
as muche convenient fpeed as maie be. And for that vacant tyme the furvivor 
to furnifhe the whole chardge, and to receave fo muche as for both is dewe at 
that tyme. 

TiJJmiflion ItC2n ' I ordei ' ne > none to be ta ^ghte in this fchole but that firfte the mafter 
$>f fcholjcrs. b e fpoken wirhall by his or their friends, and to be allowed by the mailers ad- 

miffion and by the maior or his deputie and twoe juratts at leafte, requiriiv 

b re 

that the mafter by cawfinge to be redd doe caufe his friendes to vnderftand 
fuche pointes of the ftatuts and ordinaunces as hearafter followeth, and he or 
they beinge willinge to obey the fame •> then the mafter fiiall admitt aney fuche 
fcholler, provided that every fcholler hearafter to be admitted be h able before 
his admiffion into the fchole to write competentlie and to reade perfect lie both 
cnglifhe and lattyne, and that the border doe vndertake, vnder the paine of 
fyve inarcks, that the fame fcholler fhalbe from tyme to tyme furnifhed with 
all neccfiaries meete for his learningey and that fuche fcholler fhall not be taken 
from the fchole vndet one monethes warninge, and not otherwiefe but by pub- 
lique oider in the prefence of the maior or his deputie and twoe of his bathe* 
ren, and fo openlie to take his leave, and further fhewinge fome probable caufe 
of his departure; and vpon proufe and trial! of aney fch oilers capacity, , after 
a convenient tyme beinge in the fchole and not fownd meete to learne, tofig- 
nifie the fame to his friends, and then, by aflcnt of the maior or his deputie 
and ij juratts at leafte, to remove him; and none to bf a fcholler thearc but he 
doe boerd within the towen, vale ft he doe lodge within one mile and a haulfc 
of the towen; and none to tarrie abouc fixe ycres in learninge there vvithovvto 
ireat cawfe all edged and allowed by the faid govcrnourrs for the tyme beinge ; 
and fuche as aired ie are placed in the fchole to atteinc writinge cohipciejitlie 

within one quarter of a ycrc nextc comminge, or ells 10. be removed till they 

can attain the Anne. Iicnjj 

;i U 



T m I will and ordeine, that in the faid towne of Sandwich none other 16. 
irrammcrfcholebetawghte: and farther, yf aney fcholler fhall departe owte rd XrtmL 
f this fchole withowte cawfe of ficknes and be tawghte in any other fchole, ture. 
h after fuche departure the fame fcholler fhall not be readmytted withowte 
f eciall concent of the mafter, and that vpon fuche cawfe as fhalbe allowed by 

the faid governours. 

7>*m T ordeine, that, yf the fchollers parenres be noe dwellers in the towns - *7- 

Of Sandwich aforefaid, then his freinds fhall not place him in any fuch howfe borders. 

be horded as the matter fhall fignefy to the parents that yt hathe ben and is 
lykelie to be an occation of fchollers' to followe ydlenes, gamynge and other 
vayne paftimes not befeminge fludentes. Therfore; to avoid al! fuche incon- 
venience not only the partie that taketh the fcholler or fchollers to boerd fhall 
faithfully prorriife to the mafter before his or their admiffion to keepe them con- 
tvnuallvfrom all vnthriftie paftimes and games in his houfe, and further to lett 
the mafter betimes haue informacion in cafe he khowe that they be lewdlie oc- 
cupied within or withowte his howfe," not in aney pointe boulftringe vp their 
eviil ; but alfo, yf aney fuche miforder or defaulte in the partie that taketh the 
fcholler to horde fhalbe fownde as the mafter fhall therof make compleint vnto 
the o-overnours, and then not reformed, then the faid partie to be fecluded from 
having aney fchollers- of this fchole to boerde; and the lyke dilligence to be 
vfed by fuche parents as mall dwell in Sandwich and haue their children fchol- 
lers in the faid fchole, vpon paine of fuche fchollers to be removed and put 
from the fchole. 

Item, 1 ordeine, that cverie fcholler at his firfte admiffion into this fchole lS * 

fhall paie vjd. yf his parentes be inhabiting 6 and the fcholler Iodginge in Sand- °° mme ?* 
wlch, and xijd. if his parentis be not inhabitinge or the fcholler not lodging 
theare, to the common boxej with which money the mailer at his difcreacion 
fhall provide neceffkrie bookes, as dictionaries or other, for the common vfe of 
the fchollers. 

Item, I ordeine, that as oftc as aney fcholler dothe abfente himfelfe from the J 9- 
fchole, having no occacion of ficknes, or fhalbe wantinge withowte leauc oftu**™ tl3ab - 
the mafter, he fhall, befydes his concccion at his rctourne, paie to the coni- 
.mon boxc for cverie daies ab fence a peney as the daics come to. 

Item, I ordeine, that the mafter kcape a rcgyflcr, and in the fame write the so. 
names and furname of everie fcholler and the claic of his entringe, which fli a 1 1 a (1 J^foio n rf ^ 
not bq on aney other daie but on the workinge tewfdaic of cverie week vfuidlyfcliolJcr-*. 
to kcape fchole, and not withowte conflate of the maior or his deputic and ij 
of the juratts firftc had and thearat prefente. And the faid mafter of the gram- 
mcr fchole ciierie yeie, the mundaie nexte after tlic feafl of s l . Mychacll th arch- 
angel), fhall at the faid fchole houfe yeld to the faid governours a trove 

O g % accoiiiptc 


accompte of all fuche fchollers as baue ben receaved into the faid fchole, anc } 
the names of fuche as haue departed thence ; and that a trcwe accompte be 
made and keapte therof, and in prefence of the faid governours fully anfwered 
to thufe of the fchole of all fuche admiffion money fo receaved to the common 
vfe of the faid fchole. 
ftJ * . Item, acknowledginge God to be thonly awthor of all knowledge and ver- 

;fc fcl)ok! m tewe, I ordeine, that the mailer and vfsher of this my fchole, or one of them 

at leafte, with their fchoJlers, at halfe hower before feaven of the clock, doe, 
jfirfte deuoutely kneling on their knees, praie to almightie God, according to 
the fourme by the matter prefcribed, on everie fchole daie. 
so* t Item, I ordeine, that, after praier, they bothe attend the fchole dilligentlie, 

a j V £|$f S in teachinge, reading and interpretinge, vntill xj of the clock of the forenoon, 

and not to departe withowte vrgent caufe, but in aney wiefe one to be prefent 

23* Item, I ordeine, that by one of the clock after dynner they bothe reforte 

* etorneafter e ftfones to the fchole, theare to attend the fchole till five of the clock at eve- 

■4*ynjitJ * 

ninge, or more, according to the tyme of the yere, at the difcreacion of the 
matter; and then devouteJy on their knees, to praie, in fourm by the matter to 

be prefcribed, 
*4- Item, I ordeine, that the matter and vfsher do vfually fpeak in the Jattyn 

kingef n ^ tonge to their fchollers that doe vnderftand the fame. 

*$* Item, I ordeine, that the matter, twiefe in one moneth at the leaile, exa- 

Examincng . thofe which be vnder the vfshers hand, to vnderftand howe they profyt 

the vishei's """ , - v •» 

pane, and goe forward in learnings 

26. Item, I ordeine, that the vfsher pra&ife and vfe fuche order and fourme in 

crdTrlnSteachinge as the matter ihall thinck good and prefcribe. 


, " Se * 17- Item, I ordeine, that the matter, or in his abfence the vfsher, fliall not give 

^Kemedie for remc( ]; e or j eave t0 p ] a ie aboue once in a week, vnlefTe the faid governours or 

fome honorable or worfhipfull perfon prcfent in the fchole houfc ihall rcquier 
the fame, fo as that farther lycence be but once a week, and not two dates to- 
gether, nor in any forenone, and not withowte fhewinge fome exercife of learn- 
ynge in prefence of hym that afketh the fame. 
18. Item, I ordeine, that all the fchoJlers vpon the fabbath daie and holy daies 

Reverent rc fort in dewc tyme to the fchole howfc, and from thence by ij and ij in order 

and vcrtuous „ . . , .« • 1 ■ o 1 * 1 1 • t? .~ 

manners fur to goe to devyne fervice in the ncxtc pariflie churchc u\ Sandwich whenn ling- 
cliuidie. j|^ lc f erv j cc i s vied, the inafter if he be theare going before them, and the 

vfsher if he be. theare after them, but one of them at the lcaft being prcfent to 
ovcrfee them ; and in like order to departe by ij and ij owtc of the churche when 

the matter or vfsher then prcfent fliall apointc them to departe. And on everie 



fetterdaie in the afternoone, before their going to church, the mafter and vfsher 

one of them with all the fchollers devoutlie on their knee?, the fchollers 
allowed*, to faie one prefcribed fourme of praier, wherin fhalbe made menciorv 
of the church, the realms fhe prince, the eftate of thetowne, and the foun- 
der and his pofteritie. And. I ordayne, that the mafter and vfsher duelie.everie 
niundare, or nexte fchole daie after the faboth dale, in the morning caul to re- 
coning ali fuch of the fchollers as ither abfent themfelves from fuch comminge 
4? the churche, or from being att the churche, or earn tarde to yt, or other- 
w ies vfe not themfelves reverentlie theare in prayer, everie of them having 22 
prayer booke in latyn or englifbe according to the mafter his apointemente, and 
in- that behalfe to vfe correccion as fhalbe conveniente; and that by the faii 
governours theare be appointed in the churche place convenient for the {aid 
fchollers to be together, and not aney other boyes or children to be theare 
emongeft them, to thend their fylence and other demeanor maie the better be 
feene vnto and reformed,. 

Item, confideringe that vertewe and knowledge by praife and reward is in 29. 
all eftates maynteined and encreafed and efpecially in yowthe, I ordeine, that, s .°! em P nee ** 
after my deathe, euerie yereonce, viz. the tewfdaie nexte after the feafte of s*. 
Mychaell. tharchaungell,. theare be kepte in the fchole difptitacions, vpon 
queftions provided by the mafter, from vrj. or viij of the clock in the forenone 
till jx or x of the clock followinge; at which difputacions,. I ordeine, that the 
mafter defier the parfons and vicars of the towne, with one or two other of 
knowledge or moe dwelling nighe,. to be prefent in the fchole if it pleafe them 
to here the fame The difputacion ended, to determine which three of the 
hole nomber of feuerall' fourmes haue done b eft by the judgements of the maf- 
ter and learned hearers: and I ordeine, that the fuft allowed haue a penn of 
fylver whole guilte of the price of ij s . vj d . the fecond a penn of filver parcell- 
guilte of the valcwe of ij s . the third a penn of fylver of xx {! . for their re ward es; 
and then I will that the hole companey order decent] ie by ij and ij vnto 
the parifhe churche of our ladie aforefaid, the iij victors to come lafte nexte 
to the mafter and vfsher, and ither of them having a garland on their hedes 
provided for the purpofc,. and in the church then and theare or ftand, 
in fome convenient place to be upomtcd by the difcreacion of the gouemoura 
and mafter of the fchole, and to- faie or fynge fomc convenient pfalme or 
himpne, with, a collet having, fome convenient rcmemberaunce and making 
mencion of the church, the realme, the prince, the towne and the fownder, 
as fhalbe apointed and devifed by the mafter. 

Item, eyerie abfence from churche or from fuch aflemblies,. and everie ujs* 
tcvercnt behavior at any time, to be fliarply puniflicdj and likewics honeftje ConStiaw, 




* Aloud,. 


and clcanlynes of lief, fpeaehe and manners, -and namelie lowlines and curte* 

fie, to be ftablifhed by a)! good meanes; pride, rybawdrie, lyeng, pyckin?e 

and blafphemynge to be fharplie punifhed. 

3T , Item, yt fhall not be lawful! for the matter or vfsher, or aney of their 

Spoilc at <Ie- f re jndcs, at going avvaie from their office to fpoile or take awaie with thrm 

aney fuchc thinge as ys or flialbe fett vp and fattened in their howfe or howfes 
or planted in their orchardes or gardeins, or as flock or ftore placed in the 
fchoole howfingc, but frelie to leave the fame with as good will as for their 
tyme they have enioyed thufe therof. 

Item, I ordeine, that the governours aforefaid fhall haue in their handes an 
Inventory, inventorie of all things that apcrteine vnto the fchole, be they bookes, or bed* 

dinge or other ymplementes, in the mafter or vfshers houfe, or in the fchole 
fo that at the departure they mate be ftaied and referved as aperteineth in that 

Item, for that digreflinge in order of teachinge according to the feuerallna- 
Form of teach- tures anc i difpoficions of everie fcnolemafter or vfsher maie P-reately hinder the 

jneanuexcrci- ...... a j 






ccs of learn- fchollers, and for that a convenient direccion ihenn of fome ordinal ic bookes 
;nge> to be red and fome exercifes to be vfed maie greately further the fchollers ; 

therfore J ordeine, that the fchole fhalbe devided into a convenient nomber of 
formes, fome to be taught by the mafter and thother by the vfsher, and as neare 
as fhalbe thoughte con veil yen t by the mafter for the tyme beinge j the bookes 
ajid order of teachinge hearafter mencioncd to be vfed, or fuche other as by 
common auithoritie, or ells by the fovvnder or archebyfshop for the tyme 
beinge, fhall be prefcribed. 

Of the vfshers formes, the firft fhall learne the accidence to the rules of con- 


The vfshers ftruccion, and be exercifed in declyningof nownes and verbes according to the 

fourm prefcribed in the preface to the quecnes grammer: the fecond fourm 
fhall learne the rules of conftruccion, and therwith haue Cato red vnto them, 
and be exercifed in making of latyne, and other lyke, by difcreacion: the 3 
forme fhall haue red vnto them fuche Jattinc catachifmc as fhalbe fctt fotutli 
by publtque aucthoritie, and the dialogs of Caftilio, and be cxci fifed in 
tourning of lattin into englifli and cnglifh into lattin, and other lyke, by 
m. The firft fourm in the maftcrs chardgc fhall haue redd vnto them Tcrrcncc, 

Xhcvimflcv t y xe epiftclls of Tulley cliofcn by Storing, and Apthonii pro^ymnafmata, and 

be exercifed in varicng of latinc and in praclifing thcxcrci/cs of Apthonius at 
tymes apointcd, and other lyke, by difcrcacion : the fecond fourmc fli.ill haue 
red to them Saluft, Tullis offices, with the rules of verfeficnge, and Vhgjlh 
eglogs, or fome cliafle poet, and fliall vfe thexercices of the firft fourme, with 

•doing the fame, and dyfputingc cxtempoic, and other lyke, by difcrcarion: 

l be 

2 3.1 

.fiVe third fourme fhall haue red to them Tullies oracions, Virgills eneidos, the 



'of Horace, and certen of his chafte odes chofen, and haue thexercices 

of the fecond forme, with making of verfes, and other lyke, by difcreacion. - 

Item I ordeine, that as manie of the rules following fhalbe obferved as by 36. 

difcreac'ion of the matter fhalbe from tyme to tyme thowghte meete, or other- mk^tLi^ 
\ y\ at his difcreacion ; that is to faie, everie Jetton lhalbe faid withowte book inge exercifes, 
and conftrued into englefh by everie fcholler reading that aucthor : the wordes • 
fhall firfi be englifhed feuerallie as the grammaticall conftruccion lieth, and 
afterwardes the hole fentence or lefTon reherfed in englefh as yt lieth together. 
In the pearcinge the teacher fhall not need more then to examyn "which fchol- 
ler he will, at adventure, vpon which wordes he will in the leflbn. The 
phrafes, fynanomies and elegances fhalbe chofen owte and apointed to the ichol- 
lers to write. Every mondaie the vfsher fhall deliver an englefhe of ij lynes to 
his fecond fourm, and of ten lynes to his third "fourm,, to be tr-an Hated into 
lattin at their vacant tymes againft thurfdaie afternoone. The matter fhall at 
and againft the fame tymes delyver to his fir ft form fome epyftell which he hath 
cnglifhed owte of Tulley ;• to the fecond fourm fome matter tranflated owte of 
Tulley, Cefar or Livie; to the third fourme fome queftion wherof themfelves 
fhall write mane proprio. Everie thurfdaie after dynner everie fchollers doings 
to be red, the faultes gentely fliewed, the tranflacion compared with the origi- 
. nail, and then, the children difmiffed to play at the difcreacion of the matter, 
not otherwies but as he find.eth deferte. In fuch thurfdaies doin^es, and all ^ .„ 
other exercifes, promptinge and helping one of another to be more punifhed of prcinpiingu.- 
then lack of well doingc, with rodd, fliame, rcflraint of plaie, or othewyfe. 
Everie fridaie or fatterdaie, or one of them, fhalbe fpent in rehcrfall of the 
learninge of that week neere fpent. The fchollers of the matter his formes,. 
for furnifhing of their declaracions, difputacions and other exercices, fhalbe 
cauled vpon to haue and read in private ftudie Livie, all good hiftorics; poctes; 
• boolccs of common places, fentenccs, apothegincs, and fuch lyke; and accord- 
ing to their well doingc to have the higheft places with other and 
privilcdges of favor, and in noe cafe aney refpefte thcrin flialbe had of. birth, 
welth, parcntcs or any thing but of profyting in learning: and at everie chrift- 
mas tyme, yf the matter do thinckc mete, to have one comedic or trngedie of 
chaile matter in latin to be plaied, the partes to bedevided to as many fchollers 
as male be, and to be learned at vacant tymes. And yf the matter for the time 
ilia!) not fee good to obferve the fourm or coirrfe of teachinge the boolces or 
awcLhojs before mencioncd, that ncvcrthclcfle he doe followe fom fuchc mat- 
ter of the fame as he fhall thincke expedient. And in myne opynion, during 
a ichollcis remayninge in the gramnier ttliolc, he fliould learne but a fewc 
bookes in lattin, and in greek corufnonduit to them, and not to be fuflcrcd to 



we irt marty awcthors* but that that fevve fiiould be learned matt pericolic 
and then he male after with better judgement reade as many as he lyfte. 
57. . Item, befides theis rules, ordinaunces and ftatutes by me lefte in a table 

ef "mfawSn hanging in the faid fchole, I ordeine, that theare (halbe truely written word 

for word ij coppies af the fame ordinances, thone to remaine in the handes of 
the governours aforefaid and thother in the handes of the m after of my fchole 
or at fuche time as the matter his place is vacant to remaine in the vfshers 
handes, (o tfvat they in each parte maie remember what aperteineth to their 
offices, chardge and dewtiesj and alfo, at the admiffion of any mafter and 
vfsher, they fhall promife before honeft wytnes for to kep and fe executed all 
fuch points as concern them, and their fchollers, to the vttermoft of their 
power during all the tyme that they remaine in that office, 
3 g. Item, that both the mafter and vfsher (ball endevor themfelves to the coiuy* 

Obrcrvadpn nua j| pro fytinge of all the fchollers of the faid gramer fchole, and of their 

'partes faithfully obferve and keepe all the points and articles within the fore* 
laid orders sonteyned, as by the fame orders therof made more plainly doth 
and maie appeare. 

39 . And fynally, if the faid raafier and vfsher (hall manifeftly and wilfully neg- 
" Co " teni P tof ]eae or 'break any of the faid orders, being therof twies folemplie admoniihed 

by the governours aforefaid, and not with ft and inge co.ntynewe the breache ther- 
of, that then y* lhalbe lawfull to the fame maior and moil parte of the juratts, 
governours aforefaid, firft having the. anient of the fownder whiles he lyveth, 
to expell and put owte the partie fo offendinge and to place another hable man 
in his rome or office. 

40, Provided allwaies, that, during the lyef of the founder yt (halbe lawfull for 
Ketoirnacjon ^ m t0 a( jj or a ] ter ever j e or an y f t ) ie ru les and ordinances before mencioned^ 

.or heaiafter to be mencioned, touching or concerning the faid fchole and other 
the premifTes or any parte .therof. And yf aney ambiguitie fhall Jiearafter arrifc 
for the trewe vnderftanding of any rule or ordinance touch irig the fchole, 

the intcrpretacion and conflruccion therof is to the fownder during his liefc 

.and after his death to thearchcbyfshopp of Canterburie foi the time berngeor* 

dinarie of jfae place- 

Per me predidfcum Rogcrum Manwood militem, capitalem baronem fcaccarii 
Regine, manu propria. 

Pagine tres, et carum quclibct propria fignata manu Rogeri Manwood. 
JSorte contcntus. Soli Deo honor et gloria. Vana falus horn in is. 

From the regifter of the fchool. 



Memorand. that the 24 th day of aprill, 1637, Mr. Andrew Gosfright maior of Saiid- 

. , j t |j e j ur ats his brethren, governours of the free-fchoole in Sandwich, mett to- 
fh r in the counfell chamber to take, view, and heare Mr John Web her ley his accepta- 
* and Ivcence read, graunted vnto him from the moil: reverend father in God William 

and ly 
1 d archbyfliopp of Cant. &c. to be mafter of the free gramcr fchole aforefaid ; which 

cceptacion and lycence came by omiffion of the tnaior and jurats, governours of the faid 
f eefchoole, to accept of the faid Mr Webberley according to elcccion and nomination 
made as by the faid acceptacion and licence hereafter written at large may appeare. 
Gulielmus, providentia diuina, Cantuar. archiepifcopus, totius Anglie primas et me- 
'tropolitanus, diledto nobis in Chrifto Johanni Webberley clerico, in artibus magiftro, ac 
collegii Lincoln, in accadermia Oxon. fociorum vni, falutem et gratiam. Cum, vacante 
nuper ludimagiftri officio fiue prasfedtura libere fcholze gramaticalis, ex fundacione bone 
memorise domini Rogeri Manwood militis defundtl, apud Sandwicum in com. Cantii 
noftraeque Cantuar. diocefis, per mortem naturalem Chriftoferi Chalfont vltimi precepto- 
ris fiue pedagogi eiufdem, cuftos fme rector et fcholares collegii predidii, (noticia de vaca- 
cione huiufmodi loci fiue ludimagiftri officii eis per maiorem et juratos oppidi et portus de 
Sandwico predidii, eiufdem liberas fchole gubernatores pro tempore exiftente, prius data 
et debite fignificata,) te prefatum Johannem Webberley, et Richardum Clarke facre the- 
ologian baccalaureum collegii predidti etiam focium, infra viginti dies poft datam noticiam, 
ad di&um officium ludimagiftri fiue, prefedturam libere fchole predi&e elegerunt, et per 
fcripturam gubernatoribus predictis diredtam nominarunt, vt alterurn veftrum Johannis 
Webberley fiue Richardi Clarke ad et in locum fiue officium predidtum intra viginti dies 
poft talem elediioncm et nominacionem acceptarent, iuxta tenorem cuiufdam indenture 
tripartita? penes regiftrum collegii Lincoln, predidti renianentis, gerentis datum tricefimo 
diejulii, anno decimo regni nuper fereniffime domine noftre Elizabeth regine, ad quam 
habeatur rclatio, plenius liquet et apparet. Iidem vero gubernatores talem acceptacionem 
alterius veftrum, provt tenentur, intra tempus limitatum facere omittentes fiue negligentes: 
idcirco nos, ob illorum omiflionem fiue negligentiam, jure ad nos rite diflbluto per inden- 
turam fuperius mencionatam, cleclioncm et nominacionem de perfona tui prefati Johannis 
Webberley ad et in locum fiue officium ludimagiftri libere fcholae gramaticalis predidtze, 

vt premittitur, fadtam aceeptamusj teque, de cuius fidelitatc, dodtrina et morum probi- 
tatc plurimum confidimus, preftito primitus per te juramento fupremitatjs rcgiae majeftatis 
juxta tcnorcnij vim, formam ct effedlum ftatuti parliament! in ca parte editi, ac fubferip- 

' -i . J 

lis per te tubus articulis in xxxvj capitulo libri canonum defcriptis, in ludiniagiftrum 
tiufdem libere fcholae tcnore prcfentium admittimus, ct cum omnibus juribus, membris, 
priuilegiis ct pertinenciis vniucrfis ad idem officium quomodolct fpedlantibus inveftiinuj, 
quaindiu tc bene et laudabiliter geileris: juribus noflris archirpifcopulibus Cantuar. 'nee- 
non ecclefie nbftra* cathedralis et metropolitice Chrifti Cant, dignitate et honorc, in om- 
nibus fempcr faluis. In cuius rci teftimonium figillum noftrum archiepifcopalc prcfenti- 


r I h 



bus apponi fecimus. Dat. decimo nono die menfis aprilis, anno Domini milleiimo (ex. 
ccntcfimo tricefimo feptimo, et noftre tran/Iacionis anno quarto. 

Willielmus Sherman regiftrarius. 
Licenfe given to Mr Clarke to go into the country. 

xj° marcii, 1638. 
Memorand. that, the day and yeare abouefaid, vpon requeft of Mr. Richard Clarke 
fchoole mafler of the freefchole in Sandwich, made in the guildhall of the fame towne to 
Salomon HufFam efq. maior, Mr William Wilfon, Mr Richard Selwin and Mr Stephen 
Impet, jurats, there prefent, governours of the laid fre^fchoole, licenfe is granted to the 
faid Mr Clarice to goe forth of the (aid towne about his efpeciall bufines and affaires 5 he 
hauing alreadie agreed with Mr Miller, re&or of S* Maries parifh, to teach his fchoilers 
after his owne method and forme during the whole time of his abfencej and the faid Mr 
Clarke did then and there offer and promife to the faid- governours that, if in his abfence 
he fhould happen to fall fick or be taken lame, or otherwife ftay longer then they fhould 
thinke fitting, he would be very well content they fhould putt any other in his place, and 
he to haue the whole ftipend and wages as himfelfe fhould haue and is allowed by 
the fame. 

Memorand. that, on fatterday the xxiij th day of march aforefayd, the fayd Mr Clarke 
did againe rcturne home. 

William Halfnod maior. 1640. 

Sandwich ff. Mem, that, on thurfday the nine and twentieth day of o&ober, anno 
Domini T640, in the fifteenth yeare of the reigne of our foveraigne Jord Charles now 
king of England, &c« Mr Richard Clarke, matter of the free grammer fchoole of Roger 
Manwood in this towne and port of Sandwich, died, whereby the fchoolemafters place of 
the faid free grammer fchoole became void ; of the vacancy whereof William Halfnod 
cfquier then maior of Sandwich aforefaid and the jurats his bretheren, governours of the 
faid fchoole, by their lettres, vnder the feale of the faid fchoole, beareing date the fecond 
day of november, anno Domini 1640, gave notice to the cuftos or redtor and fellowes of" 
Lincolne colledge Oxford, at the colledge houfe there, within twentie dayes next after 
the death of the faid Mr Clarke fchoolemafter there, according to certaine indentures ti\« 
partite betweene them in that behalfe amongft others made, the tenor of which lettre here 

To the right worfhipfull the re£ror and fellowes of Lincolne colledge Oxford prefent 

Right wojfliipfull. 

Forafmuch as it hath plcafcd God to take to his mercy Mr Richard Clarke, late fchoolc- 

mafter of the free grammer fchoole of Roger Mauwood here, who dyed upon thurifLy 

laft, wc therefore, as governours of the faid fchoole, according to indentures tripartite in 

this behalfe made doc hereby give you notice thereof, praycing you, according to your 



wonted ufe and power graunted by the faid indentures, to take courfe for the fpeedy and 
able fupply of the faid place; wherein not doubting of your love and care, we coramitt you 
to Gods facred proteccion, and reft 

your very loveing freinds the 
Sandwich, 2° novemb. 1640. maior and jurats of Sandwich. 

Stephen Impet maior. 
And although the re£or and fellowes of the faid colJedge vnder their common feale in 
writcing did not prefent vnto the faid maior and jurats, governours of the faid free gram- 
mer fchoole, at the faid fchoolehoufe within ?.o dayes next after the receipt of the faid go- 
vernours lettre, the names of two perfons fellowes of the faid collcdge, being able and 
meete to exercife the place, office and roome of the fchoolemafter of the faid free gram- 
mer fchoole, as by the faid indentures they ought; yet neverthelefTe the faid governours 
of the faid free grammer fchoole, not being willing to take any advantage of the lapfe 
and neglefl: of the faid re<2or and fellowes of the faid colledge for any fhort tyme, did ex* 
pe£t and awaite fuch nomination as aforefaid vntill the eleaventh day of december, 1640, 
which was by the fpace of nine and thirty dayes after the date of the faid governours let- 
tre, although they fhould have prefented as aforefaid in twenty dayes; but no lettre nor 
any anfwere comeing in all that tyme, and the faid governours being veiy vnwilling that 
the fchollers of the faid fchoole fhould be any longer neglefied, therefore they, videlicet, 
Stephen Impet then maior, William Willfon, Mathew Peke, George Wood, George 
Willfon, Henry Forftall, William Halfnod, Andrew Gosfright, Richard Sellwin, Ro- 
bert Michel!, Salomon Huffam and Hopeftill Tilden jurats, governours of the faid free 
grammer fchoole, by vertue of and according to the faid indentures tripartite, and certaine 
articles made by the faid Roger Man wood founder of the faid fchoole bearinge date the 
nine and twentieth day of marche, in the two and twentieth yeare of the reigne of our 
late foveraigne lady qucene Elizabeth, in default of the faid rector and fellowes of the faid 
colledge, the faid eleaventh day of december aforefaid in the counfcll chamber in the 
guildhall in Sandwich aforefaid, by moft voyces by pricking did ele£t and choofe James 
Smith, matter of arts and of good report, to be fchoolemafter of the faid fchoole, and to 
have, exercife and enioyc the place, office and roomc of fchoolemafter there • and, by their 
lettresof prefentacion vnder the feale of the faid fchoole, prefented him to the right reverend 
father in God William, by the divine providence lord archbifliop of Canterbury, primate 
of all England and metropolitan^ who approved and allowed of him, and admitted him 
thereunto, as by the faid prefentaccion and the archbifhops approbation vnder his feale of 
office more plaincly may appear© | the true copies of both which hereafter followc; 


The presentation. 
Guliclmo, divina providentia, archiepifcopo Cantuarienfi, totius Anglic primati et me- 
tropoluano, nos maior et jurati villc et port us de Sandwico in comitatu Kancie, guberna- 
tores libcrc fcholc gramaticalis Roger! Manwood in Sandwico picdifto, faluteni in Do- 

ll h 2 



inino fempiternam, Cum Ricardus Clarke, nuper magifter libere fchole gramaticalis pre. 
cliae, die jevi* 9 fcilicer, vicefimo nono die o£tobris ultimi preterit], mortem obiitj p et 
cujus mortem locus et officium magiftri libere fchole gramaticalis predicle vacare devenif 
in cujus locum et officium magiftri libere fchole gramaticalis predicle nos predict maioret 
jurati, guberna tores libere ichole gramaticalis predicle, virtute tam quarundam indentu- 
rarurn tnpartitarum, gerentium datam tricefimo die julii, anno regni fercniflime dom 


Elizabethe nuper rcgine Anglie decimo, quam (juorundam articulorum fa&orum per pre- 
fatum Roger urn Manwood, fundatorem libere fchole gramaticalis predicle, gerentium da- 
tam vicefimo nono die rnartii, pnno regni predicle fereniffime domine Elizabethe nuper re- 
gine Anglie vicefimo fecundo, vndecimo die inftantis menfis decembris, anno regni domi- 
jji noftri Carol i nunc regis Anglie, &c. decimo fexto, per maiorem numerum fuffragiorum 
inter nos clegimus Jacobum Smith, in artibus magiftrum et bone reputacionis, ad effen- 
dum magiftrum libere fchole gramatfcalis prediite, et ad exercendum locum et officium 
magiftri libere fchole gramaticalis predicle, et ad habendum ct gaudendum ftipendio ma- 
giftro libere fchole gramaticalis predicle debito, vna cum omnibus et fingulis aliis proii- 
cuis et comoditatibus eifdem loco et officio incidentibus. Vobis igitur humilime requiri- 
mus, quatenus hanc noftram eleccionem gratiam haberetis, et prediclum Jacobum Smith 
ad eflendum magiftrum libere fchole gramaticalis predicle, et ad exercendum locum et 
officium magiftri libere fchole gramaticalis predicle, admittere dignaretis. In cujus rei 
teftimonium nos maior ct jurati predicli, gubernatores libere fchole gramaticalis predicle, 
figillum noftrum fchole predicle prefentibus apponi fecimus. Datum apud Sandwicum 
prediclum quinto decimo die decembris, anno regni domini noftri Carol i nunc regis An- 
glie, &c. decimo fexto, annoque Domini 1640. 

The archbifhop's allowance* 

Gulielmus, providentia dlvina, &c. dileclo nobis in Chrifto Jacoho Smith in artibus 
magiftro falutem et gratiam. Ad inftfuendos, erudiendos et informandos quofcunquc 
pueros in Uteris gramaticalibus aliifque documentis licitis et honeftis, ac de jure, legibus, 
ftatutis ct inftitutionibus hujus incliti regni Anglie in ea parte permiffis et approbatis, in 
libera fchola gramaticali Rogeri Manwood in villa ct portu Sandwici In comitatu Kancie, 
juxta leges, ftatuta et inftitutiones in ea parte edita et provifa et non aliter, tibi, dc cujus 
iideiitate, literarum fcientia, confeientie puritate, morum probitateet diligentia plurimum 
confidimus, preftito primitus per te juramento de agnofcendo regiani fuprcmam potcftatem 

in caufis ccclefiafticis ct temporalibus, ac de rcnunciando, refutnndo et rccufando omni et 
omnimodc jurifdiccioni, poteftati, aucloritati et fuperioritati foraneis, juxta vim, forma m 
ct effect urn flatuti parliamcnti hujus incliti rcgni Anglic in ca parte cditi et provili, fub- 
Icriptifque per tc tribus ill is articulis defcriptis in tricefimo fexto capitulo libri canonum 
Jive confiitucionum cccleliafticarum, anno Domini milcfimo fexcentefimo quarto, rcgia 
nucloritate eel j t i et promulgati, licenciam et facultatcm noftras tcnorc prefentium conceit* 
rnus ct imnaitimur, per prefentes ad noftrum bcncplacitum tantumodo duuuuras. In cujus 

rei teftimonium figillum, quo in hac parte vtimur, prefentibus apponi fecimus. Datum 



, . # av0 die menfis decembris, anno Domini 1640, et noftre tranflationis anno 

' Tho. Eden furrogat. Wm. Sherman regiftrarius. 

The next day after the faid m r . Smith was ele&ed fchoolemafter as aforefaid, viz, the 

otb day of the faid month of december, the .governors of the faid fchoole received a let- 

tre from the re&or and fellowes of the faid colledge, wherein they excufed themfelvcs for 

not prefenting before, and laid the fault on m r Webberley and m r Edmund Houghton> as 
by their lettre, being without date, mote plainely appeareth ; the true coppie whereof as 
allfo of the anfwere thereunto hereafter followe, viz. 

To the worfhipfull their very loveing freinds the 
maior and jurats of Sandwich in Kent theis. 

Right worfhipfull, 

and our very good freinds. Upon the recipt of your lettre in november laft, whereby 
you certified us of the vacancie of your free gramer fchoole, we thereupon nominated two 
of our fellowes for that place m r John Webberley bachelour in divinity and Edmund 
Houghton matter of arts, of which we certified you by our lettres beareing date the 19 th 
of november; and haveing now fome grounds to conceive that we have beene abufed by 
the faid John Webberley and Edmund Houghton, and doe feare leaft, by their detaining 
of our lettres from you, you may receive fome prejudice allfoe, we have thought fitt by 
theife our lettres to acquaint you therewith, and doe further requeft you to certifie us 
whether any fuch our lettres have come vnto you, and, in cafe they have beene for fome 
finifter ends of theirs detayned, we allfo entreat to be certified what ufe or advantage hath 
beene made thereof, that it may appeare vnto us how you and we have beene both abufed. 

And, in cafe our former choyce have not beene prefented to you according to our firfl 
intention, we doe by theis our lettres now prefent and nominate unto you Nicholas North 
and Edmund Millar two matters of arts of our colledge, to make choyce of eyther of them 
as (hall feeme good vnto you: and t have the rather prefented vnto you the faid m r North, 
bycaufe he was formerly defired by you, and our good freind rn r Parbo now with God, 
and fome others of your towne, as allfo of late by his goqd wife m u Parbo, whome we 
have the rather gratified therein. 

We did allfo in our former lettres certifie you of the vacancy of a fchollcrs place in our 
colledge beionging to your choyce, which now againe we commend vnto your fupply, ac- 
cording to your compofition in that cafe provided: and thus, rcqucfling your fpedieft an- 
fwere, in much love we reft 

yours in all true aftc&ion the rector and fellowes 
of Lincolne colledge Oxon. 

Paul Hood re£lor. 

11. Kilbic. 

Daniel Hough 

Rob* Crofle, 

Tho. South, Right 


Right 'wdrfhipfuil, 

and our very loveing freinds. Yours without date we received the. 12 th of this prefcnt 
wherby you give us to vnderftand that by ours of- the fecond of november laft, which yoa 
received, we certified you of the vacancy of the fchoolemafters" place of the free grammer 
fchoole of Roger Manwood here by the death of m r Clarke late fchoolemafter there, and 
that thereupon by your lettres of the 19 th of november you nominated two fellowes of 
your collcdge for that place, namely, m r John Webberley Lachelor in divinity and Ed- 
mund Houghton matter- of arts 5 and allfo certified us of the vacancy of a fchollers place 
in your colledge belonging to our choyce. 

Now may it plcafe^you, we received no fuch lettres from you, though m r Webberley 
himfelfe was here in the inter? j, but expected your lettres and the names of two fellowes 
of your colledge fitt and ab 1 . to fupply that place vntill the 11 th 6$ this prefent month, 
which "wa^'al'motf 4.0 dayc after .you received ours, and then, in regard you nominated 
none unto us to fupply tha: place, we, according to the indentures tripartite, and certaine 
articles made by Roger Manwood founder of the faid fchoole, did make choyce of James 
Smith mafter of arts, a man well reported of and by examinacion found meete both for 
his learneing and difcrecion of teacheing, and allfo for his honeft converfacion and right 
vnderftanding of Gods true religion fett forth by publique authority, to be mafter of the 
faid fchoole, who is allfo admitted and allowed therevnto by the lord archbifhop of Can- 
terbury his grace* 

And we doe allfo hereby nominate vnto you John Boatman, a fcholler taught in the 
faid free grammer fchole, whofe parents are not conveniently able to find him at the vni- 
verfity, to fupply the faid vacant fchollers place in your colledge, according to compofi- 
tion in that cafe provided, who fhalbe fent vnto you as foone as his parents ability can fitt 
him with fuch things as are neceflary for him in fuch a place. And foe, with our hearti- 
eft love and beft refpeits, we reft 

your very loveing freinds, the maior 
and jurats of Sandwich, governors 

Sandwich, 2i°decemb. 1640. of the free grammer fchoole of 

Roger Manwood there. 

The day of the date of this lettre, videlicet, the one and twentieth day of december, 
1640, m r maior and his brethercn governors of the faid free grammer fchoole inverted the 
faid m r Smith into the faid place, office and roo me of fchoolemafter, and putt him in poi- 
feflion of the faid fchoole, and delivered him the keyes thereof, and allfo delivered to his 
care and cuftody all the bookes, goods, houfehold ftuffc, implements and vtenfills belong- 
ing to the faid fchoole, to be by him ufed occupyed and enjoyed by and durclng all the 
tyme that he continues fchoolemafter of the faid free grammer fchoole, and then to be de- 
livered upp againc fafc, undefaced and vnfpoyled to the governors of the faid fchoole, A 
true inventary of all which, taken before the faid maior and jurats on friday the eight day 

of January, 1640, in prcfcncc of the faid fchoolemafter, hereafter followed) j videlicet; 



la the firft chamber in the gallery, in a great fewer fold prefle. 

Inflitutio gramaticse Emanuel is Alvari. 

Richardi Croci introduftiones in rudimenta greca. 

Aefopus, grecolatin. 

Opus de fermone latino. 

Ortus vecabuiorum. 

Inftituttonum Hebraicarum liber. 

Siilpitii Verulani de generibus nominum liber. 

Opera Saluftiana* 

M. T, C. de inventione liber. 

Two parchment manufcripts. 

Orationes Francifci Philelfi. 

Progymnafmata Francifci Silvii* '..■ * 

Erafmi Rot. periphrafes in epift. Pauli apolioHt. 

Libri duo epiftolarum Francifci Philelfi. 

Ariftoteles de natura. ' 

Commentar. in libr. Ariftot. 

Prompterium parvurcn .' - .'-;,' 

Opus profodicum grsecum novum* 

Three greeke teftaments. 

JoJocus Badeus de ocT:o part, orationiSv 

Bucolica Baptift. Mantuar* 

A latine teftament. 

Libri duo-retor. ad Heren. 

Ifocrat, oration, greca?. 

Gram, graeca Gualteperii. 

A booke of fundry inftruments.. 

Two volumes of Tullies orations, 

Ariftotclis mcteorologica. 

De inventione ad Hcrcnn. 
Juvenal is fatyra. 

Erafm. dc conferibend. epiflolis. 
The gcnerall thcorique of teacheing. 
Apparatus hit. locution. 
M, T. C. cpiftolac familiarcs. 
Ceo. Bucan. pcriphrafis in pfalmos. 
Erafm, colloquia. 
Cefars comentaries, 
Dc officiis liber, 

Ovidii mctamorphofis, 
Ovidii epiftolac. 

I * 

f w 

f 4 t 



Juftini hiftoria. 
Donati minoris libri duo. 
Catalogus vocum latinarum; 
Dorpius in s. Pauli epiftolas. 
Martini Crufii nomenclator. 


A great and fmall Virgil. 


4 » 

Tullies familiar epiftles. 
Riders dictionary. 
A booke of Erafmus. 
Two ferulas. 

All theis bookes except two or three are very much, torne arid fpoyled by the negligent 
care that former fchoolemafters took of them. 

The houfehold fluffe belonging to the fchoole hereafter followeth. 

In the hall belonging to the fchoolcmafter . 
Imprimis, one firre bedfteddle with curtaines and vallanfe. One wainfcott preffe. One 
paire of andirons with three brafle knobbs a peece. Two wainfcott chayres. One great 
defke. One fmall chift. One court cupboard and a cupboard cloth to it. Two wood* 
den fhutts for windowes. One fafe cupboard. 

In the kitchin. 

Three fhelves. One drefier board. 

In the buttery. 
Fower fhelves. One drefTer board. Two hanging fhelves. One flilling.. 

In the befi chamber. 
One wainfcott bedfteddle. One woodden fhutt for a windowe. 

In the fourth chamber. 
Two fhelves. One woodden fhutt for a windowe. Two treflells. 

In the little chamber. 
One old bedfteddle. Two old fhelves. One woodden fhutt for a windowe. 

In the gallery. 

One chift. 

In the roomes belonging to the vfher. 

In the little chamber* 

Two fhelves. 

In the ftudy belowe. 

Six fhelves. One old chift. 

In the parlour. 

One fir re fettle. 


241 . 

In the common fchoole. 
One firepann. One pair of tongs. One pair of bellowes. A copie of the orders in 



Stephen Impet maior^ 

Mathew Peke I g°vernours of the free 

Hopeftill Tilden J S ramer fchole aforefaid. 

James Smyth fchoolemafler. 

After which inventary taken as aforefaid, namely the fixtenth day of January aforefaid, 
the aovernours of the faid free grammer fchoole received a lettre from the redtor and fel- 
lowes of Lincolne colledge Oxford, wherein they complained how hardly and vnkindly 
the governours had dealt with them by takeing advantage for the lapfe of a few dayes, the 
true copie whearof as allfo of the anfwere thereunto hereafter followe; videlicet- 


To the worfliipfull their very loveing freinds the 
maior and jurats of the towne of Sandwich in Kent give theis. 

and our very good freinds. Had you knowne how defirous we were to fupply you with 
an able and fitt man for your fchbol em after there, we prefume you would not have made 
fo fuddaine advantage of our vnwilling and vnwonted ftay, . We received your lcttres on 
the eight of november, and we prefented our choyce unto you on the ig th of the fame 
month : that faileing by the jugling of one of our owne focietie with us, {oe foone as we 

had notice thereof we comended our fecond choyce of m r North vnto you with all fpeedc, 
whoome we conceived would have beene a man evecy way pleafeing vnto you, and this 
came vnto your hands on the iT th of december followeing, and how hardly and vnkindly 
did you deale with us to take your advantage on us for the lapfe of foe few dayes. 

Which fince you have done, we defire to knowe by what warrant or authority you have 
made your eleccion,-, If in cafe of our lapfe of tyme there be any power given to you to 
elect or any prov!fion made in your indentures for the fame; if not, in cafe you (land 
upon fuch ftricl termes with us, we muft intrcatc you to give us leave to try in whome 
the right now lyes; tut if the election be devolved to you we fliall the willinglicr fubmitt 

vnto it, onely defire you to confult your indentures in this point, and give us a faire 
anfwere thereof. 

And in cafe you think it mccte to (land upon your owne priviledge herein, we hope you 
will give us the like leave to prefer ve ours in the-choyce of the fcholleifhipp now void ; 
which however we have pardoned you at clivers tymes, yet now you have taught us to re- 
tonic your owne meafure vnto you, and to fpnrc you the labour of fending any other now 
vnto us, fince it is not fufficicnt for you to nominate a fcholler, but to preiVnt him in 
per f on vnto us, and fubmitt him to examination, within twenty dayes; which tyme being 
iapfd, we fliall not layle to fupply the place, and Rill continue 

I i 




This 29 th of december, 1640 

your truely loveing and allured 

freinds, the rector and fellowcsof 
Lincoln colledge Oxon. 

Paul Hood rector. 

Rj. Kilbie fubrector. 

Daniel Hous;h. 

Richard dial font. 

Thomas South, 

Right worfhipfull, 

The governors anfwere. 

and our very loveing freinds* The 16 th of this prefent we received yours of the 29 th of 
December la ft, wherein although you tax us with hard and vnlcind dealeing with you in 
takeing advantage for the Japfe of a few dayes to elect a fchoolemafterof the free gram- 
mer fchoole here, yet we are perfwaded that when you have read out theife few lines you 
will have a better opinion of us. 

Our lettres of the vacancy of the place you fay you received the 8 th of november, and 
by yours of the 19 th of the fame month, which we never received, did nominate vnto us 

y and Mr Houghton, to fupply the 

place. Afterwards in that month Mi 



the fpace of a weeke or thereabouts, but in all that tyme did not acquaint us with what 
you had done^ nor fliewed us your lettres; but in lieu thereof lett fall fpeeches to others, 
that you would not prefent or nominate any to us to fupply that place, but would leave 
it wholly to our care and choyce, and that none of your colledge would accept of it, if 
m T North did not: whereof we being informed did imediately confult our indentures, as 
you now defire we fliould, and certaine articles made long after the faid indentures by the 
founder of the faid fchoole; by which laft we found that, if you according to the faid in- 
dentures prefented not in twenty dayes after notice, the election devolved to us; and if 
we made no choyce in twenty dayes next after the determination of your tyme, that then 
the election devolved to the archbifhop of Canterbury, the fca being full, otherwife to the 
dean; and if theare was no deane, then to the archdeacon of Canterbury. Yet never- 
rheJTe not being dciirous to take any advantage againft you for lapfe of a few dayes, wc 
determined and accordingly flayed till the fourtieth day after the date of our full lettres to 
you, expecting your nominacion; but not hearcing any thing from you, we were verily 
perfwaded that what m r Webberley had uttered had beetle trueth, and that he had received 
it from you, and that you were fully determined to leave the cleccion of a fchoolemafter 
of this grammer fchoole to our care and choyce. 

And as for m r North, he had becne as acceptable to us as any other and before another, 
and wc had purpofed to have made choyce of him and had chofen him for fchool em after 
here, but that his father told one of us that his fonnc was minded another way and re- 
garded not this place 5 and therefore uponfriday the eleaventh day of deccmber laft, winch 



laras the 40 th day from the date of our firft Iettres, we made choyce of m' Smith to be 
fchoolemafter of the faid fchoole, as formerly we certified you, by ca?ife we would not let 
the choyce devolve eyther upon the archbifhop, deane, or archdeacon of Canterbury, and 
foe both you and we be deprived of the eleccion. And this is the whole tiueth of al! our 


proceedings, and the reafon why we cleaed that day and not before, and why we flayed 
longer: and we are verily perfwaded that if it had beene your cafe, as it was ours, you 
uld have done as we did; and therefore we are confident that your difcreacion is fuch 
that, when you have weighed the trueth of the cafe in the ballance of your equal! judge- 
ments, you will not take our accions ill or be difpleafed with us for docing of it ; for be 
you affured that if we had receive & ; your letterflthat day before our eleccion, as we re- 
ceived them the next day after 9 which was the 12^ of December and not before, wefhould 
have given you that refpefl; and have exprelfed pur loveing^edtions foe farre towards you* 

uld have laid .afide all thoughfe'oT^ii.t ;owne elec^i^ v and made c 

that we would 

whome you nominated. 

♦ * t 


\\ ' 

t . '\ 

choyce of one 

* -, ► 

And as toucheing the fchollers place, If for our lapfe of nofc, pier fon ally prcfentlng you 
fcholler in twenty dayes after notice, as we corifefle we oughV to have done, vou will 

m « * *. 1 . « - * 

fupply the place 


you v/ill not againft ours: butyfet we hope better* for ou; cafe and yours are not alike* 
for in ours, for your and our lapfe the archbifhop, * deane or archdeacon' of Canterbury 




v „ and m? Clarke, all fcboolemafters of your nominacion, 
and yet not fufficiently enough inftru<3ed in the greeke tougue, as m r Smith whome we 
eleded for fchoolemafter iiiformes usj which, next' after his parents inability, was caufe 
of his not perfonall prefenting, though the a very towardly and hopeful! youth. 
And therefore we hope that theis our lettres will give you fuch fatisfaccion that you will 
admitt of him at carter next, about which tyme his parents wilbe able to fett him forth - 

and hereunto we defire your anfwere. * 

Thus you fee how faircly and freely we have dealt with you in vnfolding the whole 
trueth of our proceedings, and therefore we hope that your wifedomc is fuch that you will 
not hearken to any that for their unifier ends defire to doe ill offices by kindling the fire of 
contentions or difference betwixt us, but that our wonted and defired peace and amitv 
may for ever rcmaine and continue; ia hope whereof we committ you to Gods facred 
proteccion, and for our parts will allwaycs continue 

Sandwich, i6 jan. 1640. 

your very loveijig frcinds, 

the maior and juratts Of Sandwich, 

governors of the free grainmer 

fchooJe there. 



The governours feal 


This feal, which is of filvcr, is kept with the corporation fcals, and is lodged in % 
/hallow cell cut in a final] round piece of oak, at the back of which is marked with a pen, 
j march 1566. 

2 45 

Of the BENEFACTORS to the School 

IR Roger Manwood, the founder of this fchool, was born in 
Sandwich in the year 1525; and received the fir ft rudiments of his 
education in a fchool there belonging to Thomas Ellis's chantry*. 
His father, Thomas Manwood, was a draper^ in the fame town, " a 
" goodly and pleafant gentleman, and one that was had in good 
" account in Sandwich/' His grandfather, Roger Manwood, was 


born near Chichefter, in the territory of Manwood J: he was mayor of 
Sandwich in the years 1517 and 1526; one of the barons in parliament 
for that town 1523 s and a fupporter of the canopy at the coronation 
of queen Ann Boleyn on the ift of June, 1533+. Sir Roger applied 
himfelf to the ftudy of the law 5 and probably became early eminent 

in his profeffion; for at the age of thirty-eight, while yet a barrifter, 

he began the eftablifhment of his freefchool in Sandwich, and three 
years afterwards endowed it liberally. He was made a fergeant on 
the 23d of april, 1567, and a juftice of the common pleas the 14th 
of oftober, 1572. On the 17th of november, 1578, he was created 
a knight, and the fame day appointed chief baron of the exchequer §. 
He appears at this time to have been in great favor with the queen and 
her minifters, and he obtained many valuable grants and favors from 
the crown both for himfelf and others* In 1575, he was named in a 
commiflion to enquire of piracies ||: and in the 18th and 27th of Eli- 
zabeth he procured a6ls of parliament for the reparation of Rocheftcr 
bridge, by which funds were eftablifhed by the perpetual maintenance 


* Hollinfhed. -|< Corporation papers. j A manufcript in my poflcflion, which 

I fliall in future quote under this title S. MS, for Sandwich manufcript. § His nionu* 
vienU || A MS, of m v Lewis in the hands of EJw d Jacob efq TC . 


of that ftructure 


was fteward of the liberties to the archbifhoo 
of Canterbury at tne time of his preferment to the common pleas f. 
He was chofen to reprefent the town of Sandwich in parliament in the 

years 1555, i$S7> l SS9> l S° 2 > '57 1 and *57 2 i and amidft all his 
greatnefs retained and iliewed a prediie&ion for the place of his nati- 
vity, and for the cinque ports in general. He permitted the corpora- 
tion of Sandwich to confult him on all occafions, and rendered the 
town many fervices in the way of his profeffion, and otherwife. He 
was one of the ports counfellers while he was a fergeant, and conti- 
nued their principal advifer with an annual falary of three pounds even 
after he attained his higheft preferment^:. His chief refidence was at 
Hackington, alias st Stephen's, near Canterbury. He obtained from 
the crown the grant of a manfion houfe there, which had formerly 
belonged to the archdeacons of Canterbury ■, in which he lived, dif- 
penfing comfort to all the poor around him, efpeciaily to thofe of his 

own parifli. -He 


alms-boufes for paupers, and a feventh building for the clerk of the 

a cloifter in 1583, and a conduit in 1590, 



paid for the new- carting of two more. In confideration of the fmall 
and infufficient income of the vicars of Hackington, he fur rendered 
his Jeafe of the parfonage to the archdeacon, in 15S8, and procured 
the great tithes to be fettled on the vicars for ever, they paying to the • 
archdeacon an annual referved rent of ten pounds §, Sir Roger had 

two wives. 




London. She died the 14th of feptember, 1575, and was buried in 

the church of s l Gregory London. By her he had three fons, and 


* Hiftory of Rochefter. Magna Britannia, Kent. 

|- S lrypc's life of archbifliop 


X Corporation papers. 

§ MS volume by Richard Crooke gent belonging 

|o the parifli of Hackington 




Sable, two pallets or. 

O ft a iltual coronet a lion's head gardant or, 

t < ft t 

Elizabeth Archer—Robert or John, :r Margaret Martin, 


s. p. 

I « + 

Roger. ~Chriftian rrEliz. Netherfole. 

d, about 1534. I 

Thomas. —Catherine Gallaway. 

d. 1538. ) 1566, 


1 . * 

Joanna. ^Nicholas Peke. 


Four more children. 

I x 545* *557- *# " ~'~' ~ ' ' I I 
John. = Alice Jones widow. nAgnes Arras, rz Catherine Broughe. Sir Roger kn r . —Dorothy Allen widow. rrEliz. Wilkins widow. Thomas, 

d. 1571. 


b. 1525. 
d. 1592. 


Ann.:=Sir Perci^al Harte kn*. Margaret. =r Sir John Levefon kn r . Sir Peter. — Frances Harte. Thomas. John. 
d. 16:15.. J d. 1628. both died young. 





I i 6i 5' » || 1627. II I I HI 

Roger. —Mary Darcy. Thomas. Sir John ktf.z^Levina Ogle. zz Cornelia Mefniam, Jerome. EMz.nSir Thomas Walfingham kit*. Dorothy, =: Sir William Barnes. Frances. § 

d. 1613. d.1653. d« 164.1. d.1651. • Thomas. §§ 

A John, — Alice Jones. =:"Agnes Arras. —Catherine Broughe. 
Mayor 1555, 1559. I f i 




b, 1546. 

Ann Finch. Philippa. John. Roger. =:Margaret Hales Joan. Catherine. John. Alice. 


1548. 1549. 
1550. 1590. 

of Reculver. 

l SS l 



Roger. = Mercy Cantalupe 

b. 1584, 

of Stodmarlh. 

Peter. : 
b, 1612, 


Philadelphia Franklyn, 

John, Catherine, 
1585. 1586, 



d. young. 


*5§9' *557 

Will. Mailer. 

I 1582. " [ 

Catherine. r: John Smith Sufan.=-Barth. Paramor Dorothy. ~z Francis Iden Jofhua. Peter. 

J562. of Norbourn 1564. of Worth. 1566. of Sandwich 1568, 1565. 

gent, gent. 


Anna. —Robert Lee* 


B Thomas. :n 

Julian Guilbart. 


. d. 1566. 


1 * 




b. 1550. 



d, 1550. 








•| Daughter of John Archer of Sandwich gent. 
mayor 1517, 1526. In his will proved 1514 
ports) arms, one of a* George, and the Ian will 
Suflcx. •*• Of Sandwicu, draper. •»■* 

I Second da, of 'i'ho. bid Parcy, n/tcrwardii ml Rivcia. 

gent. f f Of Suflex. •[ Daughter of John Martin, a judge, by Ann da. and heir of John Butler of Oraveney by the da. and heir of Frngnall. If Of Sandwich diaper 4 born near Chiehcftcr In Suflex 5 jurat of Sandwich 1 1-1 4 * 
he defircg to be burled in c* Lawrence chancel in our lady church Sandwich, where wife L'hrilriau lielh ; to have a (tone with ('iijtraviriga on copper of himktf between hi;, two wives and of his fix children 5 4 fcutcheoiu of copper, two with the 
th tlie token of death J which (lone U now in the chancel of si Maiy's deprived of the plates: mentions his fon Thomas, and daughter Joan wile of Nic f > l'ekr. .|. Da, of John Netherfole of Netherfole Kent. .| J A monk of liaiilr, 

Da. of John Callaway of Clare in Norf. cfq. * Of Sandwich, gent. ** Of Paver/ham, wid. •]* Of Lullimjfion, Kent. *M» Of llawlingc, Kent. «J* Knight of the bath. -^ Da, of Sit Geo. Harte of Lulling™. 

§ Died 1G51 

§^ Died iOjj 

O Married iii'tcnvarda to Thowai Hajrdrcs. B Mayor 1564, j 56 6, J569. «• JuiatuJ Sandwich, 

— r . 

^ i 





two daughters. Ann was married to fir Percival Harte of LuIIingfton 
in Kent; and Margaret to fir John Levefon of Hallinge in the fame 
county. Peter the eldeft fon furvived his father. Thomas and 


died young. 

married Elizabeth Wilkin 

of John Wilkins of Stoke parfonage, and daughter of mr John Co- 
pinger of Alhallows near Rochefterj by whom he had no ifTue*. Sir 
Roger wrote De legibus foreftae, a work of reputation, which was 

UV.CUoA in t rnS flffrpr Vtin Ae*<ii\t \n ^,, .„..(-„ . j.— J 1 "_ l . o 

quarto 4- 

A fac 

fimile of his writing is given in the annexed plate. 

Sir Roger died on the 14th of december, 1 592 > and was interred 
in the parifh church of Hackington, in a vault^ccupying the whole 
length and breadth of the fouth ile. An expenfive monument was 
erecled over him j on which is a carved reprefentation of him in his 
robes of office, with fmall figures of his firft wife and her children on 

his right hand, and of his fecond wife on his left. 


his bnft is a tablet of black marble thus infcribed. 

Omnia terrena per vices funt aliena; 

To the right of 


Nunc mea, nunc hujus, et poftea nefcio cujus. 

Virtute duce, comite induftria. 

Sorte contentus. 

habilis dubia difcernere, autoritate pub 

unicuique fuum tribuere. 

Jullitia eft anin 


Refpublica eft mater divitiarum cujuslibet. 
Sandwici fcholam fundavit et dotavit pro pueritia. 
Hackingtoniae domus elemofmarum fecit 

et dotavit pro feneclute. 


* My account of fir Roger's family and connexions is taken from Stow's London, p. 
4» ; h«ld,c books , inferiptions on the coffins in the vault at s< Stephen's, and L 
#**• 1 Ducat us Lcodicnfis. 



On the left of his figure is a correfpondent tablet with the follow. 

ing lines. 

Cam tumulurn cernis, cur non mortalia fpernis? 
Tali namque domo remanebit quilibet homo. 



Inclines oculum, me confpice marmore preffum ; 

O vir fum fpeculum, mortis imago, tuum, 
Nunc flens profpicitoj flans ora, faepe memento ; 

Magnificam vitam mors inopina rapit. 
Ante fui judex, jam judicis ante tribunal 

Refpondens paveo, judicor ipfe modo. 
Tranfit lux:, ubi lex, ubi laus, mea fama, filefcunt 5 

Imo vix nomen, vox femiviva, fonat. . * 
Non fum qui fueram, viduata caro fepelitur j 

Ac prius a£la male mens renovanda luit. 
Nam poft, came mea, dotatus luce fuperna 

Cernere, fpero Deum te falutare meum. 

Vivit poft funera virtus. 

On a black marble table under his buft. 

In judicio non eft perfonarum refpe£his. 




xxiii aprilis, 1567, ferviens ad legem. 

xiiii o&obris, 1572, jufticiarius de banco. 

xvii novembris, 1578, miles, et capitalis baro fcaccarii. 

Difce mori mundo, vivere difce Deo. 
Obiit xiiii die decembris, anno Domini J 592. 

Sir Roger's monument was repaired, in 1690, at the exnence of 
about three pounds by Richard Crookc gent, of Hackington : and 
by his perfuafion, in 1692, the mayor and jurats of Sandwich, 
fergeant Thurbarnc, m r Richard Hawker town-cleric, and m r Timothy 



Thomas the fchoolmafter of fir Roger's fchool, and others, fubfcribed 

John Manwood 



beins yearly, to keep his grandfather's tomb, and his firft wife's mo- 
nument, very clean and in good reparation*. 

HolHnftied gives a fhort account of fir Roger Manwood, and of his 
fchool at Sandwich; to which he fubjoins the following lines. 



Conjuge felicior tarn en es, quae nata Copinger 

Egregia eft fummo foemina digna viroj 
Quae viduata thoro Wilkins, conjun&aque Manwood, 

Conjugibus conjux eft fociata binis. 
Richard Boyle, the great earl of Cork, entered into the fervice of 
fir Roger Manwood when he was chief baron of the exchequer; and 
it is not* improbable that fir Roger was inftrurnental to his wonderful 



part of his fathers large eftate. He was fherif 


coronation, in 1603, He was chofen a member for Sandwich in the 
years 1588, 1593 and 1597. He married Frances daughter of fir 
George Hart of Lullingftone in Kent, who furvived her hufband, and 
died 1638. Sir Peter died in 1625, leaving a numerous iffue. He was 
eminently learned and a patron of literary men. He is mentioned 
with great refpe£t by Camden, and he was a living member of the 
fociety of antiquaries in 1617, when they applied for a charter |. He 
and his lady were both liberal benefactors to the parifh of Hacking- 
ton §> In J615, he made an afilgnment of the lcaies of certain lands, 


* Croolcc's MS. f Biograpli. Brit. Article, Boyle Rich-ird. f Archncologia, 

vol. i* Introduction p. xxj. § Crooke's MS. 

K k 



among which are the marfti and (alts over againft the freefchool 
Sandwich, ambry mead, kings mead, &c. to fundry perfons, in truft 
to pay feveral benefactions and annuities limited by the will of fi r 
Roger Manwood to charitable ufes; likewife annuities to Peter Man- 
wood gent, and his wife, Jofliua Manwood gent. William Boys efq. 
Margaret the wife of George Boys gent, and others. After determi- 
nation of the truft the faid leafes to be aiTigned to Roger Manwood 
efq. fon and heir of fir Peter, and his heirs male*. Which Roger mar- 
ried Mary, fecond daughter of Thomas lord Darcy afterward earl 
Rivers ; and fir Peter, on the 2d of may 16 15, made a fettlement of 
fundry eftates to come to their ufe after his deceafef. Sir John Man- 
wood, the fecond fon of fir Peter, was one of the gentlemen to his 
majefty's privy chamber, lieutenant governour of Dover caftle in 1639, 
and a member for Sandwich in 1640. He married firft Levina daugh- 



of Dort in Holland. About 1637, he 
fold the eftate at st Stephens to colonel fir Thomas Colepeper, and 
feems to have refided a good deal in Holland after his fecond marriage 
and the fale of the eftate. He died in 1653, and was buried at st Ste- 
phen's. Thomas, another fon of fir Peter, died abroad about 161 3. 


name of Philarete, in his Shepherd's pipe publifhed 16 14. Sir Peter 
had four daughters, of whom Elizabeth was married to fir Thomas 
Walfingham. Dorothy became the wife of fir William Barnes of 
Woolwich. Bowes and Frances died unmarried, the latter at Antwerp. 
The arms of Manwood were, Sable, two pallets or; on a chief of 
the fecond a demi-lion iffuant rampant of the firft. Creft, on a ducal 

coronet a lion's head gardant or. 


* A copy of this alignment is in the corporation cheft. f Crookc's MS. Among 
other particulars arc a mefliiage called the kings lodging, another called the caftle ol flint, 
five acres of pafhtre near and without Winfborow gate in the occupation of John Boat- 
man; all in Sandwich. 





ried with herhufband and his former wife at st Leonard's Fofterlanej 
over whom a graveftone was thus infcribed on brafs. 

When the bels be merely roung, 

And the maffe devoutly foung, 

And the meate merely eaten, 
Then fall Robert Trappis his wyfFs and his chyldren quite be forgettcn. 

Wherefore Jefu that of Mary fproung 

Set theyr foulys the faynts amoung. 

Though it be vndefervyd on their fyde, 

Yet good Lord let them evermore thy mercy abyde. 

And, of your cheritie, 

For their fouls fay a pater nofter and an aue. 
On labels from their mouths. 

Sanfra Trinitas unus Deus miferere nobis, 
Et ancillis tuis fperantibus in te. 
O mater Dei memento mei. 


Jefu mercy, Lady help-j~. 
Edmund Parbo efq. whofe handfome legacy to the fchool has 
fome means been loft, was defcended from the Parbo's of Chefhire'. 
He lived firft at Staples Inn, Middlefex, and afterwards came to Sand- 
wich, and there married firft Abigail Gibbs, and afterwards Elizabeth 
Richardfon, both of Sandwich. By the latter he had a fon Edmund, 
an attorney, and one daughter Elizabeth, who was married to captain 
John Boys. Mr. Parbo died in 1640, poffeffed of feveral eftates in and 
about Sandwich;};. 


* See p. p. 200, 202. | Wcevcr, Fun. Mon. p. 179, 180. 

:|. Bcqucfts in his will. To the parities of s' Peter and Eaftry, each 40s. ofs 1 Mary, 
*' Clement and Winfborow each 20s. To the harbinge of s' Johns hofpital Sandwich 
40 elis of canvas at i 4 .d. Twenty pounds towards the building of s< Peters ftecplc, at 
40s. per month after the work is taken in hand. Ten pounds towards the the new pipes 




The arms of Parbo are, Vert, feme de lis and fretty or, a chi 


Thomas Thompfon, mentioned at. page 206, who died in 
was a jurat of Sandwich, and by his will gave fome lands and tene- 
ments to the freefchool, as is clear from what is faid at page 222- b * 
nothing now remains to the fchool, that could have come fromhin 
except perhaps the piece of ground near galliots bridge. This eftate 
could fcarcely ever have rendered to the fchool a neat rent of eight 
pounds, as mentioned by fir Roger in his will, unlcfs there were then 

malthoufes ftanding 011 the premifTesj which, from the filiation near 

the delf, was probably the cafe. 

The following extrads from Strype's life of archbifhop Parker* will 
£hew how warmly that good prelate engaged himfelf with fir Roger, 
and how ufeful he was, in the cftablifhment of the freefchool. 

e During 

from the fpring head at Winiborow to the two conduits, to be paid within one month 
after the water fhall come fluently from the conduits. To the companies of mercers 
linen and woollen drapers, and taylors xois, to be put out to two poor young beginners 
by 5U each for 4 years, upon fecurity. To each of the three parifhes in Sandwich ioIs 
for flock of coals. To the governours of the fchool as at p. 204., 205. To every maid 
fervant 20s, and to his men fervants jls apiece. To his grandchild and godfon Edmund 
Boys his great falver fait and his fix-fquare filver trencher fait belonging to it, two filver 
cans, one filver beer bowl, with five marks of arms engraved thereon, his gold ring with 
feal of arms on it, a filver fugar box with the cover, and his fix beft filver fpoons without 
knobs, one featherbed, two feather bolfters, two pillows, two blankets, a tapeflry cover- 
let in the hall chamber, two pair of bed flieets, two ditto middle fort, four pair of pil- 
lowbeds, one long damafk tablecloth, a dozen and a half of damafk napkins, two Hol- 
land tablecloths, two dozen of Holland napkins, fix belt Turkey cufhions, a carved da- 
malic chuft, a cypius defk, one dozen of pewter dirties, one iron dripplngpan, a bright 
brafs pot. To his faid godfon and to his grandchild Nicholas Boys all his books, to be 
equally divided between them, except what his wife fhall chufe, and fuch as he hath lint 
and given to Lincoln college Oxford, and to the freefchool of Sandwich. To m r Lovcl 
for preaching his funeral fermon 20s, and as much yearly for an anniverfaty fermon 
while m T Lovel continues. Ail his cftatcs in Eaftry, Sandwich &c. to his wife for her 
life, then to his daughter Boys for life, then to her fons Edmund and Nicholas, zwi h 
failure of their male iflue to George Parbo, his nephew, in fee 
Book zd. ch. xv, p. rjS, J 39* 



< Darin?: the archbifhop's flay at Canterbury, he became the inftru- 
c ent f founding a freefchool at Sandwich, The townfmen were 
t we j] difpofed to build it at their charge j and the dean and chapter of 
« Canterbury, by our archbifhop's particular felicitation, were willing 

rant an acre of ground belonging to their church, whereon to 

to gi 

„d it: and m r Man wood, he who was afterward fir Roger Manwood 

< lord chief baron of the exchequer, being born in the town, and 
( taught in a fchool there belonging to a chauntry, which with the 
c c hauntry was diffolved, was fully determined to give to that founda- 
c tion twenty pounds per annum in perpetuum of his own pofieffions 

< prefently: and his lands were ready for afTurancej and nothing was 

< wanting but the queen's licenfe to the town of Sandwich, and to the 
c dean and chapter for their alienation or to make a leafe in fee-farm 

< of the faid piece of land. Whereupon our archbifhop, having 
' brought matters to this ripenefs, on the 27th day of the month of 
c auguft (1563) difpatched his letters to his friend the fecretary, who 
c was never wanting in fuch good works, to obtain fuch a licenfe from 
4 her majefty : urging to him the opportunity ; which being fuch, he 
* doubted not of the queen's majefty's good and gracious affent : as he 
c learned by the experience of a former fuit, which he had made to her 
c in a thing of the like nature, namely, for the recovery of the fchool- 
1 matter's ftipend at Stoke college, whereof he had formerly been dean. 
c He took notice alio of the good zeal of Manwood in this buiineiS- 
" confidcring, as he faid, how perfons of his vocation, that is towards 
cc the law, were commonly judged rather to employ all their abilities 

to their own pofterities, than to fuch common refpe£lsj and that 
he, being not without iffue and daily like to have more, might have 
followed the common example in leaving the gains of his time to 
his offspring. Therefore, he faid, he wifhed his purpofe were fa- 
voured, both for example to others, and alfo to put away the com- 
mon judgment which ran upon fuch as were of his calling. He 
added, that he took it to be a motion of God; in confideration that 











" we poor bimops be not now able to fucceed our predecelTors in their 
" fo liberal foundations." And to fignify that now, fmce the fleecing 
e of the clergy, it was incumbent upon fecular perfons of wealth 
' and intereft to promote fuch charitable foundations, he ufed thefe 
' words to the fecretary ; " Now you, fuch as you be, and as mr Man- 
<< wood is, muft lay hands to the furtherance of fuch publick endow. 
" ments, or elfe ye be not like to leave to your fuccelTors that which 


" ye have received of your anceitors." 

« And this was not all our pious archbifhop did for the furtherin 
' this good defign; but to take a view of the ground and Situation, as 
« well as for other good caufes, he rode on funday morning from his 
« houfe at Bekefbourn to Sandwich, which was about 5 or 6 miles, 
* and got thither by feven o'clock : that by coming fo foon he might 
4 prevent their formalities of receiving him, and partly to be prefent 
« at their whole fervice. But notwithstanding, the townfmen pre- 
' vented him: for tho* that morning were very foul and rainy, yet he 
« found the maior and his jurats ready at the town gate to accompany 
« him to his lodging, and fo to the church : of whom he gave this 

< character to a friend at court, " That they were men of honeft civi- 
cc lity and of comely grave perfonages, and of good understanding j 
" and that their Streets were clean as might be for the ftraitnefs of 

them j that their fervice was fung in good diftinft harmony and 
quiet devotion; that the Singing men were the maior and the jurats 
" with the head men of the town, placed in the quire far and diftant, 
" in as good order as he could wifli." The archbifhop himfelf then 
1 preached before an auditory great and attentive: and, in fum, to 

< their credit he faid .of them, " That he faw not but the queen's raa- 
" jefry would have of them good fubjects and true orators." 

< Thus being here according to his function, he enquired diligently 
' into the behaviour of the inhabitants, as likewife of the ftrangcrs 

< who had fled hither for the fake of the gofpel from foreign parts, 

« whether French or Dutch or both, and had here fettled thcmfclves. 

' Of 




Of thefe alfo he took notice, and found them, as he wrote to the 
fame friend at court, very godly on the fabbath day, and bufy in their 
k on a week days and their quietnefs fuch, as the maior and his 
brctheren had no eaufe of variance between themfelves coming before 
them. Our archbifhop indeed was a friend to all Arrangers that fled 
hither, if they were truly pious and fober. " Profitable and 




gentle grangers," they are his own words, ct ought to be welcome, 

and not be grudged at" 

i And for diforders there reforrnable by ecclefiaftical laws, he had 
before his corning here deputed their minifter, a grave learned man, 
to exercife by his grace's authority ecclefiaftical cenfures, as he fliould 
fee caufe; of which little had been fpied. The finding things in this 
good ftate in this outward corner of his dioces created much joy 
to him y which he did communicate unto the fecretary, as he faid, 
that he might be the willinger to help them in this affair of the 
fchool ; and in fo doing he ufed thefe moving words to him, Merce- 
dem report abis a Domino in refurreftione juftorum; i.e. You fhali 
receive your reward from the Lord at the refurre&ion of the juft/ 

Archbifhop Parker appears to have had a perfonal regard for fir 
Roger Manwood, and he teftified it by this remembrance of him in his 
will. Do et lego magiftro juftitiario Rogero 
lidos et 4 denarios*. 


Man wood 

* Strype. Battcly. 

S I 11 





I.592. 12 december. 

N the name of God. Amen. I Roger Manwood knight, lord cheife 
baron of thexchequer, being of good memory and healthe of bodye, thanks 
to God, calling to minde the moft uncertaine frail tye of this life, for good 
difpofitione of fuche landes, tenementes, j;oodes and cattells as God hath lente 
me to be ftewarde of in this life, and to be the more quietly enjoyed after my 
death by thpfe to whome the fame then (hall appertaine, doe by thefe prefents 
make and declare this my lafte will and teftament, in forme followinge. Firft J 
bequeath my foule unto allmightieGod, fullye truflinge, by the meritte of the 
paffione and death of Jefus CJhrifte myne only redeemer and favioure, that I 
fhall as one of the nomber of his elecle enjoye eternall lyfe, and my body to 
to the earthe with expeditione and withowte vain pomp to be buried in the 
parrifhe church of Hackingtone neere Canterburie, where my cheife manfyon 
howfe of St Stephens is, in the fowthe ifle by me there newe builtc, and neere 
unto the tombe which I have alfoe newe made there ; and no doale for pub- 


licke reforte of vagrante or idle poor, nor any other prefence to be invited nor 

expected but my wyfe, children and familye, or purchance fome other kinf- 

folkes, ncighbourcs of neere dwellers of theire owne accorde. Item, I will, 

Six panflies. that, on the fyfteenth day after my buriall, there flial be diftributed to the 

poore of the pari flies of Hackington, St Dunftones, Harblcdowne, Weftgate, 
Bleane, and Sturry, at theire fcverall dwellinge howfes, the fommc of twentic 
pownde, either in money or bread, or otherwyfe as the more parte of myne 
executors flial 1 thincke moft convenient by conference with fuche of the mi- 
niflers, churchwardens or collectors for the poore of the fame fix. parrifhes ; 
and uppon fightc of the names of fuch poore there as ufuaUyc doe recevc the 
pariflies alines. This to be done quietlye, infteede of troublous and difordcrcd 
doales ufuallye to be domic att the dayes of burialls amongeftc nonibcrs of 
4.0I. for pro- people diforderlye flockinge and aflemblingc from fundryc pariflies and places, 
ijiwmol a anc j ^ irr f rom theire owne dwellinge. And within one yeerc after my deaihc, 

flock. a . J \ J 

for poore to be fett on woikc in the fame fixe pariflies I will for tye powndes in 
money for provifionc of wooll, hemp, flax, iron, or other fluffc moft incete 

for contynuance o( iettinge in work the poor from idlcncfsj the fame to be 



A JVered in money or ware, by fuche porcions, to the handes of the collector* 

f the poore of every of the fame parifhes, as the more parte of myne execu- 

fhall thioke meete. -And every year, for feaven years nexte after my 

i u on the feconde fundaye before michaelmas day one fermon by a learned 

to be made in the pariftie churche of Hackington, and on the fundaye 

ext before michaelmas daye one other fermon to be made by one learned man 

- t ^ e p ai ifh chutche of s* Maries in Sandwich; and in every of the fame fer- 

mons amongfte other things, fome note or mentione to be made of the frayltye 

and vain deli^htes of this worlde, and what greate travaile and care mankinde 

dothe ufe to take for provifione of this lyfe, which is momentarie and uncer- 

taine and howe little care for provicion to lyfe eternall, which is for ever cer- 

taine and therefore meete for every man to walke worthelie in that vocation 

wherein he is placed, with a contented mind, daylie in the feare of God re- 

fpectinge how many be in the world in povertie and of lefs habillitie then him* 

felfe, with dailye thanks to God for the fame; and to doe as he woulde be 

donne unto, which is the befte rule amongeft men in this lyfe: and, neere the 

ende of the fermon, to wi(he good contynuance and fuccefs to the fchoole at 


Sandwich and to the almefhowfes at Hackington by me founded and endowed 
for the comon welth : and after fermon ended the preacher to have thirteen 
(hillings four pence, and his dinner with fome of myne executors or heir: and 
the poore there to have in bread diftributed twentie {hillings. And I will, 
that over and above myne exprefle debtes or duties by recorde or writingc 
owinge by me att tyme of my death, which be recoverable by courfeof comou 
lawe, all fuche other debtes and duties which uppon demande and examiuacioa 
thereof (hall by myne executors or more parte of them be thoughte true and 
meete to be paid or recompenced in all or in parte, as they woulde doe if it 
weare theire own cafe, fhall be dulye paid and recompenced, as they (hall think 
meete in their conferences. Item, I will to every of my waytingc men fcr- 
vants in howfholde takinge wages, befides their wages then due, twentie fhil- 
lings, and a black coate readye made; and to every of my women fervants, 
befides their wages, thirteene (hillings fower pence ; and to every of my clerkes, 
not receiving wages, a black gowne readye made, and fortyc (hillings in money, 
fuche as will be at my buriall ; and to every retayner man fer.vante cominge to 
my buriall a black coate readye made, and five (hillings. And I give to every 
of Fiances cooke and Ncdd of the ftable, that have ferved me above feaven 
yearcs, fowcr markes yearly cluringe lyfe; and to John Fyfhcr eighte pounds 
yccrcly j and to Frances and John my chambcrleincs three powndes yecrely in 
like manner; and to my cofin Peter Manwood and his brother Jofua fcvcrallie 
tenn powndes yecrlye duringe lives, at the twoe mode ufuall feaftes ; and for 
deiaulte of payment to diftrcyne in any of my landcs : and to every of fo many 

L 1 poore 

2 "58 

poore menu and women as at my death and yeeres of age fhal be, to be prefente 
at my buriall, a gowne of good courfe, ftronge cloath, to weare at my burisdl, 
readye made for them by apointmente of myne executors or more parte of rhem. 
Item, I will that as many of my fervantes in howfholde as will tarye with 
my wyfte or fonne at s* Stevens, and will by dire&ione of myne executors or 
more parte of them ufe themfelves in honefte and dutyful] manner, fhall, by 
the fpace of one whole yeere after my death, have meate and drinck and lodg- 
ing and their former wages and other allowances, as they had before my death: 
to°thentent that, withowte any occafione of neceffitie or fodaine departure oute 
of fervis, theye maye (in that one years fpace) provide for themfelves elfewhere, 
as they fhall thinke good: unlefs they will be retained to tarye there longer 
tyme. Jt£M, to m r archdeacon f I give the black horfe hearc which he late 
gave to me. And, for fome remembrance, [ give to every of my, wyffe, my 
fonne Peter and his wyffe, my fonne Harte and his wyffe, my daughter Anne, 
my fonnes in lawe fir John Levefon and Robert Honnywood *, my cofins John 
Boys, Edward Peake and Stephen Teobald, one ringe of golde worth fower 
markes, with myne armes and this infcripcion or circumfcripcion of wordes 
and letters, mori mihi lucrum. R. M. And concerninge the children of 
my brother John deceafed, I have paiede and augmented theire fathers porcion 
with eighte hundred powndes, as enfueth, viz. To his widdowe fowerfcore 
powndes; to his daughter Katherin nowe Smyth fowerfcore pownde; to his 
daughter Suzan now Parramor fyftie pownde, and a leafe of my lande worthc 
thirtie pownde; to his daughter Dorathic nowe Ideh fyftie pownde; to his 
daughter Anne now Lee fyftie pownd; to his fonne Peter fyftie pownde $ 
and to his fonne Jofua fyftie pownde, which was for him putt in the handes 
of cozin John Smyth and nowe to me ; and to my brother John's eldefl: fonne 
Thomas merchaunte fourfcore pownde; and to his feconde fonne Roger, the 
furvivinge executor of my brother John, to. ridd him oute of great debt that 
he became in for his faide brother Thomas, twoe hundred thyrtie pownde, re- 
fidue of the faid eighte bandied pownde; all which I procured by a leafe of 
Lidcourt from parfon Ro!f, which, and fome other extraordinary helpes from 
mc, I knowe to be a large benevolence towardes them : and now all the daugh- 
ters be reafonablye well mancd, the furvivinge fonnes convenyentlye to live. 
Item, 1 bequeath to every of my daughter Manwood and my daughter Harte, 
att their churchingc daye after my death of every childe then livinge and by 
theire nowe hufbandes, twentic powndes j and to my wefbcloved wyffe, bciides 
her yearly livinge hereafter mentioned, I will all the howfhold ftuffc, juclls 
and plate, which flic broughtc at her mariage, and more, that which fythence 
by nay privytie is apointed to be wornc and ufed by her and remayninge in my 


| Archdeacon William Redman. 

* The ion in law of fir Roger by marriage with Dorothy Crookc his Aril wife's daughter. 


howfe at great s' Bartholmews London, to be trewlie declared uppon her oathe 
before more parte of the reft: of myne executors, other then the great tapiftrie 
hangings apointed for the great dyning chamber and for myne own lodging? 
chamber at great s l Bartholmews, and the great Turkifh carpett, and great 
velvett cufhiones im.broydered with myne armes. And fhee neverthelefle to 
have the ufe and occupyinge of the fame, and of the howfholdeftuffe at Shorne, 
/be longe as fhee liveth my widowe : and to her alfoe the twoe coachhorfes, and 
eighte other of my geldings in the opinione of more parte of myne executors 
thoughte meete for her, together with faddles, pillions and bridells, and other fur- 
niture meet for the fame : and all the ftockes of fheep, kyne and other cattle 
neere about the value of three hundred pownde, in the handes of her nephew 
Raphe Copinger fermor at Stoke: and over that to her five hundred marks in 
money, to be payde one rnoitie within twoe moneths after my death and the 
refte within twelve moneths. All which moveable goods to her abfolutely 
given, I know, are better worth then one thouzande powndes s which with 
five hundred powndes by yeere and better in lyvinge, as hereafter is mencioned, 
I trufte, wilbe accompted a good porcion for my wyfFe, and to her good con' 
tentacon. Item, I give to (Q. the daughter of) my late daughter Levefon 
one thowfand markes of lawfull money, to be paide at her age of feaventeene 
yeers, and manage with confent of her father, yf he fhall then be livinge, or 
elfe of fuche as he (hall in that behalf litnitt ;to give confent ; which," with 
one other thowzande marks by the covenants of her father unto me he is to 
paye, wilbe for her a convenient porcion: and I will that her father, my 
fonne in lawe fir John Levefon, fhall within one yeere nexte after my death be 
paide for his lifters fixe hundred pownde, being all the moneye to be due by 
my covenante to him : fo as he be firfte bounde to my fonne Peter by recog- 
nizance in double the fomme to paye his fyflers the fame in due tymes, ac- 
cordinge to their fathers teftament, and thereof to fave harmles myne hejre and 
executors, and uppon twentie powndes paide will afligne over to my cofins 
Peter and Jofua Manwood his leafe gratis from me of Wingham Barton, with 
fuch benefitt of overplus rents as he hath. And I will that myne executors or 
more parte of them, after inventorye taken of all my plate and other goodes 
and money at and about s< Stephens, Seafalter and Shorne in Kente, and s c 
Bartholmews and Serjeants Inn London, fhall deliver to my wyffe all fuch 
plate and goodes, as by this my teftament or lafte will be lymitted for her, to 
have as her own, and fuche ftuffc as fhc is lymitted to have the ufe of, takinge 
bondc fufficient for redcliucry of that, whereof fhee is to have butt the ufe up- 
pon roquefte after her death, in faffe condicion, execpte the rcafonahlc wcar- 
mge thereof, as of her owne; and alfoe fliall affigne and deliver unto her as 
much of my ownc plate as fhee will icquefte to have the ufe of, and as the 

LI 2 



more parte of myne executors fhall thinke meete, uppon Efficient bonde for 
fafe redeliverye thereof, uppon requefte after her death, in good cafe, exeep 
the jeafonable wearinge thereof, ut fupra. The refte of my plate, money 
and goodes moveable I give to my fonne Peter, charginge him that he do live 
alwaies cleere oute of debt, and nevertheles keep a good howfe within the 
proporcion of his livinge. And becaufe my cheif howfe att s* Stephens in 
•Hackington is with the largeft for my wyffe alone, or for my fonne alone as 
yett to keepe howfe in, therefore I woulde, .that fuch nomber of men and 
women fervantes as my wyffe will apointe to have of her owne, my fonne 
fhoulde apointe to have the like nomber of his owne; and foe att equal! 
charges for meate and drinke, my wyffe and fonne to keepe theire families ia 
that howfe of s t Stephens for fommer and at s r Bartholmews London \n 
winter, yf they coulde fo like and agree together $ the longer tyme the better 
for my fonne and his wyffe, becaufe they are but-yonge and rawe howikeepers. 
The whole eftate of my goodes, debtes and money for difcharge of all my 
debts and legacies is contevned in one leafe, fol. 42 of my book, which dothe 
containe the eftate and title of all my landes and livinge, as well as this my 
teftament and lafte will written all with my owne hande. By which note of 
myne eftate it may appeare manifeftlie there is fufficient to performe and dif- 
charge all things, withoute any dainger or difficultie to any of myne executors 
to adminifter, and take charge of adminiftracton and performing^ this my lafte 
will and teftamerit. Which executors I do make and conftitute my wyffe, my 
fonne Peter, my fonnes in lawe iir John Levefon knight, Perceval! Harte and 
Robert Plonywood efquires. And to every of them, other then to my wyffe 
and fonne Peter, which will prove my teftamerit and lafte will, and adminifter 
as executor, I doe give tenn powndes, befides all charges whenfoever they take 
lands. any journey or travaile concerning any of my caufes. And concerninge my 

landes, rents, leafes and fcrmes in the counties of Kent and Eflex, and citties 
^ of London and Canterbury, or ells where in the realrne of Englande, I doe 
make publifhe and declare this my lafte will as enfucth. And firfte for my 
wyves jointure and thereby livinge. In Tewders, George Wilkins by ycere 
forty pownde j Raphe Coppinger, Stoke, threefcore and twoe powndes thirteen 
/hillings fower pence with Sharftcd windell leafe fixe powndes thirteen (billings 
fowcr pence, and fixe pownde rente of Stoke parfonage ; and more of him for 
Cocham fiirme threefcore pownde 5 and for JRocheftcr bridge leafe thirteene 
powndes fixe Shillings cighte pence j and by my Clialke parfonage and Thack- 
herfte Reynes threefcore lixe powndes 5 and by my farme att Chalice Til bo- 
rough thirticfyve powndes; and by Higliaine and Lilly Church leafe one hurt* 
dred and fyf tie pownde; and by my London Frcih wharfF and howfes there 
threefcore fowextccne pownde; in toto per annum five hundred and one 

powndes ; 




powndes; and my howfes and ftables and gardens &c. att London, s< Bar-, 
tholmews and Kent, Shorne, worthe per ann. fyftie pownde. All which that 
is myne and was not hers before oure entermariage I will fheeliave duringe her 
lyfe, and the refte for fuch termes as fhee had att our entermariage, uppon con- 
dicion that fhee doe chyme nothingc by any granntc of rent chaige, which I 
hive made heartofore for her jointure or for her ufe to any perfone 5 which for- 
sffaraocr, beinge naked rents, /he and her freinds did not (o -well like of: 
nd therefore I have nowe given for the fame this great recompence and aug- 
mentaci-n 5 and fhee to have it by the handes of fermors all by Wefte of Ro- 
cbefler, and neere about her howfes at London and Shorne: and foe my fonne 
Peter during her lyfe to have his dwellinge and lyvinge by eafte of Rochefter 
aboute s l Stephens Canterbury and eaft Kent, Sandwich, Romney marfhe, 
Thanett and elfewhere. And fo they to dwell feparate, yf they lifte not to 
keepe howfe together. * And further I will not only my cheif manfyon 
howfe at s c Stephens and all my other lanndes and hereditaments, but alfoe all 
thofe landes, rents and proffits of leafes and fermes of myne wherin my wyfe 
hath intreft by me, after tyme of her intreft determined, fhalbe and remaine 
unto my fonne Peter for terme of his life, withowte ympeachment of wafte • 
and after his death to his eldefte fonne and the heires males of his bodye; re- 
mainder to his next fonne for like eftate as the eldefte; and fo to every other of 
his fonnes fucceffivelie in age one after another for like eftates; and for de- 
faults of all fuche fonnes heire* males, I will my cheif howfe att Sandwich 
called the kingflodginge, and all my landes, rents and proffitts of leafes In 
Sandwich, Wood nefboror owe, Eaftrie, Northbome, Shoulden, Deal 
Mongeham and Waliner fliall remaine -to my cofin Peter Manwood, yf 
he {hall then be livingej and yf he then be dead, then to my cozin Jofua 
Manwood for and duringe the minoritie of the fonne and heir of my late 
cozen Roger Manwood, late of Sandwich j urate, deceafed, and duringe 
the fame minoritie to pay him fortie powndes yeerly for his augmentacion of 
livinge in good educacion; and att the full age of the fame fonne and heire, 
then the faid kingflodging and lande to him for terme' of his lyfe, and after 
his death to his eldefte fonne and the heires males of his bodie lawfullye 
commingc : and fo to every of his fonnes fucccflivcly in age on-; after another, 
as before is Hmitted for the fonnes of my owne fonne Peter; fo as the fonne 
and of my cofin Roger and his fonnes and every of them for the tyme 
beinge, by thuitcnt of this my lafte will Hmitted to have the faid landes and 
leafes aboute Sandwich in pofl'effionc, fliall payc yeerlye to the faid Peter Man- 
wood my cofin, duringe his lyfe, yeerly fowcrfcore powndes, and after his 
death to my cofin Jofua Manwood, duringe his lyfe, yeerlye fowcrfcore 
pownde, att twoe ufuali fcafic, or within one nxonetli, by even portions, att 
the doore of the kingflodginge before mencioncd, or els to dilliaine. And for 


<5 years 


defaulte of yffue male of the bodie of my cofm Rogers fonne, then I will the 
faid kingflodginge and other the premiffes limitted therewith to remaine to my 
cozen Peter Manwood for terme of his lyfe, and after his death to his eldcft 
fonne and to the heires males of his bodye, remainder to his nexce fonne for 
like eftate; and foe to every other of his fonnes in age fucceffivelye, one after 
another, for like eftates; and for defaulte of fuche fonnes and heires males of 
the bodye of the fame Peter to remaine to my cozin Jofua for like eftate; and 
in like manner to him felfe and to every of his fonnes as before is lyrnitted to 
my cozen Roger Manwoodes fonne and heire and to his fonnes: and for de- 
faulte of all fuche, thereto remaine to the fonne and heire of my cozen John 
Manwood for terme of his lyfe, and after his death for like eftates and in like 
manner to every of his fonnes, as before is limitted to the fonne and heir of 
my cofxn Roger and to his fonnes: and for defaulte of all fuch fonnes and 
heires males, all the premiffes att and aboute Sandwich then to remaine to my 
righte heires for ever : and for, defaulte of all heires males, ut fupra, of the 
■ bodye of my fonne Peter and of his fonne?, I will my faide cheif howfe at s l 
Stephens and all other my lands, rents and proffitts of leafes and farmes in 
Hackington, Chiflete, Afhe neere Sandwich, and elfwhere in the counties of 
Kent and Effex, and citties of London and Canterbury, not before lyrnitted 
to my wyfe nor cozins, and neverthelefs thofe landes, rents and proffitts of 
leafes and farmes after theire interefts thereof determined, to remaine to the 
heires females of the bodye of my fonne Peter ; and for defaulte of fuch heires 
females to remaine to my daughter Anne for terme of her lyfe, and after her 
death to remaine unto fuche of my faide cofins Manwoods, as by thintent of 
this my lafl: will are lyrnitted then to have in pofleffion my faid kings lodginge 
howfe in Sandwich and other landes thereabouts, for like eftate and with like 
remainders over as the famecheifc howfe and landes aboute Sandwich is before 
limitted. Nevertheless upon this condition, that there fliall be paid att the 
chcife howfe att s x Stephens unto the heires of my twoe daughters Levefbnand 
Harte, within fower yeeres next after my fayde cheif howfe at S' Stephens fliall 
by thintent of this my lafte will from myne heires of my bodye lynneallic 
corninge remaine to myne afore mencioned cozins males colatcrall, twoe thou- 
fande powndc of lawful! monie^ viz. to the heires of my daughter Levcfon one 
thowfande powndes ; and to the heires of my daughter Harte one thowfande 
powndes. Provided allwais, that yf it ihall fortune my fonne Peter to live 
after the death of our nowe foveraigne ladyc queene Elizabeth, whom God 
long prcferve, and by the fpace of five yeares after fhalbc free from any attain- 
der of trcafon and from any aft or thing which aftcrwardes fhalbe made or ad- 
judged trcafon, for taking parte with or againite any then competitor of the 

crowne of this realmc, then I will that, after the end of fuch ifive years rith 



r he freed ome all remainders in forme aforefaide lirnitted to everye of his 
c es aad the heires males of theire bodies fhalbe utterlye voide and determi- 
, an d then my fonne Peter to have my cheif howfe att s r Stephens and all 
] des rents and profits of leafes and fermes, other then the kings lodginge 
• S?ndvvich and other things theiewith limitted to him and to the heires ge- 
neral! of his bodie. And the faide kings lodging in Sandwich and things 
therewith innitted to him and to the heires males of his body. And neverthe- 
les with remainders over for defaulte of fuche heires males of his bodye, the 
faid kirws lodginge in Sandwich and things therewith before limitted to re- 
main to my faide cozins Manwoods as before is limitted. And touchinge the 
chcife howfe at s l Stephens and refidue of the premises, for defaulte of heires 
aenerall of his bodye, and after death of my daughter Anne then to remaine to 
my faid cozins Manwoods in order as before is limitted. Provided alwaies 
and my v/ill is, that the remainder aforefaide of the kingflodginge in Sandwich, 
and other the premiffes therewith limitted to my faide cozins Manwoods, be 
and (halbe uppon condicion that none of my faide cozins or of the heires males 
of anye of theire bodies, which fhalby thintent of this my lafte will be 
intitled to huve in poiTeffione the frehoulde or eftate taile in the faide kings 
lodginge and premiffes therewith limitted, fhall confente to any a£te or thinge 
by proceedinge, whereuppon may enfue any barr or difcontinuance of any parte 
of anye tntaile to any of them hearin before limitted: and further with this 
charge and condicion, that from tyme to tyme foe long as by thintent of this 
my lafte will the poffcflione of my faide Sandwich howfe and other things there- 
with limitted is limitted to be in them or any of them, fuche of them fhall ~ , 

J (jovernoi's 

yeerely paye to the governors of my free grammer fchoole in Sandwich, or to of Sandwich 
the fcholemafter there for the tyme bcinge, at the utter gate of the fcholehowfe Cl °° ' 
yarde or forecourte, at the fower ufuall feaftes of the yeere, twenty powndes 
by even porcions, bcinge the ycerlye rent referved upon a leafe for yeers of cer- 
taine medowes and woodes aboute Canterbury, whereof the revercion is by me 
afTurcd to the faid governors for pcrpctuall maintenance of the fame fchoole: 
and that from time to time an aquittance of fuche payment be every quarter 
broughte and delivered to myne heirc or other for the tyme owner of my cheif 
howfe att s* Stephens, by the intent of this my laftc will, uppon paine to 
forfcite for every defaulte thereof twin pownds : and the owner of my cheif 
howfe att s* Stephens for the tyme apointed by this my lafte will for the feme 
to diftraine as for a rente charge ouic of the faide kings lodginge and other 
landcs therewith before limitted. And concerning my leafes and farmes, I will 
that the landcs and tenements in every of them conteyned and the occupacion, 
rents and proffits of the fame be unto my fonne Peter for and duringe the tyme 
that he (hall lyvc; and that evcrye yilue of his bodic, which by thintent of 




this my laft will is lymitted for the tyme to have in poffeffione my faide cheif 
howfe att s r Stevens, fhall for fuche tyme have all landes and tenements con- 
teyiied in every of the fame leafes, with the rents and proffits thereof, favino- 
fuche interefts as in fome of the fame leafes is by this my lafte will or tefta. 
ment otherwise limitted for fome tyme : and for defaulte of yffue of the bodye 
of my fonne Peter I will that my daughter Harte have all the landes and tene- 
ments in the fame leafes conteined, and the rents and profits for and during 
fuche tyme as fhee by this my lafte will is limitted to have in pofliflione my 
cheife howfe att s l Stephens : and after her death every fuche other, as by thin- 
tent of this my lafte will is to have in poffeffione the cheif howfe at s l Stevens, 
fhall for fuche tyme have the landes and tenements contained in the faid leafes, 
or the rents and proffits thereof. And I will that none of the interefts of my 
faide leafes, or the more parte of any of the fame, be fuffered to be aliened, 
but to continewe refpectivclye together with the owners in poffeffione for the 
tyme being of my faide cheife howfe att s l Stevens, in forme afore limitted. 
And whexas in fundrye conveyances of my landes I have ufed of trufte the 
names of my fonnes in lawe fir John Levefon and Robert Honywood and of 
cozens John Boys, Edward Peake and others, to thintent the fame fhoulde be 
foulde or otherwife difpofed as I flioulde apointe in my lyfe time, now my will 
is that, in performing the truft in them repofed, they doe uppon requefte con- 
veye and affure the fame to my fonne Peter, with remainder over to other for 
like eftates as I have herein before limitted my cheife howfe at gt Stevens, 
Cowman And like as I have founded and made att Sandwich a free grammer fchoole, 
of Sandwich and by the q uee ns lcttres patents under the great feale whereof the majoreand 
[iatel inC ° r " juratts governors be incorporated and enabled to take and enjoy landes for en- 
dowment and perpetuall maintenance of the fame fchoole, and have a common 
fealc and rules and ordinances for good government of the fame after my death, 
The endow- the endowment whereof is fortye powndes by yeere, viz:, for a fchoolcmaflcr 
ment thereof. ^ d for an uflier> w j ien nec( j j Sj with convenient dwellings for them both, 

landes of my owne gyfte twentye powndes by yecrc at leafte, and by my pro- 
curement of my brother Thomas Manwoods gifte tenn powndes by yeere, and 
by my procurement of Thompfbns gyfte eight* powndes by yeere, and by my 
procurement from Chriftchurch Canterburye gardens and other growndes att 
leafte fortye fhillings by yeere, in toto, to fortye powndes by yecrc: a large 
endowment for a contrie grammer fchoole: befides my procuicmcnt for fuche 
fchollers as from that fchoole fhalbc meete to goe to the univerfitie, in Gun- 
vile and Caius colledgc in Cambridge, twoe fchollers roomes, and other twoe 
fchollers att Lincolne colledgc in Oxforcle, and for everyc fcholer fower marks 
yeerely pencione or flipende out of landes att Swakelyff and Whititablc of 
Trapps gyfte j for which fower fchollers roomes the governors have indentures: 



j have founded and made att * Stephens an hofpitall and roweof fea * e %^5^ 
I ■ k almes howfes, with a cloyfter, conditt, fore courte, gardens and back- 
ca 11 of bricke buildings as the Sandwich fcboolehowfe is: of which fea- 
venues howfes the fowthe corner howfe beinge a double howfe, I wilU after ^ of £» 

f Bartlett and his wyffe nowe dwellinge in the fame, .fhall for ever be the pamfh. 
thTdwemnge howfe of the parifhe clerke for the tyme, being neere att hande 
f 'readye fervicein all churche matters: and for fafe cuftodie there of all wool, 
flax hempe or other ftuffe for the parifhe ftocke to fett the poore on- work, and 
to be from tyme to tyme put forthe to fpininge or other workinge, and to be 
receaved in wrought every friday or fecond fridaye at furdefte; and afterwards 
to be foulde att the market t, and therewith to renewe the ftocke from tyme to 
tyme for perpetuall fettinge the poore in worke. And the other fixe almes 
howfes for fixe aged, poor and honeft perfons rnaried or unmaried. And as 
every of the fame almefhowfes now be full, fo I will that everye of the faid 
perfons, which there fhalbe refident att my death by my apointement, or that 
lhall fucceed, fhall in theire roomes continewe during their lives, unleiTe fuche 


fe of remove fhalbe as is ufuall for difplacinge- of any brother or fyfter in 

the hofpitall of Harbledowne neere Canterburye: and by all the tyme of theire Almsfolkes 

refidence there, everye of the fame fixe almesfolks holdinge any of the faide™^ 1 ? aliow " 

fixe howfes to have weekly every fondaye theire dinner in the hall of my cheif 

howfe at s f Stevens, and every friday twelve pence in money; and every fondaye 

and wednefdaye one pennye wheate loaf att the parrifh church, upon fome 

fhelffe or boorde in the ile where my tombe is, or where the fame poore folkes 

pues bee, to be delivered by the parrifh clerke ymediatelye after morninge 

prayer: and every yeere att the faide almefhowfes betweene the firfte of maye Everryon 

and the feaventh of julye fower ufuall cartloades of fewell. And as, for good s°oTaVl°foncic 

government of my faide free grammer fchoole at Sandwich, rules and ordi- mv / fathers me- 

t r 1 • •.• 1 . 1 t 1 ,> aning to be in 

nances be iett downe in wntinge, and to be vifited every yccre, fo, tor the a book of his 
good government of the faid almefhowfes or hofpitall, 1 will the rules and or-f ftatc whlch I 
dinances enfuinge be obferved forever, viz. from tyme to tyme after any a voy-Pe, Manwood. 
dance of any who fhalbe there refident att or after my death, the fuccefTor to 
be placed by my widdowe or heirc, or fuche other as for the tyme is by thin- 
tent of this my laft will limittcd to have in pofleffione ?ny cheif howfe at st Ste- 
phens: and yf any avoydance fhall continewe above the fpace of fixe weeks, 
then it to be fupplicd freelye withowtc anie penic gaine by the archdeacon of 
Canterburye and maiorof Canterbury for the tyme being, or by oi\c of them, 
puttingc in fome honeftc, *agcd and poore pcrfone meete for the fame within 
one moneth nexte after the fixe weeks, ilia unica vice; and fo from tyme to 
tyme everry avoydancc to be fupplied for ever. And I will, that cverry ycerc Maiorof 

o)i the firft wednefday in deccmbcr the maior of Canterbury for the tyme9 a ' lU &c - t0 

f\/i 1 ■ vifitt yccrly. 




beinge or his deputie, and with twoe or more aldermen, fliall vifltte the f \f 

almefhowfes and people, and in a regifter booke, to be unto them delivered bv 

myne executor within one moneth after my death for that purpofe, to caufe 

ycerly to be written the names of thofe whome they do att every fuche vifita- 

cion findc placed dulyc, and the names of thofe which by death or otherwyfe 

weare removed fithence theire laft vifitacion, and alfo the names of thofe which 

in that yeere lafte did receve the apparel] hereafter limitted in this my lafte will* 

TJ.e vicar & and the vicar and churchwardens of Hackington parilh or fome of them in 

C f H C d I Tf ldenS ° tlier l&e regifter book, to be for that purpofe I ike wife delivered by myne exe- 

to keep fuch acutors, Hull from tyme to tyme make like entrie, agreeable with the regifler 

thf ma" or° k " boolcc faT thc maior S and fo thjs yecrly vifitacion to be continued for ever: and 

in each of the fame twoe regifter bookes this my teftament and lafte will to be 
written: and every yeer fome admonitione to be given to fuche poore as fhalbe 
founde faultie in anye behavior: and, att the departure of the maior or his 
deputie and companie from every fuche yeerely vifitacion, I will, that there be 
paid to them twentie (hillings in money, to be paide by fuch as for the tyme 
being by thentent of my lade will are limitted to have in poffeiHone my cheife 
manfion howfe att s £ Stephens, and by them to be imployed uppon a break- 
faft, or toother poore, or fome other purpofe, as the maior or his deputie then 
inge and doinge as aforefaid fhall think meetefte. And J will, that, every 
yeere after my death, for ever, againfte the feafte of s f Andrewe, there be pro- 
vided and made for fixe good and honefte poore folkes fuche gowns, capps and 

fliooes, as by the teftament of Libye Orcharde late of Monckton in Thanett 

deceafed weare given to fondrie poore about Canterbury; the firft yeere after my 
death to be bellowed uppon fixe of my almefhowfe folkes by difcretione of thc 
partie by this my will limitted to have in pofleflione my cheif howfe at s r Ste- 
phens; and the fecond yeere to be beftowed uppon fixe hone ft poor foikes at 
Sandwich by difcretione of the maiors and jurats, governors of my free gram- 
me r fchoole there; and the third yeere to fix honeft poor folkes of s l Dunftoncs 
and Weftgate parrifhes in the fuburbes of Canterburyc, by difcretione of that 
pcrfone who then by thentent of this my laftc will is limitted to have in pof- 
feftione my faide manfyon howfe at s c Stephens; and the fowcr th yeer to the 
fixe almefliowie folkes of the faid al medio wfes in forme as aforefaid and fo 
jDiftrds. round in three yeeres, a! tern is vicibus, for ever* And as often as ane defiulte 

fhalbc in dcliverye or payment of anye thinge limitted by this my laftc will to 


or for the ufe or leleif of any poore, or to the nmiorc of Cantcibury for vifita- 
cion, or to any collector or other publickeperfon againft thentent of this my 
lafte will, foe often I will that treble the value of the thinge not paide, deli- 
vered or done according to thintent of this my lailc will, fhall be forfeited, 

nomine pene. And for tvgry default in due placingc and fupplic of any almef- 


fe nerfone before limitted contrarie to this my lafte will fortye {hillings, to 

ine pene forfeited/ For all which penalties it (hall be lawfull to the 

V " of Canterburye for the tyme beinge to diftraine in any of my landes or 

nt c as for a rente charge: and yf and as often as anie diftres taken for Diftreft* 
defaulte againfte this my lafte will {hall be refcued or repleeved, and the 
faidc duties or paines forfeited not paied att tyme of fuch refcue or replevin, fo 
ft n five powndes for a further nomine pene fhalbe forfeited to the maior of 
Panterburie for the tyme beinge, and he to diftreine for the fame as for anye 
paine before limitted. And like as I ment my free grammer fchooie at Sand* 
ich for helpe of yowth, and my s* Stevens almefhowfes for helpe and releife 
f aire fo for middle age and luftie bodies to be fett on woorke and kepte from The correct- 
idlenefs I have likewyfe made a correction howfe with a common woodyard 1011 10w e * 
and backfides, and growndes nexte the common jayle howfe, to- thintent by di- 
ligence and care of the juftices of peace good effecte may enfue againft idle per- 
fons that will not with laboure live honneftlye abroade. For reftraint of whom, 
accordinge to the lawes and ftatutes of the realme, the fame correiiione howfe 
and jaile howfe, with two other howfes nexte adjoyninge for the keepers howfe 
and neceflary roomes, be provided and apointed, and letten and to be letten to 
fuche keepers and uppon fuch condicion as may be from tyme to tyme deter- 
minable by the juftices in -open feflions uppon theire mifliking of the keeper. 
And for example I have in the former parte of this my lafte will given to fixe 
parrifhes about my cheif howfe ac's 1 Stephens feverall ftocks for wool, flax, 
hempe or other fluffe, which is to fett on worke honefte perfones att home in 
theire dwelling howfes and parifhes, foe for reftrainte of fuche as will not by 
labourre live honneftlie in theire parrifhes att home, thofe are to be broughte 
and placed in the howfe of correcStione, there to be fett on woork with ftraite 
and hardc diett, and lodginge and due punifhmente, till they doe foe amend 
and become honefte laboure takers as fome honnefte howfe holder will take them 
into fervice, or that, in opinion of them of that parriflie from whence they 
were broughte, they will have them home againe to gett their owne livinge att 
home, as other honeft pocre doe. And fo for roages that be Kent borne people, 
they to be fo reftrained and kept in the correction howfe till they be fo reform- 
ed, utfupra: and for the forrcign roges of other (hires borne, to be for one 
inoneth or lefie keptc, furniflied ajid reformed in the corrcc"tionc howfe, and 
then to be conducted oute of the fhicre towardes theire owne native contries att 
the charge of fuch officers as permitted them to pa fib into the fhicre. More- 
over, I will, that, whenfoever anye tenth and fyftcenth {hall after my death 
be g rail n ted in parliament, the rate of the borrowe of Haclcington and 
Shurte in Haekington parifh beinge knowen certain where my chcif howfe of Taxes 10 be 

s T Stevens is, then, after taxation made indifferently in the ufuall manner, I wilLl mi l fo1 ' hmti 

J 7 ' pan (hi oners . 

M m 2 that 


that by examinacion of the next juftice of peace thofe Ibmes of money w h' ! 
ibalbe rated uppon any perfone parifhioner of Hackington which is not th 
aflefled in fubfedie, fhall from tyme to tyme be paide by that perfon which b 
thintent of this my lafte will is limitted thea to enjoye in pofTeflione my f a y 
cheife howfe at s' Stephens, uppon dernande by the conftable or colle&or of th 
fame temh and fyfteenth ; for which money, if the fame fliall not uppon de. 
rtiand be paide, yt fhalbe lawful) for the conftable or colledor to diftieyneia 
anye of rny landes, as' in other cafes is before limitted for the maior of Canter- 
burie to diftraine. And for good repaire and maintenance of two or three 
miles hye wayes betweene Thornden-gate and Canterburie, and of Shulforde 
lane and Barton lane, uppon all which I have bellowed much cofte, yet I will 
Money given t ^ iat '» befides ordinarie amendment yeerelye uppon the hye wais by carriages and 
toward mend- other woorkemen accordinge to the ftatute, the fame ordinarie woorke by expe- 
wayes, rience being founde not effecluall, becaufe it is done unwillinglye, repairing 

for loofinge theire dayes wages otherwife abroade, therefore the parifhes daics 
wages for cariages and labourers to be rated in money att half the rates good 
cariages and labourers have in other mens woorke; and all that money beinoe 
collected and delivered to that perfone which by thintent of this my lafte will 
as limitted then to enjoy in poiTefllone my faide cheife howfe att s c Stevens, he 
fhall dubble the fame money, and with the whole money the furveyors of the 
hye waies to hier good carriages and good laborers and fee them aplied ; and fo 
fhalbe done fower tymes foe much good to the amendment of the hyewaies as 
nowe is ufuallye done. For which money, yf it be not doubled according to 
thintent of this my lafte will, yt fliall be lawfull for the faide furveyors of the 
hye wayes to diftreine in anye of my landes," as the maiore of Canterburie is 
before limitted in other cafes. And for a convenient chtirchc minifter to be all- 
waies reildent in Hackington parifhe, withowtc rannginge to ferve any other 
cure or other churchfcrvice, as heartofore was ufed to the difcreditt of the 
churchc miniftrie and disfurnifhinge of that parifhe people; and to the intent 
morninge praier and eveninge praier may be at convenient howres in Hacking- 
ton parifh churchc, which nowe by my meanes is well repaired and furnifhed 
churche like as apertalneth, (viz.) morninge prayer allwaies a quarter of an 
hower att leafle before nync, and eveninge prayer within a quarter of an howcr 
after twocj whereby fuche of the parifhe as will may goe to the fcrmon att 
Chriftchurch after theire ownc parifh fcrvice, and in due time both winter and 
ibinmcr home to theire own howfes and dwellings; I have already, by good 
counfell in the cclefiafticall lawc, and by confent in writinge enfcalcd and re- 
jviftred in due order of the common lawe att London from the archebifhope, 
archdeacon and deanc and chapter of Cantcrhuryc and of the vickar in poflef- 
iionc incumbent, caufed a pcrpctuall augmentacion of the vickaredge to be 

in adc 


de of recorde. id the archebifhops courte att London, that where the vicka- 
redge was not worth above nyne pownde by yeere, nowe it is worthe above 
thiftie powndes by yeere 5 becaufe he (hall henceforth be anfwered all manner 
of tithes, payinge yeerlye to the archdeacon onlye the former rent of tenn 
nowndsj and the vickar not to ferve any other cure or other church fervice, 
but to be continually refident attthe parifhe of Hackington ; and befides aply- 
jnge his owne fhidye, may doe good in teachinge of youth. All which I procured 
in that I, having the parfonage in leafe, did yeald up my leafe gratis, tohave'the 
faide augmentacion perpetuall of the faide vickaredge, wifhinge that of other 
fatt parfonages apropriated convenient augmentations mighte be procured for 
the poore vickaredge increafe, to* -have convenient incombents in every parifhe 
to be refident; aneedfull matter for the common welth and true fervice of God. 
And thus, revokinge all former wills and teftaments, I doe leave this to be my 
lafte will and teftament, wherbye it will manifeftlie appear that I have difpofed 
from my wyffe, children and kiridred rei PUblice the full tenth parte of my 
whole value of landes-and goodes, beinge the talent in this lyfe to me lent by 


Roger Man wood. 

- 12 th december, 1592; 

Revized. . 

Memor. that this will was publifhed and pronounced, in the prefencc of 
us whofe names are hereunder written, byfir Roger Manwood knighte, lordc 


thereof he required us to beare wittnefs. 

William Redman the archdeacon John Fifher Tho. Lincolne 

of Cant, and now bifhop of Norwich. Peter Ware Peter Manwood 

John Ruflell John Kcrby 

George France et al. 


co^d'fr^ P f t° f CaC 5 pa f , is , th ? - w ? rd Emanuc11 and »t the bottom Roger Manwood, 
copied from the regiftw of the hofpital at s« Stephens. 





Richard Spicer.* 

1570. — --— Apfeley.f 

Richard KnolJes. 


r ' 


1622* Chriftopher Chalfont - - 1636. 

1636. John Webber ley 


- - - 1655. 

- 1651. 

2639. Richard Clark. 

164&. James Smith. § - 

Peter Ooff. Jj ~ 

Henry Bradey.^f 
1655. Henry White* 
2664. James Oxinden.** 

Robert Wrentmore. f-f 

Robert Webber 

1 67 1. John Beck, II 

1672. James Fowler. 

Richard Culmer. 


1 671, 


1689, Timothy Thomas; - J706. 

1706. John Rutton.§§ 
1758. John Conant. 


* His name occurs as mafter 30 mar, 1570. + Appointed by the founder. J Rc- 
floncd 20 dec. 163&. He was appointed and licenfed by the archbifhop of Canterbury 
upon failure of the mayor aqd jurats. See p. 233. § Appointed by the mayor and 

jurats upon failure of the college. See p, 235. || Rcgifter of s f Mary's. qr He is 
addrcfl'ed as mafter by the mafter and fellows of Lincoln coll. in a letter dated 9 oft. 1654: 
but probably he, as well as m* GofF, only officiated as fuch for m r Smith. ** The 

matters flipend having been fomc years in arrear, m r Oxinden refufed to take poflcflion of 
the fchool, which probably on the fame account continued without a mafter till the ap- 
pointment of m r Wrentmore. ft He claims arrears about 1666. %% Vicar of 
Woodnefborough, §§ Rcfigncd 1758. The reverend George Smith, Gerard k 

Gols,, William Dormer and James Dcvis fucccffivcJy officiated as mafter for nv Button. 


I a. 


Some notices of the matters. 

TrHARD KNOLLES, of the fame family with thofe of his name living at CoW- 

Afhbv in Northamptonfhire, made his firft entry into the univerfity in 1560, or 

1 took one decree in arts four years after, and then was elected fellow of Lin- 

1 lleee where, after he had proceeded in that faculty, did purpofe to perform, if 

C d ranted him life, fomething that might be profitable to the chriftian commonwealth 

* time God fhould give him means and occafions. In the mean time fir Peter Man- 

d of s c Stephens near to Canterbury, knight of the bath, minding to be a favourer 

f h*s ftudies, called him from the univerfity, and (he) was by him preferred to be matter of 

the freefchool at Sandwich in Kent, where being fettled, he did much good in his pro- 

f ffion and fent many young men to the univerfities. And 'tho* he was there in a world 

f troubles and cares, and in a place that afforded no means of comfort -to proceed in great 

works, yet he performed much for the benefit of hiftory at his vacant hours, upon the 

defire of the faid fir Peter, as it doth appear by thefe his works following. 

The Hiftory of the Turks, London, folio, 1610. 
The Lives and Conquefts of the Ottoman Kings and Emperors, &c. 
A brief difcourfe of the great nefs of the Turkifli Empire. 
Grammat. Latinse, -Gracas et Hebraicae compendium &c. 
He alfo tranflated from the french and latin copies into englifh, The fix: books of a 

commonwealth. Lond. 1606. 

At length this our author dying at Sandwich, before he had quite attained to the age of 
man, in fixtecn hundred and ten was buried in s l Mary's church there on the fecond of 
July the fame year, leaving behind him the character of an induftrious, learned arid reli- 

gious perfon 

Wood's Athcnae Oxonlenfcs. Vol, 1, p. 362 &c* 

Book of record marked A and B. 
Oft. 19 th . 1602. Whereas motion was formerly made by the lord warden for reforma- 
tion of the freefchool, and as m' Richard Knolles now matter is found not to have in- 
tended the fame with that diligence as was meet he fhould, it was by his honor thought 
convenient, for the better education of the youth of this town, that a more induflrious 
mafler fhould be appointed for the faid fchool, and that m r Knolles being difmiflcd, in 
rcipeft he was placed there by the late lord chief baron, founder of the fame fchool, 
(houW be allowed a yearly flipend of twelve pounds during his life, upon his quitting the 
fchool and fchool houfc at michaclmas next, to be paid quarterly by the treafurer of the 



From the fame book. 1606. The annuity granted in 1602 not having been pa jd 

m r Knolles contents to accept the fame, and to depart at michaelmas ; it is therefore 
agreed, that, for employing a more indubious fchoolmafter hereafter, the fiid Richard 
Knolles in refpeel of his departure, being firfl: placed there by the founder, fhajl have an 
annuity of twelve pounds during his natural life out of the treafury of this town, he 
leaving the fchoo! at michaelmas, and putting in furety to that effeit. 

There is a mznufcvpt Engliili tran/Iation of Camden's Britannia in the Afhmolean mu« 
ftum, number 7469, folio, by Richard Knolles, 

DoSor Johnfon in his dictionary very frequently quotes this author, and in the 122* 
ber of the Rambler, fpeaking of the fcarcity of good Englifh hiftorians and of their 


comparative merit, thus highly extols the abilities of m r Knolles. 

* But none of our writers can, in my opinion, juftly conteft the Superiority of Knolles, - 
who, in his hiftory of the Turks, has difplayed all the excellencies that narrations can 
admit. His ftile, though fomewhat obfeured by time, and fometimes vitiated by falfewit, 
is pure, nervous, elevated, and clear. A wonderful multiplicity of events is fo artfully 
arranged, and fo diftindlly explained, that each facilitates the knowledge of the next. ■ 
Whenever a new perfonage is introduced, the reader is prepared by his character, for his ' 
aaions; when a nation is'firft attacked, or city befieged, he is made acquainted with its 
hiftory or fituation, fo that a great part of the world is brought in view. The defections 
of this author are without minutenefs, and the digreffions without oftentation. Collateral 
events are fo artfully woven into the contexture of his principal ftory, that they cannot 
be disjoined without leaving it lacerated and broken. There is nothing turgid In his dig- 
nity, nor fuperfluous in his copioufnefs. His orations only, which he feigns like the an- 
cient hiftorians to have been pronounced on remarkable occafions, are tedious and languid, 
and, fince they are merely the voluntary fports of imagination, prove how much themoft 
judicious and Ikilful may be miftaken in the cftimate of their own powers.' 

< Nothing could have funk this author in obfeurity, but the remotenefs and barbarity 
of the people whofe ftory he relates. It feldom happens that all circumfhncc? concur to 
happinefs or fame. The nation, which produced this great biftorian, has the giief of 
feeing his o-cnius employed upon a foreign and unintercfting fubjecT: ; and that writer, who 
mfoht have fecured perpetuity to his name by a hiftory of his own country, has expofed 
himfelf to the danger of oblivion, by recounting enterprises and revolutions of which 

none defire to be informed/ 

JOHN WEBBERLEY of Lincoln coll. Ox, took his degree of B. D. 9 July 1640, 
He was the {on of Thomas Webberlcy of Eaft-Kirbey in Lincolnfhire, and was now 
cftccmcd by all a high flown focuvkn, and afterwards a defperate zealot for the king's caufe 
in the time of the grand rebellion. He had tranflatcd into engli/h feveral focinian books; 
fomcof which he had publi/hcd without his name kt to them; and others which were 
lying by him, were taken out of his ftudy by the parliamentarian vi/itors, an. 1648, in 
which year he fu/rercd much for his loyalty by imprifoiimcnt firft and afterwards byexpul- 
iwiu WoocKs Mi Ox, v, x, p. 284. ' J^ MES 


A t\ , 

I. * * - - 
,-«■ . ' *■ 

A " - 

I .i 

( '- 





Per feffe or and az. three unicorn* heads 
couped and countercharged. 

An unicorn^ head couped, per feffe Qr 
and azure. 

d, 1594. 

■ 1 1 





t' it 

Thomas. zz Mary Bayly. 

William.-- Eliz. *•.... 



Abraham, rrSufannah Van Lent 
6.1567* I of Sandwich. 
d, 1608* 


Matthias. S 

It « t #t»4 


+ 1 











1 1 • 1 • 



t * • • • * 



1 1 

Two daughters. 

Matthias, rr Sarah Toke. 
b. 1681. 

d. 1 741 . 

of N. Romney 

J udith.r: Thomas Randolph 
b. 174.5. 

O I 1743- D 

Ifaac. zz Judith Stokes. 

b. 171 1. J 


X|i 7 66. & «, 1784. x J 4 1777. *+ 

Ifaac. — Mary Wood, Matthias. rr Margaret Loftie. Thomas. ^Philadelphia Huflcy 

1748. ] 1751. 

S arah . 

Two ions. 

A daughter 







Sarah, Ifaac, 


] 595« 

of Folkeitone. 


Catherine. =: William Coppard 



a m 



b. i 768, 


J 7 74- 




f Citizen and brewer of London j came to rcfide at Sw$dwfcJ% and acquired his freedom there by purchafe of a free tenement in 1 590; died in hk mayoralty. ft Of Trinity Minor !es London, pent. 4 Alderman of Rochcftcr 5 buried m the cathedral there. #>m wwu 

married to John Codde gent, alderman of Rochciler, and died 1665 in the M year of her age. |.|. Married r 630 to Henry Boteler pnt, * Of Throplcy in Surry, clerk. ** M after of the king's fchool Reciter } vicar of Cobham j v\m of |teisJ ^^^;^^ 

he died and was buried. His will was proved 1685. J and cloth-worker of London. J1 Paoghttr of William Bayly, mercer, and alderman of tire city of Oxford. § "Rector of Otham Kent; died 1700. $§ Lieutenant of Sandown cadle. ♦]♦ ic vulwwt 

ilfuc ; will proved 1745, ff Matter of the fruefchool in Sandwich. <(♦ Of Ammrd in Kent, cfevuire. 44 Daughter of fir Nicholas Toke of Oodinton ; >elM of Thomas Mower efq. of Afford. Of Afliford M. B. Entered commoner of un.vr.fity coll. Ox, ip^ 

\\U A. 173$. M. B. 1741. ]) Daughter of Richard Stokes, of Cain in WiilMre, ef< ( . -f- Clcik. He holds the retfory of Sallwood with U.c chapel of Hithc, and the united vieatiips of Petham and Waltham Kent. % Efq. of Whttehill uevr r.ivnflum. % ™y>- 

terof William Wood el;], of CJmvcs, in the pari Hi of ZaMwreh, Shq-jK-y. «' Of Setting j rcclor of Cowling and vicar of Shelwich, ICent. : ' : Daughter of nV William Loftie furgcon, and aUbrinan of the city of Cantcrbuiy. * Of London; unimni tnt... 

tea trade. +-+ Daughter of Thomas Iludiy efej. of Aflifbrd, Kent. 'J 1 Clerk, Um the living of IIoo in SulJcx and oilier preferment. "j | J. Student of Cliiift church coll. Oxford. 

Pmm the rejjiftcrjof Sandwich, epitaphs, I'lrorpe'v refciilr. Rof. Ilafled'u Kent, *ind pa^ri obligingly communicated l*y doclor Kutton. 

-.'■ *» . 


JAMES OXINDEN M.A. and re&or of Goodneftone near Faverfham, was the fon 

of Richard Oxinden of Maidekin in Barham by Catherine daughter of fir Adam Sprack- 
]jnff knight, and grand fon of fir Henry Oxinden of Dean in Wingharn. 

RICHARD CULMER, originally of Magdalen coll. Cam. was incorporated M. A. 
at Oxford in 1628. He was born in Thanet, and became fucceffively minifter of Good- 
neftone, Harbledown and s c Stephen's in Kent. He published Cathedral news, or dean 
and chapter news, from' Canterbury. Lond. 1644: and there goes under his name, The 
minifters hue and cry, or a true difcovery of the infufferable injuries, robberies, &c. a<fted 
againfl minifters, &c» Lond. 1651 : as alfo Lawlefs tythe-robbers difcovered, who make 
tythe-revenue a mock-maintenance, &c. Lond. 1655. He was buried in the parifh church 
of Monkton/ 

The abo/e account is taken principally from Wood, who fays further, that this Richard 
Culmer was fufpecled of being concerned in the mad exploit of Thomas Venner and 
others at the beginning of the year i66r, and that he lived feveral years after. This in- 
duced me to fuppofe, as at page 206, that he might have been the mailer of the free- 
fchool; but I now rather think, that Wood is in an error, and that Mr. Culmer died 
about the year 1662; as there is regiftered at Canterbury the will of a Richard Culmer 
clerk of Monkton, dated in 1661 and proved in the following year, by which he gives 
divers property to his fon Richard. Thefe are probably the celebrated zealot and his fon; 
the latter of which publifhed the fecond edition of Cathedral news, and might poffibly be 
the rnafter of the freefchool. I have taken fome pains to afcertain this point, but without 
cffeft, as the old regifter of Monkton is loft, and the name of Richard Culmer does not 
occur among the burials of that parifh in the court at Canterbury within any probable 
limit of the duration of their lives; and unluckily the returns are miffing between eafter 
in 1661 and 1662. 

TIMOTHY THOMAS was of Sidney coll, Cam. He took his firfi: degree in arts 

in 1687 and his fecond in 1692. His father was fettled in Suffolk and had a fmall eftate 
there. He married Ann daughter of — — - Knowler gent, of Canterbury; by whom he 
had a daughter Hefter, who was married to the late rev. William Goftling minor canon of 
Chrift church Canterbury. He -died in 1706, aged 43, and was buried at s c Mary's in 
Sandwich. John Thomas his brother was of s< John's coll. Cam. and had the livings of 
s l Peter and s t Mary in Sandwich. He died about a month before Timothy, a*ed 46, 
und was buried at s l Mary's. Thefe are the frames Thomafii mentioned by Battely in his 
Antiquitates Rutupinae. There was another brother, who was bred to trade, but took 
orders and went to America, and was the firft clergyman of the church of England in 
fou th Carolina. Their filler Elizabeth came into Kent with Timothy and John, and 
was married to m r Edward Fellow of Sandwich, by whom flic had a very numerous iflue 
and died at Sandwich in 1759. 

JOHN RUTTON was the fon of Thomas, citizen and clothworkcr of London, by 
Mary daughter of William Bayly mercer and alderman of the city of Oxford. Me was a 

N n ddcendant 




* * 






efceridant of Abraham Rutten citizen and breWer of London, who married Sufannah Van 
Lent of Sandwich,- and afterwards came hither and- brewed for the navy either as an : agerit>- 
or upon coptradh He died while he was mayor,- iri^l6o& ? poffefied -of fevetal eftates iti 
London and elfewhere, fome of which defcended to m r John Rutton, and are now byhi s 
will in- the poffeflion of his relation ffaac Rutton ML B, of Afliford. Mr John R-aftofc 
died at Sandwich in 1763, aged 85, and was buried- in s* Mary's church, having been. 

vicar of that parifh fifty -Teven years. 

JOHN CONANT is the eldeft fon of the late rev. John Conarit,, of H'aftirigleigh in 

Kent, by Mary daughter of William Wak/v A-.-M. re&or of Wa-llgraVe North arrtptori-- 
fhire firft coufin of archbifhop Wake. He was of Lincoln college Ox. arid took his de- 
grees of A. B. in 1757, and of A. M, in 1775* He was prefented to the reflory of s* Peter 
in Sandwich by the corporation in 1766 : the fame year he was married to Ann daughter 
of m r George and m rs Sarah Nairne of Sandwich, and was infHtuted to the vicarage of 
Sellifcge by Limpne in. Kent 13 april, 1778. 

The following epitaph on ! the learned d r John Gonant is in* the church of All-faints 


Hie juxta requiefcit 


E Devonia' ortus, 
Apud Oxonienfes enutritus: 


Collegii Exbnienfis Reftor, 

Academic Profeflbr Regius, 

Et tertio Vice-cancellariuS'j- 

ColJegio valedixit anno 1662: 


Archidiaconus Norvicehfis, 

Icclefiae Vigornierifi? Prebendarius, 


Et hujtrs Ecclefiae VicariuS. 
Vir omnibus hifce muneribus 


Par et fuperior. 

Do&rina, Moribus, Pifctate, ndri itiiriusquam annis, 

Confummatus, obiit 
Anno xtatis fuae LXXXVJ, Dom. 1693, 

Menfis Martii die I2 m0 . 

Elizabetha Uxbr moeftifs. Viro chariflimo 

Hoc marmor, amoris ct obfervantias ergo, 




A*?,15. t 

Gules, ten billets or, four, three, two and one. 

ff John. 

Robert, rr Elizabeth 

i6 5 1. a n 

t John. — Elizabeth Reynolds, 

4- Richard, zr Agnes 

9 • 

44 John, B. D. 


: Robert. 

§ 1687. 
John.rr Mary Street, wid. 
d. 1723. 








M. PoolM.D.rrW. PaynterD.D. Eiiz.zrjonanthan Dk. Sarah.— Ben. King. Frances. — John Tra veil efq. Edw. =Mary Pocock. Robert. = Mary Medlieot. 

1658. 1661. 1667. 1669. 1670. I 

i7°9- 1 7 5 J • l ?S7\ , l 7S9i ' ! 75 6 _: 

Two other Ions. 
Two other daughter:. 




Culpepper Hougham. John. 

b. 1706. 

1733- » 

Mary Wake. Robert, Mary. Frances. = J ofeph Woolfton. Suianna;— George Tompfon efq. Seven other children. 


b. 1734. 

d. 1734. 






John, M. A.^Ann Nairne. 

J 735" 

William. Nathanael. Herbert. 




♦ i77 6 - 

Nathanael. — Sarah Whiilon, 


John. — Edward. 
b. 18 oct. 1777. 

27 J u] y l 779* 

1 ocl. 1780. 

13 fcpt. 1783 

Culpepper M.A. Elks. 

1748. i75°- 


i> ^»»'i. 

f O f Devon fliirc ; originally Frcncl 
toll. Ox. 162.6 > admitted to the r* 
A%h in Denbighshire 1657 ; admi 
London 18 dec, 1670} inftitutcd vi 

tcr of doctor Edward Reynolds afterward r ~ j -- tlumi>io» • 

ts&or of Haftinglei^h and vicar of Elmftcad in Kent, and tetter fine cura of Elingdon-Wroughton Wilts. ]) Daughter of William Wake M. A. recTor of Ilannington and of WaWgrtf « « thc cmnV * ot N mmn l i 

Sarum and of Lincoln j died at Bath J 4 %U 1 731. X Matter of thc ficefchooi in Sandwich. *+ Of London efq. Daughter of John Whiflon efq. of London. « Of Trinity coll. Cambridge. 

From Biogmphia Briunmcaj doctor John Conanfa life of his father in ninnufcript, and other communications by thc family. 

/ //fS// f • 



///, /w/,/A- /r/Crj ///////y /,. //„, FffJSjtf SCJJO/>J. /// * /////r///VvV/ 


w ■ 



References to the map. 




d, d. 







The fchool. 

The mailer's appartments. 

The ufhers's appartments. 



A tenement in ftrand ftreet. 

Another tenement adjoining. 

An orchard along the town wall; 

A garden along the delf. 
A ftable in the butchery. 



s t Mary, 



s l Clement 
s l Mary. 


A. R. P. 


1. s. d. I 

It might have been faid, at page 201, that Nathaniel lord Crewe bifhop of Durham 
augmented all the fcholarfhips belonging to Lincoln college to ten pounds. 

The reference at the beginning of the laft line, p. 184, fhould be 4» At page 206, 
1. 19, read 1673. At page 247, infert at the bottom after fenectutc 5 

Jufturn jufte agendum. 

A6tio laus eft virtutis, 

O F 







.*. _-_tf-.j.-.« 







which their churches are refpe&ivcly dedicated, st Clement the 
yr*, st Peter the apotlle, and st Mary the virgin. 
St Clement's is a vicarage, in the patronage of the archdeacons of 
Canterbury, It does not appear when it was firft conffcituted a vicar- 
age, but in the year 1384 it was valued at cvjs. viijd. among the fpiri- 
tualities and temporalities of the archbifhop of Canterbury as belong- 
ing to the archdeaconry, and the living was not then appropriated to 
the religious f . It feems, from a copy of an inftrument in my hands 
which will be recited in the appendix |, that the principal fupport of 
the vicar in early times arofe from the tithe of fifh brought into the 
haven, and from the rcfort of fifherrnen and failors to the town ; but 
this refource diminiftiing in value by the gradual decay of the haven, 
it was thought neceflary by archbifhop Parker and archdeacon Gheaft, 
in 1570, to augment the vicarage with the tithes of hay and corn, re- 
ferving to the archdeacon, as rector, a yearly penfion of forty (hillin 
Afterwards, according to m** Lewis, as quoted by dr Ducarel in his 




" had given him the tenths of corn and hay within his parifli, which 
" before belonged to the archdeacon and were leafed out by him to the 
"vicar j paying to the faid archdeacon 7I. 6s. 8d. at the four iifual 

" times 


* " S l Clement T. bifhop of Rome and martyr," fays our calendar. He is ufuaJJy 
called Clemens Romanus, to diftinguifh him from Clemens of Alexandria} the fir ft of the 
(wo cplrtles which bear his name is undoubtedly his, and is come to us perfect ; many have 
thought him the fellow-labourer of s l Paul mentioned Philipp. iv, 3. u Clemens, the 
** felJow-labourcrof s'Paul, «md whom Clemens Alexandrinus calletlx an apoftle" — iC that 
excellent, admirable, and almoft canonical cpiftle to the Corinthians, which, us Eufcbius 
and Ilieromc tell us, was anciently read in 1110ft churches," fays d r Barrow, vol. iih 
ihm. xU f Dec, fcript. col. 2165, 2171V % Appendix A, 





"times of payment, by way of compofition for the fine paid at 
t 4 renewal/' I know not how to reconcile this account with arch- 
bifliop Parker's ordination, by which the tithes of corn and hay feem 
to have been regularly affigned to the vicar at leaft thirteen years 
before. Perhaps the yiearage was endowed originally only with per* 
fonal tithes y and it appears from archbifhop Parker's ordination that 
this was the cafe. The firft augmentation might be made with the 
great tithes as the tithes of leaft value to the rector, owing to the high 
cultivation of the public garden grounds in this parifli at that time by 
the Dutch refugees. Archdeacon Redman might think it proper to 
confirm his predeceflbrs grant of the tithes of corn and hay, and to 
augment the vicarage further with all the other predial tithes. 

Befides the ordinary tithes, the vicar of this parifli and the incum- 
bents of the other parifhes in Sandwich collect from every houfe a 
certain fum, under the denomination of dues. This payment is faid, 
by m r Simon vicar of s t Clement, to be a compofition for ail the houfes, 
gardens, barns and ftables, according to cuftora fince the 12th of 
Elizabeth*. He refers^ I fuppofe, to a decree made by the mayor, 
jurats and commonalty at a common aflembly in that reign,, not how- 
ever in the 12th but in the 5th year, to afTefs all the inhabitants for the 
augmentation of the miniders livings at the rate of eight pence in the 
noble for their duties and tithes. This cefs was repealed at a fub- 
fequent aflembly, ll becaufe the inhabitants are burdened with charge 
" to the highways, and grieved by their houfes and tenements fliuld 
£C be charged with fuche rente to goe owt of them, which before were 
" free tenements, and by the purchafe of fuche byers became freemen 



*' Appendix B. f Little black book, fol. 242, 247, and at folio 357, 4 dec. 10 
Eliz. decreed, <c that every pcrfon, letting a houfe or tenement to fanne to a rtranger, 
46 fhall pay to the minifter of the pari/h wherein the faid- houfe fhal I (land ratably, acconl- 
" ing to the ccfement of tholdc rent:" and at a common aflembly, 20 July, 13 Eliz* 
the collectors of the miniftcrs tithes arc authorized and enjoined to diftraia for nonpay- 
ment. New red book^ fol. 79, 


The payments from this vicarage are an annual penfion of 7L 6s. 8d. 
to the archdeacon, 2s. 6d. procurations to the archhifbtop, 3s. a year 
to s t Bartholomew's hofpital for the vicarage houfe; and, remaining in 
charge, it pays firft fruits, and jL 7s. 8-jd. yearly for the tenth of its 

o-iftered value in the king's books- The value certified, purfuant to 

re & 


ftatute 1 Geo. was 77L 10s. 4d which indeed is its full value, as the 
parfonage is now let by the incumbent for 75IS. In 1640 this living, 
'as valued at 120I. and there were then 468 communicants*. 
Formerly the lands in this parifh were rated to the poor at rack 
rents, and the houfes by no regular ftandard. In 177 1 the rates were 
fet by pound rates both on the houfes and land, and continue to be fo. 
There are ufually four nine-penny ceffes every year for the relief of the 
poor, which raife about 200I. of which loL are received conflahtly 
from the revenues of the bridge which ftands in this parifh. The 
parfonage is rated at 75L the lands amounting to 433I acres at 4 6 1 1 . 
and the buildings at 72 il. The annual ceffes for the poor in this 
parifli a century ago amounted to about 107I. and fifty years later tc? 

about 125.I0 

It appears that fome part of the land at Stonar was formerly 
u bounded and taken into" the parifh and alleiied to the relief of the 
poor of st Clement, perhaps under 43 Eliz. c 2, f. 3*f. 

In the year 1776 there were in st Clement's 166 houfes and 634 

inhabitants, that is nearly 3,82 to a houfe: 305 of thefe were males 

and 329 females.- 

In the appendix will be given tables from the regifters of the pariflies, 
which may tend to illuftrate fome fubjefts in the doftrine of annuities 
and political arithmetic. 

The books of the churchwardens accounts begin in i668> of the 
overfeers in 1663; the cefs books in 1677. 

The oldeft regifter book begins in 1563 and ends 1666. The mar- 
riages by the mayor and jurats, as juftices of the peace, begin 18 dec. 
1654, and end 15 June 1657. 

* From papers in my poU'dfion. f Vcflry books uf s l Clement's 1625, 1689, 1690. 


The burial ground is unufually large, and, including the fite of the 
church, meafures ia. 2r. 34 p. 

Benefactions to this parifh. 

A piece of ground, called the mill garden, lying in st Clement's 
parifh, abutting to the wall of the town fouth, to the way leading to 
the faid wall eaft, and to the vicarage houfe of st Clement north, con- 
taining about three quarters of an acre, given by a m r Mailers to the 
three parifhes in Sandwich for the reparation of the churches, and now 
in the occupation of Arthur Waller at the yearly rent of three pounds, 

Land in st Clement's, called st George's lees, lying together in two 
pieces, the one a pafture known by the name of the bleaching ground, 
the other in tillage, containing in* the whole about three acres, and 
abutting to the town ditch north, and the delf weft, in the occupation 
of Francis Woodcock at the yearly rent of y\. ios. od. It pays a 
quitrent of four pence a year to the manor of Sandown, and was given 

to the parifh originally for the maintenance of a lamp in st Clement's 

Walderfhare in Kent, who died in 1712, be 



queathed by his will to the mayor and jurats of Sandwich five hundred 
pounds, to be laid out in the purchafe of a freehold eftate to be fettled 
on them and their fucceflbrs, in truft to difpofe of the rents, ifllies 
and profits of the fame, with the advice of the townclerk and the 
churchwardens for the time being, upon the 30th may yearly, being 
bis birth-day; two-fifths to the poor of s t Peter's, and a moiety of the 
remaining three-fifths to each of the other two parifhes in Sandwich. 
-Accordingly in 1727 the mayor and jurats purchafed of John Paramor 

of Statenborovigh in Eaftry, gent, a barn and lands, containing about 


* Sec page 187. 

' 1 



28 3 


nineteen acres, at Weddington in Afh, for 528I. which eftate was 
conveyed to them on the 10& of may in that year, under the direftions 
and appointment of the will, and fubjeft to an annuity or rent charge 

Wmgham gent, in truff 
>w veils in William Boys 


and coheireffes of Mary Paramor the firft annuitant. The eftate is 
now in the occupation of John Hills at the yearly rent of twenty 
four pounds. The extra fum of 28L of the purchafe money was ge- 
neroufly given by fir Robert Furnefe, the fon and heir of the teftator. 
A third part of the rents, ifilies and profits, charges deduced, of a 
farm and lands at Marfhborough in the parifh of Woodnefborough, 
containing by eftimation nine acres, given by the will of m** Peter 


a native of Sandwich, to Edward 


for the poor of the three parifhes in Sandwich, to be paid by the 
truftees in equal proportions to the churchwardens every year, on the 

20th of december, in the guildhall. 

Wallraven at the vearlv rent of twt 

It is in the occupation of James 
Ive pounds. By this will, dated 
29 july 1712 and proved in 1715, m r Jarvis gave alfo to the parifhes a 
mefTuage and eight acres of land in Eaftry, together with a moiety of 
all his perfonal eftate: but he afterwards became a convert to the 
religion of the country where Fie refided, and made another will, 
dated Leghorn 23 april 1714, by which he cancelled all his benefactions 
to Sandwich: This will however being infufficient through want of 
form to revoke the firft will as to the devife of the real eftate, the 
eftate at Marfhborough patted by the firft will to the poor of Sand- 
wich, and the eftate at Eaftry, which was Ieafehold, went to the next 
of kin. . 

John Sprat, of forts' George in the Eaft Indies, merchant, by his 
will dated 18th j u ly 1?7 6 } g ave to each of the three parifhes in Sand- 
wich one hundred pounds to be placed out at intercft, and the intereft 
thereof to be diftiibutcd to fuch poor obje&s of the faid parifhes 

cit her 


«/ ' 1 



• either in bread, coals, cloaths or money, as the parfon. and church* 
wardens of the faid refpeftive parifhes may think proper, on the 25th 
day of november in each and every year. By direction of Lloyd 
Kenyon efq. thefe legacies were placed in the public funds: that for 
st Clement's in. the names of the rev. Wheler Bunce, Daniel Rainier 
efq. and captain Peter Rainier j and deeds were executed declaring the 
truft of each inveftment. The annual dividend to each parifli is 
4I. 10s. 8d. upon a principal flock of 151I. 4s. 6d. in the old fouth 
fea annuities. M r Sprat was d native of Sandwich and died at Madrafs 
in may, 1780. 

Streets in st Clement's. 


Part. of ftrand flreet; .part; of high ftreet; key lane; Fifhers ftreet j 

i r 

church ftreet $ the chain; part of newgate ftreet. Befides thefe I meet 
with, other names of ftreets and- places in this parifli, fome of which I 
know not how to appropriate. . Capeiilrete • qualeftreet; fifhers lane, 
perhaps key lane; paternpfter row, behind s c Clement's church; iid- 
fialftreet, now high ftreet * ..tarechefstreet now fifliers ftreet; knyghten- 
fhete and knyghtryderftrete, the ftreet from hogs corner to the faluta- 

"* » m " ■ * ' ¥ 

tion; church lane now church; ftreet y privilane leading to the walls; 
the garyet, or communis latriria, near Davyfgate now the barbican ; 
fifliers. gate at the end of key lane; fandown ftreet, probably the rgad 
from the falutation to Sandown gate* barnefende, the ftreet leading 

1 m i 

* rf 



A tenement abutting to Sandown ih^tt n. to the appurtenances of 
the chaplain of Greene's, chantry in st Clement's church f. and a gar- 
den of st Bartholomew's hofpital n. ' 

A tenement neai* Davyfgate in Irrand ftreet, abutting to a tenement 
belonging to the chaplain of Burtons chantry, e. and ftrand ftreet w. 

A meiluage near Luckfboat, abutting to the ftreet n. and e. a mcf- 
fuage in fupport of the.mafs of s< George and a wafte'of s f Bartholo- 

mew s w. 

A tenc- 

1 11 

1 i 

,1 • 




S Ajar jo 


JWfiy#tf ms f^e^r^d^e/^/S^l'^/P^Bors^ZJi^^;//^ 


* " * — 


\ } 



■ t 








r \ 

• "A 

c :/, e m e x t ;y. S,-// x b w\j <r //:, 

t wt* t ^v/vv 

//>///f 7s /<* (*f* 


<>/ // 

//' /^/ 

> /// 

( V////V/////, 







> \ 


* < '/ # 







\, * 






• ■ **w% 

' > * ■ 


i m * * 

♦ i 

/*t *4 

- ■ w + 


7 J .// ../ .">' ^ *Y.-" /'z,.A' .v ./•; ..v ,7'ly. aV.. / :vj) yyy r .//, 


'•*-• " 


, < ' / . 

, ,* , J / ' / 


/> . • , 

t 4 >s/ v 

y /* > * '• 

's/k/s* • s :<■' > /^ /'s/A 

VS S' - 

>X>V - 

'^>V> //. X 


A tenement at church gate, abutting to the flreet n, the church yard 
e. and a garden belonging to Burton's chantry f. 

Quitrents formerly paid to this parifh. 
In 1674. William Crookes wife for a gate opening into the church- 
yard -through the church wall is. Thomas Hickles ditto is. John 
Fofter for a door opening out of Blewitt's houfe is. Sufan Young 
widow for three tenements and a garden in fifliers flreet joining to the 

churchyard 2s. * 

In 1675, Bartholomew Coombes for a gate opening into the church- 
yard 8d. Mrs. Sarah Simmons a quitrent 8d.'* 

In 1739* A quitrent of is. was paid for a flable (landing hy the 
mills on the pariih ground. * 

The church is a large and handfome ftrufture, and is built on the 
higheft ground in Sandwich. It confifts of a nave and two iles. The 
fleeple (lands in the centre of the church and is by far the oldeft part 
of the fabric. It is fquare, and ornamented on each fide with three 
tiers of pillars and circular arches. The lowed range has only fix, 
the next feven, and the uppermofl nine arches. It had formerly a 
fpire and battlements, which were taken down between the years 1670 
and 1673*. It is fupported by four circular arches on fubflantiai 
piers, each faced, in the dire6lion of the arch, with a double inferted 
column flanked on each fide by a fingle column 5 the capitals of all 
which are ornamented differently from each other, and not inelegantly, 
with fcrolls, frets, foliage and grotefque figures 5 Come of thefe, with 
the carved work over the^door of the (laircafe leading to the belfry, 
may be feen in the annexed plate. The fleeple is built with Normandy 
(lone; the other parts of the church are formed principally of holders -J-, 
mixed with fand (lone from Pegwel bay, and Caen flone from the ruins 
probably of the original building. 


* Veftry book of s< Clement's. 

f Flints with the angles worn away by friflion on the fliorci 

p P 

. * 



The chancel with its fide iles pccupies the eaft end of the church 
fi*om the fteeple. Here were flails fitted with feats to favor the indo- 
lence of forae fraternity, perhaps that of & Clement, whilft fitting and 
apparently ftanding; and fomewhere near were the chapels of gt James, 

td s t Thomas the martyr, the chancel of s* George, and 
the chantry of Jenkin Green*. At the end of the north ile is a plat- 
form raifed two fteps from the common pavement, from whence, 
through a flanting opening in the wall, is a view of the altar. In this 
arcade is a circular groove that points out the place of the vafe for 
holy water. The nave is feparated from its iles by light airy pillars 
.and pointed arches. Its ceiling is of oak in pannels, between arched 
beams centered with angels holding fhields, with ornaments of roles 
and foliage j the whole of which a few years ago was beautified with 

The pavement of the church is a confufed mixture of grave-ftones, 
nine-inch paving tiles and common bricks; with here and there fome 
fmall glazed tiles, and ftones about a foot fquare cut afunder diagonally 
from the left to the right, the remains feemingly of more antient 


The font confifts of an antient o&ogonal bafon and fhaft raifed on 


a bafe of two fteps, all of ftone. The bafon is perforated at the 
bottom: its interior diameter is 24I inches, its exterior 34: its depth 
within nearly jo. The height of the. fhaft is 20 inches, and of its 
capital and bafon almolt 19 more. The eight faces are charged with 
fhields and rofes alternately. On the 'fhields are 1. The arms of 

France, three fleurs de 

quarterly with thofe of England. 2. A 

merchants mark. 3. The arms of the cinque ports. 4. The arms of 

Ellis f. Above thefe fquares, at the eight angles of the moulding, are 

grotefque faces, except at the dexter fide of the firJft fhield, where the 

ornament is a bird like a heron, and on the finiftcr fide is a coronet 

with balls between fpires terminated with flours de lis. At another 

corner is a fmall fatyr mounted on the back of a larger. In the fame 


* Bcr p. 184, 187, j S9. At p. 187, U 19? for twenty read eighteen, f See p. 166. 








ti/f//f// f f </,/,/ iWht/ttt'Sifa <>/' ///<• /i ///<t/u f/i t i/ . 

J/W/t ,/////' <»/" //v ton'*?** 

/'/*<' nrr/i ,>}/'/■ ////> 4 A* or <>/' /Jts M/iy .M///v. 

*VS//W/ ///■ //'/<'// t>/' J'' iVf/rts/f/s c/u/rr/i. 



/ V// //,// < / /// v ■ ' V</ ; /;/// A />/ ' // / #v * //'/ ///; i ; <■ / • y / * 



member of the moulding over the rofes are fruit'and leaves, a fatyr's 

face four acorns faltire-wife with their ftalks nowed, and a flower. 
The fii'ft fhield is fafpended from the head of a human figure with 
two long extended feathers in the place of its arms and fhoulders. 
The fecond hangs from a calk. The third from the flooks of an 
anchor, and the fourth from a hook. In the moulding of the capital 



vhelk; under the remaining two are fatyrs faces; under the fhields 
are flowers. In the fhaft are eight niches with demi-quatrefoil canopies 
between diminifhing buttreffes. At the bottom of the niches are 
pedeftals ornamented at their bafes with foliage, fruit and flowers. 
The figures are removed. The feathers and coronet led me to think 
the font might be erefted in the time of Edward the black prince; but 
there being only 3 fleurs de lis, it would feem to be of fomewhat later 
date : perhaps the gift of Thomas Ellis, who was a commiflioner of 
fewers in the 3d of Henry the fifth *. 

There are five bells, not very tuneable, and confequently of little 
ufe but to haften the downfal of the venerable fteeple in which they 
hang. They were caft in 1672 by John Wheler and John Hodfon, 

Memorials of perfons buried in the church. 

In the fouth ile. 
On grave- ftones. 
John Hawker gent, d, 15 June 1721, aged 52. M« Ann Hawker, 
his wife and daughter of Jeffery Halford gent. d. 18 July 1726, set. 41. 
John Hawker efq. their fon d. 8 fept. 1754, in the 34111 year of his age. 
M" Jane Hawker maiden d. 13 ap. 173 i s aged 65. Arms of Hawker 
and Hayward. 
Mr Stephen Hobday d. 27 feb. 1715. Anna his wife, daughter of 

mr John Hawker, d. 25 aug. 1708. One fon and two daughters. 



* Sec page 166. 




Mrs Abigail Hawker d. 22 July 1780, aged 91 years and 8 months 
Ann, daughter of George and Elizabeth Boyman, d. 3 o&. 1723, 

aged 6 years 
William £ 

d. 23 feb. 

1756, aged 81 years. 

Elizabeth wife of Nicholas Spencer gent, cuftomer of Sandwich, 
d. 18 dec. 1583. Vivit poll funera virtus. Black letter on brafs plates. 

John Rumney maltfter d. 3 oft. 1686, aged 34 years. 

Mary Sampfon d. io fept. 1685, aged 65 years. 

On raifed monuments. 

Gervas Shelvy gent. d. 5 July 1726, aged 61 years. Elizabeth his 
■wife d. 25 0(51. 1735, aged 61 years. Mary wife of mr William Wyborn 
d. 12 may 1730, .aged 49 years. Jofhua Wyborn, lieut. in the navy, 
d. 31 may 1745, aged 25 years. 

Capt. Boyman Sampfon born 7 o£t. 1666 d. 6 fept. 1741. Ann his 
wife, daughter of m r Sam. and Eliz. Firrier, d. 1 fept. 1725, aged 57, 
Mary his*»(fecond) wife, daughter of m r Thomas Paramor, d. 24 jan. 
1731, aged 57. Eliz. his daughter,, wife of George Boyman d. 17 jan. 

1737, aged 43 years. _ 

Richard Hurlfton manner and Jurat d. 14 may 1623, in his 52^ year. 

On mural monuments. 


M" Mary Hayward widow of John gent. d. 24 Jan. 1715, inner 
68th year. Richard Hayward gent, their fon d. 1 July 1718, in his 
48th year. He had been mayor and died a bachelor. 

Valentine Sayer gent, thrice mayor, d. 28 July 1766, aged 78 years. 





daughter of Henry and Eliz. Sayer jun. d. it, march 1784, aged 

9 weeks. 

In the 


In the north ile. 
On grave-ftones. 

12 years, being 

John Broughton fon of Philip d. 18 feb. 1676, aged 
the youngeft of ten children. 

George Elgar gent. d. 26 may 171 2, aet. 84, Sarah his wife d. 27 

M r Hen 



Mr Richard Kite d. 13 dec, 1780, aged 52 years. M« Eliz. Kite d. 

1 oft. 1779, aged 74 years. 

On a painted board againft the north wall. 

William Wyborn gent. d. 8 mar. 1764, aged 86 years, William 
his fon d. 28 oft. 1751, aged 35 years. Mr John Bradly furgeon d. 5 
july 17583 aged 40 years: Mary Bradly his daughter d. 14 feb. 1749, 
aged 5 years: John his fon d. 6 July 1759, aged 3 years: Stephen 
another fon d, in his infancy. 

In the chancel. 

On the fouth fide of the communion table is a mural monument of 
marble, and under an arched recefs is the figure of a woman kneeling 
before a prie dieu or defk with an open book on it. On a tablet below 
is the following infeription. 

Here by this place, appointed fo to dye, 

A widdow, ftranger to this place, doth lye. 

Frances Rampfton by name; fhe by defcent 

Noble, as fhe to vertue nobly bent. 

To check envie, which lurkes in vertue's waye, 

My pen, that could faye much, fhall only faye, 

To win a better life her life was fitch, 

Her godly end did teftifye fo much. 

Hoc parvulum monumentum poni curavit Edwardus Rede, miles, 

n pcrpetuum memoriam Francifcae Rampfton vido*, cui fidem in ma- 

trimonio contraxcrat. Martii 24 an<> Dom, 16 11. Arms obliterated. 

At the 



At the {both fide of the eaft window, on an oval tablet of white 
marble againft the wall is a memorial of the rev. William Bunce 
LL. B. vicar of st Clement's and rcftor of st Peter's in Sandwich, who 
died 12 jane iy66, in his $^ year. Martha his widow, daughter of 
Stephen Odiarne gent, of Northiam in SufTex, d. 14 dec. 1783, in her 
68 th year. Arms, on a fcfs between 3 boars argent 3 eagles difplayed 
fable, for Bunce, impaling fable, a chevron between 3 covered cups 
or, for Odiarne. Creft, a boar's head couped and pierced with an 
arrow argent. 

On grave-ftones. 

Richard Odiarne gent, fon of Stephen, late of Northiam in SufTex, 
gent, deceafed and Jane his wife, d„ 16 mar. 1615. Arms of Odiarne. 
Creft a dexter arm embowed. 


William Halfnod gent, jurat d. 3 nov. 1650. 

In a fleened grave under this ftone are depofited the remains of the 
rev. W. Bunce and Martha his wife, and on the Couth fide are interred 
the bodies of fix of their children, who died in their infancy. 


Johannes Martin 

ignavus nnper vicariusj cujus fcilicet memoria amicis, gregi gratiflima, 
din erit fuperftes, Filias habuit tres pater amantiflimus, viz. Eliza- 



memoriam conjugis merito dilefti hoc marmor Elizabetha Martin 
vidua moerens pofuit. Obiit mar. 18. A. D. 1741, set 60. 

M«*s Mary Simmons wife of mr Samuel Simmons gent. d. 7 nov. 

1752, aged 31 years. 
Round the verge of a large Aone y with the arms at the four corners 

cut in the ftone, is the following infcription in old character. 

Her lyeth buried the bodyes of George Rawe gent, fometyme mayor 

and cuftomer of Sandwic, and marchant adventurer of London, and 


w ' Jenny White, daughter of Samuel a fl/anger, aged 11 monthst From the Rcgifter 
of s r Clement's. 


Sara his wyfe : which Sara dyed the 7 of december, and George the 6 

of Januarys 1 5 8 3* 

On the fame Hone are two brafs plates with the following arms and 
inicriptlon in black letter. Ermine, on a chief (gules) two fcallop 
fliells (or). Creft, a dexter arm embowed in armor (fable) garniihed 
for), holding in the hand a fcallop fhell. Motto, Quod tibi fieri non 
vis alteri ne feceris. Under this ftono lyeth buried the bodyes of 
George Rawe gentillman, fometyme mayor and cuftomer of this towne 
of Sandwich, marchante adventurer and haberdafher of the cittye of 
London, and Sarah his wife, who deceafed bothe in the faythe of 
Chrift Jhefus with a fure hope of the rnoft joy full refurredtion $ fhe the 
vii of december, and he the vi of januarye nexte followinge in ano 
1583. They had iffue between them vii fonnes and v daughters. 

Bartholomew Combes gent, born in this town nov. 1629, for many 
years one of the jurats, andfeven times mayor, d. 18 dec. i6g^, aged 
65 years and odd dayes. 

Sufanna wife of Charles Beefon d. 17 feb. 1694, aged 32 years. 
Vitae fumma brevis fpem nos vetat inchoare longam, 


1693, a g ec * fi xt y odd years. 

Oculo modefte pio caelum profpexit, 

Et moritur. 
Ecclefiam quam coluit 


Et quod potuit 


Abi viator, quifquis es, fi fapis, 

Et idem facito. 

In the choir, on a grave-ftone. 
Valcntinus Norwood gen, ob. 19 mar. 1690, aet 51; 

Between the choir and the fouth ile. 

John Nelfon, clerk of this parifli 52 years, d. 22 feb, 171 8. 

In the 




In the front of the gallery in the fouth ile, painted on a board, are 
the arms of Oxenden and Burchett, with the following infcription. 

Sir George Oxenden bar. and Jofiah Burchett efq. reprefentatives of 
this town and port of Sandwich in parliament, gave the altar, piece 
and this gallery for the Life of this church in the year 1723. To their 
lading memory capt. Boyman Sampibn c. w. erefted. 

Over the fouth door painted on a board. 

In memory of ra r Peter Jarvis, who was born in this town, lived 
and died a march* in Leghorn, did at the death of his dear mother 
give by his will all his eftate at Marfhborh and elfewhere for ever to 
the poor of this town. Mr Richard Maundy truftee is on the 20th of 
deer to pafs his yearly accounts in the courthall to the churchward™, 
and the product to be given to the poor. Recover'd but in 1723, and 
givn in bread by B. Sampfon & V. Sayer C. W. All others ought to 
be juft and feek the poors right of him who is in truft. Erefted at the 
charge of m r Boy" Sampfon 1729. 

Many antient ftones deprived of their brazen ornaments are fcattered 
over the pavement of the church* 

For the memorials in the churchyard fee the appendix. § 


Thomas Conevor was vicar in 1401*. 

!Ser Thomas in 1451. 
Thomas Sole 37 H. 6, 1471 and 1474 f; 
Richard Hynde;};* 
Thomas Swinerton. 

William Powis prefented 1563 per mortem T. Swinerton. 
Richard Spicer pref. 8 dec. inft. or ind. 10 dec. 1569 
George Joye — 2 feb. 5 mar. 1574 


§ Appendix C. * M' Lewis's mfi. t Will proved at Canterbury 29 o& 147G 
t Will proved at Cant. 1493. 4~ From records of the corporation. 


George Joye* pref. 13 dec. inft or ind. 22 dec. 1580; died dec, 1600. 

Peter Symon M. A. 23 dec. 
William Hull D.D. 13 may 

24 dec. 1600;' 1616 



Francis Fotherfbye«f M.A. 26 may 

Benjamin HarrifonJ 
WiJJiam Coleman 
Mark Parker M. A. 

Alexander Mills M. A 
John Martin B A. 
William Bunce LL. B 

Wheler Bunce M. A, 

19 nov. 

1 dec. 
21 July 

1 nov. 
30 april 

4 July 

9 nov. 

24 July 1618; eje&ed ■ 1642. 

24 nov. 1660; refigned 1666* 

16663 refigned 1677. 

16/75 diedfept. 1680* 

1680; diednov. 171 

1714; d. 18 mar.1742. 

2 jane 1742; d. 12 June 1766. 
8 july 1766. 

23 nov. 1774 


* A fecond prefentation of the fame perfon probably, on account of his havino- taken 
other preferment. 

f He was likewife reclor of Lingftead, and was proceeded againft by the committee for 
plundered minifters for malignancy, together with the hackney-imputations of drunkencfs 
and fwearing. Walker's fufFerings of the clergy, p. 244. 

J It appears that he was vicar of s l Clement's in 1649, and was fequeflered 1 aug. 1650 
for refufing to obferve the parliament fafts and to read their declarations. He was much 
harrafTcd by different fets of fequeftrators, and " one funday morning, whilft he was ia 
" his prayer before fermon in the pulpit, an officer came in with one or two files of muf- 
<c queteers, and commanded him to come down; but he not regarding their words, but 
u continuing the holy office he was about unconcerned, the officer gave the ncce/Tary 
u words of command to make ready, then to prefent; but perceiving him (till unmoved 
" he did not think fit to give the lad: word of command ; but inftead of that commanded 
" his foldiers to go and drag him out of the pulpit, which was accordingly done 3 and' 
" they carried him away in great triumph to the main guard, and after that to prifbn, 
" where he remained fome time. But what is moft remarkable is that, that very funday 
*< in the afternoon on which they pulled him out of the pulpit, knocking his head againft 
" the fteps of the pulpit and deft, by a ftrange and unaccountable accident, only by pro-' 
" vidence by what ever appeared, the court of guard was blown up with gun powder, 
" and the man that firft laid his hands upon him killed dead by taking away his belly at 
" once, and a great many others of them mortally wounded. Nor mufl it be forgotten 
M that, the fame day or the day following, one capt. Wilfon came to the church and 
" pulled down the commandments. In 1653 m r Harrifbii came to Soiuh-Taunkui in 

Devon, and returned to s' Clements in 1660; where he continued about fix years, and 
" then was removed to another living in the weft/' Ibid, p. 266. 



From the regifter. 

Mr William Solmes minifter buried 29 June 161 8. 

Mr Richard Marfton minifter buried 27 July 1620*. 

Robert Webber clerk, minifter of God's word in £t Clement's church 

from 1653 to i66of% 

The mayor of Sandwich was formerly chofen in -st Clement's church- 
but whatever good reafons there might be for this practice in diftant 
times, when the fanftity of the place and the ferious nature of the 
bufinefs might imprefs mens minds with awe and reverence, they were 
certainly done away by the indecency and riotous behaviour of con- 
tending parties in later periods. In 1683 king Charles, by a letter 
under his fign manual £, commanded the mayor and Jurats to make 
their elections of mayor in fome other place: fince which the choice 
of the chief magiftrate, as well as of all other officers, has been con- 
ftantly in the guildhall. In 1690 however the freemen made an 
attempt to reeftablifli their antient cuftom, but without effe£i. 

The Dutch residents in the laft century were allowed to perform 
divine fervice in this church, upon payment of forty {hillings a year; 
and afterwards, upon bearing a third part of all expences of repair §. 

1*1 >!?•* C*/ 1 '* 

S t Peter's is a reftory, and was formerly in the alternate prefentation 
of the abbot and convent of S* Auguflin and the mayor, jurats and 



* Decreed, ** that m r Richard Marfton preacher of God's word be entertained to preach 
i( a weekly le£iure in the town, and that he be paid therefor 30I. the year by the ticafurers. 
" 19 July 16*1/' The fame confirmed 27 nov. 16x8. The fame fum aJlovvcd for like 
fervice to m r John Geare, M. A. 1 fcl>. 1614. His Hilary railed to 40I. 21 oft. 1618. 

New black book, foK 14, 3.1, 57, 66, 

t At a common aficmbly 5 dec. 1653, nv Webber is acquainted, that the corporation 
means to divide the maintenance of the minifters equally among him and fuch other godly 
men as the Lord (hall pleafc to-fettle with him in the town, which it was hoped wouM 

amount to jool. a piece. Corporation records, vol, viii> fol. 10$$ 

:[ App, D, § App, £♦ 


Commonalty of Sandwich*; but at the diilblution of that monastery 
its right devolved to the king, who is now patron alternately with the 
corporation f . Its value in the king's books is 81. and its certified 
value is 28I. It is difcharged for firft fruits and pays annually 16s. for 
tenths, 5s. to the archdeacon for procurations, and 3s 4d. to the arch* 
bifhop for procurations at his ordinary vifitations. It was not appro* 
priated to the religious in 1384^:. Its revenues a rife from dues col- 
lected from the houfes in the parifh, and from the tithe of land be- 
longing to the hofpital of st Bartholomew called cowlees, containing 
10 a. or. 63p. In 1640 this rectory was valued at 80I. and the com- 
municants were then 825 §. In 1776 there were in this parifh 228 
houfes and 958 inhabitants, that is, nearly 4.2 to a houfe. 

The poor rates are by the pound upon the rents of both houfes and 
land, and fince the year 178 1 they have fluctuated between 4s. 6d. and 
5s. 3d. in the pound. A ftiilling cefs raifes about 46I. The annual 
cefTes for the poor in this parifli were, in 1703, 1241. 1 6s. 3d. in 1745, 
1901. 16s. 2|d. in 1766, 250I. 2S. and in 1787, 234I. 9s. 3d. 

The older regifler begins in 1538 and ends in 1615. The one in 
ufe commences in 1616, and the entries from that time to 1622 are • 

in latin. 

The churchyard, which was much too fmall, has been confiderably 
enlarged by the acquifition of an adjoining piece of ground, contain- 
ing 12} perches, which was purchased by the parifli, in 1776, of the 
mayor, jurats and commonalty of Sandwich for the fum of col. and 



mary vifitation on the 9th July 1786. It was convej 

Matfon, John Woodruff and William Wyborn Bra j 

ufe and benefit of the parishioners and inhabitants of s't Peter's, fubjeft 



•Appendix F. -|. Appendix G. % Decern Script. § From papm in my 




Benefactions and eftates. 

A third pait of the mill garden in S* Clement's parifh, the gift of 
mr Mailers*. 

Two fifths of the yearly rents, iffues and profits of a farm at Wed* 
dington in Aih, the gift of fir Henry Furnefe. 

A third part of the neat produce of a farm and lands at Marybo- 
rough in Woodnefborough, the gift of mr Peter Jarvis. 

■ One hundred pounds given by m r John Sprat, converted into ip\ t 
4s. 6d. old fouth fea annuities {landing in the names of the rev. John 
Con ant, Daniel Rainier efq. and captain Peter Rainier, and yielding an 
annual dividend of 4I. 10s. 8d. 

For a more particular account of the above benefa&ions fee p. 282, 

283, 284. 

A corner tenement abutting to delph flreet s. w. and to the fifii- 
market s. e. under leafe to m rs Garner at the yearly rent of 61. 19s. od. 
The leafe will expire at midfummer 1794. 

A tenement next adjoining in the fifh-market, under leafe to mi* 
Ifaac Epps at 5I. per annum. The term 14 years from lady 1784, 

A work- (hop abutting to delph ftreet s. w. to a Arable belonging to 
the flower de luce inn s. e. to the premifles of mr Stephen Saxby n.w. 
under leafe to m* Thomas Bnndock jun. for 21 years, from Michaelmas 
1782, at the yearly rent of forty (hillings. 

A piece of ground abutting to delph flreet s. w. to the corner tene- 
ment above-mentioned s. e. and to the flower de luce inn 11. w. demifed 
to nus Sarah Bobbers widow, for a term of 99 years from lady 1784, 
at the yearly rent of il. 14s. 

A piece 

m Perhaps a part of the lands in Sandwich formerly belonging to Boxlcy abbey, which 
were granted by the crown to John Matters gent, who had an acquittance for the pur chafe- 
money dated 18 iept. 36 II. V] II. from m r Haftcd's papers. 

■ I 


( V <u,r 


I //> /(' V* // HV.KH "V 

r * 


A piece of ground called hog churchyard, part of which is in the 
occupation of m r Auguftin Smithers at the yearly rent of twelve {hil- 
lings and the other part in the occupation of mr Valentine Jones, at 
the fame rent. The terms of their leafes 21 years from 2 feb. 1784. 

Two vaults under the church at the eaft end in the occupation of 
Daniel Rainier efq. at forty (hillings a year. 

A fmall tenement at the foutheaft corner of the church ; another at 

the fouthweft corner of the old churchyard. Two fmall adjoining 

tenements in king's ftreet, abutting to the churchyard n. e. to the 

ftreet s. w. to a building belonging to EL Buzar n. w. and to a tene- 

ment of John Wraight s. e. Another tenement in the fame ftreet, 

abutting to the ftreet f. w. to a chamber belonging to st Thomas's 

hofpital n. w. and to a tenement of m rs Sarah Bayley widow s. e.* 

A tenement in the angle between love lane and king's ftreet, now the 
workhoufe of the parifli. 

A quitrent of two fhillings a year paid to the parifli, by the hofpital 

of st Thomas, for a mefluage in king's ftreet adjoining to the church- 


A quitrent of two fhillings a year due from Thomas Jull for a pro- 
jection into the churchyard at the northweft corner. 

A quitrent, as it is called, but more probably aground-rent, of one 
flailing a year for a ftable, on the mill wall, built on a part of the 
ground given to the three parifhes by mr Matters, 

A quitrent of eight (hillings and fixpence a year due from Elizabeth 
Buzar for a paflage, called the ftone-ftile, formerly leading from the 
churchyard into king's ftreet, now clofed up and making pait of her 

tenement there. 

Streets, &c. in s t Peter's. 

Part of ftrand ftreet 5 potters ftreet; the fifh-market ; part of the 
butchery } part of harnct ftreet; the' corn-market s king's ftreet; 


The fir ft of theft five tenements belonged to the three chaplains of Elys's chantry . 
the other four were' given to the parifli by the corporation in 1606, at a refcrved rent of 
ten {billing*. Appendix II. 



'i'uckfboat ftreetj newftreetj love lane? part of high ftreet; part of 
delf ftreet. In fome old writings occur coke lane, now potters ftreet; 
the cage, a corner tenement in the fifti-market abutting to the market 
vv. and n. to the churchyard e» to another tenement s. " which corner 
" tenement formerly belonged to the fraternity of our Lord and 
" Saviour called Jefus brotherhood, founded in Sandwich and lately 
c * diflblved*." Fifhers gate, formerly Gregory Ire's gate, the paiTage 
oppofite the north end of love lane, from ftrand ftreet to the key, 
between the houfes of mr Stewart and m f Hutton. The white-rod, 
the jail. Tenementum vocatum ilone-halle inter tenementum com- 
munitatis vocatum le belle verfus s* Tenementum vocatum Corne- 
wallys halle in arney's ilrete inter regiam ftratam w> Pafken lane. 
The chantry houfe in love lane oppofite S* Peter's churchyard* 
A piece of land abutting to love lane w> a tenement of our lord the 
king, and formerly belonging to the chantry of Thomas EiJys in 
st Peter's church, n» 

A tenement abutting to a barn and land belonging to the chantry 
prieft, cantarifte, of Ellis's chantry, founded in st Peter's church, e. to 

■ * 

the lands of T. P. late belonging to the carm elites n. and w. 

The church Hands nearly in the center of the town* It confiitcd 

formerly of three iles and, in that ftate, was next in fize to st Clement's, 

which was the largeft church in Sandwich* The fteeple fell down on 

the 1 2 th 06V. 1-66 1 •f- and demolifhed the fouth ile, which has never been 

rebuilt. This church, as well as the other two, feems to have been 


* Instrument dated 24 march 3d Ella. f c< The if of oftober 1661 s« Peter's 

" church fell down* That day the fame year was a fabbath day; there were two fcxmom 
" preached there that day, and it fell down within fix or /even hours after the people were 
" gone home, presently after one .quarter of an hour pad: eleven o'clock at night. Had 
cc i't fell at the time when the people were there, the chieieft of the town and pari ill had 
" been killed, and buried under the rubbifh* and ftones, and timber 5 but the Lord was 
lt Co gracious as -to fliew a miraculous mercy in that judgement, for there was no m;ui, 
Cv woman or child killed or hurt, and very few heard it. The rubbifh was three fathom 
u deep in the middle of the church,, the bells underneath it 3 two or lluce rods long it 
** lay." Rcgiftcr of s l Peters 

Cr$£ho%'i7S tVfZtrr . 

Uarrfilnf/ j r <*///} 

T 3 





/ /'/W' 


ST JPmtizh's (Imi^iMiM 


§AW3MTZCffl,/io»i' /ft** * you/// x 


<J5ti7tfM as f/tr Art <Jfrrtf*Mn<r'h&S7.%flW*]i0Vs/tyfi 

jS 5 JPjE TJElt'S , BjkJTU WJC11 

y } «M/l;/>?s /A<>. hi dint* /»■ H Wtyvit A*/f . ty> %*. /pr\ 



/ > / 

//„'/,//& J, 


f/' /<"//// 

/>/, y''~J?/< 

/// S V '// . 

s/</fs *// yy 


/ i y/ * / , ■/#> /* * t > ' 

/>•/-,' H'i'Jiois /;'//'" f*t f r \&:y7'S7. 


formerly conftrufted entirely, or at leaft cafed externally, with Nor- 
mandy ftone, well fquared and neatly put together. The eaft end of 
the chancel is a good fpecimen of the old work, and there are detached 
portions of the fame fort of mafonry in other parts of the building. 
The prefent J(tru6ture, which is evidently the work of different aeras, 
is compofed of fragments of the older fabric mixed with Kentifti rag, 

fhore. My 


and that fir 

Simon Sandwich, warden of the cinque ports in the reign of Edward 
the fecond, gave liberally towards the new building of thefteeple; 
bat, I am afraid, this paper, which will be given in the courfe of the 
work, is not fo accurate or authentic as dr Harris, by the ufe he made 
of it, feems to have thought it. The prefent fteeple is a fquare tower, 
built with the old materials to the height of the roof of the church, 
and from thence to the battlements with bricks of haven mud. 

There are eight fmall but mufical bells caft in 1779 by Wm Meares. 
They coft 430I. 12s. 6d. which expence was defrayed by the metal of 
the old bells, a fubfcription among the inhabitants of Sandwich, and 
a moderate contribution from the parifh rates.* 

The clock is the property of the corporation, and the perfon that 
fuperintends and repairs it has five guineas a year for his Mary from; 
the revenues of the town* 

Monuments and inscriptions in the church. 
In the fouth ile, now in ruins, are the remains of a handfome tomb 


under an arch in the wall, in which was interred the body of fir John 
Grove of Grove in Staple, who flourifhed in the reign of Henry the 
fixth-f . Philipott in his Vill. Cant. p. 308, affirms that his arms were 


* Weight of the .bells from the firft to the tenor 4c, 2q. 271b.-— 5. 0. 1*3— -5. 3, 15.-— 
7. I. 24.— -7. 2. 23. —-9. 2. X.— II. 3. 1 3. — 1 5. 2. 9. in the whole 67c. jq# 31b. at 
5I. 8s. 365I. 19s, 1 id. Bell ropes il. 14?, New flocks, iron work, wheels, altering the 
frame, &e, 59I. Landing and wharfage of the old bells 3I. 1 8s. 7d. Weight of the fix 
old bells 55c. 1 q, 61b. at 4I. 10s, per hundred,. 2 4 ,61 . 12s, 6ch fubferiptioas 147I. 10s.. 

1 S. MS. 

» *« 



s f Peter's church ; bat he is certainly miftaken, as I could clearly trace 
a few- years ago, thofe which Le Neve in his collections attributes to 

this knight, 


rough church, namely, three leaves in bend: on a canton three 
crefcents, as in the plate. 

There has been another arched monument in this wall, but all the 
ornamental parts are gone. 

In the north ile. 

On grave-ftones. 
Mr Thomas Jenkinfon d. 4. may 1755, a S ec * 59 years. Sarah his 
wife d. 28 jan. 1768, aged j^ years. Sarah their daughter d. 11 feb. 
1750,. aged 20 years. John, ion of John Brown by Elizabeth daughter 
of the above Thomas and Sarah, d. 16 aug. 1768, aged one year and 
feven months. William Jenkinfon Brown another fon d 7 July 1770, 
aged 5 years. 
. Robert Jeff erys d. 1 mar. 1709, aged 61 years. Elizabeth his wife 

d. 22 feb. 1739, aged 80 years. 

. Mary wife of m r Walram Oliver, merchant, d. 28 aug. 1726, aged 
58 years. Mr Walram Oliver d. 22 jan. 1744, aged 80 years. 

Hawker J 7°9* 

Lieut. Richard Woodruff d. 22 oft. 1765, aged 22 years* Lieut. 
John Woodruff d. 24 may 1767, *ged 32 years. 

On a large ftone, rather wider at the head than the feet, is a crofs 
refting on a fmall dog or lion, and round the verge of the ftone, in 
gothic fquare characters cut in the ftone, ..,.vs: ke: par ici .... fet: 

pvr le aim.... Adam: Stennar: pri..,. le: cors: pery: ici: * Thefc 

engravings, no doubt, were originally filled with metal. 

Part of another ftone with fimilar characters on it lies in the fame 
fyace a little to the weftward. 


m Vous kc par ici paflct pur 1c almc Adam Stennar prictj le cors pcry ici 




On brafs plates in black letter. - - 

Thomas Gilbert gent, fearcher of Kent, had to wyfe Katherine the 
daughter of Robert Fylmer of Eaft Sutton in Kent, and had ifltie by 
her vj formes and nj daughters, whereof at his death weare living 
Thomas, Ann, Joane and Elizabeth ; and the faide Thomas deceafed 
the vj of december an° 1597, being of the age of xxxvjj years. John 
Probert gent. d. 30 may 1726, ast. 53. Arms of Gilbert gules, a fal- 
tier or, on a chief ermine three piles gules. Creff, a griffon's head 
azure beaked or, gorged with a collar ermine. 

Three children of m r John and Mary Probert d. 1722. 

In the nave. 

Ann Hunt daughter of the rev. dr Hunt of London d. 28 June 1764, 
a g efl 35 y ears - J°^ n fori of Jeremiah and Mary Hunt d. 27 June 
1764, aged 4 years and 7 months. Jeremiah Hunt d. dec. 1760, aged 
2 years and 5 months ; and Mary d. nov. 1762, aged 1 year and 10 
months. Katherine relift of dr Hunt d. 27 mar. 1765, aged 69 years. 

Sufana Young Jeken daughter of John and Elizabeth Jeken d. 4 Jan. 
171 8, aged 11 months. 

Thomas Young late of st Dunftan near Canterbury d. 17 dec. 1729,' 
aged S7 years. Sufana daughter of John and Elizabeth Jeken and 
grandaughter to the faid Thomas Young d. 27 aug. 1730, aged 5 years. 
Sufanna wife of mr William Wyborn, formerly wife of the faid Tho- 
mas Young, d. 18 June 1755, aged 76 years. 

Solomon Kelley gent, who was mayor in 1708, d. 5 aug. 1710, 
aged 59. Ann his wife, daughter of capt. Valentine Jeken gent. d. 30 
Jan. 1725, aged 75. John, gent, their fon, who was mayor in 1728, 
d. 14 July i 74 o, aged 60 years. Ann their daughter, wife of mr Sa- 
muel Ferrier, d. 16 July 1754, aged 80 years. 

Nicholas Greenwood* d. 1721. Mary his wife d. 1707, jet. 63, 
Their children, Mary d. 9 feb. 1691, ait. 215 Ann d. 1689, xt. 3, 


* He publifbcd in 1689 Aflronomia Anglicana, folio, and flilcs himfclf profeflbr of 

R r 





£t. 18 months 3 Amity wife of mr W. Sarnpfon d. 13 fept. 
16965 aet. 22 years, 11 months j Greenwood Sampfon her fon d. 2c 

aug. 1 70 1, ast. 5 

John J 

and Sarah his wife, d. 5, ap. 1742, aged 34 years. Ann fecond wife 
of m* David Lance, daughter of nv Richard Pembroke and Mary his 
wife of Canterbury, d. 22 mar. 1753, aged 32 years. David and 
Mary-Ann fon and daughter of the above David and Ann Lance d.- 




fon his widow d. 11 feb. 1776, aged 74 years. 

Benjamin Fifher gent, d, 1733, aged y^. Joanna his wife 
1768, aged 87, John their grandfon d. 18 aug, 1768, agec 

Alban Spencer gent. d. 5 o6t. 1736, aged 50 years. Mary 
wife d, 24 may 1738, aged 49 years. 

Thomas Ketclierel gent. d. 19 jan. 1774, aged 61 years. 

JeofFery Hafford gent, collector of her majefty's cuftoms in 
d. 3 July 1710, in his 60* year. Maria his eldeft daughte 



In the chancel. 

Round the verge of a ftone, Barnabie van Lent, brver and free de- 
nifon, borne in .....".laeflande, buried 15 maye 1584, aged 47. 

Mr Henry Furnefe d. 1 2 June 1672, in the 43 year of his age. Knwt 
his wife d. 6 nov. 1696, in her 63 year. They were the parents cf 
fir Henry Furnefe baronet. Mr John Branch merchant d. 31 Jan. 
171 8, aged 6^ years. Elizabeth his wife, daughter of the above mr 
Henry and Ann Furnefe, d. 11 fcpt. 1737, in the 70 year of her age. 
Three children of the laid John and Elizabeth Branch died in their 

Mary the firft wife of m r John Solly mercer, who was the eldeft 
lifter to fir Henry Furnefe baronet, d. 8 nov, 1685. Martha, the fecond 




wife of the faid John and daughter of mt Ifaac Legay of weft Stoke in 
SufTex gent, d, 14 July 1716, and had iffue 8 fons and one daughter, 
whereof her 3^ and 4th fons d. in their minority. Mr. John Solly d. 

15 feb. 1747, aged 87. 

Mrs Sufanna Verrier reli£t of Benjamin Verrier gent. d. 12 nov. 

1754, aged 68. 
Mrs Amelia Milnes d. 2 dec. 1776, aged 30 years. 

Within the rails of the communion table. 


On adjoining grave- ftones. 

Spe lsetae refurreftionis hie jacet corpus Thomee Verrier equiti$*> qu 
obi it 13 aprilis 1758, set. 60. Sub hoc quoque marmore quiefcunt 
reliquiae Elizabeths, Gulielmi Verrier equitis* uxoris dilecise, quae 
obiit mar. 15 1759, 3et. fuse 44, Supradiftus Gul. Verrier eq. obiit dec. 
6 1 759, set. fuse 41, et hie fepultus eft, 

Capt. John Verrier, once mayor, d. 8 mar. i68<£, in his 6 2 year. 

Mr William Verrier gent, fecond fon of major Verrier, d. 2 June 
1713, aged 37 years. Elizabeth his wife, afterward married to the rev 
Gerrard de Gols re£tor of this parifh, d. 27 mar. 1751, aged 65 years. 
Elizabeth Barber, niece to the above Elizabeth, d. 7 nov. 1751, aged 

43 y ears * 




Major William 
his 65 year. Mar 

aged 59. Mrs Martha 

1 68 1, in her 

Verrier, their daughter, d. 17 nov. 1767, aged 91 years. 
Sufanna Verrier, wife of rn r John Verrier, d. 12 ap. 
62 year. Benjamin Verrier gent. d. 17 fept, 1737, aged 54 years. 
Ann his daughter d. aged 22 months. 

On a marble monument againft the north wall of the church. 

Mary the wife of mr Walram Oliver merchant d. 28 avg. 1726, 
aged 58 years. Mr Walram Oliver d. 22 jam 1744, aged 80 years. 


'*' A iniftakc for armigeri. 

Rr 2 


Sarah their daughter, wife of mr Stephen Long, d. 4 feb. 1756, aged 
51 years. Mary another daughter, wife of nv David Troward, d. 26 
may 1758, aged 64 years. 

Oppofite the foregoing on a mural monument of marble, affixed 

to one of the pillars of the fleeple, 

Henry Wife efq. d. 15 aug. 1769, aged 62 years. Elizabeth his 
daughter, wife of mr William Boys, d. 24 nov. 176 1, aged 23 years, 
Mary his wife d, 28 ap. 1772, aged 62 years. Arms of Wife, fable, 
three chevronels ermine. 

On an oval tablet of marble. 

Mrs Elizabeth Rolfe wife of John Rolfe jun. gent, of New Romney 
d. 5 aug. 1780, aged 20 years. Elizabeth daughter of John Harvey 
efq. and Judith his wife d. 29 jan. 1778, aged 6 years. 

On a marble mural monument againft the fouth wall, near the 

door of the nave. 


Mr Thomas 

Young, of st Dunftan near Canterbury, d. 17 dec. 1729, aged $7 years. 
John Jeken gent, grandfon of the faid Valentine, likewife mayor of this 
town, d. 27 mar. J738, aged 51 years. Two daughters of the faid 
John by Elizabeth his wife, daughter of the above Thomas Young, 
died infants. Arms of Young, Parted per faltier az. and gu. a lion 

paflant between two fleurs de lis in pale or. 

On a marble tablet underneath. Sufannah Wyborn, formerly wife 
of the above-named m* Thomas Young, but late of m* William Wy- 
born, brewer, of this town, d. 18 June 1755, aged y6 years. 

If induftry and frugality 

Join'd with benevolence 

And uncorrupted honefly 

Are worthy of remembrance, 


Think of them who reft here. On 






On a ftone affixed to the fouth wall of the nave, near the "bottom 

of the wall. 

Mr Benjamin Fifher d. 15 July 1775. Katherine his wife d, 27 nov, 
1779, aged 71 years. 

Againft the infide of the n. e. pillar of the fteeple on wood, 

Robert Cook d. 5 June 1769, aged 74 years. He was taken by Vane 
the pirate in 171 8> and was afterwards matter of feveral veffels belong- 
ing to this town. 

But now has caft his anchor here, 

To wait for his redeemer dear; 

Hoping to heav'n with him to fleer. 

On a marble tablet againft the north wall of the nave. 

Mr Young Jeken, attorney of Canterbury, fon of John Jeken gent, 
late of Sandwich and Elizabeth his wife, daughter of Thomas and 

: of Weftgate near Canterbury, d. 11 may 1770, 

in his 51 year. M 

ve Job 

beth Jeken, d. 17 may 1748, in her 26 year: John C 

1 may 1748, aged 8 months. John Jeken gent, fon of the above J 



John Jek 

aged 3 months. 

The gallery at the weft end of the north ile was built by fubfcription, 
and is fecured to the fubfcribers by a faculty. 

There are itones in the church pointing out the entrances into the 
licenfed vaults of John Brown -, the Jeken family - y m'' Richard Solly, 


Next to the vault of m* Richard Solly eaftward is the vault of the 
Thurbarne family. An atchivement hangs over the place, on which 
are painted three coats, all on black grounds. 1. Thurbarne, fable a 




griffon paffaiit argent, impaling argent, a bend engrailed fable, for 
Cutts, 2. Thurbarne impaling fable, a chevron engrailed between 
three arrows argent, for Forfter. 3. Thurbarne impaling gules, a feffe 

between fix martlets argent, for . Creft, on a wreath a griffon's 

head couped argent. Mors janua vitas*. 

In the s. e. angle of the north ile is the vault belonging now to the 
heirs of m r Solomon Ferrier, but which was built originally for the 
family of Mennes, whofe achievement, helm and creft are fufpended 
over the place. The arms are, gu. a chev. vaire or and az. between 
three leopards faces of the fecond. In a fcutcheon of pretence quar- 
terly, firft and fourth the royal arms of Scotland bruiied with a batton 
able; fecond and third, a fliip with fails furled within a double treffure 
fl. and counterfl. (colors uncertain,) Creft, an antelope's head gules, 
tufted and armed or, iffuing out of rays of the laft. Chriftus mihi 


In the wall of the north ile. are three arches 5 under the eaflermoft, 

between the fecond and third windows, on an altar tomb are the re- 
cumbent figures of a man and woman in the d relies of the time. 

Their heads are fupported by double pillows, and there is a lion at his 
feet and a, dog at hers. The man's vifage is long; his hair diflievelled- 
his beard long; his coat, to the waift, fits clofe to his body, and from 
thence hangs in folds to the calves of his legs. A fhort fword or dag- 
ger lies along the right thigh fufpended by a belt. The woman's hair 
is drefled, broad and flat in front, to a level with her chin. The long 
ends of a hood fall down upon her fhoulders. She is in a clofe veil 
buttoned before to her waift, from whence it defcends in folds to the 
extremities of her feet. Along the right thigh is fomething about an 
inch and a half broad, 15 inches long, flat, and round at the end} 
which if it had been found by the fide of a man would have been ta- 
ken for the lower part o( the (heath of a broad fword. The arms of 
both the figures are broken off at the fhoulders. In the front of the 
tomb are narrow gothic arches without fliiclds. The tomb projeds into 


the churchyard. 

* Appendix I j. f Ibid. 2. 

F - 


The fccond arch is behind the pulpit. The tomb was expofed to 
view in digging a vault in auguft 1770. Its front is divided into 
fix compartments. The two at the ends are demi-quatrefoii arches. 
In each of the four middle ones is a fliield, in the centre of a starred 
quatrefoil highly embellimed with tracery. The firft fliield has three 
wheat-fans, a crefcent in the fefie point j the fecond a feffe fufiliy be- 
tween three griffons heads j the third has 3 lions rampant j the fourth 
is without any engraving. Conftance one of the daughters of Tho- 


mas Elis, was married to John Septvans efq. whofe arms were az. 3 
wheat-fans or. Alice, another daughter, became the wife of Thomas 
Chiche whofe &rns were az. 3 lions rampant or. The fecond coat I 
cannot appropriate. Did it belong to the wife, or to another child of 
Thomas Elis who as well as Conftance or Alice died in the life-time of 
the father and were buried here in order to have the fuppofed benefit 
of the prayers of his chantry priefts ? And were his paternal arms 
omitted after his death by negleft,. or painted on the fhieid and fince 
effaced ? Over this monument* on ftones in the wall are two coats of 
arms. That on the left hand has fretty, a chief) and the other the 

ports arms, three demi-lions impaling three demi-fhips- This tomb 
likewife projects into the churchyard. \ 

Under the weftermoft arch, which does not penetrate through the 
wall, is a handfome altar tomb of Caen ftone$ in the front of which 
are fix fmall fhields, each hanging, from an ornamented hook within 
a quatrefoil, in a circular area formed by the oppofite curvatures of 
two regularly waved lines. The areas have been painted red, and there 
were arms on all the fhields > but the figures and colors are nearly 
effaced. It may be feen however, that there were two coats, baron 

and femme, on the firft fliield; gules a fefie between three j over 

all a chevron voided, on the fecond ; on the fourth a fefie between, 
feemingly, three mullets; and on the fifth a chevron. 


I> Harris (peaks of two monuments hi this fpot; but the fhields arc at the extremi- 
ties of a fingie tomb. f Appendix J, 

3 o8 

My manufcript fays that Thomas Ellis a worfliVpful merchant and 

Margaret his wife were buried in a mod antient monument in this 

lat the bodies of J. Eue (query, Ive,) a worlhipful mer- 
Maud his wife lie in an arched fepulchre in the wall, and 

that here likewife were buried divers worlhipful men of the Sandwiches 


Through the wall that divides the chancel from the north ile has 
been an arcade opening obliquely into the chancel, fimilar to that at 
s* Clement's, but it is now clofed. And there was another fuch arched 
opening in the oppofite wall running in a flanting direction from an 
enclofed chapel or oratory at the upper end of the fouth ile, between 
which and the fmall lioufe appointed for the refidence of the three 
chaplains belonging to Thomas Eiis's chantry was a door of commu- 
nication, which, as well as the arcade, is ftill vifible, but they are both 
now (hut up with mafonry. This probably was the place in which 
the chaplains of Thomas Elis's chantry performed divine offices under 
the direction of his endowment, and was the peculiar chapel of 

his chantry. 

The fouth wall of the nave at the weft end appears not to have fuf- 

fered much from the fall of the fteeple. The outlines of the three 
arches and their pillars are all vifible on the outfide of the wall ; and 
the openings above, each confifting of a munnion and two arches, 
are now glazed and ferve for windows. Similar openings appear in 
the wall feparating the nave from the north ile. It has puzzled people 
to account for the purpofe of thefe large windows; and it may not be 
eafy to determine, whether they were originally defigned to convey 
founds from the nave to the iles or light from the iles to the nave. 

There are memorandums on boards of the benefactions to the parifli 
by fir Henry Furnefe and mr Jarvis. 

The monumental inferiptions in the fouth ile and the churchyard 

will be given in the appendix*. 


* Appendix K. 






Inftituted. Inputted. 

I • 

Died . 


Abbot and convent? T f ' ' X%7U .- 

M'ohn White. 
of s l Augufhn. y .. 

gang* 135a 


Stephen Gravele. 29aug. 13505 8 fept. lofept, 1350, 
John Bethuru 

Tho. Chaworth. 31 July 1437* 

Tho. # Levefham*. 

John Smalef. 1443* 

Robert Way nflete J. 

Leon. Eglesfield §. 20 feb, i5or. 

William Broke. 

1 . 1 1 



William Powes[| 


ap. 1551 

Robert Charles. 5 dec. 1555 
Thomas Pawley. 
Thomas Pett. 

4 ' * » 

17 jan. 1566. 28 jan. 23 may 1566. 

1570. ioo£l. ■ 21 o£t. 1576. • dec. 1 600 

George Joye. 

Hugoner Smythe. 1 July 1577. o£r. 1577. 

John Stybbyng**. 18 July 1578. 7 novr. 22 nov.1578. 

dec. 1627. 



Thomas Warren. 

Robert Lovell A. B. 

John Lodwickff. 

John de Bray. 

Gervas Howe. 21 aug. 1673. 

John Pigot. 

7 feb, 1600. 

oft. 3627. 

dec. 1638. 


2 mar. 1671 \ refigned. 


10 mar. 1679; refigned, 

Dean and chapter:]: J. John Thomas. 1 1 july 1 690. 




21 feb. 1737. 


Q^Was lie rcclor of Lhlington in Middlefex 1441, and of st Magnus, Lon Jon, 1458? Mewcourfs repert. 
v. u p. 398, 689, f He occurs as rector in the corporation books in 1 4.51. J He occurs as rector in the 
corporation books 5 jan, 14.68. § Mailer Leonaid Eglesfield vicary of Recolvers. White book, fol. 7Z. 

II lie was confined to his parfonagc houfe 14 jan. 1554 by the mayor and jurats for faying evenfong in englifli 
contrary to the queen's proclamation. ** In 1 581 the corporation give to m r Stcbbing ten pounds in confi- 

dcration that he cloth yearly read his lcclurcs in e { Peters church 8 months together} whereas the other unniftcrs 
read but 4 months apiece, once in two years. Records, ff Signs himfclf rcclor ; but, have rcafon to believe, 
be only officiated during n vacancy under the fequeftration. }} Sedc vacantc, per lapfum. So my notes; 

but I cannot quole my authority. §§ He was likewife minifter of the Dutch congregation in Sandwich j and 


huiiig his ufidciicc there, he published in englifli, A vindication of the worfhip of Lite Lord Jcfus Cluift as the 

S s 

f up temt 


Patrons. Reclors. Prefented. Inflituted, Induced, D,* e cf f 

AtcWiQwp. George Oliver ||||. aug. 1737. Jan. 1745. 

Crown. W.BunceLL.B.fl 22feb. 1745. junei766. 

Corporation. J. Conant. 5 July 1766. 

In 1528 the corporation granted to fir Edward Guldeford, lord war- 
den of the cinque ports, and fir Henry Guldeford, privy counfellor and 
controller of the houfehold, knights, jointly, the next turn or prefen- 
tation to this living*. 

The curate of gt Peter's, the chantry priefts and churchwardens were 
committed to ward by the mayor and jurats for negle&ing their duty 
on st Bartholomew's day, 1532. 

There is mention in wills of an image of st Michael and of an altar 
of the bleffed virgin in this church 1466.; of fraternities of corpus 
Chrifli, of s t John of Bredlington, of the holy crofs and s t Peter, and 
of the holy trinity 1484. 

For an account of Elys's chantry, founded in this church, fee 

page 185. 

In 1564 it was decreed by the mayor, jurats and common council, 
that the church of fit Peter's Ihould be appropriated to the ufe of the 
Flemings, on account of the plague, that they might be all at one 


1641. It was certified to the lord keeper by the mayor, &c. that the 
fteeple of s t Peter's church is in a very ruinous condition; that it is a 
principal fea mark, and that it is beyond the parifliioners abilities to 
rebuild it 5 the eftimate of the expence being 1500L New black book, 
fol. 398. 

1682. The corporation contributes 30I. towards the repairs of the 
church. Corp. records, vol. viii. fol. 234. The 

fupremc God in all the difyen fat ions, patriarchal, iiioMck and chnltian j demon (I rating that Chiift was Co known 
and worfhipM in all ages from Adam to this clay. 8vo. 1736. and {event! /ingle fcrmons: among- the reft, The 
terrors of God's judgments occailoned by the late dreadful florin of wind on inoiulay the 1 5th of febiuary, 1713. 
Nahum chap, i, v. 3, 8vo. 1714. Nernefis, or the divine jiiftice vindicated from the impious objections of lite 
libertines of this age. John eh. v. v. aS, 29, $vo. 1720. l J cmJence, God's judgment, ov repentance the heft 
prefervativc apinil the infeclion of the plague. 1 chron. eh. vii. v. 13, 14. lie was one of the pcrJbns up- 
pointed by the corporation of Sandwich to fupporl the canopies at the coronation of George the fecond and queen 
Caroline. |||| 11 y lapfe of the corporation, fl Alio vicar of a 1 Clement's by difpenfationdated jo itb, 

i]4$. * AppcndixL , 


appears by the 

by the parifhioners in the laft century. Since 1678 the parifli books 

fh clerk. Thefe cir- 

cumftances were ftated to an eminent counfel on the laft vacancy; and 
it was his opinion, that the reftor has a right of nominating the clerk 
in this parifh; in. which the parifhioners acquiefced, arid the clerk 

was appointed by the redtor. 

parifhioners, and he has a {alary 


the parifh of 40s. for tolling the tenor whenever fervice requires. He 
rings likewife the tenor bell every night at eight o'clock; unlefs there 
be a burial at the church, and again in the morning at four o'clock 
from a fortnight after michaelmas to a fortnight before old lady-day 
except on fundays and in the twelve days after chriftmas: for which 
he has from the corporation annually three pounds and an allowance 
of 6s. 8d. for candles and oil. Are not thefe a continuation of the 
ancient corfew and matin bell? The fexton formerly had an annual 
allowance of 4s. from the corporation for ringing at this church 
" brandgofc" bell at one o'clock, and the <€ curfu" at eight*. 

The fexton alfo rings the fourth bell at every common afTembly, by 
way of notice to the freemen that the mayor and jurats are proceeding 
to the hall. This cuftom originated probably in a decree made in 1534* 
that at a common afTembly, when the mayor comes into the hall, a 
bell at st Peter's called brandegoofe bell fhall begin to ring, and con- 
tinue to be rung half an hour; and if in that time the jurats, com- 
mon councilmen and commoners do not attend, then to be fined, a 
jurat 4(1. a common councilman 2d. and a commoner a penny; and if 
no excufe can be made for abfence, then the fine to be is, 6d. and 4d«. 
refpettively. For this and for ringing the bell on market day the fex- 
ton allowed a falary of 4s. Old red book, fol. $3. This 

* SacrifTa ccclefic fanfti Petri folct quolibet anno habere iiij folidos tic communi per 
ftianus iplbrum cuflodum pro campana pulfanda, qualibct die ad horam prinlain, quedici- 
ur brandgofcbelle, ct pro ignitcgio, quod dicitur curfu, ibnanclo qualibct no£lc ad fuain 
horam. Ex libro cuflumalu 

S f 2 



' This church, by a decree of- the mayor, jurats 'ancTcommon council 
in 1564$ was appropriated to the ufe of the Flemings. Little black 
book, fol. 248. 

In a manufcript regifter of s 1 Auftin's monaftery is the following, 
which. I cannot explain. Alex/ epis. ferv. fervor. Dei &c. eccles, de 
Menflre laici Soldahi nomine et.eccles. s. Petri in Sandwico au&or. 

v> i w "*\ v. 

St Mary's is a vicarage, of which the. archdeacon of Canterbury is 
patron. It renders for procurations, to the archbiftiop four fhillings, 
and to the archdeacon feven fhillings. . It is difcharged of firft fruits, 
is valued in the kings books at 81. is. old. the tenths are oh 16s. i|d;- 
and its certified value is forty pounds. It was one of the poor livings- 
not taxed to the tenth in the year 1384-fv and was enumerated among 
the fpiritualities and temporalities of the archbifliop of Canterbury f .. 

The incumbents are entitled to both great and fmall tithes, and fe- 
veral of them have ftiled themfelves reftors in the regifter, and fome,- 
as I have heard, have been inftituted as fuch. At prefent the vicar re- 
ceives the tithes of about 84 acres of land, viz. of. 24 acres of arable 
land in black-field belonging to s fc Bartholomew's 'hofpitalj of 30 acres 
of marfh-land belonging to* the corporation of Sandwich; of 27 acres 
of arable land on Boatman's hill > of two acres of arable land adjoining. 
to black-field, and of two acres of pafture called the harp without 
Woodnefborough gate. There were great difpntes formerly between 
the reftors of Eaftry and the vicars of st Mary's rcfpeSiing the tithes of 
a fmall diflrift of land called puttocks-down, but -the decifions in the 
ecclefiaftical courts were conftantly againft st Mary's;];, .and the tithes 
now belong to Word, a part of which was then included in the pariili 
of Eaftry. v - This 

* There was land in Tlianet, called Sudaneie, fa i d by the monks to have been given- 
in Dompncva, abbels of Mynilrc, by Suabherd a king of Kent, in 676. Lewis's 

Thanet, p. 84, coll, p. 56. f Chron. W. Thorn, inter dec, SS. a TwyCdm^ coU 

XT65, 2169. :|; Appendix M. 

-&£ vsnbi/ljarfp* 


ff ZJ J^JS ^ J3 Jtf €? "FT 













This living has be£n augmented from queen Ann's bounty, and the 
greater part of the money has been expended in the purchafe of marfh 
land in the parifli of Woodnefborough, lying on the fouth fide of the 
caufey leading to Each- end. There is a collection for the muiifter 
from the houfes, &c. as in the other parifhes, and he receives annu- 
ally 6s. 8d. under the denomination of tithe of the old crane. 

The poor rates are by the pound at rack rents. A fhiUing cefs raifes- 
about 46L of which the land yields about 9L There are ufually four 
nine-penny cefles in a year. The fums raifed for the poor of this 
parifh were, in- 1687, about 84I. in 1737, about 92I. and in 1787, 

J77lm ... . . 

In 1640 the value of this .living was eftimated at 681. and there were 

385 communicants. In 1776 there were 168 houfes and 614 inhabi- 
tants, that is, about 3.65 to a houfe. 
The regifter begins in 1538* The churchwardens accounts are pre- 


The firft volume is bound* 

in oaken boards: the leaves 1 have been newly ftitched, and it has been 
otherwife repaired fo as to form a handfome book. It begins in 1444, 
and contains the accounts* of that year, and of the years 1445 to 1449/ 
1456 to 1464, all in the hand-writing of Thomas Norman 5 of t lie- 
years 1495, x 49^> 1500 to 1502, 1504 to 1519, 1521 to 1523, 1526' 
1531, 1542, 1545 to 1548, 1558, 1568, and 1582. The next 
book begins in 1632 and ends with 1/30. Some extra&s f 
volumes will be given in the appendix*. 



Benefa&ions and "eftates. 


A third part of the mill garden in gt Clement's parifli for repair of 
the church -j*, 

Solomon. Hougham efq. of London, who was fheriffof Kent in 1 6 9 6 > 
and died in 1697, by his will dated 27 July 1694, gave to Edward 
Fellow and Thomas Now'ell of Sandwich, and to their heirs and 
afligns for ever, an annuity or yearly rent-charge of eleven pounds out 

f Appendix N« f Sec jwpes 282, 283. 



of Barton field in the parifh of ft Paul in Canterbury, to be paid upon 
the firft day of June every year, upon truft to pay the fame every four 
and twentieth day of June to the churchwardens of st Mary's, to be by 
them dispofed of in this manner, viz. four fhillings to be laid out in 
penny loaves every funday, and upon chriftmas day yearly twelve (hil- 
lings to be laid out alfo in penny loaves, to be diftributed at church 
after ferrnon or divine fervice to fuch of the pooreft of the faid parifii 
as the churchwardens fhall think fit 3 and in cafe of age and ficknefs, 
if any cannot come, their portion of bread to be lent home to them*. 
A moiety of two fifth parts of the neat produce of a farm at Wed- 


dington, in Afh, given by fir Henry Furnefe baronet -f% 

A third part of m r Peter Jarvis's legacy f\ 

John Dekewer of s £ John's Hackney efq. who died in 1762, by his 
will dated 28 July 1760, gave to the minifter and churchwardens of 
st Mary's in Sandwich and their fucceflors 500], to be laid out within 
fix months after his deceafe in the public funds or other government 
fecurities, in truft to amend, repair, fupport and preferve the family 
vault and tomb, and the iron-work round the fame, in st Mary's 
churchyard, and once in every three years to paint the faid rails *, and 
alfo on every funday after divine fervice in st Mary's, in every week 
fuccefiively, for ever, to give four fhillings in bread to the poor of the 
faid parifh, and to lay out the remainder of the dividends in coals, to 
be given to the poor of the faid parifh at Chriftmas eve yearly, unlefs 
the fame happen on a funday, otherwife at the day before, at the dis- 
cretion of the faid minifter and churchwardens, &c. and for no other 
purpofe or intent whatfoeverj* 

Mr Sprat's legacy of a hundred pounds is placed in the old fouth fea 
annuities in the names of the rev. John Conant, Daniel Rainier elxj. 
and capt. Peter Rainier, and the dividend is 4L 10s. 8d§* 

Three final] tenements and a chamber lying together in church ftreet 



m Appendix O. -J- Sec pages 282, 283. :|: Appendix P. § Sec page 283 


Two final! tenements on the eaft fide of bowling alley 

A garden near the beagrams in the occupation of Jofeph Solly efq; 

at 30s. a year. 
A third part of the rent of a piece of ground, on the mill wall, in 

the occupation of the heirs- of James Smith, at three (hillings a year. 

A tenement in church ftreet, abutting to the faid ftreet e. to the 
pafTage into g* Jacob's churchyard n. to a barn erefted on ground be- 
longing to the parifli w. and to the king's head alehoufe, formerly 

the chequers. 

A piece of ground, behind the tenement laft mentioned, containing 

in breadth along the faid tenement 15 feet and along st Jacob's church- 
yard 15 feet, and in length along the pafTage into s t Jacob's churchyard 
45 feet, and at the other Qnd next the yard of the king's head, for- 
merly the chequer, 45 feet, under leafe to Henry Jull for 99 years, in 
confideration of five pounds in hand and a referved yearly rent of fix 
pence. The leafe dated 12 July 1750. 

A barn,, and land adjoining containing feven perches of ground, and 
the paffage and cartway through the faid land 3 demifed to Lawrence 

Stoddard 17 may 1727 for 99 years, in confideration of a fine of 22L 
1 os. and a referved annual rent of two fhillings. The parifli has not 
received this rent fince the year 1730. 

A querent of two (hillings a year out of a barn belonging to m* 
Ifaac Slaughter, at the corner of church ftreet. 

A quitrent of 4s. 8d. a year out of a garden oppofite the beagrams 
in the occupation of Richard Solly efq. 

A quitrent of 8d. a year for a garden at the corner of church ftreet 
in s t Clement's parifli belonging to m*' George Sayer. 

A quitrent of 3s. 4c!. a year for a houfe in high ftreet, st Clement's, 
belonging to to the heirs of m r Stephen Bradly, formerly the pelican. 

Streets, &c. in st Mary's. 

Part of ftranct ftreet 3 part of liarnet ftreet 5 part of delph ftreet;. 
buttermilk lane ; paradife row ; church ftreet 5 vicarage lane 5 bowling 
alleys guildcount lane j moatfolc, Cerlis,. 



Cerlis, ferelys, ferles, erolys lane, alias bowling alley j buttermilk 
Jane alias pain tors ftreet; a houfe called the caftie of flint*, abutting 
to payn tours Jane vv. a houfe called the kings lodging* on the north 
fide of ftrand ftreet oppofite to the queen's arms; st Mary's ftreet - 
gt Mary's lane, now vicarage lane; Sandwich lane; loop ftreet, the 
paffage from the fouth end of church ftreet to the buts, afterwards 
called Thompfon's ftreet, the north end of this pafTage was called walls 
end; white ftone crofs, or white crofs ftreet, feems to have been the 
weft end of delf ftreet; venella vocata doggerenland, dreggers lane, the 
paffage probably on the north fide of paradife garden $ and gafcoign 
lane muft have been a lane leading from thence into ftrand ftreet; the 
overkey was a pailage from buttermilk lane into paradife row; tene- 
ment urn, alias falariurn, vocatum romeland in gafcoign lane; a chapel 
or hermitage in gafcoign lane; metacres lane ; loverykys lane; bare 
ftreet, the north end of harnet ftreet; Cacherel's gate ; monken keyf, 
monken key gate ; s f Mary lane and s 1 Mary gate, the paffage from 
ftrand ftreet to the key oppofite the north end of potters ftreet; Jefus 
key, at the north fide of mr Maundy's houfe oppofite black lane; pil- 
lory gate, the paffage to the haven from ftrand ftreet nearly oppofite to 
the end of the butchery ; the plachee, or pleatsje, in guildconnt lane, 
a name given by the Dutch to a rectangular piece of ground contain- 
ing buildings and yards within a ftone wall ; the fpy delf, a waterlade, 
or dipping place, at the weft end of a paffage between haven houfe 
and helle" barn, from the dutch word fpuy, a drain or fewer; either 
becaufe the fullage of this part of the town is conveyed by a ditch 
along that paffage into the delf, or becaufe the delf near this place 
receives the waters of Polders valley, and may therefore be deemed 
the fewer of that diftrift; the beagrams, a piece of ground on the 
weft iide of the paffage leading to the fluke on the butts ; bay-hall was 
a building, at the north fide of ftrand ftreet, where the bays and fays 

were examined and fealed by the bay-hall company; it was taken down 


f Thc/c two tenements formerly belonged to fir Roger Man wood, f Appendix Q. 


about 1693; behind bay-hall was the old crane; the water-lane, cc a 

« paffage from the vicarage houfe to the delf enclofed on each fide 
« with a hedge of elders, fo broad as to admit a maid to go with two 
pails*/' The butts/ a piece of ground between Woodnefborough 


gate and the buildings at the fluicef . 

Tenementum cum cayo inter communem portam vocatam Cacherels 

gate e. in ftrond flrete. 

A tenement abutting to Sandwich lane e. land belonging to gt Mary's 


church w. and dreggers lane n. Another tenement abutting to st Mary 
lane e. to Sandwich lane w. and a tenement belonging to the chantry 
of the blefied virgin Mary n. ' Another tenement near a place called 
Sandwich in Sandwich lane. A garden in dregger's lane, befide a 
ground called Sandwich and belide Sandwich lane, 

A chantry houfe in church flreet adjoining to a tenement belonging 
to the corporation. 

A corner tenement in s t Mary's flreet abutting to the faid flreet s 
to £t Jacob's churchyard w. and to church flreet e. 

A tenement in ftrand flreet abutting to the faid flreet n. to s t Mary 
lane e. to a garden of fir Roger Manwood and a tenement of the cor- 
\ a *vt\an Se to other lands and a lane adjoining to the garden of the 
faid fir Roger w. 

An acre of land at the fluice by the butts lying to the delf w. to loop 
flreet e. to the fluice s. and to a tenement formerly belonging to the 
abbot and convent of Boxley now to John Mailer n. 1 and 2 of 
Philip and Mary. 


A celar in loveryks lane over againfl the vicarage lane at the water- 





A tenement in delf flreet abutting to the common ditch, called dyrte 
dikes, and to the delf n. 

A conveyance to Roger Manwood of a tenement and garden in ftrand 
ftrect s l Mary's, between the flreet s. a tenement of John Matters w. 
the haven 11, and a tenement of the chantry of Laurence Cundy e. 

T t A garden 

* New red book, fol. 252. + Appendix R. 


A garden between S* Jacob's churchyard n. a tenement and garden 
of the abbot and convent of the monaftery of Boxley e. and s. 

The little mill bergh abutting to a pafture called maiden bower w, 
the town dike e. the caufey n. and a pafture s. The mill bank for- 
merly called maiden tower. 

A lane leading down to paradife and adjoining to the ground of fir 
Peter Man wood toward the weft, being of fmall life, is to be enclofed 
and part of it to be laid to the houfe given to the poor, and the reft 
of the land is granted in equal parts to two perfons at a quitrent of 
twelve pence each. 

Void ground at the end of Gafcoign lane granted to Edward Wood 
at 4d, quitrent. 

The church ftands in a low fituation on the fouth fide of ftrand 
ftreet towards its weftern extremity. It confifts of a north ile, and the 
nave, which has a flat ceiling meafuring nearly 66 feet in length and 
46 £ feet in breadth. The feparation between them is by 5 circular 
arches and their pillars of wood. The chancel extends beyond the ile 
and terminates the nave, but is not quite fo wide on account of 
break in the fouth wall by which it is con traced to the breadth of j&| 
feet. It has two large windows at the eaft end, and the afcent to it, 
from the body is by three fteps on each fide, between which entrances 
are the mayors feat and other pews* The altar-piece, table and rails 
are of the beft wainfcot and very ornamental. Part of the fteeple fell 
in 1448, and it then underwent a great repair* It however fell again 
on the 25th of april 1667, and brought down with it moft of the 
church, The weftern wall and portions of the fouth ile and its chancel 
remain, and plainly fhew that the conftrudtion of this church, as to 
form and materials, was very much like that of the others. There 
were in the old building two iles and the nave? the latter was ter- 
minated by the high chancel, and the fouth ile by S* Lawrence chancel. 
In 1669 the parifh obtained an order from the court at Canterbury to 

fell the ufelefs timber and the bells, for rebuilding the church j and it 



M*nTJt7ti//Jct//jp . 

/ Jettt/t /tao 0/ SfJl AMY'S CarRCtTnt 

e /a 



JUWJ as ?lr J* &v#*:DeS*. WW. ¥ WJity* 'Eft V 


- y 

j, Hawj$wi€ii 

/W/>/M;/ t/jg /A .',*/ f/irrr/sA-'IV'/Ws 7fa/? &/>',' 2?, /ffif, 



does not appear that any fteeple was built till 171 8, when the prefent 
low fteeple was raifed upon the fouth porch in purfuance of a vote of 
veftry " to buy a bell and ereft a cupola," for which cefTes were made 
to the amount of 141L 8s. The bell coft 14L 5$. nd". *and is thus 
fnfcribed, " This bel was bought and fteeple built A. D. 171 8. J. 
« Bradley. R. Harvey ch. wardens. R. P. F." Prior to this there 
were five fmall bells, which about the year 1639 had been formed out 
of three larger ones at the expence of 3 61. Thefe five bells were fold, 
as is laid, to the parifh of Elham in Kent. The font ftands at the 
weft end of the nave : it is a ftone bafon having eight faces charged al- 
ternately with plain fhields and rofes in quatrefoils. On the fhaft are 

GW, II. RS. DE. IC. POD. 1662. 

Monuments and infcriptions in the church; 

On grave-ftones, at the weft end of the nave. 

Richard Smith d. 25 [an. 1717, in his 75th year. Mary his wife d. 
25 th march 1722, aged 71 years. Richard Smith their fon d. 3d mar, 
731, aged 50 years. John Verrier efq* eldeft fon of major William V. 
and Martha his wife, d. 1st aug. 1737, aged 62 years. Mary his wife, 
daughter of Richard and Mary Smith, d. 4th mar. 1739, aged 54. Mr 
Richard Verrier, fon of the above Johp, d. 13th feb. 1744, aged 41. 

Mrs Rebecca Poyel and her child. -She was the wife of m r Jof. 
Povel and the eldeft daughter of m r s Rebecca Stroud. She died the 9th 
oft, 1687, aged 27. . - 

If the teares of a mother could fech them back again, 
I could bee mourning all my dayes to my lives end : 
But I hope in heaven there fouls are at reft, 
Which makes theire exchaing much for the beft. 

In the fouth fpace. 

H. S. E. 
Johannes Carder generofus, oppidi hujus quondam pretor, artis 
medicas peritiffimus, chirurgicae expertiffimus; cujus morum fuavitas 





facile reddidit omnibus charura et dile&um j cujus sequitas jure ven- 
dicabat a civibus fuis cultum et honorem -, cujus igitur fatum ineluc- 
tabile populum, amicos et prscfertim familiam fiiam luclu et moerore 
afFecit: obiit 9°° calendarum aprilis, anno setatis fuse Ix, falut. human. 
M. D, C, C, XL. VII. Hie etiam in pace requiefcunt filii ambo, Johannes 
ac Georgius, indolis eximise juvenes. 

^ -Hit £ X HS .749. anno «*. £ 

Oftendunt terris quos tantum fata fupremis, 

Hos falti 


1 75 2 j aged 5 1 . John the Con of John 

and Sarah Petley d. in his minority, 

Mary the wife of capt, John White d. 19th dec. 1735, aged 38. 
Capt. John White d. 30th mar. 1741, aged 47. Mrs Sarah Butler 
their daughter d, 5th dec. 1787, aged 56. 

In the middle fpace. 

On a fmall ftone i c a. 1659. 

Edward Parker d. 16th jan. 1703, aged 26. Mors ultima linea rerum. 
On an old ftone are the remains of a crofs flory refting on a clog or 
lion, and the following imperfedt infeription in old characters. 

ie: novembris anno i: m: ccc: xxx... : cuju. 

In the north ile. 

At the northweft corner of the church are three black marble grave- 
ftones lying in a row on a platform raifed a few inches above the level 
of the reft of the pavement. 



times mayor of this town who died the 10 th of dec. 173 1, in the 63 d 
year of his age; alfo of Mary his wife daughter of John de Back of 
this town, merchant, who died the 15th of july 1719, in the 47 th ycare 

laid John and Mary 


r + 


the 22^ of april 1712, aged 14'years; aifo* of Elizabeth daughter of the 
faid John and Mary who died the 5th of oft. 1718, aged 7 years 5 alfo 
of Richard H. gent, another, fon of the: faid J. and MJ who was twice 
mayor of this town, and died the 2^o£ may 1753, in the^yth year of 
his age 5 alfo of John and Thomas fons of John H. gent, another fon* 
of the abovefaid J. and M. by Katharine his wife daughter of Thomas 
Nowell gent, which Thomas d. aug, the 9th 1726, aged 4 months. 
John died July the 18th 1730, in the 7th year* of his age. Arms, arg. 
on a pale fable 3 crefcents of the field. 

2. In this vault lieth interred the : body of Mary wife of Gervas 
Hayward gent, fon of John H; and. Mary his wife; fhe was daughter 
of John Verrier efq. of. this town and died the 24th of oft. 1750, in 
the 49 th year of her age, leaving iflue one daughter. - Alfo Mary the- 
daughter of John- and Mary Hayward who died 1-6 ap. 1765:, aged $y. 
Alfo Thomas the fon of John and Mary Hayward who died 3d may 
1766 in the r 67 th year of his age: alfo the body of Gervas Hayward 
efq. who died 16 oft. 1770, aged 74 years. He left one daughter dame 
Mary Hales widow of fir! Thomas Pyni' Hales of Howletts in* this 
county. Arms, Hayward impaling (az>) a lion- rampant (or;) on a- 
chief (ai£.) a mullet (gu.) between two torteauxes. for Verrier. 

3. In this vault lyeth interred the body of John Hayward efq. who 
died the 14 th jan. 1758, in the 63 d year of his age j he married Jane 
the daughter of John Paramor efq; who died the 15th -of ap. 1720, by 
whom he had iffue Jane widow of John Hawker efq. now living. 
He then married Catharine the daughter of Thomas Nowell efq: 
who is ftill living, by whom he had iffue two fons John and Thomas 
who both died in their minority. Here alfo lieth Catherine the 
wife of John Hayward efq. who died 20 fept. 1760, aged 67. Arms, 
Hayward impaling (arg.) three covered cups (fable r ) for Nowell. 

Sarah Hrowne, daughter of Daniel and Elizabeth Browne, d. 21st 
feb. 1716, aged 18 years. George Browne their fon d. aged 2 years 
and 3 months. 

JefFrcy Sacket, fon of capt, Jeffrey Sacket gent, jurat, d, 24th aug. 

1681, aged 2i, 



Capt. Jeffery Sacket, jurat and twice mayor, d. zz& fept. 1695, 

aged 80. 

Sara Sacket daughter of capt. Jeffrey S. d. 22* July 1683, aged 28. 

Patience Sacket daughter of capt. Jeffrey S. d. 22<* fept. 1676, 

aged 21. 

Edward Fellow gent, jurat d. i«t dec. 1731, aged 65. Mrs Eliza- 
beth his wife d. 8& aug. 1759, aged 84 years. Eight children. 

Mrs Sarah Kelley wife of nv John K. d. 13th ap. 1743, aged 5;. 
Mr John Kelley d. 17th may 1744, aged 62. Mrs Elizabeth Kelley d. 
5th may 1749, aged 88. John Kelley gent, fon of the above John d. 
8th July 1758, aged 30 years. Sarah and Mary-Elizabeth daughters of 
William and Ann Cannon d. in their minority. Mrs Ann Cannon d. 

29 fept. 1759, aged 3$ years. 

Benjamin Kelley d. nth a p. 1702, in his 47th year. Benjamin his 
fon d. aged 9 months. Elizabeth daughter of mr John Kelley and 
Sarah his wife d. in 172 1, aged 4 years and 10 months. Mary another 
daughter d. 2<*dec. 1722, aged 2 months. Sarah another daughter d. 

23d july 1738, aged 1 8 years. Elizabeth, Mary and Jane daughters of 
Benjamin and Elizabeth K. d. 1700. 
On a fmall ftone T. B. 1663. 

My retting road is found, 

Vaine hope and hap adew 

Love hoome you lift; 

Death hath mee rid from you. 

The Lord did mee from London bring 

To lay my body cloas heare-in. 

I was my fathers only hey re, 

And the firft my mother bare j 

But before one yeare was fpcnt 

The Lord his meffenger for mee fent. 

Robert Nedler deceafed the 24^ of June 1635. 




In the chancel. 

Peter Broucke of -Sandwich merchant d. iath July 1701, aged g$l 
Edward Kelk gent, fonne of Chriftopher K, of Lincolnfhire gent.. 

had to wife Elizabeth daughter of Chriftopher Tylchman of Selling. 

gent, and had iffue by her two fonnes Edw. and Edward y d. 6th june 

1623, aged 53, Arms,- (fable,) abend cotifed flory (or). 
Next adjoining is a large ftone, reft of its brazen ornaments, which 

formerly commemorated the deaths of Roger Manwood and his family. 

The place where it lies was formerly st Lawrence chancel*. 


Phebe Den late wife of Thomas Den buryed 15th July 1612^ 

Mural monuments. 

In the chancel againft the north wall* 

On a monument of ftone much defaced are the figures of a man and 
woman kneeling at a prie dieu and underneath on a tablet of black 

marble is this infcription. 

Abrahamus Rutten, pr^etoriano hujus oppidi officio fungens, prsefuit 
prudens, vixit probus, obiit pius* vita in hanc terreftrem coelefti com- 
mutans 16 femptembris i6o8 3 menfe praefe&urae fuse decimo, anno 
statu 43 3 multiplici interim beatus prole, feptem nimirum mafculis 
fexque foemellis e Sufanna uxore ejus cariflima profpere prognatis, qua 
hoc dilecliflimi defunfti conjugis memorise et amoris ergo pofuit. 

On a tablet of black marble. Near the remains of Abraham Rut* 
ten lieth the body of the rev. John Rutton his defcendant: he died 
July the 28th 1763, aged 85, after having been re&orof this parifli up- 
wards of 5 ? o years. 

Againft the fouth wall is a handfome monument of marble with the 
following arms and infcription. 

Quarterly two coats, Argent five chevronels fable for HoughanK 
Per pale az. and gu. a lion rampant argent for In 

* Sec the pedigree of Manwood. 


la memory of Solomon Hougham mayor of this town 1639, who 

died nov. the 27* 1658, aged 59 years, and of Mary his wife buried 
jan. 19th 1641 : and alfo of Richard Hougham his eldeft fon buried 
april 26 1662; and laftly of Solomon Hougham efq. his fecond fon, 
merchant of London, .and high flierif of the county of Kent 1696, who 
dyed a bachlour march the 16^ 169?, in the 73 d year of his age. 

Both Indies, both the poles, nay both worlds knew 

His traffick, juftice and his bounty too. 

Giving all on earth the heavenly pearl t'obtain, 

He liv'd with profit, and he died with gain. 
Solomon Hougham, nephew, heir and fole executor to the laft de~ 
ceafed, caufed this monument to be erected, who departed this life oct. 
24th 1714, in the 58th year of his age. 

Againft the fame wall on marble. Mrs Mary Stewart wife of Jofeph 
Stewart efq. of this town d, 6& dec. 1775, aged 41. Arms, arg. a lion 
ramp. gu. over all a bend raguled or. Creft, a lion's head argent. 

Over the fourth door on a neat marble monument. In memory of 
•Richard Solly gent, who was thrice mayor of this corporation 5 he 
died the 7th day of may 1731, aged $7 .years; and likewife of Anna his 
wife daughter of John Crickett gent, and Mary his wife, by whom he 
had ifllie 10 fons and 3 daughters; fhe died the 27th day of dec. 1730, 
aged 54 years ; and alfo of Mary their daughter, wife of mr Stephen 
Long, who died the 30th of jan. 1725, aged 28 years; and alfo of ie- 
ven fons and one daughter, who all died in their minority. Arms, az. 
a chev. -party per pale or and gu. between three foles naiant argent. 
Cre&, a foJe naiant argent upon a crefcent or. 

Altar tombs. 

At the weft end of the nave on a black marble flab covering a mo- 
nument of brick. In a vault beneath this ftone licth the bodies of 
i\v John Cricket once mayor of this town, who died the 24 th may 
5720, aged 72, and of Mary his wife, who died the 24th dec. 1729, 

aged 76, and of Peter their ion, who died die 26^ may 1717, aged 26. 



On an adjoining tomb of grey ftone. Here lies the bodys of Peter 

Nowell gent, aged 68 yeares, who died the 25th day of oft. 1694, being 

maior of this corporation, and Judith his wife aged 59 yeares, who 

died may the 20th 16955 and alfo of Thomas Nowell their fonne, aged 

36 year, who died feb. the 14 th 1694, and Catherine his wife aged 27 

yeares, who died the 16th day of may 1694. Arms, (argent,) 3 covered 

cups (fable.) 

Reader here lie beneath this {ingle (lone 

Four, yet, as much as love could make them, one. 
Not fouls and bodys are fo ftriftly tied, 
For fate could thofe but cou'd not thefe divid : 
And fooncr cou'd pale death's refiftlefs dart 
Them from themfelvs than from each other part. 
Fate ev'n improv'd their union, fince it gave 
Death in one year, and in one tomb a grave*. 
Ey the gallery flairs, on a black marble table, upon a tomb of brick 
heading up to the w. wall. Here lyeth the body of Thomas, the foil 
of Thomas Danfon late preacher in this towne, who was born oft. 23J 
1668, and died oft 23 d 1674. 

Upon oftober's three and twentith day 
The world began, as learned annals fay; 
That was this child's birth day, on that he dy'd: 
The world's end may in his be typify'd. 
Oh happy little world ! whofe work is done 
Before the greater, and his reft begun. 
On a raifed monument of brick covered with a black marble flab in 

the north ile 

Jofcph J 

died the 15th nov. 1747, aged ^ years; and of Elizabeth his wife, 
who died the 28th July 1738, aged 28 years ; and alfo of Elizabeth their 
daughter, who died an infant in the year 1735. This tgmb (lands 


* This epitaph was written by m r Stephen Hunt of Canterbury, a relation, who died at 
Paris about 1714, I fafpeft m r Hunt had read Ciafliaw. See his poems by Phillips, p. 81. 



clofe before, and hicks the altar part of, a monument erected under an 
arch hi the north wall to the memory of fir William Laverock knight 
of Afh, and dame Emma his wife, the daughter of fir John Septvans 
of Afh knight; who, according to the Sandwich manufcript, were the 
principal repairers or builders of S* Mary's church, after it was burnt 
by the French in the time of Richard the fecond, and were buried here 
in the reign of Henry the fourth. 

On an adjoining monument of brick covered with a flab of 

variegated marble. 

Here lye the bodyes of William Maundy gent, who died whilft 
maior of this town 15 th oft. 1701, aged 65 5 and of Martha his wife, 
who died 15 th may 1691, aged 47; alfo of Sarah wife of Richard 
Maundy gent, a fon of Will, and Mar. who died 5 mar. 1709, aged 
343 and of William, Martha, John, Anna and Sarles their children; 
which fix all died in 7 months and two days ; and of Robert and Anna 


Ma re he 

1729 \ and of Robert who died 20th jan. 1734. Rd. Mr. and Ro.* 
all died about 12 years old. On the fouth face of the fame tomb on a 
table of ftone. Near this tomb lies alfo inter'd the body of rn r Richard 
Maundy gent, who exchang'd this mortal for an immortal life feb. 1 1 
1739, setatis 62 > of whom it may be faid, 

Such was his life and fuch his happy end, 
As fhew'd whateer could juftly recommend 
The gentleman, the chriftian, or the friend ! 


On the upper greeze of the font is a fragment of a graveilone thus 
inferibed. Hie requie Warfon ille 12 00. . 1617 obiit ... vixit 


There are ftones pointing out the entrances info the vaults of mr 
Solly and nv Stewart: and there are inferiptions on board commemo- 
rating the benefactions oi John Dekewcr cfq, Solomon Hougham gent, 
fir Henry Furnefe bar. and m r Peter Jarvis. 


;* Richard, March and Robert, 


Several names appear on the ftones at the outfide of the e. and n: 
walls of the chancel, and there is this date, 1 671, on one of the but- 
treffes \ and with-infide of the e. wall over the altar-piece, in a (hallow 
arched recefs, are thefe names and date : 1671, John Forwood, John 
Simons, churchwardens. Bodow.. Cvper, a friend to this work, . On 
the fteeple is 1719, and at the top of the w. wall of the nave withou 

is 1673. 

Sir Edward Ringeley knight and dame Elizabeth his wife, daughter 




buried in the 

fouth ile of st Mary's church in the reign of Ed VI. according to the 
Sandwich MS. which fays further, that William lord Clinton was in- 
terred here under a gilded arch in the fouth wall of the church; which 
arch was mured up in the time of Ed. VI. but was to be feen, in the 
churchyard, at the time the MS. was written. It is the fame projection, 
perhaps, that appears now in the churchyard on the fouth fide of the 
chancel. Here were alfo buried William Condie, who founded a 
chantry in this church, and Mawde his wife. They were interred in 
the fouth ile of the old church near the tomb of lord Clinton, but there 
is nothing now to point out precifely the fituation of their remains, 
nor thofe of Thomas Manwood gent, a goodly and pleafant gentleman, 
as the MS. ftates, who died in the reign of Hen. VIII. and was buried 
in the belfry. 

Before the building of st Mary's church, on its very fite was 
in ancient times, fays the MS. a monaftery or nunnery founded by 
Domneva, queen and aunt to king Egbert, in 640, and dedicated to 
the virgin Mary. The church was destroyed by the Danes, and rebuilt 
by queen Emma wife of Canute. It was again deftroyed by the French 
in the reign of Richard the fecond. An anchorefs had her cell at the 

eaft end of the church in the 20th of Hen. VIII*. 

A little 

* The MS. quotes Gloflinc (Gotfclinc or Goceline, 1 fuppofe,) the monk, dc adventu 
s. Auguftini, for fome of thefe particulars; but, according to Thorn, Dotnpneva or 
Dompncnn was the coufm-german of Egbert, being the daughter of Hrnicivrcd, and the 
filler of Etbclred and Ethcbryt who were muulcicd by Thunor. Dec. fcript. col, jqcO. 

U 11 

328 : 

A little way to the fouthweft of gt Mary's was a chapel dedicated to 
st James, but there is nothing now to point out the fituation of the 
building. The cemetery remains, and is ufed occafionally as a burial 
place. At the fouthweft corner was a hermitage, the refidence probably 
of the hermit, whofe duty it was, according to the Sandwich MS, to 
niiniftfer to Grangers and the poor, to bury the dead, and pray for the 
people in the chapel. The laft hermit there was John Steward, who 
was afterwards vicar of st Mary's. The chapel was deftroyed in the 
reign of Ed. VI. It appears that this chapel was under the manage- 
ment of the officers of s t Mary's parifh, and that the building was 
repaired in 1445 and 1478*. The churchyard of S* James feems to 
have got into lay hands at the fuppreffion, for in 1578, it was en- 
feoffed by Edward Wood to certain perfons for the neceffary repairs of 
the parifh. The trull was renewed in 1624 and 1649. It is defcribed 
to be 176 feet long; 124 feet in breadth at the e, end, and 66 at the 
w. end-f\ 

Befides what are mentioned at page 189, there were in s t Mary's 
church " our lady's autre," " st Urfellars auterj" an image of st John 
the evangelift in alabafter \ " a relike of feynt Brydys hert ;" " John of 
< f the crofle," and a brotherhood of s t Chriftopher. 

The memorials in the churchyard J; the bederoll§, an inventory of 
the plate and veftmcnts in the middle of the 15 th century §, and a fche- 
dule of the evidences of the parifh § will be given in the appendix, 


llyngf oc 



* Thomas Norman's account 10 appendix N 3 and Old black book, fol. 244. 
f Evidences of s* Mary's, numbers ^ ^ $ 9 jn appendix T 3, ;|: Appendix S. 

§ Appendix T 1, 2, 3, || Appendix M. fl Deeds, ** Churchwarden's 




Richard Reynell* about 1460. 

John Leef in 1472. 

William Mereman 151 5, 1-519:}:. 

John Crofte§ 1547, 1552. 

Thomas Swinnerton reftor. Inducted 

John Stewart || rector 1563. 
Thomas Pawfon 


25 feb. 1565. 1597.. 

Humphry Aylworth S. T. B. -. - 12 apr. 1597 

Stephen Huffam A. M. - - 23 July 1600. 

Stephen Huffam refigned 1624. - 29 apr. 1616. 

Thomas Gardener A. M. - - 4. July 1624. 1635. 

Thomas Miller A. M. refigned 1642; - 3 nov. 1635. 

Samuel Mills A. M. 
John Lodwick^f 
John Piggot A. M. 

4 nov. 1642. 1644; 

20 july 1 66 1. 

21 dec. 1677. 1^8 . 

John Thomas A. M. - 22 Jan. 1689. 1706* 

John Rutton A.M.** 

171 3. 1 763:,. 

Egerton Leigh J J ceded for Murfton 1774. 1764. 

William Thomas A. B. - - 31 mar. 177c. 

There is mention in the regifter of the following perfons. 
Mr John Terrey minifter 1622. 
Mr Caleb Jacob minifter, buried 26 aug. 1627. 

Mr Samuel Prichard minifter and preacher of God's word bur. 4 feb.' 


Mr Dicus minifter of this parifh buried at Elfted in Effex 21 ap. 1649. 
Jt appears from the books of the corporation that in 161 1 the cor- 
poration allowed 30I. to mr Richard Marfton " preacher of God's word 
« to be entertained to preach a weekly le&uie in the town;" and 1614 
the fame fum was allowed " for a like fervice to mr Geere m after of 



* Trcafurcrs accounts, f Old black hook, fol. 208. % Vcftry boooks. 

§ Rcgiflcr. || Corporation records. 4 Signs rcftor in the regifter, ** Signs 

rcftor. Jt Signs xcflor. §§ New black book, fol. 14, 31. 


Mr Prentice occurs as minifter in Sandwich about 1651 and mr 

Mather about 1654. 

Mr Robert Webber and m r Thomas Danfon were officiating mi- 
ni Iters in Sandwich during the troubles of the laft century; but 1 have 


not iearnt to what particular livings they were inftituted here. The 
revenues indeed of the livings feern to have been appropriated at that 
time in a general way to the ufe of the minifters, by the mayor, jurats 
and commonalty. See their vote of aflembly quoted at page 249, 
note f. Mr Webber was one of the cornmiffioners in Kent for eject- 
ing fcandalous minifters, and five others were joined with him, who 
were all fufferers afterwards for nonconformity. He was a fellow of 
Wadham coll- Oxford, and was ejected from his cure in Sandwich by 
the Bartholomew a<5t in 1662. Mr Danfon was M. A. and a fellow 
of Magdalen coll. Oxford. He was turned out of his living at Sand- 
wich, in oft. 1660, upon pretence of a flaw in the title to his place, 
but he foon after had the living of Sibfton in Suffolk; whence alfo he 
was ejetted in 1662, and he died in 1694. He was a man of confi- 
derable learning and publifhed feveral trafts, viz The quakers folly 
made manifeftj or a true relation of what palled in three deputations 
in Sandwich. Load, 1659, 1660 and 16645 .8vo. This difputation 
was held, on ap. 12, 13 and 19, 1659, by m** Danfon againit Sam. 
Fifher, George Whitehead and Rich. Hubberthorne quakers— Nar- 
artive of the wicked and abominable practices of the quakers.— The 
quakers wifdom not from above ; or, a defence of the faid difputation 
againit George Whitehead. Lond. 1659; 8 V0 * — A defence of fame 
matters of fa£t. A half fheet. — A fynopfis of quakerifm ; or a col- 
lection of the fundamental errors of the quakers &cc. Lond. 16693 
8 vo . 2^ edit — Vindicias veritatis; or, an impartial account of two late 
difputations between mr Danfon, late minifter of Sandwich in Kent, 
and m r Ives of London upon tins queftion, viz. Whether the doftrinc 
of lb me true believers final apoltacy be true or not ? &c. Lond. 1672; 
fi vo .— An appendix to the foregoing. — The faints perfeverance alibi ted 

Mc* occasioned by two conferences upon that point publifhed by ms 



Ives, Lond. 16725 8vo — A friendly debate between Satan and Sher- 
lock, containing a difcovery of the unfoundnefs of mr Will. Sherlock's 
principles in a book entit. A difcourfe concerning the knowledge of 
Jefus Chrift. 1676; 8 V °.— A defence. of The late friendly debate be- 
tween Satan and Sherlock, againft mr WilL Sherlock's exceptions. 
Lond. 1677s 8 V °— De caufa Dei: a vindication of the common doc- 
trine of proteftant divines concerning predeftination &c. Lond. 3678; 
8 V0 .— A friendly conference between a paulift and agalatian, in defence 
of apoftolical doftrine and j unification by faith without works, &c. 
Lond. 1694; 8vo; He wrote alfo the Parallela in WilL Jenkyn's book 
entit. Celeufma, &c. as dr Rob. Grove tells us, who refuted it in his 
Parallela imparia five fpecimen fidei celeufrnaticas, placed at the end of 
his Defenfio fnae refponfionis ad nuperum libellum, qui infcribitur 
Celeufma, &c* 

The diffenters were formerly very numerous in Sandwich, but their 
number is now much diminifhed. The prefbyterians have a meeting- 
houfe in the corn-market. Their regifter begins in 1690, It is a re- 

gifter of baptifms only, as they have no burial ground in Sandwich. 


John Benfon died 1738, William Tichborne, 1760, 

James Devisf Emans, about 1763; 

Jofeph Gellibrand, came to Sand- James Garner M. D, 

wich 1754, John Bertram, about 1765. 

Edward Armftrong, 1758, James Milnes A- M. 1768. 


* Culmer's Looking-glafs, p. 38, 39. Nonconformifls memorial, 2 d edit. vol. ii, p. 
67, 4.36. Calamy's Lite of Baxter, p. 263, 287. Wood's Athena; Ox. %* edit. vol. if, 
col. ioj6— joi8. f Mr Dcvis conformed to the church of England in 1754, and 

was afterward a chaplain in the navy. He publiihed, in 1756, a fermon preached by him 
in s< Peter's church nov. 5, 1755; 4'°. entitled The principles of the church of Rome 

exploded as fundamentally repugnant to thofe of true ebriftianityj or to that moderation, 



The baptifts have a licenfed place of worfhip in the corn-market, 
and the mcthodifts one in lucklboat ftreet. 

Some notices omitted. 


The area of s< Clement's church within the walls is about 6612 
fquare feet. The fteeple is about 24 feetTquare at the top : its height 
above the pavement of the church 61 feet 8 inches; the balluftrade is 

feet 2f inches higher: the height of the ballaftrade above the ridge 
of the roof on the eaft fide of the fteeple is 25 feet, and on the weft 
fide 27I feet. The true bearing of the church is eaft 45 minutes 


The area of st Peter's church, in its prefent ftate, is about 4542 

fquare feet; of the fallen ile about 1776; the church therefore for- 
merly contained about 6318 fquare feet. The height of the battle- 
ment of the fteeple above the pavement of the church is 8oi feet, 
above the ridge of the roof on the eaft fide 351 feet, and on the weft 
fide 34 feet. The true bearing of the church is eaft 4 degrees $5 mi- 
nutes north. 

The area of st Mary's church is 5716 feet, and its true bearing is eaft 
5 degrees 45 minutes fouth ; fo that the difference of the bearings of 
st Mary's and st Peter's is 10 degrees 40 minutes. 

The vicarage houfe of st Clement's is a fmall cottage with a barn 
and garden fituate at the foutheaft corner of the churchyard. 

The houfe for the re ft or of st Peter's is in luckfboat ftreet, and the 
garden and yard abut to that ftreet and to the chain. 

The vicarage houfe of st Mary's lies in vicarage lane; it has a good 
garden, from which there is a paflage into delf ftreet called water- 


candour, innocence and univcrfal benevolence, which arc (he (eft of all religions, and (he 
peculiar ornament and glory of the chriftian. With an addrefs to the protectant* c* 
Great Britain fuitable to the prefent flute of" public a/lairs. 1 Cor. eh, xiiij v. J~~3' 
** See page 317. 


MSS. Tatineri, 126, f. 228. Caufes depending before the commif- 
fioners for charitable ufes, Jan. 15, 1684. 

" St Clement's, gt Mary's and §t Peter's pari flies had xH. apiece to 
5 C be laid out in coale in fummer to fell to the poor in winter." 

" In s t Clement's not ufed fmce .--.43/' 

cc In st Mary's 5IL loft, the other 5IL not imployed." 

<c St Peter's x l « remaines in ufe." 

Thefe fums were probably what were given to the in Sand- 
wich by John Pyham clerk. <c I bequeath x'*- apiece to every of the 
cc three parifhes in Sandwich, when the three minifters (hall fend for 
cc them." Stowel's extracts, cufturnale Roff. p. $y. 

In the treafurer's account for the year 1586 is mention of the butts 
in st Clement's churchyard. 

In st Clement's. Capel ftreet, a way leading from paternofter row 
to Sandown gate. — Paternofter row: a cottage in paternofter row 
abutting to a garden e. a cottage belonging to st Clement's church n. 
and to the ftreet w. — Quayle ftreet: a garden with trees, walls &c. 
abutting to another garden e. and s. a garden belonging to the church 
of st Clement and other land w. and to quayle ftreet n — A windmill 
with an acre of ground adjoining to Sandown, lying between John 
Loverick's mill e. and st Bartholomew's mill w.— The parlour befide 
Davys gate. — In the Little black book, fol. 290, are copies of a pre- 
ferment of a way, leading from Sandown gate towards the queen's 
caftle in the downs and from thence towards Dover, and of the pro- 
ceedings thereon between the corporation of Sandwich and Thomas 
Rolfe, in the court of ftar-chamber. The matter is by that court re- 
ferred to the archbifliop of Canterbury and fir Richard Sackville, who 
award, " that the way now ufed over Lydcourt ground, and wherein 
" the riding and carriage of beach ftone was, fhall be laid out and left 
" unfown 16 feet broad, for all the queen's liege people freely to pafs ; 
cc and that carriages mky in that breadth conveniently meet and pafs, 
" as a fufficient highway; and that no ftragling or ranging, by riding 

or carriages, flialbc without that breadth upon any corn of Thomas 

X x " Rolfe 


" RoJfe or his affigns, now or hereafter growing upon the faid Lyd- 
" court ground." About the year 1565.— Ground between Sandown 
gate and virgin tower, next unto the gate, containing 4 perches, 
called the harp. — A piece of ground without Sandown gate on the 
north fide of the road called cold harbour. — A leafe to the commif- 


fioners of fewers of the falts without Sandown gate in st Clement's, 
containing half an acre, abutting to the highway s. to lands of the 
corporation w. lands of st Bartholomew's e. to a river called the gueft- 
ling n. with refervation of liberty of ingrefs, &c. and of a commodious 
way, and of the dues for goods landed there. The corporation cove- 
nants to repair fo much of the wall, as is between the eaft corner of 
the land belonging to the corporation and the new fluice there 5 for 99 
years at 6s. a year. Dated 21 mar. 1701 — Leafe to Andrew Hills of 
the dock, fawpit and lodge on the common key near the round -houfe, 
with the ufe of the pitch-houfej alfo part of the common key from 
the ferry way to lower- head, fave only in the direft way to lower-head 
a paffage 20 feet wide at the leaft ; alfo a piece of pafture on the great 
key and on the walls from Sandown gate to hogs- corner, except the 
hedges and walls for drying clothes, and except liberty to walk over 
and through the demifed premises ; except alfo the dues of the town 
for goods landed on or (hipped from the fame. The tenant to repair 
the fences &c. and to pay fcots, lots &c. Rent 4I. Term 21 years $ 
renewable at the end of 18 years. Dated zgth nov. 1764. 

Jn st Peter's. A lane or gate called Gregory Ives gate, at the end 
of Jove lane, granted by the corporation to a perfon for 7 years, upon 
condition for the tenant to make a new wooden gate there, and keep 
the lane clean 3 and referving a gutter- way thro' the fame, and a right 
to the inhabitants of lading and discharging freely there without let or 
denial. 1564. Width of the lane 15 feet. 1588. — The weighoufe, 
late the old court hall, — The fcxton's houfe near the old court hall in 
St Peter's churchyard. — An inclofed garden in the corn-market near the 
friars gate, on the w. fide of the gate, containing in breadth on the w. 

lidc next mootcfole $y feet, and in length on the n. fide near the corn- 

- ft--* 

/*//*> ,v/ r ,//////. „ ^//vva//// **frt?d£fwsM/y**? xlli+yyjvrj/*// 



f / 


'//, •//,, %,. 




. t 

f\)K)ti)iv«l n- t>>f» ^i «|rr**.-t-« 

\, ' t- » v.* \vvrr,.*,.. it^^ k<;, 




■ * 

market crofle '99 feet, inbreadth on the e. fide fuper Ie viam quam infra 
le fryars ibidem too feet, in length on the s. fide abounding to a mea- 


dow of T. R. 86 feet 9 inches, Quitrent is, 8d. 1557* 

In S* Mary's. Mr John Maundy, in 1659, craves leave, at a common 
affembly, to enclofe his key* At the fame time it is ordered, that 
" all goods' exported, or imported into this town, liable to pay cranage 
" or wharfage duties if landed on the common key, (halt likewife pay 
" if landed or fhipped on or from any private man's key or other place, 
as if thfey'iiad £een landed on the common key." Records. — u A 
" ftorehoufe at the old crane next the ftreet, now part of the bride- 
well."— ■" A ftorehoufe in ftrand ftreet adjoining to monken key.*' 
Treafurers. accounts. — Jefus key is at the back of mr Maundy's. — Void 
ground in s5.. Mary's granted by the corporation nth Hen. VIII. lying 
near the loop-, between the highway towards the s. other land and the 
mill-darn w. the garden and hermitage in and adjoining to st Jacob's 
churchyard n. and the tenement and garden of the abbot of Boxley e. 
Quitrent is.— A garden or void* piece of ground in st Mary's at 
Wallefende near Wodenefbregh gate, between the king's highways 
towards the e. and s. and the town-wall leading to the butts w. granted 
by the corporation 9th Hem VIM. at a yearly quitrent of is. — The 
half parts of two void pieces of ground, one lying between Cater's 
lane e. Tabelen's lane w. the other between Tabelen's lane e, dregers 
lane s. paynters lane w. likewife Tabelen's lane itfelf, containing in 
breadth between the two void places 91 feet, and in length between 
ftrond ftreet and dregers lane 13* perches, granted by the corporation 
to fir Edw. Ryngeley, in fee, at a quitrent of 3s, ^d. 28 Hen. VIII. 
A garden between the cemetery of the chapel of st Jacob e. the com- 
mon way leading to the jakes (apud latrinas) s. the common way 
to the chapel of holy-crofs w. and the garden of Edward Ryngeley 
efq. n. Quitrent 8d. 13th Hen. VIII. 

When watch and ward were kept the ftations were Canterbury gate, 
st Mary gate, Ives gate, fifliers gate, the bulwark, Sandown bridge, 
Newgate and Woodnefborow gate. 

X x 2 7 Eel. 



7 Ed. IV. Ordered at a common affembly that all merchandize be 
landed only at the crane, pilory gate and Davies gate. 

A charity fchool has been fupported in Sandwich a great number of 
years by cafual contributions and regular fubferiptions. A fubfeription 
was begun 14 dec. 1711, and the fchool feems to have commenced 
immediately after chriftmas. The prefent eftablifhment is 30 boys and 
30 girls under a mailer and miftrefs, who have an annual ftjpend of 
20I. a piece, and an allowance of twenty {hillings a year each for 
taking care oi the childrens clothes. Boys are admiffible at eight, 
girls at {even, not to continue more than four years, or beyond the 
age of fourteen : during which time they are taught to read, write and 
cypher; and the girls are employed befides in knitting and plain 
work. Nine truftees are appointed every year, three for each, parifli,. 
who, with the mayor for the time being, examine the children every 
quarter as to their progrefs in learning, and dire£t all the affairs of the 
fchool. There is a treafurer too, wfft» receives and difburfes the money, 
and pafles his accounts before the fubferibers once a year. The at- 
tention paid to the fchool by the managers and the vifible good effects 
of the plan have brought the inftitution to no fmall degree of reputa- 
tion and profperity, and it has lately become more refpeftable by a 
bequeft of iool. from mr Sprat of fort gt George in the Eaft Indies.; 
the intereft of which by direction of his will is to be laid out for the 
fcholars at the discretion of the truftees of the fchool : which legacy 

has been invefted in the 3 per cent, confolidated bank annuities in the 
names of the rev. John Con ant, capt. Peter Rainier and Daniel 
Rainier efq. and yields a dividend of 4I. 8s. upon a principal of 
146I 15s. 8d. The fubferiptions of late years have amounted to about 
60I. the collections at the fermons amount to about 7L which fums 
added to the dividend have been fufficient to clothe as well as inftruft 
the children. The fubferibers prefent to the vacancies in rotation, and 
the children when they leave the fchool, and have behaved well, are 
permitted to take with them their books and clothes. 

1 The 


The matter of the chanty fchool teaches likewife fix other boys for 
the rents of an eftate given by the will of David Turner, an inhabitant 
of Sandwich, to the mayor and jurats, in truft, to be by them paid 
and difpofed of to fuch perfon or perfons as they or the major part of 
them, the mayor for the time being always being one, (hall think fit, 
and approve of under the feal of office of mayoralty, for a teaching 
fchool-mafter to teach to write and read Englifh. ; and he to teach for 
the fame all fuch poor children male and female as to the faid mayor 
and jurats and their fucceffors, or the greater number of them,, the 
mayor for the time being always being one, fhall under the feal of 
office of mayoralty declare and judge fit perfons to be taught for 
nothing, or to have their teaching given them.. And he earneftly re- 
quefts the mayor and jurats, that they will, at leaft, once a year take a 
furvey in perfon not only of the houfing. and premifTes, thereby the 
better to difcover the defers thereof in the repairs, but alio to examine 
the matter they fhall fo approve of, and fuch other things as they fhall 
think fit, how he hath demeaned himfelf towards the children he 
teacheth, but in efpecial towards the poor children that are by him to 
be taught freely and for nothing, and how diligent he hath been in 
performance of his duty therein; and, as they fhall fee caufe, fo to con- 
tinue, or difplace him. The eftates are thus defcribed, A meffuage or 
tenement, wherein he lately dwelt in the parifh of gt Peter, late in the 



and appurtenances; and alfo a meffuage or tenement, which he lately 
purchafed of Thomas Parramore, in the parifh of st Clement j and 
alfo a meffuage or tenement formerly divided into two houfes, one of 
which he bought of Jofeph Cornifh, the other of John Ravenell, in- 

the parifh of 6* Clement, now in the tenure of Hading with the 

appurtenances. All thefe he gives to Mary his wife for life, die com- 
mitting no waftc, but keeping them in repair j and after her deccafe to' 
the heirs of his body lawfully begotten; and in failure of iflae to the 
mayor and jurats of Sandwich in truft as above. The will is dated 



yth mar. 1 66$ *. Of thefe eftates the mayor and jurats are now in pof, 
feffion only of a houfe in St Peter's, at the north corner of the paflage 
leading from new ftreet to gt Thomas's hofpital, the rent of which is 
3I. under leafe to m r W. W. Bradlyi aad of a meiTuage in fifliers 
ftreet, under leafe to m r John Kite for a term of gg years from mi- 
chaelmas 1729, at fixteen fhillings a year to be paid half-yearly, 
The mefiuage is thus defcribed. All that north part or end of the 
tenement divided by an entry, and the appurtenances, in tarefheafe 
alias fifliers ftreet in §* Clements, at the eaft fide of the ftreet, abutting 
to the ftreet w. to the foiith part of the laid mefluage now of the faid 

John Kite s. and e. to a ftoreho 
hold, and pay all cefles and taxes 

The tenant to repair and up- 

* From an office copy of Co much of the will as relates to this legacy, communicated 
by m* John Burton. 





The indowment of the parfonage tithes for euer to the vicaredge of St Clements in Sand- 
wiche, payeing xl {hillings per annum to the archdeacon of Canterbury, for euer. 


OMNIBUS Chrifli fidelibus ad quos prefens fcriptum five inftrurnentum indentatunv 
ordinacionis decreti et compoficionis realis pervenerit, Matheus, providencia divina* 
Cantuarie archiepifcopus, totius Anglie primas et metropolitanus, falutem in domino- 
fempiternam. Cum vicarius ecclefie parochialis fan£H Clementis in Sandwiche, noftre 

cantuarienfis diocefeos, magnam partem pioficuorum ad fuftentacionem vi&usfui habuerat 5 
racione quarundam decimarum proveniencium de queftu pifcatorum et nautarum in eadem 
parochia inhabitancium, et illuc, cum magna pifciuin copia in mari captorum, confluen- 
cium, quando introitus et cxitus aque curfus portus de Sandwiche predi&i fuit magne la- 
titudinis et profunditatis et pro navibus huiufmodi pifcatorum et nautarum aptus et tutus 5 
quibus proficuis et decimis, racione huiufmodi pifcatorum, nautarum et pifcium eopi# ad 
tunc proveniencium, modo per ruinam, decafum et diminucionem latitudinis ct profun- 
ditatis aque curfus portus predifti, abolitis ct; penitus amotis, reliqui fru&us et decime., 
ad vicariam predi&am fpeihmes et pertinentes, ad neceffaiiam fuftcntacionem, hofpitali- 
tatcm et refidcnciam alicuius vicarii idonei infra predi£tam parochiam fan£li Clementis irv 
Sandwich, prout convenit faciendum, non fufliciunt, nos igitur, (tarn) ex rei evidencia 
quam rcccpta alia informacione, fuper mentis ncgocii augmentacionis porcionis vicaric 
prediftc fuflicicnter inftiudti, confpicientefque fruftus ciufdem vicarie perpetue, propter 
eorum exilitatem, in modemis tcmpoiibus nullatcnus fuflicerc ad congruam di£U vicarii 
perpetui, ut prefcrtur, fuilenracionem, ad modcratani eius augmentacionem procedcre ex 
oflicii noftri debito common', ct ex parte rcuerendiffimi patris domini Edmundi, permiffione 
diuina Roffenfis epifeopi, atque aixrhidiaconutus Cantuarienfis archidiaconi, re&orifque 
ecclefie parochialis fandii Clementis in Sandwiche prcdidto, ct eiiidlem vicaric perpetue, 
mre archidiaconatus fui huiufmodi, vcri ct indubiuti patroni, ct ceiam ex parte Ricaidi 
Spicer clerici, vicarii ibidem modcrni, et alioium iivtcfcfie in line parte habentium, ad hoc 
humiliter icquifiti, prchabita confideracione per juos diligcnttr, quod onus deieiuiendi 






dicte ecclefie in diuinis ac curam animarum inibi exercendi, necnon folucio deciraaruiu 
pro porcione fua ad vicarium perpetuum dicte vicaiie perpetue qui pro tempore fuerit per- 
tinuerunt et impofterum pertinebunt; penfatis igitur undique penfandis, et cquo lib*- 
ramine ponderatis, de et cum confenfu omnium et fingulorum partium prediftarum ad 
perpetuam rei memoriam ordinamus, affignamus, ftatuimus, diffinimus et pronunciamus, 
quod prediclus modernus vicarlus, et omnes alii vicarii perpetui dide vicarie perpetue 
fancli Clementis in Saiidwiche quicunque, de cetero imperpetuum, quamdiu inhabitantes 
et reiidentes fuerint infra parochiam fanfti Clementis prediclam, cum augmentacione por~ 
cionis annuatim percipient et habebunt omnes et fingulas decirnas feni et granorum, cuiuf- 
cunque generis vel fpeciei, infra parochiam fan£H Clementis predidtam aut fines, limites 
feu loca decimabilia eiufdem quoquo modo crefcentes, provenientes f eu renouantes, ac 
.proficua eorundem \ folvendo proinde annuatim prediclo archidiacono, rediori ecclefie pa- 
rochialis fancli Clementis predidte, et fuccefToribus fuis imperpetuum quandam annualem 

V * 

pencionem quadraginta folidorum legalis monete Anglic, • ad fefta annunciacionis beate 
Marie virginis et fanfti Michaelis archangeli, vel infra unum menfem proximo pod utrum- 
que feftum feftorum prediclorum foluendorum, fub pena forisfa&ure et folucionis viginti 
folidorum, tociens quociens defectum fuerit in folucione annualis pencionis predicie. In 
cuius rei teftimonium utrique parti huius prefentis fcripti fiue inftrumenti ordinacionis, 
decretietcompoficionis real is, penes re&o rem ecclefie prediite et fucceffores fuos, ac penes 
vicarium vicarie predi£te et fucceffores fuos remanenti, tarn figillum predict archiepifcopi, 
quam figilla predi&i archidiaconi re&oris ecclefie parochialis fan&i Clementis in Sand* 
wich predidto, ac predicSH vicarii moderni vicarie predi&e, appofita funt. Datum ultimo 
die decem^ris, anno regni domine noftre Elizabethe, dei gracia, Anglie, Francis et . Hi- 
bernie regine, fidei defenforis, &tc terciodecimo. (1570.) MS. penes G. B, 


Extracted out of the regiftry of the archdeacon 1 ? court of Canterbury. 

Oelober the 6 th A Domini 1615. 

THE parfonage and vicarage of St Clements in Sandwich hath no glebe land that I 
know of, more than a little garden of half a rodd of ground, together with the 
backfide and ftable adjoyning thereunto, belonging to the vicaredgc houfe ; and pay till 
rent to St Bartholomews hofpitall three « ((hillings) a yeare, as they challenge for it. 

Item tieth wheate, barlyc, with other fmall tithe whatfocver, as followeth, viz. the 
vicar by composition hath from the parfon tyth of wheate, barley, peafe, beam*, &c. 
and of his ownc indowment hay, paflorcgc, woll, lambs; tythc of the Dutchmen* gar- 
dens of all manner of hcarbes, roots, cabages, and fuch like j for which at his plcalure 




they, the farmers of the grounds, compound with him : and in the towne the vicar hath 
competition for all the houfcs, gardens, barnes and ftables in his parifh, according to 
cukome fince the 12 th year of queen Elizabeth. 

Robert Conflable churchwarden. 
John Chilltone churchwarden. 
Richard Hawker. Richard Fyle. Will 
Roger Bray ? his mark. 

Peter Simon, vicar there. 

Thomas R utter. 


Monumental inferiptions in the churchyard. 

On head-flones. 




Daniel Adams 

Elizabeth Adams 

Maris Adkins 
Abigail Adkins 

XViiliam Apple ton 
Mary Apple ton 


Ann Barker 
Ann Barker 
Ifacc Barker 
William Bean 
Deborah Bean 
John Boxcll 
Chri flop her Bradford 
Leah Bradford 
Chriftophcr Bradford 
Mary Bradford 

Matthew Brothers 
Sufanna Brothers 



13 may 1731 31 

30a. 1748 77 

24061. 1721 76 

30 jan. 1736 89 

6 nov, 1767 34 

3 mar. sy 68 43 

* In the fair book of life divine 
O Lort! inferibe my name. 

27 o<a. 1754 84 

26 may 3761 6 

4. July 1761 1 

21 fep. 1720 50 

5 Jan. J745 70 

22 dec. j 746 50 
4 June 1741 77 

7 dec, 1731 60 
ijan. 1755 4a 

1 1 July 1785 74 

30 Jan. 1760 74 

8 dec. 1735 44 

Thomas Brothers 
Mary Brothers 
John Brothers 

Stephen Brothers- 
Elizabeth Brown 
James Brown 

Mary Brown 
Elizabeth Bubbars 
Ifaac Bubbars 

Stephen Bubbars 
Caleb Burton 

Mary Butler 
Anna Butler 


Mary Cafllc 
John Cafllc 
John Cafllc 
Elizabeth Chumley 

Ann Cockling 
Ralph Cozens * 

13 feb. 1762 51 

14 dec, 1748 38 


3 fep. 1786 
lojune 1737 

30 may 
36 dec. 

16 aug. 

25 July 1742 49 

1766 53 

1767 46 

1770 6 

1 Jan. 1769 30 

23 feb. 1770 3 

21 July 1758 49 

i5J u 'y 3774- 21 

6 ap. 1770 69 


2 fob. 

1781 88 
1752 37 

18 mar. 175 1 

2 fep. 1723 

30 June 

8 dec. 


O let it fill fomc humble place 
Beneath the (lnuuhiuetl Iamb, 



Y Y 





Mary Cozens 

Mary Coultrup 

William Culmer 
Sarah Culmer 
Mary Culmer 
Frances Culmer 

Anna "Camming 

James Gumming 

John Dale* 
Mary Dale 
Rich arc! Dan ton 

Mary Dare 
William Dare 
William Dear 

Edward Elfted 
Sarah £]fted 

Sarah Farrier 
Sufanna Farrier 
John Farrier 
Coombs Farrier 
Abigail Farrier 
Elizabeth Farrier 


T. F. 
JC. F. 

A. F. 




13 nov. 1,767 82 

18 may 1764 56 

23 may 1766 68 

I nov. 1763 J4 

28 jan. 1776 71 
-26 Jan. 1772 67 

13 fib. 1731 58 

19 mar. 1738 .73 

8 jan. 1780 52 

'8 o&. 1756 58 

14 jan. 176 r 65 

27 fep. 1772 38 

7 ap. 1751 47 

22 e<3. 1769 63 

zqjan. 1745 33 
23 feb. j 745 

J 5 51 P- 1743 3.3 
.38 fep. 1732 62 

21 fib. 1766 91 

i£july 1 710 5 


.1 732 

* When young, I on the Teas did roll, 

But now at anchor fair. 
Prepare you now and rune improve, 

For here you'll conic at la ft. 
j- Beneath the furface, near thefe mouldring heaps, 
ConfignM to earth in peace {'til file nee deeps 
One led by vice, mfenlibly betrayM j 
in early youth from virtue's paths flic flray'd, 
Jlelt-aieil now from fickncls, grief and pain, 
She il umbers, here, in humble hope to gain 

Jefaiah Fosrt 
Elizabeth Foart 

Elizabeth Fofter 
Martha Franks 
J oft ah Franks 
William Franks 
William Franks 
Nicholas Frifby 
Sarah Frifby f 




ir nov. 1738 5 6 

1 Jan. i 77S ?8 

lojune 1786 54 

6 ap. j 7 6 7 57 

2j mar. 1765 12 

J 773 


2 o£t. 1765 67 

&4 nov. ij8t iy 

Sufanna Gilpin 

24 jan. 1721 76 

Chriftopher Goodwin 7 ocl. 1748 36 

Thomas Graham 
Mary Grey 

10 mar, 
31 mar. 



Samuel Ham 
Mary Ham 
Mary Ham 

Mary Hammond 
Thomas Hammond 
Sarah Hammond 
John Hazelwood 
Sufau Hazelwood 
Sarah Henneker J 
John Henneker 
Mary Hills 
William Hills 
Joanna Hills 
Andrew Hills 
Saffcry Hills 
Martha Huift 


27 aug 

3 feb - 

I jan. 
8 feb. 


1 6 July 1776 73 

5 ap- 1774 59 
3 June 1758 

23 ocT:. j 74.8 82 

2 9J ul y 1757 5 6 

J 754 5* 

1741 72 

7 1 

26 jan. 1763 

16 mar. 1 770 27 

37 june 1768 58 

24 iepe 1767 2 

29 July 1781 48 

18 jan. 1769 95 

1758 40 

The realms of blifs beyond the (tarry fphcrc, 
A mi peace and comfort, which flic found not here. 
J When death was lent from God above 
So iiiddenly to part their love, 
JNo friend's nor yet phyfician's art 
Could then prevent his fatal dart. 
She with a chrjflian courage did refign 
J|er (bill to God nt his appointed time. 
Herhelplefs infant lying by her fide 
No (boner drew the breath of life but died, 

I, James 



James Ireland 

Ann Ireland 

Elizabeth Jam's 
Ifabell Johnfton 
Richard Jones 
Thomas Jones 

Sarah Jones 
William Jorderr 
Alice Jorden 
William Jofling- 

John Kennetfc 
Sarah King 
Thomas Kipps 

Mary Lee 
JMary Lee 

John Lee*' 

Mary Mar/halt 
John Marten. 

Joel Mouklea 

John Moulden- 

John Moulden- 

Elizabeth Neifon 







12 dec. 1732 86 

12 may 1743 50 

13 fep. J 756 39 

T2 mar. 1764. 74 

28july 1761 58 

27 ap. ^740 76 

17 mar. 17 

11 j an. 


26 nov. 
15 July 




23 mar. 1757 76 



4 Jan. 1723 55 

6 ap. 1727 86 

26 mar. 1742 75 

7 fep. 1768 56 

24 mar, 1746 72 
17 o<3. 17 1 9 

II odt. 1760 77 

2.0 mar. 1728 50 

I 3 Jan. 1729- 18 

6 nov. ljjy 60 

* All you that pnfs this way along- 
"Behold my days are pa ft and gone. 
God dues not always warning give, 
Therefore be cartful how you live. 

f Jiift m the bloom of youth he met his death,. 
Yet calm as Itoaiy age refigrfd his breath. 
It's virtue thfappoints death's cruel (kill j 
They only die untimely who die ilJ j 



Jane Neifon 

John Neifon 

21 och 1759 1 

2 July 1764 4 


Mary Parker 
Samuel Parker 
Anna Payne 
William Payne 
William Pichly- 
Thomas Piercefon 
Sarah Piercefon 

William Piercefon: 

28 oft. 1782 68 
1 July 1722 39 

9 dec. 1732 65 

6 mar. 17.44 80 

2t fep. 1767 40 

29 July 1742 53 
18 mar. 1756' 69 

20 3p. I73O II: 


William Rickords 
Abigail Rickfies 

27 July 1783 67 

7 ma y x 735 35 


Sarah Sayer 

John Shrubfolef 
Katherine Simmons 

Katherine Slaughter 23 June 1770 

24 june 1743 41 

30 jan. 1770 22 

6 mar. 1741 23 

Sufanna Slaughter 
Thomas Smith 
James^Smithers J 

Auguftin Smithers 
Jofiah Smithers 
Ann Spurgen 
Thomas Spurgen 
Eliener Stcuens. 
Elizabeth Stoddard 
Francis Stubbars§ 
Elizabeth Studham 

$o o<-L. 1760 31 

5 feb. 1772- 62 

24 June 1769 3 

3 nov. 1769 5 

10 nov. 1769 5, 

14 ap. 1770 72 

9 aug. 1782 27 

29 aug. 1723 56 

29 June 1740 60 

16 jan. 1779 80 

2 fep. 1764 75 

Whofc early ftcps the facred height do climb, 
It's juft their happiiiels begin betirne.* 

J. Three children dear together here. 

Do all reft in one grave. 
We hope that they for ever may 

In heav'ii a portion have. 
§ Stop my gay friend before (00 late, 

And know thai thou muft die. 

Yy 2 






John Taylor 
Roiicr Taylor 
Margaret Thomas 
Anna Thomfon 
Thomas Thomfon 
Ana Thomfon 

Abigail Tifdell 

26 July 1752 5 6 
8 mar. 1776 86 



17 Jan. 1777 
22 fcb. 1743 

23 dec. J 71 8 

I mar. 17S3 9 

Daniel Tri 
Elizabeth Trigg 

•8 o<2. 

19 feb. 



Mary Waller 
John Waller 
Samuel Warren 
Jcthro White 
Sarah White 

I dec. 1781 


I nov 

Mary Willfon 

Mary Woodcock 

Mary Worth 
Thomas Wyborn 
Jane Wyboin 


Daniel Young 

On a wooden rail. 

Thomas Auftcn 
Ann Auilen 

On raifal tombs. 

James Baifott 

Death will remove thy foul from hence 

To v:tl\ ctnmty. 
Thi* ItiVa :» (i;vp ova which you acl, 

Yum time will ioun he o'er. 
Awiy fiom I111 to JUu-i fly, 
Jkime your dying hour. 



18 fcb. 1781 43 

3 may 175 1 40 


18 fcp. 1765 48 

Wife of John Wickcis 7 Jan. 1729 53 
Edward Wilkinlon 

24aug. 1743 49 

5 may 1727 62 

24 O&m 

10 Jan. 1775 34 

5 o&. 1770 39 

.16 nov. 1766 85 

.12 dec. 1754 71 

II fcb, 1782 77 

J2 fcp. 1778 81 
13 dec. 1770 64 

4 mar. 1736 32 



James Bayley 

John Bell 

Edward Clere 
Jenning Cockling 
Mary Cockling, infant 
Charles Crickett 

John Dennis 

Samuel Farrier 
Elizabeth Farrier 


8 Jan. 1773 42 
30 nov. 1784 p 

27 ocl. 



30 may 1731 p 

- Farrier, fon, 

Sufanna Farrier 

Eleanor Harvey 
Jane Hawker 
Thomas Hcndlcy 

Mary Mcader 
Charles Meader 

John Pantry 

Mary Sayer 

Jane Sayer 
Valentine Sayer 

Abigail Sayer 

James Smith 

Sufanna Smith 
James Smith 
Abigail Smith 

Thomas Smith 
James Stewart 
Abigail Stewart 
Thomas Stcwatt 
Chailcs Stewart 

28 mar. 1760 4 

15 aug. 

m 6 


29 June 


7 r 

9 fe P« 



6 ju!y 



25 may 

3 737 


8 fep. 



8 jan. 



may 1750 43 

18 July 1764 26 

I ap. X768 38 

1 oct. 1678 51 

2^p. 1757 33 

7 jan. 1766 18 

24 jan. 1769 17 

28 mar. 1761 31 
4 nov. 1 750 65 

13 dec. 1737 70 

29 dec. 1772 66 

4 fcp. 1763 57 

21 July 1756 75 

1 1 nov. 1756 57 

17S 6 55 



23 jan. 1714 
^o June 17SL* 

An inters ft in the Hceditij* lamb, 
Pcai leader, if yon have, 

You may My, tlt'aili, win- re is thy (lift** ? 

Ami whaoN thy vitlojy, guvc ? 

D» From 



From the churchwardens book of accounts in the parifh of s i Clement in Sandwich. 

EM M . that, upon the 2 d day of december 1683, this following order from the king's 
moft excellent majefty was reade, in the parifh church of s 1 Clement's in Sandwich^ 
by m r Alexander Mills minifter of the faid parifli. 

To the mayor and jurat? of our towne and port of Sandwich. 

Whereas wee are informed* that of late yeares there hath becne feverall affemblys he 1 J 
in the parifh church of s l Clement's, in. that our town and port of Sandwich, for the elect- 
ing of the mayor there, and that during fuch aflernbly there have becne feverall horrid in- 
conveniences committed in the chancel of the faid church, and even upon and about the 
communion table it felfe, the very mention whereof as it huth jufily moved our ind ve- 
nation, foe wee doubt not but it is matter of gricfe and fcandall to ail fin cere cbrktians: 
Our will and pleafure therefore is, and wee doe hereby ftrictly command and require you 
the mayor and jurats of our faid towne and port, that for the time to come none doc pre- 
fume to appoint the holding of fuch elections in the faid church, or to aflcmble there upon 
that occafion, or any other then the publique worfhip of God, except it bee upon fuch 
parifh meetings as have becne ufually held there for the releife of the poore or other Jer~ 
vices of the church, and that even thofe meetings bee there held with all decency or due 
reverence to the place. But that all meetings for elections and other fccular occafions be 
from hence forward held at the towne hall of that place. -And this you are to take care 
of upon paine of our high difpleafurc, and of being proceeded againft according to the 
utmoft feverity of law. Wee doe likewife order this our letter to be publickly r< ade and 
entered among the records of that our towne and port. Given at our court at Whitehall 
the %f of november 1683, in the five and thirtieth yeaic of our rcigne. tiy his majefty' 
command, C. Jenkins. 


I his being a true copy of the king's letter under his fign manual] to live mayor and 
jurats of Sandv/uh, I doe requiie that it be publickly read by thcminiilei ol *' Clement^ 
church in Sandwich on fund ay next alter the receipt hiacoj, 
L.imb* houfe, nov. 24, 1(1*3. W, Cant, 

E. 75 



25 march 1617. TT is agreed, between Edward Pekeefq, mayor, the churchwardens 

«** and overfeers, and inhabitants of s c Clement's, and the elders of the 

Dutch congregation inhabiting in Sandwich, that the faid Dutch congregation- fhall have 

the ufe of the faid pariih church of s r Clement in fuch manner as heretofore they have 

hadi and the faid congregation in refpe£t thereof fhall pay one third pait of all charges, 

which have been laid out by the faid churchwardens, or fliall be laid out by them or 

other churchwardens, for and towards the repairing and maintaining the faid parifli church, 
churchyard, fteeple, or bells, or any other thing thereunto belonging ; and that, for the 
payment thereof, thefe of the Dutch congregation dwelling in the faid parifh, and the 
houfes wherein they dwell, fliall be free from every other fefs, which- fliall be made for 
maintaining or repairing of the faid church, churchyard kc. Item it is agreed, that,. 
from henceforth paying the third part of the reparations to the church, .the forty (hillings 

per annum paid heretofore fhall ceafe. Veftry book, of s ( Clement's. 


Ex chronicis W. Thorn* 

Anno domini M. CC. XXVII, fedata fuit qu^edam controverfia, inter abbatem et ba rones 

de Sandwico, de ccclefia fandYi Petri ibidem, per hanc qu.-e fcquitur forma m. 

TJiiC eft compofitio facia, inter dominum R. abbatem s. Auguftini Cantuarias et eiur,- 
•*- A J em j oc j conventum, ex una parte, et barones portus de Sandwico, ex altera, inter 
quos cum controvcrfio orta efiet fuper jure patronatus eccle/ias fan<5li Petri in Sandwico, 
tandem de prudentum virorum confilio et utriufque partis aflenfu in h'unc mod urn con- 
quievitj videlicet, quod, quotiefcunque ecclcfia s. Petri in Sandwyco vacat, abb'as ct con- 
ventus fandii Auguftini Cantuarise et barones do Sandwyco femper fimtil praefentabunt. 
I til, fcilicct, quod abbas et conventus fm&i Auguftini Cantuaria? una vice libcre pro vo- 
Juntate fua, ct barones alia vice pro voluntate fua, con fe rent ccclefiam pramominatam cui 
volucrint. Pr<efc n tabu nt autem abbas et conventus per Jiteras facientcs mentionem de jure 
baronum de S. et barones fimiliter de S, pra.* fen tabu nt per litems facientcs mentionem de 
jure abbatis. Iftud ceiani fciendum eft, quod, quotiefcunque barones de Sandwico ibunt 
in fervicium domini regis, capellan us fan£ti P. ibit cumeis ad folidatas vjd. qualibct die 
qiianrdiu fucrit in expeditione, five abbas five barones di£lam ccclefiam contulerint: htut 
Itii'c compofitio firrna ct ftabilis imperpetuuni pcrfeveret, praiienti cirographo figilla fua 

iiksinfccLis appofuerunt. Decern fcriptoics a Twyfdcn, col. 1880. 

G. New 




New Black Book, folio 2/7* 

GREED, by the general confent of the whole houfe, that whereas there were letters 
fent from the right hon. the lord keeper and William Noy his majefty's attorney 
rr^neral qucftioning the re£lory or parfonage of s 1 Peter's in Sandwich, (the copies of 
which letters hereafter follow) that m r Wilfon and m r Richard Selwin, appointed folii- 
citors for the fchool houfe, fhall join with m r Warren parfon of s* Peter's aforefaid, 
takino- to them advice of counfel, to inform his lordfhip and m r Noy with the right that 
belongeth to this corporation in prefenting to the (aid church of s* Peter's (altera is viribus) 
their rector or incumbent: and that they fhall have the cuftomal of this town, fealed up 
with the feal of office of mayoralty, and alfo have copies of fuch other records, that can 
or may be found to tend to the maintaining of the fame right or title of this corporation 
to their (aid prefentation to the faid church of s e Peter's. J 633. 

The lord keeper's letter. 

After my hearty commendations. I have confidered of the records, the copies whereof 
were brought unto me, concerning the patronage of the rectory of s r Peter's in Sandwich, 
now void by the late incumbent's deceafe ; and tho' it is my part in my duty to his majefty 
to take -care for prefcrving of his right in all things of this nature, yet have 1 no purpofe 
thereby to do you wrong in that which rightfully belongeth unto you; and therefore, being 
fatisfied on his majefly's behalf that the prefentation to that church doth for this turn 
belong .to the mayor, jurats and commonalty of that town, do leave the fame unto you 
accordingly; only wifhing and expecting at your hands, that, of thofc that fliall b 
commended to you for that place, fpecial care be taken in your choice of a worthy preacher 
and one free from faction, that by his good life and unity you may all receive that com- 
fort which you defire from him that is to difcharge that public funftion amongfl you. 
And fo I bid you heartily farewel. From Ely houfe the xv th of ocStober, 1627. Your 
loving friend, Tho. Coventrye, Cs. * 

To my very loving friend nv George Wilfon, mayor of the town of Sandwich. 

After my hearty commendations. Whereas direflious were lately given by his majefty 
to the lord archbifhop of Canterbury and York, and by them to the bifliops of the fcveral 
diocelles within their provinces, to cauie diligent fearch to be made by ths'if" Ji'giflcrs or 
Other officers, what reitorief, vicarages or other benefices, i» the 30 th year of the- renin of 
the late queen Elizabeth, or any time fince, were held or enjoyed by the incun.b'MUs 


* Sir Tliouias Coventry Icnif;lit. 

e re- 




thereof by or under the patronage or prefentation of the fa id late queen, of the late V 
James of Ik-fTcd memory, or by his majefty that now \s y and have fince thofe prefentati 
been preferred unto by others, and when and by whom thofe prefentations were mad 
and to certify the fame to one of us, whereby a courfe might be taken that his maicftv 
may be reftorcd to fuch of the faid advowfons as are wrongfully kept from his majeftv* 
upon which directions the mod rev. father in god the lord archbifhop of Canterbury hath 
made certificate, that the reclory of s r Peter's in Sandwich, whereof you, are or pretend to 
be incumbent, was fince the 30 th year of the faid late queen held under the patronage and 
prefentation of the crown, but is now held by you under the prefentation of fome other- 
Now, for avoiding all needJefs trouble to yourfelf, or your patron by whofe prefentation 
you enjoy that living, we have thought good to advife or wifti you to acquaint your patron 
with thefe our letters, and before the fecond week in eafter term, either by yourfelvcs or 
fome very well inftrucled in your title, to attend us, and to produce unto us fuch letters 
patents, or other fufficient matter of title, whereby your faid patron claimeth the faid ad- 
vowfon; which if you fliall do, there fhall be that allowance given thereof, without fur- 
ther fuit, lofs or trouble, as the cafe in juftice fliall require : but if you fail by that time 
to give fatisfaclion, a legal fuit will be commenced both againft you and him, for rectify- 
ing the wrong done to his majefiy, and regaining the faid advowfon to his majefty, which 
will be to your greater trouble and coir, which we are willing fhould be fparcd as much 
as may be without difiervice to his majefty. But having fo long and convenient time 
wherein you may have advice of learned counfel, either at the affixes or otherwife as you 
ihall think fit, the blame muft be upon you and your patron, if you do not by the time 
prefixed come fully prepared to put an end to this bufinefs, either by acknowledging and 
giving way to his majefty'* right, or fhewing us fome clear title againft it. And lb we 
bid you heartily farewel. From Durham houfe this x%xi ft day of January, 1632. Your 

loving friends 

Tho. Cove tit rye Cs 

To our loving friend Thomas Warren clerk, William Noyc. 

incumbent of s l Peter's in Sandwich in the 
diocefs of Canterbury, thcie. 

De advocacionc ccclefic fancli Petri. Ex libro cuflumali. 


Habcnt maior ct communitas de Sandwico advoencionem ccclefic beat! Petri de eaJeiri 
villa; ita quod abbas et conuentus nionafterii ian<Sli Auguilini Cantuarienlis preientnit 
reel: o rem domino archicpifcopo Cantiiarienfi ad prediclam ecclcfiam feme I, ct di£!a com- 
munitas fecundo, et fie femper folct diila aduocacio fieri ct paitiri inter illas duas paries, 
lit, mortuo recloie per abbatem ct conucntum prefentato vel ad aliud bencfieium promoto, 
communitas cligct ct preientabit alteram j quo mortuo vel remoto, abbas et conuentus 
idem faricnt : Et fciendum eft, quod, utrum fuerit rc£lor ex prcfentacionc communitatis 
Jtiit abbatis, femper inucnire debet viiuni proprium ad feruicium domini regis; ct fi aliuni 
fuftkicntcm inucnire non poifit ipfc idem feruicium facie t, et reciperc debet a conimunii.ite 





<rt-*1Icb vel a domino rege, dum in feruicio illo fucrit cam irauibus ipfi us comrmirAizU 1 *? 

tanta folidata quanta rriagifter vel conftabularius, videlicet, quolibct die vj cknarios; et 
fcruiet ipfe prefoiter marinariis qui in flota fuerint, ut in confefTionibus audiendis, m omnia. 
facramenta ecclefie prout decct exhibendo; felerabitque* cum ad verrarn vencrint ubi illud 
fervicium fecurc et faluo facere poffit. Et de ipfa ecclefia fbkt ilk prefbiter (rccipere) li- 
brum fufficientem, veftimenla, fuper-aitaie, ornamenta, et omnia que officio fuo pertinent, 
per deliberacionem ipflus maioris qui (pro) tempore fuerit. 

Prefentacio ecclefie, 

Reuerendo in Chrifto patrl et domino domino Simonif, permiflione divina Cantuark 
archchiepifcopo, tocius Anglic primatl, et apoflolice fedis legato, fui, fi placet, filn humile^ 
et deuoli, maior et comma nitas de S. rcuerenciam omnimodam tan to patri deb! tarn cum 
honore. Reueiende pater et domine; ad ccclefiam beati Petri de S. veftre dioccfeos, iam 
vacantcm, cuius prefentacio iure hcrcditario ad nos lira vice pertinet, den mum Stcphanutn 
de Gravele prefbiterum, moribus et conuerfacione honcftum, auctoritate prcfenciurn pre- 
fentamus paternitati veflre, hu mil iter fupplicantes, quatcnus eundern dominum S. ecclefie 
fupradictc in re&oivm atlmittere, et in eandem inftituere, ac cetera alia, que ad vo^ in 
hac parte pertinent, caritatis intuitu facere dignem in i graciofe. Datum a pud S, fub fig;!- 
lure communi, die lune in craftino decollacionis fancli Johannis baptifte, anno regis Ed. 
tcrcii poft conqucftum Anglic xxjv°, regni vero fui Francie xj°. 

Lilcra de inquificionc caplenda. 

Simon, permiflione diuma Cantuarie archiepifcopus, c\'c. dilcclo fdio officii! i archlJia- 
coni iKiflri Cantuarienfis faiutem, graciam ct bencdiccionem. Prefcntavit nobis inaior et 
communilas de S. dominum S. de G. pieibiteruin, ad ccclefiam beati P. dc S. noftre diucefs 

vacantcm, et ad fuun prcfcntacioncm fpcetantem vt dieunt; quociica tibi committimus et 
mandamus, quatcnus non exfpectato loci capitulo decanal us illius in quo uiela cecicjia 
confdht, an dicta cccclcfia vacct, quomodo ct a quo tempore vacavit, q 1 1 1 % fit ct qui fine 
ipiius eedt-fie ucrus patronus uel ueri patroni,ct vltinvo prcfentauit feu piekntarunt ad earn* 
an fit litigiofa, porcionaria vel pcnfionaria, et fi fit cui leu quibus, in quantum et qua. 
cauia, (juanteque cilimacioni? -, de vita, nioiibus eciam et ordinibus piifcntati piedicli, ac 
iu per omnibus alii** ariiculis in ea parte confuetis et debitis moie fblito inquires; et quod 
kxcris in pixniiflis nos, dicto negocio cxfpcdilo, cejtifices per tu.ts liter as>, paten tes ct 
el, i u (as, hiiiuni (It km con ii neuter. Datum apud Magfcide kaiendis flptcmbihj anno !)o~ 
mini miiiefimOj treccntclimo, quinquagelimoj ct conlecracionis noliic prinio. 

Refer ipeitj 

* Fm crknbiupie, i Simon lllip, 

7. z, 


Rt/crhcio inquificionis. 

^cucrendo in Chr'fto patii et domino domino Simoni, permiflione diuina Cantuarie 
.-L..U fvifrajju, dec. fuus obediencie filius humilis et deuotus, official is domini arcidiacoai 
Cu;.lua:icnfis, obedienciarn tanto patri debitam cum omni reuerencia et honorc, Mandatum 
patcrnitatis ve'tre et rcucrende nuper recepi, tcnorem continens infrsfcriptum: Simon p-:r~ 
miilionc diuina kc. {ut fup-a) cuius auctoritate mand.iti, non exfpechto loci capitulo deca- 
narus illius in quo dicla ccclefia confiftit, fupcr omnibus et fingulis articulis in dicto man- 
date? veftro contends diligencius inquifiui; que quidem inquificio in ea paite capta dicit, 
quod dicla ccclefia vacat, et vacare incepit, quinto id us augufti vltirno nunc pieiciito, per 
mortem Johannis White vltimi re&oris ibidem; et elicit, quod abbas et conuemus fundi 
Auguftini Cantuarie, ac maioret communitas de S*. funt ipfius ecclefie ueri patroni, et quod 
ius pntronatus dictc ecclefie uicibus al tern is pertinct ad eofdem ; et dicit, q.uod prefeutacio 
huius ecclefie ad prcdiclos maiorem et comrnunitatcm pertiiiet ifta uice, pro eo quod abbas 
et conucntus s, A. Cant, prefatum dominum J. White ad ipfam ccclciiarn vltimo prefen- 
tarunt: dicit eciam, quod dicla ecclefia non eft litigiofa, porcionaria vd penfionaria, fed 
eft cftimacionis decern marcarum fterlingorum: prefentatus qui nunc ad eandem eft t 




■•ite, bonorum morum, in faccrdotali ordine conftitutus, fufficicntis eccleftam et legitime 

tatis ad ccclefiafticum beneficium obtinendum; nee eft alibi beneficiatus. Quam quidem 
7iiquificionem paten tern et ckuiam officii meo (figno) fignatam, et mandati vcftri predicts 
fejucm continentem, veftn? paternitati reuerendtf tranfmitto; et fie huiufmodi maiidatum 
patcrnitatis veftre fine ..,,* cum diligcncia omnimoda hum il iter cxecutus (fum). Datum 
apud OrpiiiiSlon vj° idus fepternbris, anno domini fupraditto, 

In dorib huius inquificionis claufe fuit fciiptum, Inquificio capta fupcr vacacioncm 
■ecclefie beati Petri de Sandwico. 


Litera iftituciorus 

Simon, permiflione divina Cantuarie archiepifcopus,, &c. dilc&o filio domino Sicpruno 
de Oravele prefbitcro falutcm, graciam et benediccionem. Ad ecclefiam beati F, de S. 
no/lri diocefis vacantcm, ad quam per maiorem ct comrnunitatcm dc S. veros dicte ecclefie 
hue vice patronos, nobib prefciitatus cxiilis, tc admittimus et reclorcin infiituimus cononico 
in eadem cum fuis viribus ct pertinenciis vniuerfis ; iure tt dignitatis ecclefie noftre Can- 
tiiaricnfis in omnibus femper faluis. In cuius rci teftimonium figillum noftrum fecinur. 
hiis apponi. Datum apud Magfelde vj° idus feptcmbiis, anno.Domini m.ccc. I. et con- 
fecraeionis noflrc primo. 

Supradichis reeior indu<Sltis erat quarto idus feptembris, anno vt Aipra, 

Hi Cook 

Menes. Mennes. Menys. 

Av. M 6 . 

b Thomas m Mrs Alice 

D U . K ITiuT < 1 s C *" • 

i { 

loan J°an 

ba. 1553. 

ha. j ^qi« 

. I 







Gules, a chevron vaVre or and as. between three 

leopards heads or. 

An antelope's head gules, tufted and armed or, 

ifl'uing out of rays of the laft. 

a Andrews: 
bu. mar. 1539- 

bu. 1551 • d. 1608. 

c Matthewrr Joanna rr Mrs Alice 

bo. 1523. 

bu. aug. 1593. 

Marla=Nkh. Alday Agnes 

bu, 1595* 

I . I 59 6 - 

Andrew=z d Eliz. Warham=: c Jane Blechenden Agnes 



* S i r M at :h c\v ==2 M arg . Stewart 

S 1628. || || 1631. 

Thomas=Alicc Richardfon, Frances h Sir John iJaneLiddle Nich. Maria=T.Hammon 

1594. 1628, j 59^* 1 599- about 1602. i6qi, 1602. 

2633. 1670. 1662. 



^ Margaret=John Prettyman efq.=Sir John Heath, 


i+K'f ****** •-**•->: — 

* He was mayor 1 535. » He was one of the barons in parliament for Sandwich in 1 544, and in the laft parliament of EdW. VI, and the firft of Mary : he was one of the 

fupporters of the canopy at the coronation of queen Mary and was mayor of Sandsvich in 154.0.) 1 551 and 1556, dying in his mayoralty. e He ferved the office of mayor in 1563* 
2 57 x » 1 5 S 7? i6 °s and d " led " ln kis mayoralty in 160?. d Of Wenderton in Wingham. e The daughter of John Blechenden cf^. by Margaret after of fir William Aflienden 
knight. f Created knight of the bath in 1625, at the coronation of Charles the fecond. He had the misfortune to kill his fervant, James Creek, for which he was tried and 
conviiied cf manfiaughter, whereby his goods and chattels were forfeited to the crown, and fuch of them as were within Sandwich and its liberty were feized for the ufe of the cor- 
poration 5 to redeem which he paid 2 compofition of 150I. New black book, fo!. 371, 372, in the year 1640. He was buried at Sandwich in the church of st Peter, 15 June 
264S. See page 306. £ She was the daughter and heir of John Stewart earl of Carrick in Scotland, grandfon of James V. by lady Elizabeth daughter of Charles Howard earl ot 
Nottingham. Appendix I 2. h A knight. He was a vice-admiral and controller of the navy; a man of fcicncc and literature. His poems were printed in a fmall poetical 

rnifcellany entitled Mufarum delicis, or The mufes recreation, zd edit, by Sir J. M. fir John Mennis and Ja. S. James Smith. London 1656, i2 rao » The fong entitled, Sir 
John Suckling's campaign, is attributed by Anthony Wood and doctor Percy to him. He was burled in st Olave's church Hart-ftreet, London. Appendix I 1* x Of Ravenf- 
worth caille in Durham. She died at Fredville, and was buried in Nonnington church. Appendix I *. k She was buried in Brailed church, Kent, and left one daughter by fir 
John Heath of the name of Margaret. Appendix I 2. 


Arms. Sable, a griffon pa/Tan t argent. 
Crest. A griffon's head couped argent. 


James efq. 
bu. 23 may 1688. 

Ellen .... 

d. 4 mar. 

18 nov. 1658. 

—Mrs Bennet Forffer wid 

1657. bu. 20 fept. 1680. 



5 may 1636. 

25 Jan. 1713. 

"0^7 7> 

July 1640. 
july 1640, 
t 7 fept. 1715. 
Joanna. r- Col. John Revett. —John Ruffell efq. 



ba. jan. 1643 




John Revett efq. —Frances RuffelL 

18 june 17J7. 

Mary-Joanna-Cutts Revett. rrCol. Charles RufTell. 
died may 1764. 



Sir John Ruffell bar*. 
bo. 31 oft. 1741. 
d. 7aug. 1783. 


Catherine Cary. 

d, 26 dec. 1782 

Sir John bar 1 . 
b. may 1779. 

b. ap. 1 7 8 x . 

*»^.»#> *•,*»******--< ++4*\> 

* I r. f Serjeant at law. Ibid. 

U^-r of fu Charles Eyre k&'. of K.ew In Surrey. 

brother to teri Falkl-ni- 

J He was killed at the battle of Malplaquct in 1709. § She was the daughter of John RufTeii efq. by Rebecca 

** He died 7 aug, 17S3 at Broome, on a viiit to fir Henry Oxcndcn. 44* laughter of the hon. George Cary 



Book of record marked A and B, folio 307. 

July 1602. T70UR tenements in s fc Peter's parifh " being likely to fali by efche:*£ 

" into the queen's hands, and fo to come to the towne, therefore it is 
<< concluded, that a lettre of attorney (hall be made from the maior, jurats 'and conimi- 
<{ nalticj under the common feale, to the treafurers, authorizing them to make entry e on 
ci the townes behalfe into the faid tenements." 

Folio 314. Dec. 1602. The houfes abovementioned, being an efcheat to the corpo- 
ration, are granted at a commonly affembly to the parifli of s l Peter, in lie, at an annual 
qui treat of ten (hillings. 

Folio 349. 1606. A confirmation of the faid granto 

I l. 

AMES THURBARNE was towncleik from 1643 to 1662, and from 1667 to his 
death. He was one of the bai cms in parliament for Sandwich in 1656, 16:9, 1660, 
and ]66i 5 a fupporter of the canopy at the coronation of Charles II, in 1661, and ferved 
the office of mayor in i66o. v He was the fon of James Thurbarne efq. a juftice cf the 
peace for the county of Kent, in the reign of James, whole anceftjrs from 1331 had 
been very eminent in the cinque ports, efpeeially in Mailings, Romney and Romney mar/h. 
A m r Thurbarne was appointed one of the town's counfel in 1625; he was therefoie 
a barrifter, and he probably was the father of the towncleik. 

JOHN THURBARNE was bred to the bar, became an eminent counfel, and was 
made a ferjeant at law u ap. 1689. He was one of the fupporleis of the canopy over 
king William and queen Mary in 1689, and rcprcfentcd the town of Sandwich in the two 
parliaments of 1679, in i63r, 1689, 1690, and on the if"' of ap. 1698 he was chofen 
member in the room of Edward Brent efq. and again the fame year at the general election. 

I 2. 

In the north chancel of Drafted church is a mural monument of marble with this 


TVf ARGARITA MENNES, dominiMatbsDi Mcnncs balnei roiliiis, et domino Mar. 
gaiii.x Stuame, (Joannis Stuarti com it is Careyli, Jacobi V. Scotorum regis nepoiis, 

Z z 7. 




ex domina Elizabeth a, fUia Caroli primi Howardorum comitis Tsotingharn, nliM et haere- 
*\>».) - r . atthaercs; illufiri profapla clara, virtute clarior, ore venufta, moribus fpccta- 
t>.M.s pauperihus munifica, trcdecim annorum pupilla, venund ita nupta, fplendido mux 
t .i;; t ; f.uo r.iuJe minuta; dcrn. vidua, poft Joann/ Heath equitis aurati conjux placi- 
i \rri, fi'iam Margaritam rcliquit unicam, maiito arnoris pignus, doloris levamen, qui 
d'/xalBxn>iz conjugis m.s, hocmocrens pofuit*. xxviij dccembris anno m. d c. xxxv° nata ■ 
Xifj* junii anno m. d. c« Ixxvj° occubuit. Arms, quarterly of two coats, j 5 *, arg. a crofs 
engrailed between 12 billets gules, for Heath, impaling quarterly, I st , gu. a ch:v. vaire 
or aivd az. between 3 leopards heads of the fecond : 2 d , or a lion ramp, within a double 
tieflure rlory counterfbry gules: 3 d , arg. a fhip az. within a border ii'ory of the fecund : 
4 th as the I st . Thorpe's regiil. Eoff. p. 105/* 

On a mural tablet in Nonnington church. 

Hie funt depofitas Janas reliquiae, ab antiqua gencros. Liddelorum familia oriunda* ex 
caflrllo de kavenfwoith in agro Dunelmenfi, Johannis Mennes equitis aurati Anglo- can « 
tiani conjugis maris Anglicani vice-admiralli claffifque rcgise contrarotulatoris. J I la 
abiejite fub velis marito regiis, regin'am ex. Gallia Mariam revehentibus, apud Fjedvil! 
Johannis Boys armigeri recumbens hofpitali iftius humanitate hie inhumata. In facra;n 
dilediiifimse confoitis memo ri am mariti pietate hoc marmor erigitur. Nata annw c ire iter 
1602, julii 23, J 662 denata. Arms, Mennes impaling arg. frctty gu. on a chief of the 
iecond three leopards heads or for Liddle. 


On a monument in s 1 Olave's church, hart-ftieet. 

Ileic fitus eft Johannes Mcnnefms cq. aurat. Sandovifi Cantianus, Andrge Mennes ar. 
Btarha*i filii, iilius ex Jana Johannis Blechenden ar. filia. Vir probus, fortis, benignus, 
pi us, rei niedica?, chyrnica*, poeticae gnarus, omnium qui bus not us delicia*. Vix adukui 
orbis omncs fere oras appulit, fitus reginvinis commcrcii morum cxplorator terra marlqua, 
perduellcs, Jacobo, Carolo prima et fecund o regibus hipparchus, ftratcgus,. hipo-thalaiha'cb 1 
rei elalharia* infpeftor fummus, variis et arduis cojj?.feclus, clare prolapiie decus, nam in is 
ultimus, n it t Li s i° martii 1598, denatus 18 fro. 1670. Maitland's Lond. vol. ii, p. 1159. 

Capt. Menefe was among thole who celebrated m r Mob. Dover's olinipick games upon 
Cotfwold hills. Annalia Dubrenfia, Lond. 1636, 4.'°. 


To what is fa i d of fir John Mennes in the pedigree the following particulars of him 
may be added fiom Wood's Athena; Ox. vol. ii, col. 481. " He was born in the paiifl: 
" of s l Peter in Sandwich, 011 the eleventh of may 1598, and was educated in grammar 
<c learning in the frce-fchool there. In the iy lh year of his age or thereabouts he became 
" a com. of Corp. Oh. coll. where continuing for fome years, did advance himfelf much 
* c in ft* vend forts of learning, efpecially in humanity and poetry, and fomeihing in hifioiy. 
* { Afterwards he became a great traveller a moil- noted /earn an, and as wclJ fkilTd in 



* Tin's i.s copied fi on 1 Rcgirhuin RcfT. but theie are evidently, which may pet haps have ojigtnaiul 
with the lculptor. 


' • 

f - ■ 

t> i 










( t 

'•• f 



■ i 

' i 

r ' 





., • I 

>> • < 

t • , f * 


, 1 


1 , 











i i 

: :\" 

iV"kt a r. 

I ■ ' r i 





j # 



* . 

1 1 

E > 

<■ ,//, 

o / ut j n e^t. 


/ * 

i//'/< Wo/lit ftrhvtl; 

m ' fi 

* < 


/'itMuJm/ jtyfyifty />y Wtt'! l flt*y,< hT<i'\ 

■Ai.ii null .1 1 

i i 

fr j*\ 

** a •? 


** marine affairs, in building of {hips, and all belonging thereunto, 2s any man of his 

« time. In the reign of king James I. he had a place in the navy office; and in the 

w reie-ti of king Charles L was made controller of it. In 1636 I find him a militia 

« captain, and in 1639 he was a captain of a troop of horfs In the expedition againft the 

>« Scots. In 1641 I find him a vice-admiral, and by that title did he received the honour 

' " of knighthood from his majefty at Dover in the month of febtuiary the fame year. 

" Afterwards, upon the breaking out of the rebellion, he clofely adhered to the caufe of 

< c his majefty, and in 164.2 I find him captain of a flxip called the Rainbow for his ma- 

** jefty's fervice, while Robert earl of Warwick was vice-admiral. When his majefly's 

* c caufe declined, he for a time adhered to prince Rupert, while he roved on the fens 

" ao-ainfr'the ufurpers, and afterwards retired to the king in exile, and took his fortune 


"as other royalifts did; yet always in a gay, chcarful and merry condition. After the 
6C return of his majefty he was made governor of Dover caftle*, and had the place of 
* c chief controller of the navy conferred on him." 

" Befides what is published in Mufafum dclicias, and in other mens works, he wrote 
^ Epfom Wells, a poem printed in qu. and a mock goem on. fir Will. D'avenawt and his- 
**• Gondibert." 



INC'E writing the preceding account of the tombs in s { Peter's church, I have beea 
permitted to remove the figure of fir John Grove from the fallen ile, where it muffr 
have been foon deftroyed, into the church befide the font a and to fearch'for his remains. 
We found an arched grave,, immediately under the' monument, containing a coffin dated 
3664, but the remains of fir John were probably removed from hence into -the church, at 
the time the ile was brought into its prcfent ftate by the fall of the fteeple; The outer 
parts of the figure having been much injured by the weather and the trampling of boys,, 
I have reversed its petition, and brought to view the other parts, where the fculpture is 
remarkably fliarp and elegant. The plate gives a good idea of it*. 

The two figures under the caflcrn aich in the north wall have been clean fed from the 
many coats of whitewafh and paint with which they have been covered at different times;, 
and I am now rather doubtful whether what I took for a dagger is not rather a patt of an- 
outer garment much broken away. The part like the fheath of a fword, lying along the 
right thigh of the .woman, is certainly the lower end of an appendage to her ileeve, and 

the counterpart of it is to be fecn on her left fide. In the niches were figures, the pede-- 
ftals of which remain. Sec the plate. 

* I do not find his name in any lifts of lord wardens, or lieutenant goviTiiom-s. . 



- There were undoubtedly arms carved on the fourth fhield on the tomb behind the pulpit, 
but the ftone there is very Co ft and the fculpture is broken away. 

All thefe monuments and figures are of a loft yellow free-ftone f perhaps from 


It is a <*reat pity that the three tombs in the north wall fhould be'fo much fliut up from 
public view. They are fine fpecimens of the art of fculpture in the 14 th century 5 and I 
query whether there are three tombs of equal elegance and antiquity to be met with in 
any parifh church within the diocefe. What a fmall facrifice oi expence and convenience 

would it be ixi the parishioners to render them all a.cceilible to themMves and the curious 

in general ! 

K. On 



Monumental infcriptions in s< Peter's churchyard 


On head-flones. 


• i 



fAMES ABBOT 22 fep. 1719 51 

17 July 1744 44 



J James Abbot 
Rofumond' Allefon 
John Allefon 
Dorothy Auften 
Benj. Auften. 


Martha Barber 
John Barber 
Mary Barber 

Richard Barber 

Martha Bax. 
Mary Bax 
Henry Bax 
Sarah Beefoiv 
Su fauna Belfy 
John Bennet 
Sara Bennet 
Elizabeth Benfon 
Rev. John Benfon 
II anna Benfon 

Mary Bently* 
Jatie Bifhop 
John Bifhop 

7 june 1755 70 

18 nov. 1756 72 

19 may 172& 82 
24 Jan. 1729 .80 

19 july 1607 77' 

29 fep. 1691 71 

24 aug. 171 1 70 
Jan. 1724 79 

4 aug. 1770 7 

25 aug, 1783 23 

*5 au g> *779 %l 

26 fep. 

18 nov. 1742 52 

23 ap. 1720 85 

27 jan. 1730 92 

1706 41 

1738 77 

19 july J749 92 

4 nov. 1761 37 

13 Jan. 1754 55 

5, aug. 1777 76 

4 nov. 
10 dec. 

* Think nothing ftranga; chance happens unto all \ 
My lot's to day j to morrow thine may fall. 

t Wee)] not for mc my children dear, 

1 am not dead,,, but flceping here, 

William Blackbournf 30 nov. 17^8 72' 

Edward Blackbournf 2 july 17IS7 4 

Ann Blackbourn 

Sufanna Boorn 

Sarah Bradford 

Elizabeth Bubbers 

Elizabeth Bubbers^ 



16 feb. 1719 77 

ix oft. 

19 feb% 1732 

John Bubbers 
John Bundock 
John Bundock 
Sarah Bundock 
Sarah Bundock % 
Elizabeth Bundock 
Thomas Bundock- 


Sarah Cafpall 
William Cafpall 
Elizabeth Caftlc. 
Sufan Caftlc 
Thomas Caflle 
Lvdia Church 
William Coleman 
John Coleman 
Mary Coleman 
John Coleman 

My deht )3 paid, my grave you fee j« 
Prepare for death and foJIoiv me. 
J The mother of three j but (wo remain 
To mourn with forrow, grief and pain. 


3 june .1722 63 



4 may 1732 

22 feb. 3748 .24 

7 fep. 1754 67' 

30 dec. 1759 2 

24 feb. 1777 46 

16 aug. 1760 

x8 nov. 1781 72 

6 nov. 1779 56 

1 feb. 1748 56" 

7 feb. 1769 73; 
19 dec. 1727 80' 
22 ap, 1774 32* 

2 mar. 1770 60 

8 june 1721 i6- 

Vi may 1704 7 V,/ 

2,4 june 171 1 2 

18 mar, 1714- l 


35 6 

John Coleman 
Mary Coleman 
Mary Cook 

Elizabeth Copeman 
William Copeman 
Sufanna Crank 

William Culver 



2.5 July 1727 57 
28july 1735 67 
10 nov. 1783 14 

27 aug. 1688 

3 °ft- 177 r 
22 oft. 


-Abigail Cuivcr 


1739 72 
27 mar. 174.3 ?6 

Sarah "Denne ' 
Mary Denne 

JtyUrtha Denne 

7 oft. 2760 32 
29 dec, j 77 2 32 


Martha Earell 
Thomas Eatell 



John Edward 


8 ap. 1733 52 
16 aug. 1743 65 


Samuel Farrier 
Henry Fauftall. 
Frances Fiflier 
Sudan Forftall 
Sarah Fowie 
John Fowle" 
John Fowle 

9 feb. 1771 62 

22 i)OV. 

3 dec. 1766 

21 mar, 1775 


John Gardner 
Dorcas Gardner 
Jane Gardner 

1 8 Jan. 1728 

2 j %>, 1737 

%. 1737 

* Chrift is to mo as lifconcaiih, 

And dentil to me fa gain $ 
Jiemufc J fiud thiu' him alone 

Salvation to obtain. 
So Ivriitlc is the flaic of man I 


o toon ii doth demy \ 
So all tilt: fjKjiy uf ill is world 
Mull pals ant! fade away I 

I Beaili is tin; f iiie ( ,f a || j ym ^ 

And will etc long y our J101 ti ii be. 


8 may .1 77.21 60 

William Gardner* 


Edward Gilbert 
Tfaac God den 
Ann Godden 
Catharine Goldfinch 




"Jan. ; 75 8 63 

7 fe P- 1730 6r 

20 June ryij 4g 

26 mar. 1732 72 

Catherine flackett 

John Harden 

Elizabeth Hawlces 

George Holyhead 

Henry Horn f 

Mary Horn 
Lydia Howgiil 
Elizabeth HowgiM 
Robert Howgiil 
James Howgiil 
Jofeph Hutton 
John Hutton 
Sufanna Hutton 


9 mar. 174.8 


24. june 174.0 40 

*7 de c- 1769 66 

*5 fe p. 3762 29 

26 ap. , 77J 64 

10 fep. 1 755 50 

12 feb. 1761 


10 may J701 5 

19 fep. 

1 1 June 
28 oft. 

J /C9 30 

J 7'3 63 
2 73+ 59 


George Jcnkinfon 

Elizabeth Jenkrnfoa 15 nov 

Mary Jennings ' 

1 homas Jennings 

Elizabeth Jennings 

Mary Johnfon 

15 °tt< 1736 52 

1 fep. 1762 63 

12 mar. 1773 80 

25 oft. 1722 28 

1 73^ 76 
6 mar. 1 703 

Lydia Marfli 

Abraham Marfh 
Ann Martin 
Sarah Morn-ant 



9 Jan. 1719 65 

23 nov, 1738 75 

18 jan. 1766 29 

30 Jan. 1702 50 

5june 1709 60 

150ft. j 729 

29 fep. 1747 jg 

Happy arc they thai in Chntl die, 
To live with hiii, eternally. 

J All you that come my grave to fee, 
Ah I am now, i'o 11.11 it you be. 
HquMit therefore wiihum delay 5 

My gials in run : 

None time can Hum j 

And I am turu'd to clay. 

Sit rah 




Sarah Morgan 
John Morgan* 

John Moulden 

Rebecca Nazerf 
William Nazer 

Jacob Nazer 
Daniel Nazer 
Mary Nazer 

Mary Parker 
Daniel Pichley 
William Pichley 
John Pierce 
Mary Pott 
Robert Pott 

Thomas Read 
Catherine Read 
William Roffe 
John Roffe 
William Roffe 
Mary Roffe 
Edwaid Rutter 
Elizabeth Rutter 

Thomas Sayer 

Elizabeth Smith 
Catherine Smith 

Thomas Smith! 




20 feb. 1755 50 
20 ap. 1777 76 

6 feb. j 75 1 75 


IT ap. 1772 



16 o£t. 1762 S 
20 o£t, 1762 

* Tito* Boreas blafts and Neptune* s waves 

flavo tofsM me to ami froj 
til fjtfte of both, by O oil's deciee, 

I haibour lure below : 
Where wo do at anchor ride 

With many of tin; (loci ; 
Vet one v apm vvc inuft let fail 

Uiu adnviia.1 Chi ill to meet. 



20 o£t. 1762 

21 oct. 1762 12 
7 nov. 177 1 55 


19 may 1765 67 

26 dec, 1777 83 

6 ap. 1701 19 

5 may 1756 64 

22 June 1760 72 

10 dec. 1692 26 

8 dec. 1737 72 

25 fep. 1 74 1 19 


8 ap. 1768 71 

20 July 1773 82 

6 jan. 1765 86 

17 dec. 1772 55 

18 feb: 1758 74 

14 ap. 1730 12 

10 fep. 1732 44 

28 aug. 1743 59 

James Stewart 
Katherine Stewart 
Sarah Stewart 
Anthony Stewart 
John Stone 

25 mar. 1707 42 

1 June 1739 33 

13 June 1743 76 

21 aug. 1745 41 

30 July 1777 13 


William Tambs 
Elizabeth Taylor 
Thomas Taylor 
John Taylor 
John Terry 
Dorothy Taylor 
Edward Terry 
Edward Terry 
Sarah Troward 
Luke Troward 
Sufannah Troward 
William Troward 

Katherine Troward 

13 nov. 1759 53 

7 fcb. 1764 56 

1760 48 

1775 73 

8 nov. 1759 2 
18 nov. 1774 54. 
16 od. 1760 1 

I june 
26 mar. 

6 fep. 1769 ll m 

s22 dec. 1694 69 

3 oct. 1696 37 

22 ap. 1707 45 

3 July 1707 18 
20 mar. 1700 


Frederic Valder 
James Valder 

15 ap. 

17 june 1748 58 


Sufanna Walraven 
Elizabeth Whitney 
Thomas Wilds 

22 nov. 1758 66 

July 1746 2 

15 oft. 1705 69 

Thomas Wilkinfon 22 Jan. 1721 56 

Altar tombs in the churchyard. 

Thomas Barber 

Sarah James 28 July 1754 73 

-|- Four children dear lie flecping here, 

Who all died in one clay. 
In heav'n we hope they all will meet 


To fing their makci's praife. 
J He was mayor in 1740. 

A a a 



. ■ V 




William Oliver 

Ru hard Oliver 
Sarah Oliver 

John Slaughter 

Katherinc Slaughter 

23 a V& '743 5 1 

3 july 1763 t>2 

4 ap. j 764. 49 

22 now 1757 72 

*3 fep» 1 75$ &j 

On hcad-fioncs within the fallen ile. 

Ann Beer* 

Saiah Cook 
Abigail Cook 

John Johnfon 

6 may 1 7 S3 78 

28 may 1730 & 

29 f*P I 74 2 42 

19 mar. 1 742 40 


* Here lies interred beneath tin's ftcne 

Sufanna John fan 
Jane Jordan 

Su fauna Wilkinfon' 
Margaret Woodruff 

William Woodruff 
Mary Wyborn 
William. Wybom 


5 ft*. 1764 84 

26 Jan. i 773 45 

XI jan. 1754 53 
28 r.ov. 1760 64 
22 fep> 1741 2 fr 

On an altar tomb. 

John Smith 

Mary Smith 
John Smith 

3 fe P- '739 

14 Jan. 1755 

19 fcb. 1755 47. 

A' finncr favM by grace alone 



OMNIBUS Chrifti Jidelibus, &c. Johannes Mafter maior villa ct portus de Sandwych 
in com. Kancic, ct eiufriem ville comrnunitas, veri et jndu-bitati patroni eccleile pa- 
rochialis fandli Petri, &c. falutem in Domino fempiternam. Noueritis nos dediflc, et 
hoc prefenti fcripto noftro conceffiffe, nobilibus et cariffimis viris dominis Edwardo Gul- 
fkfordfi confrabulario caftri Dovorre ac cuftodi fjue gardiano -quinque portuunvprinei- 
palium Anglic, ct Henrico Guldeford J, confiliario domini noftri, regis et eiufdem domino 
regis hofpicii contrarotulatori-, militibus, aduocacionem ctius patronatus pre fate ecclete 
parochialis faniti P. pcdicli; habendum et tenendum eis et corum vtrique fine altcri, ac< 
aflignatis fuis, coniunilim et diuifim, .pro prima et proxima vacacionis vice dicle eccleile 
parochialis quando primo ct proximo vacate contigerit; ita quod bene licebit prefatis do- 
minis Edwardo et Henrico, ac, ut preinittitur, eorum vtrique fiue altcri et am'g'natis iuis, 
qucmc-unque capellanum idbneum ac habilem ad' diclam ccclefiam parochialcm fancli IV 
quando, utprefcrtur, primo ct proximo cxnunc vacarc contigcrit, loci ordinario prcfentar°, 
ac cetera facere et cxerccrc, que nofmet faceremus, ft* prefens conceflio noftra fa£ia 11011 
fulfiet, abftjue reclamacjone feu contradiccionc noflra feu fucccflbrum noftrorum, donee 
ac quoufquc perfona fie prefentata ad diftam ccclefiam ftincYi P. adniittatur, et reitor in 
cadem canonice infiifuatur, atquc pacificam pofleffioncm ciufdem adipifcatur. In cuius 
rci teftimonium &c. Datum decimo die aprllis, anno H. o6laui decimo.nono. (1528.) 
Ex libro cuflumali,. M. Sen-. 

j- Of Hcmflcil in Kent, foil of fir Richard knight of tli 6 garter, by Aim Pirnpcof Neltleftc'd.' 

X Another ion of fir Richard by his fecund witT?, Joanna - filler to Nicholas lord V;uix. Pliilp, vif. Kent, 16 19* 



SENTENTIA in caufa decimar. de terris In campo vocato Puttok'fdowne, infra H- 
mites parochiae de Eaftry, provcnientium, inter priorcm et convent. Cant, partem ac, 
tricem, et dominum Thomam vicarium ecdefije beatse Marie de Sandwico, partem leam- 
ult. menfis julii, A. D. 1439. (Chartae antique, E. 133.) Archiv. Cantuar. 

Sententia diffinitiva in eaufa decimar. provenientium de terris in campo vocato Puttokef- 
dov/ne, inter priorem et capit. Cant, et redtorem ecclefix de Eaftry ex. parte una, et vicar, 
ecclefise beate Marie Sandwici ex parte altera; 16 kal. febr. A. D. 134.6. (Reg. Ber- 
thona, pars 1, fol. 42, '43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49 ) MSS. Cantuar. 

Caufa decimar. * inter priorem et capit. Cant, et Will, de Culington % re&orem ecclefiae de 

Eaftry, partem actricem, et dominum Richardumf, vicar, ecclefias beata? Maria-; Sandwici, 

partem ream, coram auditorej. caufarum domini Cant, archiepif. 10 kal. junti, A. D. 

1356. (Chartae antique, E. 129.) Archiv. Cantuar. Ducarel's repertory,' under Eaftry. 

The fentence was, Reftitution of the tithes, or their value, with cofts. 


In anno primo Willielmi Clayfon et Thome Norman, et anno Domini millcfimo, 

cccc^°> xliiij . 

T ys for to be had yn myndc that, yn the zere of oure Loid Jhu Cry ft a m 11 . cccc. 
Ivj, the ffrenfche men robbyd the town of Sandewyche, and bare away that tymc 
amongys oy r goodys a boke of ye chyrche of oure lady of the fayd town, where yn was 
conteynyd the a countis of the fayd chyrche of a xij zere afore pallid or more. Ncuer- 
thelcz hit be ffyll foo, that fir Thomas Norman had the copijs of ye acouutys of yoo v 
zere that he and Wyllyem Clayfon couper made vn to ye paryffchoners yn there tymc, 
beyng wardcyns of ye fayd chyrche of owre lady, as hyt aperith now here yn folowyng 
yn thys booke; the whyche boke the forfaid fir Thomas Norman zaf vnto ye faid chyrche 
of our lady the zere of oure Lord a m 11 . cccc. Ixxiij, and wrote thys forfaid countys with 


* In carta Simonis arcliiepiicopi Cant. 
Cant. »<Eegiftr. Benhona,) 

f Ricliardus dc Monyngbam. 

J Coram Simonc archie 

A a a 2 

3 6 ° 

hys own handys as folowyth, nouzt only for yoo acountys of ye reparacions and oyer nc- 
ceflarijs that v/as done y l tyme, but only for ye a caufe of y e materis of ye plee, that was 
takyn azenft yoo pcrfonys that tym witholdyng the goodys and ye rentys s longyng vn to 
ye faid chyrchys behof for ye fyndyng yer with larnpe lyzt, torche lyzt, and for ye waff. 
cbyng of auterclothys & furplices, and oyer gere of ye forfaid chyrchys, perpetuell 
duryng y rc to for euermore*. 

It. reffl of Nicholas Brooke, of ye bequeth of Thomas Boryner vn to apayre of 
orgonys iiij li. 

It. of Richard Bole for money borowyd of ye chirche xiij s. iiij d. 

It. of J. G. for ye beryyng place of her douztter yn feynt Jamys chapel 1 by her fadyr 
ij s. viij d.— of R. H. for the ryngyng of the grete bell for hys wyvys rnodyr vj s. viij d. 

It. of R. A. for the bequeth of W. C. vnto ye makyng of ye ftepyll vli. 

It, of mennys almefle zevyn vnto ye tabyll of alabaftyr at ye hygh auter yn ye hygh 
chauncell iiij li. xij s. vj d. 

It. of mennys alrnefTe ferteyn fondays— on all halowyn day with pardown iij s. viij d. 
— vp on the v day of feuerere vj d. — pardoun money xvs. upon princypall days j li. 

viij d. 

1447. Totall of all thefe reflets vp on fondaijs and othyr hy ffefts this zer rcfleyuid 

iij li. xvs. iij d. 

It. reff. for a gyrdyll fold of ye chirchys, of ye bequeth of M. W. poyfe v onces, prife 
de ounce ij s. vj d. ob. 

It. reff. for ij bafyns weying Ixxvij quarter onfesf, at iiij s. xd. the ounfe, whiche were 
fold, to wards the makyng of the new havyn, by the affent of as many of the parylhe as 
was then at that commyn aflembly, amounting to the Aim me of xviij li. xiij s. iiij d. It. 
more reff. for the fayd purpofe, from a lytyll pyxe of fylver and gylt, weyinge jx ounfes 
at vs. ij d. the ounfe, xlvj s. vj d. (1549) 

It. reff. of A. B. to ye reparacions of feynt Jamys chapel! xij d. — It. reff. zere as by 
fchyftyn of fylucr with the vicary yn the body of the chirche and at eft hede, and at ye 
chape 11 of feynt Jamys, with ouzt wax yn clene fylucr xxiij d.— for a (lone to lay ovyr 
fir Williem ye herimyte withyn feynt Jamys chirche zerd iiij s. xj d,---for ij caneftonys, 
fold to ye archedekyn, for ye hy chauncell wyndow ouer the hygh autre iiij s.~ reff. cf 
yc fchyftyng of ye offcryng fylucr & wax by twix ye vycary & ye pariffche, execpte of ye 
hygh c hau n fell yn ye body of yc chiichc, & at eft hed & feynt Jamys, yn money with 
ouzt wax yis zer iij cl - ob.— -of John Stokkers loo vet bequeth vnto ye makyng of yc nc we 
roodelofte xli. and of R. D. for the fame v II.-— for the old organs ouer feynt Johns 
ch aim fell vj s. viij d, 


4 T\\cy here, in (bme of the words, has the power of tb 1 the z is occafumally ay t an/, a£, anil in two 01 
iliiec words (lands for^» t Ixxvij ounces and a quarter. f Widow. 

3 6x 

Thomas Manwood knowlege hym to haue In ys honde at the laftym owr lady was borne 
a mh cccc. xxxj clery ijs; the wych payd for makyng off owr lady harmes & handys xij d. 
and fo reft in the hands off the fcid Thomas xij d. 


The quyte rentis longyng vn to owre lady chirche for euermore. 

Fyrft reiT. of J. H. fexteyn, for quyte rente of hys hows* azenft ye waterlade by ye 
delf-fyde, to ye fuftentacion of the lampe yn the hygh chauncell iiij s, f 

Of G, J. for a hows yn the hygh ftrete fome tyme callid yldehaile ftrete., to ye fuften- 
tacion of a lampe brcnnyng erely & late to fore ye hygh croffe yn the body of ye chirche 

vj s. viij d. 

Of T, H, for hys gardyn withyn feynt Jamys chirche zerd, xvj d. to ye fuftentacion of 

a lampe yn the hygh chauncell. 

Of T. N. for a celare in Erolys lane, now callyd Serelys lane or ells Loverykys lane, 

viij s. for ij torchys. 

Of S. W, for hys hows withyn owr lady chyrche zerd, ovyr ye goyng yn to owr ftore 

hows, xvj d. 

Of W. A. for a hows yn feynt Mary lane, goyng thorow yn to -feynt Jamys chyrche 
zerd, fome tyme gevyn to the waffchyng of furplices yn ye chirche, xij d. boundyng on 
feynt Jamys chiiche zerd to ward ye weft, and over agenft s r Katerns rents. 

Of John a Den for hys hows in chirchis ftrete yn feynt Clements, vij d. ob. qu. after- 
wards viij d. In the fivers hands in 1518. 

Of J. D. for a cotage yn dreggcrenlane iiij s.— -of J. G. for another cotage there iiij s r 
— -of J. G, for another cotage there iiij s.— -of M. F. for another cotage there iiij s. 

Of J B. for a zere quyte rente of his gardyn, at ye hede of T. Horys garden, lyyng 

yn dredgerenelane viij d. 

Of ye hows yn ye hyghe ftrete now Grandon's, holdyng hyt of ye town for the defautc 

of heyrs, vj s. viij d. 

For a garden in the hands of my lady Rynglay, over againfl the chcrch yard ftylc, xijcL 

Of an houfe in the bochery xiij s. iiij d. 

Of a corner houfe to fent Jacobes warde iiij s* 

Of an houfe within the vykerage iij s. iiijd. 

Of a garden within the (aid vekeragc xijd. 

Of a garden at wallis end xij d - 

Of another garden there xvj d. 


Of iij gardens of maifter Archers to the lope to the butts ward' ij at iij s. iiijd. tiic 
other at xij d, a yerc, 


* Afterward?i a prden, let in 1540 to the vicar for aj years at xo, Gil, a yca:> 
j- This liuuie puicl xijd, a year to s ! John's houfe, 


Recetts onwards ye graunte to ye frepyll, of perfonys almeffe, xvli. xvs, iijd.^ 
J556. Sold the garden lyeng within, paradize for xl s. 

Yearly- rents 1558. 

* A- tenement in s r Clements parifh 7iij>d. 

Another tenement there iij s. iiij d. 
'A {table iij s. 
. A garden overagainft the water! ad e ; m r Tomfon houldeth the fame, vj d„ 

Symon Lynchc his garden in dreggars lane iiij d. 
-A corner garden at s c 'Jacob's lane end xij d. 

A houfe in the cburche yard, taken into the parifhe hands by reentry, vij s. iiij d. 
A garden in dreggars lane, fometyme iij gardens, adjoyninge to a malte houfe there* 

»'■'.» * * ■ '.» * 

iij s. iijj d. 

A tenement iiij 5. 
A tenement v s. 

: '&ents in 1646 and afterwards* 

J. W. for a-waie through the whitt hartc 6d. 
Mrs Parbo for a garden adjoining to the butts is. 4d. 
; Ditto another garden there 3s. qd. 
More of her for a houfe 2s. 8d. 

.The corner houfe a year's rent 2I. tos. near the chequer. 
The houfe in s c Jacobs churchyard rl. 8s. 

Jacob Dekewer for a houfe, formerly Gilbert's heirs, 3s. 4J. near the plache. 
John Deback for the tenements and ground 3s. 4d. in painters lane. 
Peter Peake for a piece of ground in s 4 Clement's, now clofed in with a brick wall 8J. 
called apes ifland. 

The widow White for a houfe in the higftrecte 3s. 4d. formeily the three mariners, now 
the pelican. 

Thomas Wilkes for a ftorehoufc neere s c Mary's churchyard, and for the way to the 
fame, 8s. at the caft end of the churchf. A fmall yard at the n. c„ comer of the church. 
A houfe adjoining to the chequer rl. 

A paflagc.way from the watring place leading to the vicoredge houfe 6d. 
A garden in s l Clements il. 4s. (1661) 


■'* Among the fubferibers Langlc, Cantcys, Heyward, Pyot, Poteron, Cachcrcll, Richard Koc eoniete, 
-CUeiaitiii loove, Meile, JUuton> John Oxyncltn, Soly, Lovcrykys luovc. -|- Qu cry the outer angle be iwteu 

tin; iiui'th i!e and die chance 1? 




For ye clofyng to gederys of an yrnage of feynt John the euangelifle of alabaftyr i i T i <I & 
,-^fbr makyng of feynt John auter, tabernaculis & almeris ('and other things) iij s. vj d, 
euery day euery man. vd, and fynd yem felf.----for makyng of a fronrell for feynt Cfari* 
feoffors auter, & anoycr for feynt Jamys auier* vj d. — to the luffragan for- ye halowyngof 
yoo auterclothis iiijd.- — for a kay to ye chauntiy chapell dore iij d.-~ for the tylyng of a 
hole of ye north, iyde of feynt Jamys chapell vijd.---for a tabyll of alabaftyr at London-. 
jxli.--fbr am-ndyng of ye rooffof feynt Jamys vj d.— - for earryyng of .ye ftonys of ye 
{tone benche fro- feynt Jacobys yn to owre lady chirche zerd i i i j d . — for ye pecyng and 
hemmyng of ij clothys for ye coueryng of -feynt xpoffors auter & feynt John his autre iij s.. 
for vj ounces cf fylucr to par forme ye makyng of the relike of feynt Brydys hert, aboue 
-ye weyght of ye oide.fchryne,.and of oyer brokyn fy liter 6c -gold y c we had of ye pepUs- 
almeiTe yer to, &.of ye chirchys, .prec. de ounce ij s. viij d. fum. xvjs. .It, for the facioiv . 
yerof and geldyng, with ouzt a gold ryng of John Clerks zyft.yer to, xij 5.-— for mendyng^ 
y e John of y ? croflTe*, for fyluer & gyldyng xxd.— -for iiij newe awtter clothis, one fcr> 
feynt Vrfeiars awtter, & nothir for feynt Kyrftofer awtter, & anothir for John awtter, & 
anothir for feynt Lawrence awtter xijs.--- 'Paid the tynkar for mendyng of a latent cauftyk.,. , 
& ij clepfys for ij finale. boks, iijd. . 

For an antefener at London, the whiche comyth of fir Thomas Mowton-vecnrys goodly , 
xli. — for ye byndyng of ij mafle bookys viijs, iiij d.— for ij bukkys fkynnys for thehelyng 
of yoo. bookys iiij s. — for xij rede, fchepys-fkynnys for -lynyng of books, iij s. xd-— fb& 
cours parchemyn for cuftodes of ye fa-id boks ijd.-«-for ye makyng. of ye ij helings§ e£ ' 
ye faid books xij d.— to the. purfar for ye helyng of ij bokys xijd. — for ij bukky.s flcynnys. . 
for to hclc yer with- ye grete lydiare & of the grayelle iij s, viij d —-for a fkyn to hele a- . 
boke callyd pupilla oculi iiijd;— to a booke bynder for. bynding of ,a graile,. &.. .for co-.<~ 
ueryng of the fame., xviijd. 

For a m 11 , of breke iiijs. vjd,-— for a fak of colys to bren yn yc voftry yn -wynter vdw 
obi— -for ye caryyng down of culuercjj dung ouzt of ye ftepyll viij d,— f jx a galov/n of ." 
oyle fir the lampys xd.-- for a m ,! . tyle iiij s. viij d.— for ij m 11 . j quartering** for feynt . 
John hys roff xxijd'.— for naill for ye evefe lattis yerto ij d,— for c .fete, of eltnyn.bord : 
xxijd.— to Robert carpenter for ye takyng down. of the. ftepyll & to cove hit azeii iiij IL 
-—It. fpendit on the niafbn of Cry (rehire he for to haue an ynfyzt yn .the Cane ftone for* 
the ftepill, vd. — for v ton tyzt of Cane ftone xxvs>-«- for iiij ton tyzt.of here. {tone f jr the * 
ftepill xxs..— for iiij {Ac of ckyn bord &a half & ix odde fete for ye ftepyll, prccdo 
c. ij s. iiij (J. (um. xj s. x d«-~for vj ton and j pip tyzt of Folfton rag vijs.-— far xx zong 
dmys for fciiffbld tymbyr ij s. ij d. — to ye nmfouns for yc caftyng of ye ftepill with ouzt 


with s 

" I flioukl fufpc6l this to mean, The iron of the croft, but for the words that follow. ] Brafs. $ Covers. 
!l Pigeon. ** Q^ Pegs for tiles. 


with mortcr, fro ye iiij fquare of ye olde work vn to ye vppyr ende of the viij fquare of 
ye olde worke xxvjs. viijd.--to I. C. carpenter yn party of payment of xvjli. xiijs. iiijd. far 
the makyng of ye fpere of ye ftepyll vij li- — for ye workmanfchyp of feynt Jamyschyrche 
ftylys xiij d.-— to a man to pyn and dowbe a cotage iij daijs xij d.™ for dobyng* ]at & 
pryg viij d, — for a bofhel of lyme Ij d. — for a feme of lyme vj d.~*to the glafear for cix 
fote of new glafle, at vd. ob. the fotc, iijli. xiijs. iiijd.-— for iij botys of tyling fonde xvd. 

For iiij ounces iij quarters of fFrenge and a half of fyike rede and whyte and grene to 
feme for frontell for ye hy autre prec. de once xvd. fum. vj s. viij d. — for blew bokerani 
for "ye cheff frontell vjd.— for ye makyng of ye paruris of ye childryn awbys, & for ye 
fettyng on ycroff vij d. -—for iij quarters of a zerd of rede bokeram for the fame paruris, 
and for a frontell with lyly pottys, viijd. — for ye makyng of a frontell for ye hygh autcr 
of rofis & fterris, & for ye frenge of whyte & rede threde yer to, xviijd. — for ye amend- 
ing of iiij rede coopis, ij chefebyll, ij tuniculis ther to, and for ye amend yng of ye pur- 
pyll coope, & ye coope with byrdys, and for the iij whyte ccopys, & thechefebyll & ij 
tuniculis yer to, with othyr dyuers gere, as frontell, ftolys, paruris, fyndyngyerto fylke, 
threde and werkmanfehyp, xs.— for wafshing of an obe & an amyce partcyning to the 
veftment of the garters & flour de lice, & for fowing on of the parelles of the fame vd. 

For amendyng the clok iiij s. — to the lokyer for amendyng of ye clok vjd. ---to Scaloa 
of Wyngham for makyng of ye clok xij s. (1464.)— -for inendyng the chyme & clokkc 
viijs. (1496.)-— for wier and oil for the clock Sd. (1646.)-— to I. T. for looking aftc 
the clock two years at 10s. per yeare. 

For the makyng of the pafchall ijs.— -ye vecary hath for his dute of ye faid pafchall 
zerely a taper of vij li. wax f.— « to ye berars of baneris on rogacion daijs, holy turfday, and 
on corpus ehrifti daij, viij d.— -for a baner for ye flepill azenft our dedycacion day xiij d. 
ob.-— for a new rope for the trendell, and for the takyn down and fetting vp agayn, vij d, 
— for bred and dry like for ryngers in the grct thunderyng iijd. ob.---Paid to'sir Wiliam 
Cofyn for cafting away the fnowe over the veftry jd. — for ye takyng down and fettyng 
new vp the proceffioun wyndow, and amendyng of othyr wyndows, xxvj 5 . xjd.— for 
tryyng of broken wax iiijd 

To fir John for ye amendyng of ye organis xij d.— • to a preyfl: for ye amendyng of the 
organys iiijd.— -to a pried y l playyth at orgonys iiijd.— -to fir John for the fame vjs. viijd, 
«.-to ye pariJlclie prcft for the redyng of ye bede rollc on ye fondaijs xij d.— for mendyng 
of y 8 lytyll organnys iijs. iiijd.— -for a fliepefkyn to mend y* grete organfle iij d. — for 
mendyng the grct organ bellowes & the finalle organ bcllowes vd. 

A perfon having -been excommunicated in the ecclefiaftical courts at the fuit of t he pa- 
rifliioncrs, lord liokyngham intercedes for him, and prays that " on of vs my ryik* with 
Ci hym for to late hym be albylydj, that he my/t be howielidf, and to cte foche nictc as 

*«* oyer men etc daylyv" 


" Raftering. , 1 Ccrcum puichalc. The paftha! -taper. J Fiecd from excommunication. $ Admit* 
.tctl to the ilicraincnt. 


t 1 


For xxiij yryn pykys, that were made for to fette vp on ye poynts of ye croffis of ye 
pynaclys of ye ftepyll for ravouns fchuld not ftonde yer on to foyle ye ftepyll, goteris with 
bonys and oyer thyngs, ijs. iiijd. — for beryng ouzt ye ftonys of feynt John chapel 1 where 
as ye parvys* ftondyth jd. — for a polley to ye trentajl sj.d. — for a bawdryke for the 
fecond bell xd.— for half a hors hyde, to make yer with bawderykys of bell, xiijd.--*to 
plomer fonye fchetyng of ixc. iij quarters and ijlb. lede pi dec, ijs» iiijd. xxijs. ixd.--- 
for vlb. and a half fawdur with ye workmanfchip xxiij d. 

For amendyng of a chalys foote y* fchoggydf ij d. — for ij candelftykks, waying lviiij 
vnces at iiijs. iiijd. the vnce, xij li. xj s. iiijd. 

Ther ys yn gold iiij nobelis, whyche was at y l tyme xxvj s. viijd, and now be ye kyng 
areyfyd to xxxiijs, iiijd. and fo be ye menys of y l yncrefe y r ys now yn ye box vli. vj s, 
vij d. ob. 

It, paid yn exfpences vp on a loueday§ makyng by twix John Parker & Stephyn Dur- 
bar & there wyvys, John Whyte tylar & John Poteron & there wyvys, that whyche of 
yem be fownde yn the defaute fyrft yn fcoldyn or chydyng ony them with othir fchall lefe 
lx lb. wax to ye fepulcre lyzt: for ye whiche loueday makyng and there truthis takyn be 
vs we fpendyd of the chirchis money y l .tyme iiijd. It. for ye efchaunge of xl d. yn to 
ob. ijd. 

It. for a hors hyre to Grauifende xviijd.— -for hors mete there viijd. — yn exfpences 
homward yn mannys mete & hors mete xd.— It. goyng to Norborn for an antytyk feele 
iiijd.-— for regeftryng of ye playnt iij-d. — to owr pro&or for his feys viijd. — yn exfpences 
homward on me & on my'hors jxd.--- for hors hyre to Caunterbery vjd.-v-for hors hyre 
to Wngham ijd. ob. — for a botell of wyn with vs thethir to ye comiflarye vd. ' 

It. a caluys hede & a gadyr with br'ede, ale yn to ye veftry, on efter day, for the* feruants 
f mynyftryth a bowt the howfelyng of ye pepill xjd. ob.— for a galown of wyn zevyn 
to ye vecary, at his newe comyng hethyr, yn ye name of all the paryflchowns viijd. —for 
a quayer of paper for to wryte yer yn copiis and byllys of owr mater for ye chirche iiijd. 
— for a capon & a galown wyn zevyn to ye archedefkyn at ye vifitacion xxd. 

Paid for the obytt of maifter Archer. To the vicar for his dute iiijd. — to him for ij 
pryckctts |[ and offeryng money iij d.-- to fer Wylliam the fowle preft iiij d. — t